by Diane Dimond on March 11, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6118" align="alignleft" width="120"] BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION, Down: Crimes like Murder, Rape and Burglary[/caption]

If you follow the news you've heard that violent crime rates are down all across the country.

I know it is hard to believe after news of mass shootings in Newtown, Comprar en línea GLUCOPHAGE, comprar GLUCOPHAGE baratos, Connecticut, Aurora, Colorado and the current murder spree in Chicago but facts are facts, order GLUCOPHAGE from mexican pharmacy. The instances of crime have been slowly and surely declining for the last two decades. GLUCOPHAGE interactions, Back in 1994, a Gallup survey found that more than 50% of Americans cited crime as the nation’s biggest problem. In another Gallup survey conducted last year that number was down to just 2%, GLUCOPHAGE mg. I keep wondering why, BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION. What caused the rate of murder, Cheap GLUCOPHAGE, rape, armed robbery and other violence-inspired crimes to plummet so dramatically. Did we just get lucky or is there a specific reason (or reasons) for the improvement, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

[caption id="attachment_6121" align="alignright" width="150"] Record Numbers of U.S. GLUCOPHAGE over the counter, Prisoners[/caption]

Opinions are as varied as the number of criminologists and scholars researching the issue. BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION, The theories range from the conventional to the controversial. Most criminologists agree on a group of factors that caused the decline.

• The U.S, GLUCOPHAGE coupon. incarceration rate is among the highest in the world. GLUCOPHAGE dose, Plainly put, we have taken record numbers of criminals off the street.

• The increased number of police on the beat and pro-active policing, BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION. Bottom line, buy GLUCOPHAGE from canada, it is now harder to commit a crime. Buy GLUCOPHAGE online cod, Citizens are more alert these days and their calls to 911 bring immediate help. Also, surveillance cameras are everywhere and they are believed to be a real deterrent, buy no prescription GLUCOPHAGE online.

• The “graying of America.” Young people commit most of the crime and the U.S population has gotten progressively older.

[caption id="attachment_6122" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION, Give Youth A Place to Belong[/caption]

• There are now many more social programs for youth which help keep young people occupied and focused on positive goals. Rx free GLUCOPHAGE, • The government’s stepped-up aid programs -- such as unemployment, food stamps and rent controlled housing – means recipients are less likely to turn to financial or stress-motivated crime.

But there are lots of other theories from learned sources about why America continues to experience a drop in violent crime, where to buy GLUCOPHAGE. Some might seem far-fetched to you, GLUCOPHAGE dangers, others may be hard to swallow.

Rick Nevin , a Virginia economist who consults with the National Center for Healthy Housing (among other studious pursuits) maintains that the decline in crime can be traced to the U.S. ban on lead in gasoline and house paints, BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION. In a series of graphs he demonstrates how the drop in the crime rate coincides perfectly with the coming-of-age of the first generation protected from lead exposure, GLUCOPHAGE canada, mexico, india. The theory has not been widely researched because how do you study a group that has not been exposed to something. Generic GLUCOPHAGE, But, lead has long been associated with violent behavior and Nevin insists his research proves a link between the lead ban and a drop in crime not only here in the U.S. but in nine other countries as well, GLUCOPHAGE no prescription.

BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION, Richard Rosenfeld, the former president of the American Society of Criminology at the University of Missouri in St. Louis also cites the decline in opportunities for criminal behavior. Where can i cheapest GLUCOPHAGE online, He told reporters a while back that, “During severe recessions like the current one, with chronically high unemployment rates, GLUCOPHAGE alternatives, more people are at home and can act as guardians for their home.” That translates into fewer home burglaries and property crimes. Buy cheap GLUCOPHAGE, Rosenfeld also says the poor economy has left people with less cash and valuables, making criminals less likely to target them for robbery or theft.

Some ardent NRA and other gun owners say the decline has occurred because so many Americans have chosen to arm themselves and have, buying GLUCOPHAGE online over the counter, therefore, Low dose GLUCOPHAGE, created safer streets and homesteads. Anti-gun proponents point to the increase in the number of gun laws as being the reason violent crimes are on the downswing, BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION. There are no firm statistics to back up either theory.


[caption id="attachment_6127" align="alignleft" width="120"] That's the NRA's Disputed Stand[/caption]

Steven Levitt, GLUCOPHAGE natural, an economist at the University of Chicago offers what is probably the most controversial hypothesis for the two-decade long decrease in violent crimes. GLUCOPHAGE steet value, Levitt believes that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion in January 1973 has had more to do with the drop in crime than any other factor. BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION, I have to admit, I winced when I read that. So I kept reading to learn more about his theory, doses GLUCOPHAGE work.

Levitt and co-author John Donohue published a controversial paper that highlighted the year 1992 when crime in the U.S. Is GLUCOPHAGE safe, first started to inch downward. They noted that it was a full 18 years after the high court’s historic decision on Rowe vs. Wade, BUY GLUCOPHAGE NO PRESCRIPTION. Levitt and Donohue theorize that the legalization of abortion resulted in fewer unwanted children who would have gone on to commit youthful violent crimes, GLUCOPHAGE long term.

[caption id="attachment_6128" align="alignright" width="120"] Abortion Protest at the US Supreme Court[/caption]

The pair studied the states that had been the earliest adopters of legalized abortion – Alaska, California, Hawaii, New York, Oregon and Washington State – and found that those locations began to experience steep drops in the violent crime rate 18 years later. They also found that those states with the highest abortion rates experienced the greatest reduction in crime. So to the question, “What is responsible for the reduction in crime in the United States?” Clearly, it’s some sort of a combination of the various theories floating around. So take your pick. Please, make a pick because if Gallup survey numbers hold and only 2 % of Americans continue to see crime as a problem, we’re in trouble. Our complacency could easily allow crime rates to inch back up again carrying with it all manner of human suffering. home.

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by Diane Dimond on December 17, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5869" align="alignleft" width="105"] BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION, U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Jon Hamma[/caption]

       Note: See UPDATES to this story below.

By the time you read this I earnestly hope that ex-Marine Lance Corporal Jon Hammar is a free man. PERSANTINE schedule, I hope that our State Department has stepped up to help this military hero in his time of need.

I hope that politicians in his parent’s home state of Florida have tossed their weight around enough to end the madness that has enveloped young Hammar’s life.

I’m not optimistic, my PERSANTINE experience.

For almost four months 23 year old Hammar has been held in a notoriously dangerous prison in Matamoros, Mexico on a trumped up charge that he tried to bring a military weapon into Mexico, BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION. (It was actually his great grandfather’s 100 year old bird hunting rifle.) The prison where Hammar is being held, PERSANTINE images, known as CEDES, is populated by inmates tied to Mexico’s violent drug cartels and according to those in the know these gangsters literally run the institution. Once the thugs realized there was a prized American housed among them the beatings and extortion attempts began, generic PERSANTINE.

[caption id="attachment_5870" align="alignright" width="120"] Olivia Hammar Still Gets Late Night Calls From Mexico[/caption]

Jon’s parents, Buy PERSANTINE from canada, Olivia and Jon Sr., only recently decided to go public with their son’s plight out of sheer frustration. They had been scared into silence because shortly after Jon was arrested in mid-August they began receiving terrifying phone calls from inside the prison demanding money, PERSANTINE no rx. BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Olivia recounted one call during a television interview this week.

"They're saying, Purchase PERSANTINE, 'You need to wire us money or we're going to kill your son, we've already f---ed him up,' and initially I thought it was a scam, ordering PERSANTINE online, but then they put him on the phone and he was breathless and I knew they had." Olivia tearfully added that her son told her over the phone, PERSANTINE recreational, “You need to do whatever they say. I'm so sorry. I'll pay you back."

Hammar enlisted in the Marines at 18 because he believed he could make a difference, PERSANTINE no prescription. He proudly served for four years in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fighting he saw was so fierce and deadly - especially in Fallujah, Iraq – that upon coming home Jon needed help dealing with post-traumatic stress, BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION. PERSANTINE forum, He entered an intensive nine month program where he met another combat vet, Ian McDonough.

[caption id="attachment_5871" align="alignleft" width="150"] The Marine Was Trying to Get His Life Back Together[/caption]

Once they finished the PTSD course the outdoorsy Jon, PERSANTINE description, along with his new pal, Kjøpe PERSANTINE på nett, köpa PERSANTINE online, Ian, decided to buy an old Winnebago, toss in their surf boards and take some R & R in Costa Rica, where can i find PERSANTINE online. As they prepared to cross the Texas border into Mexico a U.S. PERSANTINE pics, customs agent advised Jon that he needed to register the old rifle with Mexican authorities and gave him papers to fill out for that purpose. BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Once into Mexico the papers were presented and ignored. The two men were arrested on federal charges of having a weapon that is reserved for military use. Preposterous, purchase PERSANTINE for sale, that an old Sears and Roebuck .410 shotgun nearly a century old could be confused with a military firearm. PERSANTINE samples, Like the loyal Marine he is Hammar declared that the gun was his and his fellow veteran, McDonough, was released, real brand PERSANTINE online.

Jon’s parents immediately notified the U.S. Consulate in Matamoros and hired a local lawyer who told ABC News he feared authorities wanted to, "make an example out of the gringo." The U.S, BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Effects of PERSANTINE, State Department was informed and helped only to the extent that they got Jon moved out of the general population. According to Olivia, however, purchase PERSANTINE online no prescription, her son was then chained to a bed in a small storage shed. Low dose PERSANTINE, The State Department now says they got the chains removed.

[caption id="attachment_5877" align="alignright" width="120"] Demands Should Be Made To Mexico's New President[/caption]

Okay, I’ll just say it, online PERSANTINE without a prescription. BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Why is the United States of America so wimpy when it comes to dealing with Mexico. I mean, PERSANTINE natural, for years now – through several Republican and Democratic Administrations – we have let Mexico’s problems fester and then ooze across our border nearly unchallenged. The illegal flow of people, guns, generic PERSANTINE, drugs and deadly violence seems never ending and in the meantime Washington acts like it is paralyzed. Cheap PERSANTINE, There is no better time than right now for President Obama to pick up the telephone and demand Mexico’s newly installed President Enrique Pena Nieto secure the release of this U.S. Marine. Pena Nieto just took office December first and from the get-go Mexico’s new leader should be put on notice that this country will not stand for an American citizen to be held on phony charges, BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION. It is way past time that America flex its considerable muscle with our nettlesome neighbor to the south, PERSANTINE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. As my father used to say, PERSANTINE brand name, “You only get the respect you demand.”

We recently sent a Special Ops Seal Team into Afghanistan to rescue a doctor from Colorado who had been held by the Taliban for five days. Doesn’t a war veteran held just across our border deserve the same consideration.

[caption id="attachment_5878" align="alignleft" width="120"] Rep, buy PERSANTINE from mexico. BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Ros-Lehtinen Urges State Dept - Where Are Other Lawmakers?[/caption]

Unless there’s more to this story that’s unknown, it is also time for Congress to get involved. Only three Florida based politicians have stepped up to urge the State Department to do more: Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who is chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Australia, uk, us, usa, It is astounding to me that only three lawmakers find young Jon Hammar’s situation unacceptable.

The Marine Corp has a sacred code. They don’t leave fellow warriors behind, PERSANTINE recreational. American politicians should damn well make sure they don’t leave this Marine stranded in a country that is supposed to be our ally, a country where cartel ordered deaths are a daily occurrence, BUY PERSANTINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Now that Hammar’s plight has been made public, as his mother said, “We need this to end fast.”


Dec. 21:  News is that a Mexican Judge has dropped the gun charge and Hammar could be home for Christmas:

Dec. 24: Hammar arrived at his parents home in Palmetto Bay, Florida just before noon today. His father had driven to the Texas/Mexican border and was there to pick him up when Mexican authorities dropped him there. Along the drive Hammar was briefly hospitalized in Louisiana. The full story here:



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by Diane Dimond on November 19, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5790" align="alignleft" width="120"] BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Marijuana Legalized First - Other Street Drugs Later?[/caption]

I’m going to make a bold prediction. America’s War on Drugs is now officially over. ESTAZOLAM dangers, Oh, no one in Washington is going to make any sort of announcement to confirm this but take it from me – our four-decades-old drug war strategy is now formally kaput. To be entirely honest, ESTAZOLAM online cod, it has been sputtering along for years now accomplishing little and costing us upward of a trillion dollars. Order ESTAZOLAM online overnight delivery no prescription, Citizens in two states – Washington and Colorado sealed the deal. They voted that marijuana should be legalized, no prescription or medical excuse needed, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. And not only is recreational pot smoking by adults legal in those two places now, medicinal use of marijuana is already the will of the people in 18 other states and the District of Columbia, buy ESTAZOLAM online no prescription.

Sure looks like a trend to me. ESTAZOLAM photos, [caption id="attachment_5792" align="alignright" width="150"] States Say Medical Pot is Legal - Feds Disagree[/caption]

President Obama’s Justice Department still considers marijuana to be an illegal substance and in the past Attorney General Eric Holder has moved to shut down legally mandated medicinal clinics and to penalize those who use marijuana for health care. But in advance of this November’s pro-pot votes A.G. BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Holder issued none of the usual dire warnings about enforcement. Hmmm, ESTAZOLAM pharmacy, I wonder why not. Effects of ESTAZOLAM, Perhaps Washington has quietly decided to join with what a majority of Americans think – that marijuana should be legalized.

The President is clearly driving this bus. An article this past July in GQ magazine reported that President Obama had a plan for his second term to move away from military wars and to “pivot to the drug war, ESTAZOLAM without prescription,” here at home. The magazine said ever since his days as a state senator in Illinois, “Obama has considered the Drug War to be a failure.” And during Mr, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. ESTAZOLAM class, Obama’s first run at the White House he told an interviewer, “I think the basic concept (of) using medical marijuana in the same way, with the same controls as other drugs prescribed (is) entirely appropriate.”

[caption id="attachment_5793" align="alignleft" width="150"] Marijuana Plants For Personal Use - Legal[/caption]

As soon as the newly passed laws are certified it will be legal In Colorado for an adult to grow up to six pot plants and smoke it in the comfort of their own home or any other private location, ESTAZOLAM from canadian pharmacy. In Washington, Buy no prescription ESTAZOLAM online, consumers will be able to buy marijuana from state-licensed providers. Most important. The new laws to legalize, is ESTAZOLAM addictive, regulate and tax the weed are expected to either save or generate multiple millions of dollars for these states. BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Once that happens how long do you think it will take other cash-strapped states to follow this lead. ESTAZOLAM no rx, That’s right, probably not long at all.

Marijuana money will go a long way toward helping those states pay their  bills, ESTAZOLAM dose.

Washington and Colorado will soon see their police officers become unburdened from making picayune pot possession arrests. ESTAZOLAM forum, Their costly jail and prison populations will begin to dwindle. Their courts and prosecutors will finally get out from under the massive numbers of small time drug-bust cases that are so expensive and clog the dockets, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Everyone will be freed up to focus on much more serious crime and justice matters. The budget balancing rewards of legalizing recreational pot will simply be too tempting for other states to ignore, ESTAZOLAM used for.

[caption id="attachment_5794" align="alignright" width="150"] Regulate It, ESTAZOLAM overnight, Tax It, Keep Money From Cartels[/caption]

If you doubt the new pot laws will have much of a financial impact consider these facts:

* Every 42 seconds police make a marijuana arrest somewhere in America. That’s according to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (L.E.A.P.), a group of police officers, ESTAZOLAM wiki, judges, ESTAZOLAM without a prescription, prosecutors and other criminal justice professionals who advocate the legalization of pot.

* A recent FBI report concluded that 750,000 Americans were arrested on marijuana laws last year, discount ESTAZOLAM, almost 90% for mere possession of pot. BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, With that many arrests can you imagine how many more Americans smoke pot and just haven’t been arrested. ESTAZOLAM for sale, * The National Geographic Channel reports that at least 15 million U.S. citizens use marijuana at least once a month.

Once the positive economic reality of regulating and taxing marijuana becomes evident how long do you think it will be before we start hearing serious talk about legalizing all street drugs, taking ESTAZOLAM. That’s right, Cheap ESTAZOLAM no rx, not long at all.

It is so logical, yet, I can just hear the knee-jerk protest from those spouting tired laments, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

But teen-agers will get their hands on marijuana!

People high on pot will get behind the wheel and drive!

Smoking marijuana can kill brain cells and cause other health problems!

[caption id="attachment_5795" align="alignleft" width="120"] Regulations on Pot Will Still Exist[/caption]

Let’s not kid ourselves. Those things are already happening and we’ve dealt with it, buy generic ESTAZOLAM. When pot is legalized it doesn’t mean existing laws are tossed out. Order ESTAZOLAM from United States pharmacy, There will still be statutes against smoking in public, illegal underage sales and use and driving under the influence. BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, As for the health issues marijuana might cause. Well, ESTAZOLAM samples, I don’t think the government should be in the business of regulating personal choice about what someone puts in their body - not sugary drinks and, ESTAZOLAM australia, uk, us, usa, certainly, not some weed that so many citizens have voted should be legal to smoke.

I understand there is still the argument that smoking marijuana leads users to harder drugs like cocaine, ESTAZOLAM street price, meth or heroin. Low dose ESTAZOLAM, People prone to abuse their bodies with cigarettes and alcohol have been known to turn to other addictive substances. But, the fact is, ESTAZOLAM duration, there are no conclusive scientific studies proving marijuana is a gateway drug.

One more point, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. If America – no, I’ll say when America legalizes marijuana, think of what that will do to the profit margin of the vicious drug cartels. The money made by criminal enterprises in foreign countries could stay right here in America if we just got our playbook straight. What’s lacking is definitive leadership from Washington. That’s a shame because this legalization train is moving down the tracks with or without the politicians.





by Diane Dimond on September 17, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5633" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Do Prisoners Deserve More Rights Than Law Abiders?"] MEBARAL FOR SALE, [/caption]


Recently, I wrote about the sometimes deadly lack of air conditioning for prisoners during our blisteringly hot summers. Despite several inmate deaths in cell blocks with temperatures as high as 130 degrees, I got a raft of reader e-mails taking me to task for being too soft on convicts, buy no prescription MEBARAL online.

This week, MEBARAL reviews, I turn the tables to announce my absolute, unequivocal opposition to a pro-prisoner court order you may find positively shocking. I know I did, purchase MEBARAL online no prescription.

The prisoner at the center of the controversy is Michelle Kosilek. But up until 1993 this person was known as Robert Kosilek, MEBARAL FOR SALE. MEBARAL from canada, In 1990, Robert’s wife, Cheryl, buying MEBARAL online over the counter, already distressed over his drinking came home to find him dressed up in her clothes. MEBARAL no prescription, A fight ensued and the trial court found Robert was guilty of strangling Cheryl with a wire and abandoning her naked body in the family car outside a local mall.

[caption id="attachment_5634" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Kosilek Under Arrest For Murder"][/caption]

Just before Kosilek went on trial for Cheryl’s murder in 1993 he declared he was a woman trapped in a man’s body and legally changed his name to Michelle. Kosilek appeared in court with long luxurious hair and wearing eye makeup, MEBARAL coupon, rouge, MEBARAL trusted pharmacy reviews, women’s glasses, slim cut jeans and a set of dangling circle earrings. MEBARAL FOR SALE, Despite self-identifying as a female, upon conviction, Kosilek was sentenced to an all-male prison in Norfolk, Massachusetts to serve life in prison without parole.

Over the years, MEBARAL no rx, Kosilek’s attorneys have repeatedly filed motions asking the court to order sex-reassignment surgery for the convicted murderer. MEBARAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, In 2002, after specialists testified Kosilek did, indeed, MEBARAL long term, suffer from severe gender identity disorder the court allowed Kosilek to begin receiving taxpayer funded psychotherapy, MEBARAL samples, female hormone injections, laser hair removal and access to women’s underwear and make-up. All of that wasn’t enough for Kosilek’s peace of mind, what is MEBARAL, however. Where can i find MEBARAL online, Court documents revealed s/he  attempted self-castration and twice attempted suicide in prison.

[caption id="attachment_5636" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Michelle Kosilek After Conviction"][/caption]

Now, let’s pause here so I can be clear, MEBARAL FOR SALE. I have no doubt that gender identity disorder exists and that it can be psychological hell for those who are born this way. But there are lots of people on the outside struggling with Kosilek’s problem, MEBARAL pictures, unable to come up with the money for a gender reassignment operation. Canada, mexico, india, Do we afford convicted killers health care rights that law abiding citizens don’t have. The answer is yes, according to a recent decision from U.S, MEBARAL images. MEBARAL FOR SALE, District Court Judge Mark Wolf.

[caption id="attachment_5637" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Judge Wolf Rules Sex Change "Medically Necessary""][/caption]

“It may seem strange that in the United States citizens do not generally have a constitutional right to adequate medical care, but the Eighth Amendment promises prisoners such care,” Judge Wolf wrote in ruling that the state of Massachusetts must pay for the prisoner’s sex-change operation, MEBARAL description. To do otherwise, Online MEBARAL without a prescription, Wolf ruled, would constitution cruel and unusual punishment.

Now, MEBARAL maximum dosage, stop and think about this a minute. Here is a person who lives in the general population of an all – male prison, MEBARAL FOR SALE. Doses MEBARAL work, It may be one thing for him to dress up like the character Klinger from the old M*A*S*H* TV series but it might be something altogether more dangerous for Kosilek to actually become transgendered and think nothing will change within his testosterone driven prison community. Judge Wolf heard testimony from prison officials about the unique security problems Kosilek’s case would present but he dismissed the argument. As it stands now Kosilek gets his free operation but the state could appeal to the U.S, MEBARAL pics. Supreme Court which would delay things. MEBARAL FOR SALE, Other states have grappled with similar federal cases filed by prisoners wanting a sex change operation but I couldn’t find one where a judge actually ordered taxpayer funded surgery. MEBARAL over the counter, [caption id="attachment_5638" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Michelle Kosilek in Court"][/caption]

Judge Wolf’s apparently groundbreaking decision seems so shortsighted to me. He made it sound as if he had no choice in the matter, that it was a “medical necessity” for this prisoner, online buy MEBARAL without a prescription. It’s as if the judge forgot the state has already bent over backward to accommodate this prisoner’s numerous wishes over the years. MEBARAL natural, I’m not the only one who is outraged by this. After the ruling, U.S, MEBARAL FOR SALE. Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts said Kosilek’s surgery would be, “An outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars.” A niece of Cheryl Kosilek nearly begged the state to quickly appeal the decision saying, MEBARAL photos, “As far as I’m concerned, MEBARAL class, he deserves nothing. If he wants to attempt suicide … let him.”

[caption id="attachment_5641" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Sex Change Surgery Team"][/caption]

Judge Wolf’s written ruling didn’t address what would happen to Kosilek after the operation. Would s/he be left to fend for her/himself in the all-male population or be transferred to a women’s prison, where can i cheapest MEBARAL online. What if Kosilek decides he is unhappy with the results and wants further surgery. MEBARAL FOR SALE, And, most important, what signal does this send to all the other poor but law-abiding souls who cannot afford the psychotherapy, the hormones, the gender reassignment surgery. MEBARAL canada, mexico, india, For the truly desperate it seems to be an invitation to commit a really serious crime so they can advance their goal of changing sexes.

I can see providing a prisoner a heart transplant or expensive cancer treatments so they don’t die. That, to me, fits in the “medically necessary” category. But, to those Kosilek sympathizers who declare granting this operation is humane - I asked them one question: How humane was Robert Kosilek when he pulled that wire around his wife’s neck and tugged on it until it nearly took her head off. He’s gotten enough rewards for his murderous behavior.



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by Diane on August 27, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5583" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Temps in Cell Blocks Can Reach 130 Degrees!"][/caption]

~Thousands of inmates across the country held in inhumane conditions~ BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION, If you are reading this anywhere in America you know firsthand that this summer has been a record-breaking sizzler. We could be living though the hottest summer season ever. Order CELEXA from mexican pharmacy, Think about what you’ve done to keep cool. You’ve turned on your air conditioner or (if you don’t have one) maybe you’ve gone to the movies to cool off. You probably drink lots of ice cold beverages or jump into a swimming pool or cool shower, generic CELEXA. Perhaps, like my friend Lester, you drench a kitchen towel, twist it into a U-shape and plop it in the freezer to hang around your neck when working outside, BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION.

Well, CELEXA schedule, imagine you couldn’t do any of those things. Imagine you were isolated in a 10 foot by 12 foot space with no windows to open up to catch a cooling breeze. You had no fan, CELEXA use, no relief and no escape. CELEXA price, coupon, [caption id="attachment_5584" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Prisoners Die of Heat Exhaustion"][/caption]

That’s what countless prisoners in America have had to endure this long, hot summer. BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION, In the past their situation has proved deadly.

In Texas, get CELEXA, a lawsuit was filed after ten inmates died from heat-related causes last summer. CELEXA interactions, All were held in cell blocks without air-conditioning. The suit, filed by the Texas Civil Rights Project, rx free CELEXA, focuses on what was called the “wrongful death” of inmate Larry McCollum. Buy no prescription CELEXA online, Even though the federal courts have ruled that temperatures over 90 degrees violate the constitutional rights of an inmate, the Hutchins State jail in Dallas where McCollum died of heat stroke registered an indoor heat index of almost 130 degrees. After he collapsed last July and was taken to the hospital doctors found McCollum’s body temperature still registered over 109 degrees, BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION. The autopsy on the 58 year old prisoner listed his cause of death as living “in a hot environment without air conditioning.” One unnamed Texas corrections official was quoted saying about his prisoners, CELEXA pharmacy, “I’m supposed to be watching them, Online buying CELEXA, I’m not supposed to be boiling them in their cells."

[caption id="attachment_5585" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Prison Guards Suffer in Stifling Cell Blocks Too"][/caption]

It’s not just Texas where inmates are suffering and, in my opinion, being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, CELEXA samples. In sunny Florida only ten of the 140 state-run prisons have air conditioning. CELEXA steet value, But in those facilities with air the cool sections are limited to just a few sections. It is somehow ironic that in a state where they have prison classes to teach inmates how to install and maintain air conditioners there aren’t any in the vast majority of their oppressively hot cell blocks. BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION, In Chicago, this summer’s life-threatening heat is the worst they’ve seen in more than a century. In the lock-ups that do have air conditioners the units are reported to be breaking down from almost constant use, CELEXA class. Add to that an outbreak of bedbugs within the system this year and both inmates and prison personnel are left to face a duel threat – unsanitary conditions and heat exhaustion. Buy CELEXA no prescription, The union representing prison guards says the situation has created a condition of, “Extreme fatigue and dangerous conditions … a recipe for disaster.” It’s a reminder that it is not just prisoners who are affected by the extreme heat it’s also prison personnel. (At a prison near Rosharon, CELEXA over the counter, Texas earlier this summer a 58 year old corrections official fainted and the hospital ruled it was from heat exhaustion.)

[caption id="attachment_5587" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Trapped Like Animals in Hot Summer Temps"][/caption]

In Iowa, Buying CELEXA online over the counter, cooling systems have kept many of the 8,300 inmates comfortable this scorching summer but taken together the Mount Pleasant and Clarinda Correctional Facilities and the Anamosa State Prison has close to 1,900 inmates who have no air conditioning at all, CELEXA forum. In the prison at Mitchellville where another 547 inmates live there is no cool air in any of the older sections of the complex, BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION.

Imagine having to endure this summer trapped in a small, CELEXA dose, confined, almost airless space. We have strict laws against leaving a child or an animal in a hot, CELEXA treatment, enclosed car. CELEXA duration, Put aside for a moment the crime committed that caused the prisoner to be incarcerated and ask yourself: Shouldn’t we also care about human beings confined in stifling, life-threatening conditions. Of course we should, doses CELEXA work. BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION, Officials in states across the nation say there simply isn’t enough money in their budgets to retrofit all prisons with central air conditioning. So for now, Buy generic CELEXA, they combat the threat of possible death-by-heat by catering, first, to those inmates with health problems (like diabetes and high blood pressure) and, purchase CELEXA online, second, What is CELEXA, to those locked up in the hottest sections of the prison. Electric fans, ice and water are being handed out to prisoners across the nation much more frequently than in years gone by, CELEXA price.

[caption id="attachment_5588" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Its Too Expensive to Install Central Air"][/caption]

I couldn’t find a reported death of an inmate from heat-exhaustion so far this summer. CELEXA for sale, But, that doesn’t mean some prisoners aren’t still being held in inhumane conditions. Who is out there taking the temperature inside every prison and making sure it doesn’t go over the court mandated ninety degrees, BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION. Nobody, CELEXA photos, that’s who. Comprar en línea CELEXA, comprar CELEXA baratos, Look, I understand there are some people who think that once a criminal is convicted they should lose all their constitutional rights. In other words, buy cheap CELEXA no rx, if life is tough on the inside, so be it. But it’s never been the American tradition to treat our own people worse than we would treat an animal. If climate change means every summer will be increasingly brutal we better figure out a way to fix this or there could be a flood of wrongful death suits to pay.


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by Diane Dimond on July 24, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5486" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Death By Lethal Injection"] LEXOTAN FOR SALE, [/caption]

When I saw the headlines my stomach lurched. The State of Georgia has issued an execution warrant for a retarded man, LEXOTAN mg. After LEXOTAN, Oh, Good Grief, purchase LEXOTAN for sale, LEXOTAN overnight, I thought, has America come to this, LEXOTAN forum. LEXOTAN images, Despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling more than a decade ago banning the execution of retarded citizens Georgia was going to go ahead and send Warren Lee Hill, LEXOTAN brand name, Online buying LEXOTAN hcl, Jr. to the death chamber anyway, LEXOTAN FOR SALE.

Multiple news stories told me plans to execute Mr, LEXOTAN coupon. Online buying LEXOTAN, Hill were moving forward because he couldn’t prove he was mentally retarded, “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Why would the state of Georgia put that kind of caveat on retardation, LEXOTAN dose, Order LEXOTAN from mexican pharmacy, I wondered. How could they possibly want to put to death a man who didn’t have the capacity to know right from wrong, LEXOTAN dosage. Buying LEXOTAN online over the counter, [caption id="attachment_5485" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Latest: Execution Stayed for Non-Retardation Reasons"][/caption]

Then I did some research and remembered why it’s so important to look past the headlines. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, I came to realize that lawyers for two-time convicted murderer Warren Lee Hill may have been trying to game the system.

Look, LEXOTAN canada, mexico, india, LEXOTAN from canada, anyone who reads this column regularly knows I struggle mightily with my opinion of the death penalty. I’m not for it – but then again if the criminal has committed multiple crimes (like a serial killer) or crimes against a child well .., order LEXOTAN online overnight delivery no prescription. About LEXOTAN, then ... my anti-execution resolution gets shaky, LEXOTAN maximum dosage.

The saga of 52 year old Hill is a long one, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Buy LEXOTAN from canada, It starts in 1986 when he murdered his 18 year old girlfriend by shooting her eleven times. He was convicted and sent to the Lee Correctional Institution to serve life in prison, where to buy LEXOTAN. LEXOTAN reviews, There, he murdered again when he beat to death another inmate as he slept in his bed, generic LEXOTAN. LEXOTAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, According to the case file, “Hill removed a two-by-six (foot) board that served as a sink leg in the prison bathroom and forcefully beat the victim numerous times with the board about the head and chest as on-looking prisoners pleaded with him to stop.” The board was studded with nails and Hill, buy cheap LEXOTAN, Ordering LEXOTAN online, reportedly, mocked the man as he beat the life out of him, is LEXOTAN safe.

[caption id="attachment_5487" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Hill Murdered in Prison"] LEXOTAN FOR SALE, [/caption]

The injuries sustained by victim Joseph Handspike were brutal. Discount LEXOTAN, Several of his teeth were knocked out, his left eye was detached from the socket and he was unable to speak to guards for the blood pouring from his mouth and nose, LEXOTAN without a prescription. LEXOTAN samples, He died in a hospital emergency room ninety minutes later from blunt force trauma.

It may be grisly to read such details but I think it is important to include in any discussion about clemency for criminals the damage they inflicted on their victims. That must be central to any conversation.

During Hill’s second murder trial, in 1991, his own attorney called a clinical psychologist who testified Hill had an IQ of 77 – (mild retardation is designated by an IQ between 59 and 69.) While below normal intelligence, Dr, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. William Dickinson testified, Hill was able to fully understand right from wrong and the ramifications of his actions. A high school friend called Hill, “bright, sharp and mature.” After graduating high school, evidence showed, Hill joined the Navy and rose to the rank of Seaman Second Class. The jury unanimously convicted Hill of malice murder and he received a death sentence.

[caption id="attachment_5488" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Simmering Violence in Prison"][/caption]

In 1993, Hill’s attorney appealed his conviction to the Georgia Supreme Court and again did not claim mental retardation as a defense. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The state’s high court rejected the appeal.

In 1996 - more than five years after the inmate’s murder – suddenly, lawyers for Hill claimed he could not be put to death because he was clinically retarded. They pegged his IQ at 70 which is still a point above those called, “mildly retarded.”

There has been a lot of legal back and forth in this case since that declaration of retardation but the bottom line now is: Warren Lee Hill is set to be executed at 7 pm on July 18th, 2012. This makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like the idea of state sanctioned killing but I certainly understand the case better now that I took the time to dig into it.

None of the battery of psychological tests Hill took before his lawyers professed he was mentally deficient showed any signs of retardation, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Yet Hill’s attorney Brian Kammer maintains, “It is morally wrong to execute someone who has been found more likely than not to be mentally retarded.” He says his client has a mental capacity of a sixth grader.

[caption id="attachment_5489" align="alignleft" width="105" caption="The Death Bed"][/caption]

Georgia is no backward state when it comes to this issue. In 1988, Georgia became the first in the nation to abolish capital punishment for mentally retarded convicts - as long as they could prove their handicap beyond a reasonable doubt. And therein lies the rub for Warren Lee Hill. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, There is, on the very face of this case, a reasonable doubt about his claim.

But there is no doubt that Hill has murdered twice and his 18 year old girlfriend, Myra Wright, and inmate Joseph Handspike – ripped apart by bullets and a board – were never given the option of losing their life via a quiet lethal injection.

home  UPDATE:  The Georgia State Supreme Court issued a stay of execution for Hill after his the state changed its 3-drug lethal cocktail to a one-drug death injection.  At this writing there has been no new execution date set.



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by Diane Dimond on May 13, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5324" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="But Not For All Mothers"] BUY BROMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Happy Mother’s Day to all the other Moms out there. BROMAZEPAM use, Your children have likely bought you a nice card and a gift, maybe some flowers or perhaps they plan to take you out for a fancy meal to show you how much they love you, BROMAZEPAM dose. BROMAZEPAM samples, Sweet. And just the way it should be, online buying BROMAZEPAM hcl. Online BROMAZEPAM without a prescription, My mom is no longer here and this holiday is one that makes me sentimental and nostalgic.

But for tens of thousands of American mothers it is just another day behind bars, BUY BROMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. There are no flower or PajamaGram deliveries allowed in prison to mark this day, cheap BROMAZEPAM no rx. BROMAZEPAM duration, It is hard to find current and trustworthy statistics about exactly how many women are incarcerated in the United States or how many of them are mothers. One of the causalities of our lousy economy is up-to-date research on such things, buy BROMAZEPAM from canada, Order BROMAZEPAM no prescription, but I think it’s safe to say the number of female prisoners lies somewhere between Amnesty International’s figure of 148,000 and the American Civil Liberties Union’s tally which put the number of American women and girls in lockup at 200, buy no prescription BROMAZEPAM online, Canada, mexico, india, 000. A documentary released last year by the University of Pennsylvania put the number of incarcerated mothers in 2007 at 65, BROMAZEPAM over the counter, BROMAZEPAM natural, 600.

[caption id="attachment_5326" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Tens of Thousands of Female Prisoners Are Moms"] BUY BROMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

For the sake of the one day on the calendar for which we officially honor our moms let’s put aside the reason these women are incarcerated. This column isn’t about making judgments about how these women got to prison, online buy BROMAZEPAM without a prescription. Discount BROMAZEPAM, Each one has a different story and it would do an injustice to generalize about their cases. Honestly, BROMAZEPAM class, BROMAZEPAM without prescription, some are hardened criminals but some might be innocent. Others wound up in prison after joblessness, BROMAZEPAM blogs, Purchase BROMAZEPAM, mental illness, childhood sexual abuse or domestic violence led them to get involved in drugs or other crimes, order BROMAZEPAM from United States pharmacy. The point here is their fractured American families don’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day together – or any other of the holidays we take as routine events, BUY BROMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Who are these imprisoned women, what is their racial breakdown, what is BROMAZEPAM. Buy generic BROMAZEPAM, According to a published report from last November, “While young African American women are the fastest growing incarcerated population, cheap BROMAZEPAM, BROMAZEPAM recreational, roughly 49% of all women in prison are white, 28% are African American, BROMAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy, BROMAZEPAM mg, and almost 17% are Latina.”

[caption id="attachment_5327" align="alignleft" width="150" caption=" Kids Can Visit But Suffer Moms Absence Most"][/caption]

I know it seems odd – and sad – to think about women in prison during the time our nation pauses to honor the matriarchs of our families. But, BROMAZEPAM street price, BROMAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa, I think it is important to realize there is an entire generation of children (maybe two generations) that are faced this Mother’s Day with the sad fact that Mom is not around. It doesn’t take a mental health expert to conclude these kids will likely grow up with emotional and behavioral problems because their mother was missing from the family dynamic, after BROMAZEPAM. BUY BROMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Many of these kids have been passed around various relative’s homes or foster care. They may grow into adulthood to repeat their parent’s mistakes. The cycle of crime is well documented.

In the book “Motherless Daughters” Hope Edleman writes about the loss a child feels when Mom is absent. “I can tell you based on both personal experience and interviews with hundreds of motherless American women, that losing a mother at an early age is one of the most stressful life events a person can face. It completely rips apart the fabric of a child's life.”

[caption id="attachment_5329" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Mostly Visits Are Infrequent & Bittersweet"][/caption]

It didn’t use to be like this, of course, BUY BROMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Three decades ago prisons were populated by a vast majority of males. In the early 70’s President Richard Nixon launched the War on Drugs and by 1980 there were some 12,000 incarcerated females in the U.S. prisons. In 2008, the number had skyrocketed to nearly 208,000. BUY BROMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Many of the women arrested and convicted on drug charges left behind children damaged in vitro by their mother’s bad habits.

Lately, America’s prison population has begun to decline and the number of women behind bars has gone down as well. But for those still there the challenges are many. Sexual harassment and attacks by male guards (some resulting in unwanted pregnancies), the indignity of being shackled during childbirth (unbelievably only 10 states have banned this action) and a dearth of programs to keep prison moms in touch with their children.

[caption id="attachment_5331" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Prisoner's Kids Become Our Problem"][/caption]

The message here is simple: We need to care about this topic because female prisoner’s children often become our problem. If these children’s hardships erupt into violence they will enter our court system, later in life if they can’t find a job or a home we’ve lost another taxpayer and they become society’s burden, BUY BROMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. And when Mom finally does emerge from prison what are parent and child to do if they’ve not been able to have any meaningful contact during her incarceration.

There is a lot that needs fixing in this corner of the criminal justice system but in the meantime it is the children that concern me the most.

So, while you reach out to your Moms and Grandmothers to mark the special day maybe there’s room at your table for a child who has never known what celebrating Mother’s Day is all about. The only way to stop the unhappy cycle is for those of us on the outside to step outside our comfort zone.



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by Diane Dimond on March 26, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5193" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Army Staff Sgt Robert Bales"] BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

The drumbeat has already started and I want it to stop.

The moment the horrific news that a U.S, online buying PLAVIX. PLAVIX photos, soldier had gone on a rouge killing spree in the far away province of Kandahar, Afghanistan – murdering 16 Afghan civilians, after PLAVIX, PLAVIX australia, uk, us, usa, mostly women and children and then burning some of the bodies, America has been struggling to make sense of it, buy no prescription PLAVIX online. PLAVIX class, If the reports are true, what could have caused Army Staff Sgt, effects of PLAVIX. PLAVIX from canadian pharmacy, Robert Bales, the married father of two, where to buy PLAVIX, Fast shipping PLAVIX, to commit such a heinous act of multiple murder.

In the days since we first heard the news I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read or heard the sentiment that somehow the culture or conditions within our U.S, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION. military made him do it, PLAVIX cost. PLAVIX used for, Or that the military "taught him to kill." Nonsense.


Look, PLAVIX blogs, PLAVIX natural, war is hell and since America has now endured more than a decade of non-stop wars maybe it should come as no surprise that this has been the knee-jerk reaction - blame the military. But that’s a specious conclusion as we look for reasons why Sgt, PLAVIX dosage. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Bales may have done the indefensible. Buy PLAVIX online no prescription, The military doesn’t create monsters. It welcomes and trains patriots willing to put their lives on the line in defense of our country and devises plans to carry out dangerous missions most of us can’t even imagine, PLAVIX dangers. Where can i buy PLAVIX online, [caption id="attachment_5194" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Civilians Can't Imagine a Soldier's Life in Afghanistan"][/caption]

More than half a million soldiers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and unlike past conflicts they volunteered to be there. More than 50 thousand of these loyal warriors have endured four or more deployments just like Sgt, PLAVIX use. Bales, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION. PLAVIX pictures, But not one of those other soldiers went out in the dead of night and committed mass murder.

The military does not decide when our country goes into battle, what is PLAVIX, Buy generic PLAVIX, it doesn’t pick our enemies and it no longer drafts unwilling soldiers into its ranks. All the big decisions about war lay with the President and the United States Congress, PLAVIX alternatives. PLAVIX wiki, The military simply follows the orders it gets from above. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Is it a perfect institution. No, PLAVIX overnight. PLAVIX price, (I’ve been especially appalled at the way female soldiers have been treated.) But I’m at a loss to point out any government institution that is perfect.

I don’t know what may have made this 38 year old veteran soldier do what he is alleged to have done -- and so far no one else does either, PLAVIX images. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, In fact, Sgt, get PLAVIX. Bales’ defense attorney has said his client has no memory of any slaughter so we may never know what made this soldier act with such unconscionable viciousness, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying PLAVIX hcl, [caption id="attachment_5195" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Was Sgt. Bales Trigger Happy?"][/caption]

I’ve read that before he enlisted Bales had several run-ins with the law including a DWI arrest, involvement in a hit-and-run accident and a misdemeanor assault charge. The most shocking behavior, to my mind, was the finding of an Ohio arbitration board that concluded Bales had bilked an elderly couple out of their entire life savings while working for a brokerage firm. The 70-something victims have said they have never received a penny of the 1.4 million dollars settlement Bales was ordered to pay them. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Maybe joining the military shortly after the September 11th attacks was Bales’ way of putting distance between himself and that obligation.

More recently Bales and his family had more money troubles. Their house in Tacoma, Washington went into foreclosure and he was upset, according to his wife, that he had been denied a promotion which would have brought in a few extra hundred dollars each month. Bales sustained a couple of combat injuries – to his foot and a suspected traumatic brain injury but he was cleared for duty by military doctors.

I recite these facts to illustrate that despite all the kind things his relatives, friends and teachers are saying about him now one fact is clear: the troubles in Robert Bales life were self-inflicted and not created by the U.S. Military, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_5196" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Sgt Bales Defense Attorney John Brown"][/caption]

There seems to be no question that Bales is the prime suspect in these cold blooded murders and that he suffered or is still suffering from some massive mental break with reality. Whatever defense his attorney presents for him will likely be all about sparing a mentally sick man’s life and not getting him acquitted of the charges.

As we watch the case against Sgt. Bales proceed consider this: His actions may have not only snuffed out the lives of 16 people they could also go to taint the entire United States military as well. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, If guilty Sgt. Bales left every other active duty U.S. soldier in that region with the extra daily burden of proving they are not vicious killers themselves. In that area of Afghanistan, where anti-American sentiment has palpably increased since the murders, Bales has literally helped paint a target on the back of his former comrades-in-arms.

This isn’t the fault of the military. It will be up to a military tribunal to decide the facts of this case but at this point it appears to have been a horrible crime of one man – albeit a loving husband and father – who had a history of making bad judgments. Whatever may have happened inside his head does not define the United States of America.






by Diane Dimond on February 27, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5089" align="alignleft" width="116" caption="Prolonged Isolation Destroys the Mind"] BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Americans were once riveted by the horrific news of U.S. soldiers and military contractor’s treatment of enemy combatants at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Order VANTIN online c.o.d, Media reports beginning in 2004 made us cringe with shame when we realized Americans had humiliated, raped and even killed prisoners of war – and casually taken snapshots of their own crimes.

Today, order VANTIN from United States pharmacy, I believe there is another atrocity taking place inside our own American prison system. VANTIN from canada, Oh, it doesn’t involve naked inmates being paraded around on a dog collar as happened in Baghdad but the end result is just as appalling – if not more so.

[caption id="attachment_5090" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Investigative Journalist Susan Greene"][/caption]

In a groundbreaking work by journalist Susan Greene entitled “The Gray Box” it is revealed that tens of thousands of American prisoners are being held in prolonged states of solitary confinement in prisons across the country, BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Now, VANTIN forum, before you say, Buying VANTIN online over the counter, “Well, they were convicted criminals - that’s what they get!” let’s delve into Greene’s award winning essay.

After years of corresponding with inmates Greene paints a chilling picture of what our penal system is doing to those labeled as “security risks.”

She writes, VANTIN wiki, “Among the misperceptions about solitary confinement is that it’s used only on the most violent inmates, Order VANTIN from mexican pharmacy, and only for a few weeks or months. In fact, an estimated 80, VANTIN trusted pharmacy reviews,000 Americans — many with no record of violence either inside or outside prison — are living in seclusion. About VANTIN, They stay there for years, even decades.” (Emphasis added)

[caption id="attachment_5091" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="L.A. Protester Against Isolation Detention"] BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Trying to escape, fighting or being affiliated with a gang can get an inmate tossed into solitary. So can cussing at a guard, VANTIN price, coupon, filing a lawsuit against prison conditions or simply being a juvenile who’s safety might be at risk in the general population. VANTIN without prescription, Make no mistake, I believe prison guards should feel safe at work and that prisons are for punishment. If an inmate breaks the rules then a few days in the box is standard operation procedure, VANTIN cost. But aren’t prisons also supposed to try to rehabilitate inmates who will someday be released. What good does it do keep a convict secluded for so long that he either emerges in a state of vengeful rage or as a broken, un-fixable person, BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Comprar en línea VANTIN, comprar VANTIN baratos, [caption id="attachment_5094" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Guards Need To Feel Safe - But Isn't There a Better Way?"][/caption]

Greene’s article quotes letters and personal interviews with longtime residents of solitary confinement. Their stories of struggling to maintain their minds while in the box reveal disturbing details. So many years go by for some that they have no idea what they look like or what year it is, buy generic VANTIN. Clocks, VANTIN dose, calendars and mirrors are  often not provided. BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Alone, they walk in endless circles in cells as small as two queen sized mattresses. They create art out of the few items they are allowed, they count ceiling tiles over and over, no prescription VANTIN online, some go on hunger strikes. VANTIN recreational, Some inmates take insects as pets so they have something to talk to. A few of the isolated have televisions or cells with a window but most do not. They get one shower a week and meals are slipped through a slot in the door, buy VANTIN from canada. There are no computers, few telephone calls and many residents of solitary have been there so long their family doesn’t even write anymore, BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Greene recounts several cases of the mental deterioration caused by prolonged solitary confinement. VANTIN online cod, [caption id="attachment_5096" align="alignleft" width="100" caption="Prisoner Anthony Gay Self Mutiliates"][/caption]

Take the case of Anthony Gay of Illinois. He ran afoul of the law after punching another kid and stealing his hat and a dollar. After Gay violated his parole he ultimately landed in the Tamms super-max prison, VANTIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, He now displays all the classic signs of profound mental illness. He regularly cuts his genitals and eats his flesh. Where can i buy cheapest VANTIN online, He flings his own waste through the food slot and has earned a 97 year sentence in the box. He wrote to Greene, “I’ve been trapped for approximately nine years, buy VANTIN from mexico. The trap, VANTIN pharmacy, like a fly on sticky paper, aggravates and agitates me. America, can you hear me, BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. … Please speak out and stand up against solitary confinement.”

Osiel Rodriguez has lived in total isolation for eight years after trying to escape from a federal penitentiary in Florida, VANTIN no prescription, sent there for armed robbery at 22 years old. What is VANTIN, “I got it in my head to destroy all my photographs,” he wrote to Journalist Greene from his solitary cell in Colorado. “I spent some five hours ripping each one to pieces, VANTIN pictures. No one was safe. BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, I did not save one of my mother, father, sisters. My VANTIN experience, “My parents will be dust if/when I ever get out of prison.” In his mind life on the outside is just too painful to remember anymore.

[caption id="attachment_5099" align="alignright" width="210" caption="Stephen Slevin At Arrest & Upon Release"][/caption]

Sometimes inmates are isolated for no legitimate reason. After a drunk driving arrest in Las Cruces, VANTIN brand name, New Mexico Stephen Slevin was tossed into a solitary cell and forgotten. Effects of VANTIN, Nearly 2 years later – without ever seeing a judge – charges were dropped and a disheveled, delusional Slevin was released. He thought he had been incarcerated for two months, BUY VANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. A jury awarded him 22 million dollars, VANTIN maximum dosage.

Susan Greene writes, “This is what our prisons are doing to people in the name of safety. This is how deeply we’re burying them.”

I am as ashamed of this as I was hearing the news about Abu Ghraib. America is supposed to be a compassionate country. This sounds like state sponsored torture to me.






by Diane Dimond on January 16, 2012

[caption id="attachment_4943" align="alignleft" width="105"] TAMIFLU FOR SALE, How Many Are There in America?[/caption]

It was a small but horrifying item in the Los Angeles Times. TAMIFLU schedule, “Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying what they call a ‘serious, dangerous serial killer operating in Orange County, TAMIFLU online cod. TAMIFLU duration, Police believe one person is responsible for stabbing three middle-aged homeless men. He is (considered) extremely dangerous to the public.”

Another serial killer, where can i buy TAMIFLU online, Buy TAMIFLU from canada, I thought. And then the question: How many serial killers are out there in America, low dose TAMIFLU.

John Douglas, a former Chief of the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit and author of

[caption id="attachment_4944" align="alignright" width="92"] FBI Agent John Douglas[/caption]

“Mind Hunter” says, “A very conservative estimate is that there are between 35-50 active serial killers in the United States” at any given time, TAMIFLU FOR SALE. Canada, mexico, india, Often, Douglas told me, TAMIFLU brand name, Buy cheap TAMIFLU no rx, they will, “kill 2-3 victims and then have a “cooling-off” period between kills.”

[caption id="attachment_4945" align="alignnone" width="105"] The BTK Killer Operated Over 30 Years[/caption]

That period can be days and in some cases (such as the BTK Strangler, TAMIFLU maximum dosage, Order TAMIFLU online c.o.d, Dennis Rader, convicted of killing 10 people from 1974 to 1991) even years.”

But others who study serial killers (defined as someone who kills 3 or more people) think there are many more of these demented predators out there than the FBI admits to – maybe as many as a hundred of them actively operating right now, TAMIFLU australia, uk, us, usa. TAMIFLU recreational, Why don’t we know the exact figure. Because serial killers are a secretive and often nomadic bunch, buy TAMIFLU from mexico. TAMIFLU dosage, [caption id="attachment_4946" align="alignright" width="105"] Ted Bundy's Charm Lured Victims[/caption]

Right before his execution in January 1989 the widely traveled Ted Bundy, described as a charismatic killer, TAMIFLU results, TAMIFLU cost, admitted to 30 murders across half a dozen states – from Washington to Florida. TAMIFLU FOR SALE, Andrew Cunanan killed at least five people during his wanderings through Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey and Florida, including fashion designer Gianni Versace in Miami.

[caption id="attachment_4948" align="alignleft" width="105"] Rigs Hard to Follow State to State[/caption]

The FBI knows death travels and five years ago it set up the Highway Serial Killings Initiative, doses TAMIFLU work. TAMIFLU price, The bureau reveals it has “a matrix of more than 600 victims and potential suspects in excess of 275.” Since the bodies were found off major highways top suspects are long-haul truckers who may pick up prey in one state and dump the body several states away.

I know this is disturbing to read and you may wonder, TAMIFLU without prescription, TAMIFLU use, “Why should I care. I’m not going to hitchhike at a truck stop!”

[caption id="attachment_4949" align="alignright" width="120"] Two Faces of John Wayne Gacy[/caption]

Well, generic TAMIFLU, My TAMIFLU experience, realize lots of serial killers stay close to home and their victims are random. The aforementioned Dennis Rader found all his victims in Kansas not far from the Wichita home he shared with his wife and two kids, TAMIFLU FOR SALE. Rader, TAMIFLU canada, mexico, india, Australia, uk, us, usa, the president of his local church, knocked on his victim’s doors and they simply let him in, rx free TAMIFLU. TAMIFLU street price, John Wayne Gacy, met many of his 33 victims (all young men and boys) at charity events where he appeared dressed a clown, ordering TAMIFLU online. No prescription TAMIFLU online, After luring them to his house and murdering them he stuffed them under his Cook County, Illinois home, TAMIFLU dose.

[caption id="attachment_4950" align="alignleft" width="105"] Ridgeway, The Green River Killer[/caption]

Gary Leon Ridgway, the so-called Green River Killer, was convicted of strangling 49 random women he met in Washington. TAMIFLU FOR SALE, He confessed to killing 71 but authorities believe the number of victims could be over 90.

[caption id="attachment_4951" align="alignright" width="120"] Dahmer Wanted To Be Studied[/caption]

Jeffrey Dahmer of Milwaukee admitted to killing and cannibalizing 17 young men and boys before he was arrested. Dahmer’s mother, Joyce, once told me her son wished doctors would come study him in prison to help figure out what drove him to do it.

We who write about crime are told that law enforcement nationwide is doing a better job of communicating with each other about suspected serial killers. Indeed, the item I read about the homeless murders was a milestone. In the past, detectives were loath to tell the public about a serial killer on the loose for fear of spooking people, TAMIFLU FOR SALE. Now, they’ve come to realize that knowledge is power and citizen’s information can be a huge help in solving crimes.

[caption id="attachment_4953" align="alignleft" width="120"] Five Victims of ABQ's West Mesa Killer[/caption]

Hardly a state in the union hasn’t had a serial killer. California, Texas and Florida seem to have more than their fair share. And mass graves have been found all around the country. TAMIFLU FOR SALE, Two examples: The 11 bodies of young women and an infant found on the isolated West Mesa outside Albuquerque. And, an eerily similar case thousands of miles away in Long Island, New York where authorities unearthed 10 bodies - eight women and a toddler along with a man dressed in women’s clothes.

These are among the serial killer dumping grounds that have been found. Many others may go undetected forever.

The best thing we can do is be vigilant. Know that many victims of serial killers put themselves in harm’s way, TAMIFLU FOR SALE. Most are women who have some contact with the sex trade or illegal drug underworld and if they have children they are in grave danger too.

[caption id="attachment_4954" align="alignright" width="90"] Reaching Troubled Kids Early is Key[/caption]

Dr. Maurice Godwin has studied serial killers for years and one in-depth analysis of 107 of them revealed important information. Godwin found 55% of serial killers began having trouble in childhood and had criminal juvenile records. 45% had been convicted for a previous sex crime. As with so many criminals it goes back to their early formative years and the best lesson we can learn is that when we find a troubled child we best help them. Failure to do so could result in another serial killer walking among us.


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