Brooklyn police officer Alain Schaberger

Stopping Domestic Abusers Starts At Home

by Diane Dimond on March 28, 2011

Abused Women Must Speak Out & Get Out

Oh boy, am I ever going to take heat for this. But it must be said.

There are some women caught up in the awful throes of domestic abuse who are to blame. Domestic abuse occurs because they allow it.

The women of whom I speak stay when they should leave. They repeatedly call police to come to their rescue after their partner’s anger erupts. Then, they repeatedly refuse to press charges. These abused and humiliated women forget the panic they felt at the moment they scrambled to the phone and dialed 9-11 for help. They imagine they can’t possibly make it in life without their abusive mate. They’re caught in a terrible cycle of co-dependent violence. [click to continue…]