The Death Penalty

Death For The Boston Bomb Suspect? Doubtful

by Diane Dimond on March 3, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7321" align="alignleft" width="135"] Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Mugshot[/caption] If I were a betting woman I’d plunk down $10 right now and bet that suspected Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, will die in prison and not in an execution chamber. Yes, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced the feds will seek the death penalty for Tsarnaev, but chances are the 19-year-old may never face the possibility of being put to death by the U.S. government. Why do I say that? First, let’s review some facts. Tsarnaev and his older brother Tamerlan, 26, are accused of planting powerful bombs at the Boston Marathon’s finish line, causing the deaths of three people and the wounding of more than 260 others. [caption id="attachment_7340" align="alignright" width="150"] The Bombs Unleashed Hell in the Streets[/caption] One of the dead was a police officer who was shot and killed during the ensuing manhunt for the brothers. The older Tsarnaev was shot four days later during a final street confrontation with police. His death was hastened according to the official indictment after his wounded little brother ran over him while fleeing the scene in a stolen car. Young Dzhokhar was found the next day hiding in a covered boat in the residential neighborhood of Watertown, Massachusetts, not far [caption id="attachment_7323" align="alignleft" width="150"] Dzhokar At Moment of Capture[/caption] from the bombing site. Inside the boat he had scrawled a handwritten message saying in part, “The U.S. Government is killing our innocent civilians. I can’t stand to see such evil go unpunished… We Muslims are one body, you hurt one you hurt us all.” The message ends with the confessional line, “Stop killing our innocent people and we will stop.” As the evidence against the surviving brother has mounted -- and been widely reported -- it doesn’t seem that any jury would ever find him not guilty. But history shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might never face a jury. According to the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel in almost half of federal death penalty cases over the last 25 years prosecutors ultimately withdrew the threat of death before trial.  Instead, they agreed to plea agreements that resulted in life in prison with no possibility of early release. [caption id="attachment_7333" align="alignright" width="150"] Last to be Executed by Feds: Timothy McVeigh[/caption] Further, since the federal death sentence was re-instated in 1988 seventy defendants have been sentenced to the death chamber but only three have actually been executed: Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in June 2001, Juan Raul Garza eight days later and in March 2003, Louis Jones Jr. received a lethal injection courtesy of Uncle Sam. (For the record, the three convicted murderers were – in chronological order – White, Hispanic and Black.) But let’s say prosecutors stick to their guns on the Boston bombing case, refuse to offer Tsarnaev a plea bargain and he actually goes on trial. I’m still not convinced he will get the death penalty. Tsarnaev’s lead defense lawyer is none other than Judy Clarke who has been called, “A master strategist in death penalty cases” and one who has an unmatched track record of humanizing high-profile murder clients and keeping them off death row. [caption id="attachment_7334" align="alignleft" width="150"] "Master Strategist" Attorney Judy Clarke[/caption] Among those for whom Clarke has life sentences instead of a date with the executioner: The Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski; the Atlanta Olympics bomber, Eric Rudolph; A September 11th co-conspirator, Zacarias Moussaoui and the young man who shot Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and killed six others, Jared Loughner. Jurors don’t relish condemning to death defendants who were teenagers at the time of their crime because everyone knows teens often do stupid, impulsive things. Attorney Clark is sure to use both Tsarnaev’s young age (he turned 20 in custody) and his culturally different and turbulent upbringing to appeal for mercy. The Tsarnaev family emigrated from Russia in 2002. Dzhokhar is the youngest of four children born to a patriarchal and religious family whose Muslim faith considers elders to be important authority figures that are followed without question. [caption id="attachment_7335" align="alignright" width="150"] The Late Tamerlan Tsarnaev[/caption] Using one of the oldest tricks in a criminal defense attorney’s briefcase Ms. Clarke will likely play on jurors sympathy by emphasizing that Dzhokhar’s actions were heavily influenced by his fractured family and his controlling, more radicalized older brother. She will probably stress how Dzhokhar felt abandoned after being left, virtually alone, in the wake of his parent’s divorce. Both his father and mother moved back to Russia. The only one he had left to rely on was his older brother. Sob stories like these have actually been known to work when it comes time to sentence a defendant. Another reason I doubt this young man will be condemned to execution has to do with the current public perception of capital punishment. Nationally, the latest Gallup poll indicates, that public support for the death penalty continues to decline. Only about 60 percent of Americans support the idea these days. But in the state of Massachusetts -- where any Tsarnaev trial is likely to be held -- a Boston Globe poll conducted statewide last fall revealed only 33 percent of citizens wanted Tsarnaev to get the death penalty. 57 percent said he should be sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. It is a fact that federal prosecutors don’t like to bring cases to court that aren't a slam-dunk win. Another fact: it will be difficult to seat a death-penalty qualified jury in a state like Massachusetts. Once a potential juror says they cannot vote for capital punishment they are disqualified. [caption id="attachment_7336" align="alignleft" width="150"] Boston AG Carmen Ortiz's Team to Prosecute[/caption] Look, I may be all wet. The marathon attack was the most significant anti-American terrorist act on American soil since the tragedy on September 11th, a fact that is hard to dismiss. If there is a trial and if it is actually held in Boston and not moved to another jurisdiction, disfigured victims of the bombing may attend the proceedings to show the jury, first-hand, the damage done to them. The anti-death penalty trend of the past decade may snap at that point and Tsarnaev may, indeed, face the executioner’s needle. But as I said at the outset, if I were a gambler I wouldn't bet on it. home



by Diane Dimond on January 6, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7185" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Deputy Wyatt Earp circa mid 1800's[/caption]

Not since the days when Wyatt Earp worked the Wild West wearing a badge and a gun has there been such good news for law enforcement.

The number of federal, Real brand NORDIAZEPAM online, state, local, tribal and territorial officers in the U.S, where to buy NORDIAZEPAM. who died in the line of duty last year dropped to a total of 111. Think about that. NORDIAZEPAM brand name, In the whole United States of America we lost only 111 officers during 2013. That’s the lowest number since 1959.

The most encouraging news in the latest report from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) is seen in the death-by-gun category. At a time when there is so much worry about rampant gun deaths only 33 officers, nationwide, lost their lives in the line of duty due to a firearm fatality, BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. The number would have been even lower had it not been for a former Los Angeles cop named Christopher Dorner who went on a shooting spree last February and killed four people, NORDIAZEPAM class, including three L.A. Generic NORDIAZEPAM, police officers.

The number of law enforcement gun deaths hasn't been that low since 1887, back in the post-gold rush days when deputized frontiersmen tried to keep the peace in places with names like Tombstone, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Arizona. Where can i find NORDIAZEPAM online, [caption id="attachment_7186" align="alignright" width="150"] Remembering the Dead[/caption]

So, at a time when the country seems consumed with worry about mass shootings like the ones at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.; the school in Newtown, australia, uk, us, usa, Connecticut; and the movie theater in Aurora, Buy cheap NORDIAZEPAM no rx, Colorado how is it that law enforcement is enjoying such a low mortality rate. BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, NLEOMF Chairman and CEO, Craig Floyd, attributes it to an increased “culture of safety” within police departments. For example, Floyd says, NORDIAZEPAM maximum dosage, after a spike in officer gun deaths in 2011 more members of law enforcement routinely began wearing bullet proof vests. NORDIAZEPAM street price, “The only good news is zero deaths,” Floyd said, “But this very significant drop in law enforcement fatalities the past two years is extremely encouraging."

Let’s get real, where can i buy NORDIAZEPAM online. The lower police mortality rate is not all attributable to cops being more careful on-the-job. Buy NORDIAZEPAM without prescription, Our justice system is keeping more criminals behind bars and for longer periods of time. Massive prison overcrowding, nationwide, proves that, BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_7187" align="alignleft" width="150"] Always Ready To Protect[/caption]

There have been major developments in crime fighting technology, like strategic placement of surveillance cameras in trouble spots, cheap NORDIAZEPAM. There has been a push to complete a backlog of DNA tests helping pinpoint viable suspects and that keeps officers out of risky investigative situations. NORDIAZEPAM dosage, And let’s not forget the active gun buy-back programs and neighborhood watch campaigns that help keep our streets safer.

In addition, the American population is aging, NORDIAZEPAM results. BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, The median age is now 37.2 years old – well past the prime crime-committing ages of 13 to 25.

While 39 people were executed for their crimes in America last year I’m not convinced by arguments that capital punishment actually deters crime. Buy NORDIAZEPAM from mexico, If you look at a graph of annual crime statistics next to a graph of peak execution years (1997-2002) it is easy to see the total number of crimes fluctuated only slightly.

There is no measurable proof that criminals with murder in mind stop to re-think their actions because their ultimate punishment could be the death chamber. Most murderous lawbreakers aren't known for stopping to think things through, NORDIAZEPAM cost.

There is surely a combination of factors that delivers to us the good news that there were fewer law enforcement deaths in 2013, BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. And it’s probably a good time for all of us to stop and think about all those brave men and women who leave their homes every day to keep us safe knowing they could pay the ultimate price for simply doing their job. Online NORDIAZEPAM without a prescription, [caption id="attachment_7189" align="alignright" width="120"] Every Day Could Be Their Last[/caption]

Law enforcement deaths are all so arbitrary. Can you imagine working in a career where at any moment you could die.

Last year a majority of officers – 46 – lost their lives in traffic-related accidents, NORDIAZEPAM wiki. BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, 18 died of job-related illnesses. Six fell to their deaths while working, NORDIAZEPAM price, coupon, 2 drowned, 2 others were stabbed to death, one was electrocuted, buy NORDIAZEPAM from canada, 1 died in a helicopter crash and one was blown to bits in an explosion. Purchase NORDIAZEPAM for sale, No surprise that working on Friday and Saturday nights proved to be the most lethal but Tuesday night also proved pretty deadly. February and September were a peace officer’s the most dangerous months. Most of the officers who died were male, NORDIAZEPAM overnight, 107 of them. Four were female and, on average, the dead was the parent of at least two children, BUY NORDIAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Buying NORDIAZEPAM online over the counter, The oldest officer to die was 70 and the youngest was 23.

The state of Texas led the nation with 13 fatalities, followed by California (10), buy NORDIAZEPAM no prescription, Mississippi (10) and New York (10). Is NORDIAZEPAM safe, Arkansas (6) rounded out the top five on the list.

The last officers to die were Sgt. Robert Baron of Sandoval County, order NORDIAZEPAM online c.o.d, New Mexico who was struck by a car while investigating a crash and Sgt. NORDIAZEPAM alternatives, Kevin Stauffer of Tupelo, Mississippi who was killed while pursuing armed bank robbers.

Sadly, NORDIAZEPAM samples, their names will soon be added to the nearly 20 thousand other names carved into the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C

Yes, while 2013 saw a record low death toll of law enforcement personnel, 2014 is probably a good time to stop a cop and say thanks.





by Diane Dimond on July 24, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5486" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Death By Lethal Injection"] LEXOTAN FOR SALE, [/caption]

When I saw the headlines my stomach lurched. The State of Georgia has issued an execution warrant for a retarded man, LEXOTAN mg. After LEXOTAN, Oh, Good Grief, purchase LEXOTAN for sale, LEXOTAN overnight, I thought, has America come to this, LEXOTAN forum. LEXOTAN images, Despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling more than a decade ago banning the execution of retarded citizens Georgia was going to go ahead and send Warren Lee Hill, LEXOTAN brand name, Online buying LEXOTAN hcl, Jr. to the death chamber anyway, LEXOTAN FOR SALE.

Multiple news stories told me plans to execute Mr, LEXOTAN coupon. Online buying LEXOTAN, Hill were moving forward because he couldn’t prove he was mentally retarded, “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Why would the state of Georgia put that kind of caveat on retardation, LEXOTAN dose, Order LEXOTAN from mexican pharmacy, I wondered. How could they possibly want to put to death a man who didn’t have the capacity to know right from wrong, LEXOTAN dosage. Buying LEXOTAN online over the counter, [caption id="attachment_5485" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Latest: Execution Stayed for Non-Retardation Reasons"][/caption]

Then I did some research and remembered why it’s so important to look past the headlines. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, I came to realize that lawyers for two-time convicted murderer Warren Lee Hill may have been trying to game the system.

Look, LEXOTAN canada, mexico, india, LEXOTAN from canada, anyone who reads this column regularly knows I struggle mightily with my opinion of the death penalty. I’m not for it – but then again if the criminal has committed multiple crimes (like a serial killer) or crimes against a child well .., order LEXOTAN online overnight delivery no prescription. About LEXOTAN, then ... my anti-execution resolution gets shaky, LEXOTAN maximum dosage.

The saga of 52 year old Hill is a long one, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Buy LEXOTAN from canada, It starts in 1986 when he murdered his 18 year old girlfriend by shooting her eleven times. He was convicted and sent to the Lee Correctional Institution to serve life in prison, where to buy LEXOTAN. LEXOTAN reviews, There, he murdered again when he beat to death another inmate as he slept in his bed, generic LEXOTAN. LEXOTAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, According to the case file, “Hill removed a two-by-six (foot) board that served as a sink leg in the prison bathroom and forcefully beat the victim numerous times with the board about the head and chest as on-looking prisoners pleaded with him to stop.” The board was studded with nails and Hill, buy cheap LEXOTAN, Ordering LEXOTAN online, reportedly, mocked the man as he beat the life out of him, is LEXOTAN safe.

[caption id="attachment_5487" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Hill Murdered in Prison"] LEXOTAN FOR SALE, [/caption]

The injuries sustained by victim Joseph Handspike were brutal. Discount LEXOTAN, Several of his teeth were knocked out, his left eye was detached from the socket and he was unable to speak to guards for the blood pouring from his mouth and nose, LEXOTAN without a prescription. LEXOTAN samples, He died in a hospital emergency room ninety minutes later from blunt force trauma.

It may be grisly to read such details but I think it is important to include in any discussion about clemency for criminals the damage they inflicted on their victims. That must be central to any conversation.

During Hill’s second murder trial, in 1991, his own attorney called a clinical psychologist who testified Hill had an IQ of 77 – (mild retardation is designated by an IQ between 59 and 69.) While below normal intelligence, Dr, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. William Dickinson testified, Hill was able to fully understand right from wrong and the ramifications of his actions. A high school friend called Hill, “bright, sharp and mature.” After graduating high school, evidence showed, Hill joined the Navy and rose to the rank of Seaman Second Class. The jury unanimously convicted Hill of malice murder and he received a death sentence.

[caption id="attachment_5488" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Simmering Violence in Prison"][/caption]

In 1993, Hill’s attorney appealed his conviction to the Georgia Supreme Court and again did not claim mental retardation as a defense. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The state’s high court rejected the appeal.

In 1996 - more than five years after the inmate’s murder – suddenly, lawyers for Hill claimed he could not be put to death because he was clinically retarded. They pegged his IQ at 70 which is still a point above those called, “mildly retarded.”

There has been a lot of legal back and forth in this case since that declaration of retardation but the bottom line now is: Warren Lee Hill is set to be executed at 7 pm on July 18th, 2012. This makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like the idea of state sanctioned killing but I certainly understand the case better now that I took the time to dig into it.

None of the battery of psychological tests Hill took before his lawyers professed he was mentally deficient showed any signs of retardation, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Yet Hill’s attorney Brian Kammer maintains, “It is morally wrong to execute someone who has been found more likely than not to be mentally retarded.” He says his client has a mental capacity of a sixth grader.

[caption id="attachment_5489" align="alignleft" width="105" caption="The Death Bed"][/caption]

Georgia is no backward state when it comes to this issue. In 1988, Georgia became the first in the nation to abolish capital punishment for mentally retarded convicts - as long as they could prove their handicap beyond a reasonable doubt. And therein lies the rub for Warren Lee Hill. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, There is, on the very face of this case, a reasonable doubt about his claim.

But there is no doubt that Hill has murdered twice and his 18 year old girlfriend, Myra Wright, and inmate Joseph Handspike – ripped apart by bullets and a board – were never given the option of losing their life via a quiet lethal injection.

home  UPDATE:  The Georgia State Supreme Court issued a stay of execution for Hill after his the state changed its 3-drug lethal cocktail to a one-drug death injection.  At this writing there has been no new execution date set.



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by Diane Dimond on April 2, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5210" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Do We Really Know All the Facts Yet?"] TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, [/caption]

There are two sides to every story. So, Generic TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, why do the media sometimes run whole hogged with the most sensational version of events and why do we eat it up like candy.

It is time for some critical thinking about a widely reported crime story currently in the news.

More than a month ago a tragic incident occurred in a gated community in Sanford, discount TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, Florida when a Neighborhood-Watch volunteer shot and killed a 17 year old young man. Australia, uk, us, usa, The teen was black, the man with the gun was mixed race Hispanic. The teen was walking back from the store, the adult was in his car going to the store, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE.

When I read the first accounts of how young Trayvon Martin died I was outraged, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL pharmacy. Seemed as though a 28 year old, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no rx, gun-toting man named George Zimmerman – a guy who had called 9-11 dozens of times over the last year – was one of those modern day gunslinger types who went around his neighborhood hunting for suspects to bully. Several news accounts called him a, “cop wanna-be” who likely targeted the hoodie-wearing teen because of his race, about TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL.

[caption id="attachment_5215" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Was He Targeted for His Hoodie Look - or Race?"][/caption]

TV news played a 9-11 tape on which Zimmerman was heard reporting the suspicious activity of young Trayvon and even though the operator clearly told the older man not to leave his car to follow the suspect, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL from mexico, Zimmerman did so anyway. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, The media reported Martin was on his cell phone telling his girlfriend that a man in an SUV was following him and she told him to run away. Within minutes the defenseless teenager was inexplicably dead with a bullet in his chest. Zimmerman was not arrested and there was much speculation that it was because Florida’s controversial Stand-Your-Ground law (which allows threatened people to defend themselves with their guns) was the reason why, cheap TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no rx.

I was left with so many questions. Buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online cod, Common sense told me Zimmerman didn’t stand his ground anywhere. He had obviously gotten out of his vehicle and followed the kid, so, was there another reason he wasn’t arrested for the shooting, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. And, if the Stand-Your-Ground law was the reason there had been no arrest why was Sanford’s Police Chief Bill Lee forced to step aside, online TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL without a prescription. He didn’t pass the law – the state legislature did. Where can i cheapest TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online, Shouldn’t the anger have been focused on lawmakers, not police.

[caption id="attachment_5217" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Shooter Showed No Apparent Sign of Injury at Cop Shop"][/caption]

Finally, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL schedule, five weeks after the February 26 shooting I opened the paper to learn that there was more to this story than an overzealous adult stalking and killing a black kid. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, The new perspective came from the original police report which noted Zimmerman had a bloody nose, gashes on the back of his head and grass stains on his back. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL from canada, Obviously there had been some sort of fight. Zimmerman had told police that as he moved to go back to his vehicle the teenager asked him if he “had a problem.” When he answered, “No” and reached for his phone to make another 9-11 call Zimmerman said Martin declared, purchase TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online, “Well, Rx free TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL, you do now,” and knocked him to the ground. The young man then bashed his head into the concrete several times and in the scuffle, my TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL experience, Zimmerman claimed, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL samples, he shot Martin in self-defense. An eyewitness backs up this account saying the person in the red shirt (Zimmerman) was being beaten by the person in the dark hoodie (Martin).   ABC News then broadcast grainy video of Zimmerman arriving at the police station in handcuffs and none of the injuries listed on the report were visible, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE.  Days later, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL without prescription, ABC enhanced the footage and apparent head wounds were suddenly visible. Order TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online c.o.d, [caption id="attachment_5220" align="alignright" width="120" caption=""Race Hustlers" with Trayvon's Parents"][/caption]

Look, I don’t know the complete truth of what happened that awful night when Trayvon Martin died. And neither do the loud mouths that have descended on the scene to demand “justice.”

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton led a protest in Sanford, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL forum, they had their picture taken with Trayvon’s grief stricken parents and demanded that the city arrest Zimmerman or risk “… going down as the Birmingham and Selma of the 21st century, Where can i buy cheapest TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online, " as Sharpton put it.

The New Black Panther Party said it was mobilizing 10,000 black men to capture Zimmerman who has been in hiding since the shooting and is reported to be extremely distraught after several death threats, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL interactions. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE, The Panther Party’s Hashim Nzinga announced on CNN there was a 10 thousand dollar bounty on Zimmerman’s head. Another party member, Is TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL addictive, Mikhail Muhammad, said of the shooter, “He should be fearful for his life, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL brand name. You can’t keep killing black children.”

Ironic, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL duration, isn't it, that the groups so eager to brand Zimmerman as a vigilante are engaging in similar activity.

[caption id="attachment_5222" align="alignleft" width="105" caption="Rev C.L, doses TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL work. Bryant, Ordering TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online, Former NAACP Official"][/caption]

Reverend C.L. Bryant, a onetime NAACP official from Texas said what I was thinking about these self-aggrandizing vigilantes, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL FOR SALE. He called Jackson and Sharpton “race hustlers” and said they are “acting as though they are buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy.” The facts show there is no epidemic of whites killing black children in America. As the conservative Rev, buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no prescription. Bryant put it, Buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL from canada, “The greatest danger to the lives of young black men are (other) young black men.”

The bottom line to this case and the media’s coverage of it is this: None of it feels like it is leading us down the path to true justice. It feels like a mob of uninformed, hot-headed people playing to the cameras is leading the way, canada, mexico, india.

A young man is dead and his pitiable parents, instead of being allowed to grieve, are being paraded around by opportunists demanding unattainable instant “justice.” This is not the way our justice system works. It should be slow, deliberate and fair to everyone involved. There are always two sides to every story.





by Diane Dimond on March 26, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5193" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Army Staff Sgt Robert Bales"] BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

The drumbeat has already started and I want it to stop.

The moment the horrific news that a U.S, online buying PLAVIX. PLAVIX photos, soldier had gone on a rouge killing spree in the far away province of Kandahar, Afghanistan – murdering 16 Afghan civilians, after PLAVIX, PLAVIX australia, uk, us, usa, mostly women and children and then burning some of the bodies, America has been struggling to make sense of it, buy no prescription PLAVIX online. PLAVIX class, If the reports are true, what could have caused Army Staff Sgt, effects of PLAVIX. PLAVIX from canadian pharmacy, Robert Bales, the married father of two, where to buy PLAVIX, Fast shipping PLAVIX, to commit such a heinous act of multiple murder.

In the days since we first heard the news I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read or heard the sentiment that somehow the culture or conditions within our U.S, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION. military made him do it, PLAVIX cost. PLAVIX used for, Or that the military "taught him to kill." Nonsense.


Look, PLAVIX blogs, PLAVIX natural, war is hell and since America has now endured more than a decade of non-stop wars maybe it should come as no surprise that this has been the knee-jerk reaction - blame the military. But that’s a specious conclusion as we look for reasons why Sgt, PLAVIX dosage. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Bales may have done the indefensible. Buy PLAVIX online no prescription, The military doesn’t create monsters. It welcomes and trains patriots willing to put their lives on the line in defense of our country and devises plans to carry out dangerous missions most of us can’t even imagine, PLAVIX dangers. Where can i buy PLAVIX online, [caption id="attachment_5194" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Civilians Can't Imagine a Soldier's Life in Afghanistan"][/caption]

More than half a million soldiers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and unlike past conflicts they volunteered to be there. More than 50 thousand of these loyal warriors have endured four or more deployments just like Sgt, PLAVIX use. Bales, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION. PLAVIX pictures, But not one of those other soldiers went out in the dead of night and committed mass murder.

The military does not decide when our country goes into battle, what is PLAVIX, Buy generic PLAVIX, it doesn’t pick our enemies and it no longer drafts unwilling soldiers into its ranks. All the big decisions about war lay with the President and the United States Congress, PLAVIX alternatives. PLAVIX wiki, The military simply follows the orders it gets from above. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Is it a perfect institution. No, PLAVIX overnight. PLAVIX price, (I’ve been especially appalled at the way female soldiers have been treated.) But I’m at a loss to point out any government institution that is perfect.

I don’t know what may have made this 38 year old veteran soldier do what he is alleged to have done -- and so far no one else does either, PLAVIX images. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, In fact, Sgt, get PLAVIX. Bales’ defense attorney has said his client has no memory of any slaughter so we may never know what made this soldier act with such unconscionable viciousness, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying PLAVIX hcl, [caption id="attachment_5195" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Was Sgt. Bales Trigger Happy?"][/caption]

I’ve read that before he enlisted Bales had several run-ins with the law including a DWI arrest, involvement in a hit-and-run accident and a misdemeanor assault charge. The most shocking behavior, to my mind, was the finding of an Ohio arbitration board that concluded Bales had bilked an elderly couple out of their entire life savings while working for a brokerage firm. The 70-something victims have said they have never received a penny of the 1.4 million dollars settlement Bales was ordered to pay them. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Maybe joining the military shortly after the September 11th attacks was Bales’ way of putting distance between himself and that obligation.

More recently Bales and his family had more money troubles. Their house in Tacoma, Washington went into foreclosure and he was upset, according to his wife, that he had been denied a promotion which would have brought in a few extra hundred dollars each month. Bales sustained a couple of combat injuries – to his foot and a suspected traumatic brain injury but he was cleared for duty by military doctors.

I recite these facts to illustrate that despite all the kind things his relatives, friends and teachers are saying about him now one fact is clear: the troubles in Robert Bales life were self-inflicted and not created by the U.S. Military, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_5196" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Sgt Bales Defense Attorney John Brown"][/caption]

There seems to be no question that Bales is the prime suspect in these cold blooded murders and that he suffered or is still suffering from some massive mental break with reality. Whatever defense his attorney presents for him will likely be all about sparing a mentally sick man’s life and not getting him acquitted of the charges.

As we watch the case against Sgt. Bales proceed consider this: His actions may have not only snuffed out the lives of 16 people they could also go to taint the entire United States military as well. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, If guilty Sgt. Bales left every other active duty U.S. soldier in that region with the extra daily burden of proving they are not vicious killers themselves. In that area of Afghanistan, where anti-American sentiment has palpably increased since the murders, Bales has literally helped paint a target on the back of his former comrades-in-arms.

This isn’t the fault of the military. It will be up to a military tribunal to decide the facts of this case but at this point it appears to have been a horrible crime of one man – albeit a loving husband and father – who had a history of making bad judgments. Whatever may have happened inside his head does not define the United States of America.






by Diane Dimond on January 16, 2012

[caption id="attachment_4943" align="alignleft" width="105"] TAMIFLU FOR SALE, How Many Are There in America?[/caption]

It was a small but horrifying item in the Los Angeles Times. TAMIFLU schedule, “Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying what they call a ‘serious, dangerous serial killer operating in Orange County, TAMIFLU online cod. TAMIFLU duration, Police believe one person is responsible for stabbing three middle-aged homeless men. He is (considered) extremely dangerous to the public.”

Another serial killer, where can i buy TAMIFLU online, Buy TAMIFLU from canada, I thought. And then the question: How many serial killers are out there in America, low dose TAMIFLU.

John Douglas, a former Chief of the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit and author of

[caption id="attachment_4944" align="alignright" width="92"] FBI Agent John Douglas[/caption]

“Mind Hunter” says, “A very conservative estimate is that there are between 35-50 active serial killers in the United States” at any given time, TAMIFLU FOR SALE. Canada, mexico, india, Often, Douglas told me, TAMIFLU brand name, Buy cheap TAMIFLU no rx, they will, “kill 2-3 victims and then have a “cooling-off” period between kills.”

[caption id="attachment_4945" align="alignnone" width="105"] The BTK Killer Operated Over 30 Years[/caption]

That period can be days and in some cases (such as the BTK Strangler, TAMIFLU maximum dosage, Order TAMIFLU online c.o.d, Dennis Rader, convicted of killing 10 people from 1974 to 1991) even years.”

But others who study serial killers (defined as someone who kills 3 or more people) think there are many more of these demented predators out there than the FBI admits to – maybe as many as a hundred of them actively operating right now, TAMIFLU australia, uk, us, usa. TAMIFLU recreational, Why don’t we know the exact figure. Because serial killers are a secretive and often nomadic bunch, buy TAMIFLU from mexico. TAMIFLU dosage, [caption id="attachment_4946" align="alignright" width="105"] Ted Bundy's Charm Lured Victims[/caption]

Right before his execution in January 1989 the widely traveled Ted Bundy, described as a charismatic killer, TAMIFLU results, TAMIFLU cost, admitted to 30 murders across half a dozen states – from Washington to Florida. TAMIFLU FOR SALE, Andrew Cunanan killed at least five people during his wanderings through Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey and Florida, including fashion designer Gianni Versace in Miami.

[caption id="attachment_4948" align="alignleft" width="105"] Rigs Hard to Follow State to State[/caption]

The FBI knows death travels and five years ago it set up the Highway Serial Killings Initiative, doses TAMIFLU work. TAMIFLU price, The bureau reveals it has “a matrix of more than 600 victims and potential suspects in excess of 275.” Since the bodies were found off major highways top suspects are long-haul truckers who may pick up prey in one state and dump the body several states away.

I know this is disturbing to read and you may wonder, TAMIFLU without prescription, TAMIFLU use, “Why should I care. I’m not going to hitchhike at a truck stop!”

[caption id="attachment_4949" align="alignright" width="120"] Two Faces of John Wayne Gacy[/caption]

Well, generic TAMIFLU, My TAMIFLU experience, realize lots of serial killers stay close to home and their victims are random. The aforementioned Dennis Rader found all his victims in Kansas not far from the Wichita home he shared with his wife and two kids, TAMIFLU FOR SALE. Rader, TAMIFLU canada, mexico, india, Australia, uk, us, usa, the president of his local church, knocked on his victim’s doors and they simply let him in, rx free TAMIFLU. TAMIFLU street price, John Wayne Gacy, met many of his 33 victims (all young men and boys) at charity events where he appeared dressed a clown, ordering TAMIFLU online. No prescription TAMIFLU online, After luring them to his house and murdering them he stuffed them under his Cook County, Illinois home, TAMIFLU dose.

[caption id="attachment_4950" align="alignleft" width="105"] Ridgeway, The Green River Killer[/caption]

Gary Leon Ridgway, the so-called Green River Killer, was convicted of strangling 49 random women he met in Washington. TAMIFLU FOR SALE, He confessed to killing 71 but authorities believe the number of victims could be over 90.

[caption id="attachment_4951" align="alignright" width="120"] Dahmer Wanted To Be Studied[/caption]

Jeffrey Dahmer of Milwaukee admitted to killing and cannibalizing 17 young men and boys before he was arrested. Dahmer’s mother, Joyce, once told me her son wished doctors would come study him in prison to help figure out what drove him to do it.

We who write about crime are told that law enforcement nationwide is doing a better job of communicating with each other about suspected serial killers. Indeed, the item I read about the homeless murders was a milestone. In the past, detectives were loath to tell the public about a serial killer on the loose for fear of spooking people, TAMIFLU FOR SALE. Now, they’ve come to realize that knowledge is power and citizen’s information can be a huge help in solving crimes.

[caption id="attachment_4953" align="alignleft" width="120"] Five Victims of ABQ's West Mesa Killer[/caption]

Hardly a state in the union hasn’t had a serial killer. California, Texas and Florida seem to have more than their fair share. And mass graves have been found all around the country. TAMIFLU FOR SALE, Two examples: The 11 bodies of young women and an infant found on the isolated West Mesa outside Albuquerque. And, an eerily similar case thousands of miles away in Long Island, New York where authorities unearthed 10 bodies - eight women and a toddler along with a man dressed in women’s clothes.

These are among the serial killer dumping grounds that have been found. Many others may go undetected forever.

The best thing we can do is be vigilant. Know that many victims of serial killers put themselves in harm’s way, TAMIFLU FOR SALE. Most are women who have some contact with the sex trade or illegal drug underworld and if they have children they are in grave danger too.

[caption id="attachment_4954" align="alignright" width="90"] Reaching Troubled Kids Early is Key[/caption]

Dr. Maurice Godwin has studied serial killers for years and one in-depth analysis of 107 of them revealed important information. Godwin found 55% of serial killers began having trouble in childhood and had criminal juvenile records. 45% had been convicted for a previous sex crime. As with so many criminals it goes back to their early formative years and the best lesson we can learn is that when we find a troubled child we best help them. Failure to do so could result in another serial killer walking among us.


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by Diane Dimond on September 5, 2011

BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_3776" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Health Care in Prison. It is Constitutionally protected"][/caption]TThey are charged with breaking laws or victimizing fellow citizens. DILANTIN images, We respond by making sure they get a lawyer - often on the taxpayer’s dime. If they plead “not guilty” we stage expensive trials for them so they can provide evidence to a judge or jury.  If convicted, they are imprisoned.

So, DILANTIN long term, after all that do we have an obligation to provide prisoners with any and all medicines they might need to keep them healthy. DILANTIN dosage, While so many Americans are struggling to meet health insurance and prescription costs - services for prisoners constantly increase.  And make no mistake about it, America has so many incarcerated people we are spending boat-loads of money on convicts’ medical care, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Their services cannot be cut. But health care programs for the general public have been cut back time and time again, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

[caption id="attachment_3972" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Need a Prescription in Prison. Discount DILANTIN, No Problem!"][/caption]

Let’s take the state of Ohio as a general example of what it means to maintain the health of convicts.  The Ohio prison system has about 51,000 prisoners and it spends nearly 223 million dollars a year for their medical care. BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, About 28 million dollars of the Ohio total is spent on inmate’s prescriptions.

In Oregon, DILANTIN pharmacy, the latest annual figures show it took 100 million dollars to take care of some 14, DILANTIN over the counter, 000 prisoners. That’s 7 times more than the state spends on education.

Texas, where can i find DILANTIN online, like every other state, Buy DILANTIN no prescription, has seen a spike in the number of elderly inmates who often require even more expensive medical treatments. That phenomenon and Texas’ regular medical care costs for prisoners ballooned to a staggering 545 million dollars last fiscal year.  This at a time when other crucial state programs are facing mandatory budget cuts.

Every year the price tag of tending to old and dying prisoners skyrockets, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Realize these inmates must often be transported to hospitals or nursing homes where they are treated with the latest lifesaving methods and, DILANTIN trusted pharmacy reviews, yes, Order DILANTIN online overnight delivery no prescription, even though they are incapacitated from their illnesses the law says they must be provided with round-the-clock security guards.

[caption id="attachment_1478" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Overcrowding In California Means a Huge Budget Expenditure"][/caption]

Wrap your head around this set of facts if you can:  In California, a state drowning in red ink, low dose DILANTIN, the prison system recently identified 21 inmates whose annual health care bill is just under two million dollars – EACH. Buy generic DILANTIN, There are another 1,300 guests of the California penal system who require medical attention costing $100,000.00 apiece.  Those cold hard facts caused California to adopt a bill last year to grant medical paroles so the sickest inmates could get out of prison and into federally funded health care facilities.  That, generic DILANTIN, of course, DILANTIN interactions, only shifted the burden on paper – from the state to the federal level.

So, armed with these staggering statistics ask yourself: Do prisoners deserve all this free health care when so many of us struggle to pay for health insurance or, DILANTIN coupon, sadly, DILANTIN steet value, go without. BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION,  The answer in a humane society is yes.

But yes to a point.

[caption id="attachment_4507" align="alignright" width="108" caption="Murderer Kosilek Became Michelle at Taxpayers Expense"][/caption]

Are you sitting down as you read this, buy no prescription DILANTIN online. If not, About DILANTIN, please take a seat.  In Massachusetts a cross-dressing inmate who murdered his wife in 1990 has been suing the state for health care costs related to his desire to have a sex change operation.  Robert Kosilek (who has changed his name to Michelle) has already received hormone injections, electrolysis hair removal and, DILANTIN no rx, most recently, Buy DILANTIN from canada, a mammogram – all at taxpayer’s expense.  Kosilek remains housed in an all-male prison and her standard issue prison wardrobe has been augmented with several bras and “some make-up,” according to corrections officials, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Still, after a costly ten year court battle, fast shipping DILANTIN, Kosilek says these steps have not been enough to ease her depression and the fight continues for the state to pay for a full-on sex reassignment surgery. DILANTIN pictures,  The case is still pending in Massachusetts’ U.S. District Court.

Earlier this year in upstate New York, buy DILANTIN without a prescription, 55 year old Kenneth Pike, Where to buy DILANTIN, convicted of raping a 12 year old family member and sentenced to up to 40 years in prison, desperately needed a heart transplant.  He had already undergone triple heart-bypass surgery and had a pacemaker implanted while incarcerated. BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION,  After the media reported the public might have to pay for an $800,000.00 transplant surgery for a convicted child predator, the outcry was immediate. The Department of Corrections explained it was, DILANTIN samples, “Constitutionally obligated to provide health-care services to inmates” and Pike’s family argued he should be treated like any other patient in need.  In the end, Herbal DILANTIN, the controversy was so red-hot Kenneth Pike declined the surgery.  At last report he is still alive.

[caption id="attachment_4508" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Kenneth Pike Needed 800K for Heart Transplant"][/caption]

In 1976, DILANTIN photos, the U.S. DILANTIN price, coupon, Supreme Court ruled that prisoners were entitled to the same medical and dental treatment as everyone else in their communities. Since then countless state courts have upheld that ruling and repeated that prisons that withhold treatment can be held liable for violating the U.S, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Well, buy DILANTIN without prescription, I know lots of folks in my community who can’t afford to go to doctor when they feel sick and they may go to the dentist only when they have a raging toothache.

Whether our politicians want to admit it or not, health care has become a luxury for millions of Americans.  Excluding, of course, those convicted of a crime.





by Diane on June 27, 2011

CELEBREX FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_4231" align="alignleft" width="127" caption="Giffords, Five Months After Shooting"][/caption]How wonderful to see the recent photos of a smiling Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as she left the hospital five months after being viciously shot in the head by 21 year old Jared Loughner. Cheap CELEBREX no rx, Our hearts went out to Giffords and to the families of the 19 other victims, 6 of whom died, CELEBREX price, coupon. Herbal CELEBREX, But what about the family of Jared Loughner. Did you stop to think about them, canada, mexico, india. Buy cheap CELEBREX, The pain and suffering of Jared’s parents makes them victims too. And, in the end, if Jared is declared fit to stand trial, Arizona’s death penalty might be used to take away their only son, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_4233" align="alignright" width="115" caption="Count His Parents Among His Victims"][/caption]

It is easy to forget about the plight of the families of those who commit these murders – Tucson, real brand CELEBREX online, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Virginia Tech, Columbine, CELEBREX pictures, CELEBREX schedule, Oklahoma City to name just a few of the most infamous. When families are remembered it is often with pointed fingers of blame and condemnation, CELEBREX from canada. CELEBREX price, coupon, Whether the offense makes national headlines or not these ghastly crimes have two things in common: Nearly all involve shooters who have been clinically diagnosed with mental illness. (Loughner is a paranoid schizophrenic.) And, cheap CELEBREX no rx, Ordering CELEBREX online, second – their families will never shake the shock, guilt and embarrassment of having a relative who kills, purchase CELEBREX for sale. CELEBREX FOR SALE, In addition, these families have usually struggled for years trying to manage their loved ones psychological deterioration only to be told by medical experts to take them home, give them their medication and hope for the best. CELEBREX mg, When the worst arrives these folks are often left on their own to cope. Victim assistance programs don’t consider the killer’s family might need help too, discount CELEBREX. CELEBREX duration, You likely never heard of Bill Babbitt but as he told me his story the other day we both cried.

[caption id="attachment_4234" align="alignleft" width="94" caption="Bill Babbitt of Elk Grove, CELEBREX street price, CELEBREX dose, California"][/caption]

“It is the epitome of suffering,” he said as he told me about his little brother, after CELEBREX, Where can i find CELEBREX online, Manny. “I’ve lost the love and support of much of my family over it.” You see, Bill was the first to realize his brother had caused someone to die and he turned him into police, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

The story of Bill, buy CELEBREX online cod, Kjøpe CELEBREX på nett, köpa CELEBREX online, now a 68 year old war veteran living in California, is too rich in detail to adequately fit in this small space but the summary is this: Manny’s mental problems began in 1962 when his bike collided with a car and the boy was thrown into the air, CELEBREX class. CELEBREX pharmacy, He escaped death but was never “right” after that. At 17, canada, mexico, india, Purchase CELEBREX, Manny joined the Marines. He wasn’t bright enough to pass the written test but during the Vietnam War the military needed every good man, CELEBREX natural. CELEBREX FOR SALE, Handsome Manny did two tours of duty and was so badly wounded during the bloody 77-day siege at Khe Sanh that his seemingly lifeless body was rescued from an active battlefield and medevaced out among a pile of corpses. CELEBREX reviews, Manny had sustained another major head wound.

[caption id="attachment_4236" align="alignright" width="132" caption="Young Manny Babbitt as Proud U.S, CELEBREX photos. Marine"][/caption]

Once home post traumatic demons set in and Manny was sent by the VA to two different mental institutions. Finally, big brother Bill brought him to live at his house. Bill could tell from the frequent nightmares that his brother still was not “right.”

One rainy night in December 1980, Manny was out drinking with friends, some PCP laced marijuana was passed around and on the walk home Manny’s demons returned, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

The wet weather reminded him of Vietnam, a wide street morphed into the airstrip back in Khe Sanh and a loud TV set blaring a war movie sent him over the edge. He opened the homeowner’s unlocked screen door, as if to get closer to the war action, and encountered 78 year old Leah Schendel. There was a violent scuffle and the elderly grandmother died of a heart attack. He wouldn’t remember but Manny grabbed a piggy bank and some rolls of coins as he fled.

[caption id="attachment_4237" align="alignleft" width="165" caption="Bill Displays His Brother's Purple Heart Medal"] CELEBREX FOR SALE, [/caption]

Bill and his wife found the unexplained money, along with a cigarette lighter bearing Schendel’s initials. After reading about their neighbors death the Babbitts knew what they had to do to get Manny the help he desperately needed. Bill turned in his own brother and as the squad car pulled away, he told me, “I ran alongside and said, ‘Manny, Manny….please forgive me!’ And he said, “Billy, I already have forgiven you.’”

Manny didn’t get the mental health treatment he needed. He got a bad lawyer who never mentioned post traumatic stress or head injuries during the trial and on May 14, 1982 Manny was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Upon hearing of his situation the U.S. Marines sent officers to San Quentin prison where they pinned a Purple Heart on Manny as he stood shackled before them, CELEBREX FOR SALE. He was executed one day after his 50th birthday. His brother Bill was on hand to watch.

“It seems like it was just yesterday,” he told me through tears, “or just an hour ago.” Being a victim often lasts a lifetime.

This is the other side to the too-frequent stories we hear about “mad gunmen” who seemingly kill for “no reason.” There is almost always a reason. And most often its family members who plead the loudest for help. Let’s remember them too.







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by Diane on June 13, 2011

METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_4191" align="alignleft" width="175" caption="Dr. Where can i cheapest METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, Kevorkian Helped Us Think About Death"][/caption]

Hardly a day goes by that I don't remember holding my stricken mother's hand as she laid on a special hospital bed we had set up in her living room. It was there she took her last breath, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL pictures. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL canada, mexico, india, Almost every day I think about how my father died in the bedroom of the home he loved so much. Both my parents passed away exactly how they lived - on their own terms, order METHYLPHENOBARBITAL no prescription.

They wanted no heroic measures to prolong their lives and they adamantly told me - their only child - that they did not want to die in a cold, impersonal hospital room, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL pics, They made me promise to abide by their wishes. And just in case, online buying METHYLPHENOBARBITAL hcl, Buy generic METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, they signed a living will putting it all in writing.

I thank Dr, my METHYLPHENOBARBITAL experience. Buy METHYLPHENOBARBITAL no prescription, Jack Kevorkian for that. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, He started the national dialogue about death that opened up the topic for discussion in my household.

[caption id="attachment_4192" align="alignright" width="184" caption="Dr, fast shipping METHYLPHENOBARBITAL. Generic METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, Jack Kevorkian, 1991, where can i order METHYLPHENOBARBITAL without prescription, Online buying METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, With His Suicide MachineI never met the man and, yes, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL dosage, Comprar en línea METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, comprar METHYLPHENOBARBITAL baratos, I know he was a convicted felon who served several years in prison for murder after he administered a lethal cocktail to a suffering man. But he changed the course of my life and the way I look at death, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL coupon. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL treatment, The intense debate he sparked likely touched a multitude of people who probably had never stopped to consider how they would die - and on what terms - until Kevorkian’s quest became known to the general public."][/caption]

When Kevorkian started down the path that ultimately earned him the nickname "Dr. Death" it was the early 80's, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. He wrote a series of articles on the ethics of euthanasia for a German journal called Medicine and Law, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL no rx. Effects of METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, In 1987, he hung out a shingle in Michigan as a physician available for consultation on "death counseling." His first publicly revealed assisted suicide occurred in 1990 when he helped an Alzheimer's patient take her life, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL trusted pharmacy reviews. Where can i buy cheapest METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, She, like many other of his patients, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL blogs, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL for sale, was not terminal. But, no prescription METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, Rx free METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, she was suffering and for Kevorkian that was enough. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, "What difference does it make I'd someone is terminal," he once said during an interview with CNN. "We are all terminal." Truer words were never spoken, purchase METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online. Buy no prescription METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, [caption id="attachment_4194" align="alignleft" width="110" caption="Nickname Didn't Bother Kevorkian"][/caption]

Jack Kevorkian, the son of Armenian immigrants, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL alternatives, believed every person held the ultimate decision making power over their own life and death should be a dignified event. Yet, buy cheap METHYLPHENOBARBITAL no rx, his legacy will likely be focused only on his stand on physician assisted suicide. Once asked what it felt like to take someone’s life Kevorkian said, “I didn’t do it to end a life. I did it to end the suffering the patient’s going through, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. The patient’s obviously suffering — what’s a doctor supposed to do, turn his back?”

Three states - Oregon, Montana and Washington - agree with the controversial doctor’s stand and have passed laws allowing physician assisted suicides.

Kevorkian wasn't perfect in his judgment as he assisted more than 130 people to end their lives but I'm not one that believes he had self aggrandizement in mind. Like my parents, Kevorkian believed a mentally competent patient should always be in charge of his or her fate. The justice system may have branded him a criminal but it is clear he singlehandedly made generations of both young and older Americans think about their final moment.

[caption id="attachment_4196" align="alignright" width="140" caption="Taken to Prison For Murder in 1999"] METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, [/caption]

When Kevorkian began to publicly preach about "the right to die" in Michigan in the early 90's my parents in Albuquerque, New Mexico became disciples. Both Mom and Dad were the type who didn't use twenty words if ten would do. They sat me down and bluntly told me they believed they - alone - should be in charge of their own lives right up until the moment of their deaths. They showed me their living will and made me promise.

My parents never faltered in their resolve - not even after Dr. Kevorkian had his medical license pulled by the state of Michigan or after he was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison on second degree murder charges in 1999, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. Kevorkian’s book Prescription: Medicide, The Goodness of Planned Death was in my father’s library. Included within was Kevorkian’s idea that executed prisoners should be put to death in a certain way so as to preserve their organs for donation to others. You see, he wasn’t all about death.

[caption id="attachment_4197" align="alignleft" width="174" caption="Some Called Him "Disturbed", Others "Compassionate""][/caption]

By the time Kevorkian was released from prison on parole in June 2007 on his promise that he would never assist in another suicide both my parents were gone. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, But their life and death lesson remains indelibly etched in my soul. Because I watched them depart this earth marching to the drummer of their own choosing find I don’t fear death like I used to. I’m now able to look at it as a next adventure.

It's ironic to think that at the end of his life Dr. Kevorkian did not choose the course toward death that he'd preached to so many. He died in a hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan after a month long battle with kidney problems and pneumonia, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. He was 83. He never married and had no children. His life became all about the death of others.





by Diane on May 23, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4127" align="alignleft" width="142" caption="Taking a Seat Here Can Change Your Life"][/caption]

H CLONAZEPAM FOR SALE, aving spent the better part of the last two weeks watching an excruciatingly long jury selection for a capital murder case I’m left wondering – is it time for the United States to begin using professional jurors.

During the last couple weeks I watched intently as prospective jurors took the stand to explain to the court the financial hardship that leaving work to judge another would bring to their lives, where can i buy cheapest CLONAZEPAM online. Buy CLONAZEPAM from canada, Some of them work for employers who grant paid leave for jury duty but often it covered only a day or two. Many others worked for struggling small businesses or are self-employed and they explained that every day they didn’t show up at work was lost profit or a day’s pay docked off their paycheck, CLONAZEPAM recreational. CLONAZEPAM pics, [caption id="attachment_4155" align="alignright" width="139" caption="Taking the Oath"][/caption]

Besides harsh financial hardships to jurors in this economically topsy-turvy time there is the issue of lay people trying to decipher intricate legal language and instructions. For the most part, today’s jurors have no training in the law and wouldn’t know a dictim from a disjunctive allegation, CLONAZEPAM FOR SALE. They’re given a super-crash course in the law applicable to their particular case but, CLONAZEPAM without a prescription, CLONAZEPAM trusted pharmacy reviews, overall, the system isn’t friendly, CLONAZEPAM steet value. Where to buy CLONAZEPAM, [caption id="attachment_4131" align="alignleft" width="161" caption="Listen, Absorb and Ask No Questions"][/caption]

During trial jurors are not allowed to pass a note to the judge or raise their hands to ask a question if they don’t understand something, CLONAZEPAM dose. Buy cheap CLONAZEPAM, And, let’s admit, CLONAZEPAM from canada, Canada, mexico, india, for most of us much of what lawyers say in court is mumbo jumbo.

In addition, CLONAZEPAM mg, CLONAZEPAM no rx, some states don’t allow jurors to take notes in court or to have a copy of their instructions in the deliberation room. CLONAZEPAM FOR SALE, They are often put into that deliberation room with no idea of how to even begin to talk about a verdict.

Add to this confusing realm the possibility that panelists might be exposed to grisly crime scene or autopsy photos of tiny children, order CLONAZEPAM no prescription. Buy CLONAZEPAM no prescription, In rare trials, they will be asked to vote on whether the defendant should be put to death for the crime they committed, CLONAZEPAM price, coupon. Cheap CLONAZEPAM no rx, Some people can take the strain and bounce back from judging others while some citizens come away shell shocked.

All in all, CLONAZEPAM results, Online buying CLONAZEPAM hcl, jury duty is an awesome responsibility and it’s been known to literally, change the lives of those who serve, CLONAZEPAM used for.

[caption id="attachment_4134" align="alignright" width="181" caption="Courtrooms Can Intimidate"][/caption]

I can’t help thinking there might be a better, less intrusive way for all of us to all have access to fair, impartial and educated panels to hear court cases, from murder and medical malpractice cases to charges against organized drug kingpins or corporate fraudsters, CLONAZEPAM FOR SALE. CLONAZEPAM reviews, Now, if you’re thinking professional jurors wouldn’t constitute a “jury of your peers” realize that nowhere in our U.S, my CLONAZEPAM experience. CLONAZEPAM samples, Constitution are we promised that. We are not guaranteed a panel that looks just like us: Barby the teacher, rx free CLONAZEPAM, CLONAZEPAM dangers, Bob the plumber or Diane the journalist. The U.S, order CLONAZEPAM from United States pharmacy. CLONAZEPAM FOR SALE, Constitution simply assures American citizens a “right of trial by jury.”

So who's to say that jury can’t be a group of people whose occupation is that of professional juror. Generic CLONAZEPAM, The requirement could be for them to take a 1 or 2 year study course before being assigned to hear cases. Courts would save the paltry daily sums they currently pay jurors and put it in a pot to help pay these pros a living wage, buy CLONAZEPAM online cod. CLONAZEPAM treatment, [caption id="attachment_4140" align="alignleft" width="163" caption="OK, Not THESE Retired Judges"][/caption]

Another idea that’s been floated is for retired judges, lawyers or law professors to serve as jurors as they are already fully schooled in the ways of the courtroom. Critics of this idea worry that these legal-eagles will over-think the cases they hear or exert undue influence over other professional jurors of lesser status.

Look, nothing is perfect, CLONAZEPAM FOR SALE. Certainly our current system is not as we see in the increasing number of cases overturned when new DNA evidence is found. So isn’t it time to take a serious and investigative look at ways that might make it better.

I ran the idea of turning retired legal types into jurors by a dear friend of mine.  He startled me with the question:  What percentage increase in the conviction rate do you think there’d be with professional jurors?  He believes the legal fraternity would act like judges as well as jurors in their minds and predicted the conviction rate would jump considerably.

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I’m not so sure. But then again neither is anyone else because we’ve never fully tested the idea.

I just remember the haunted looks I’ve seen on the faces of many jurors I’ve encountered during my career covering court cases. Some have told me in post-trial interviews they found it hard to concentrate in the unfamiliar territory of a court room. During proceedings they worried about jobs, family and their peace of mind.

If there are other citizens better suited for this job, people who could more keenly focus on the job at hand, don’t we owe it to everyone involved in the system to try it out.