The U.S. Prison System Needs a Total Makeover

by Diane Dimond on April 14, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7447" align="alignleft" width="150"] Time to Re-Think the Prison System[/caption]  "We have embraced the idea that being mentally sick is a crime ..." It is way past time to overhaul the U.S. prison system. I’m not talking about a little tweak here and there. I’m talking about throwing a massive metaphorical hand grenade into the entire system and starting over from scratch. We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing the system to have morphed into what it has. Why should you care about this? Well, because you’re paying for it. Between states and the federal government the U.S. spends about $74 billion a year housing, feeding, providing health care (such as it is in prison) for inmates and supervising the newly released. [caption id="attachment_7449" align="alignright" width="150"] America Leads the World - Per Capita - In Prisoners[/caption] The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported in 2012 there were nearly 7 million Americans under the supervision of adult correctional systems. Translated: One in every 108 adults in the United States was incarcerated, a per-capita world record. The problem, as I see it, centers on who we are locking up. The Washington Post reports that only one percent of them are in for murder. Four percent are serving time for robbery. The most serious charge against 51 percent of them is a drug offense. But here is the most startling, heart-wrenching statistic of them all. According to a Justice Department study more than half of the prisoners in the U.S. suffer from a bona fide mental illness. Among female inmates, about three-quarters have a diagnosable mental disorder. Why in the world are we locking up the mentally ill in the same place we house violent and predatory criminals? The answer is simple. Because there is nowhere else to put the “crazy people,” so we put them in jail after they act out. Many times their families have spent years begging for mental health care for their disturbed loved one to no avail. And sometimes, the “crazy people” deliberately commit crimes knowing they will be housed, fed and minimally medicated in lockup. [caption id="attachment_7450" align="alignleft" width="150"] Danvers Mental Hospital Stayed Open Until 1992[/caption] Back in the mid-‘50s, psychotropic drugs like Thorazine were found to be so successful in quelling mental patient’s delusions and agitation that within a decade society decided it was cruel to continue to institutionalize them. The abuse of patients and unsanitary conditions found at some mental hospitals were ascribed to all such institutions so we closed them down. Patients were given a prescription for their meds and told they were “free.” No one seemed to notice that the planned community mental health centers never materialized and when one of these former patients had a problem there were very few places they could go for help. The pattern continues to this day. There are simply not enough mental health beds to service everyone who needs help. Today, commitment is difficult and, sadly, we have to wait for the mentally ill to actually commit a crime before the state steps in. In the last few years, many of America’s mass murders were committed by untreated mentally ill people who should have been in a mental health care facility -- for their protection and for ours. It’s ironic, isn't it? The very society that once agreed it was unjust to lock people up in mental hospitals now allows the mentally disturbed to be locked up in much more dangerous jails and prisons. [caption id="attachment_7454" align="alignright" width="150"] Half the Prison Population Suffer From Mental Illness[/caption] We have turned our backs on these folks and our prisons have become de facto psychiatric facilities. We have decided that these are throwaway human beings and embrace the idea that being mentally sick is a crime. Our children and grandchildren are going to look back and wonder what was wrong with us. I could fill this entire page with quotes from wardens describing the horror of what happens to sufferers of schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders and other mental illnesses once they enter prison. But the ugly truth is that some of those same wardens employ practices that are, literally, creating even more disturbed individuals. The widespread use of solitary confinement in prisons has been shown to have a tremendously negative effect. Mostly because inmates -- be they habitually violent, in danger from other prisoners or simply a rule breaker -- are often held for months and even years in isolation. You know what being locked up, alone, for years at a time does to the human mind? According to Dr. Stuart Grassian, a veteran psychiatrist from Harvard who is considered an expert on the effects of solitary confinement, prolonged seclusion only leads inmates to exhibit more impulsive and violent behavior. “Ninety-five percent of these people will get out and be released back on the streets,” Grassian said on a National Geographic documentary. “All isolation will have done is make them as violent, crazy and dangerous as possible when they get out.” [caption id="attachment_7455" align="alignleft" width="150"] Solitary Confinement Does Definite Damage[/caption] So how long does the system continue doing what we know doesn’t work? When do the priorities shift away from warehousing chronic drug addicts with the hope that they will somehow cure themselves by their release date? When do we stop thinking it is morally defensible to house the mentally ill alongside career gang-bangers, rapists and killers? And, what will it take to convince prison administrators to reject the rage-filling practice of prolonged solitary confinement? Look, I’m not advocating letting anyone out of prison. I’m suggesting its way past time to take a fresh look at revolutionary new ways to spend that $74 billion every year. How about we start with a plan that separates the hard-core, habitual criminals from the mentally sick and persistently addicted? Keep the first group in a standard prison setting. Then, turn some of our prisons into psychiatric centers to help the more fragile inmates. The past confirms that an overwhelming majority of those who suffer from mental illness and addiction are not violent. They are lost souls who could possibly get their lives set straight if exposed to the right therapies and medications. [caption id="attachment_7459" align="alignright" width="120"] Mass Killer Laughner's Parents Looked for Mental Help For Years[/caption] I’m embarrassed that we have adopted a toss-and-forget attitude about so many of our weakest citizens. Prison is not where they belong and it certainly isn't where they will ever learn to become contributing members of society again. By continuing our current policies we insure only one thing: America’s per-capita standing as the world’s number one jailer. home  



by Diane Dimond on February 10, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7266" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, U.S. Heroin Use at Crisis Levels[/caption]

Heroin is back – with a vengeance, LASIX samples. Where can i find LASIX online, It never really disappeared from the drug-culture landscape, of course, LASIX class, LASIX coupon, but its popularity center has definitely widened these days. It’s no longer the drug of choice for only the down-and-out habitual street druggie, buy LASIX without prescription. LASIX forum, Today, heroin has become a favorite of many middle and upper-class folks who have lost their way in the search to find pain relief, LASIX over the counter.

This is not a column about the tragic recent passing of acclaimed actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, 46, who was found dead in his New York apartment, reportedly, surrounded by as many as 70 glassine bags of heroin, BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase LASIX, Nor last year’s passing of the popular star of the TV show “Glee”, Corey Montieth, LASIX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, No prescription LASIX online, 31, who succumbed to a heroin overdose in a Vancouver hotel room, online buying LASIX. LASIX blogs, Those celebrity stories make for a lot of headlines but the much bigger story is about the rest of us. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who currently snort or inject into their veins one of the most unpredictable and deadly drugs known to man, doses LASIX work. LASIX photos, That should be of concern to all of us.

[caption id="attachment_7267" align="alignright" width="150"] BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, OxyContin - 3x's More Expensive Than Heroin[/caption]

So many Americans got hooked on so many different kinds of prescription painkilling drugs over the last decade – opiates like OxyContin or Vicodin – that new federal laws tightening access to them were passed, prices soared and it became cheaper for addicts to buy a ten dollar bag of heroin.

Most frightening, low dose LASIX. LASIX schedule, According to drug abuse experts an astonishing number of young people – those who romanticized the high they experienced after raiding their parent’s medicine cabinet – have also turned to heroin.

The latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that heroin use in the U.S, purchase LASIX for sale. LASIX description, has nearly doubled in the last ten years. Some 156,000 Americans aged 12 or older admitted they first tried heroin in 2012, BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION. (That is not a misprint, buy LASIX no prescription. Buy LASIX online no prescription, Yes, 12-year-old children are using heroin.) This is a fraction of the total number of illicit drug abusers in this country but here’s the saddest part: Today’s heroin is killing people at an alarming rate, buying LASIX online over the counter. LASIX cost, In Naperville, Illinois – an affluent suburb near Chicago’s heroin riddled West Side – nearly 20 high school students have died of heroin overdoses in the last six years, LASIX dosage. Order LASIX online c.o.d, CNN showcased a young woman from Naperville named Gabby Muro. BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Hooked on heroin at 15, Gabby was arrested for possession and spent two years in prison. She believes her time behind bars saved her life, where can i order LASIX without prescription. Buy LASIX from mexico, Gabby’s take on what lures kids from her upper-middle class neighborhood to use heroin.

[caption id="attachment_7268" align="alignleft" width="120"] Gabby Muro Mug Shot[/caption]

“Their parents just hand them all this money, LASIX dose, Taking LASIX, ” she said. “They don’t even ask, buy generic LASIX, Order LASIX no prescription, like, ‘What are you going to do. Where are you going?’ They do whatever they want.”

Kids in-the-know in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania could visit a local McDonald’s to get heroin, BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION. Police say employee Shania Dennis, 26, instructed buyers to go to the drive-up window and say, “I’d like to order a toy.” That code got them a Happy Meal box with heroin packets inside. Earlier this year, another McDonald’s employee in Murrysville, Pa. was also arrested for selling heroin.

A federal agent who runs major heroin trafficking investigations recently told ABC News, “Heroin is exploding nationwide. BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, It’s making a huge comeback. People are dropping like flies." Part of the reason is that addicts have no way of knowing the potency of the heroin they buy – or what might have been added to it.

Law enforcement reports that heroin laced with fentanyl – a powerful painkiller given to terminal cancer patients – has been cropping up at overdose death scenes in the Northeast at a frightening rate. Since purveyors of this poison often exchange trade secrets officials worry this tainted type of heroin could now appear nationwide.

[caption id="attachment_7269" align="alignright" width="150"] Glassine Bags Like These Found at Hoffman's[/caption]

Packets stamped with the words “Thera-flu” or “Bud Ice” are thought to have caused the recent deaths of more than 20 people in western Pennsylvania, 22 heroin related deaths in Rhode Island and as many as 37 in Maryland since September. State Police in Massachusetts recently confiscated more than 1,200 packets of heroin with the words “ObamaCare” and “Kurt Cobain” stamped on the bags, BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION.

The governor of Vermont devoted his entire State of the State speech last month to what he called the “full blown” heroin and opiate crisis there. Governor Peter Shumlin literally begged the legislature for more money for treatment programs noting that it costs Vermont $1,120 a week to keep an addict in prison while a week’s worth of treatment at a state-run center costs $123. Nearly 80% of Vermont’s prisoners are serving time on drug charges.

"The time has come for us to stop quietly averting our eyes from the growing heroin addiction in our front yards," Shumlin said, “while we fear and fight treatment facilities in our backyards."

[caption id="attachment_7272" align="alignleft" width="150"] A Heroin High is Now Cheaper[/caption]

For those readers who think this topic doesn’t touch their life – I implore you to think again. BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, A heroin high now costs less than a decent bottle of wine, a movie ticket or a meal for two at a fast food joint. Functioning heroin addicts are all around us yet, realize, they are one tainted glassine bag away from a melt-down – or death. They drive next to us on the highways, work in our hospitals or teach in our schools. Those who have been arrested and incarcerated went through the tax-payer funded justice system and are sitting in prisons paid for with your tax dollars.

The heroin epidemic affects you. It affects all of us. And it’s only getting worse.



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by Diane Dimond on January 6, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7185" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Deputy Wyatt Earp circa mid 1800's[/caption]

Not since the days when Wyatt Earp worked the Wild West wearing a badge and a gun has there been such good news for law enforcement.

The number of federal, Real brand NORDIAZEPAM online, state, local, tribal and territorial officers in the U.S, where to buy NORDIAZEPAM. who died in the line of duty last year dropped to a total of 111. Think about that. NORDIAZEPAM brand name, In the whole United States of America we lost only 111 officers during 2013. That’s the lowest number since 1959.

The most encouraging news in the latest report from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) is seen in the death-by-gun category. At a time when there is so much worry about rampant gun deaths only 33 officers, nationwide, lost their lives in the line of duty due to a firearm fatality, BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. The number would have been even lower had it not been for a former Los Angeles cop named Christopher Dorner who went on a shooting spree last February and killed four people, NORDIAZEPAM class, including three L.A. Generic NORDIAZEPAM, police officers.

The number of law enforcement gun deaths hasn't been that low since 1887, back in the post-gold rush days when deputized frontiersmen tried to keep the peace in places with names like Tombstone, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Arizona. Where can i find NORDIAZEPAM online, [caption id="attachment_7186" align="alignright" width="150"] Remembering the Dead[/caption]

So, at a time when the country seems consumed with worry about mass shootings like the ones at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.; the school in Newtown, australia, uk, us, usa, Connecticut; and the movie theater in Aurora, Buy cheap NORDIAZEPAM no rx, Colorado how is it that law enforcement is enjoying such a low mortality rate. BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, NLEOMF Chairman and CEO, Craig Floyd, attributes it to an increased “culture of safety” within police departments. For example, Floyd says, NORDIAZEPAM maximum dosage, after a spike in officer gun deaths in 2011 more members of law enforcement routinely began wearing bullet proof vests. NORDIAZEPAM street price, “The only good news is zero deaths,” Floyd said, “But this very significant drop in law enforcement fatalities the past two years is extremely encouraging."

Let’s get real, where can i buy NORDIAZEPAM online. The lower police mortality rate is not all attributable to cops being more careful on-the-job. Buy NORDIAZEPAM without prescription, Our justice system is keeping more criminals behind bars and for longer periods of time. Massive prison overcrowding, nationwide, proves that, BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_7187" align="alignleft" width="150"] Always Ready To Protect[/caption]

There have been major developments in crime fighting technology, like strategic placement of surveillance cameras in trouble spots, cheap NORDIAZEPAM. There has been a push to complete a backlog of DNA tests helping pinpoint viable suspects and that keeps officers out of risky investigative situations. NORDIAZEPAM dosage, And let’s not forget the active gun buy-back programs and neighborhood watch campaigns that help keep our streets safer.

In addition, the American population is aging, NORDIAZEPAM results. BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, The median age is now 37.2 years old – well past the prime crime-committing ages of 13 to 25.

While 39 people were executed for their crimes in America last year I’m not convinced by arguments that capital punishment actually deters crime. Buy NORDIAZEPAM from mexico, If you look at a graph of annual crime statistics next to a graph of peak execution years (1997-2002) it is easy to see the total number of crimes fluctuated only slightly.

There is no measurable proof that criminals with murder in mind stop to re-think their actions because their ultimate punishment could be the death chamber. Most murderous lawbreakers aren't known for stopping to think things through, NORDIAZEPAM cost.

There is surely a combination of factors that delivers to us the good news that there were fewer law enforcement deaths in 2013, BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. And it’s probably a good time for all of us to stop and think about all those brave men and women who leave their homes every day to keep us safe knowing they could pay the ultimate price for simply doing their job. Online NORDIAZEPAM without a prescription, [caption id="attachment_7189" align="alignright" width="120"] Every Day Could Be Their Last[/caption]

Law enforcement deaths are all so arbitrary. Can you imagine working in a career where at any moment you could die.

Last year a majority of officers – 46 – lost their lives in traffic-related accidents, NORDIAZEPAM wiki. BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, 18 died of job-related illnesses. Six fell to their deaths while working, NORDIAZEPAM price, coupon, 2 drowned, 2 others were stabbed to death, one was electrocuted, buy NORDIAZEPAM from canada, 1 died in a helicopter crash and one was blown to bits in an explosion. Purchase NORDIAZEPAM for sale, No surprise that working on Friday and Saturday nights proved to be the most lethal but Tuesday night also proved pretty deadly. February and September were a peace officer’s the most dangerous months. Most of the officers who died were male, NORDIAZEPAM overnight, 107 of them. Four were female and, on average, the dead was the parent of at least two children, BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Buying NORDIAZEPAM online over the counter, The oldest officer to die was 70 and the youngest was 23.

The state of Texas led the nation with 13 fatalities, followed by California (10), buy NORDIAZEPAM no prescription, Mississippi (10) and New York (10). Is NORDIAZEPAM safe, Arkansas (6) rounded out the top five on the list.

The last officers to die were Sgt. Robert Baron of Sandoval County, order NORDIAZEPAM online c.o.d, New Mexico who was struck by a car while investigating a crash and Sgt. NORDIAZEPAM alternatives, Kevin Stauffer of Tupelo, Mississippi who was killed while pursuing armed bank robbers.

Sadly, NORDIAZEPAM samples, their names will soon be added to the nearly 20 thousand other names carved into the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C

Yes, while 2013 saw a record low death toll of law enforcement personnel, 2014 is probably a good time to stop a cop and say thanks.





by Diane Dimond on December 30, 2013


[caption id="attachment_7165" align="alignleft" width="132"] Tops on the List : Tolerance[/caption]

BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Tops on my Crime and Justice Wish List this year is the sincere hope that America finds a way to become a better functioning and more tolerant country.

I wish for the lethargy of the electorate and the deterioration of trust and respect – in our government and in each other – to magically evaporate. 

It is a tall order, I know, CLARITIN photos. We live in an ugly era of perpetual backbiting that serves no real purpose but to distract us from finding solutions to very real problems. CLARITIN for sale, Democrats routinely ridicule Republicans and vice versa. Various ethnic groups point to those who are different and declare their problems are the other groups fault; both heterosexuals and homosexuals complain their lifestyle is under attack; the unemployed and under-employed label business people and corporations as greedy devils without acknowledging they are the very entities providing the most jobs. Our children grow up hearing our viciousness toward one another and are likely to continue the corrosive tradition of intolerance. 

I wish for an America where people can enjoy their right to freedom of speech unencumbered by political correctness, BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I cling to the idea expressed by author Evelyn Beatrice Hall who wrote, order CLARITIN no prescription, "I disapprove of what you say, CLARITIN mg, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." 

[caption id="attachment_7166" align="alignright" width="150"] Wishing That Disagreements Didn't Turn So Ugly[/caption]

A recent example of our intolerance is the case of TV personality and proud Christian, Phil Robertson, of “Duck Dynasty” fame, kjøpe CLARITIN på nett, köpa CLARITIN online. Asked by a magazine reporter what he viewed as sinful he answered, Order CLARITIN online overnight delivery no prescription, "Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there -- bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he said, CLARITIN long term. Not a politically correct answer but his opinion, CLARITIN recreational, nonetheless. 

Paraphrasing Corinthians Robertson added, “Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, CLARITIN blogs, the male prostitutes, Ordering CLARITIN online, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, CLARITIN forum, the slanderers, Rx free CLARITIN, the swindlers … they won't inherit the kingdom of God.” 

[caption id="attachment_7174" align="alignleft" width="150"] Patriarch of the Duck Dynasty Cast[/caption]

Now, whether you agree with Robertson’s beliefs or not that is his constitutionally protected opinion and in my America he is entitled to express it. 

The reaction to Robertson’s comments, however, CLARITIN from canada, was swift and vicious. CLARITIN dangers, One leader of a gay and lesbian group attacked the 67-year-old patriarch saying if people wanted to know why gay teenagers commit suicide they need look no further than Robertson’s, “hate that shames them into doing so.” The A & E cable network capitulated to the criticism and suspended Robertson from their top rated program. BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, The reaction was decidedly un-American, in my view. 

Moving on … I wish for the NSA to stop all unwarranted surveillance of citizen’s activities –forever. Stay away from my e-mails and phone calls unless there’s proof I committed a crime. 

I wish for more oversight of the billions being spent by the Department of Homeland Security, my CLARITIN experience. I hope that all law enforcement can band together to create a trustworthy, CLARITIN use, centralized anti-terrorist tracking system to thwart tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing. 

[caption id="attachment_7169" align="alignright" width="150"] A New Dialogue to Stop Gun Violence[/caption]

About the gun violence that continues to plague us: I’m heartened to see a renewed discussion about helping the mentally ill who have access to guns. As law-abiding gun owners would tell you, it’s a long overdue conversation, CLARITIN without prescription. I hope we never again hear of a troubled kid shooting up a school but steel yourself because it is almost certain to happen. 

I wish young people would be required to take conflict management courses so they learned early on how to manage conflict before gun shots, Online buying CLARITIN, road rage or fist fights break out. 

On one hand, I hope I never have to cover another Jerry Sandusky-type child sex abuse trial, but, taking CLARITIN, on second thought, Buy generic CLARITIN, I hope I do. I hope Sandusky’s conviction gives strength to all child sex abuse victims to come forward with the truth – no matter what their age is today. 

Same with the story about the three missing girls held for so long by the late Arial Castro in Cleveland, BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION. These stories are so hard to hear but I surely hope more missing people are found alive and reunited with their families. 

I wish for a year with a lot fewer frivolous lawsuits (Come on, figure out amongst yourselves who gets the dog in the divorce!) so there is room in our overloaded court system for the truly important cases, discount CLARITIN. And, CLARITIN description, I hope fewer judges make foolish decisions like the one who decided a drunk kid who caused a fatal car crash should do easy time because he suffers from “Affluenza.” That makes about as much sense as a judge accepting a defense attorney’s claim of “Poorfluenza.” 

[caption id="attachment_7170" align="alignleft" width="150"] The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants[/caption]

In preparing this year’s list I looked back through my past New Year’s columns and realized many of the things I had wished for are still outstanding. That doesn’t curb my hope for solutions to issues like the immigration mess, better border patrol activities, CLARITIN dose, prison over-crowding and reworking our National Sex Registry so that career pedophiles are no longer lumped in with amorous teenagers and drunks who urinate in public. 

Happily, CLARITIN online cod, some of my past wishes are in the process of coming true. New Mexico, for example, buy CLARITIN online no prescription, became the 17th state to allow people who love each other to get married no matter what their gender. BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Several states have moved to decriminalize marijuana as a way to ease prison overcrowding and raise tax dollars. Buy cheap CLARITIN, And, dormant DNA rape kits are finally being processed with the results being included in the national criminal data base. Cold cases are being solved because we’re finally catching up. 

[caption id="attachment_7175" align="alignright" width="150"] The Alternative is Chaos[/caption]

But none of our issues can truly be resolved without my first wish coming true, cheap CLARITIN. We have to stop picking fights with each other and start finding common ground to reach common sense solutions. Rx free CLARITIN, We need a revolution in thinking and behaving that throws off the idea that we should automatically attack someone who thinks differently.

It gets us nowhere. And even worse, CLARITIN overnight, it weakens the social fabric that has, CLARITIN blogs, for nearly 240 years, held this nation together. 

We can do better.



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by Diane Dimond on November 25, 2013

[caption id="attachment_7058" align="alignleft" width="150"] MAZANOR FOR SALE, Spending Justice System Money More Wisely[/caption]

In this time of economic strain anyone who doesn’t look at ways to cut their personal or business budget is just not being responsible. Same goes for the justice system.

For nearly two decades lawyers working with death row inmates have spent countless hours, MAZANOR mg, court time and multiple tens of millions of dollars fighting for access to DNA testing. Kjøpe MAZANOR på nett, köpa MAZANOR online, These attorneys work right up until execution time to win court orders for DNA tests on crime scene evidence or DNA of the condemned prisoner him or herself.

I could never figure out why so much time and money was spent fighting a condemned person’s last chance to establish their innocence. Don’t we want to make sure we’re executing the right person, MAZANOR FOR SALE. Now that DNA technology has become so advanced isn't that one extra step the necessary and honorable thing to do, real brand MAZANOR online.

[caption id="attachment_7053" align="alignright" width="135"] 300+ Exonerated and Counting[/caption]

Since 1992 when the Innocence Project was founded – designed to help prisoners who could be exonerated through DNA testing – more than 300 convicts have been set free, My MAZANOR experience, including 18 from death row.

Some might see the death row DNA fight as a stalling tactic by crafty lawyers for an obviously guilty person. That might certainly be true in some cases, MAZANOR steet value. MAZANOR FOR SALE, But ask the 18 death row inmates the Innocence Project got exonerated if their final DNA fight was worth it.

Most states have statutes allowing post-conviction DNA testing access but none are automatic and almost all of them come with strict restrictions or absolute deadlines for use. MAZANOR alternatives, District Attorney’s offices routinely fight defense requests for DNA testing – as if to say each of their prosecutions were perfect and never needs review. What are they afraid of.

Well, is MAZANOR safe, here’s an idea that could reap double dividends. First, Congress needs to get past its partisan paralysis and pass a federal law mandating automatic DNA testing of inmates who have been sentenced to die, MAZANOR FOR SALE. MAZANOR dosage, No questions asked, just test each of America’s 3,125 death row inmates who have never had their DNA collected and register it with the national database, MAZANOR trusted pharmacy reviews, CODIS. MAZANOR no prescription, [caption id="attachment_7057" align="alignleft" width="120"] DNA Tests Reap Dividends[/caption]

The argument, of course, will be that DNA tests are costly, cheap MAZANOR no rx. Really. Taking MAZANOR, Compared to what. Research shows they average MAZANOR FOR SALE, between $350 and $1,800, depending on the laboratory used. Compared to the accumulated big ticket costs of lawyers, judges, after MAZANOR, prosecutors and court staff and it is easy to see that paying a bit up front could actually save taxpayer dollars in the long run. Where can i order MAZANOR without prescription, It could also save an innocent person’s life.

Most importantly, mandated DNA tests could more quickly identify innocent inmates which, order MAZANOR from mexican pharmacy, in turn, MAZANOR brand name, could alert police to the fact that there is still a dangerous criminal on the loose. It’s estimated that the exonerated spend about 13 years in prison before they are released. That’s too many years to allow a guilty party to roam the streets preying on others, MAZANOR FOR SALE.

Another budget point: The longer you keep a wrongfully convicted person in prison the more the state is liable to pay out in compensation, ordering MAZANOR online. Isn’t it smarter to spend a bit of money today (on DNA tests) and spare the state a potential big payout later. Buy MAZANOR from mexico, [caption id="attachment_7059" align="alignright" width="150"] Spend Now for DNA Tests or Later on Compensation[/caption]

About half the states have no actual statute for compensation on the books but that doesn’t mean they don’t payout huge sums. In California, for example, buy no prescription MAZANOR online, a state law awards up to $100 for each day a wrongfully convicted person spent in prison. MAZANOR FOR SALE, (Multiply that by the average 13 years and it totals more than $475,000. MAZANOR schedule, Realize, many of the exonerated have languished in prison for 25 years or more. For a quarter century of wrongful imprisonment a California inmate could receive more than $912, is MAZANOR addictive,000.) Missouri is less generous, MAZANOR interactions, offering $50 for each day. In Florida, an exonerated person can get $50, order MAZANOR online overnight delivery no prescription,000 for each year they spent behind bars with a maximum of $2 million. MAZANOR maximum dosage, Here’s that second dividend I mentioned: DNA testing could help solve cold cases and provide answers to families that have waiting years for news on what happened to their loved one.

While there are some wrongfully convicted inmates in prison most of the people who populate death row didn't get there by being choir boys, MAZANOR FOR SALE. A vast majority committed multiple crimes before winding up where they did – crimes that range from burglary and robbery to bank robbery and murder. By including their DNA in the CODIS network law enforcement agencies around the country could tap into it to see if there’s a connection to their cold cases, MAZANOR class.

[caption id="attachment_7061" align="alignleft" width="135"] DNA Swab Test Are Quick & Easy[/caption]

There has been a recent push to take DNA from all newly arrested citizens and those results automatically wind up in the national data base. Cheap MAZANOR, But, there are prisoners who have been incarcerated for decades who never got the cheek-swab test for DNA. MAZANOR FOR SALE, Can you imagine the backlog of criminal cases that might be solved if each and every prisoner were included in the CODIS system. A study of 41 serial rapists, MAZANOR online cod, for example, MAZANOR pharmacy, showed that before they were imprisoned they admitted they had collectively raped 837 times and attempted the crime against more than 400 others. If DNA was left behind at the crime scenes those open cases could be closed and victims could be assured their attacker was behind bars.

Yes, MAZANOR overnight, it would take money to accomplish such an all-inclusive prisoner DNA system. MAZANOR dangers, But, I maintain there’s nothing more important than good solid information, a guide to identifying the known criminal element. It would be money much more wisely spent than endless court fights because it would reap definitive evidence that goes toward the common good.

It’s way past time for justice system bean counters to think outside the box.



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by Diane Dimond on July 29, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6623" align="alignleft" width="120"] ZOCOR FOR SALE, Now What's Available Here?[/caption]

Imagine searching on-line for the name of a deceased family member and being hit in the face with gruesome crime scene photographs of  his or her dead and decomposing body.  For the loved ones of Suzette Trouten or Izabella Lewicka – two of at least 8 victims of Kansas-based serial killer John Robinson – this nightmare is a reality, order ZOCOR from United States pharmacy. Herbal ZOCOR, Grisly photos of the murdered women found stuffed and floating in the ooze of 55 gallon barrels now grace the pages of Facebook.

Facebook is also where you can find for sale a display of a notorious killer’s sexually offensive artwork, ordering ZOCOR online. ZOCOR overnight, A psychopathic meth addict named Jeremy Bryan Jones, a confessed serial killer suspected of murdering at least 17 people, ZOCOR steet value, ZOCOR treatment, features Jesus Christ as the main player in pornographic drawings.

It’s the latest chapter in a growing business I wrote about a few weeks ago called “Murderabilia” and Facebook is the newest market place, ZOCOR FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_6627" align="alignright" width="150"] Artwork of Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy[/caption]

Murder buffs befriend infamous incarcerated killers and get them to send personal items – anything from locks of their hair or fingernail clippings to handwritten letters and autographed doodles.  The sickening souvenirs are then auctioned off to the highest bidder, ZOCOR description. ZOCOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,  Naturally, the more outrageous the item the more the seller can charge and the bigger the potential kick-back to the killer, ZOCOR street price. Buy ZOCOR online no prescription, eBay got wise and banned murderabilia sales after being repeatedly urged to do so by Andy Kahan, Victim Advocate for the City of Houston, buy ZOCOR online cod. Buy cheap ZOCOR, Initially, Kahan (who coined the phrase “murderabilia”) discovered that four of the major sellers of this sick memorabilia then turned to Facebook – the world’s most prominent social media meeting place – to hawk their wares.  Since then even more murderabilia pages have cropped up on Facebook, ZOCOR duration. ZOCOR FOR SALE, Most surprising, Facebook says it is okay with it. ZOCOR reviews, (I choose not to name the Facebook murderabilia pages because I don’t want to give them any publicity)

Why items connected to high-profile murderers and serial killers command big bucks is beyond me – but they do.  Why Facebook allows such dreadfully shocking items to be displayed on their site is also beyond me – but they do.  A Philadelphia newspaper reporter asked Facebook about it  and a corporate spokesperson replied, "While some content may be vulgar and distasteful, buy ZOCOR without prescription, Purchase ZOCOR for sale, distasteful content on its own does not violate our policy.”  

Really. Is this really in line with Facebook’s mission statement to, ZOCOR maximum dosage, Where can i cheapest ZOCOR online, “Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”  Uh, I don’t think so and no tortured corporate statement about long-standing “policy” can convince me otherwise, after ZOCOR. Where can i order ZOCOR without prescription, [caption id="attachment_6628" align="alignleft" width="120"] Aileen Wuornos @ Death Penalty Trial[/caption]

Offering for sale gut-wrenching crime scene photos of dead bodies, a $1, ZOCOR dose, ZOCOR samples, 200 handwritten letter from Aileen Wuornos who killed seven men in the late 80’s or the first prison badge worn by the DC Sniper, Lee Boyd Malvo, purchase ZOCOR online no prescription, ZOCOR without prescription, goes precisely nowhere toward making the world a better “more open” place.

These sales simply glorify the killer, cheap ZOCOR no rx, ZOCOR coupon, giving them continued prominence and, in many cases, is ZOCOR addictive, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, earning them gifts from the sellers. The convicts can get money deposited in their prison accounts, coveted magazine subscriptions or regular deliveries of treats, among other perks, ZOCOR FOR SALE. This isn't free enterprise at work, ZOCOR alternatives. Generic ZOCOR, It is exploitation of grieving family members who are shocked to learn that the person who murdered their loved one has items showcased for sale on such a popular website.  Disgusting.

Dan Levey, the Executive Director of the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children wrote to Facebook at the end of May and asked the social network to walk a mile in his shoes, to understand the pain survivors feel when they stumble across photos of their dismembered, tortured or raped relative posted on line or personal possessions of their killer.

[caption id="attachment_6631" align="alignright" width="150"] Andy Kahan, Houston's Victim's Rights Advocate[/caption]

“We want to express our anger at the use of Facebook as a way to glamorize and promote murderers and the items that others may promote or sell,” Levey wrote.  “We sincerely hope you will consider our concerns and send a message that Facebook pages will not be used to promote for-profit items produced by murderers.” Levey told  me he has yet to receive a reply from Facebook. ZOCOR FOR SALE, Kahan, who has dedicated more than a decade to working with victim’s rights groups and acts as their watchdog was the first to write to Facebook asking that the offensive pages be removed.

“I am well aware of first amendment rights and I am a firm believer in free enterprise, but from my perspective this is where the buck needs to stop,” Kahan wrote in an e-mail on May 21st.  “No one should be able to rob, rape and murder and then turn around and profit off their criminal conduct.”

More than a month passed and finally Kahan was informed the Facebook Team was “looking into” his complaint.  More weeks went by and it wasn't until early July that Facebook’s Law Enforcement Response Team asked Kahan to send them a link to the pages in question.  That’s the last he’s heard.

[caption id="attachment_6632" align="alignleft" width="120"] Suzanne Troten's Relatives Grieve-[/caption]

During all that time the families of Suzette Trouten, Izabella Lewicka and all the victims of convicted killers Wuornos, Malvo and all the others promoted on the Facebook pages continued to mourn.  Their re-opened wounds of grief waved away by Facebook as a simple “policy” decision. As if there was no need for morality or ethics in this situation.

In Kahan’s letter to Facebook he asked spokesperson Elisabeth Diana point–blank, “Is this the type of so-called industry that Facebook wants to be associated with?” 

Apparently Facebook’s answer is yes.

If you are not happy with Facebook’s policy position on this may I suggest you write to Facebook, Inc., c/o Elisabeth Diana, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, California 94304 and express your displeasure.

I think it’s time for social media to act in a socially responsible way.



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by Diane Dimond on July 22, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6647" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION, The View at Gitmo[/caption]

We like to think of ourselves as a great nation, a compassionate country that puts human rights at the forefront of everything we do.   Then, how in the world can we defend what the United States continues to do at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The American prison for enemy combatants was established in January 2002 by then President George W, online buying REGLAN hcl. Taking REGLAN, Bush as a place to park detainees that were connected with the radical Muslim movement waging war against America.  A total of 779 prisoners have been sent to Gitmo and today – eleven years later – we still hold 166 of them.  No charges have been filed against most of these men. Years ago about half of them were cleared for return to their home countries (or a willing third-party country) yet they still sit at Gitmo, REGLAN over the counter. Cheap REGLAN no rx, [caption id="attachment_6648" align="alignright" width="120"] Can He Keep the Gitmo Promise?[/caption]

President Barack Obama made an election promise to close Guantanamo Bay back in 2007 but was blocked by Congress which passed restrictions on what could be done to transfer the prisoners.  In April, the president promised again to pressure Congress saying, REGLAN coupon, Doses REGLAN work, “The idea that we would still maintain forever a group of individuals who have not been tried - that is contrary to who we are, it is contrary to our interests and it needs to stop.” The reality, comprar en línea REGLAN, comprar REGLAN baratos, REGLAN no prescription, however, is that it is unlikely our fractious Congress will do anything, REGLAN australia, uk, us, usa.

So, the 166 men at Gitmo remain in a protracted state of imprisoned limbo and more than half of them have been on a prolonged hunger strike, BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION. Order REGLAN from mexican pharmacy,   Over the years, their health has become so perilous at times that the U.S, order REGLAN from United States pharmacy. Kjøpe REGLAN på nett, köpa REGLAN online, military made the decision to strap them down in a chair and force feed them though tubes inserted in their noses.

[caption id="attachment_6650" align="alignleft" width="150"] U.S, buying REGLAN online over the counter. REGLAN pics, Military Man With Gastric Tube[/caption]

What have we wrought. BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION, Are human rights activists correct when they say America’s policies have left the detainees so completely hopeless and suicidal that they are driven to starve themselves to death.  Or, REGLAN pictures, REGLAN interactions, are U.S. military officials right when they say the prisoners denying themselves food is just another weapon in their arsenal to paint America as the Great Satan, where can i buy cheapest REGLAN online. Order REGLAN online overnight delivery no prescription, I don’t know the answer. Likely it is a combination of the two.  But the U.S, REGLAN schedule. practice of forcible feeding has been roundly condemned by the World Medical Association, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the American Medical Association which declared the forced feeding violates, “core ethical values of the medical profession.”

Two Democratic Senators – Dianne Feinstein and Richard Durbin – have written to the president asking him to order an immediate stop to the, “painful, humiliating and degrading process.”  In a most unusual step, a federal court judge named Gladys Kessler, ruling on a Gitmo prisoner’s request for an injunction against his forced feeding, made a direct appeal to the president to take action on the issue that has been going on for so long, BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION. REGLAN without prescription, [caption id="attachment_6651" align="alignright" width="150"] Some Detainees at Gitmo Cannot Walk[/caption]

I wonder if the average American knows about the detainee’s individual stories and what has happened to them since they’ve been in U.S. custody, where can i cheapest REGLAN online. REGLAN blogs,  Their cases are shocking.

The longest continuous hunger striker appears to Abdul Rahman Shalabi, REGLAN street price, REGLAN dangers, 35, a Saudi man who has, where can i order REGLAN without prescription, Online buying REGLAN, reportedly, been largely tube fed since 2005, REGLAN overnight. BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION, Mohammed Bawazir, 33, a Yemeni, had a lawyer who went to U.S. Buy cheap REGLAN, federal court to try to stop the forced feeding of his client and lost. That was back in 2006.  Another detainee, where can i find REGLAN online, REGLAN long term, Tariq Ba Awdah, originally from Yemen, has apparently been on an uninterrupted hunger strike since February 2007. According to the Miami Herald, the 35 year old wrote to his lawyer, “I haven’t tasted food for over six years.”  Today, a total of 45 Gitmo prisoners are being given nourishment through forcibly inserted gastric tubes. 

[caption id="attachment_6653" align="alignleft" width="150"] Absent Death or Suicide No One Escapes Gitmo[/caption]

Think of that in real life terms. Every single day American soldiers are under orders to scoop up these malnourished and skeletal prisoners, strap them down and insert tubes into their noses so nutrients can be administered.   I am positive that not one of those soldiers looks forward to that duty, BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION.

There are recent reports that some of the other hunger strikers have begun to eat again but military doctors told the New York Times they must be on hand to guard against “refeeding syndrome” which can be fatal when “undernourished people suddenly consume food.”

Again, what have we wrought. Are you sure that America – the great and benevolent Superpower that we think we are – couldn’t have come up with a better solution for handling these prisoners?  There is a part of me that is ashamed that it has come to this.

No right-thinking person advocates opening up the gates of Gitmo and simply waving good-bye to these 166 prisoners.   Some likely still pose a threat to the United States.  But, let’s redouble our efforts to do the right thing.  A good first step would be to seriously concentrate on getting those low-risk prisoners who have already been cleared for release out of Gitmo.

[caption id="attachment_6656" align="alignright" width="150"] BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION, This is Humane Treatment?[/caption]

Let’s face it, at this point Gitmo has imprisoned all of us – imprisoned us in our own braggadocio that we are a country based on human rights.  Guantanamo Bay prison is living proof that we are not and what has already happened there will be a historic stain on our human rights record.

Congress needs to get off its duff and agree to lift the restrictions that keep the cleared prisoners behind bars. They need to agree to transfer the high-risk group to the United States so we can close that hell-hole called Gitmo.   Giving speeches about the issue isn’t action and it won’t solve this humiliating human rights problem. The president needs to step up and truly lead– pound the table if he has to.  The world is watching.





by Diane Dimond on July 1, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6553" align="alignleft" width="120"] Kahan: One Man's Fight Against Glorifying Murderers[/caption]

BUY CLEOCIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Do you collect anything. CLEOCIN description, My dear Aunt Isabel used to collect little spoons that she proudly displayed in a wall cabinet. Grandma collected tea cups, purchase CLEOCIN. Is CLEOCIN addictive, I began a collection of beautiful hand bells.

Well, some people collect items that are much more macabre – items that have a connection to notorious serial killers. 

How macabre, online buy CLEOCIN without a prescription. Buy CLEOCIN online no prescription, Would you believe these collectors buy serial killer’s autographed photos, artwork and handwritten letters sent to people outside prison walls, purchase CLEOCIN online no prescription. Even an envelope bearing a handwritten return address commands a pretty penny, BUY CLEOCIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Generic CLEOCIN, The murderer’s fingernail clippings , dirty socks or any other object that can be authenticated as genuine ranks a place of honor on some people’s mantle, no prescription CLEOCIN online. Get CLEOCIN, But those are not the most shocking serial killer items up for sale on the internet.  

Andy Kahan, the Houston Police Department’s victim rights advocate, order CLEOCIN from mexican pharmacy, CLEOCIN price, has dedicated much of the last 15 years to following – and fighting – this bizarre form of commerce.  Kahan told me he got interested in making sure serial killers could never profit from their crimes after reading an article about Arthur Shawcross who sold paintings and poems out of his cell in upstate New York.   This serial killer had sexually abused, mutilated and killed at least 14 people (including two children) in the 70’s and 80’s.  Some Shawcross paintings sold for nearly $600. 

[caption id="attachment_6555" align="alignright" width="120"] Shawcross Paintings Sold for Hundreds[/caption]

“I thought to myself, order CLEOCIN online overnight delivery no prescription, Purchase CLEOCIN online, ‘this just not right,’” Kahan said, buy CLEOCIN from canada. CLEOCIN dosage, His research led him to eBay where items from several notorious killers were being sold. Kahan vowed to spread the word about the morbid practice and actually bought up some of the most bizarre offerings to use during lectures on why there should be a law against the practice, CLEOCIN cost. He called these odd collectibles “Murderabilia” and the name has stuck. 

[caption id="attachment_6556" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY CLEOCIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Would You Buy Manson's Hair?[/caption]

Kahan bought hair from Charlie Manson that had been fashioned into a swastika, dirt from a crawlspace-tomb at John Wayne Gacy’s house and an action figure of cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer that is marketed with this little ditty: “Open me up for a sure delight and see what I ate for dinner last night.” Unzip the doll and mock body parts fall out. CLEOCIN class, Among the most disgusting thing for sale, according to Kahan, about CLEOCIN, CLEOCIN recreational, was a bag of rocks and dirt taken from the Texas road where in 1998 a black man named James Bryd was dragged to his death by three White Supremacists. 

“From a victims perspective selling murderabilia is about the most nauseating and disgusting thing that could happen,” Kahan told me, CLEOCIN maximum dosage. Cheap CLEOCIN no rx, “It is like being gutted all over again by the justice system.” 

[caption id="attachment_6557" align="alignright" width="105"] Won't Sell Murderabilia Anymore[/caption]

Kahan has made it his life’s calling to rid the internet of this ugly profit-making booty. eBay finally gave in to his persistent calls and lobbying and has now banned the sale of murderabilia from its site, order CLEOCIN no prescription. CLEOCIN trusted pharmacy reviews, Kahan works hard to get states with the most serial killers in prison to pass “Notoriety for Profit” laws to make sure none of the money goes to the criminals. So far, Alabama, California, Florida, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, Utah and Texas have done so. 

Many people think the so-called Son of Sam laws prohibiting murderers from profiting by selling their life stories are still in effect but they were declared an unconstitutional violation of free speech by the U.S, BUY CLEOCIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Supreme Court in 1991, CLEOCIN schedule. CLEOCIN for sale, The Notoriety for Profit laws are designed to follow the money and, therein, purchase CLEOCIN for sale, Buy cheap CLEOCIN no rx, lies the difference. 

[caption id="attachment_6558" align="alignleft" width="120"] Murderabilia from Unabomber Ted Kaczynski[/caption]

In the meantime, there are still grisly offerings out there: Calendars, where can i buy cheapest CLEOCIN online, Buy CLEOCIN without a prescription, trading cards, T-shirts and even snow globes glorifying the grisly crimes of these killers, CLEOCIN street price.

A handwritten recipe card from Dorthea Puentes for her tuna casserole is one of the coveted finds. Puentes ran a rooming house in Sacramento, Ca. BUY CLEOCIN NO PRESCRIPTION, in the 80’s and killed at least nine of the elderly boarders who dared to complain that she was cashing and keeping their social security checks.

Then there are the gravestone chips from Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein’s final resting place. His repulsive story was the inspiration for the movies Psycho and Silence of the Lambs. 

After the purveyors of murderabilia found the eBay door closed sellers simply started their own websites and their ghastly business flourishes.

As Kahan says, “I have no problem with those who are collecting the stuff. My problem is someone profiting from it. It is blood money plain and simple.” 

[caption id="attachment_6559" align="alignright" width="120"] Berkowitz Condemns Murderabilia[/caption]

While some of the convicts have entered into shady “trades” with sellers – mailing out their personal items in return for small gifts or money deposited into their prison accounts – many of the killers had no clue that what they were sending from prison was then being sold at auction sites. 

“(David) Berkowitz had no idea his things were being sold and is violently opposed to it,” Dr, BUY CLEOCIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Scott Bonn told me. “After having been born-again in 1987 … he thinks it is a sacrilege.” As an author and professor of criminology Bonn befriended the so-called Son of Sam Killer as part of his research for an upcoming book called, “Why We Love Serial Killers.” 

So why are we so fascinated by them. And what prompts people to collect these awful souvenirs. Dr. Bonn believes the media elevates these larger-than-life ghouls to morbid rock stars status. They become celebrity monsters. 

“It’s an adrenalin rush and we love to have the crap scared out of us.” Bonn said. “That, and we’re riveted to the dark side of humanity… they define the outside parameters of what one human being can do to another.” 

Indeed, but I still don’t want a bag of dirt from a crime scene on the shelf with my bells.






by Diane Dimond on June 3, 2013


[caption id="attachment_6449" align="alignleft" width="150"] Can Laws Really Regulate Teen Sex?[/caption]

BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION, If an adult has sexual relations with a 14 year old that’s bad, right? 

Okay, well what if that “adult” has just turned 18 and has a younger teen as a love interest. Buy PROPECIA without prescription, Would their actions be as serious a crime as, say, herbal PROPECIA, Discount PROPECIA, a 40-year-old with a young teen? 

The law says yes. The law calls it statutory rape when anyone who has reached adulthood has sex with a person under the age of 16, buy PROPECIA from canada. PROPECIA from mexico, (In a few states it is age 15) It doesn’t matter if it is an older person is male or female or if the younger person is a girl or boy. It is illegal and often punishable by a hefty prison sentence. 

The case that brings this issue to the forefront is playing out now in Sebastian, where can i cheapest PROPECIA online, PROPECIA price, coupon, Florida.
A person who had just turned 18 engaged in a sexual relationship with a 14- year-old who was described as looking and acting much older than her years, BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION.  When the parents of the 14-year-old found out about it they called the cops. 

[caption id="attachment_6450" align="alignright" width="150"] Teens Are Sexually Attracted - Period[/caption]

Surely this kind of attraction is happening in high schools across the country - a senior becomes attracted to someone in a lower grade and, get PROPECIA, PROPECIA pictures, well, both parties think they are in true love, PROPECIA street price. PROPECIA no rx, It is normal teenage behavior to experiment with sex. It's one of those age-old rights of passage. 

Nationwide attention has been focused on the Florida case, my PROPECIA experience, PROPECIA brand name, however, because the 18-year-old is also female, rx free PROPECIA. Doses PROPECIA work, And a pretty, petite female at that - a young woman who has been an honor-roll student, buy PROPECIA online cod, PROPECIA recreational, a cheerleader and active in school athletics. BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION, In other words, 18-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt looks more like the pom-pom girl who dates the quarterback than someone who would have a same-sex affair. But she did, PROPECIA photos. Where can i find PROPECIA online, She has publicly admitted that she and the 14 year old girl twice engaged in sexual activity. Kaitlyn’s mom declares her daughter acted out of love for the younger teen. 

[caption id="attachment_6455" align="alignleft" width="150"] Kaitlyn Hunt Just Turned 18[/caption]

The parents of the 14-year-old fail to see the Romeo-and-Juliet aspect of the situation and Kaitlyn faces two counts of lewd and lascivious battery of a minor which carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison and a requirement that upon conviction she register as a sex offender, PROPECIA pics. Low dose PROPECIA, Kaitlyn was also expelled from the high school where both girls attended classes and the sexual activity took place. Kaitlyn’s future looks bleak. 

"I'm scared of losing the rest of my life, not being able to go to college, and be around kids, and my sisters and my family," Kaitlyn told reporters recently. 

She has every reason to feel that way, BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Colleges are unlikely to accept a student on the sex registry or one who has a felony conviction, PROPECIA from canadian pharmacy. PROPECIA over the counter, Those listed on registry cannot be in a place where children are present, like a school, buy cheap PROPECIA, PROPECIA results, a private home or a place of employment where children might come in the door. 

The prosecutor offered Kaitlyn a plea deal. If she agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of child abuse he would allow her to forego registering as a sex offender, buy PROPECIA without a prescription. PROPECIA wiki, The State Attorney said he would recommend to the judge that Kaitlyn be sentenced to two years of house arrest followed by one year of probation. 

[caption id="attachment_6456" align="alignright" width="150"] For Kaitlyn - From Cheerleader to Convict?[/caption]

Kaitlyn turned down that offer.  And whether her reason is because she truly thinks she didn't do anything wrong or she thinks public opinion (including support from gay rights groups) will sway the prosecutor or the other girl's family to drop the charges - the harsh reality is under the law she is guilty.  BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION, I hope the Hunt family truly understands what's at stake by counseling Kaitlyn to refuse the plea deal.

It is unlikely the prosecutor’s office will walk away from this high profile case because the law is so crystal clear, PROPECIA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Is PROPECIA addictive, If Kaitlyn is found guilty at trial she faces the real possibility of years in prison. Trust me on this - prison is not a place you want your beautiful, buy no prescription PROPECIA online, blonde, apple-cheeked daughter to be. 

What is it about the age of 18 that magically turns us into full-fledged adults with all the rights and burdens that the status implies. Nothing, really. The law had to draw a line somewhere and age 18 was randomly chosen. 

[caption id="attachment_6458" align="alignleft" width="120"] Turning 18 Changes Everything in the Eyes of the Law[/caption]

In Georgia a few years ago, a 17 year old honor student named Genarlow Wilson was sentenced to 10 years in prison after he and his 15 year old girlfriend were videotaped at a New Year's Eve party engaging in what former President Bill Clinton has declared is an act that doesn't really constitute sex, BUY PROPECIA NO PRESCRIPTION. An appeals court ultimately declared Genarlow’s sentence was "cruel and unusual" and he was released - but not before spending more than two years in prison. This is what our laws have wrought. 

It really is time to give some serious thought to changing the laws on sexual contact between teenagers. I know the laws are designed to protect younger children from older kids who might be more aggressive in pressing forward with a sexual relationship. But when we try to legislate something as hard-to-control as the sexual urges of teenagers shouldn't there be some wiggle room. Say, consideration of extenuating circumstances like their scholastic achievements or their past contributions to the community. Do we really want to imprison a church-going, straight A student bound for college because he or she acted on a normal urge? 

Mental health experts will certainly say it is not healthy to declare a young person's first sexual urges as "criminal" or somehow taboo - whether they are opposite sex or same sex attractions. The heart wants what the heart wants and no law can extinguish human desire.






by Diane Dimond on April 8, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6188" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Judges CAN Right Judicial Wrongs[/caption]

We often hear people associated with the criminal justice system complain about how it works – or fails to work. Prosecutors, Where to buy SUMYCIN, defense attorneys, police and social workers all cite specifics that they believe tip the scales of fairness.

Very rarely – if ever – do we hear from a judge, australia, uk, us, usa. The ethics of their profession mandate they remain mum about public policy issues while on the bench. Order SUMYCIN online overnight delivery no prescription, Even after they retire the public rarely gets the benefit of their insight. I think that is a shame, BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Who better to help teach the public about how politician’s laws – sometimes crafted and passed with headlines in mind – actually affect citizens.

This is a story about not one -- but two -- judges from different states that came together to pro-actively help a woman they believed had been given a raw deal at sentencing, SUMYCIN street price. Their actions speak volumes about our justice system and proves there really is no such thing as a one-size-fits all sentencing. Purchase SUMYCIN, [caption id="attachment_6189" align="alignright" width="150"] Dallaire at Home-Thanks to New York Times[/caption]

In 2003, Denise Dallaire, a college graduate, SUMYCIN samples, was convicted for possessing and selling a relatively small amount of crack cocaine in Rhode Island. BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Seven years earlier she had been arrested on a similar charge. SUMYCIN for sale, (She explained she really wasn’t into drugs herself but enjoyed the money she could make selling them) When Dallaire attended college in Connecticut she had once thrown a glass and injured someone in a bar fight and had been arrested.

By the time Dallaire, at age 26, buy SUMYCIN online cod, came before Senior U.S. SUMYCIN interactions, District Judge Robert Lagueux to face the last charge she had three strikes against her. Under mandatory sentencing laws she was automatically considered a “career criminal.” Judge Lagueux made it clear at sentencing that his hands were tied – he was forced by law to pass a stiff sentence.

[caption id="attachment_6190" align="alignleft" width="150"] U.S, BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION. District Judge Ronald Lagueux[/caption]

“This is one case where the guidelines work an injustice, SUMYCIN maximum dosage,” he said that day in 2003, SUMYCIN used for, “And I’d like to do something about it but I can’t.” Lagueux sentenced Dallaire to 15 years in prison. That moment bothered the judge for all the years Denise served her time at the federal prison for women in Danbury, Connecticut, rx free SUMYCIN.

Over the last decade Dallaire has been an exemplary inmate. Order SUMYCIN from mexican pharmacy, She has made thousands of blankets, hats and pillows to donate to children suffering from cancer, she organized fellow inmates to decorate and sell Christmas trees on behalf of cancer charities, buying SUMYCIN online over the counter. BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Dallaire admitted she deserved prison and that she had made, “a lot of stupid and ridiculous decisions,” in her early life. She seemed resigned to her fate and looked forward to her release in 2018. SUMYCIN online cod, She had no possibility of early release.

At Danbury Prison Denise Dallaire met another judge – U.S. District Court Judge John Gleeson from Brooklyn, online SUMYCIN without a prescription. Every year Gleeson makes a pilgrimage to the prison so as to remind himself where he sends defendants, BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION. The judge takes his New York University Law School students and clerks with him. SUMYCIN overnight, Gleeson got to know Denise and told the New York Times he came to realize her case was a textbook example of how mandated sentences do more to ruin lives than protect society.

[caption id="attachment_6191" align="alignright" width="150"] Judge Gleeson Made it a Habit to Visit Prison[/caption]

“There are a lot of people like Denise doing bone-crushing time under the old sentencing regime, SUMYCIN forum,” Judge Gleeson said. BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION, “We need to try to find ways to help them.”

It is important to note that just two years after Denise was sentenced the U.S. SUMYCIN blogs, Supreme Court ruled that mandatory sentencing guidelines, originally designed to target drug kingpins, were unconstitutional, buy SUMYCIN from canada. Congress agreed and has twice passed laws to reduce sentences for crack cocaine convictions like Denise’s. Cheap SUMYCIN, Judge Gleeson wants to start what he calls, “The Mercy Project” wherein pro bono lawyers would help the hundreds of prisoners (thousands, by some estimates) languishing under antiquated sentences, after SUMYCIN. With that in mind, Fast shipping SUMYCIN, Gleeson convinced a friend, a top New York lawyer named Jonathan Polkes, to seek a presidential pardon for Dallaire, generic SUMYCIN. Part of the process required them to go back to Judge Lagueux to sign-on to the idea, BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Lagueux earnestly wanted to help Denise but didn’t think the pardon idea would work. SUMYCIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Instead, he pointed out a procedural flaw that he, himself, SUMYCIN mg, had made at sentencing that could be exploited. SUMYCIN canada, mexico, india, Lagueux suggested bringing the case back to Rhode Island on the basis of his self-reported mistake.

[caption id="attachment_6195" align="alignleft" width="150"] Mercy for Dying Woman & Daughter[/caption]

Last month, Denise Dallaire was brought before the now 81 year old judge who had sentenced her so many years earlier, ordering SUMYCIN online. BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION, “I felt bound by those mandatory guidelines and I hated them,” Judge Lagueux explained to the sobbing prisoner before him. “I’m sorry I sent you away for 15 years.” The judge then instructed that Dallaire be released on time served. Order SUMYCIN no prescription, He told her to hurry home to her sick mother in Groton, Connecticut. She was able to be with her mother for her final eleven days, SUMYCIN australia, uk, us, usa. As for her future, Denise says she wants to dedicate her life to helping others who are serving long sentences win commutation like she did.

Certainly, mandatory sentencing has helped lock up many real career criminals for a long time, BUY SUMYCIN NO PRESCRIPTION. But over-sentencing the undeserving doesn’t keep us safer. Keeping them in prison long after the law that put them there has been struck down only adds to our mammoth prison costs. And, with every year that ticks by it eats away at the prisoner’s chance for re-claiming a productive life on the outside.

I like Judge Gleeson’s idea of a selective Mercy Project to review the sentences of prisoners caught in the cracks like Denise. Any other justice-seeking judges out there interested.



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