Help Find And Stop This Man!

by Diane Dimond on May 10, 2010

John Mark Karr in Custody - 2006

Today I want to ignite a nationwide manhunt. This guy has got to be located and stopped!

I’m sure you remember him: John Mark Karr, the slight, feminine looking man with the receding hairline who was extradited from Thailand to Colorado after he very publicly confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey.

Back in the fall of 2006, police in Boulder, Colorado declared Karr’s confession was phony when his DNA did not match what was recovered from the murdered beauty queen’s underwear. His handwriting didn’t match the ransom note. They realized he hadn’t even been in Boulder at the time of the murder. They sent Karr packing, despite the fact that his laptop was full of child pornography, and wrote him off as a delusional loon who’d confessed for the attention.

Well, John Mark Karr hasn’t stopped his weirdness and he’s now back on law enforcement’s radar.

Remember Him?

This time he’s come to the attention of the San Francisco police department. He’s apparently been roaming the Pacific Northwest, Seattle specifically, continuing to e-mail an unknown number of faithful minions and reportedly asking them to help form a cult of Jon Benet look-a-likes. He demands girls as young as four, with small feet and he prefers blonds.  He calls this would-be child harem “The Immaculates.”

I have seen Skype screen captures of him and e-mails communicating these desires.

Now, one of Karr’s followers is turning on him.

Her name is Samantha Spiegel and she says she’s had enough of the madness. Now 19, this beautiful brunette college student says she first met Karr at nine years old as a student at San Francisco’s Convent of the Sacred Heart School.

Internet/Skype Conversation Between Samantha and JMK-Circa 2008

He was the teacher every child, “could hardly wait to see every day,” she told me. “He’s just so good with children.” Karr didn’t last long in that job – he was mysteriously fired – but Samantha never forgot him.

Samantha as Convent Student

After seeing Karr on television during the extradition proceeding Samantha, who was struggling with drug abuse at the time, decided to reach out to him. Although Karr was engaged to a woman (who had a four year old daughter) he began an obsessive telephone and e-mail campaign for control of Samantha. I’ve read his convoluted e-mails and could see how he attempted to brainwash her, to make her believe she was specially chosen to recruit Immaculates. Receiving thousands of e-mails a month from the unrelenting Karr, the vulnerable Samantha became consumed with pleasing him.

“It’s scary looking back now,” she says. “I would have sheltered him, or killed for him to be completely honest…” and her voice trails off in a sheepish tone. Samantha’s parents saw the danger and put her in a treatment center for 16 months away from Karr’s influence.

In the meantime, in Seattle, Karr legally changed his name to Alexis Valoran Reich (as in the Third Reich) and professed he was a woman.

Karr as Alexis on FaceBook PageUpon Samantha’s return home from treatment, in December 2009, another bombardment of e-mails came from Karr, according a restraining order filed with the San Francisco police.
In graphic detail he continued his sex talk, especially about lusting after young girls and forming a cult. Karr also vividly described his recent sex change operation and sent his new Facebook picture looking like a woman.

Who knows if this chronic liar is telling the truth about the operation or if Alexis is just one of his multiple personalities? He also writes terroristic e-mails to Samantha under the names Drk Prnz (Dark Prince) and Daxis the Conqueror!

“I still want that little (girl) cult!” – March 29, 2010 at 12:51 pm

“I can help you, (with drugs) Samantha. But if I find you have been deceiving me I will kill you and laugh as you die. Do you understand me?” – April 10, 2010 – 2:53 pm

“Give me your house phone number. If you cost me my little girls I will hunt you down and kill you.” – April 10, 20101 – 3:10 pm

And then there was this incredibly disturbing e-mail,  released by a police source, sent on the 12th anniversary of Jon Benet Ramsey’s murder.  The recipient’s name has never been made public.

“To smell and taste that sweet six year old sex again as I did on that night 12 years ago – that sex that I drank from would be pure heaven. I craved her blood and continue to. I will kill again. It will not atone for her death but it will honor it. And I have killed again and again – roaming the world, within and without, seeking whom I might devour!!!!!! They died for her; for me; all my sweet little girl victims whom have died for me in the far reachest of the world. Long live the Killer of Little Princesses!!!! Daxis the Conqueror!”

This is one sick son of a you-know-what.

Samantha Spiegel Today, age 19

Samantha has done everything right as she struggles to rid her life of this predator. She’s filed police reports, gotten a restraining order, hired a veteran former sex crimes Prosecutor named Robin Sax. But Karr knows where she lives, goes to school and what kind of car she drives.

Posing as Alexis, Karr was last spotted living at a homeless women’s shelter in Seattle but told people there he was headed to “the Bay area” where Sam lives.

No law enforcement official I’ve spoken to can understand why a man who constantly talks about sex cults and children and murder is still running loose. Attorney Sax hints darkly that she knows of other Karr victims out there who are just not as brave as Samantha.

“He is the worst kind of crazy. He’s convinced not only the public but also many officials that he is just delusional but I think that’s calculated … This makes him especially dangerous.”

With his penchant for running when he gets trapped Karr could be anywhere. Keep an eye out for him, will you? If you see him contact police in San Francisco’s Northern Division.

I hope they’ll have more than just Samantha’s restraining order waiting for him.

The Many Faces of John Mark Karr - a.k.a. Alexis Valoran Reich

Note: To listen to the Dana Pretzer Radio show of May 4, 2010 featuring Samantha Spiegel, Attorney Robin Sax, Private Eye Logan and Diane Dimond click here

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Diane May 10, 2010 at 1:03 pm

Facebook Friend Linda Gillespie writes:

” Why is this fellow roaming around loose? God alone knows what he is, has and plans to do to innocent young girls. As a culture, we have dropped the ball on handling this type of person. “


Diane May 10, 2010 at 1:04 pm

Facebook Friend Lorraine Okie writes:

” Just forward to FBI and AND john Walsh to track him down
also put it out on Twitter….This guy molested children in Thailand where they first found him…Keep us Posted!”


Diane May 10, 2010 at 1:05 pm

Facebook Friend Yvonne Marten Ebstein writes:

“Sheesh ! Get this freak off the streets ! What a weird world we live in !”


Diane May 10, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Facebook Friend Eric Vaughan writes:

” I think he picked up syphilis in Thailand and it’s eating away at his brain as we speak. “


Lyn May 10, 2010 at 7:29 pm

What does it take to get nutbags like him off the streets?? I don;t get it..I really don’t. If they do get him, he will most likely plead insanity and get off like most of them do. What does it take???


jerry May 10, 2010 at 11:19 pm

This John Karr story is the best and most important story you have done in the 2 decades I have known you. As a father, this story scares the hell out of me. As a man and a human being, it appalls me. You have, again, exposed an urgent, pressing story that needs the attention of the police, the authorities, and the media.
Your reporting provides a valuable service, and it seems at times that you are doing God’s work.
Thank you,


Adrian May 11, 2010 at 1:05 am

Hi Diane, long time friend of mine. You wrote a great story again like always. But this time, dear friend, I think this man has to be stopped before he comes across some one who will help him to make his life happen as he wishes. There are so many nuts out there, and if he was to go to prison, well,…. we all now know, how the prisoners are all are coming home.
Some one needs to really get on this maniac” He needs to be stopped, while the signs he is showing are being viewed ! ” Why is he being looked at like he is not a problem to society yet” ? this is a something that needs to be taken care of now, ! and he needs to be taken off the streets period ! Perhaps he is looking for a Legacy of his life, maybe he is hoping some sick individual will help him out to become famous over being a Pedophile of little girls ! ” He would not want to be my neighbor ! ” And these mothers who put there little girls out there, need to have their heads examined too ! This world is not nice, I would say let the little girls grow up and decide for themselves what they want to do in life, these parents who push their little girls to look like older mature women , are asking for problems to beging with. Come on the child is a child they need to be a child, and go through school and graduate, and then decide what they want out of there lives. Parents please wake up now !


Robin May 11, 2010 at 1:16 am

I echo’s Jerry’s words. A very important piece…for so many reasons.


AVR Investigation team May 11, 2010 at 8:19 am

From all of us concerned with Samantha’s safety, thank you Diane for such a well written article. Anyone adult that has ever dealt with Karr understands how frightening and disturbed he is – something none of would want our children to experience even at Samantha’s age. She needs all the support she can get to do the right thing so no that citizen gets caught up in Karr’s cult under his dangerous control.

Please visit
to Stand with Sam and help support her.


Diane May 11, 2010 at 8:39 am

DD Web Site Reader Nick Madigan writes:

“Hi, Diane. I just read your column on the creep who claimed to have killed Jon Benet Ramsey. If he shows up in Baltimore, I think we can organize a reception for him from the nice guys in the city slammer.”


Samantha Spiegel May 11, 2010 at 10:09 pm

I want to thank you for writing this article about John Mark Karr. You should take pride in the fact that you’ve helped us take one more step towards smoking John out, which in turn means we’re one step closer to getting him off the streets and away from children and potential victims. This was a very well-written article and I’m honored to have spoken with you. Thank you!


nettie May 12, 2010 at 9:08 pm

I am not sure why someone that would admit to something like the rape and murder of Jon Benet would not be looked at seriously even after DNA testing gave sight to the fact that it was not his DNA @ the location of her murder…seems that even if he was not tied into this case, just the fact that he was found where he was and that he wanted to be acknowlged for such…and that he talked with Professor Michael Tracey @ the University of Colorado on such an ongoing basis about his insane role….should be reason enough to look @ him for other reasons…he profiles as someone who needs that attention ( which everyone fed on accordingly) and wants to be found out whether he has already acted or plans to act. I am sure there was some politics in that play. So, why is he so elusive now..if that is the case, then I say there is a very big gaping hole in processing sexual criminals…he gave us everything we needed on a silver platter and constantly admits that and is persistant with information…so, why is it that we are on this elusive manhunt for him now…is this some sort of media PLOY?


Diane May 12, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Nettie –
Media ploy? THAT’S what you take away from the story of John Mark Karr? He writes terroristic death threats and seemingly stalks a young woman in cyber space (maybe more than one young woman) and you think its a media ploy?
I just don’t follow your logic.
Someone who openly writes about “killing Princesses” worldwide, someone who professes to want to taste their young sex and kill again, needs to be taken seriously in my book.
And, yes, there is a “very big gaping hole” in processing sexual criminals in this country. Especially those who convince overworked law enforcement officials that they might just be kinda kooky instead of dangerously criminal. ~ DD


Dolores May 25, 2010 at 12:57 pm

I was working in Boulder when John popped up with his bogus confession. Many people were relieved because, if the family was innocent, they both needed and deserved closure. But, as more facts about John emerged, the reaction turned to, ‘Eeeeuuuww!’ Thank you for warning the world. I suspect he hasn’t actually done most of what he brags about, but even one bit of it would be way too much.I suspect he will stumble and be caught soon now that an outcry has become public. He seems to crave the spotlight, even (or especially) when it shines on him in a bad way.


Marcia May 26, 2010 at 1:10 pm

Diane I was watching a video of Dan Abrams interviewing Karr a few years ago and the guy didn’t have a clue about anything. Karr seems to think that he is above everything and everyone. Hopefully the coverage by the networks will do something to stop this guy.


Diane May 31, 2010 at 6:21 pm

Hope you hop over the The Today Show tomorrow morning at 7:30 to see the latest on this story. also, I’ll post an article on the Daily after 8 am.


Dianna June 12, 2010 at 12:39 pm

Hi Diane,

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about this sick-o for the last few days. I am stunned and amazed that he isn’t in a padded cell somewhere for the criminally insane.
Some have speculated that his confession in Thailand, about murdering Jon Benet, was actually his ticket out of Thailand, after being caught in some horrific pedophile crime there. Rather than face Thai justice, he confessed to something that he knew he would be found innocent of, and returned to the US. It makes sense, to me at least.

Frankly, if he did commit crimes in Thailand, he should be extradited back to face justice there.


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