Eye In The Sky To Protect Us

by Diane Dimond on August 16, 2008

Ever since I saw secret agent Maxwell Smart take off his shoe and use it as a telephone I’ve been fascinated by the array of ‘toys’ available to law enforcement. So, as I was flipping through Tactical Weapons Magazine the other day (hey, no telling where an intrepid columnist gets her information!) there, among ads for special ops shotguns and mini night vision monoculars, was the strangest contraption I’d ever seen. The headline read: Mini Blimp Recon. Huh?

It looked like a cross between a suspended-in-the-sky Michelin Man and a big white, over inflated football with a tail. The technical name is BLN-3 Mini Blimp, its nickname is TopEyeView and to this civilian it could mean a revolution in law enforcement. [click to continue…]

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