Judgment Day For Anthony Pellicano

by Diane Dimond on December 16, 2008

The Author circa 1993

Circa 1993

I was brand new to Hollywood in 1993 when I started breaking stories about Michael Jackson and little boys. At first I couldn’t figure out why my phone at work on the Paramount lot (I worked for Hard Copy) kept popping and crackling. Then mobs of threatening Jacko fans knew just where to meet me when I left the lot at night to go to my car in a nearby parking lot.  My house was vandalized, my home phone began to act weird. Private detective friends told me to watch out for a guy named Pellicano who called himself, “the sin-eater.”   Hard Copy hired body guards to escort me to and fro.

Pellicano Back In The Day

Pellicano Back In The Day

At 64 his sentence could mean life in prison

Pellicano, today, at 64

Well, today, all these years later it was judgment day for the S.O.B. who made my life miserable … and over the years so many other’s lives.

He was sentenced to 15 years for conspiracy, wiretapping and all sorts of brutish skulduggery he had performed over the years on behalf of some of Hollywood’s most wealthy.

Victims got to have their say in court an L.A. court today. One is my friend, former L.A. Times Investigative Correspondent Anita Busch.  Pellicano’s intense harassment of Anita – designed to scare her off reporting on one of Pellicano’s clients — is what finally sparked the beginning of the end to his years long rampage of domestic terror.

Courageously Confronted Pellicano In Court

Courageously Confronted Pellicano In Court

She has been through hell and back, believe me.  Here’s a link to Anita’s full statement in court today.  Please take time to read it, its short.  It will give you a great idea of how ingrained corruption is in Hollywood….right down to the L.A. Times, if Busch is correct in her assessment.  She believes top reporters and a senior lawyer at the paper had long been in bed with Pellicano. And Busch believes that’s why the paper allowed her to be left dangling on her own, after Pellicano’s campaign against her.  I first wrote about Busch’s allegations back in May.

It could amount to a life sentence…

It’s a fascinating read.

The federal prosecutor who went after Pellicano asked the judge to pass a 16 year prison sentence on the 64 year old who became a “high priced thief who fraudulently obtained prominence through the harm that he wantonly inflicted on others.”

The judge gave him 15 years.

I hope for Anita and me and all the others he terrorized over the years he serves every single day of that.


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