A Superbowl Comeback – and the Grammy’s Too!
January 27, 2008
Michael Jackson’s massive PR plan for THRILLER 25 includes strategically placed personal appearances and Sony-backed marketing.

Click Here for many of my New York Post columns that chronicled happenings at Michael Jackson’s 2005 criminal trial…

Here’s a sample…

KINK OF POP: A peek at Jacko’s Sick ‘Art’ Erotic Photo Books Reveal Boy Obsession.

The New York Post
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Published: 05/01/2005
Page: 024

PORNOGRAPHY is said to be in the eye of the beholder, and here at the Michael Jackson trial, prosecutors are not allowed to use the word. They have to call the stacks of X-rated magazines and books and movies they pulled out of Michael Jackson’s master bedroom “adult material.”
But exhibits No. 841 and 842, introduced in court on Friday, are more than that. They are two coffee-table-sized picture books with the provocative titles: “Boys Will Be Boys” and “The Boy: A Photographic Essay.”
Senior Assistant District Attorney Ron Zonen presented the two picture books with a bland description, “One book is 90 percent nude boys and the other is about 10 percent.” Read more…

In Newsweek…

…As I watched the airport screener search my father, I had to wonder: have we lost our common sense?

My Turn: Defending Our Skies Against the Elderly

By Diane Dimond

Aug. 30 issue – Before he passed away in March, Allen O. Hughes took his final trip East. He came with Ruby, his wife of 56 years. They came not because they liked to travel—they came because Allen had lymphoma and he wanted to visit his only daughter and his granddaughter and his two great-grandchildren one last time.

The last I saw of him, a burly airport screener was forcing my frail and faltering 78-year-old father to stand at attention—arms spread—for a wand search. As I watched from the other side of the security gate I saw the man in the uniform point to my father to sit down and take off his shoes. These were the very shoes I’d just seen him wrestle on at home. Read More…

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