by Diane Dimond on December 9, 2013

[caption id="attachment_7087" align="alignleft" width="135"] BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Arvizo[/caption]

I went to a wedding this past week-end and while you may not immediately recognize the name of the groom I'll bet you know of him, generic NIMETAZEPAM.

Despite a lifetime of obstacles, NIMETAZEPAM dose, Gavin Arvizo -- once at the center of a sensational child sex abuse scandal -- has worked his way through to a triumphant life. At 13, Gavin accused Michael Jackson of molesting him and the superstar was arrested, about NIMETAZEPAM.

It seemed life was stacked against this kid from the very beginning, BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

As a youngster he lived in a one room apartment in East Los Angeles with two siblings and his parents. NIMETAZEPAM long term, Poverty and domestic abuse was a way of life.

[caption id="attachment_7088" align="alignright" width="135"] Gavin at 13 With Mother Janet[/caption]

At the age of eight this young Hispanic boy and his little brother were instructed by their father to walk out of a J.C. Penny store with clothing that wasn't paid for, order NIMETAZEPAM from mexican pharmacy. BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Out in the parking lot the boys watched in horror as their father was surrounded by security guards and wrestled to the pavement. His mother, Comprar en línea NIMETAZEPAM, comprar NIMETAZEPAM baratos, emerging from another store, soon joined in the melee and both parents were handcuffed and taken to the police station.

At just ten years old Gavin was diagnosed with a rare and deadly cancer, NIMETAZEPAM steet value. As he laid helpless in an L.A. NIMETAZEPAM interactions, hospital bed feigning sleep he heard his parents being advised to plan his funeral. Following months of grueling treatments this plucky kid pulled through, BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

While in the hospital the boy's plight came to the attention of the King of Pop. Jackson sent a basket full of toys and good wishes, NIMETAZEPAM class.

When he was well enough to travel the boy and his family were invited to visit the singer's Neverland Ranch. NIMETAZEPAM online cod, Knowing of their poverty Jackson even sent a limousine to drive them. BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, What a wonderful respite for a recuperating cancer patient and his exhausted parents.

But once back home things got worse. Violence, fast shipping NIMETAZEPAM. Restraining orders. Buy NIMETAZEPAM online cod, Divorce. Yet the limousines kept arriving and the sleepovers in Michael Jackson's master bedroom at Neverland continued, BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_7089" align="alignleft" width="135"] On Trial, With Parents & Attorney Mesereau[/caption]

The rest is history, NIMETAZEPAM mg. Authorities in Santa Barbara, What is NIMETAZEPAM, California charged Jackson with child sexual abuse, giving intoxicating substances to a minor to facilitate child sexual abuse, conspiracy to cover up the crimes and more, NIMETAZEPAM price.

During the trial Gavin, NIMETAZEPAM photos, then 15, was vilified as a accomplished liar. Jackson's lawyer, NIMETAZEPAM for sale, Tom Mesereau, Buy NIMETAZEPAM no prescription, called him and his family "grifters" and "thieves" and he repeatedly warned the jury that the Arvizos were only "in it for the money."

The jury also heard about two other boys who said they, too, had been molested by Jackson, NIMETAZEPAM without a prescription. BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, One was a maid's son, the other the son of an L.A. dentist. Order NIMETAZEPAM online overnight delivery no prescription, Both boys received generous payouts from Jackson in return for keeping quiet. The dentist's family got nearly $20 million.

[caption id="attachment_7099" align="alignright" width="120"] The Dentist's Son, NIMETAZEPAM without prescription, Jordie Chandler[/caption]

The defense called a group of young men to the witness stand, leading off with dancer/choreographer Wade Robson. Each testified they had often slept in Jackson's bed when they were youngsters and nothing sexual had ever happened, BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Jackson was acquitted of all charges in June 2005, where can i cheapest NIMETAZEPAM online.

In a stunning turnaround, NIMETAZEPAM dangers, Robson recently admitted he perjured himself at trial. He has filed suit against the Jackson estate claiming he suffered two nervous breakdowns because of the sexual abuse secret he harbored for so long. During a Today Show interview Robeson said of Michael Jackson, where can i find NIMETAZEPAM online, "He sexually abused me from seven years old until 14. BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, He performed sexual acts on me, and forced me to perform sexual acts on him."

[caption id="attachment_7100" align="alignleft" width="120"] Robson Appeared in Jackson Videos[/caption]

Robson bluntly added, "Jackson was an amazing talent, but he was a pedophile."

As the number of young men claiming they were victimized by Jackson continues to mount defense attorney Mesereau continues to publicly vilify Gavin as a “thief” and a dishonest character. Online buy NIMETAZEPAM without a prescription,  Nine years later he still ridicules the only youngster with enough courage to have actually gone to court to testify against an international superstar.  To this day Mesereau claims Arvizo's allegations were money-driven.  The fact is, NIMETAZEPAM natural, the defense lawyers and their teams are the only ones who made money from the Jackson criminal case. Where can i order NIMETAZEPAM without prescription, Gavin, now 24, has also endured years of being hounded by paparazzi and tormented by a worldwide legion of die-hard Jackson fanatics who have vowed to kill him, NIMETAZEPAM from mexico, maim him and stalk him for the rest of his life for saying their idol molested him.

[caption id="attachment_7106" align="alignright" width="150"] Mr, BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Discount NIMETAZEPAM, and Mrs. Arvizo Wed Nov. 30, 2013[/caption]

One of the more vicious fans recently discovered Gavin was about to wed a preacher's daughter and urged others to inundate the church with menacing phone calls about Gavin's integrity.

Gavin steadfastly refuses to speak up for himself, believing a man's actions speak for themselves. BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, So let me tell you a little bit about him.

Gavin worked two and three jobs at a time (in restaurants and landscaping) to put himself though community college. Through sheer perseverance he won partial scholarships to attend prestigious Emory University. He double-majored in history and philosophy, made the honor roll, participated in Moot Court and he still found time to volunteer frequently at his church.

Gavin doesn't drink, use tobacco, drugs or foul language. He is currently working as a para-legal in a law firm, preparing to take the L-SAT test and is applying to more than a dozen law schools, BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. His dream is to go to Harvard.

[caption id="attachment_7107" align="alignleft" width="150"] At Their Wedding Reception[/caption]

Most telling about the character of Gavin Arvizo. He has never accepted any of the outstanding six-figure offers to sell his story. Newspapers and television shows continually dangle tempting deals but Gavin is adamant that the passage of time will best tell his story. BUY NIMETAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, He says he knows the truth and believes it will be revealed to the doubters of the world when the time is right.

As I sat in church and watched this resilient young man joyfully take a wife I thought back to all his trials and tribulations. Poverty, violence, near fatal cancer, his punishing and unsatisfying ride through the justice system. Amazing.

At the reception the unknowing DJ played, "The Way You Make Me Feel," by Michael Jackson. I caught Gavin's eye as he sat on the dais with his new bride. He just smiled, grandly shrugged his shoulders and went back to living his life as anonymously as possible.


[caption id="attachment_7111" align="aligncenter" width="225"] His Dream Now is Harvard Law School[/caption]


Please read more about the wedding here at my TheDailyBeast.com page.

And this article in the Christian Post





by Diane Dimond on February 25, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6070" align="alignleft" width="120"] The Calm Act - How Effective Is It Really?[/caption]

BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Don’t look now but we have another new law on the books. Ordering VERONAL online, This one has the soothing acronym “The Calm Act.” That’s short for The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act. In layman’s terms it requires TV stations, what is VERONAL, VERONAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, cable operators, purveyors of satellite TV and other providers to make sure TV commercials aren't so darned loud, VERONAL reviews. VERONAL cost, The Calm Act requires commercials be no louder than the surrounding program in which they are shown.

I always figured TV ads were extra loud so you could still hear them from other parts of the house – like the kitchen or bathroom – if you stepped away during the commercial break. My husband, get VERONAL, VERONAL coupon, the audiophile, maintains that commercials are really no higher in volume than the accompanying program and that it is just, buy VERONAL without prescription, VERONAL long term, “The dynamic mid-range of sound advertisers use to get our attention,” – things like swelling music and explosions along with the announcers, VERONAL results. I nod my head as if I understand what he’s talking about but I really don’t, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Where to buy VERONAL, To me loud is loud. 

[caption id="attachment_6066" align="alignright" width="120"] The FCC Enforces The Calm Act[/caption]

Let’s agree. We have all been bombarded by over-the-top, where can i buy VERONAL online, Canada, mexico, india, blaringly obnoxious commercials and lurched for the remote to turn down the volume, right, where can i find VERONAL online. Online VERONAL without a prescription, Well, now the law mandates there is to be an official place to complain, VERONAL maximum dosage. Rx free VERONAL, The Federal Communications Commission has set up a web based complaint center at www.fcc.gov/complaints. BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, I visited the site and found a simple five question one-page form which asks for information about exactly what time and on what channel you heard the offending ad. There is also a toll free telephone number to call for a “consumer specialist” to help you through the process.  

I had some questions of my own, VERONAL without a prescription. Buy generic VERONAL, I wondered how many complaints the FCC has gotten since the regulations went into effect in mid-December 2012. I wondered how many staffers have been dedicated to take our complaints, comprar en línea VERONAL, comprar VERONAL baratos, Order VERONAL from mexican pharmacy, how the FCC decides if a complaint is valid and what happens to repeat offenders. I also pondered what the FCC meant with this statement in its news release announcing The Calm Act complaint line: 

“A commercial may have louder and quieter moments, order VERONAL no prescription, Where can i buy cheapest VERONAL online, but, overall, buy VERONAL online cod, VERONAL photos, it should be no louder than the surrounding programming. This may mean, however, that some commercials will comply with the new rules, but still sound “too loud” to some viewers.” 

[caption id="attachment_6067" align="alignleft" width="150"] Who Hasn't Experienced Loud Commercials?[/caption]

Huh, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. What does that mean, VERONAL description. VERONAL canada, mexico, india, How can a TV ad that is still “too loud” be in compliance with the new law that requires all television volume to be within the same approximate range. So I called the FCC in Washington for answers to what I thought were pretty routine questions. 

Several calls and e-mails over two days netted me exactly nothing, buy cheap VERONAL no rx. Cheap VERONAL no rx, In fact, it left me with the clear impression that there is no solid infrastructure in place to handle complaints, online buying VERONAL, no dedicated staff and no definitive tally on the number of complaints already received. This was the extent of the FCC’s official response:  BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, “In the two months since the CALM act rules took effect, the FCC has been examining complaints to determine if there are any patterns and trends behind them. If a pattern becomes apparent, the FCC can then initiate an investigation.”

[caption id="attachment_6068" align="alignright" width="150"] Rep. Anna Eshoo (D)  & Sen. Wicker (R) Sponsored Act[/caption]

Wait a minute. A complaint shouldn’t have to be part of a trend. It should stand alone and be checked out to see if it is valid or not, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. And, let’s be clear, the FCC has had plenty of time to get its act together. The Calm Act, introduced in the U.S. Senate by republican Roger Wicker of Mississippi in 2008, passed Congress in early December 2010 and was signed into law by the president shortly thereafter. It granted the FCC one full year to get the complaint system in place and ready to go. BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, I doubled back and tried to get information from an FCC “consumer specialist” at that toll free number, but guess what. I never got past the annoying phone system recording which makes no mention of Calm Act complaints. A phone number to help you complain that doesn’t help – priceless. I guess you could fill out the on-line complaint form and submit it but I can’t guarantee your grievance will go anywhere. I can guarantee that you will be frustrated if you try to get through on the toll free number.

There’s no stopping my curious brain so I called Senator Wicker’s office to ask if this was the kind of government response to taxpayers he had envisioned as he struggled to win bipartisan support for the bill, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. His spokesperson told me bluntly, “We got it over the goal line but obviously there are some things the FCC still needs to do to get it where the Senator intended.” 

[caption id="attachment_6072" align="alignleft" width="150"] Congress Passes Law But How Are They Enforced?[/caption]

Look, this is hardly life and death stuff here but the law is the law. I remember the hoopla that accompanied passage of The Calm Act fourteen months ago and all the politicians who proudly said it would empower the public and improve American’s quality of life.

My journey to get information about the real-world application of legislation also makes me wonder about all the other regulatory laws Congress passes and then entrusts to government agencies to set in to motion.

If The Calm Act is any indication of the way things work in Washington I feel safe in saying we taxpayers are not getting our money’s worth.







by Diane Dimond on January 14, 2013

[caption id="attachment_5955" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Let's Take Away Congress's Red Ink Pen[/caption]


Sometimes a columnist touches a raw nerve. I did that last week with my call for a citizen’s “Revolution in Thinking” about how we allow our politicians to operate.

Using lyrics from Les Miserable, RETROVIR cost, the movie about the French Revolution, Buy RETROVIR online no prescription, I wrote about the anger of so many Americans who want better for this country. They want the rivers of red-ink to stop flowing. They want political leaders to lead and to stop throwing up partisan barricades in a political war that does no one any good, RETROVIR interactions.

No sooner was the column published than my e-mail box exploded, BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_5953" align="alignright" width="150"] What Most Americans Think of Congress[/caption]

Mary Ann Edwards proclaimed her desire to join such a revolution. About RETROVIR, “I’m in. My husband is in!” she wrote. “We are stressed about this indifference to the debt and deficit, RETROVIR class. BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, I would say scared, really.” And Mary Ann wrote, as so many others did, about her fear of the future. “Reducing spending is a foreign concept to those holding the reins of power. RETROVIR from canadian pharmacy, We don’t understand when and how this train wreck will be avoided.

I get it, Mary Ann, RETROVIR pics. I’m scared too.

David Bailey directed me to his Facebook page where he had written, “I fear an out of control government more than a nut with a gun.” Bailey believes both parties have failed us and he wrote as much to his congressional delegation, BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION. Rx free RETROVIR, “I wrote both U.S. Senators last year and told them, ‘they were my enemy, RETROVIR over the counter,’ for failing to control spending and cutting spending.” He only got canned letters in response. RETROVIR images, Ron Burton e-mailed to say that my words made him yearn for “the good old days in the 70’s,” when voters were actually interested enough to hit the streets to peaceably protest government policies. Great, order RETROVIR no prescription. BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Thanks, Ron. That’s just the idea I was hoping to ignite. Order RETROVIR online c.o.d, [caption id="attachment_5960" align="alignleft" width="150"] Is This the Answer?[/caption]

For those who want to take action but don’t know what to do, reader Gary Keenan has an idea you may want to get behind. “The only fully effective remedy to eliminating self-interest(ed) and weak, RETROVIR used for, scared politicians is to change the law to single term limits for all U.S. Discount RETROVIR, Senators and Representatives,” he wrote. “Give a citizen legislator a reasonable time to do their elected job one time and stop, BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION. No running for re-election.” Keenan also suggests a ban on elected officials holding any other government or lobbying job after their initial service, RETROVIR pictures.

Reader Stephen Verchinski’s plan to fix the economy was short and sweet. RETROVIR brand name, “Easy,” he wrote. “VAT tax on imports, where can i buy cheapest RETROVIR online, rise in min(imum) wage for parity with 1968 inflation adjusted hourly wages, RETROVIR dose, financial transaction tax, lower the retirement age.” Not sure I understand all of what Verchinski meant but, hey, RETROVIR forum, I think all options should be discussed. BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, I think we need a summit of America’s top, non-political brains to devise a package of ideas for Congress to ponder. What is RETROVIR, Then, it will be up to each of us to hold our representative’s feet to the fire to act on the summit’s smartest recommendations.

[caption id="attachment_5961" align="alignright" width="150"] Our Collective Power is Tremendous[/caption]

Kay Sorrells wrote to remind those who think there is nothing they can do that there is strength in numbers, online buying RETROVIR hcl. “I have been bemoaning the fact that we, RETROVIR blogs, as individuals do not have enough power to make anything happen,” She wrote. “But, online buy RETROVIR without a prescription, as a collective group, RETROVIR treatment, we can effect change!!!” Kay’s adamant punctuation speaks to her enthusiasm. She also asked if it was true that before the 112th Congress adjourned lawmakers voted themselves a $900 monthly raise, BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION. She was aghast that a legislative body that will likely be remembered as one of the least productive since the 40’s would have the audacity to increase their own pay.

Truth is, about RETROVIR, Kay, RETROVIR pharmacy, it was President Obama who made the pay raises happen. He recently signed an executive order giving a raft of federal workers a bump in pay beginning this March. Every member of congress will see their annual pay go up $900 to $174, comprar en línea RETROVIR, comprar RETROVIR baratos,900. BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Vice President Biden gets an extra $6,379 a year to bring his salary to almost $232,000. Where can i find RETROVIR online, Must be nice.

Reader Gary Miles wrote to properly correct me. I had lumped in Social Security with, RETROVIR dose, “other entitlement programs.” Social Security, RETROVIR over the counter, of course, is a program that nearly all of us pay into for years. It is no give-away, it is our money.

[caption id="attachment_5962" align="alignleft" width="146"] This is Our Best Weapon[/caption]

Lee Trussell said my column should be, “Required reading in Washington, D.C.” Thanks for that, Lee, BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION. If you agree, may I suggest that you print out of copies of last week’s column and mail them to your elected officials with big block letters that read: CUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING NOW. Sign it, “Angry American.”

Our collective power is breathtakingly obvious. Yet, reader Joe Stehling sees the politician’s, “Arrogance of power,” so intimidating that many citizens don’t bother to try to understand what’s happening. Ed Hoover agreed writing, “We just concluded a national election where we (re)-elected 90% of the incumbents. BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, The only conclusion one can logically arrive at is that the majority of people still think they are the best choice for the job.”

I don’t think so, Ed. I think it is apathy. Too many people fail to take time to inform themselves so they can cast an intelligent ballot – if they vote at all. Or, worse, they personally benefit because Senator X or Congressman Y is in office so that is who they vote for.

In ending, I must agree with Ed’s last line. “We, the people, are ultimately responsible for the direction of this once great nation and we will reap the rewards or the pain, accordingly.”

It really is up to us, folks.



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by Diane Dimond on January 7, 2013

[caption id="attachment_5933" align="alignleft" width="150"] PAXIL FOR SALE, Modern Day Comparisons[/caption]

If you haven’t seen the new movie Les Miserables, you must. Discount PAXIL, It is a staggeringly powerful presentation of revolution in 19th Century France and once you see it you will never forget it. The haunting music and lyrics will stay top-of-mind for weeks, buy no prescription PAXIL online. Is PAXIL addictive, “Do you hear the people sing. Singing the song of angry men….”

Now wait, PAXIL overnight. I haven’t suddenly become a film critic, not at all, PAXIL FOR SALE. Buy cheap PAXIL, But I must say as I watched this monumental movie about peasants seeking justice I was struck by the comparisons one could make to the growing turmoil in modern America. Today, PAXIL online cod, Buy PAXIL online cod, it is all about the percolating economic upheaval in the U.S. that is certain to crush us all in the years ahead if something isn’t done – and fast, get PAXIL. What is PAXIL, [caption id="attachment_5934" align="alignright" width="150"] Senate "Leader" Harry Reid - Democrat, Nevada[/caption]

Politicians in Washington may be patting themselves on the back for preventing a fall off what they called the nation’s “fiscal cliff” but, where can i order PAXIL without prescription, Purchase PAXIL online, really, what they have done is just put off the hard decisions until another day, canada, mexico, india. PAXIL FOR SALE, They failed to do their job until the last possible moment and when they finally acted their solution was disappointingly lackluster. Buy PAXIL from mexico, Their kick-the-can-down the road compromise solution doesn’t help the economy in the long run and it certainly does nothing for future generations who will likely drown in the red ink we leave behind.

Think you would be able to keep your job if you failed day-after-day, PAXIL used for, Order PAXIL online overnight delivery no prescription, year-after-year to perform your duties in a timely fashion. Honestly, PAXIL price, coupon, Low dose PAXIL, I don’t know how these “leaders” in Congress – who earn between $193,400 and $223, order PAXIL online c.o.d, PAXIL natural, 500 a year (plus perks) - can look at themselves in the mirror. Their actions border on criminal in my opinion, PAXIL cost.

[caption id="attachment_5935" align="alignleft" width="150"] House "Leader" Republican, John Boehner[/caption]

In the wake of Congress’s recent fiscal cliff votes increasing segments of America are getting angrier, PAXIL FOR SALE. Taking PAXIL, The poor who struggle to feed their families and pay the bills are angry. People who can’t find jobs after searching for months or years are angry, PAXIL price. PAXIL steet value, Now, those individuals making more than $400, cheap PAXIL, Where can i cheapest PAXIL online, 000 are angry because they are facing substantial tax increases that many of them say will keep them from hiring new employees or buying big-ticket items like new homes, cars or major appliances, PAXIL pics. No prescription PAXIL online, That spending could have helped ignite the nation’s sputtering economy but now it never will.

PAXIL FOR SALE, “Do you hear the people sing. Singing the song of angry men….”

The simple truth that few speak is that tax increases are never going to fix an economy that borrows up to $1 trillion a year for entitlement programs (Social Security, buy cheap PAXIL no rx, Effects of PAXIL, Medicare/Medicaid and food stamps), defense spending, buy PAXIL without a prescription, tax credits and other government programs. America is simply going to have to substantially cut spending – period. Don’t politicians get that. Reminds me of the movie’s song, “Beggars At the Feast.”

“Everywhere you go
Law-abiding folks
Doing what is decent - but they’re mostly broke!”

[caption id="attachment_5938" align="alignright" width="150"] Are You Satisfied With Congress' Performance?[/caption]

It’s time for everyone – from lawmakers who continue to push for funding of non-vital hometown projects to the countless thousands of special interest lobbyists – to reign in the urge to hold out their hand for more money. There isn't any more money, PAXIL FOR SALE. And logic tells us to print more is sheer insanity. It’s time for elected officials in Washington to do what must be done, otherwise within the next decade the national debt will overtake us all. It is as clear as black and white, or as the French revolutionary’s final call for change put it in the song, “Red and Black”:

“The color of the world is changing day by day
Red – the blood of angry men!
Black – the dark of ages past!
Red – A world about to dawn!
Black – the night that ends at last!”

[caption id="attachment_5939" align="alignleft" width="135"] Dollar's Diminishing Power[/caption]

If we truly want America’s economic slide to end, if we really want to re-claim Superpower status for the country, we will have to re-gain our economic footing. The dirty little secret solution to America’s fiscal woes is that even more segments of the population will have to be made angry if we are ever going to get a grip on this slippery slope to total insolvency. PAXIL FOR SALE, We have all become slaves to past bad thinking that we could simply throw money at things and social problems would magically disappear.

Most important, more of us have to care about the economic slavery we all endure these days. I know, just getting through the week is hard. Paying the rent or mortgage is sometimes impossible. Finding enough time away from work for children, elderly parents or just plain relaxation is nearly impossible. We've all become slaves in our own way to the shrinking power of the American dollar. But somehow we citizens have to find time to pick up the revolutionary banner that reads: “NO MORE RED INK.”

It will surely be painful for everyone but it’s a revolution in thinking that’s long overdue, PAXIL FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_5940" align="alignright" width="105"] Samantha Barks & Eddie Redmayne at the Barricade[/caption]

“Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see?
Then join the fight
That will give you the right to be free” 

It might very well take a modern day revolution to install leaders bold and brave enough to get done what must be done – to stop spending money that simply isn't there. And voters must begin to insist upon it – or else.

“Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again” 

You in. If you’re wavering you might want to see the movie to understand what's at stake.



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by Diane Dimond on January 9, 2012

[caption id="attachment_4917" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Some Schoolyard Bullies Never Change"] BUY ARAVA NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Nobody likes a bully - especially me.

But what if it is the United States Government that is the bully. What if certain people in Washington decide to target a citizen and then use all the resources available to them to crush that person, ARAVA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

I must tell you about a story I researched recently because millions of your tax dollars were used to wage an eight year war against Robert Lorsch a successful California businessman and philanthropist who loves animals. Buy ARAVA online no prescription, I mean, this guy gets all weepy when he talks about helping animals and he and his wife, Kira, ARAVA from canadian pharmacy, have donated astounding amounts of money to animal causes - like the 36 acre Wildlife WayStation refuge in Topanga Canyon, Online ARAVA without a prescription, California.

[caption id="attachment_4918" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Robert Lorsch and his wife Kira Reed"][/caption]

Since 2000 the U.S, BUY ARAVA NO PRESCRIPTION. Department of Agriculture has cited the WayStation for various violations of the Wildlife Protection Act. For example, ARAVA from mexico, WWS’s owner, ARAVA images, Martine Collette, was told she didn’t have proper permits, her veterinarians weren’t properly qualified, ARAVA over the counter, animal cages weren’t regulation, ARAVA blogs, a portion of fence needed repair and animal food had been left unrefrigerated on a countertop for too long. The USDA filed a legal action.

[caption id="attachment_4922" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Martine Collette Founded the WWS in 1976"][/caption]

Interestingly, where can i cheapest ARAVA online, the government had turned to Collette in the mid-90’s to take in dozens of displaced chimps used in medical tests at laboratories that were closing down. BUY ARAVA NO PRESCRIPTION, Yet, there they were writing her up for violation after violation, offering no compliance help. Online buying ARAVA, One lengthy point of contention centered on one of the chimps who self-mutilated, likely a result of the lab experimentation he’d endured. The USDA wanted more done for that chimp and assured sterilizations for all the others at the WayStation, ARAVA no rx. State and local inspectors found problems at the WWS too. ARAVA alternatives, In 2003, after the USDA filed a second legal action, Collette feared she’d loose the sanctuary and that her animals– from tigers, where to buy ARAVA, bears and llamas to alligators, Purchase ARAVA online, peacocks and exotic snakes – would be euthanized by the government.

[caption id="attachment_4924" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Collette, Lorsch & Nicollette Sheridan at WWS Fundraiser"][/caption]

Enter then, Robert Lorsch who offered to help Collette get into compliance with all the various regulators, BUY ARAVA NO PRESCRIPTION. He donated money to help fix the problems. And, is ARAVA safe, having the can-do business mind that he does, ARAVA without a prescription, Lorsch got involved in resolution conference calls with USDA officials. To make a long story short, Lorsch got testy with an agent on the phone, ARAVA trusted pharmacy reviews. And, ARAVA class, when he became convinced that some WWS volunteers were actually working undercover for the USDA magnifying minor of offenses into major violations he offered a cash reward in the WWS newsletter to anyone who could “out” the USDA snitches.

[caption id="attachment_4925" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Bully Lawyers at the USDA?"] BUY ARAVA NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

This appears to be Lorsch’s biggest “crime.” Suddenly the USDA had added his name to the pending 2003 court case. This was a man who had no official position with the WWS and hadn’t even heard of the refuge when the violations were said to have occurred. Yet, ARAVA description, there he was listed as a defendant. ARAVA mg, Again, to shorten this long 8 year saga, a judge ultimately ruled against the USDA and chided them for adding Lorsch, ARAVA samples, the “best friend of the WWS, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, ” to the lawsuit. Chief Administrative Law Judge Marc Hillson’s 52-page decision concluded, “In many ways the government’s case against Lorsch illustrates the maxim that ‘no good deed goes unpunished.’”

[caption id="attachment_4927" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Annual Safari Fundraiser With Lorsch & Quincy Jones"][/caption]

The USDA appealed the ruling, buying ARAVA online over the counter. They lost the appeal, BUY ARAVA NO PRESCRIPTION. Yet the USDA lawyers kept coming - filing another action in 2007 for essentially the same types of violations on long-ago dates. Purchase ARAVA for sale, Again, Lorsch was listed as a defendant. Not any other benefactor or board member – just Martine Collette and the charitable Lorsch, order ARAVA from mexican pharmacy. Court action on this latest prosecution was set to start later this month in Los Angeles which would have again included the expense of flying the Washington based USDA legal team back to California and housing them in hotels for what could have been long, ARAVA no prescription, expensive stays. BUY ARAVA NO PRESCRIPTION, But I learned that several weeks ago officials took a stab at trying to wrap it all up while still punishing Collette and Lorsch.

[caption id="attachment_4929" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="One of Hundreds of WWS Animals in Need"][/caption]

USDA agents approached Collette and offered to drop the case if she would sign a consent decree and pay a five thousand dollar fine. She jumped at the settlement, buy ARAVA no prescription. The deal was offered to Lorsch except his fine was set at 10 thousand dollars. Buy cheap ARAVA, He refused. “It’s not about the money,” Lorsch told me, BUY ARAVA NO PRESCRIPTION. “It’s about the fact that I will not admit I did something I didn’t do!” And Lorsch lambasts the agency for spending what he figures was upward of five million dollars coming after him all these years. On December 14th Lorsch filed a multi-million dollar malicious prosecution lawsuit against the USDA, online buy ARAVA without a prescription. He says if he wins he’ll pay his legal bills and costs and give up to a million dollars to animal charities. ARAVA from canada, After he filed, Lorsch says, he learned that lead USDA attorney Colleen Carroll had issued a terse Notice of Withdrawal announcing, “Pursuit of this matter…would not further the goals of the Animal Welfare Act.” Case closed.

[caption id="attachment_4931" align="alignright" width="116" caption="WWS Monkeys & Chimps Galore!"] BUY ARAVA NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

“I was persecuted because I beat them in court and they couldn’t stand it. When people are being thrown out of their houses, what right does a federal agency have to waste so much tax money?” Good question and one I would have liked to have posed to the USDA. But, after repeated calls and e-mails to the agency I got no response by deadline time.

As a taxpayer who helped fund this vendetta and as one who despises bullies - where do I go to ask for my money back.


The Wildlife WayStation is a non-profit, charitable organization, supported solely through donations. The WWS desperately needs your help. Please, go to this link. home.




by Diane Dimond on January 3, 2012

[caption id="attachment_4892" align="alignleft" width="105" caption="What Road Will The New Year Take?"] BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Time for New Year resolutions. SONATA steet value, Mine take the form of wishes and hopes focused on how to make our crime and justice system safer, saner and more evenhanded for all, SONATA natural. Where can i find SONATA online, I know some of my wishes are unlikely to come true. But I also know many of them could if we were all determined to make society work better, SONATA pictures. What is SONATA, I hope that the coach Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State University gives strength and solace to the millions of victims of child sexual abuse everywhere, no matter how old they are now, about SONATA. May each of them understand that society condemns every person who preys on children and that the shame isn’t theirs, it rests solely on the molester, BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION. Kjøpe SONATA på nett, köpa SONATA online, [caption id="attachment_4893" align="alignright" width="150" caption="With the War Over Veterans Come Home"][/caption]

I wish for all returning veterans to find understanding communities and open-armed employment opportunities. The warriors who gave so much of themselves over these last years of war will likely find re-adjustment to civilian society difficult, fast shipping SONATA. Comprar en línea SONATA, comprar SONATA baratos, May we never forget what they and their families sacrificed, never balk at their earned lifetime of benefits and may our specialized veteran’s courts step in to help if they should falter, purchase SONATA. SONATA reviews, I hope no law enforcement officers are killed in the line of duty in 2012 but, sadly, cheap SONATA, Where can i buy cheapest SONATA online, that seems unlikely. BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, In 2011 we lost an average of two dozen officers – men and women – each month. The most common on-the-job cause of death was from gunfire, SONATA interactions. SONATA treatment, [caption id="attachment_4894" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Record Breaking Gun Sales in 2011"][/caption]

Noting that Americans bought a record-breaking total of 129,166 firearms on just one day - Black Friday - (the day after Thanksgiving) I hope none of them are fired during the New Year, buy generic SONATA. SONATA long term, I keep wondering how so many law abiding Americans come to decide they need a gun. And then I remember Jared Loughner of Tucson, SONATA overnight, After SONATA, Arizona who went on a murderous rampage about a year ago and killed 6 people. Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords survived to remind us that evil madness exists, BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION.

During 2011 America saw a 6.4% drop in overall serious crimes, SONATA wiki. Buy no prescription SONATA online, The FBI says that during the first half of the year robbery reports were down 7.7%, murder and rapes were lower by 5.7 and 5.1 percent, effects of SONATA, Cheap SONATA no rx, respectively. There is no way to know for sure what caused the year-to-year decline – maybe the nation’s aging population - but let’s all wish for the trend to continue, order SONATA from United States pharmacy. Order SONATA online overnight delivery no prescription, [caption id="attachment_4895" align="alignright" width="150" caption="California Prisons Are the Most Crowded"][/caption]

I hope Washington finally takes smart action about our economic, immigration and overcrowded prison problems, online buying SONATA hcl. BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, In fact now that I think of it, I hope the upcoming national election sweeps out all partisan politicians in Congress and installs only those lawmakers who act for the good of the country. SONATA coupon, I wish for wise leaders who will firmly reject moronic government programs like Fast and Furious which caused thousands of American firearms to illegally flood into Mexico.

I still hope – as I have for years – that those who engaged in the criminal acts which caused crisis in the banking, buy SONATA online cod, Taking SONATA, housing and insurance sectors be prosecuted for their financial crimes. Bernie Madoff’s conviction was not enough, is SONATA addictive.

[caption id="attachment_4896" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="He's Not the Only Doctor Feelgood Out There"][/caption]

I hope prosecutors also focus on bad doctors who over-prescribe narcotics and have now caused this nation to be more addicted to prescription drugs than street drugs. I wish for the Obama administration to stop interfering with state’s rights to legalize medicinal marijuana, BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION. As regular readers know I think legalizing and regulating pot – much the way we do with alcohol – would solve a myriad of costly problems.

I hope no one tries to get out of jury duty during 2012. And I hope no jury reaches a fast or frivolous verdict (as I believe happened in the Casey Anthony murder case) simply because they want to hurry up and go home. We also need to re-think sequestering juries as it may do more harm than good.

[caption id="attachment_4897" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Then Who Did Kill Her?"] BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

I wish judges would strike a blow for judicial ethics and reports any lawyer – be they a defense attorney or a prosecutor – who they believe has misled or lied to a jury. Perjury is perjury and unless the law is enforced it makes a mockery of the system.

I wish states were allowed to spend the 34 billion dollars in Homeland Security funds that have been doled out since 9-11 on hiring more officers and rehabilitating worthy prisoners. Instead, they had to spend it on anti-terrorism equipment. The Center for Investigative Reporting reveals Des Moines, Iowa bought two $180,000 bomb defusing robots. Tiny Augusta, Maine, where no officer has died in the line of duty in more than a century, acquired several $1,500 tactical vests, BUY SONATA NO PRESCRIPTION. I’m not sure why Fargo, North Dakota thought it necessary to buy a $256,643 armored truck with a rotating turret. It all seems like crazy economic logic when police departments across the country are crying for operating funds.

[caption id="attachment_4907" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Expensive Robot !"][/caption]

Finally, I hope consumers of news don’t stick to just one source of information. It is no secret there are conservative and liberal sources of journalism out there. Mix it up, folks, so you can come to more informed decisions about what you support and what you don’t.

I’ll do what I can to help you with that.



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by Diane Dimond on December 19, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4856" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Blagojevich: Famous For Being Infamous"] NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE, [/caption]

It is an odd thing we do here in America. NITRAZEPAM from canada, People who get wrapped up in scandal often become elevated to celebrity status.

You know the type of people I’m talking about – those who are caught up in sex or drug scandals, NITRAZEPAM from mexico, NITRAZEPAM alternatives, criminal suspects, or some other type of social misfit who’s every move is followed by reporters, cheap NITRAZEPAM no rx. Discount NITRAZEPAM, Cameras are there as they hustle in to court, show up for their community service or just try to dodge embarrassing questions about their problematic behavior, buy cheap NITRAZEPAM. Purchase NITRAZEPAM, These folks become famous for being infamous.

[caption id="attachment_4857" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Lewinsky: Never Forget WHY We Know of Her"][/caption]

Think Kato Kaelin whose dodgy testimony at the murder trial of O.J, NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE. Simpson got him branded as “hostile” to the prosecution, NITRAZEPAM overnight. Doses NITRAZEPAM work, Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern who engaged in sexual relations with President Clinton, canada, mexico, india. NITRAZEPAM without a prescription, Florida murder defendant Casey Anthony acquitted of murdering her 2½ year old daughter. And, ordering NITRAZEPAM online, Is NITRAZEPAM addictive, now the former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich who has admitted that he was, NITRAZEPAM cost, NITRAZEPAM results, indeed, guilty of corruption after denying it for years, purchase NITRAZEPAM online no prescription. NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE, I call them the Cult of the Disgraced and the Misplaced – a cult that attracts media honchos who are eager to exploit scandal for ratings. NITRAZEPAM schedule, Hardly anyone in the cult seems to be out of bounds.

[caption id="attachment_4858" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Kaelin's Testimony Was Suspect"][/caption]

After his 15 minutes of fame at the Simpson trial the mop-haired Kaelin got a radio show and appeared on several TV programs, NITRAZEPAM class. Comprar en línea NITRAZEPAM, comprar NITRAZEPAM baratos, Monica Lewinsky was chased by all the major networks, newspapers and magazines for her first exclusive description of illicit sex in the White House, where can i buy NITRAZEPAM online. Real brand NITRAZEPAM online, (ABC’s Barbara Walters won that race snagging what turned out to be the highest rated news broadcast ever.) NBC vigorously pursued Casey Anthony and tried to fashion a book deal for her in exchange for her first TV interview. And, Blagojevich, NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE. Well, NITRAZEPAM price, coupon, Buy NITRAZEPAM from canada, he fit right into this cult and eagerly took the bait when TV producers came to call.

Three years ago when federal prosecutors revealed they had recordings of the Governor (nicknamed: Blago) arrogantly attempting to sell the U.S, NITRAZEPAM treatment. NITRAZEPAM duration, Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama, Blagojevich came out swinging, NITRAZEPAM forum. Generic NITRAZEPAM, He vehemently denied asking for money in exchange for his appointment to the seat. NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE, He also denied that he lied to the FBI and had shaken down constituents for campaign contributions. He called it all a political conspiracy and then instead of hunkering down for the fight of his life Blago took meetings with top TV bigwigs, NITRAZEPAM images. Herbal NITRAZEPAM, [caption id="attachment_4859" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Blago Went Hollywood For Money - and Influence?"][/caption]

Not even Blagojevich’s impeachment by the Illinois State Legislature in January 2009 slowed down the offers. NBC was knocking on the door for Blago to star in the “reality” show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

In a petition to the court in the spring of 2009 the disgraced governor, pleading poverty, asked the judge for permission to travel to Costa Rica for the filming. The request was denied, NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE. Ultimately, his wife, Patti, took the job and was seen on one episode eating a dead tarantula.

Humiliation heaped upon humiliation, I’d say.

[caption id="attachment_4860" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Patti Blagojevich Eats Tarantula"][/caption]

But watching his wife forced to ingest insects to pay their bills didn’t seem to give Blago pause. After hosting a radio talk show he went on to make a deal to appear on The Celebrity Apprentice hosted by Donald Trump. NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE, More recently he was hired to be the face of Wonderful Pistachios which admitted they were looking “for some buzz” to attract people to their nuts. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

But this celebration and rewarding of the scandalous baffles me. Has the concept of shame ceased to exist in America. If I was criminally indicted or caught up in a disgraceful episode playing out publicly I think I’d hibernate until it passed. Although, I suppose the lure of the money and the idea that sins can be erased if one is seen on TV is too much temptation for some, NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE.

The job of media executives is to get ratings and apparently these kinds of shows – highlighting these kinds of people—attract viewers. Why. I’m at a loss to explain except maybe we watch the notorious to make sure we are nothing like them. Maybe we want to see them be shamed on some level.

[caption id="attachment_4865" align="alignright" width="150" caption="After 3 Years of Lies Blago Admits All"] NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE, [/caption]

When Rod Blagojevich appeared in court earlier this month for sentencing (he was found guilty of 17 corruption charges) he suddenly dropped his past denials and admitted his criminal behavior.

“I caused it all,” he said to the judge. “I was the governor and I should have known better. I am just incredibly sorry.” He was then sentenced to 14 years in prison. Blagojevich’s admission laid bare the phoniness of those who rationalized giving him a shot at the public airwaves by saying, “Well, he hasn’t been convicted of anything…”

We had all heard his voice on that recording made years earlier blatantly trying to trade his public position for personal gain. We knew the real story from the get-go, NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE.

Blago must serve almost a dozen years before becoming eligible for parole. Let’s hope by then we’ve all come to our senses and decide that TV programs featuring disturbed, addicted or criminal players are a simply not acceptable. Maybe by then TV executives will stop rewarding the least deserving among us.



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by Diane Dimond on December 5, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4821" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="A Jury Says He Killed Michael Jackson"] BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

You may not have been the least bit interested in the recent trial of Dr. Conrad Murray who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of entertainer Michael Jackson, ALERAM natural. Where can i buy cheapest ALERAM online, He has now been sentenced to the maximum - four years behind bars for giving Jackson the hospital-only anesthesia Propofol in his home every night for at least two months.

Here’s why the case is important, ALERAM over the counter. ALERAM pharmacy, The case riveted doctors across the nation. Especially doctors in celebrity studded areas of the country like Los Angeles and New York, Aspen and Nashville, Atlanta and New Mexico where concerts and movie shoots attract some of the biggest divas in the entertainment business, BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

As the old Hollywood saying goes, online buying ALERAM hcl, Order ALERAM no prescription, “Where there’s a star there are drugs.”

[caption id="attachment_4822" align="alignright" width="150" caption="What's Your Pleasure?"][/caption]

And more than you realize, there is very often a medical doctor with prescription pad in hand willing and able to cater to a celebrity’s every whim, ALERAM dose. ALERAM photos, Extra narcotic pain pills or sleeping aids. No problem, buy ALERAM without a prescription. Where can i cheapest ALERAM online, Prescriptions written in a phony name to insure anonymity. BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Sure thing. Never mind that the doctor’s actions constitute a violation of federal law, what is ALERAM. Online buying ALERAM, Bending the rules is worth it to some doctors because having a famous patient brings invaluable word-of-mouth should the entertainer ever mention the doctor’s name. And, ALERAM wiki, Buy ALERAM online no prescription, it means bragging rights for life for their medical practice.

[caption id="attachment_4823" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Judge Michael Pastor"][/caption]

These so-called concierge Doctors – and most certainly their malpractice insurance carriers— took serious notice of Murray’s conviction and the public tongue lashing he got from the judge during sentencing, ALERAM interactions. Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor lobbed a clear shot across the bow to over-prescribing doctors everywhere, BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION. ALERAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, At a time when more Americans are hooked on prescription drugs than street drugs like cocaine and heroin; at a time when record numbers of addicted babies are being born and prescription painkiller overdoses are reported at record levels, the words of Judge Pastor were like a warning horn in a very dense fog, my ALERAM experience. ALERAM description, “It should be made very clear that experimenting with medicine will not be tolerated. Mr, ALERAM australia, uk, us, usa. ALERAM online cod, Jackson was an experiment. BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION, The fact that he participated in it does not excuse or lessen the blame of Dr. Murray, ALERAM without prescription, ALERAM maximum dosage, who could have said no and walked away as many others did.”

[caption id="attachment_4824" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Oxycodone Is Just One Narcotic"][/caption]

When you stop to think about it every time a doctor doles out a narcotics prescription to a patient who claims to be in pain it is a gamble. The patient might be a criminal faking symptoms to get Oxycodone and other similar painkillers like Percocet, ALERAM no prescription. ALERAM for sale, They might be a dealer, selling the pills for as much as fifty dollars apiece, kjøpe ALERAM på nett, köpa ALERAM online. Online buy ALERAM without a prescription, And doctors have no way of knowing whether the person sitting in front of them has already gone doctor-shopping and gotten a stash of prescription drugs from other medical professionals. To be fair to those dedicated doctors we know are out there - they are health care providers not police investigators, BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

There are several levels of law enforcement to deal with reckless doctors but it is plain to see they aren’t effective, ALERAM coupon. ALERAM images, Otherwise the problem of prescription abuse wouldn’t have ballooned to encompass the multiple millions of cases we see each year.

[caption id="attachment_4825" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The DEA is in Charge - On The Federal Level"][/caption]

The feds at the DEA don’t like to get involved in cases that aren’t slam dunks wrapped up with a guilty plea, generic ALERAM. Cheap ALERAM, Rather than get their feet dirty fighting a case in court the DEA would rather leave it to state medical boards to take punitive action against bad doctors. BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION, The trouble with that is many of these boards are often underfunded, understaffed and lack the will to go after those who are considered to be the most successful pillars of the community.

Add to the bad doctor roster the so-called Pill Mills, like the ones that dot the state of Florida, where people flock from miles around to buy narcotics for cash. And the internet “pharmacies” where anyone with an active credit card can buy just about anything they want. Authorities work hard to shut down these addict-making enterprises but as soon as one is shut down three more crop up.

[caption id="attachment_4826" align="alignright" width="76" caption="Dead from a Medically Prescribed Overdose"][/caption]

And so the number of drug addicted Americans continues to rise every year. Whatever it is we’re doing to try to get ahead of the problem simply isn’t working, BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

Last year around this time I was writing about the convictions reached in the infamous Anna Nicole Smith drug overdose case. Two of the buxom actress’ doctors and her boyfriend-lawyer had been charged with funneling narcotics to Smith in the months and weeks before her death.

In the end, only one of the doctors, Dr. Kristine Eroshevich was found guilty along with Smith’s lover Howard K. BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Stern. In a surprise move the judge tossed out all but one misdemeanor count against Dr. Eroshevich. It was hardly a triumph for the L.A. based prosecution team.

Now, however, prosecutors have the rock solid, slam dunk Conrad Murray conviction under their belt which could very well add new energy to cases pending against doctors in other states.

Those who practice medicine with celebrity top-of-mind rather than their Hippocratic Oath are hereby forewarned. Learn to just say no.

# # #





by Diane on April 25, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4013" align="alignleft" width="168" caption="Best Way to Curb Youth Crime - Get to 'Em Early"][/caption]S ADIPEX-P FOR SALE, o often in this space I write about terrible things being done to – and sometimes by – the children of America. From sex trafficking to bullying, ADIPEX-P cost, Where can i cheapest ADIPEX-P online, it is easy for a crime and justice writer to get mired in the all the negative surrounding our kids.

This time let’s concentrate on the positive, online buying ADIPEX-P hcl. ADIPEX-P dosage, Any child psychologist will tell you young people crave attention, structure and discipline, ADIPEX-P treatment. Where can i buy ADIPEX-P online, Any cop on the beat will tell you there are plenty of kids who just don’t get it at home. Their parents are either too busy working to pay the bills or their parents can’t pass it on because they never got it themselves, ADIPEX-P FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_4017" align="alignright" width="181" caption="Club Activity in New Jersey"][/caption]

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America are here to fill the gap, ADIPEX-P overnight. My ADIPEX-P experience, You can find a club in all 50 states. At last count they serve about four million kids in big cities and small towns at dedicated Boys and Girls Club buildings or places like schools, buy ADIPEX-P without a prescription, Discount ADIPEX-P, on Native American lands and at military bases.

I recently got involved in this wonderful organization and realized that what they do goes a tremendously long way to keep kids on the right path, ADIPEX-P long term, ADIPEX-P dose, away from the criminal element and focused on hope for their futures. ADIPEX-P FOR SALE, 65% of the Club’s members are from minority families, 47% come from single parent households, the majority of members are boys but 45% are girls.

[caption id="attachment_4018" align="alignleft" width="266" caption="This poster girl is a young Jennifer Lopez"][/caption]

The Club staff members check each child’s report card every quarter and when they see trouble a special after-school tutoring squad steps in, is ADIPEX-P addictive. ADIPEX-P from mexico, A certain grade level must be maintained before the child can be a member of the basketball, baseball, order ADIPEX-P no prescription, ADIPEX-P pharmacy, aquatic, karate or other athletic team, ADIPEX-P from canada. ADIPEX-P schedule, If a child is hungry they are fed a hot meal, if an older member needs help for college the Club steps up to try to attract scholarships, buy ADIPEX-P from canada. Taking ADIPEX-P, If the child has a unique challenge – for example, I met one young Club graduate who had suffered with a terrible stutter at one point – the Club offers encouragement and puts out the call to its web of volunteers to get the needed help, ADIPEX-P used for.

[caption id="attachment_4023" align="alignright" width="113" caption="Denzel Washington and BGCA card"][/caption]

If a family is unable to pay the nominal dues -- often between just 5 and 8 dollars a year – perhaps they have multiple children in the home – the BGCA find a way to subsidize them, ADIPEX-P FOR SALE. Purchase ADIPEX-P online, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America make such a lifelong impression on these kids that a huge proportion of the 54 thousand trained professional staffers nationwide were once Club members themselves. Once a member, ADIPEX-P forum, Buy ADIPEX-P no prescription, always a member.

During my visit to one of the most celebrated clubs – the Kip’s Bay Club in the Bronx, ADIPEX-P pictures, Doses ADIPEX-P work, New York - beaming staff member Dwayne Lindo reminded me that singer/actress Jennifer Lopez got her start right there as part of the club’s renowned performing arts program. Lopez is still involved in the organization as one of their national spokespeople, ADIPEX-P pics. ADIPEX-P FOR SALE, Two-time Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington, also a New York Club alumnus, is another. Buy ADIPEX-P from mexico, [caption id="attachment_4024" align="alignleft" width="113" caption="Wesley Clark was a member "][/caption]

"The Club is where I looked for hope, purpose and direction, about ADIPEX-P, ADIPEX-P brand name, " Washington says today. "That's where I learned to dream - and to think big."

Other now famous Boys and Girls Club members include: General Wesley Clark who joined a Club in Little Rock, Arkansas as a boy and rose to become a four-star general and NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe; Secretary of the Interior and former Congressman Manuel Lujan who joined the Club started by his father in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Shaquille O’Neal who says he honed his basketball skills at a Club in Newark, New Jersey and has donated 1 million dollars to build technology centers for the kids; Actor Martin Sheen says he and six brothers practically grew up at the club in Dayton, Ohio back in the 40’s and 50’s.

[caption id="attachment_4025" align="alignright" width="101" caption="Joyner found focus at BGCA"][/caption]

Jackie Joyner-Kersee, considered one of the greatest female athlete of the 20th century, was not only a member of a Boys and Girls Club in rough and tumble East St. Louis, Missouri she later opened another Club there. Joyner-Kersee says the organization helped her from taking the wrong path in life and kept her focused on developing her potential, ADIPEX-P FOR SALE.

Many former members are active in fund raising which is where most of the Club’s money comes from. The weakened economy has meant some funds have dried up but still Staples donates school supplies to the tutoring programs, Microsoft and IBM give computers and keeps them running. Coca Cola sponsors nutrition programs and JC Penney generates millions of dollars for the Clubs by urging customers to “round up” their bill at check out. Bank of America helps the Clubs feed hungry children.

[caption id="attachment_4026" align="alignleft" width="76" caption="Martin Sheen as BGCA Kid"] ADIPEX-P FOR SALE, [/caption]

This isn’t a solicitation for money, although I can’t think of a more worthwhile cause.

The organizations motto is: “Boys & Girls Clubs believe every child has the potential to BE GREAT. Clubs strive to build caring, responsible citizens…to create a positive place full of hope and opportunity for every child.”

Sounds GREAT to me and I wanted you to know. After all, it is programs like these that can break the cycle of young people turning to crime.


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by Diane on January 3, 2011

[caption id="attachment_3636" align="alignleft" width="155" caption="Thinking of Ways to Make a Safer and More Just World"][/caption]W ERIMIN FOR SALE, ouldn’t it be wonderful if the commandment to “Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself” was the only law we needed.

Strictly adhered to that would be enough to curb crime in a big way, fast shipping ERIMIN. Purchase ERIMIN online no prescription, There would be no murder, assault, ERIMIN over the counter, About ERIMIN, fraud, burglary … well, get ERIMIN, Rx free ERIMIN, you get my drift.

But as this New Year dawns we all understand that we’re way past biblical pronouncement at this point, ERIMIN used for. ERIMIN mg, Today society must have laws and rules and regulations. But I often heave a big sigh and wish they worked better to get crime under control, ERIMIN FOR SALE.

In years past I’ve used this first column of each New Year to list my wishes for the crime and justice system, purchase ERIMIN online. Real brand ERIMIN online, For 2011 the list is pretty simple ...

[caption id="attachment_3637" align="alignright" width="154" caption="Sheen: Poster Boy for "Green Justice""][/caption]

First, ERIMIN price, Buy ERIMIN from canada, I wish Americans had more faith in our system. That they don’t can be blamed in large part on the system itself, ERIMIN duration. ERIMIN FOR SALE, When manipulating lawyers help someone famous get away with a serious offense without punishment it only goes to foster contempt. Australia, uk, us, usa, If someone in, say, order ERIMIN no prescription, ERIMIN maximum dosage, New Mexico gets a prison term for holding his wife at knife point while threatening to kill her, shouldn’t actor Charlie Sheen get the same punishment if he commits such a crime in Colorado, doses ERIMIN work. Kjøpe ERIMIN på nett, köpa ERIMIN online, And if a judge sentences someone to ten years in prison why are they often out in five and a half. I wish our laws were more uniform state-to-state, ERIMIN blogs, ERIMIN images, that they were applied more evenly and that a sentence reflected reality instead of giving convicts the feeling that they can play the system.

I wish that in 2011 no judge releases a criminal who will repeat his or her crime, online buying ERIMIN. I know it will never come true, ERIMIN FOR SALE. Buy ERIMIN without a prescription, [caption id="attachment_3639" align="alignleft" width="138" caption="Prisons Don't Create Good Citizens"][/caption]

I hope we launch a Manhattan Project type effort to figure out how to safely reduce our prison population. First on the agenda, cheap ERIMIN, ERIMIN cost, I would think, would be to identify and treat debilitating addictions, ERIMIN dosage. ERIMIN interactions, Think how many fewer prisoners we’d have to house if drug and alcohol addictions could be curbed.

I wish we’d explore that along with legalizing marijuana, ERIMIN treatment. ERIMIN FOR SALE, It could cause our prison budgets to plummet. Online buy ERIMIN without a prescription, And, don’t get me started listing my wishes for changes in our immigration situation, my ERIMIN experience. ERIMIN photos, Our decade’s long lackadaisical attitude on illegal immigration has added to our overcrowded prison problem and massively increased the possibility that terrorists have sneaked in to plot against us on our own soil.

Maybe the folks at the new Manhattan Project could ponder this problem too.

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I wish that in 2011 all victims of sex crimes could be as brave as Elizabeth Smart was when she recently testified against the man who kidnapped her and held her for 9 months. Brian David Mitchell said he was commanded by God, ERIMIN FOR SALE. I hope that in the year ahead – and beyond – the public and law enforcement comes to completely understand the pervasive criminality festering nationwide in the name of religion and that we finally figure out a way to deal with the perpetrators who hide behind the doctrine of separation of church and state.

I wish I’d never get another e-mail from a desperate person looking for help in locating a missing family member. But I know I will.

I wish to abolish reality TV shows that mindlessly highlight criminal activity as in TLC’s “Sister Wives” polygamy program. ERIMIN FOR SALE, Especially sickening are those TV producers who exploit the young children of spotlight-clamoring adults.

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As in years past I will again wish that this will be the year we finally process the backlog of hundreds of thousands of DNA rape kits sitting in crime labs all across the country. Get that information into a national data base. Since a single rapist can victimize dozens of people the sooner we can identify, convict and put away these predators the better. Why don’t we make this a priority.

I wish every Governor would set aside serious time to look at the stack of potential pardons in their in-box, ERIMIN FOR SALE. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has just decided to vacate the life sentences for two African American sisters I wrote about earlier this year. Gladys and Jamie Scott have been in prison for 17 years. They always maintained their innocence but they were convicted for a 1993 armed robbery that netted a paltry eleven dollars.

For that they were sentenced to an unbelievable two life sentences each among rumors that the local former sheriff had a long standing beef with their father.

[caption id="attachment_3647" align="alignright" width="124" caption="An Injustice Finally Righted"] ERIMIN FOR SALE, [/caption]

Gladys’ release is conditional. She can get out of prison only after she donates a kidney to Jamie who requires daily dialysis to survive. I’m sure she’ll be glad to do that.

I also wrote about the citizen revolt sweeping several American cities as voters got fed up with corrupt politicians and called in the cops. I fervently wish for this trend to continue.

I also hope this year brings an uptick in doctors who have their licenses yanked for deliberately over-prescribing narcotics, ERIMIN FOR SALE. It’s not just the Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith types who can overdose and die. It’s your elderly parents, your kids or your spouse.

As I write this I think about the difference between wishes and hopes for the future and the courage and conviction needed to actually change things.

A wish is a dreamy bubble you optimistically release into the universe. ERIMIN FOR SALE, Courage is often wrapped in the pessimism of suspected failure and is rare to find. In the field of crime and justice we can’t afford not to back up our hopes with the courage to change the way we do business.

Look, I’m no Einstein. I don’t know how to make all these wishes come true. I only have enough courage to write them all down, put them out there - leading with my chin and bracing for the inevitable criticism - and hope those smarter than me will lead us.


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