A Whistleblower’s Worst Nightmare

by Diane Dimond on March 24, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7400" align="alignleft" width="150"] Michael Winston - Still Paying the Price[/caption] Justice is supposed to be blind. But what happens when it turns out to be blind, deaf and dumb? Sadly, there is not enough space here to tell you the entire 7-year saga of whistleblower Michael Winston but the bottom line is this: He got royally screwed by the California judicial system. Winston, 62, is a mild-mannered Ph D. and a veteran leadership executive who has held top jobs at elite corporations like McDonnell Douglas, Motorola and Merrill Lynch. After taking time off to nurse his ailing parents Winston was recruited by Countrywide Financial to help polish their corporate image. He was quickly promoted - twice – and had a team of 200 employees. It’s almost unheard of for a top-tier executive turning whistleblower but that’s what Winston became after he noticed many of his staff were sickened by noxious air in their Simi Valley, California office. When the company failed to fix the problem Winston picked up the phone and called Cal-OSHA to investigate. Retaliation was immediate. Winston’s budget was cut and most of his staff was reassigned. [caption id="attachment_7404" align="alignright" width="150"] Countrywide's CEO, Angelo Mozilo[/caption] Several months later Winston says he refused Countrywide’s request to travel to New York and, basically, lie to the credit ratings agency Moody’s about corporate structure and practices. That was the death knell for Winston’s stellar 30-year-long career. When Countrywide was bought out by Bank of America in 2008 – following Countrywide’s widely reported lead role in the sub-prime mortgage fiasco that caused the collapse of the U.S. housing market – Winston was out of a job. In early 2011, after a month-long trial a jury overwhelmingly found that Winston had been wrongfully terminated and awarded him nearly $4 million. Lawyers for Bank of America (which had assumed all Countrywide liabilities) immediately asked the judge to overturn the verdict. Judge Bert Gennon Jr. denied the request saying, “There was a great deal of evidence that was provided to the jury in making their decision and they went about it very carefully.” Winston and his lawyer maintain they won despite repeated and egregious perjury by the opposition. Winston never saw a dime of his award and nearly two years later B of A appealed. In February 2013, the Court of Appeal issued a stunning reversal of the verdict. The court declared Winston had failed to make his case. [caption id="attachment_7405" align="alignleft" width="150"] Ca. Employment Attorney Cliff Palefsky[/caption] “This never happens…this isn’t legal,” Cliff Palefsky, a top employment lawyer in San Francisco told me during a phone conversation. “The appeals court is not supposed to go back and cherry-pick through the evidence the way this court did. And if there is any doubt about a case they are legally bound to uphold the jury’s verdict.” None of the legal eagles I spoke to could explain why the Court of Appeal would do such an apparently radical thing. The Government Accountability Project, a whistleblower protection group in D.C. has been watching the Winston case closely. Senior Counsel Richard Condit says he believes the appeal judge wrongly “nullified” the jury’s determination. “This case is vitally important,” Condit told me on the phone. “Seeing what happened to Winston, who will ever want to come forward and reveal what they know about corporate wrongdoings?” GAP and various legal academicians are trying to figure out a way to get Winston’s case before the U.S. Supreme Court. [caption id="attachment_7406" align="alignright" width="150"] B of A Assumed All Countrywide Liabilities[/caption] There have been whispers about the possible malpractice of Winston’s trial lawyer failing to file crucial documents that might have satisfied the appeal court’s questions. His appellate lawyer didn't even tell him when the appeals court was hearing the case and Winston was out of town. The LA District Attorney and the Sheriff’s Department refused to follow up on evidence that Countrywide witnesses, including founder Angelo Mozilo, had blatantly committed perjury on the stand. Some court watchers speak of the, “unholy alliance” between big corporations and the justice system in California. Winston, who says he spent $600,000 on legal fees, further depleted his savings by appealing to the California Supreme Court. That court refused to hear his case. During one of our many hours-long phone conversations Winston told me, “So, here I sit,” The whistleblower. The good guy loses. And the bad guys, officials at the corporation that cheated and lied and nearly caused the collapse of the U.S. economy -- wins.” [caption id="attachment_7408" align="alignleft" width="150"] Feds: Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail[/caption] There’s a lot of talk out of Washington these days about “economic equality.” But seven years have passed since the housing crisis and the feds have not prosecuted one key executive from any of the financial giants that helped fuel the economic crash. Too big to fail – and too big to jail, I guess. Bank of America has spent upwards of $50 billion in legal fees, litigation costs and fines cleaning up the Countrywide mess. Their latest projections indicate they’ll spend billions more before it’s over. To my mind a stiff prison sentence for the top-dogs who orchestrated the original mortgage schemes would go much further than agreeing that they pay hefty fines. That’s no deterrent to others since they all have lots of money. A recent e-mail I got from Michael Winston, a proud man who has been unemployed for four years, said: “I have just received (a) court order mandating that I pay to Bank of America over $100,000.00 for their court costs. This will be in all ways – financial, emotional, physical and spiritual – painful.” If a top-tier executive can’t prevail blowing the whistle on a corrupt company, if the feds fail to pursue prison terms, and if a jury’s verdict can be over-turned without the opportunity to appeal -- what kind of signal does that send to the dishonest? You know the answer. We’re telling them it is okay to put profit above everything else. We’re telling them to continue their illegal behaviors because there will be no prison time for them. At worst they may only have to part with a slice of their ill-gotten gains. This is not the way the justice system is supposed to work. home  



by Diane Dimond on February 24, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7302" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION, PTSD - Homegrown Cases on the Rise[/caption]

Think about the least desirable neighborhoods around you. You know the places I’m talking about – the areas you think twice about going to in the daytime and deliberately avoid at night. STENDRA dosage, Those zones where police officers are most often called to respond to reports of shootings, stabbings and murders.

Now, online buy STENDRA without a prescription, think about the people who live in those crime infested neighborhoods. STENDRA from canada, Think of the young people who grow up watching the violence all around them and fearing it will come for them.

A recent article by journalists at ProPublica.org quoted a growing list of studies that have compared what happens to people who live in dangerous neighborhoods here at home with what happens to soldiers serving in war zones, BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION. The unanimous conclusion is that residents of violent neighborhoods can suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder just as so many of our soldiers do. Just like veterans, STENDRA online cod, civilians can experience flashbacks, Where to buy STENDRA, nightmares, paranoia, and social withdrawal, where can i cheapest STENDRA online.

While the military has established protocols for diagnosing PTSD in soldiers there are barely any programs in place to help civilians. Purchase STENDRA online, You can count on one hand the number of hospital emergency rooms that bother to question victims of community violence, those who come in seeking treatment for a stabbing or gunshot wound.

[caption id="attachment_7304" align="alignright" width="150"] Sometimes the War Zones Are Here at Home[/caption]

We know from research on military personnel BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION, that PTSD is a very real, very terrifying syndrome in which the sufferer has a sudden and distorted sense of being in imminent and extreme danger. They become horrified, STENDRA from canadian pharmacy, hyper-aggressive and violent in response. Taking STENDRA, The gather weapons to help them fight off their perceived threats.

If these recent studies about the growing number of civilian PTSD cases are on target – (one from Drexel University, for example, where can i order STENDRA without prescription, found homegrown PTSD victims are more likely to carry a weapon in order to “restore feelings of safety”) -- doesn’t it behoove us to pay closer attention to neighborhoods that could be producing human ticking time bombs. Buy cheap STENDRA no rx, It doesn’t take a risk assessment expert to peg this problem as a solid public safety issue.

After a catastrophic event like the 9-11 attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing or a devastating hurricane mental health experts flood in to offer counselling and follow up treatment, BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Currently, however, STENDRA samples, only one U.S. STENDRA used for, hospital performs routine PTSD screening.

[caption id="attachment_7305" align="alignleft" width="150"] Investigates Civilian PTSD Cases[/caption]

ProPublica contacted top trauma centers in the 21 U.S. cities with the highest murder rates, my STENDRA experience. BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Only the Spirit of Charity Hospital in New Orleans has their emergency room doctors routinely monitor for PTSD and offer treatment options to the incoming wounded.

At Cook County Hospital in Chicago’s inner city a pilot program began in 2011 to identify PTSD symptoms in pediatric patients. What is STENDRA, Now, social workers report 42 percent of all patients examined for gunshots, stabbings and other violent injuries had signs of PTSD symptoms, order STENDRA no prescription. Most of them were male but, Discount STENDRA, when questioned, women and whole families reported “significant levels of PTSD.”

Researchers in Atlanta questioned 8,000 inner-city dwellers and learned that two-thirds had been violently attacked, cheap STENDRA, about half of them knew someone who had been murdered and 1 person out of every 3 interviewed reported having had PTSD symptoms sometime in their lives. Purchase STENDRA online no prescription, “The rates of PTSD we see are as high or higher than Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam veterans,” Project leader Dr, is STENDRA addictive. Kerry Ressler said, BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION. "We have a whole population who is traumatized.”

[caption id="attachment_7306" align="alignright" width="150"] Studies: Community Violence = PTSD[/caption]

ProPublica reports that at Detroit’s Receiving Hospital psychologists talk with susceptible patients about PTSD but there’s no real program in place. Australia, uk, us, usa, Staffs at hospital trauma units in Birmingham, Alabama and St. Louis, STENDRA treatment, Missouri say they hope to begin routine PTSD screening by the end of the year. Low dose STENDRA, And, doctors in Baltimore, Newark, doses STENDRA work, Memphis and Jackson, STENDRA mg, Mississippi all said they would like to have such a program but their hospitals simply don’t have the money. BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION, The bills of low income patients are most often paid by Medicaid which doesn’t cover PTSD screenings. Maybe the program should reconsider as a bit of public money spent now could save a lot more in the future.

Regular readers of this column know the rate of crime has been going down, STENDRA interactions, nationally, Buy no prescription STENDRA online, but still there are pockets in America where rates of violent crime continue to escalate.

There are whole neighborhoods in the United States that are so dangerous they are, literally, STENDRA pictures, creating a clinically definable group of people who could violently lash out at any given moment. STENDRA blogs, Think of the damage done in terms of getting an education, family relationships, parenting skills, STENDRA trusted pharmacy reviews, and, in many cases, the frequent inability of adult PTSD victims to hold down a job. You know who pays for their unemployment benefits. We all do, BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION. We also pay for food stamps, child welfare, housing allowances, the cost of family and juvenile court and incarceration costs.

[caption id="attachment_7308" align="alignleft" width="150"] PTSD in Inner-City Children is on the Rise[/caption]

There are so many politicians who, during election cycles, wax eloquently about working for the well-being of all citizens, doing what’s best for the economy and society at large. Funny, I don’t hear many speak about crime, justice or concrete ideas to make us safer where we live.

I guess it comes down to this: Do we want to offer better policing, meaningful counselling and maybe even a relocation stipend to those who have endured violent acts in their own communities – or do we want to wait until something awful happens and pay the increased freight on the back end.

There’s no getting around it. Researchers have been studying this problem since the late 90’s and all have come to the same conclusion. There are parts of America that are as damaging to human beings as the worst foreign war zones.



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by Diane Dimond on January 13, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7199" align="alignleft" width="180"] Why Aren't Bad Bankers Held Liable Too?[/caption]

BUY BIAXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, If you robbed a bank and got caught you would go to jail, right?

If you waited in the getaway car while your cohort robbed the bank you would go to jail as an accomplice, right. Of course you would.  That’s what the law mandates. 

So how come, BIAXIN duration, BIAXIN over the counter, after a bank stands mute as customers are robbed, do they get “deferred prosecution?”

I ask these questions after this week’s decision by the feds to merely fine JPMorgan Chase for failing to report their very real suspicions about mega-fraudster Bernard Madoff, order BIAXIN from mexican pharmacy. BIAXIN images, No criminal charges, no one is held responsible and faces jail time – just $2.5 billion in fines and penalties for an organization, BIAXIN from mexico, BIAXIN interactions, that experts say, will likely make as much as $23 billion in profit this year, BIAXIN no prescription. Buy no prescription BIAXIN online, Under the settlement agreement, announced by the U.S, canada, mexico, india. What is BIAXIN, Attorney in Manhattan, any criminal charges were deferred for two years – and maybe forever – if the bank keeps its nose clean.  All JPMorgan had to do was admit its bad conduct, BIAXIN no rx, BIAXIN trusted pharmacy reviews, pay the fine and agree to strengthen its anti-money laundering policies. 

[caption id="attachment_7205" align="alignright" width="150"] Plays By A Different Set of Rules?[/caption]

JPMorgan immediately issued a statement saying, “We recognize we could have done a better job pulling together various pieces of information and concerns about Madoff from different parts of the bank.” Really, comprar en línea BIAXIN, comprar BIAXIN baratos.

Pulitzer Prize winning business reporter Michael Hiltzik, writing in the Los Angeles Times, declared the JPMorgan admission, “Resembles hay after it’s been passed through the digestive system of a horse.” Hiltzik also believes JPMorgan has re-written the history of what it knew about Madoff’s criminal practices – and when they knew it. 

“JPMorgan, where Madoff kept his major bank accounts and which profited handsomely off its relationship in numerous ways, knew Madoff was crooked,” Hiltzik wrote, BUY BIAXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy BIAXIN without a prescription, “Bank executives had him figured out … early,”

 Look, doses BIAXIN work, BIAXIN pharmacy, I don’t know much about high finance but let’s review some facts about what JPMorgan did – and didn't do – after it had reason to believe Madoff was a con-man of mammoth proportions.

Keep in mind. the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 requires banks to file what’s called “suspicious activity reports” with federal regulators if they think a customer is dealing in ill-gotten gains, effects of BIAXIN. BIAXIN canada, mexico, india, JPMorgan consistently stayed mum about its Madoff concerns and under the law that is a felony.

[caption id="attachment_7206" align="alignleft" width="150"] Madoff Laundered Money - JPMorgan Looked the Other Way[/caption]

In October 2008, BIAXIN treatment, BIAXIN coupon, the bank’s branch in London apparently saw great financial doom looming and finally registered their concerns about Madoff with British regulators. BUY BIAXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, While required to file the same report in the U.S., JPMorgan did not.

Over the next few weeks the bank quietly withdrew some $300 million of its own money invested in various Madoff funds, BIAXIN pics. Fast shipping BIAXIN, By December, Madoff was in handcuffs, BIAXIN pictures, Online buying BIAXIN hcl, paraded as a master Ponzi perp before his horrified investors – and the world.

In other words, low dose BIAXIN, No prescription BIAXIN online, JP Morgan never lifted a finger to help protect clients but when it came to protecting itself against risk bank executives made sure they were ahead of the curve.

JPMorgan executives likely consider the just-imposed $2.5 billion fine as simply the cost of doing business, after BIAXIN. Over the last year the organization has agreed to pay out a collective $20 billion for various serious banking violations, BUY BIAXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. BIAXIN used for, Imagine, if you robbed a bank of, BIAXIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, BIAXIN australia, uk, us, usa, say, $1 million and prosecutors agreed to let you pay $1,000 to make the criminal charges go away. Being able to pay away your crimes would never happen with an individual but when it comes to financial institutions the legal playing field is suddenly different. Why is that.

Because our Department of Justice says that’s okay. BUY BIAXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Remember the days when prosecutors actually came to the aid of cheated investors to punish those responsible. The days when charlatan convicts actually went to prison and names like Mike Milken, Ivan Boesky, Jeffery Skilling and Charles Keating made the news.

[caption id="attachment_7207" align="alignright" width="150"] Time Mag: Mozilo "Blameworthy" for Housing Crisis[/caption]

Today, swindlers like former Countrywide Financial Services CEO Angelo Mozilo - a man widely considered to have been a kingpin of the sub-prime mortgage crisis – can walk away from the financial messes they create by simply opening up their fattened wallets. Mozilo was four days away from the opening of his criminal fraud trial when the Security and Exchange Commission suddenly dropped the charges in exchange for his payment of a $67.5 million dollar fine.

That’s justice. Is it any wonder that so many Americans have grown distrustful of both the federal government and big institutions, BUY BIAXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. This is why so many citizens have come to believe that there are two justice systems in this country – one for the average citizen and one for those with money and connections.

While watching the U.S. Attorney’s news conference announcing the latest settlement I couldn’t help but notice not one word was said regarding the federal government’s failure to monitor Madoff’s years-long misdeeds. Certainly the bank was wrong but where had the SEC, the FBI and other government agencies been all those years that Madoff was scamming people. BUY BIAXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, If someone as blatant as Madoff slipped through the cracks how many other financial fraudsters are operating unnoticed today.

There seems to be no end to the number of fingers of blame that can rightfully be pointed. Yet, hardly anyone has been held personally responsible for the myriad of financial crimes we've seen over the last few years.


[caption id="attachment_7209" align="alignleft" width="150"] Rakoff: Why Aren't Bankers Held Responsible?[/caption]

U.S. District Court judge Jed Rakoff recently wrote a brave essay about Wall Street’s watchdogs. Rakoff, who has an expertise in securities law, wrote that exacting fines and promises to do better from institutions is, “little more than window dressing,” and he lambastes the shift in DOJ policy toward negotiating with companies.

“Companies do not commit crimes,” the judge wrote. “Only their agents do … So why not prosecute the agent who actually committed the crime?”

Is anyone at the Justice Department listening.



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by Diane Dimond on December 30, 2013


[caption id="attachment_7165" align="alignleft" width="132"] Tops on the List : Tolerance[/caption]

BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Tops on my Crime and Justice Wish List this year is the sincere hope that America finds a way to become a better functioning and more tolerant country.

I wish for the lethargy of the electorate and the deterioration of trust and respect – in our government and in each other – to magically evaporate. 

It is a tall order, I know, CLARITIN photos. We live in an ugly era of perpetual backbiting that serves no real purpose but to distract us from finding solutions to very real problems. CLARITIN for sale, Democrats routinely ridicule Republicans and vice versa. Various ethnic groups point to those who are different and declare their problems are the other groups fault; both heterosexuals and homosexuals complain their lifestyle is under attack; the unemployed and under-employed label business people and corporations as greedy devils without acknowledging they are the very entities providing the most jobs. Our children grow up hearing our viciousness toward one another and are likely to continue the corrosive tradition of intolerance. 

I wish for an America where people can enjoy their right to freedom of speech unencumbered by political correctness, BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I cling to the idea expressed by author Evelyn Beatrice Hall who wrote, order CLARITIN no prescription, "I disapprove of what you say, CLARITIN mg, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." 

[caption id="attachment_7166" align="alignright" width="150"] Wishing That Disagreements Didn't Turn So Ugly[/caption]

A recent example of our intolerance is the case of TV personality and proud Christian, Phil Robertson, of “Duck Dynasty” fame, kjøpe CLARITIN på nett, köpa CLARITIN online. Asked by a magazine reporter what he viewed as sinful he answered, Order CLARITIN online overnight delivery no prescription, "Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there -- bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he said, CLARITIN long term. Not a politically correct answer but his opinion, CLARITIN recreational, nonetheless. 

Paraphrasing Corinthians Robertson added, “Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, CLARITIN blogs, the male prostitutes, Ordering CLARITIN online, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, CLARITIN forum, the slanderers, Rx free CLARITIN, the swindlers … they won't inherit the kingdom of God.” 

[caption id="attachment_7174" align="alignleft" width="150"] Patriarch of the Duck Dynasty Cast[/caption]

Now, whether you agree with Robertson’s beliefs or not that is his constitutionally protected opinion and in my America he is entitled to express it. 

The reaction to Robertson’s comments, however, CLARITIN from canada, was swift and vicious. CLARITIN dangers, One leader of a gay and lesbian group attacked the 67-year-old patriarch saying if people wanted to know why gay teenagers commit suicide they need look no further than Robertson’s, “hate that shames them into doing so.” The A & E cable network capitulated to the criticism and suspended Robertson from their top rated program. BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, The reaction was decidedly un-American, in my view. 

Moving on … I wish for the NSA to stop all unwarranted surveillance of citizen’s activities –forever. Stay away from my e-mails and phone calls unless there’s proof I committed a crime. 

I wish for more oversight of the billions being spent by the Department of Homeland Security, my CLARITIN experience. I hope that all law enforcement can band together to create a trustworthy, CLARITIN use, centralized anti-terrorist tracking system to thwart tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing. 

[caption id="attachment_7169" align="alignright" width="150"] A New Dialogue to Stop Gun Violence[/caption]

About the gun violence that continues to plague us: I’m heartened to see a renewed discussion about helping the mentally ill who have access to guns. As law-abiding gun owners would tell you, it’s a long overdue conversation, CLARITIN without prescription. I hope we never again hear of a troubled kid shooting up a school but steel yourself because it is almost certain to happen. 

I wish young people would be required to take conflict management courses so they learned early on how to manage conflict before gun shots, Online buying CLARITIN, road rage or fist fights break out. 

On one hand, I hope I never have to cover another Jerry Sandusky-type child sex abuse trial, but, taking CLARITIN, on second thought, Buy generic CLARITIN, I hope I do. I hope Sandusky’s conviction gives strength to all child sex abuse victims to come forward with the truth – no matter what their age is today. 

Same with the story about the three missing girls held for so long by the late Arial Castro in Cleveland, BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION. These stories are so hard to hear but I surely hope more missing people are found alive and reunited with their families. 

I wish for a year with a lot fewer frivolous lawsuits (Come on, figure out amongst yourselves who gets the dog in the divorce!) so there is room in our overloaded court system for the truly important cases, discount CLARITIN. And, CLARITIN description, I hope fewer judges make foolish decisions like the one who decided a drunk kid who caused a fatal car crash should do easy time because he suffers from “Affluenza.” That makes about as much sense as a judge accepting a defense attorney’s claim of “Poorfluenza.” 

[caption id="attachment_7170" align="alignleft" width="150"] The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants[/caption]

In preparing this year’s list I looked back through my past New Year’s columns and realized many of the things I had wished for are still outstanding. That doesn’t curb my hope for solutions to issues like the immigration mess, better border patrol activities, CLARITIN dose, prison over-crowding and reworking our National Sex Registry so that career pedophiles are no longer lumped in with amorous teenagers and drunks who urinate in public. 

Happily, CLARITIN online cod, some of my past wishes are in the process of coming true. New Mexico, for example, buy CLARITIN online no prescription, became the 17th state to allow people who love each other to get married no matter what their gender. BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Several states have moved to decriminalize marijuana as a way to ease prison overcrowding and raise tax dollars. Buy cheap CLARITIN, And, dormant DNA rape kits are finally being processed with the results being included in the national criminal data base. Cold cases are being solved because we’re finally catching up. 

[caption id="attachment_7175" align="alignright" width="150"] The Alternative is Chaos[/caption]

But none of our issues can truly be resolved without my first wish coming true, cheap CLARITIN. We have to stop picking fights with each other and start finding common ground to reach common sense solutions. Rx free CLARITIN, We need a revolution in thinking and behaving that throws off the idea that we should automatically attack someone who thinks differently.

It gets us nowhere. And even worse, CLARITIN overnight, it weakens the social fabric that has, CLARITIN blogs, for nearly 240 years, held this nation together. 

We can do better.



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by Diane Dimond on December 23, 2013

[caption id="attachment_7144" align="alignleft" width="150"] Traitor or Patriot?[/caption]

BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, As any member of organized crime will tell you it is best to, “Keep your enemies close to you.”

Why no one in the Obama Administration has latched on to that concept while contemplating the Edward Snowden NSA scandal is beyond me.

Snowden is, of course, the former National Security Agency computer analyst who fled the country with about 1.7 million classified documents proving that America has been involved in a massive telephone and internet surveillance campaign. Buy no prescription NITRAZEPAM online, Snowden has released some 200,000 documents so far and the world has learned that the U.S routinely scoops up the phone data and internet traffic of countless millions of Americans who are not suspected of any crime, buy NITRAZEPAM without prescription. NITRAZEPAM no rx, There are separate U.S. spying programs abroad with such tremendous reach that they have even targeted the personal cell phones and e-mails of heads of state, buy NITRAZEPAM without a prescription. NITRAZEPAM alternatives, Two of the victims, Brazilian President Dilma Roussef and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel have asked the United Nations Human Rights Counsel to investigate America’s actions.

[caption id="attachment_7148" align="alignright" width="150"] Snowden Now Holds a Russian Passport[/caption]

After the initial document dump Snowden has been cooling his heels in Russia, purchase NITRAZEPAM for sale. Ironic, I think, that the man who declared America’s surveillance programs violated human rights would land in a country with a far worse record on the issue, BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Herbal NITRAZEPAM, The Russians took him in for a year only after he promised to temporarily stop releasing any more classified information.

After six months living in what is surely a 24/7 surveillance atmosphere Snowden is indicating he’s thinking about moving on, where can i buy cheapest NITRAZEPAM online. Buy NITRAZEPAM online no prescription, At least 20 countries have denied his asylum request but he recently penned an open letter to the country of Brazil, perhaps hoping that their offended president might change her mind and approve his sanctuary request, NITRAZEPAM used for. Is NITRAZEPAM addictive, "American Senators tell us that Brazil should not worry, because this is not ‘surveillance, NITRAZEPAM duration, Canada, mexico, india, ’ it's ‘data collection,’" Snowden wrote, purchase NITRAZEPAM online no prescription. BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, “They say it is done to keep you safe. Buy NITRAZEPAM from mexico, They're wrong. These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, buy cheap NITRAZEPAM, NITRAZEPAM wiki, social control, and diplomatic manipulation, ordering NITRAZEPAM online. Australia, uk, us, usa, They're about power.”

And Snowden made clear his determined mindset.

“I will not be the one to ignore criminality for the sake of political comfort, doses NITRAZEPAM work. I would rather be without a state than without a voice.”

[caption id="attachment_7149" align="alignleft" width="150"] Snowden Celebrated Worldwide as Hero[/caption]

This makes Snowden, 30, a formidable foe, BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Low dose NITRAZEPAM, He doesn’t care about his own fate. He is an ideologue whose only goal is to continue to reveal the contents of the remaining 1.5 million classified documents he took with him, where can i buy NITRAZEPAM online. NITRAZEPAM samples, It’s time to staunch the damaging flow of secret information. During this temporary hiatus in Snowden’s revelations it is time for the brain trust in Washington to come up with an amnesty package for Snowden and get him back on American soil, online buying NITRAZEPAM. BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Even the chief of the NSA’s investigation into the scandal seems to agree. NITRAZEPAM schedule, Richard Ledgett told 60 Minutes he is extremely worried about highly classified documents not yet made public and that amnesty for Snowden, “Is worth having a discussion about.”

Naturally, NITRAZEPAM price, coupon, NITRAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa, there would have to be strict conditions like securing the remainder of the secret documents and positively confirming there were no copies made.

[caption id="attachment_7150" align="alignleft" width="150"] Ledgett Talks Amnesty on 60 Minutes[/caption]

This will be difficult because federal prosecutors have charged Snowden with several felony counts, NITRAZEPAM street price, NITRAZEPAM reviews, including some under the Espionage Act. Any defense lawyer worth his or her salt would insist the charges be reduced or dropped before Snowden would consider returning, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. They may demand a presidential pardon or other far-reaching immunity. Maybe the feds could offer a protective custody deal where Snowden remains under guard for a pre-determined period of time while details of the document recovery are worked through, BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

Another problem. Snowden surely won’t want to keep silent. He craves a public discussion about what he sees as the illegal actions of U.S. intelligence agents. BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, And if the feds are smart they will want to question him about how he achieved the theft of all those classified files.

How about granting Snowden closed-door conversations with select members of Congress. Lawmakers who have felt lied to by NSA officials would jump at the chance to question the man.

[caption id="attachment_7151" align="alignright" width="150"] NSA Director Alexander Testifies on Hill[/caption]

Yes, Snowden would ultimately be allowed to walk free but isn't that the price we should pay for recovery of America’s most top secret information, BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

There have been terrible mis-calculations made about Edward Snowden. He has proven he is smarter and craftier than our entire intelligence community. He quietly conceived and then carried out his plan; he deftly escaped the reach of American law enforcement and expertly began to reveal what he had learned through pre-selected media. Snowden has engineered a protective sphere around himself designed to help him release more of the incriminating information he took with him. BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, It is safe to assume he has deposited computer drives containing the documents somewhere assessable to friendly reporters.

Some view Snowden as the ultimate traitor, someone never to be negotiated with. Others see him as a selfless patriot who was compelled by his conscious to reveal the unconstitutional actions of his government. Indeed, a federal judge recently ruled that the NSA’s daily habit of collecting virtually every American’s phone records is likely unconstitutional. In 2010, another federal judge ruled the NSA’s warrantless wiretaps were illegal.

I say it’s time to do something other than wait for Snowden to come in out of the cold, BUY NITRAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. America is strong enough to withstand past bad deeds. We have re-examined sanctioned actions like slavery and World War II Japanese internment camps and we've come out stronger on the other side of the discussions.

If Washington played it right granting Snowden amnesty and engaging in an open dialogue about what has occurred, could be used as an incredibly poignant mea culpa to the rest of the world.

There are only two alternatives here. Either allow Snowden to remain at large, free to release more of America’s secrets or grant him amnesty.

I vote for the, “Keep your enemies close to you,” solution. home.




by Diane Dimond on December 16, 2013

[caption id="attachment_7124" align="alignleft" width="120"] BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Newspaperman Charley Reese[/caption]

Professionals of all types admire others in their field. Architects respect certain other architects, CLOXAZOLAM brand name, singers style themselves after singers who came before them, artists can find inspiration from someone else’s work.

As a columnist I have a favorite too, kjøpe CLOXAZOLAM på nett, köpa CLOXAZOLAM online. The best columns I ever read – and ones I remember for their common sense ideas, CLOXAZOLAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, written in common-man language – were penned by veteran newspaperman Charley Reese. I didn’t agree with everything he wrote but I cherished his style. Although I write about crime and justice and Reese wrote about politics and international issues for the most part, I admit I have tried to achieve his simple way of communicating ideas, BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_7128" align="alignright" width="150"] Reese's Ideas Defined Who He Was[/caption]

Reese, order CLOXAZOLAM online c.o.d, who was born in Georgia in 1937 and died in May of this year, Real brand CLOXAZOLAM online, was a self-proclaimed conservative who jumped back and forth between the democratic and republican parties while admitting he was often drawn to libertarian ideals. To my mind that meant he was smart enough not to swallow partisan political messages and kept an open mind about things. My father would have described him as, CLOXAZOLAM results, “his own man.”

In 1984, CLOXAZOLAM pictures, while writing for the Orlando Sentinel, Reese came to national prominence when he wrote about the injustices he saw emanating from Washington. Congress a particular target, CLOXAZOLAM treatment. BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, “Most politicians today are not human beings,” Reese wrote in an article for the Conservative Chronicle. “You want to pry open their mouths and shout into the darkness, Buy cheap CLOXAZOLAM no rx, ‘Hello. Is there a human being in there?’ Buried under all that lust for office, is all that fear of offending a contributor.”

See any modern-day relevance to that thirty-year-old remark, no prescription CLOXAZOLAM online. I sure do. Where to buy CLOXAZOLAM, In my favorite Reese column entitled, “The 545 People Responsible For All Of America’s Woes,” Reese wrote that each of the nation’s problems could be traced directly to the President, CLOXAZOLAM forum, the members of the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives and the nine justices of the U.S, BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. CLOXAZOLAM use, Supreme Court.

[caption id="attachment_7129" align="alignleft" width="150"] Members of Congress - Among Reese's Culprits[/caption]

"When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise complete power over the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist, buy generic CLOXAZOLAM," Reese wrote. CLOXAZOLAM canada, mexico, india, "If the tax code is unfair, it's because they want it unfair. If the budget is in the red, effects of CLOXAZOLAM, it's because they want it in the red. BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, If the Marines are in Lebanon, it's because they want them in Lebanon."

Just insert our modern day conflict in Afghanistan in place of his mention of Lebanon and Reese’s words still ring true. Purchase CLOXAZOLAM online, Updated copies of “545” began to resurface during the 2008 presidential campaign with names of modern day politicians inserted and a reference to Iraq. It is still being passed around the internet today with various unauthorized updates.

In a type of language every reader could easily absorb, CLOXAZOLAM from canadian pharmacy, Reese proclaimed that politicians are, Taking CLOXAZOLAM, “The only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.”

About the ever-expanding government Reese asked, “Out-of-control bureaucracy. Congress authorizes everything bureaucrats do, cheap CLOXAZOLAM no rx. Too many rules, BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Blame Congress. Is CLOXAZOLAM safe, The annual deficits. Congress votes for them. You don't like the IRS, order CLOXAZOLAM no prescription. BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Go see Congress,” he wrote. “Don't be conned. CLOXAZOLAM recreational, Don't let them escape responsibility.”

[caption id="attachment_7130" align="alignright" width="150"] Some Members Embraced Reese's Words[/caption]

Over the years, Reese’s syndicated columns were often quoted and sometimes entered into the Congressional Record by politicians ashamed of their fellow colleague’s behavior.

One of the paragraphs he wrote years ago still resonates today:

“Have you ever wondered why, CLOXAZOLAM trusted pharmacy reviews, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, CLOXAZOLAM pharmacy, we have deficits. Have you ever wondered why, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, purchase CLOXAZOLAM, that we have inflation and high taxes?”

If the words you write still have meaning decades later, My CLOXAZOLAM experience, if you can cut directly to the core of a problem to help solve it – isn't that the definition of wisdom. To me, Reese was a perceptive sage whose call to, “Toss out the bums” should have been heeded by citizens long ago, BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Now look at the mess we've got.

[caption id="attachment_7132" align="alignleft" width="150"] Outside Lobbiests Aren't The Problem[/caption]

To those who complained to Reese that the nation’s ills were the fault of special interests or lobbyists, CLOXAZOLAM description, the columnist replied, Buying CLOXAZOLAM online over the counter, “They have no legal authority. They have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman or a president to do one cotton-picking thing, online CLOXAZOLAM without a prescription. I don't care if they offer a politician $1 million dollars in cash. BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, The politician has the power to accept or reject it.”

At the end of each year I try to think back about those people who have touched my life. I never met Charley Reese but I wish I had. Through his columns he spoke about justice and fairness and practicality. He urged readers to care about important things like honesty, integrity and the need for a government that works for all the people and not for political self-interest.

Toward the end of his career Reese told an interviewer, “It's not important to me if people agree or disagree with my point of view," he said. “What I hope my column does is provoke people into thinking about issues, about the world, and their place in it.”

[caption id="attachment_7137" align="alignright" width="120"] The Best Way To Change Things[/caption]

My sentiments exactly, BUY CLOXAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. I know not every reader is going to embrace what I write but I continue to write because it is vitally important that all Americans find time to contemplate the sphere outside their own life. With just 545 people controlling things – and doing a pretty miserable job, in my opinion – I think it is high time we wrest some of that control away.

As Reese said, “It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 235 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted -- by present facts - of incompetence and irresponsibility.”

We’re 314 million strong now.  We can change things.




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by Diane Dimond on December 2, 2013

[caption id="attachment_7071" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, Give Thanks for Our National Security[/caption]

Readers of this column know I spend considerable time dissecting what’s wrong with our crime and justice system. MICROZIDE images, But during this season of giving thanks for the positive things in life, let’s pause to express thanksgiving for the fact that our #1 national worry – falling victim to another devastating terror attack – did not come to pass, get MICROZIDE. Order MICROZIDE from United States pharmacy, Improving national security has been “the” top priority since September 11, 2001 and the fact that we haven’t had another major terror attack on U.S, online buying MICROZIDE hcl. MICROZIDE dosage, soil should be a comfort to us all.

It has been due, MICROZIDE no prescription, MICROZIDE over the counter, in large part, to our awakened awareness (and acceptance) that there are factions in the world that would like to kill us all and destroy America, MICROZIDE coupon. We've thrown everything we can at trying to insulate ourselves from the madness, BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. After MICROZIDE, I was in New York for the 9-11 attacks. I smelled the acrid air in downtown Manhattan still lingering days after the planes obliterated the Twin Towers, buy MICROZIDE from canada. MICROZIDE maximum dosage, I saw the zombie-like stares of citizens going about their routine while trying to absorb the enormity of what had happened. All sense of security was gone after that awful day, MICROZIDE cost. BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, I never want to feel that sense of utter helplessness again. MICROZIDE from canada, [caption id="attachment_7073" align="alignright" width="150"] Twelve Years With No Major Terror Attack[/caption]

Twelve years later I’m thankful that America has adopted a whole new way of looking at our nation’s safety. Now, where can i find MICROZIDE online, Buy MICROZIDE without prescription, when we see something – we say something. We have voluntarily given up portions of our privacy to make sure terrorists trying to navigate among us will be identified before they can do harm, MICROZIDE pictures. MICROZIDE treatment, Law enforcement is more attuned now to the extremist’s way of thinking and operating. Over the last decade the Department of Homeland Security has won budgets that topped half a trillion dollars – $589 billion dollars by my calculation – money earmarked to help keep us safe, BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION.

I’m thankful that as a nation we have that money to spend to make ourselves more secure, MICROZIDE images. Buy cheap MICROZIDE no rx, But I would not be a good citizen if I failed to ask the question – do we really have to keep spending upward of $60 billion dollars on Homeland Security every year. And, MICROZIDE from canadian pharmacy, Herbal MICROZIDE, for how many more years does that level of spending continue.

Let’s look at some facts, MICROZIDE results.

The government’s Worldwide Incidents Tracking System BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, reports that the total number of global terror attacks has dropped almost 30 percent since 2007. MICROZIDE dose, According to the latest figures available (from 2011) of the 13,288 people killed in terror attacks only 17 were U.S, MICROZIDE cost. MICROZIDE description, citizens. The year before that there were 15 Americans killed, MICROZIDE street price. Low dose MICROZIDE, [caption id="attachment_7074" align="alignleft" width="135"] Falling TV's Kill as Many Americans as Terrorism[/caption]

The WITS report says those numbers are comparable to the annual number of us who are crushed to death by falling televisions or other furniture. (Thanks to reader Daniel Petry for calling my attention to this report.)

“This is not to diminish the real--albeit shrinking--threat of terrorism, or to minimize the loss and suffering of the 13,000 killed and over 45,000 injured around the world,” the WITS report states, BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. “For Americans, MICROZIDE reviews, Purchase MICROZIDE online, however, it should emphasize that an irrational fear of terrorism is both unwarranted and a poor basis for public policy decisions.”

The more recent acts of terror are occurring in places like Afghanistan, MICROZIDE recreational, Pakistan, Iran and Somalia. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of the causalities – even when the target is an American-run installation – are local Muslims, not Americans.

Besides the 2012 tragedy at the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya where four Americans were killed and 4 others injured we've  done a pretty stellar job at protecting ourselves both at home and at foreign posts.

[caption id="attachment_7075" align="alignright" width="150"] BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, Deadly Attack on U.S. Mission in Benghazi[/caption]

So, what’s the projected year in which we can begin to scale back our homeland security spending. I know it isn't routine to take away money from a government agency but hasn't the more than half a trillion dollars already built us the security structure we need. It seems that at some time we might be able to consider a maintenance-level budget that keeps the security wheels rolling without adding expensive new accouterments.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers to the questions I pose here but I fret that no one in Washington seems to be asking them. Every year we just throw more money at DHS – and a host of other government agencies and programs – without talking about long-term strategies, BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION. When is enough enough. I fear the answer is: Never.

From Washington we continue to hear politically tinged fear-mongering from both sides of the aisle. Republicans have a tough guy image to uphold and Democrats don’t dare be perceived as being weak on national defense.

[caption id="attachment_7077" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, Annual Budgets Hover at $60 Billion[/caption]

No one whose job it is to argue for ever larger Homeland Security budgets acknowledges that we haven’t had a terrorist death in America in twelve years.

No one mentions that Al Qaeda got lucky when we were less prepared in 2001 and is as diminished today as we are more secure. In hushed, conspiratorial terms politicians, DHS and military officials continue to tell us the terror threat is very, very real and, well ... just leave it to them, they’ll make sure we’re safe.

This is not to say we shouldn't continue to be vigilant here at home (specifically at our border crossings) and, especially, abroad. If terror cells are allowed to flourish over there they will attempt to export their violence here to the United States, no doubt, BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION.

I’m thankful that we have security experts in this country who have gotten us to this much safer and more secure spot. I’d feel better if they’d reach a point where they admit we've got a good strong national security organization in place.

At that point maybe we could start diverting a few billion dollars to other worthy programs.






by Diane Dimond on November 25, 2013

[caption id="attachment_7058" align="alignleft" width="150"] MAZANOR FOR SALE, Spending Justice System Money More Wisely[/caption]

In this time of economic strain anyone who doesn’t look at ways to cut their personal or business budget is just not being responsible. Same goes for the justice system.

For nearly two decades lawyers working with death row inmates have spent countless hours, MAZANOR mg, court time and multiple tens of millions of dollars fighting for access to DNA testing. Kjøpe MAZANOR på nett, köpa MAZANOR online, These attorneys work right up until execution time to win court orders for DNA tests on crime scene evidence or DNA of the condemned prisoner him or herself.

I could never figure out why so much time and money was spent fighting a condemned person’s last chance to establish their innocence. Don’t we want to make sure we’re executing the right person, MAZANOR FOR SALE. Now that DNA technology has become so advanced isn't that one extra step the necessary and honorable thing to do, real brand MAZANOR online.

[caption id="attachment_7053" align="alignright" width="135"] 300+ Exonerated and Counting[/caption]

Since 1992 when the Innocence Project was founded – designed to help prisoners who could be exonerated through DNA testing – more than 300 convicts have been set free, My MAZANOR experience, including 18 from death row.

Some might see the death row DNA fight as a stalling tactic by crafty lawyers for an obviously guilty person. That might certainly be true in some cases, MAZANOR steet value. MAZANOR FOR SALE, But ask the 18 death row inmates the Innocence Project got exonerated if their final DNA fight was worth it.

Most states have statutes allowing post-conviction DNA testing access but none are automatic and almost all of them come with strict restrictions or absolute deadlines for use. MAZANOR alternatives, District Attorney’s offices routinely fight defense requests for DNA testing – as if to say each of their prosecutions were perfect and never needs review. What are they afraid of.

Well, is MAZANOR safe, here’s an idea that could reap double dividends. First, Congress needs to get past its partisan paralysis and pass a federal law mandating automatic DNA testing of inmates who have been sentenced to die, MAZANOR FOR SALE. MAZANOR dosage, No questions asked, just test each of America’s 3,125 death row inmates who have never had their DNA collected and register it with the national database, MAZANOR trusted pharmacy reviews, CODIS. MAZANOR no prescription, [caption id="attachment_7057" align="alignleft" width="120"] DNA Tests Reap Dividends[/caption]

The argument, of course, will be that DNA tests are costly, cheap MAZANOR no rx. Really. Taking MAZANOR, Compared to what. Research shows they average MAZANOR FOR SALE, between $350 and $1,800, depending on the laboratory used. Compared to the accumulated big ticket costs of lawyers, judges, after MAZANOR, prosecutors and court staff and it is easy to see that paying a bit up front could actually save taxpayer dollars in the long run. Where can i order MAZANOR without prescription, It could also save an innocent person’s life.

Most importantly, mandated DNA tests could more quickly identify innocent inmates which, order MAZANOR from mexican pharmacy, in turn, MAZANOR brand name, could alert police to the fact that there is still a dangerous criminal on the loose. It’s estimated that the exonerated spend about 13 years in prison before they are released. That’s too many years to allow a guilty party to roam the streets preying on others, MAZANOR FOR SALE.

Another budget point: The longer you keep a wrongfully convicted person in prison the more the state is liable to pay out in compensation, ordering MAZANOR online. Isn’t it smarter to spend a bit of money today (on DNA tests) and spare the state a potential big payout later. Buy MAZANOR from mexico, [caption id="attachment_7059" align="alignright" width="150"] Spend Now for DNA Tests or Later on Compensation[/caption]

About half the states have no actual statute for compensation on the books but that doesn’t mean they don’t payout huge sums. In California, for example, buy no prescription MAZANOR online, a state law awards up to $100 for each day a wrongfully convicted person spent in prison. MAZANOR FOR SALE, (Multiply that by the average 13 years and it totals more than $475,000. MAZANOR schedule, Realize, many of the exonerated have languished in prison for 25 years or more. For a quarter century of wrongful imprisonment a California inmate could receive more than $912, is MAZANOR addictive,000.) Missouri is less generous, MAZANOR interactions, offering $50 for each day. In Florida, an exonerated person can get $50, order MAZANOR online overnight delivery no prescription,000 for each year they spent behind bars with a maximum of $2 million. MAZANOR maximum dosage, Here’s that second dividend I mentioned: DNA testing could help solve cold cases and provide answers to families that have waiting years for news on what happened to their loved one.

While there are some wrongfully convicted inmates in prison most of the people who populate death row didn't get there by being choir boys, MAZANOR FOR SALE. A vast majority committed multiple crimes before winding up where they did – crimes that range from burglary and robbery to bank robbery and murder. By including their DNA in the CODIS network law enforcement agencies around the country could tap into it to see if there’s a connection to their cold cases, MAZANOR class.

[caption id="attachment_7061" align="alignleft" width="135"] DNA Swab Test Are Quick & Easy[/caption]

There has been a recent push to take DNA from all newly arrested citizens and those results automatically wind up in the national data base. Cheap MAZANOR, But, there are prisoners who have been incarcerated for decades who never got the cheek-swab test for DNA. MAZANOR FOR SALE, Can you imagine the backlog of criminal cases that might be solved if each and every prisoner were included in the CODIS system. A study of 41 serial rapists, MAZANOR online cod, for example, MAZANOR pharmacy, showed that before they were imprisoned they admitted they had collectively raped 837 times and attempted the crime against more than 400 others. If DNA was left behind at the crime scenes those open cases could be closed and victims could be assured their attacker was behind bars.

Yes, MAZANOR overnight, it would take money to accomplish such an all-inclusive prisoner DNA system. MAZANOR dangers, But, I maintain there’s nothing more important than good solid information, a guide to identifying the known criminal element. It would be money much more wisely spent than endless court fights because it would reap definitive evidence that goes toward the common good.

It’s way past time for justice system bean counters to think outside the box.



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by Diane Dimond on November 4, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6972" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Judge ObamaCare Like Any Other Consumer Product[/caption]

So, ponder this hypothetical case. Online buy HERBAL VIAGRA without a prescription, A corporation comes up with a feel-good project that’s designed to help people. Corporate PR teams talk up the altruistic nature of the plan, canada, mexico, india. HERBAL VIAGRA price, The campaign attracts more than $400 million in private investment money. Everyone is super excited to see the finished product, order HERBAL VIAGRA no prescription.

When the corporation finally rolls out the super-hyped project it is immediately clear that it is a stupendous dud, BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. HERBAL VIAGRA alternatives, Promises have been broken, long term goals are unlikely to be met and investors are screaming mad that they had been so roundly deceived, get HERBAL VIAGRA. HERBAL VIAGRA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, “Someone must pay!”

“Damn corporations, always feeding off the public!”

“Someone should go to jail for perpetrating such a scheme!”

[caption id="attachment_6973" align="alignright" width="150"] DOJ Investigates Bad Corporations, order HERBAL VIAGRA from United States pharmacy, Low dose HERBAL VIAGRA, Why Not Bad Government?[/caption]

In this scenario, the U.S, HERBAL VIAGRA natural. HERBAL VIAGRA description, Justice Department would likely launch an investigation for fraud, racketeering and other criminal offenses, HERBAL VIAGRA samples. Order HERBAL VIAGRA from mexican pharmacy, Top corporate executives would become household names – uttered with contempt for how they had so adroitly duped the public out of their hard earned money. BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Okay, now. With that set-up in mind replace the “corporation” with the team in Washington that ushered in the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) and what have we got, where can i cheapest HERBAL VIAGRA online. HERBAL VIAGRA dosage, Calls for accountability or an investigation. Not by a long shot, buy HERBAL VIAGRA from canada. HERBAL VIAGRA schedule, We've gotten apologies, hand-wringing and promises to fix the horrendously malfunctioning website, HERBAL VIAGRA interactions. The architects of the $400 million-plus government program have pretty much ignored questions about problems discovered since ObamaCare launched, BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Comprar en línea HERBAL VIAGRA, comprar HERBAL VIAGRA baratos, The questions have nothing to do with computer glitches and everything to do with built-in systemic flaws.

Let’s be honest, HERBAL VIAGRA dangers. Doses HERBAL VIAGRA work, There is a lot more wrong with the ACA than just that poorly designed and executed website.

[caption id="attachment_6974" align="alignleft" width="150"] Sebelius Admits ObamaCare Roll Out A "Debacle"[/caption]

At the very least, HERBAL VIAGRA class, Buy HERBAL VIAGRA from mexico, I’d like to know who made the call to hire CGI – a Canada-based computer firm – to design a website representing an American president’s legacy program. CGI is a firm with a sketchy reputation BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, for large scale computer designs. In 2012, HERBAL VIAGRA brand name, HERBAL VIAGRA steet value, the company failed to build and launch a $46.2 million diabetes registry in Canada.

Who in the world thought that just a year later CGI could handle designing a $98 million dollar ObamaCare website – more than double the amount of the botched project they left behind in Canada, HERBAL VIAGRA maximum dosage. Purchase HERBAL VIAGRA online no prescription, Didn’t anyone in Washington vet this company’s past performance record.

During ragingly partisan congressional hearings this week Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius apologized to consumers for the “flawed launch” of HealthCare.gov but said she had nothing to do with choosing CGI, HERBAL VIAGRA trusted pharmacy reviews.

As a taxpayer whose money was used to fund this thing I’d like to have a name, please, BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Cheap HERBAL VIAGRA, [caption id="attachment_6977" align="alignright" width="150"] The Birthplace of ObamaCare[/caption]

And I’d like someone – maybe Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill who rammed through ObamaCare – to answer questions about the fairness of the system.

Like, buy no prescription HERBAL VIAGRA online, who came up with the bright idea that struggling young people should be forced to shoulder an unbalanced premium burden or face government fines.

Or this question:  Will those who sign up for the program really get good medical care when countless top hospitals and doctors, nationwide, say they plan to refuse to participate.

And why are a shocking number of Americans already getting cancellation notices from their private insurance companies – hundreds of thousands of cancellations so far. BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, I thought ObamaCare was designed to put people on the insurance rolls not kick them off.

[caption id="attachment_6978" align="alignleft" width="120"] Promise After Promise After Promise[/caption]

What was it the President has been promising.

“If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health-care plan. Period."

“No matter what you’ve heard, if you like your doctor or health-care plan you can keep it.”

And my personal favorite: “Americans must have the freedom to keep whatever doctor and health-care plan they have.”

Yeah, right.

Tell me, how could the president be so wrong about a major feature of his pet project.

The consultancy firm Health Policy and Strategy Associates estimates that of the 19 million Americans covered in the individual insurance market about 16 million of them have plans that do not measure up to ObamaCare’s stringent new rules, BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Those plans without the “essential benefits” like coverage for substance abuse, mental health or maternity services are being cancelled, stranding citizens in a sea of doubt about what to do next.

[caption id="attachment_6980" align="alignright" width="150"] They Knew Millions Would be Cancelled[/caption]

Now there are reports that the Administration realized well in advance that once ACA went into effect most private insurance companies would be forced to cancel millions of American’s policies.

Yet the president kept promising no one would lose their health care plan.

This program is going to cost millions of us more than just the hundreds of millions earmarked to launch it. The Manhattan Institute BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, has studied the practical effect of ObamaCare and reports as customers struggle to replace their cancelled policies they’ll face out-of-pocket premium increases that average 62% for women, and a mind-boggling 99% increase for men.

Look, I wish life was completely fair and everyone had cradle-to-grave high quality health insurance. But that’s never going to happen. There has to be a better way than the path we’re on. And take it from me; the inherent problems with ObamaCare are not going to smooth out over time. It’s likely they could get worse, BUY HERBAL VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION.

It is simply not fair to punish the majority in an effort to provide the minority with health insurance.

[caption id="attachment_6981" align="alignleft" width="105"] A Nationwide Mess[/caption]

It is time to set aside all the political in-fighting surrounding this fundamentally flawed program. Looking at it through common sense glasses it is plain to see ACA has boondoggle written all over it. It is time to start talking about how to either fix it or toss it out and go back to the drawing table.

We are so quick to demand corporate responsibility – and swift punishment – when we perceive consumers have been had. Why are we so reticent to hold the government to the same standard.

After all, we’re paying the bill.






by Diane Dimond on October 21, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6899" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY AYGESTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Cowards Who Harm Kids Should Be Tracked[/caption]

When you get a new appliance do you take time to fill out the little card and register your toaster, coffee maker or iron?  Of course you do, if you want the company to keep track of it and fix it in the event of a breakdown. Buy AYGESTIN without a prescription, We’re pretty good in America about registering things.  We register our preferences for baby shower or wedding gifts to avoid duplication.  Voting registries make sure only those eligible can cast a ballot.  We register our motorcycles, purchase AYGESTIN online, Kjøpe AYGESTIN på nett, köpa AYGESTIN online, boats and cars so we – and the police – can keep track of them.

What we don’t do is keep tabs on people who abuse and neglect children:  The overwhelmed young single mother who physically harms her children, where can i buy AYGESTIN online, Ordering AYGESTIN online, the violent boyfriend who wants the other man’s children out of his way, the uncaring babysitter who disciplines with slaps and punches, purchase AYGESTIN. AYGESTIN images,  Such violence against children often escalates to the point of murder.

[caption id="attachment_6901" align="alignright" width="150"] National Children's Alliance Logo[/caption]

The National Children’s Alliance, citing the latest annual figures, says more than 760,000 American children are abused or neglected every year, BUY AYGESTIN NO PRESCRIPTION.  In 2009, AYGESTIN use, AYGESTIN pictures, an estimated 1,770 children died as a result, buy generic AYGESTIN. AYGESTIN australia, uk, us, usa,  Congress has declared that number is “significantly under-reported  and notes that more than 80 percent of the deaths are of defenseless children under the age of four.

If there had been some sort of national registry for cowards who hurt kids little Tyrese Robert Ruffin might still be alive.  The man who police have charged with beating the 2-year-old to death in a Sioux Falls, AYGESTIN from mexico, AYGESTIN without a prescription, South Dakota apartment had a sordid past of violence against women with young children. [Patterson avoided jail time for the assault of a 3-year-old and his mother a year ago by agreeing to attend counseling.]

It’s not known if Tyrese’s mother knew about Joey Patterson’s police record but she left her tiny son in Patterson’s care earlier this month.  Now, buy cheap AYGESTIN no rx, AYGESTIN forum, the boy is dead and Patterson, 27, AYGESTIN for sale, Online buying AYGESTIN hcl, is charged with aggravated assault on an infant.

[caption id="attachment_6902" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY AYGESTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Peterson First Met His Son When Boy Was in Coma[/caption]

Sadly, these types of cases happen all too often.  The only reason Tyrese’s death made national news is because his birth father is Adrian Peterson, star running back for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

Think of all those other battered and dead children.  Can’t we figure out a way to register the names, AYGESTIN reviews, Is AYGESTIN safe, addresses and actions of people like Joey Patterson so we can keep track of them.  Don’t we owe that to our kids, AYGESTIN recreational. What is AYGESTIN, The cautionary example, however, buy AYGESTIN online cod, AYGESTIN results, is what happened to our National Sex Offender Registry, signed into law in 2006.  The Department of Justice coordinates the effort which brings together all the state sex offender lists into one handy-dandy internet location.  But it has become a bloated hodge-podge of names.  Someone who urinated in public is treated to the same kind of harsh years-long scrutiny as a career pedophile, AYGESTIN canada, mexico, india. Buy AYGESTIN without prescription, It is a registry system so overloaded with names now that it has lost its stated focus:  to monitor those predators whose lifelong sexual obsession revolves around being with children.

[caption id="attachment_6903" align="alignright" width="120"] Learning the Lesson From This Hot Mess[/caption]

What’s to say the idea I suggest here – one nationalized and centralized list of people known to have committed violence against youngsters – wouldn't also become a hot mess to administer?  Well, nothing – except the hope that we have learned a lesson from the sex registry debacle.  You don’t add the name of a person who once spanked a child, BUY AYGESTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. But you certainly do add the name of those who have been legally charged with committing violence against a child.  The likelihood is if they did it previously they will do it again given the chance, AYGESTIN coupon. AYGESTIN pics, In January, President Obama signed the Protect Our Kids Act and supporters hope it will, online AYGESTIN without a prescription, AYGESTIN duration, once again, spur discussion of this registry idea.  It’s been floating around for years now but there have always been those who have too quickly dismissed the idea for the problems it might dredge up or the flaws it might contain.  As if thinking people couldn’t intelligently discuss a registry plan and come up with a workable formula, australia, uk, us, usa.

[caption id="attachment_6905" align="alignleft" width="150"] We CAN Better Protect Children[/caption]

I read the six page bill, calling for establishment of a Commission to spend two years holding hearings and studying the problem, and nowhere are perpetrators even mentioned.  But, there is this one encouraging sentence instructing the Commission to, “Develop guidelines for the type of information that should be tracked to improve interventions to prevent fatalities from child abuse and neglect.”

If the Commission uses its $2 million budget wisely it will quickly figure out that the biggest threats to at-risk children are the one-parent family, absence of values, lack of education, poverty and outsiders who would do them harm.

I’m hoping they figure out a way to adequately keep tabs on those who make it a habit of taking out their frustrations on children. Then, I hope, Congress takes the legislative actions needed to make a registry a reality.