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He Should Have Been Deported - Then He Murdered

He Should Have Been Deported – Then He Murdered a Woman

Decisions always have a consequence. That’s what I told my daughter as she was growing up. Make a decision to do something but, realize, you must then live with the consequences. I’m left wondering if Washington politicians had mothers who taught them the same lesson.

The consequence of Washington’s long-term failure to fix our fractured immigration policy just keeps getting more dangerous. The upshot for the rest of us? Ticking human time bombs walking among us.

For more than three years the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement division (ICE) has been forced to release thousands of deportation-ready criminal immigrants out on to American streets. More than 86,000 of them are, presumably, still out there. [click to continue…]

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Dream Continues For Immigration Reform

by Diane Dimond on December 27, 2010

A Gift for All - Immigration Reform

Everyone – especially young people – wants that one special gift for Christmas. Well, this year there’s a group of kids that will remember the holiday as disappointing after the sins of their parents came back to haunt them. All these kids really wanted for Christmas was a helping hand onto the road to U.S. citizenship.

Their parents brought them to this country illegally, some of them as tiny infants, and although raised here in the United States of America – knowing loyalty to no other country but this one – they’ve been told their American dream stops now.

Our procrastinating Congress ended the first half of its 111th session by once again failing to pass the so-called Dream Act. The act could have become the first brave and concrete step on the arduous road to immigration reform. [click to continue…]

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Now, What About Immigration Reform?

by Diane Dimond on March 29, 2010

Demands For a Plan

Demands For a Plan

The low rumble has started – can you hear it where you are? It’s the sound of the nation’s next big reform movement.

Immigration reform! Immigration reform! Immigration reform! The movement is gaining momentum.

Now that the massive health care reform bill has been signed into law (never mind for now that its constitutionality is being challenged by several state Attorneys General) the next big agenda item is what to do with the more than 12 million illegal aliens in our country.

Regular readers know why I don’t use the politically correct phrase: “undocumented workers.”  To me it’s like calling a [click to continue…]

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