November 2012


by Diane Dimond on November 26, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5808" align="alignleft" width="120"] BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION, He Dedicated His Life to Serve America[/caption]

In 1970, a diminutive 18 year old from rural Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y. traveled nine miles south from his parent’s home and checked in at the front gate at what would be his new residence for the next four years.

He had worked hard in high school to get the grades to qualify for this unique place and in return he had pledged an additional five years of service to the organization, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

The young man was David Petraeus and by walking through the front gate at the U.S. Cheap COLOSPA no rx, Military Institute at West Point he committed to spending the next nine years of his life connected to the United States Army. By the end of his military career he had served 37 years and reached the rank of four-star General, BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION.

This country invested heavily in developing Petraeus into the successful and well-decorated military leader he became. We spent about a million dollars on his extensive education: West Point, get COLOSPA, Ranger School, Order COLOSPA online c.o.d, the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. In the mid-80’s Princeton University where he earned both a Masters and his PhD in International Relations, ordering COLOSPA online. BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION, And during that time, according to military and West Point sources, Petraeus would have been receiving take home military pay of between $50,000 and $60,000 thousand a year. Low cost commissary goods and housing (or a housing allowance) was also part of the deal. 

[caption id="attachment_5809" align="alignright" width="150"] What Happens to Our Investment Now?[/caption]

Multiply this government support over 37 years and it is likely America has invested multiple millions of taxpayer dollars for the education, COLOSPA without a prescription, transportation and development of David Petraeus.

To be sure this country got a considerable return on its considerable investment. Among his long list of accomplishments, COLOSPA steet value, General Petraeus commanded a division that helped liberate Iraq and he steered the course for America’s exit from the war in Afghanistan. Buy COLOSPA no prescription, As we all know, last September Petraeus resigned from the military to become Director of the CIA. And then he had a brief extra marital affair that forced him to resign as the nation’s top spy, BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION.

The CIA director simply cannot compromise national security by allowing outsiders to get close to classified information, order COLOSPA from United States pharmacy, say, COLOSPA results, on his iPhone, laptop computer or briefcase. Even though Petraeus, COLOSPA dangers, now 60, Comprar en línea COLOSPA, comprar COLOSPA baratos, was no longer operating under the military law that deems adultery a crime – he had to go. He fell back on the West Point Code of Honor which states that no cadet will lie, cheat or steal or tolerate anyone who does, is COLOSPA addictive. Petraeus resigned from the CIA and it was the right thing to do.

[caption id="attachment_5810" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION, The General and His Wife, Holly - Married 37 Years[/caption]

Where I have a problem, however, is the pious and sometimes vicious condemnation of the man. COLOSPA price, coupon, Words like, “Fraud”, “Scum, COLOSPA alternatives, “Hypocrite, COLOSPA used for, ” and even “Traitor” have been used repeatedly to describe David Petraeus.

Yes, he made a terrible mistake but let’s be honest, where can i buy COLOSPA online. He succumbed to the most common and mundane of human weaknesses – a sexual affair with a thirty-something woman. COLOSPA pharmacy, When President Bill Clinton shamed the office by having sexual relations with a young woman not much older than his daughter – (and didn’t have the decency to resign after being impeached for lying about it under oath) – I was, personally, disgusted, online buying COLOSPA. Not so much with General Petraeus, BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION.

A double standard. Buying COLOSPA online over the counter, No, not really. There is no comparing a career politician to a career military patriot, buy COLOSPA from canada. Both pledged loyalty to America, COLOSPA for sale, of course, but in this equation only one has selflessly dedicated his whole life in service to the country.

[caption id="attachment_5811" align="alignright" width="150"] BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION, Major Mike Lyons, West Point Graduate[/caption]

Major Mike Lyons (Ret.) told me that David and Holly Petraeus moved 22 times in 30 years to keep up with his burdensome re-assignments. As a fellow West Point graduate Lyons is friendly with many inside Petraeus’s inner circle, online buy COLOSPA without a prescription. He estimates that during the last six or seven years Petraeus spent about five years deployed abroad. Where to buy COLOSPA, The entire Petraeus family, according to Lyons, has endured, COLOSPA forum, “tremendous instability, Rx free COLOSPA, ” on behalf of the country.

Clinton, who deliberately never served a day in the military, order COLOSPA online overnight delivery no prescription, seems to me to have been motivated more by his own personal goals and partisan politics. And unlike the head of the CIA, Clinton occupied the highest and most powerful position in the country – some would argue, in the world, BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION. COLOSPA interactions, So, for those so quick to condemn a man like Petraeus who briefly strayed outside his marriage I have to ask, shouldn’t we consider his whole life, rx free COLOSPA. Petraeus’s dedication to country for nearly four decades surely must count for something, Where can i cheapest COLOSPA online, right.

[caption id="attachment_5812" align="alignleft" width="150"] Mistress Paula Broadwell & Her Book on Petraeus[/caption]

When I expressed this feeling to a pal of mine – a former U.S. Marine – he sent me an eye-opening e-mail. BUY COLOSPA NO PRESCRIPTION, “Our warriors all understand they are held to a higher standard and they accept that as a consequence of their service. We don't want people who compromise integrity or make excuses because we also have to rely on these extraordinary warriors to act with uncompromising valor on the battlefield.” He concluded by saying, “Only those who have served understand this, I guess.”

Well, I have never served in the military but several members of my family have. And, I remember that awful time after Vietnam when America turned its back on brave warriors and called them names too. Remember “baby-killers?”

If we respond to momentary lapses of judgment among our career military personnel with invectives like “psychotic” and “egomaniac,” (as I heard Petraeus described recently) then where will we find the next generation of 18 year olds knocking on West Point’s front gate.

Let’s stop kicking the dog while he’s down, shall we.





by Diane Dimond on November 19, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5790" align="alignleft" width="120"] BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Marijuana Legalized First - Other Street Drugs Later?[/caption]

I’m going to make a bold prediction. America’s War on Drugs is now officially over. ESTAZOLAM dangers, Oh, no one in Washington is going to make any sort of announcement to confirm this but take it from me – our four-decades-old drug war strategy is now formally kaput. To be entirely honest, ESTAZOLAM online cod, it has been sputtering along for years now accomplishing little and costing us upward of a trillion dollars. Order ESTAZOLAM online overnight delivery no prescription, Citizens in two states – Washington and Colorado sealed the deal. They voted that marijuana should be legalized, no prescription or medical excuse needed, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. And not only is recreational pot smoking by adults legal in those two places now, medicinal use of marijuana is already the will of the people in 18 other states and the District of Columbia, buy ESTAZOLAM online no prescription.

Sure looks like a trend to me. ESTAZOLAM photos, [caption id="attachment_5792" align="alignright" width="150"] States Say Medical Pot is Legal - Feds Disagree[/caption]

President Obama’s Justice Department still considers marijuana to be an illegal substance and in the past Attorney General Eric Holder has moved to shut down legally mandated medicinal clinics and to penalize those who use marijuana for health care. But in advance of this November’s pro-pot votes A.G. BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Holder issued none of the usual dire warnings about enforcement. Hmmm, ESTAZOLAM pharmacy, I wonder why not. Effects of ESTAZOLAM, Perhaps Washington has quietly decided to join with what a majority of Americans think – that marijuana should be legalized.

The President is clearly driving this bus. An article this past July in GQ magazine reported that President Obama had a plan for his second term to move away from military wars and to “pivot to the drug war, ESTAZOLAM without prescription,” here at home. The magazine said ever since his days as a state senator in Illinois, “Obama has considered the Drug War to be a failure.” And during Mr, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. ESTAZOLAM class, Obama’s first run at the White House he told an interviewer, “I think the basic concept (of) using medical marijuana in the same way, with the same controls as other drugs prescribed (is) entirely appropriate.”

[caption id="attachment_5793" align="alignleft" width="150"] Marijuana Plants For Personal Use - Legal[/caption]

As soon as the newly passed laws are certified it will be legal In Colorado for an adult to grow up to six pot plants and smoke it in the comfort of their own home or any other private location, ESTAZOLAM from canadian pharmacy. In Washington, Buy no prescription ESTAZOLAM online, consumers will be able to buy marijuana from state-licensed providers. Most important. The new laws to legalize, is ESTAZOLAM addictive, regulate and tax the weed are expected to either save or generate multiple millions of dollars for these states. BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Once that happens how long do you think it will take other cash-strapped states to follow this lead. ESTAZOLAM no rx, That’s right, probably not long at all.

Marijuana money will go a long way toward helping those states pay their  bills, ESTAZOLAM dose.

Washington and Colorado will soon see their police officers become unburdened from making picayune pot possession arrests. ESTAZOLAM forum, Their costly jail and prison populations will begin to dwindle. Their courts and prosecutors will finally get out from under the massive numbers of small time drug-bust cases that are so expensive and clog the dockets, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Everyone will be freed up to focus on much more serious crime and justice matters. The budget balancing rewards of legalizing recreational pot will simply be too tempting for other states to ignore, ESTAZOLAM used for.

[caption id="attachment_5794" align="alignright" width="150"] Regulate It, ESTAZOLAM overnight, Tax It, Keep Money From Cartels[/caption]

If you doubt the new pot laws will have much of a financial impact consider these facts:

* Every 42 seconds police make a marijuana arrest somewhere in America. That’s according to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (L.E.A.P.), a group of police officers, ESTAZOLAM wiki, judges, ESTAZOLAM without a prescription, prosecutors and other criminal justice professionals who advocate the legalization of pot.

* A recent FBI report concluded that 750,000 Americans were arrested on marijuana laws last year, discount ESTAZOLAM, almost 90% for mere possession of pot. BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, With that many arrests can you imagine how many more Americans smoke pot and just haven’t been arrested. ESTAZOLAM for sale, * The National Geographic Channel reports that at least 15 million U.S. citizens use marijuana at least once a month.

Once the positive economic reality of regulating and taxing marijuana becomes evident how long do you think it will be before we start hearing serious talk about legalizing all street drugs, taking ESTAZOLAM. That’s right, Cheap ESTAZOLAM no rx, not long at all.

It is so logical, yet, I can just hear the knee-jerk protest from those spouting tired laments, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

But teen-agers will get their hands on marijuana!

People high on pot will get behind the wheel and drive!

Smoking marijuana can kill brain cells and cause other health problems!

[caption id="attachment_5795" align="alignleft" width="120"] Regulations on Pot Will Still Exist[/caption]

Let’s not kid ourselves. Those things are already happening and we’ve dealt with it, buy generic ESTAZOLAM. When pot is legalized it doesn’t mean existing laws are tossed out. Order ESTAZOLAM from United States pharmacy, There will still be statutes against smoking in public, illegal underage sales and use and driving under the influence. BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, As for the health issues marijuana might cause. Well, ESTAZOLAM samples, I don’t think the government should be in the business of regulating personal choice about what someone puts in their body - not sugary drinks and, ESTAZOLAM australia, uk, us, usa, certainly, not some weed that so many citizens have voted should be legal to smoke.

I understand there is still the argument that smoking marijuana leads users to harder drugs like cocaine, ESTAZOLAM street price, meth or heroin. Low dose ESTAZOLAM, People prone to abuse their bodies with cigarettes and alcohol have been known to turn to other addictive substances. But, the fact is, ESTAZOLAM duration, there are no conclusive scientific studies proving marijuana is a gateway drug.

One more point, BUY ESTAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. If America – no, I’ll say when America legalizes marijuana, think of what that will do to the profit margin of the vicious drug cartels. The money made by criminal enterprises in foreign countries could stay right here in America if we just got our playbook straight. What’s lacking is definitive leadership from Washington. That’s a shame because this legalization train is moving down the tracks with or without the politicians.





by Diane Dimond on November 12, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5776" align="alignleft" width="120"] BUY ACIPHEX NO PRESCRIPTION, Can a Sniff Be Unconstitutional?[/caption]

Can a dog violate your constitutional rights. That’s right – I said a dog, ACIPHEX use. Purchase ACIPHEX for sale, No, this is not a trick question, ACIPHEX from canada. Buy ACIPHEX from canada, It is borne of a law enforcement situation so serious that the state of Florida has been joined by more than 20 other states in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to render a decision on the matter, ACIPHEX cost.

Here’s the deal, BUY ACIPHEX NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i buy ACIPHEX online, The high court recently agreed to hear two separate cases from Florida in which police dogs, trained to sniff out illegal drugs, fast shipping ACIPHEX, ACIPHEX long term, alerted their human handlers to the presence of drugs. The question currently pending before the court is: were these drug busts conducted legally, ACIPHEX no prescription. Herbal ACIPHEX, One instance occurred outside a private home near Miami. Officers had gotten a tip that marijuana was being grown inside the home of Joelis

[caption id="attachment_5777" align="alignright" width="112"] Jardines Case Goes All the Way to the SCOTUS[/caption]

Jardine, buy ACIPHEX without a prescription. BUY ACIPHEX NO PRESCRIPTION, After a K-9 unit Labrador retriever named Franky alerted at the front door one officer waited with the dog while the other went to get a search warrant. ACIPHEX pictures, Inside, police found multiple pot plants, what is ACIPHEX. Canada, mexico, india, Jardines was arrested for possessing more than 25 pounds of marijuana and for illegally diverting the electricity needed to grow the plants under special lights. His lawyer argued that Jardines’s constitutional rights were violated by an illegal search and seizure, buy ACIPHEX no prescription. Get ACIPHEX, The Florida Supreme Court agreed.

The second case involved a seemingly routine traffic stop in Bristol, Florida during which the police officer thought Clayton Harris seemed awfully sweaty and nervous, BUY ACIPHEX NO PRESCRIPTION. The police dog at this scene, ACIPHEX maximum dosage, Buy cheap ACIPHEX no rx, a German Shepard named Aldo, did what is called “a free air sniff” around the outside of the truck and zeroed in on the driver’s side door handle, ACIPHEX mg. ACIPHEX dosage, Inside the vehicle the officer found a couple hundred pseudoephedrine pills and 8,000 matches - ingredients for making methamphetamine, ACIPHEX steet value. ACIPHEX blogs, Harris, pleaded no contest but, ACIPHEX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, ACIPHEX price, coupon, ultimately the Florida Supreme Court ruled against the legality of the police search saying the state had failed to prove that Aldo the dog was a reliable drug detector or that his handler had enough experience with a K-9 partner.

[caption id="attachment_5778" align="alignleft" width="120"] Harris Caught With Meth Ingredients[/caption]

That wasn’t an issue with Franky’s situation at the house in Miami, after ACIPHEX. BUY ACIPHEX NO PRESCRIPTION, That K-9 sleuth already had almost 400 positive alerts under his collar and had helped seize about a ton of marijuana and 34 pounds of cocaine and heroin. Buy cheap ACIPHEX, Good boy. (Although as regular readers know I advocate the legalization, purchase ACIPHEX, Australia, uk, us, usa, regulation and taxation of marijuana.)

The Florida Supreme Court found a completely different problem with Franky’s actions at the Jardines house. The state court ruled it wasn’t legal for a canine to sniff outside a home without his human getting a search warrant ahead of time, ACIPHEX canada, mexico, india. Where can i find ACIPHEX online, In other words, the Florida judges ruled, Franky’s very first sniff constituted a violation of the U.S. Constitution and Jardines’ fourth amendment rights governing search and seizure, BUY ACIPHEX NO PRESCRIPTION. They called it an, "unreasonable government intrusion into the sanctity of the home."

So the two questions now before the United States Supreme Court in Washington: How qualified must a dog be to do a legitimate sniff and is a trained police dog allowed to sniff outside a home without a warrant.

[caption id="attachment_5779" align="alignright" width="150"] SCOTUS Deems Dogs at Airports Are Legal[/caption]

You might think these questions are somehow strange for our highest court in the land. They are not. In fact, the U.S. BUY ACIPHEX NO PRESCRIPTION, Supremes have already ruled on doggie-search-issues. They previously decided it is legal for dogs to sniff luggage at airports or open containers on street corners. But right outside someone’s private home. That may turn out to be completely different in their eyes.

During the recent arguments on Franky and Aldo’s searches Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia had very pointed questions about home searches. Ginsburg asked Florida’s lawyer, Gregory Garre, what the next logical step might be if such police actions were allowed to continue, BUY ACIPHEX NO PRESCRIPTION. What would stop officers from taking their drug sniffing dogs into neighborhoods with drug problems and then going door to door to door to try to find illegal drugs. Justice Scalia reminded the lawyers about the rule that police are not supposed to come within the area immediately surrounding a home in order to get a better look inside, say, with a pair of binoculars. Why, he asked, was using a dog any different.

Attorney Garre answered that the law allows a police officer to walk right up to the front door of a home, knock and talk to whoever is inside in an effort to uncover evidence of a crime. BUY ACIPHEX NO PRESCRIPTION, Why, he asked, is it any different if the officer has a dog come along.

[caption id="attachment_5780" align="alignleft" width="120"] Give 'Em Kibble and They're Ready to Go[/caption]

There’s no telling when the high court will make its final decision on these cases. In the meantime, it is safe to say the Attorneys General in more than 20 states are anxiously awaiting the final decision because with budget and staffing cutbacks K-9 units have become a necessary norm in police departments nationwide. I dare say, you would be hard pressed to find an officer who didn’t see these animals as full-fledged law enforcement partners and necessary tools in fighting crime.

Dogs also cost a whole lot less to train and employ than human beings. Wonder if the court will take that into account when making their final decision. I’m no lawyer but I doubt there’s room in the legal discussion for any real-world considerations.



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by Diane Dimond on November 5, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5757" align="alignleft" width="150"] SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE, Super Storm Sandy Smashes the East[/caption]

More than 110 people were killed but there was no crime. There were widespread blackouts yet there was no systematic looting, online SIBUTRAMINE without a prescription. SIBUTRAMINE reviews, Police departments were run ragged but lawlessness seemed to take a vacation.

This column isn't about crime this time, real brand SIBUTRAMINE online. Online buying SIBUTRAMINE, It is about how, in the the face of crisis crime is replaced by an overwhelming sense of fellowship and mutual survival, SIBUTRAMINE pics. Thanks to Hurricane Sandy I am writing this not on my usual laptop computer but on a smaller iPad which is cumbersome to operate via candlelight, SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE. Buy SIBUTRAMINE without prescription, I had to slowly charge it to life via a cord plugged into my car's cigarette lighter.

My family is among the almost five million Americans left without power by this monumental storm, generic SIBUTRAMINE. Purchase SIBUTRAMINE online, We're told it could be 10 days before our Hudson River village, about 20 miles north of Manhattan will have electricity again, no prescription SIBUTRAMINE online. Where to buy SIBUTRAMINE, But we are alive and feeling so lucky.

[caption id="attachment_5758" align="alignright" width="150"] SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE, Breezy Point Neighborhood's Double Whammy[/caption]

Not far from us, in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens not only did massive quantities of floodwaters roar in so did a marauding fire that consumed more than 80 buildings leaving hundreds homeless. Firefighters battled neck-high floods, SIBUTRAMINE trusted pharmacy reviews, SIBUTRAMINE over the counter, low water pressure and tons of Sandy's sludge for 12 hours to contain the blaze. This neighborhood has already had its share of tragedy, online buying SIBUTRAMINE hcl. SIBUTRAMINE description, It has always been a close knit place populated by firemen and police officers many of whom lost their lives as first responders to the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Just as we saw in the aftermath of September 11th first responders to Sandy's wreckage ran toward the calamity as the rest of us ran away to safety, buy SIBUTRAMINE from mexico. All up and down the Eastern seaboard brave souls pitched in to help evacuate stranded residents and hospital patients, SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE. Comprar en línea SIBUTRAMINE, comprar SIBUTRAMINE baratos, They worked tirelessly to clear debris, fallen trees and land-stranded boats from neighbor's yards, where can i buy cheapest SIBUTRAMINE online. Order SIBUTRAMINE from mexican pharmacy, From Florida to Connecticut utility workers left their own families and fanned out en masse to help restore their fellow citizens gas lines and electric service. They battled dangerous live wires, order SIBUTRAMINE online c.o.d, SIBUTRAMINE alternatives, rising tides that made flooding even worse and roadways with malfunctioning traffic lights and littered with obstacles.

[caption id="attachment_5759" align="alignleft" width="150"] Clever Word Play But Not Funny[/caption]

In the run-up warnings about the approaching storm the media had taken to calling Hurricane Sandy and its expected collision with a powerful northern cold front "The Frankenstorm." Creative word play and almost funny when I first heard it, SIBUTRAMINE images. SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE, But I'll bet rescue workers struggling in the thick of it weren't thinking of clever names to call the storm. SIBUTRAMINE schedule, In New Jersey, the state in which Superstorm Sandy made landfall, my SIBUTRAMINE experience, SIBUTRAMINE natural, volunteers with operable boats and large trucks roared in to save total strangers. One was a petrified 85 year old woman who was coaxed onto the back of a jet-ski and taken to safety, doses SIBUTRAMINE work. About SIBUTRAMINE, On my battery powered radio I heard an emotional Governor Chris Christie describe what he had seen after taking a helicopter tour of his state. He described the devastation he had seen including acres of flooded neighborhoods, purchase SIBUTRAMINE online no prescription, Where can i order SIBUTRAMINE without prescription, farm land, damaged rail roads and an exit off the New Jersey Turnpike and Interstate 280 that had simply disappeared in the storm surge, order SIBUTRAMINE no prescription.

[caption id="attachment_5760" align="alignright" width="150"] NJ Governor Chris Christie Describes Damage[/caption]

Christie sounded as though he might cry when he described the complete destruction of one of his favorite childhood spots - the Seaside Heights amusement park, SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE. SIBUTRAMINE brand name, Its rides were gone, he said, floating in the sea.

"We will rebuild," a resolute Christie said. "But for those my age it will never be the same ... so much washed away into the Atlantic ocean."

In New York, the other state that incurred the most damage from Sandy, the massive scale of destruction was hard to comprehend. SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE, The area in lower Manhattan where hundreds of thousands live was plunged into darkness. The sea wall surrounding the newly rebuilt Ground Zero site was compromised and Hudson River water began to pour in. Seven tunnels into New York City and hundreds of subway stations filled up with countless millions of gallons of water. Commuter train tracks from New Jersey and Connecticut were buried in Sandy's sludge and made inoperable. With transportation stalled in and out of the city commerce stopped, including Wall Street - the engine that runs so much of the American economy.

[caption id="attachment_5761" align="alignleft" width="150"] Seawater Pours into Ground Zero Site[/caption]

But no one gave up, SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE. The Coast Guard and the Red Cross were there to help. The financial sector re-grouped quickly and got back to work. The Army Corp of Engineers brought in enormous sump-pump devices and put them to work at the tunnels and rail hubs to undo what Sandy had done. The city offered free bus rides to get people back to work. SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE, There were no complaints from civil servants forced to work exhausting mandatory overtime with no immediate end in sight.

These people did it because that's what we do in America. We gather up our can-do attitude and we get the job done. We don't let tragedy define us. It doesn't matter what we don't have - electricity to power our televisions and our habit-forming computer gadgets or heat for our homes in this chilly late-autumn weather - it is what we ARE that matters most. Compassionate, resolute, survivors, SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE.

After slogging through the divisiveness of partisan politics for the last year it's heartwarming to see Americans being cohesive again - even if it is just a transitory phase.  Too bad it takes a crisis to remind us that we are all in this together.

[caption id="attachment_5766" align="alignright" width="120"] Whitecaps on the Hudson River in Advance of Sandy[/caption]

The Hudson River is three miles wide where we live and only a small two lane road lies between us and the water. I've grown accustomed to seeing it everyday outside my window. SIBUTRAMINE FOR SALE, I sheepishly admit that I sometimes look at its usually placid flow with a sort of disinterest. Never again. This behemoth has commanded my eternal respect because I see now that this historic river is capable of terrible things when spurred on by Mother Nature.

We have survived. The river will survive longer.