Defeating the Evildoers On All Fronts

by Diane Dimond on November 23, 2015

Banded Together The World CAN Stop It

Banded Together The World CAN Stop It

My friend Nancy and I were talking the other day about the terrorist attacks in Paris. Nancy, you should know, is retired law enforcement and one of the most interesting thinkers I know. She has a way of cutting through all the bull to get right to the heart of an issue.

About the Muslim terrorists who commit atrocities in the name of Islam Nancy said, “They only speak and understand one language – violence.” We agreed that we should leave the actual war planning to the experts. Air strikes versus boots-on-the-ground? We defer to the Pentagon on that.

But then Nancy added, “If we don’t step up our response we’ll never stop this infestation.”

An Infestation of Civilization

An Infestation on Humanity

Infestation. What a perfect word to describe those radicalized marauding bands of mass murderers. An infection on humanity. A festering pustule on civilization. And now world leaders say they are devising a strategy to deal with the scourge. Odd that at this late date there is no firm strategy to eradicate an enemy that’s been attacking for years.

Nancy and I make a habit of discussing how we would change the world if we were in charge. We decided fighting Islamic evildoers needs to include steps other than just the military option. Think further down the road and, maybe, one day we won’t have to keep going back with guns blazing.

First, give all good people across the world a safe place to report what they know about simmering terrorist plots. Combine the concepts behind the confidential Neighborhood Watch program and Crime Stoppers and take it global!  Give hefty cash rewards to anonymous tipsters who report verifiable information. There’s no way to put police near every spot where terrorism might hatch – but there are always good people nearby who hear and see things and abhor violence.

Terrorists Stand for Cold Blooded Murder

Terrorists Stand for Cold Blooded Murder-Period

Second, call on all leading Muslim clerics to begin a series of simultaneous and hearty sermons calling acts of terror what they are: Mass murder that must never be supported. All parents and religious leaders should be actively offering their young people an alternative to joining the bloody crusade.

Third, let’s nip the perpetually blossoming bud of anti-Western hatred at the source: Those radical Islamic religious schools that teach only two subjects – the Koran and hatred for non-Muslims. Launch a coordinated worldwide campaign aimed at impressionable children to finally counter the zealot’s indoctrination. Teach children life is full of choices. Both good and evil.

Propaganda, you say? You bet. As Nancy put it, “Call it brainwashing if you want. But that’s what we need to do.” Convince young Muslim kids (all kids, really) that their worst enemy is hatred, not people of other faiths.

We Must Infiltrate the Terrorists' Ranks

We Must Infiltrate the Terrorists’ Ranks

Fourth, since Islamic extremists plant their secret terror cells within our borders and try to recruit our young people over the internet, we should fight fire with fire.

Drawing on her law enforcement experience Nancy says bluntly, “We have to infiltrate their organization like they have infiltrated our communities here in America.” It’s the only way to get reliable information about their plans.

Please, tell me Washington has already approved this kind of action – even if it means sending U.S. agents into American mosques. And let’s hope a U.S. cyber intelligence agents are actively on the trail of those radical internet recruiters, erasing their messages and going after them in their lairs.

Let’s cross our fingers that the intake process for the expected tide of Syrian refugees will include aggressive procedures and intensive questioning including fingerprinting and facial and voice recognition comparisons with Interpol’s terrorist watch list.

US Boots-on-the-Ground Inevitable to Defeat ISIS

US Boots-on-the-Ground Inevitable to Defeat ISIS

Back to the inevitable war ahead. Everyone knows it will be a massively complicated task to try to eliminate the newly constituted Islamic State. It will take determination, time and international coordination. And the devil will be in the complicated diplomatic maneuvers that will be needed to get everyone on the same page.

This Islamic enemy, unlike the others that came before it, is vastly different. The Islamic State now holds territory in both Syria and Iraq, land it occupies for its caliphate’s headquarters. And, they have lots of money. Billions of dollars stolen from banks and businesses and oil fields that got swept up in their land grab and reign of terror.

Over all these years, the U.S. battle against Muslim extremists – indeed, the world’s response – has had no effect. The radical menace has only gotten bigger, stronger and more deadly. They have kidnapped, tortured, beheaded and murdered countless thousands of people, including fellow Muslims. And the rest of the world looks like a goofy Giant unable to swat away the ants crawling up its legs.

This infestation of terror is spreading full steam ahead and they will not change their behavior until we do. What we do next is crucial.



Diane Dimond November 23, 2015 at 9:00 am

ABQ Journal Reader Bill Boernke writes:

“Dear Ms. Dimond:

There is a difference between terrorism (killing civilians to achieve a political end) and holy war (killing infidels because this is the will of your god).

Did you go to Sunday School when you were growing up? Yahweh unleashed plagues on Egypt (Yahweh killed the first-born sons of the Egyptians). The plagues were acts of terror because the goal was to get Pharaoh to free the Hebrew slaves. The fire bombing of civilians during WWII and the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were acts of terror because the goal was to get the civilians to convince their government to stop fighting.

After the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years, they fought a holy war to take Canaan (what is now Palestine) from the people who were living there. Please read the 31st Chapter of Numbers in the Torah. Yahweh commands the Israelites to slaughter the Midianites (men, women, children, even the livestock) because the Midianites did not worship Yahweh. Was this not far worse than anything ISIS has done to this date?

All three of the monotheistic, Abrahamic religions of the Book have fought holy wars. The Christian Pope Urban II told the Crusaders that it was God’s will that they kill infidel Muslims in the Holy Land. When Islam spread throughout the Roman Empire, this was a holy war. Ironically, the Israelites originally were in Canaan because of a holy war and Muslims took Palestine from the Byzantine Roman Empire by holy war.

The best thing that could happen in the world today would be for all people who want to be religious to convert to Buddhism because Buddhists don’t have gods who tell them to kill infidels.”

Bill Boernke

Diane Dimond November 23, 2015 at 9:02 am

Yes, Bill, I did go to Sunday School and I did learn about the holy wars.
The difference is: We are now supposed to be a “civilized” society and murder is not tolerated. Call it a holy war or a crusade or whatever – but it is mass murder at its core.
Illegal, intolerable and an action that should be universally condemned in this day and age.
To your final point: The more Buddhists the better, I say. ~ DD

Diane Dimond November 24, 2015 at 2:16 pm

ABQ Journal Reader Bill Boernke replies:

“Dear Ms. Dimond:

Ah. yes. we are civilized and fundamentalist Muslims are not civilized. The problem is that what is civilized is in the eye of the beholder.

Herodotus tells us of a culture in India that ate their dead. The Greeks who burned their dead thought that Greeks are civilized and only inferior barbarians who eat their dead are uncivilized. However, the culture that ate their dead were horrified by the thought of burning the dead. Aristotle even came up with a utilitarian justification for slavery: it is not wrong to enslave barbarians to do the menial tasks for this will free the Greek philosopher kings to think profound thoughts.

ISIS fights a holy war and murders infidels, while we incinerate hundreds of thousands of civilians during WWII and pin medals on the men who did this.

Hunters and gatherers have no concept of owning the earth and gender equality exists in those societies because both sexes contribute to the food supply. After agriculture was invented, land had to be owned. Since it was in the rational self-interest of the strong to own as much land as possible, war was invented to take land from the weak. Subjugation of women occurred because a woman’s role was only to produce children who would work the land of the patriarch.

You tell me: who is more civilized: the European immigrants who pushed native hunters and gatherers onto reservations so we could take their land or the native peoples who sold Manhattan Island to the Europeans for a few trinkets because they thought the Europeans were fools to think they could own the earth? (Not that different than selling the Brooklyn Bridge to a fool.)”

Bill Boernke

Nancy Robel November 23, 2015 at 11:05 am

Diane ,
I loved your article that outlined how like minded people can get involved in this war on mass murder and terrorism. When civilians feel they have a mission to be helpful in this effort, they are not so fearful and feel less helpless. We need more aware, vigilant citizens today and this war will take a very multi-pronged approach to combat its spread. This isn’t all about religion. It’s about these extremists reaching out and glomming on to the misfits of the world to do their unspeakable deeds and promising them what’s missing in their lives-a family that will encourage, support and treat them like “chosen ones”. (Until, of course, they’ve completed their mission and then they’re fitted with a suicide belt to blow themselves to kingdom come). Theyre a global gang with money and endless resources. Let’s just hope they don’t get a hold of our street gangs who already have a similar mindset.

Diane Dimond November 23, 2015 at 5:14 pm

Facebook Friend Ronald Jeffries Tallman writes:

“I can agree and offer if it does any good. For now I’ll just say we need more young people to enter the security fields with a heavy emphasis on terrorism. But now a lot of people here misunderstand thinking we are saying “Muslims are terrorists.” SOME are. Fact. Do we have a terror problem and or a Muslim problem?

This must be stopped before they develop “the big one”.”

Diane Dimond November 24, 2015 at 2:14 pm

Facebook Friend Jackie Morin writes:

“Interesting! But somehow, I think turning people into rats could have far-reaching negative ramifications. We could possibly end up with our own civil war!”

Diane Dimond November 24, 2015 at 2:15 pm

Facebook Friend Larry Ward replies:

“Jackie Morin, its not much different than what the FBI did (is doing) to the Klan. In fact it is probably already happening.

As far as clerics speaking out against radical Muslims, they already are – in spades. We should not be indignant when they don’t turn up the volume when it is westerners that are targeted.
For every 1 westerner killed by ISIS there have been at least 200 Muslims butchered.

On balance, I think the approach outlined is thoughtful and constructive. The battle against radicalization is going to be along one. Ultimately it will only be won when those that would be radicalized see a better option.”

Diane Dimond November 25, 2015 at 6:31 pm

Reader Bob Kota writes:

“Great article! I’ll add a couple of ideas. Where are all the troops from mid eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, etc. fighting Isis? Second, notice how many of the hundreds of thousands refugees are young men who could be fighting to save their countries? And why doesn’t the Saudis and those type countries take all these refugees in? Keep up the good work”
Bob Kota.

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