I deliver a voiceover script with a smooth and professional air of authority – Yet I am also known for my engaging, “best friend next door” appeal. My range is from fun, young kid and teenager spots to sophisticated and sexy luxury-goods commercials. Always I project a warm & friendly, approachable & relatable tone. I utilize only top shelf professional recording equipment and top of the line editing capability. I offer quick turnaround via email, FTP or overnight CD. Contact me directly at: Diane@DianeDimond.net


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Characters Demo

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Phone Systems & Specialty Voices

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For professional inquiries contact:

Erik Shepard, Voice Talent Productions, (631)-332-9550


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Sandy Cook June 18, 2011 at 5:10 pm

Diane Great Fan. Love your style and spot-on insight. Michael Jackson.. The $20 something M speaks VOLUMES, but did he do it? 1 or both times.Really I am sure more than he can count. But of course proving it is the rub.Found it so interesting (especially with OJ) the juxtaposition of the $85K civil servant jousting with the windmills. So fascinating looking at Shapiro,Bailey, (Especially back in the day) Derschewitz, Sheck, not to mention Cochran V Marsha Clark and Lord Lovim Chris Darden. Probably more equitable with Vince V Manson. It escapes me who represented him but did Manson have a public Defender. Anyway Vince obviously top drawer. Read somewhere when venue was decided with OJ he was pretty much jut counting off the days till Cochran sprung him permanently. OOPS! The face of Robt. Kardashian pretty much summed up the mainstream reaction at the Verdict . Talk about Priceless … Now real question: Jose Baez is so annoying and so obviously learning (One would hope) on the fly but is he annoying the jury as much as us or is the jury feeling (This is bizarre I know) somewhat sorry for the B because of his ( Baez) unlikability. She may profit in some obtuse way. Thank You and I will continue to follow anywhere I can discover you..


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