Senator Charles Schumer

Let’s Limit Lasers

by Diane Dimond on August 13, 2012

Concentration Central - No Distractions, Please!

Imagine this life or death scenario: An airplane with hundreds of people on board is descending in the darkened sky to land at an airport. Passengers are busying themselves with tray tables, checking their children’s seat belts and packing up their bags in anticipation of landing.

Up in the cockpit the flight crew is systematically going through their safety check list when suddenly a blinding burst of green light assaults the craft’s windshield. The pilot and crew are momentarily blinded, certainly distracted and in some cases they become the victims of permanent eye damage.

What just happened? Some fathead on the ground messing around with a powerful handheld laser beam either carelessly or deliberately pointed the devise at the aircraft. [click to continue…]

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