May 2015

Reactions to Police Killings Reveal Twisted Values

by Diane Dimond on May 18, 2015

Say What You Want ... But Reactions Will Vary

Say What You Want … But Reactions Will Vary

The right to freedom of speech in America gives every citizen almost absolute permission to say whatever they think about a given topic. Even if the comments are offensive to the majority citizens have a right to express their opinion.

So, go ahead – say what you want. But realize, the law does not necessarily protect you from others’ reactions to your comments. And sometimes what people say is so damnably stupid they deserve some blow back. [click to continue…]


Childhood Friends Celebrate Prom

Some of us need laws to keep our behavior in check. Others just know the right thing to do.

I do an awful lot of writing about the laws of this land and people who break them. This time I want to write about the lesson learned from an honorable 17-year-old who lives in Susquehanna Township, Pennsylvania. Only the law of innate good character was involved.

His name is Ben Moser and he’s the quarterback of his high school football team. His story tells you all you need to know about this young man. [click to continue…]


Who Does Hillary Clinton Think She Is? 

by Diane Dimond on May 11, 2015

Invited to Appear ... But

Invited to Appear … But

So wait just a darned minute. A committee of the United States Congress wants to schedule testimony from Hillary Clinton and she refuses the request, laying down certain conditions?

That’s not the way our system is supposed to work! If the Congress calls a citizen to the witness chair they are supposed to automatically comply. That’s how it would be for you or me. Why not for Hillary Clinton? [click to continue…]


Stop the Running, Stop the Shooting

by Diane Dimond on May 4, 2015

Freddie Gray: Latest Symbol of Police Brutality

Freddie Gray: Latest Symbol of Police Brutality

After watching the situation in Baltimore these past couple of weeks – yet another American city strangled by violence stemming from the death of yet another unarmed black man — it suddenly dawned on me. It all starts with one stupid action.

I want to yell advice at the top of my lungs.

Stop running away from police!  

But that is only half of the problem.

Stop instinctively shooting or manhandling suspects! [click to continue…]