Kevin Toston of Detroit

The Halloween Sex Offender Myth

by Diane Dimond on October 24, 2011

Halloween Fun! But Not For All

The spookiest time of the year is fast approaching and you have likely already heard about local law enforcement officers preparing to keep your area free of danger on Halloween night.

They may be visiting schools to counsel kids on safe practices, they may be warning drivers about watching out for children on Halloween night and in communities across America officers are fanning out to knock on the doors of registered sex offenders.

The idea behind visiting local S.O.’s (as they are referred to) is twofold.

First, it’s a transparent effort to check that the address police have on record for the ex-offender is still good. Second, it is a somber face-to-face warning to the S.O. that they are not allowed to interact with children on Halloween. [click to continue…]