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by Diane on June 6, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4176" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="If the Supreme Court Says Its Constitutional..."][/caption]S GEODON FOR SALE, aying, “I told you so,” is not becoming. So I won’t say it.

But I will remind folks of all those columns I wrote about the need for states to do something proactive about the problem of illegal immigration since members of the United States Congress have repeatedly fallen down on the job, GEODON australia, uk, us, usa.

Frankly, GEODON maximum dosage, I stopped writing about it because I figured anyone who was interested in the topic had already formed an opinion and nothing I would write would change any minds. Also, because there was the hate mail I got after I refused to call people who enter this country illegally “undocumented workers.”

[caption id="attachment_4177" align="alignright" width="137" caption="Supporting Immigrate Children Helps Us All"][/caption]

To paraphrase Forrest Gump, GEODON from mexico, “Illegal is as illegal does, Where to buy GEODON, ” to my mind - period. But another reminder is in order: I’ve also written in support of the Dream Act which would allow the children of illegals who have known no other country to stay here and go to college or serve in our military, GEODON FOR SALE. I’m not against LEGAL immigration at all.

Now, herbal GEODON, no less that the United States Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the state of Arizona and one of its groundbreaking laws designed to curb the tide of illegals flooding across its border with Mexico. GEODON dangers, The law at the center of the storm is called The Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAWA) and, in a nutshell, it penalizes employers who “intentionally or knowingly” hire illegal workers, GEODON description. It requires employers to check a potential employee’s status with a free-of-charge federal data base called E-Verify. GEODON FOR SALE, Repeat offenders who continue to hire illegals will have their business licenses revoked by the state – permanently. Buy GEODON from canada, [caption id="attachment_4180" align="alignleft" width="156" caption="Arizona Leads the Way on State Sponsored Immigration Laws"][/caption]

Remember all those naysayers who yelled about the gall of Arizona. They complained in voices dripping in sarcasm that states aren’t allowed to pass laws that interfere with federal legislation. Arizona lawmakers shouted back – “Yes we can!” They declared that if the federal government wasn’t going to do something to protect their state and stem the tide of illegals flooding across the Mexican border, low dose GEODON, they would. Get GEODON, Arizona passed LAWA in 2007 and the world didn’t fall apart. And the idea has already spread nationwide, GEODON FOR SALE. Lawmakers in dozens of other states have also tried to devise their own variations on employer E-Verify legislation. In some instances the effort has fallen flat but legislatures in Mississippi and South Carolina were successful in passing the law, online GEODON without a prescription. Alabama is on the verge of passing a similar bill too. Australia, uk, us, usa, It doesn’t take a genius to predict that now that the highest court in our land has given its seal of approval to the idea by declaring it constitutional, we will see a rush of other states following in Arizona’s footsteps. GEODON FOR SALE, What’s happening is a real slap upside the head to members of both the executive and congressional branches of government. Washington’s complacency sparked a state’s revolution, is GEODON addictive.

[caption id="attachment_4181" align="alignright" width="98" caption="Pres Elect Obama Promised Immigration Reform "][/caption]

One of the first pronouncements from president elect Barack Obama came as he prepared for a meet and greet with the president of Mexico. Is GEODON safe, Obama promised the immigration problem was tops on his list. But, then again, GEODON interactions, President Bush made a similar pledge and he invoked his Texas ties and close relationship with another Mexican president as reasons why he would prevail. Neither was able to move a meaningful reform bill through Congress, GEODON FOR SALE. Buy GEODON from mexico, Just a few weeks ago, during a speech in the border town of El Paso, Texas President Obama renewed his interest in addressing what he called the “ 11 million undocumented immigrants here in the United States.” He appeased both sides in the long lasting debate, GEODON overnight.

“The overwhelming majority of these folks are just trying to earn a living!” And there was applause. GEODON recreational, “But we have to acknowledge (some) have broken the rules. They’ve cut in front of the line.” More applause. GEODON FOR SALE, Mr. Obama also addressed “unscrupulous businesses” who take advantage of illegal immigrants and he embraced the E-verify system, GEODON cost.

May I say, GEODON without prescription, with all due respect – blah, blah, blah, online buy GEODON without a prescription, blah, What is GEODON, blah. We have heard this lip service from Presidents of both major political parties before.

[caption id="attachment_4184" align="alignleft" width="140" caption="Flag of New Mexico"][/caption]

I was raised in the great state of New Mexico, buy cheap GEODON, I gave birth to my daughter in Arizona and after spending more than a decade living in California I’m here to tell Washington bureaucrats – Move over, GEODON wiki, your time has come and gone. Folks in states that border Mexico (and Canada and lots of others in between) are tired of reeling under the financial crush illegal immigration brings, GEODON FOR SALE. They are tired of Washington’s talk, talk, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, talk. GEODON duration, They yearn for action.

Our state lawmakers have picked up your slack, they now know how to write laws that don’t undermine federal laws (for example, effects of GEODON, Arizona’s LAWA actively includes the federal E-Verify system) and there is a movement afoot you cannot stop. Order GEODON from mexican pharmacy, Other Arizona immigration laws will likely be up before the Supreme Court fairly soon. GEODON FOR SALE, They may not pass constitutional muster – especially parts of SB-1070 which requires police, who are enforcing other laws, to questions a person’s immigration status if there is a ‘reasonable suspicion’ the person is in the country illegally. It also allows the arrest of such suspects without a warrant. Maybe those actions are best labeled unconstitutional, GEODON no prescription.

But the dam of inaction on immigration has been breached. GEODON gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, There is no turning back. Washington, you have made yourself obsolete on this issue. I’m betting other issues you’ve sidestepped will be next.


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by Diane on February 28, 2009

[caption id="attachment_1564" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="What Happens In Mexico Doesn't Stay In Mexico"]What Happens In Mexico Doesn't Stay In Mexico[/caption]

I ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, t is a politically incorrect thing to say but I'm going to say it anyway.  Mexico is our enemy.

Drug desperadoes are, in effect, buy ARISTOCORT from canada, running that country now and have rendered the Mexican government nearly impotent. Order ARISTOCORT no prescription, It's gotten so bad, for example, that the Mayor of Juarez has fled his country in fear, ARISTOCORT steet value, along with his entire family. ARISTOCORT interactions, They've moved to America. Just how Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz plans to govern from El Paso, Texas is not known but his safety now rests squarely on the shoulders of the El Paso Police Department, ARISTOCORT no prescription.

What a metaphor for our problem with Mexico, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. ...A quick history: In 2000, Rx free ARISTOCORT, when President Vicente Fox took office he promptly arrested and jailed the leaders of Mexico's drug cartels. Biting off the head of the snake didn't work as planned. The gangs have been fighting each other for territory ever since, order ARISTOCORT from mexican pharmacy.

In 2006, ARISTOCORT canada, mexico, india, when Felipe Calderon became Mexico's President he tried to regain control. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, But Calderon's soldiers and police have been overwhelmed. There have been an astounding number of mob murders, kidnappings-for-ransom and assassinations of government officials ever since, herbal ARISTOCORT. More than 5, Buy ARISTOCORT online cod, 700 people lost their lives to Mexico's drug violence last year. Some were Americans simply visiting the country.

[caption id="attachment_1569" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Some of the Mexican Police Dead"]Some of the Mexican Police Dead[/caption]

Now, ARISTOCORT wiki, Mexico's massive crime wave is spilling across our border in tsunami-like fashion, Where can i buy cheapest ARISTOCORT online, flooding our country with ruthless criminals who aren't just illegally entering the U.S., they are, literally, ARISTOCORT used for, like crime-on-the-hoof, Where can i cheapest ARISTOCORT online, crossing our border in the most brazen fashion and committing bloody criminal acts.

Mexico's problem has become our problem in a big way, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. A recent report from the U.S. Joint Forces Command lumps Mexico and Pakistan together as being at risk of "rapid and sudden collapse." The retiring CIA chief, ARISTOCORT images, Michael Hayden, Purchase ARISTOCORT for sale, says Mexico could rank right next to Iran and Iraq as the biggest challenge for President Obama. Our Justice Department says Mexican gangs are "the biggest organized crime threat to the United States."

Hello. Is anyone in Washington listening, kjøpe ARISTOCORT på nett, köpa ARISTOCORT online. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, Is anyone coming up with a workable, consolidated plan to counter this threat and keep us safe. I suggest one great place to start is trying to curb U.S. Australia, uk, us, usa, gun dealers from selling arms to Mexican cartel assassins. Mexican authorities say the bulk of the weapons they've seized came from America.

During a recent trip to California a law enforcement officer I know warned me about going anywhere near the border area, ARISTOCORT mg. "Whatever you do - do not go to San Diego," he told me, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. "It isn't safe."

Phoenix, ARISTOCORT blogs, Arizona has now been declared the "Kidnap Capitol" of America. More kidnappings-for-ransom and bloody home invasions happen there than any other U.S. city, ARISTOCORT long term. Almost every case is connected to Mexican drug smuggling. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, University students in Arizona are being warned not to take Spring Break across the border. Online ARISTOCORT without a prescription, In New Mexico, drugs from the cartel stream in to major cities like Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Farmington severely straining police departments already struggling with budget cuts, where can i order ARISTOCORT without prescription.

[caption id="attachment_1565" align="alignleft" width="90" caption="Cole Puffinburger"]Cole Puffinburger[/caption]

In Nevada last year, About ARISTOCORT, 6 year old Cole Puffinburger was kidnapped by Mexican gang members. They really wanted little Cole's grandfather who had apparently run away with millions of their drug dollars. The boy was ultimately found unharmed but the brazen gunmen got away, buy cheap ARISTOCORT no rx. The episode sent a shock wave through Vegas, some 400 miles inland from the U.S/Mexican border, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE.

In Laredo, ARISTOCORT trusted pharmacy reviews, Texas, several Americans who crossed the border into Nuevo Laredo to shop or dine have never returned. They simply disappeared into the drug fueled vortex of crime that's sucking the life out of so many innocent people, ARISTOCORT australia, uk, us, usa.

And in Florida, Fast shipping ARISTOCORT, a recent quadruple murder trial was held in the brutal killings of an entire family. Prosecutors say the parents owed $187,000 to a Mexican drug cartel, ARISTOCORT samples. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, The Mexican assassins who came for them apparently considered their 3 and 4 year old boys as mere collateral damage.

The wicked facts speak for themselves. Is ARISTOCORT addictive, Crime is the major export our neighbor to the south sends us - every day - whether we like it or not. And as Mexico continues to be hit by the worldwide economic crisis, as their supply of fresh, sweet crude oil continues to be depleted and thus the outside money they get for it, the situation will only get worse.

When does America do something concrete about this.

We've debated immigration policy, borderline fences and beefed up border patrols, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. We've discussed de-criminalizing drugs to deprive the gangs their profit and we have poured millions of drug fighting dollars into Mexico. Still the violence comes. And we let it.

[caption id="attachment_1571" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="President Elect Obama Pledges Support For Mexico's Calderon"]President Elect Obama Pledges Support For Mexico's Calderon[/caption]

In December America gave Mexico 197 million dollars to help fight the drug cartels. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, In January we gave them 99 million more with a promise to keep up the payments. This is not the "change" we were promised. This is just more business as usual.

Our country is under attack by another country. If there was ever a time to call out the National Guard and have them stand shoulder-to-shoulder at the U.S./Mexican border until the threat is lessened it is now.

And, if you're planning a vacation - I'd stay out of Mexico.





by Diane on January 17, 2009

[caption id="attachment_1433" align="alignleft" width="77" caption="Sheriff Darren White"]Sheriff Darren White[/caption]

T BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, he voice on the other line was familiar but I’d never heard him sound quite like this. AMARYL price, It was my pal  Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White from my hometown of Albuquerque calling me. Darren is a personable guy so we spent a few minutes exchanging pleasantries and asking about each others families and holidays.  But I sensed he had another reason for calling, buy AMARYL online cod. Taking AMARYL, Our conversation soon turned serious. 

Sheriff White told me about a friend of his named Todd Parkins, a top cop at the Albuquerque Police Department, buy AMARYL from mexico. AMARYL overnight, Sheriff White’s voice seemed to crack with emotion at times as he told me his friend, a 15 year veteran of the A.P.D, order AMARYL online overnight delivery no prescription. and a man destined for high-ranking stardom, had died of a gunshot wound five months earlier, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION. AMARYL maximum dosage, [caption id="attachment_1434" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Lt. Todd Parkins"]Lt, <b>AMARYL no rx</b>.  <b>Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal</b>, Todd Parkins[/caption]

Lieutenant Todd Parkins was getting ready to go on a horseback hunting trip to the Pecos wilderness with some buddies.  His truck was idling outside, his wife, purchase AMARYL online no prescription, AMARYL cost, Sue, was making him a sandwich and one of his young sons happened to be home sick that day watching Dad as he packed up to go, where can i find AMARYL online. AMARYL dangers, Suddenly, one blast from a 60 year old keepsake rifle sent 6 buckshot pellets smashing through Parkins’ upper left chest and, AMARYL samples, AMARYL over the counter, much more devastating, through vital arteries that pumped blood to his heart and brain, AMARYL schedule. BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, In a short time this 38 year loving father, husband and known-prankster to his friends had literally bled-out inside his own chest.  Before he died he looked at his panicked wife and asked, “What happened. AMARYL recreational, Please. Call.”

I started to express my sympathy but Sheriff White kept talking and through what seemed like clenched teeth he told me, ordering AMARYL online, AMARYL treatment, “The autopsy went to a newbie at the Office of the Medical Investigator and her conclusion was suicide.” The last word came out with a hiss – and an air of disbelief.

Sheriff White told me the Parkins’ family was completely distraught over the suicide finding, buy AMARYL online no prescription, Rx free AMARYL, not just because it would cancel life insurance payouts but because it would leave a stain on an otherwise sterling reputation. And it would hang over the heads of Parkins two young sons who would be left to wonder why Daddy didn’t want to see them grow up, after AMARYL.

“There is no one who knew Todd who thinks suicide is even a remote possibility, Diane.  Do you know any famous forensic guys who could re-do this autopsy?  Do you know Dr, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION. AMARYL street price, Michael Baden or someone like him?”

I have made lots of contacts along this crime and justice path I’ve traveled since I first left Albuquerque to pursue my reporting career and, indeed, order AMARYL from mexican pharmacy, Where can i buy cheapest AMARYL online, I told Sheriff White, “I do know Dr, where to buy AMARYL. Canada, mexico, india, Baden from my days at Court TV and Fox News.”  I promised to get in touch with him.

[caption id="attachment_1436" align="alignleft" width="96" caption="Dr, purchase AMARYL. Is AMARYL addictive, Michael Baden, Forensic Pathologist Extrordinaire"]Dr, <b>AMARYL pictures</b>.  <b>BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION</b>, Michael Baden,  Forensic Pathologist Extrordinaire[/caption]

Dr. Michael Baden, in case you don’t know, is one the most respected and well known medical examiners in America. For 25 years he worked in the New York Medical Examiner’s office.  He’s been involved as a forensic expert in gobs of high-profile cases like the JFK assassination, the murder trials of Marlon Brando’s son, OJ Simpson and Claus Von Bulow.  He performed autopsies on TWA Flight 800 victims. And Dr. Baden was there for the re-autopsy of Civil Rights Leader Medgar Evers and the re-examination of the kidnapped Lindberg baby case.

I rustled up Dr, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION. Baden’s e-mail address and I quickly heard back: “Dear Diane, I would be pleased to review the autopsy report and police reports to see if I could possibly be of any help.”  Soon Sheriff White in Albuquerque and Dr. Baden in New York were connected by phone.

Dr. Baden now has the autopsy file compiled in New Mexico at the Office of Medical Investigators by a young woman who, from the looks of her on-line photo, is in her 20’s.  The OMI website lists her as not yet graduated from the year long forensic fellowship program. BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Odd that someone so inexperienced would get the assignment to do such a high-profile autopsy. Sheriff White says her conclusion that a police officer, with experience handling guns, would never accidentally fire one is ludicrous. “People who handle guns get complacent all the time,” he said. “It’s an occupational hazard.”

Dr. Baden also has copies of all the police interviews and the gun inspection report and, perhaps most helpful, a high-tech 3-D computerized scan of the room in which Lt. Parkins was shot, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION. With this Baden can recreate the scene and exactly measure how the gun Todd Parkins’ Grandfather bequeathed him suddenly fired, sending out buckshot to rip through his body.

The Chief of the OMI has publicly admitted now that he is not sure what caused the death of this APD veteran officer.  I say the city owes the Parkins family a second opinion.  Instead, my friend Dr. Michael Baden has taken on the case for free.  He may conclude Parkins death was suicide.  But I doubt it.


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by Diane on December 20, 2008

ZYBAN FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_1345" align="alignleft" width="89" caption="Detective Greg MacAleese"]Greg MacAleese, the father of Crime Stoppers[/caption]

Time Magazine has its ‘Person of the Year' award. ZYBAN treatment, I have my ‘Crime Fighter of the Year' award and this year it goes to Greg MacAleese a former Detective with the Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Department, doses ZYBAN work. Buy ZYBAN from canada, This lifetime achievement honor is long overdue because Greg MacAleese has changed the world by making it a safer place to live.

One quiet, herbal ZYBAN, Cheap ZYBAN, snowy afternoon in February 1976 Detective MacAleese sat down at his desk and typed the word CRIME onto a sheet of paper ... He had been plagued about the FBI's designation of Albuquerque as the city with the highest crime rate (per capita) in the nation, taking ZYBAN. MacAleese ruminated about what he could do to change that, ZYBAN FOR SALE. Where can i cheapest ZYBAN online, His background in journalism taught him how powerful an ally the media could be. His police work had shown him how vital it was for citizens to step forward and tell what they knew so police could solve crimes, buy cheap ZYBAN. ZYBAN maximum dosage, But in Albuquerque in the mid-70's the population most affected by crime was scared to death to get involved.

Out of those solitary ruminations sprung MacAleese's idea to get both the public and the media fully invested in crime fighting, ZYBAN schedule. He named his brainchild "Crime Stoppers."crimestoppers-strip ZYBAN FOR SALE, The official launch date for Crime Stoppers was September 8, 1976, when MacAleese convinced his superiors to allow him to produce a video re-enactment of a murder and offer a reward for information. Australia, uk, us, usa, A college student named Michael Carmen, two weeks shy of his wedding day, ZYBAN recreational, ZYBAN price, had been gunned down while working at a gas station. No witnesses, buy ZYBAN without a prescription, ZYBAN over the counter, no leads. After the re-enactment aired on KOAT-TV, where can i order ZYBAN without prescription, Real brand ZYBAN online, eyewitness information led detectives to two suspects. Within 72 hours they were arrested and tied to a string of armed robberies, ZYBAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. MacAleese paid the reward out of his own pocket, ZYBAN FOR SALE. ZYBAN used for, This forward thinking Detective heard many complaints from fellow officers. Some called him "Cecil B, ZYBAN reviews. Cheap ZYBAN no rx, De MacAleese" for his video re-creations. Others on the force openly mistrusted the media and they didn't want to share investigative details with the public for fear of spoiling their court cases, ZYBAN results. ZYBAN FOR SALE, Some wanted to know why citizens should be rewarded for stepping up to do their civic duty. ZYBAN interactions, But MacAleese, encouraged by his Police Chief Bob Stover, after ZYBAN, Where can i buy cheapest ZYBAN online, kept refining his idea, insisting it would bring down the crime rate, online ZYBAN without a prescription. ZYBAN long term, csoriginal He pushed and cajoled until Crime Stopper segments became a weekly offering on Albuquerque TV, then on radio and finally in the newspaper, ZYBAN use. ZYBAN images, It was the perfect partnership of police, media and citizenry that MacAleese had dreamed about that snowy February day, ZYBAN australia, uk, us, usa. Witnesses to all sorts of crimes began to call in. In the first year 298 cases were closed because of Crime Stopper informants, including 13 homicides and more than 20 rapes, ZYBAN FOR SALE.

Crime Stoppers evolved over the years and MacAleese's insistence that witnesses always be guaranteed complete anonymity, coupled with a reward fund of public donations (no taxpayers' dollars) insured the program flourished. Early on Crime Stoppers was touted in the New York Times and on NBC's Today Show and other police departments eagerly started their own branches with similar results.

Today there are Crime Stoppers programs in all 50 states and in 24 countries. MacAleese says in India, for example, they've been especially successful solving banking crimes. ZYBAN FOR SALE, In South Africa the program has focused on sex crimes and a huge number of rapes and sex related murders have been solved. All because someone who knew something picked up a phone and made an anonymous report.   cs-corner-logo

Collectively, MacAleese tells me, Crime Stoppers programs have helped solved more than 1 million major crimes and have assisted in the recovery of more than 8 billion dollars worth of stolen property and narcotics. Civilian volunteers have raised millions in reward money and more than 100 million dollars in rewards have been paid out.

Important to note, Greg MacAleese refused to ever trademark the Crime Stoppers idea. He receives no royalties and says his satisfaction comes from seeing his "baby" become the world's most successful anti-crime program in history.

Today, Crime Stoppers keeps pace with technology and generational habits, ZYBAN FOR SALE. New computer software has been developed to allow citizens to anonymously transmit their information about crimes via the internet or over mobile phones. The software completely eliminates the tipster's web address or cell phone number as it passes on vital information to investigators.

MacAleese achieved what so many idealists hope for. He got an idea and massaged it into reality. These days, he travels the world training others in the ways of effective law enforcement.

For 32 years Greg MacAleese has made it his life's mission to try make the world safer, to find a way to engage us - all of us - toward the common good.

The power of us has achieved remarkable things - Thanks to my personal hero, Greg MacAleese.


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