May 2013

Americans in the Government’s Bull’s Eye

by Diane Dimond on May 27, 2013


Outrage – But Enough to Force Change?

        Recent IRS and Freedom of Press scandals show that any of us could become victims of the government. Now is the time for outrage ~

Americans are being unfairly targeted by their own government. The proof is undeniable. It is clear that two of the nation’s biggest and most intimidating agencies – the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice have overstepped their bounds by trampling on citizens’ rights. We should all be outraged.

You have to have been living in a cave not to have heard about the IRS scandal. The IRS’s Cincinnati office which approved tax exempt status for citizen’s political organizations deliberately singled out and harassed conservative Republican groups in advance of the last presidential election. Many of those who tried to legally establish groups with names that included the words, “Tea Party” or “Conservative” or “Patriot” were strung along and denied tax exempt status while the IRS quickly gave approval to groups from the other political spectrum. (Read that: the President’s Democratic Party) It has been reported that the IRS also targeted groups describing themselves as wanting to, “Make America a better place to live,” or criticized how the country is currently being run. [click to continue…]


What’s Your Definition of a Pimp?

by Diane Dimond on May 19, 2013

 (See Update on this story at the end)

Danielle Douglas, Former Sex Trafficking Victim

Danielle Douglas had a wonderful Mother’s Day – breakfast out, a trip to the zoo with her husband and two children, snuggly nap time and the gift of a colorful necklace and brooch.

This New Jersey resident looks like a modern-day young mother. She works at a pharmaceutical company and in her spare time she experiments with fashion statements – different haircuts and color and fanciful makeup to accentuate her beautiful hazel eyes. 

But Danielle, 30, is far from typical. She is a survivor of human trafficking, victimized during her teen years by a vicious pimp who turned her out as a prostitute in the Boston area. Those violent years and how she survived is the subject of an upcoming documentary called, “10,000 Men” to be released later this year. 

Today, Danielle is a woman with a mission.
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Does Dept Make You Feel Secure?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about our Department of Homeland Security lately. The DHS was formed after the September 11, 2001 attacks, of course, but since then it has grown to mammoth proportions. It now has more than 200,000 employees and it is the nation’s third largest Cabinet department after the Defense Department and Veterans Affairs.

The taxpayer’s bill for DHS is also enormous. If all goes as planned you and I will send $59 billion more of our hard earned dollars to the DHS this year to advance their mission to, “prevent attacks and protect Americans – on the land, in the sea and in the air.”

Here we are more than a dozen years after 9-11 – and hundreds of billions of dollars later – and we still have no foolproof way to sift through our own suspected terrorist watch list. [click to continue…]


Moving? Beware the Con!

by Diane Dimond on May 6, 2013

We’re On The Move!

Hey, have you heard? The economy is improving! Car sales are up, so are new construction permits and the housing market seems to have righted itself. According to folks who keep track of these things at the American Moving & Storage Association a record number of us are expected to move residences this year, migrating to bigger apartments, houses or new jobs out of state.

The Census Bureau reports that last year 36.5 million Americans changed where they lived. (They count every man, woman and child over 1 year old.) So, imagine the economic impact of close to 40 million people journeying to new locations. Many will need to buy new appliances, carpets, drapes and other furnishings for their new place. It will surely be a great shot in the arm for the economy and there are predictions that improving consumer confidence will fuel even more economic improvement!

But hold on. Before we get to feeling all warm and fuzzy let’s remember that these are exactly the times con-men crave. When people are on the move and spending money the craftiest of that breed surfaces. [click to continue…]