Tabloid-TV Queen Broke Jacko Arrest, Beats the Networks

By Joe Hagan

On Monday, Nov. 24, exactly 153 hours after the Michael Jackson media maelstrom swallowed the TV-watching populace whole — threatening to “suck all of civilization into its maw,” as a New York Times editorial had it — the woman who set the whole fracas into motion, Diane Dimond, a 51-year-old tabloid-news veteran, was sitting in the Third Avenue offices of Court TV, recalling the day the story broke.

“It was like the skies opened up and everyone and their mother wanted to talk to me,” said Ms. Dimond, who was wearing a bright blue First Lady — style dress suit, her face still caked in on-air makeup after a three-hour show.

It was Ms. Dimond whose camera crew first captured shots of the police cars entering Mr. Jackson’s Neverland estate on Tuesday, Nov. 18, and it was she who first reported — on Larry King Live — that a warrant had been issued for Mr. Jackson’s arrest…..Read more….

Former Albuquerquean has gotten scoop on big stories

By Rick Nathanson – Journal Staff Writer

After 20 years in the national spotlight as a news reporter and anchor, Diane Dimond admitted that “sometimes I wondered if I should get out of the business- but then Michael Jackson popped into my life again, and here we are.”

Dimond, who grew up in Albuquerque, was an investigative reporter with the syndicated TV show “Hard Copy” in 1993 when she broke the story that entertainer Michael Jackson had been accused of sexual misconduct with an underage boy. One year and a $25 million settlement later, the charges were dropped and Jackson and Dimond both went about their respective businesses.

Ten years later Dimond, now working at Court TV, got a call from a source saying, “‘we got another kid,’ ” she recalled.

“I asked if this one was going to stick and if they were going to raid Jackson’s Neverland Ranch again. I told them I want to be there when that happens, and I want to be the only reporter standing on the road.”…Read More…

Dimond Leads Coverage of Jackson Story

By David Bauder

A few months ago, reporter Diane Dimond told Court TV Chairman Henry Schleiff that she was working on a great story and would need him to commit money and manpower to help dig it out. But even in the privacy of his office, she wouldn’t tell Schleiff what the story was.

Intrigued, he gave Dimond the go-ahead. Schleiff was rewarded in late November when she broke the story of authorities searching Michael Jackson ‘s Neverland ranch for evidence, the precursor to molestation charges filed against the pop star….Read More…

A Dogged TV Reporter Defends Herself in the Jackson Case

By Lola Ogunnaike

Though only 52, Diane Dimond, the veteran television reporter, is well aware of what her tombstone will read: “Here lies Diane ‘You Know, the One Who Covered Michael Jackson’ Dimond.”

For more than a decade, Ms. Dimond’s name has been inextricably linked with Mr. Jackson, who was acquitted on Monday of all charges in a 14-week child molestation case. It was Ms. Dimond, then a reporter for the tabloid show “Hard Copy,” who broke the news about accusations of an inappropriate relationship between Mr. Jackson and a young boy in 1993. “August 24th, 1993,” she said in telephone interview from her hotel room in Santa Maria, Calif., where she has spent more than three months covering Mr. Jackson’s trial. She sighed deeply and said, “That’s when this whole thing started.” Mr. Jackson would eventually settle that case out of court for millions, and while he was all too eager to move on, Ms. Dimond was not….Read more….

Ubiquitous Reporter Gets Ready For Trial

By Peter Johnson

Sometimes Diane Dimond thinks her tombstone will read: SHE COVERED MICHAEL JACKSON.

Diane Dimond has never met Michael Jackson but she’s made her name talking about his case.

“I do worry about that,” Dimond said Wednesday, gearing up for a busy week on Court TV, where she anchors Hollywood at Large, and on Access Hollywood and NBC’s Today, where she does commentary

She has never met Michael Jackson, but Dimond has been all over his story, ever since accusations of child molestation first arose in 1993. She has covered Jackson so intensely – breaking the story on the latest charges last fall – that his fans have called for a boycott of her work. Jackson’s camp refuses to talk to her and labels her a shill for the prosecution. She denies that, noting that she blasted the prosecution for seeking a gag order. “This is America, folks.”…Read More…

Review: ‘Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case’ By Diane Dimond

By Lamont Jones

Volumes have been written about legendary entertainer Michael Jackson and the child-molestation accusations that have swirled around him for more than a decade.

Now Dimond serves up her version, a gripping page-turner that dissects the multiple allegations of child sex-abuse leveled at Jackson, who, since the first case in 1993, has gone from superstar to falling star…..Read more…

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melissa July 29, 2009 at 7:40 pm

I am reading your book and I must say it is very interesting. I plan to read Aphrodite Jone's verision of his life after I finish yours for "some balance".


DianeDimond July 30, 2009 at 6:24 am

I think that's great. I wish everyone interested in the backstory of Michael Jackson would read as much as they could about it – while keeping an open mind. ~ DD


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