An Open Letter to Mr. Lanza

by Diane Dimond on March 17, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7380" align="alignleft" width="144"] Lanza Wishes He Had Done More[/caption]           “With hindsight, I know Adam would have killed me in a heartbeat, if he’d had the chance …The reason he shot Nancy four times was one for each of us: one for Nancy, one for him, one for Ryan, one for me.”                                            ~ Peter Lanza, father of mass killer Adam Lanza Dear Mr. Lanza, First, may I tell you how deeply sorry I am for the loss of your son, Adam? As a mother myself I cannot imagine my child committing suicide and the never-ending pain that action must bring with it. Here’s hoping you know how many people have prayed for your family since the terrible tragedy in December 2012. I’m writing to say how glad I am that you finally spoke publicly about your youngest child. Like you, many of us hope that speaking out about your son’s mental illness will help other struggling families with afflicted children. I wonder how many of them fear their children might turn dangerous too. [caption id="attachment_7385" align="alignright" width="150"] Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School[/caption] While reading the New Yorker article about you I had to smile when you described Adam as, “Just a normal little weird kid,” who was intellectually curious and loving. Then, I felt sadness for you and your ex-wife, Nancy, as the writer described Adam’s increasing self-isolation – smelling things that weren't there, washing his hands obsessively and his anti-social behaviors. When you had to tell his elementary school teachers to watch him for seizures I guess you knew that Adam was more than a little “weird.” From reading the story it seems Adam’s 2005 diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome gave you some hope of finding meaningful solutions for your son. I realize you and your ex-wife had separated back in 2001 but I was glad to read that you stayed close to 13-year-old Adam and his big brother, Ryan. So what the hell happened, Mr. Lanza? Why, on the morning Adam walked in to his mother’s bedroom and pumped four bullets into her face and then gunned down 26 innocent children and their teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary had you not spoken to him in two years? I don’t mean to be disrespectful here but you were the grown up in this equation – the male figure in your son’s life – and you let weeks, months and years go by without communicating face-to-face with your obviously troubled son? [caption id="attachment_7386" align="alignleft" width="120"] Nancy Lanza - Adam's First Victim[/caption] I read that he was angry at you after a dispute about how many classes he should take. That was all it took to shut him down – forever? You said when Adam refused to see you, “I was hurt. I never expected that I would never talk to him again. I thought it was a matter of when.” But two whole years went by! You knew Adam never accepted the Asperger’s diagnosis and he was prone to fanciful thinking. He wanted to take college courses. He wanted to join the military. You knew your wife had a lifelong hobby of shooting and that there were guns in the home. If you weren't responsible for Adam who, besides his now dead mother, was? I’m not asking to be rude, I’m asking to understand how a parent can become so clouded in their thinking about a mentally ill child’s behavior that they allow that youngster to dictate the rules of the house. How does that even happen? Sadly, I have to assume that similarly burdened parents are reacting the same way when they can’t find good quality mental health care solutions for their kids. The author of the article, Andrew Solomon, wrote about you that, “He constantly thinks about what he could have done differently and wishes he had pushed harder to see Adam.” [caption id="attachment_7388" align="alignright" width="135"] The Haunted Last Look of Adam Lanza[/caption] I truly wish you had pushed harder too, Mr. Lanza. If only you had gone back to that big beautiful yellow home nestled behind the knoll in Newtown, Connecticut you might have noticed, for example, that your 20-year-old, six-foot-tall son weighed only 112 pounds at the end. I checked the official Body Mass Index and was astounded to learn that Adam’s BMI was 15.2. People in the “underweight” category have a BMI of 18.5. Your son fell into the “starvation” and “anorexia” group. A study I read says prolonged semi-starvation brings on severe emotional instability, hysteria, anti-social behavior and depression – conditions it sounds like Adam already suffered. I have to believe if you had only seen him in that haunted looking state you would have done something, right? If you had gone to visit Adam during those last two years you also might have noticed that he had covered the windows in his bedroom with thick black plastic. You might have noticed his stack of violent video games, the newspaper articles he collected about school shootings or the photos he had of dead humans wrapped in plastic. A check of his computer might have brought up his spreadsheet about mass murders, the rights of pedophiles or the selfies he took while holding guns to his head. Your ex-wife might have finally admitted that Adam was refusing to eat or talk to her, communicating only via e-mail from behind his bedroom door. [caption id="attachment_7393" align="alignleft" width="150"] State's Fascinating Final Report on Lanza[/caption] I’m sure you’ve probably read that lengthy report by the Connecticut State’s Attorney’s office about your son’s mass murder, Mr. Lanza. It concludes Adam was a kid immersed in his own spiraling and destructive hell and your ex-wife was intent on trying to manage it all herself. So, how did you envision your son’s future? You got it right, I fear, when you described Adam’s final fatal actions by saying, “You can’t get any more evil.” You wished he had never been born and admitted, “How much do I beat up on myself about the fact that he’s my son? A lot.” I am truly sorry for your loss, Mr. Lanza, but it is the parents of those 20 murdered children and the families of the dead teachers I mourn for the most. They had everything to live for. Inaction by both you and Nancy and the nation’s mental health system insured Adam was lost long ago. I pray that this nation wakes up and comes to the realization that we either help the helpless like Adam or be condemned to suffer their sometimes inexplicable and explosive wrath. home    



by Diane Dimond on February 24, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7302" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION, PTSD - Homegrown Cases on the Rise[/caption]

Think about the least desirable neighborhoods around you. You know the places I’m talking about – the areas you think twice about going to in the daytime and deliberately avoid at night. STENDRA dosage, Those zones where police officers are most often called to respond to reports of shootings, stabbings and murders.

Now, online buy STENDRA without a prescription, think about the people who live in those crime infested neighborhoods. STENDRA from canada, Think of the young people who grow up watching the violence all around them and fearing it will come for them.

A recent article by journalists at quoted a growing list of studies that have compared what happens to people who live in dangerous neighborhoods here at home with what happens to soldiers serving in war zones, BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION. The unanimous conclusion is that residents of violent neighborhoods can suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder just as so many of our soldiers do. Just like veterans, STENDRA online cod, civilians can experience flashbacks, Where to buy STENDRA, nightmares, paranoia, and social withdrawal, where can i cheapest STENDRA online.

While the military has established protocols for diagnosing PTSD in soldiers there are barely any programs in place to help civilians. Purchase STENDRA online, You can count on one hand the number of hospital emergency rooms that bother to question victims of community violence, those who come in seeking treatment for a stabbing or gunshot wound.

[caption id="attachment_7304" align="alignright" width="150"] Sometimes the War Zones Are Here at Home[/caption]

We know from research on military personnel BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION, that PTSD is a very real, very terrifying syndrome in which the sufferer has a sudden and distorted sense of being in imminent and extreme danger. They become horrified, STENDRA from canadian pharmacy, hyper-aggressive and violent in response. Taking STENDRA, The gather weapons to help them fight off their perceived threats.

If these recent studies about the growing number of civilian PTSD cases are on target – (one from Drexel University, for example, where can i order STENDRA without prescription, found homegrown PTSD victims are more likely to carry a weapon in order to “restore feelings of safety”) -- doesn’t it behoove us to pay closer attention to neighborhoods that could be producing human ticking time bombs. Buy cheap STENDRA no rx, It doesn’t take a risk assessment expert to peg this problem as a solid public safety issue.

After a catastrophic event like the 9-11 attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing or a devastating hurricane mental health experts flood in to offer counselling and follow up treatment, BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Currently, however, STENDRA samples, only one U.S. STENDRA used for, hospital performs routine PTSD screening.

[caption id="attachment_7305" align="alignleft" width="150"] Investigates Civilian PTSD Cases[/caption]

ProPublica contacted top trauma centers in the 21 U.S. cities with the highest murder rates, my STENDRA experience. BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Only the Spirit of Charity Hospital in New Orleans has their emergency room doctors routinely monitor for PTSD and offer treatment options to the incoming wounded.

At Cook County Hospital in Chicago’s inner city a pilot program began in 2011 to identify PTSD symptoms in pediatric patients. What is STENDRA, Now, social workers report 42 percent of all patients examined for gunshots, stabbings and other violent injuries had signs of PTSD symptoms, order STENDRA no prescription. Most of them were male but, Discount STENDRA, when questioned, women and whole families reported “significant levels of PTSD.”

Researchers in Atlanta questioned 8,000 inner-city dwellers and learned that two-thirds had been violently attacked, cheap STENDRA, about half of them knew someone who had been murdered and 1 person out of every 3 interviewed reported having had PTSD symptoms sometime in their lives. Purchase STENDRA online no prescription, “The rates of PTSD we see are as high or higher than Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam veterans,” Project leader Dr, is STENDRA addictive. Kerry Ressler said, BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION. "We have a whole population who is traumatized.”

[caption id="attachment_7306" align="alignright" width="150"] Studies: Community Violence = PTSD[/caption]

ProPublica reports that at Detroit’s Receiving Hospital psychologists talk with susceptible patients about PTSD but there’s no real program in place. Australia, uk, us, usa, Staffs at hospital trauma units in Birmingham, Alabama and St. Louis, STENDRA treatment, Missouri say they hope to begin routine PTSD screening by the end of the year. Low dose STENDRA, And, doctors in Baltimore, Newark, doses STENDRA work, Memphis and Jackson, STENDRA mg, Mississippi all said they would like to have such a program but their hospitals simply don’t have the money. BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION, The bills of low income patients are most often paid by Medicaid which doesn’t cover PTSD screenings. Maybe the program should reconsider as a bit of public money spent now could save a lot more in the future.

Regular readers of this column know the rate of crime has been going down, STENDRA interactions, nationally, Buy no prescription STENDRA online, but still there are pockets in America where rates of violent crime continue to escalate.

There are whole neighborhoods in the United States that are so dangerous they are, literally, STENDRA pictures, creating a clinically definable group of people who could violently lash out at any given moment. STENDRA blogs, Think of the damage done in terms of getting an education, family relationships, parenting skills, STENDRA trusted pharmacy reviews, and, in many cases, the frequent inability of adult PTSD victims to hold down a job. You know who pays for their unemployment benefits. We all do, BUY STENDRA NO PRESCRIPTION. We also pay for food stamps, child welfare, housing allowances, the cost of family and juvenile court and incarceration costs.

[caption id="attachment_7308" align="alignleft" width="150"] PTSD in Inner-City Children is on the Rise[/caption]

There are so many politicians who, during election cycles, wax eloquently about working for the well-being of all citizens, doing what’s best for the economy and society at large. Funny, I don’t hear many speak about crime, justice or concrete ideas to make us safer where we live.

I guess it comes down to this: Do we want to offer better policing, meaningful counselling and maybe even a relocation stipend to those who have endured violent acts in their own communities – or do we want to wait until something awful happens and pay the increased freight on the back end.

There’s no getting around it. Researchers have been studying this problem since the late 90’s and all have come to the same conclusion. There are parts of America that are as damaging to human beings as the worst foreign war zones.



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by Diane Dimond on February 10, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7266" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, U.S. Heroin Use at Crisis Levels[/caption]

Heroin is back – with a vengeance, LASIX samples. Where can i find LASIX online, It never really disappeared from the drug-culture landscape, of course, LASIX class, LASIX coupon, but its popularity center has definitely widened these days. It’s no longer the drug of choice for only the down-and-out habitual street druggie, buy LASIX without prescription. LASIX forum, Today, heroin has become a favorite of many middle and upper-class folks who have lost their way in the search to find pain relief, LASIX over the counter.

This is not a column about the tragic recent passing of acclaimed actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, 46, who was found dead in his New York apartment, reportedly, surrounded by as many as 70 glassine bags of heroin, BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase LASIX, Nor last year’s passing of the popular star of the TV show “Glee”, Corey Montieth, LASIX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, No prescription LASIX online, 31, who succumbed to a heroin overdose in a Vancouver hotel room, online buying LASIX. LASIX blogs, Those celebrity stories make for a lot of headlines but the much bigger story is about the rest of us. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who currently snort or inject into their veins one of the most unpredictable and deadly drugs known to man, doses LASIX work. LASIX photos, That should be of concern to all of us.

[caption id="attachment_7267" align="alignright" width="150"] BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, OxyContin - 3x's More Expensive Than Heroin[/caption]

So many Americans got hooked on so many different kinds of prescription painkilling drugs over the last decade – opiates like OxyContin or Vicodin – that new federal laws tightening access to them were passed, prices soared and it became cheaper for addicts to buy a ten dollar bag of heroin.

Most frightening, low dose LASIX. LASIX schedule, According to drug abuse experts an astonishing number of young people – those who romanticized the high they experienced after raiding their parent’s medicine cabinet – have also turned to heroin.

The latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that heroin use in the U.S, purchase LASIX for sale. LASIX description, has nearly doubled in the last ten years. Some 156,000 Americans aged 12 or older admitted they first tried heroin in 2012, BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION. (That is not a misprint, buy LASIX no prescription. Buy LASIX online no prescription, Yes, 12-year-old children are using heroin.) This is a fraction of the total number of illicit drug abusers in this country but here’s the saddest part: Today’s heroin is killing people at an alarming rate, buying LASIX online over the counter. LASIX cost, In Naperville, Illinois – an affluent suburb near Chicago’s heroin riddled West Side – nearly 20 high school students have died of heroin overdoses in the last six years, LASIX dosage. Order LASIX online c.o.d, CNN showcased a young woman from Naperville named Gabby Muro. BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Hooked on heroin at 15, Gabby was arrested for possession and spent two years in prison. She believes her time behind bars saved her life, where can i order LASIX without prescription. Buy LASIX from mexico, Gabby’s take on what lures kids from her upper-middle class neighborhood to use heroin.

[caption id="attachment_7268" align="alignleft" width="120"] Gabby Muro Mug Shot[/caption]

“Their parents just hand them all this money, LASIX dose, Taking LASIX, ” she said. “They don’t even ask, buy generic LASIX, Order LASIX no prescription, like, ‘What are you going to do. Where are you going?’ They do whatever they want.”

Kids in-the-know in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania could visit a local McDonald’s to get heroin, BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION. Police say employee Shania Dennis, 26, instructed buyers to go to the drive-up window and say, “I’d like to order a toy.” That code got them a Happy Meal box with heroin packets inside. Earlier this year, another McDonald’s employee in Murrysville, Pa. was also arrested for selling heroin.

A federal agent who runs major heroin trafficking investigations recently told ABC News, “Heroin is exploding nationwide. BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, It’s making a huge comeback. People are dropping like flies." Part of the reason is that addicts have no way of knowing the potency of the heroin they buy – or what might have been added to it.

Law enforcement reports that heroin laced with fentanyl – a powerful painkiller given to terminal cancer patients – has been cropping up at overdose death scenes in the Northeast at a frightening rate. Since purveyors of this poison often exchange trade secrets officials worry this tainted type of heroin could now appear nationwide.

[caption id="attachment_7269" align="alignright" width="150"] Glassine Bags Like These Found at Hoffman's[/caption]

Packets stamped with the words “Thera-flu” or “Bud Ice” are thought to have caused the recent deaths of more than 20 people in western Pennsylvania, 22 heroin related deaths in Rhode Island and as many as 37 in Maryland since September. State Police in Massachusetts recently confiscated more than 1,200 packets of heroin with the words “ObamaCare” and “Kurt Cobain” stamped on the bags, BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION.

The governor of Vermont devoted his entire State of the State speech last month to what he called the “full blown” heroin and opiate crisis there. Governor Peter Shumlin literally begged the legislature for more money for treatment programs noting that it costs Vermont $1,120 a week to keep an addict in prison while a week’s worth of treatment at a state-run center costs $123. Nearly 80% of Vermont’s prisoners are serving time on drug charges.

"The time has come for us to stop quietly averting our eyes from the growing heroin addiction in our front yards," Shumlin said, “while we fear and fight treatment facilities in our backyards."

[caption id="attachment_7272" align="alignleft" width="150"] A Heroin High is Now Cheaper[/caption]

For those readers who think this topic doesn’t touch their life – I implore you to think again. BUY LASIX NO PRESCRIPTION, A heroin high now costs less than a decent bottle of wine, a movie ticket or a meal for two at a fast food joint. Functioning heroin addicts are all around us yet, realize, they are one tainted glassine bag away from a melt-down – or death. They drive next to us on the highways, work in our hospitals or teach in our schools. Those who have been arrested and incarcerated went through the tax-payer funded justice system and are sitting in prisons paid for with your tax dollars.

The heroin epidemic affects you. It affects all of us. And it’s only getting worse.



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by Diane Dimond on January 27, 2014

[caption id="attachment_7232" align="alignleft" width="135"] STENDRA FOR SALE, In Homes With Guns, Teach Kids Gun Safety![/caption]

Uncle Jim used to herd a group of us kids into the car on a sunny Saturday morning and head to an isolated area outside town. His son, little Jim, STENDRA use, my two cousins Sandy and Terry and I were full of anticipation. Online buy STENDRA without a prescription, We were going target shooting – with a real gun – guided every step of the way in gun safety by Uncle Jim. I was about ten or eleven years old, the oldest kid in the group, order STENDRA from mexican pharmacy.

“Always keep a gun pointed toward the ground until you are ready to shoot, STENDRA alternatives, ” Uncle Jim would say as he set up soda cans on a fence post about 20 yards away. “Never, ever point a gun toward another person.”

There on the southwest mesa outside Albuquerque we would wait patiently until it was our turn to handle the pistol, STENDRA FOR SALE. Uncle Jim would stand right behind us and guide the gun into our hands, showing us the proper technique of cradling the hands around the bottom of the gun while placing an index finger on the trigger, STENDRA duration. Then he’d take a step back as we raised our arms and tell us to shoot when we were ready. STENDRA overnight, While in an outstretched-arms position I once turned slightly to ask him a question and he urgently leaped forward repeating the mantra, “Never, ever point a gun toward another person.” He steered my arms back to the target, real brand STENDRA online.

[caption id="attachment_7233" align="alignright" width="135"] Training a Child About Proper Gun Use[/caption]

If only there were an Uncle Jim inside every house with a kid and a gun. STENDRA FOR SALE, I've been thinking about my young gun training ever since hearing news about the school shooting in Roswell, New Mexico – just two hundred miles from where I learned to handle a gun. STENDRA without a prescription, The first thought that popped into my head was, “Where did that child get access to a gun?”

The 12-year-old got the shotgun from his own home and used it to shoot two of his classmates inside a crowded gymnasium at the Berrendo Middle School.

Thankfully, STENDRA canada, mexico, india, the result was not as devastating as some other recent school shootings but, STENDRA reviews, at this writing, one of the wounded children, a 12-year-old boy, STENDRA pharmacy, is still hospitalized in critical but stable condition. STENDRA without prescription, The second victim, a 13-year-old-girl, is home now but still has limited use of one arm, STENDRA from canada.

According to police a search of the boy’s home revealed several firearms were kept there – none stored in a lock box.  Police also revealed that the boy actually took time to saw-off the stock of the rifle making it easier to conceal, STENDRA FOR SALE. Discount STENDRA, Again I thought, “Where were the parents while he was doing this?”

[caption id="attachment_7235" align="alignleft" width="150"] Let's Make Locked Cabinets or Trigger Locks Mandatory[/caption]

Some will say it’s not fair to question what the parents did or didn't do. Know that my heart aches for them, buy STENDRA without a prescription, as well as the wounded and their families. STENDRA from mexico, But who else was responsible for that child getting a gun. Who else was responsible for the safekeeping of that weapon. STENDRA FOR SALE, It’s easy to say that placing blame solves nothing but without accountability where are we. After the next school shooting involving a minor do we just shrug our shoulders and say nothing different could have been done, STENDRA results.

Reader Alice Benson of Tijeras Canyon, Is STENDRA safe, New Mexico wrote me after the Roswell shooting. She helps newly released parolees navigate the court system and Benson asked, why don’t schools have just one entrance, comprar en línea STENDRA, comprar STENDRA baratos, manned by an armed guard and a metal detector. STENDRA pics, “One might ask: When was the last time we heard of someone getting shot in a courtroom?” Benson wrote. “Why do we guarantee the safety of criminals in a courtroom and not the safety of our most vulnerable resource – our children?”

Good question, Alice, STENDRA FOR SALE. Let’s do the math.

After a school shooting in Cleveland, STENDRA interactions, Ohio a few years ago city fathers set aside 3.3 million dollars to put metal detectors in all 111 public schools and to hire guards to man them. STENDRA long term, Can your state afford that.

[caption id="attachment_7236" align="alignright" width="150"] A Good Way to Start the School Day?[/caption]

The average cost of a good metal detector is upwards of $7, STENDRA mg, 000. Multiply that by the approximately STENDRA FOR SALE, 100,000 public schools in this country. Then, of course, STENDRA treatment, there would be the cost of each guard’s salary. STENDRA recreational, If he or she is armed they would have to be state certified and trained and would certainly ask for more than minimum wage, say, $40, get STENDRA,000 or $50, Buy no prescription STENDRA online, 000, per school, per year, STENDRA from canadian pharmacy.

So, Generic STENDRA, I’d say the bottom line answer to the question, Alice, is that there is not enough money in the school budget. And not enough resolve to divert funds from other sources to provide such security at the entrance to every single public school. Right or wrong, it is the reality, STENDRA FOR SALE.

Also, let’s ask ourselves: Is that the atmosphere we want while educating children. Think of the tension and anxiety surrounding airport security checkpoints. Will the kids have to take off their shoes and belts and empty their pockets every morning. Is that how we want our kids to start each day.

[caption id="attachment_7240" align="alignleft" width="120"] STENDRA FOR SALE, Kids Learn What Adults Teach Them[/caption]

A much easier solution would be for every adult who owns guns to step up and be accountable for it. Even if there is no child in the home, firearms are tops on the list of items burglars look for when they break into a house. Every gun owner should have conscience enough to buy a locked cabinet in which to store every weapon they own. I’m not talking gun control here. I’m talking personal responsibility.

I wonder what Uncle Jim, a life-long resident of New Mexico, would have said about the Roswell school shooting. He’s no longer with us but I bet he’d hang his head, let out a big sigh, and say, “Never, ever point a gun towards another person.”





by Diane Dimond on December 30, 2013


[caption id="attachment_7165" align="alignleft" width="132"] Tops on the List : Tolerance[/caption]

BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Tops on my Crime and Justice Wish List this year is the sincere hope that America finds a way to become a better functioning and more tolerant country.

I wish for the lethargy of the electorate and the deterioration of trust and respect – in our government and in each other – to magically evaporate. 

It is a tall order, I know, CLARITIN photos. We live in an ugly era of perpetual backbiting that serves no real purpose but to distract us from finding solutions to very real problems. CLARITIN for sale, Democrats routinely ridicule Republicans and vice versa. Various ethnic groups point to those who are different and declare their problems are the other groups fault; both heterosexuals and homosexuals complain their lifestyle is under attack; the unemployed and under-employed label business people and corporations as greedy devils without acknowledging they are the very entities providing the most jobs. Our children grow up hearing our viciousness toward one another and are likely to continue the corrosive tradition of intolerance. 

I wish for an America where people can enjoy their right to freedom of speech unencumbered by political correctness, BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I cling to the idea expressed by author Evelyn Beatrice Hall who wrote, order CLARITIN no prescription, "I disapprove of what you say, CLARITIN mg, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." 

[caption id="attachment_7166" align="alignright" width="150"] Wishing That Disagreements Didn't Turn So Ugly[/caption]

A recent example of our intolerance is the case of TV personality and proud Christian, Phil Robertson, of “Duck Dynasty” fame, kjøpe CLARITIN på nett, köpa CLARITIN online. Asked by a magazine reporter what he viewed as sinful he answered, Order CLARITIN online overnight delivery no prescription, "Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there -- bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he said, CLARITIN long term. Not a politically correct answer but his opinion, CLARITIN recreational, nonetheless. 

Paraphrasing Corinthians Robertson added, “Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, CLARITIN blogs, the male prostitutes, Ordering CLARITIN online, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, CLARITIN forum, the slanderers, Rx free CLARITIN, the swindlers … they won't inherit the kingdom of God.” 

[caption id="attachment_7174" align="alignleft" width="150"] Patriarch of the Duck Dynasty Cast[/caption]

Now, whether you agree with Robertson’s beliefs or not that is his constitutionally protected opinion and in my America he is entitled to express it. 

The reaction to Robertson’s comments, however, CLARITIN from canada, was swift and vicious. CLARITIN dangers, One leader of a gay and lesbian group attacked the 67-year-old patriarch saying if people wanted to know why gay teenagers commit suicide they need look no further than Robertson’s, “hate that shames them into doing so.” The A & E cable network capitulated to the criticism and suspended Robertson from their top rated program. BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, The reaction was decidedly un-American, in my view. 

Moving on … I wish for the NSA to stop all unwarranted surveillance of citizen’s activities –forever. Stay away from my e-mails and phone calls unless there’s proof I committed a crime. 

I wish for more oversight of the billions being spent by the Department of Homeland Security, my CLARITIN experience. I hope that all law enforcement can band together to create a trustworthy, CLARITIN use, centralized anti-terrorist tracking system to thwart tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing. 

[caption id="attachment_7169" align="alignright" width="150"] A New Dialogue to Stop Gun Violence[/caption]

About the gun violence that continues to plague us: I’m heartened to see a renewed discussion about helping the mentally ill who have access to guns. As law-abiding gun owners would tell you, it’s a long overdue conversation, CLARITIN without prescription. I hope we never again hear of a troubled kid shooting up a school but steel yourself because it is almost certain to happen. 

I wish young people would be required to take conflict management courses so they learned early on how to manage conflict before gun shots, Online buying CLARITIN, road rage or fist fights break out. 

On one hand, I hope I never have to cover another Jerry Sandusky-type child sex abuse trial, but, taking CLARITIN, on second thought, Buy generic CLARITIN, I hope I do. I hope Sandusky’s conviction gives strength to all child sex abuse victims to come forward with the truth – no matter what their age is today. 

Same with the story about the three missing girls held for so long by the late Arial Castro in Cleveland, BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION. These stories are so hard to hear but I surely hope more missing people are found alive and reunited with their families. 

I wish for a year with a lot fewer frivolous lawsuits (Come on, figure out amongst yourselves who gets the dog in the divorce!) so there is room in our overloaded court system for the truly important cases, discount CLARITIN. And, CLARITIN description, I hope fewer judges make foolish decisions like the one who decided a drunk kid who caused a fatal car crash should do easy time because he suffers from “Affluenza.” That makes about as much sense as a judge accepting a defense attorney’s claim of “Poorfluenza.” 

[caption id="attachment_7170" align="alignleft" width="150"] The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants[/caption]

In preparing this year’s list I looked back through my past New Year’s columns and realized many of the things I had wished for are still outstanding. That doesn’t curb my hope for solutions to issues like the immigration mess, better border patrol activities, CLARITIN dose, prison over-crowding and reworking our National Sex Registry so that career pedophiles are no longer lumped in with amorous teenagers and drunks who urinate in public. 

Happily, CLARITIN online cod, some of my past wishes are in the process of coming true. New Mexico, for example, buy CLARITIN online no prescription, became the 17th state to allow people who love each other to get married no matter what their gender. BUY CLARITIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Several states have moved to decriminalize marijuana as a way to ease prison overcrowding and raise tax dollars. Buy cheap CLARITIN, And, dormant DNA rape kits are finally being processed with the results being included in the national criminal data base. Cold cases are being solved because we’re finally catching up. 

[caption id="attachment_7175" align="alignright" width="150"] The Alternative is Chaos[/caption]

But none of our issues can truly be resolved without my first wish coming true, cheap CLARITIN. We have to stop picking fights with each other and start finding common ground to reach common sense solutions. Rx free CLARITIN, We need a revolution in thinking and behaving that throws off the idea that we should automatically attack someone who thinks differently.

It gets us nowhere. And even worse, CLARITIN overnight, it weakens the social fabric that has, CLARITIN blogs, for nearly 240 years, held this nation together. 

We can do better.



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by Diane Dimond on November 11, 2013

[caption id="attachment_7001" align="alignleft" width="120"] BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, 19 Years in Prison for Stealing a Necklace?[/caption]

Sometimes the justice system just doesn’t work.

The prosecutor could be more interested in winning than finding the truth. Buy ERIMIN without a prescription, The defense attorney might be inexperienced and botch things. Maybe the judge makes rulings that keep crucial evidence from the jury.

Was the trial of 19-year-old Tyra Patterson of Dayton, ERIMIN australia, uk, us, usa, Ohio one of those flawed cases.

Six of the jurors who sat in judgment of Tyra now say if they knew back then what they know now they likely would not have found her guilty of aggravated robbery and murder, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying ERIMIN, But, you decide.

[caption id="attachment_7008" align="alignright" width="120"] Tyra as a Teen - Before Prison[/caption]

On a September evening in 1994 Tyra and her good friend Becca Stidham were in her apartment smoking marijuana with two young men they had recently met, ERIMIN use.

They climbed into a car owned by one of the young men to run an errand. Where can i cheapest ERIMIN online, Along the way he spotted his girlfriend walking her dog and stopped to talk. BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Two other women also approached the car and one of them – identified as LaShawna Keeney – had a gun. According to Tyra, Keeney, purchase ERIMIN, “was acting crazy.” Tyra and Becca say they had not met the three females before that night. What is ERIMIN, There was a lot of conversation and milling about and suddenly it was clear that the three women were menacing five occupants of a nearby parked car. They were verbally harassing five young women sitting in a Chevette, punching them through the windows and stealing things from them, ERIMIN photos. Some items dropped to the ground.

[caption id="attachment_7009" align="alignleft" width="135"] Tyra Almost Always Wears A Smile[/caption]

Tyra and Becca realized they needed to get out of the area, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Australia, uk, us, usa, As they scooted away Tyra bent down and impulsively scooped up one victim’s necklace. When they heard a single gunshot behind them Tyra and Becca broke into a run home.

They did not realize that 15-year-old Michelle Lai had just been murdered, where can i buy ERIMIN online.

At trial the prosecution made it sound like Tyra was in cahoots with the three women at the scene that night and referred to the perpetrators as “The Patterson Group.” Tyra Patterson’s public defenders never corrected that misconception. BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Becca would have offered testimony supporting Tyra’s innocence but for unknown reasons the defense never called her as a witness. ERIMIN wiki, The jury never heard about the sworn statement from the shooter, LaShawna Keeney, who said, buy ERIMIN online cod, “Tyra actually tried to stop the robbery. ERIMIN samples, She walked up to me and told me to leave the victims alone. ” The woman with the dog also said in an affidavit that, “I remember Tyra trying to stop the robbery by telling LaShawna to leave the victims alone.”

The jury never heard a word about it, ERIMIN coupon.

Most unbelievably, Purchase ERIMIN online no prescription, Tyra’s team never had the jury listen to the 911 tape of Tyra calling police almost immediately after she reached her apartment.

“I heard a gunshot,” Tyra tells the operator, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. “Please hurry up and come.”

[caption id="attachment_7011" align="alignright" width="150"] Tyra Patterson and Attorney David Singleton[/caption]

Attorney David Singleton, the Director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center has taken up Tyra’s cause pro bono, order ERIMIN online c.o.d. He wrote to the Ohio Clemency Board about the 911 call: “(It) was powerful evidence that the state’s theory was wrong – that Tyra Patterson was not acting in concert with the criminals, Online buying ERIMIN hcl, but instead tried to get police help for the victims.”

It should not go unmentioned that Tyra Patterson endured a hellish, poverty ridden childhood in a single parent household and no one – not even state officials – noticed when she stopped going to school in the sixth grade. She was forced to quit the one job she ever had – at a Wendy’s – because she had never learned to make change, ERIMIN from canada.

Yet, Comprar en línea ERIMIN, comprar ERIMIN baratos, Tyra knew the day after the shooting that she must go to police and tell them what she saw. BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, At one point, after Tyra mentioned the necklace to police, she says officers began to scream at her and threaten her with prison. They demanded she admit to robbery or go away for life on a murder rap.

Following hours of interrogation Tyra says she falsely confessed that she had ripped the necklace from the victim, ERIMIN price, coupon. “I just wanted to go home, ERIMIN without prescription, ” she explained later.

The jury saw that videotaped confession but Tyra’s lawyer never offered testimony about how easily under-educated youngsters can be tricked into making false statements. It frequently happens.

Now, nearly two decades after Tyra was sentenced to 43-years-to-life (more time than the shooter, LaShawna Keeney) the jurors finally got a more complete picture of what happened from Tyra’s new lawyers, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Six of the 12 jurors have added their voices to Tyra’s clemency petition, get ERIMIN.

[caption id="attachment_7012" align="alignleft" width="150"] Juror Nancy Day Visits Tyra in Prison[/caption]

“I voted not guilty initially because my gut told me that Tyra did not rob anyone … I changed my vote is because other jurors kept bringing up the videotaped statement where Tyra admitted to a robbery, ERIMIN from mexico, ” wrote one juror.

Another said, “The defense did not provide us any reason to believe that Tyra’s confession was coerced.”

About the 911 call jurors said, order ERIMIN no prescription, “She would’ve never called 911 if she thought she’d done something wrong … If I had heard the 911 call at trial, ERIMIN price, it almost certainly would’ve given me a reason to follow my instincts and vote not guilty.”

And this from another juror, “If I had heard that 911 call at trial, I would not have voted to convict.” Juror Nancy Day started a on-line petition calling on Ohio’s governor to release Tyra immediately, ERIMIN duration. Day has visited Tyra, Doses ERIMIN work, who is now 38, and says, “I am disturbed that Tyra has been incarcerated for 19 years, online buy ERIMIN without a prescription. BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION, We convicted her without a full picture of all the facts. I would have liked to know what I do now back when her future was at stake.”

[caption id="attachment_7013" align="alignright" width="120"] Gov. Where to buy ERIMIN, Kasich Decides Tyra's Fate[/caption]

By all accounts Tyra has made much of her time in prison. She earned her GED, participated in more than 200 self-help groups, ERIMIN over the counter, earned her boiler engineering license and has learned to love the books she never got to read in school. She says she looks forward to becoming a paralegal on the outside and giving speeches to youngsters encouraging them to stay in school and live drug-free lives.

So, did the justice system work well in Tyra Patterson case, BUY ERIMIN NO PRESCRIPTION. I think it’s clear it did not. Is 19 years in prison for stealing a necklace off a sidewalk a fair sentence. Of course not.

Governor John Kasich of Ohio: Release Tyra Patterson today.





by Diane Dimond on October 26, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6943" align="alignleft" width="135"] Bullied to Death - Rebecca Ann Sedwick[/caption]

BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION, Two young Florida teens, just 14 and 12, have been arrested for vicious cyber-stalking that led a classmate to commit suicide.

Felony charges were filed after the 14 year old posted an admission to the bullying on her Facebook account and then gloated about it.

The local sheriff in Lakeland, Buy VITRIA no prescription, Florida announced he was looking for a way to arrest the older girl’s parents in connection with the cyber-caused suicide since they had done nothing to stop it.

Can I get some applause for that idea. In my book, purchase VITRIA for sale, it is parents who are responsible for keeping track of what their children do. Herbal VITRIA, But it was a sentence buried in one of the first accounts of the suicide of 12-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick that caught my eye. Poor little thing climbed to the top of an abandoned silo and jumped because she just couldn’t take it anymore, BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_6947" align="alignright" width="120"] This was Rebecca. Dead at Age 12[/caption]

“In December, effects of VITRIA, the bullying grew so intense that Rebecca began cutting herself and was sent to a hospital by her mother to receive psychiatric care.”

When I was 12 and a kid said something hateful we chanted back, Buy VITRIA online no prescription, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me!” And we walked away to play with someone else.

Today, kids aren’t trained to look someone in the eye and stand up for themselves, VITRIA treatment. They’re too busy looking down at their cell phone or I-pod, VITRIA dose, texting instead of really communicating with other human beings. BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION, We’ve created little technological zombies tied to the gadgets we give them because we’re convinced they need a phone to stay in touch with us.

I talked to my longtime friend Louise Palanker about all this. She’s an author, VITRIA street price, producer, Cheap VITRIA no rx, director of documentary films and a selfless mentor to children.

[caption id="attachment_6948" align="alignleft" width="120"] Louise Palanker, Mentor to Teens[/caption]

Louise is a teen expert of 20 years, VITRIA used for. She established the Kid’s Comedy Club at two Los Angeles Boys and Girls clubs. She wrote "Journals, Middle School Love and War," a poignant semi-autobiographical look at childhood that sparked so much discussion among kids that Louise started a social network for tweens and teens called Our Place, BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy cheap VITRIA, Her goal was to create a safe internet space for youngsters.

“I try to guide the kids to become better cyber citizens,” she told me, is VITRIA addictive. “I want them to know how much better it feels to help than to harm.” Every Tuesday night Louise and a panel of kids appear in a live video podcast where they take questions and talk about the pain and confusion of growing up. About VITRIA,  

[caption id="attachment_6964" align="alignright" width="150"] The Our Place Panel During a Weekly Show[/caption]

“Bullying comes up almost every week,” Palanker told me. BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION, “The act of bullying or the fear of being bullied underlies almost everything kids do these days … and it is relentless.”

No longer can students leave the gossip and self-doubt at school and go home for an overnight respite. Now, VITRIA online cod, with instantaneous internet communication they never get a break from the drama. After VITRIA, [caption id="attachment_6954" align="alignleft" width="120"] Arms, Thighs, Wrists-Prime Cutting Spots[/caption]

“Unless the parents come to their child at 9 pm and say give me the phone, generic VITRIA, shut off your computer, VITRIA without prescription, go to bed – there is no way to give the teen a break from this constant stream of judgment,” Palanker said. “They’ll be up texting half the night.”

If you think periodically monitoring your child’s internet use will reveal the truth, where to buy VITRIA, think again. VITRIA photos, As Louise put it, “These kids are way ahead of you when it comes to technology.

[caption id="attachment_6949" align="alignright" width="135"] Cutting Releases Endogenous Opiates[/caption]

So, what about the horrific act of cutting, BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Where does that fit in, where can i order VITRIA without prescription, why do they secretly slash at their arms and legs. Discount VITRIA, How prevalent is it among bullied children.

“It’s entirely common,” Louise said without hesitation, online buying VITRIA. “I’d say up to 20% of the kids engage in cutting. BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION, It’s what they do when they are sad. Where can i buy cheapest VITRIA online, Kids will write me and ask, ‘Help me hide my scars.’ I tell them, ‘You need to tell your parents or see your counselor.’ Sadly, fast shipping VITRIA, the parents of kids who cut are sometimes a mess.”

Medical experts say it is an even bigger problem. Real brand VITRIA online, Dr. Leonard Sax, a PhD psychologist and author has written extensively about what he calls non-suicidal self-injury, VITRIA price, coupon. Sax cites studies from Yale University that found 56% of girls between the ages of 10 and 14 reported cutting themselves with razor blades or burning themselves with matches or cigarettes. The rate was 20% for older teens, BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION. VITRIA cost, Sax found that while some boys engage in self-mutilation girls are the primary group. Their motives vary from anxiousness to boredom and the action become addictive.

[caption id="attachment_6950" align="alignleft" width="120"] 56% of Young Girls Admit to Cutting[/caption]

“There is now evidence that for at least some of these girls, buying VITRIA online over the counter, this behavior triggers a release of endogenous opiates in the brain, VITRIA long term, ” Sax wrote. “Cutting delivers a weird kind of disembodied rush.”

In his book, "Girls on the Edge, VITRIA overnight,"  Dr. BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION, Sax quotes of one of his patients as saying, “I felt like I was up on the ceiling, watching myself do it. I was literally high.”

When teens describe this almost euphoric feeling to their peers it can cause others to try it too.

“It’s such a powerful emotion that it sweeps over the pain of what they are suffering from,” Palanker told me. “It tells me that these kids would rather feel physical pain than emotional pain.”

Louise suggests the web site as a good place for worried parents to start to understand this macabre trend. I suggest paying attention to your child’s wardrobe. Are they suddenly covering up their arms and legs, BUY VITRIA NO PRESCRIPTION. Is there evidence in the bathroom or laundry that they are cutting themselves.

Most importantly, start an open dialogue with your children about this topic.

[caption id="attachment_6951" align="alignright" width="105"] Vosburg - Caught on Video Tape[/caption]

And a postscript from the Florida case: Vivian Vosburg, 30, the mother of the 14-year-old bully, was arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect. The sheriff says after Rebecca’s suicide concerned citizens directed him to the Facebook page of one of Vosburg’s children. There they found a video of Vosburg brutally beating children in her care. (She is both a mother and a step-mother)

When her 14-year old was arrested Vosburg had insisted she diligently monitored her children’s Facebook accounts. Guess she missed that video.





by Diane Dimond on October 21, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6899" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY AYGESTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Cowards Who Harm Kids Should Be Tracked[/caption]

When you get a new appliance do you take time to fill out the little card and register your toaster, coffee maker or iron?  Of course you do, if you want the company to keep track of it and fix it in the event of a breakdown. Buy AYGESTIN without a prescription, We’re pretty good in America about registering things.  We register our preferences for baby shower or wedding gifts to avoid duplication.  Voting registries make sure only those eligible can cast a ballot.  We register our motorcycles, purchase AYGESTIN online, Kjøpe AYGESTIN på nett, köpa AYGESTIN online, boats and cars so we – and the police – can keep track of them.

What we don’t do is keep tabs on people who abuse and neglect children:  The overwhelmed young single mother who physically harms her children, where can i buy AYGESTIN online, Ordering AYGESTIN online, the violent boyfriend who wants the other man’s children out of his way, the uncaring babysitter who disciplines with slaps and punches, purchase AYGESTIN. AYGESTIN images,  Such violence against children often escalates to the point of murder.

[caption id="attachment_6901" align="alignright" width="150"] National Children's Alliance Logo[/caption]

The National Children’s Alliance, citing the latest annual figures, says more than 760,000 American children are abused or neglected every year, BUY AYGESTIN NO PRESCRIPTION.  In 2009, AYGESTIN use, AYGESTIN pictures, an estimated 1,770 children died as a result, buy generic AYGESTIN. AYGESTIN australia, uk, us, usa,  Congress has declared that number is “significantly under-reported  and notes that more than 80 percent of the deaths are of defenseless children under the age of four.

If there had been some sort of national registry for cowards who hurt kids little Tyrese Robert Ruffin might still be alive.  The man who police have charged with beating the 2-year-old to death in a Sioux Falls, AYGESTIN from mexico, AYGESTIN without a prescription, South Dakota apartment had a sordid past of violence against women with young children. [Patterson avoided jail time for the assault of a 3-year-old and his mother a year ago by agreeing to attend counseling.]

It’s not known if Tyrese’s mother knew about Joey Patterson’s police record but she left her tiny son in Patterson’s care earlier this month.  Now, buy cheap AYGESTIN no rx, AYGESTIN forum, the boy is dead and Patterson, 27, AYGESTIN for sale, Online buying AYGESTIN hcl, is charged with aggravated assault on an infant.

[caption id="attachment_6902" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY AYGESTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Peterson First Met His Son When Boy Was in Coma[/caption]

Sadly, these types of cases happen all too often.  The only reason Tyrese’s death made national news is because his birth father is Adrian Peterson, star running back for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

Think of all those other battered and dead children.  Can’t we figure out a way to register the names, AYGESTIN reviews, Is AYGESTIN safe, addresses and actions of people like Joey Patterson so we can keep track of them.  Don’t we owe that to our kids, AYGESTIN recreational. What is AYGESTIN, The cautionary example, however, buy AYGESTIN online cod, AYGESTIN results, is what happened to our National Sex Offender Registry, signed into law in 2006.  The Department of Justice coordinates the effort which brings together all the state sex offender lists into one handy-dandy internet location.  But it has become a bloated hodge-podge of names.  Someone who urinated in public is treated to the same kind of harsh years-long scrutiny as a career pedophile, AYGESTIN canada, mexico, india. Buy AYGESTIN without prescription, It is a registry system so overloaded with names now that it has lost its stated focus:  to monitor those predators whose lifelong sexual obsession revolves around being with children.

[caption id="attachment_6903" align="alignright" width="120"] Learning the Lesson From This Hot Mess[/caption]

What’s to say the idea I suggest here – one nationalized and centralized list of people known to have committed violence against youngsters – wouldn't also become a hot mess to administer?  Well, nothing – except the hope that we have learned a lesson from the sex registry debacle.  You don’t add the name of a person who once spanked a child, BUY AYGESTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. But you certainly do add the name of those who have been legally charged with committing violence against a child.  The likelihood is if they did it previously they will do it again given the chance, AYGESTIN coupon. AYGESTIN pics, In January, President Obama signed the Protect Our Kids Act and supporters hope it will, online AYGESTIN without a prescription, AYGESTIN duration, once again, spur discussion of this registry idea.  It’s been floating around for years now but there have always been those who have too quickly dismissed the idea for the problems it might dredge up or the flaws it might contain.  As if thinking people couldn’t intelligently discuss a registry plan and come up with a workable formula, australia, uk, us, usa.

[caption id="attachment_6905" align="alignleft" width="150"] We CAN Better Protect Children[/caption]

I read the six page bill, calling for establishment of a Commission to spend two years holding hearings and studying the problem, and nowhere are perpetrators even mentioned.  But, there is this one encouraging sentence instructing the Commission to, “Develop guidelines for the type of information that should be tracked to improve interventions to prevent fatalities from child abuse and neglect.”

If the Commission uses its $2 million budget wisely it will quickly figure out that the biggest threats to at-risk children are the one-parent family, absence of values, lack of education, poverty and outsiders who would do them harm.

I’m hoping they figure out a way to adequately keep tabs on those who make it a habit of taking out their frustrations on children. Then, I hope, Congress takes the legislative actions needed to make a registry a reality.







by Diane Dimond on October 14, 2013

[caption id="attachment_5988" align="alignleft" width="120"] BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Where Justice Should Prevail[/caption]

There is something special about a courtroom -- sacrosanct, almost.

In the hushed quiet there is the inevitable not-too-comfortable spectator seating that discourages people from becoming too relaxed. Order HYTRIN online overnight delivery no prescription, There is the official bar that separates onlookers from the lawyers – a bar which civilians are not allowed to cross.

There are bailiffs to keep the peace. And, no prescription HYTRIN online, of course, HYTRIN mg, there is the elevated bench upon which the honorable judge sits in his or her ceremonial black robes. When it gets down to it, this is their stage, they run the show, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Respect for judges is a cornerstone of our judicial system.

But what happens when the judge acts erratically or even criminally, where can i find HYTRIN online. Who judges the judge. HYTRIN from canadian pharmacy, [caption id="attachment_6877" align="alignright" width="120"] Judge Patricia Cookson Makes Cake[/caption]

In San Diego, Superior Court Judge Patricia Cookson isn't in any legal trouble – yet – but her behavior has caused quite a stir. BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, After presiding over a murder trial in which Danne Desbrow, 36, was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison Judge Cookson did something no lawyer there had ever seen. She called up the convicted killer’s longtime girlfriend and married the couple, order HYTRIN online c.o.d. According to the bride, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Destiny Desbrow, they then enjoyed a homemade wedding cake baked by the judge herself – served up on paper plates with plastic forks.

[caption id="attachment_6878" align="alignleft" width="135"] Bride Wore White, HYTRIN from canada, Groom Wore Shackles[/caption]

Short of a successful Ethics Committee complaint Judge Cookson is expected to remain in her $179, HYTRIN no rx, 000 job until 2018. When she runs for re-election voters might decide to judge the judge for her baffling act of rewarding a just-convicted murderer with a special ceremony and a cake and vote her off the bench. But experience tells me voters have short memories, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

In Montana, my HYTRIN experience, District Judge G. HYTRIN blogs, Todd Baugh has a better chance of having the electorate boot him to the curb. He’s up for re-election next year.

This is the judge who sentenced a former high school teacher – the admitted rapist of a 14 year old girl - to serve just one month in prison after the accused man violated the terms of his no-jail parole, HYTRIN wiki. BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Stacey Rambold, 54, never had a full blown trial because his young victim, Cherice Moralez, committed suicide before the case got to court. Compounding the family’s pain was what Judge Baugh said about their dead daughter during his clumsy justification of the short sentence. HYTRIN over the counter, [caption id="attachment_6879" align="alignright" width="150"] Will Voters Judge Baugh Next November?[/caption]

“It wasn't this forcible, beat-up rape,” Baugh explained, rx free HYTRIN. And he declared the girl seemed “older than her chronological age” and was “as much in control of the situation” as the much older teacher. HYTRIN pharmacy, There was an immediate uproar from activists who saw the judge as biased against both females and Hispanics.

Judge Baugh has apologized for his comments -- but not for the meager sentence -- and has declined calls for him to resign, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

In Las Cruces, New Mexico District Judge Michael Murphy ultimately chose to resign and then got what some believe was a sweetheart plea deal from prosecutors, HYTRIN no prescription.

Murphy was caught on audio tape discussing how judge-ships were awarded only to those candidates who first made a sizable contribution to the sitting Governor’s Democratic Party. Taking HYTRIN, Murphy described how he had paid $4,000 to win his appointment to the bench from the Governor in 2006. In addition, HYTRIN no rx, Murphy was heard on tape making graphic and disparaging remarks against Mexicans, HYTRIN coupon, gays and Jews.

[caption id="attachment_6880" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Judge Murphy's Felony Charges Disappeared[/caption]

Judge Murphy was about to be judged by the state’s Judicial Standards Commission but he resigned before any action was taken. For two years he fought felony bribery charges and, in the end, HYTRIN long term, he was allowed to plead guilty to only one misdemeanor. HYTRIN steet value, Murphy agreed never to run for public office again and got a year’s probation.

Tell me, please, cheap HYTRIN, how judges who dodge justice help maintain confidence in our legal system. HYTRIN street price, Oh, that’s right – they don’t. And those who facilitate such deals are complicit in the erosion of the public’s trust, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. That’s right, HYTRIN description, I’m talking to you – prosecutors, Buy HYTRIN online cod, defense attorneys and fellow judges who sign off on such plea deals.

There have been times when corrupt judges get the book thrown at them - finally. In Luzerne County, HYTRIN alternatives, Pennsylvania, HYTRIN natural, two veteran judges were convicted in a years-long “Kids for Cash” scandal. President Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan ultimately pleaded guilty to accepting $2.6 million in kickbacks after sending youthful defendants to private juvenile detention facilities in which they had a financial interest. BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, The more inmates shipped there the more money each judge pocketed.

[caption id="attachment_6881" align="alignright" width="135"] Judges Conahan (L) & Ciavarella - Serving Prison Time[/caption]

Thousands of juveniles were sent away in the scheme and oftentimes for trivial infractions, no prescription HYTRIN online. A 13-year-old was locked up for throwing a piece of meat at her mother’s boyfriend. Online buying HYTRIN, A 15-year-old served time for mocking an assistant principal on a MySpace page. An 11-year-old was incarcerated for calling the police after his mother locked him out of the house.

Both former judges have been disbarred and are each currently serving 87 months in prison.** But the point is: It took five years for this ugly child abuse scheme to end, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. During all that time there were prosecutors, buy HYTRIN without a prescription, public defenders, social workers and court employees who were eye-witnesses to what was happening.

It is way past time that court systems take a good hard look at policing themselves and their personnel and that includes the judges in charge of the nation’s courtrooms. Each state’s oversight body for judicial standards needs to step up to the plate – in a timely manner – even if it’s just to remind a judge that baking a cake for a convicted murderer is not entirely ethical. Bar Associations across the country need to tell members that part of their duty as a lawyer includes reporting wrongdoing within the system.

American’s confidence in both the civil and criminal justice systems is under 30 percent according to the latest national polls. Can we afford for it to go lower than that.


** Correction/update from reader Dave Janoski, the Managing Editor of The Citizens' Voice newspaper in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.:

"While both judges in that case originally pleaded guilty and agreed to 87-month prison sentences, those agreements were ultimately rejected by a federal judge. Former judges Ciavarella and Conahan are in fact serving 28 and 17 1/2 years respectively.”.




by Diane Dimond on September 16, 2013

[caption id="attachment_6798" align="alignleft" width="150"] ADHD FOR SALE, Ginger Slepski, Attacked by Black Teens - Why?[/caption]

~  Let's Talk Less About Race and More About Life

It keeps happening.  Nearly every week there are more brutal crimes that bear all the earmarks of being racially motivated but because the victims are white you will probably never hear about them.

We've all seen the rallies around black victims of white perpetrated violent crime – and I'm fine with that. Buying ADHD online over the counter, It is the right of every American citizen to peacefully protest.  But when did it become acceptable to ignore the same types of crime when the roles are reversed and the victim is white.

Why is it that we hear so little hue-and-cry on behalf of Caucasians who are victimized by blacks.

I know this is a provocative topic but it is high time America talks about it and embrace the idea that no matter what the color of skin involved preying on others is not allowed – ever - period. 

[caption id="attachment_6799" align="alignright" width="135"] Babbitt, low dose ADHD, Guilty of 'Walking While White' in NYC[/caption]

On September 4, Purchase ADHD for sale, in a densely populated park in New York City a black man named Martin Redrick went on a rampage. Eye witnesses say that in broad daylight he suddenly began to shout, “The next white person who walks by I’m going to (expletive) up!”  The next unlucky white person happened to be a retired train conductor, Jeffrey Babbitt, 62, who was simply taking a stroll near his favorite comic book store, ADHD FOR SALE.

“His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground,” one witnesses said of the attack, buy ADHD from mexico. Redrick, Where can i find ADHD online, 40, then turned on the two other white people who stepped forward to help.  Babbitt, who was the sole caretaker for his 94 year-old Alzheimer-afflicted mother, buy no prescription ADHD online, was declared brain dead. ADHD without prescription, Five days later he died.

There were no public demonstrations for the, “quiet and gentle” Babbitt.  No one shouted, canada, mexico, india, “No justice, ADHD used for, no peace!” and called for immediate police action on his behalf.

[caption id="attachment_6800" align="alignleft" width="150"] ADHD FOR SALE, Some of Slepki's Injuries[/caption]

Ten days earlier, in Pittsburgh Ginger Slepski, who is white, was set upon by four black teen-aged girls. The girls had thrown a bottle at Slepski’s car and when she stopped to ask, “What is your problem?” she said the girls repeatedly urged each other to “Get that white (expletive)” and “Shut up, ADHD maximum dosage, white (expletive)” What followed was a savage beating. Order ADHD from United States pharmacy, Slepski, 32, told a reporter, buy generic ADHD, “I thought it was so animalistic, ADHD wiki, so violent. I thought they were going to kill me.”

The mother of two suffered bruises to her head, scrapes on her arms, low dose ADHD, legs and feet and torn ligaments in her shoulder which left her unable to return to her work as an electrician. Where can i buy cheapest ADHD online, The teens were charged with racial intimidation.

Again, no marches or protests on Sepski’s behalf; no “community activists” appeared in Pennsylvania to chant, “What do we want, ADHD FOR SALE. Peace. When do we want it, ADHD coupon. Now!”  No black leaders spoke out to urge tolerance, Where can i cheapest ADHD online, unity and good behavior by their flock.

[caption id="attachment_6802" align="alignright" width="135"] Lane Came to America to Play Baseball[/caption]

You've likely heard about the random shooting of a white Australian man who moved to Oklahoma to pursue his dream of playing American baseball. ADHD FOR SALE, As Christopher Lane, 23, jogged in a quiet Oklahoma neighborhood he was shot in the back and left to die there.

One of the two black teens charged with first degree murder in the case had posted pictures of himself on-line posing with guns and piles of cash, order ADHD from mexican pharmacy. In April, ADHD alternatives, the 15-year-old tweeted, “90% of white ppl (people) are nasty. #HATETHEM.”

No racial bias charges have been filed, ADHD pictures, however, Rx free ADHD, as the white teenage driver of the get-away car maintains they killed out of summertime boredom not racism.

Lane’s loved ones in Australia were aghast and offered the only public outcry about the murder. America was mostly silent, ADHD FOR SALE.

When was it exactly that we lost permission to openly and honestly talk about those who commit such heinous and senseless crimes, after ADHD. We hesitate, ADHD for sale, of course, because we fear being branded as racist if we turn the hate crimes mirror the other way.

I think it’s high time we did, ordering ADHD online.

[caption id="attachment_6803" align="alignleft" width="150"] War Vet Belton, ADHD without a prescription, Beaten to Death in Parking Lot[/caption]

In Spokane, Washington, Police Chief Frank Staub has already declared, taking ADHD, “Race was not a factor, ADHD mg, ” in the murder of 88-year-old World War II veteran, Delbert “Shorty” Belton. ADHD FOR SALE, This hero from the Battle in Okinawa, who came home with a Purple Heart, was beaten to death as he sat outside the Eagles Lodge waiting for a friend. In court, ADHD pics, the two black teen-aged suspects tried to claim they beat the elderly Belton over a crack cocaine deal gone bad. Effects of ADHD, Except for a quick quote from a Belton relative about how preposterous the drug deal claim was, there was little more.  The nation displayed no prolonged outrage for the senseless death of an old white man – a war hero - at the hands of two black thugs.

The Police Chief apparently decided what experience tells me a jury should decide, buy ADHD from mexico.  This might very well have been a racially motivated killing but the suspects won’t be tried for that.

Very different from the case of George Zimmerman charged with killing black teen Trayvon Martin, ADHD FOR SALE.

In that case – where both CNN and the New York Times described Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” (whatever that is) -- Black activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson revved up public outcry until the stiffest possible murder charges were filed.

[caption id="attachment_6806" align="alignright" width="120"] How Can a "white Hispanic" Have a Black Ancestor?[/caption]

The truth is Zimmerman, acquitted of the murder charge, is actually of Peruvian heritage and one of his grandfathers was Black. See the slippery slope we tread when we try to label each other by race.

I’m telling you – the lesson we should be preaching isn't just racial tolerance. It is that life is precious -- to be cherished -- and no human has the right to lay hands on another.  We should all unify around the idea of peaceful co-existence and a no-excuse defense for predators. Period.



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