October 2012


by Diane Dimond on October 29, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5741" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Crime Rates Are Down But Hardly Low[/caption]


Imagine a country where citizens collectively own more than 300 million guns. It is a place where more than 14, Kjøpe ELAVIL på nett, köpa ELAVIL online, 700 thousand people were murdered in 2010. And in this country, nearly 85-thousand people were forcibly raped during that same year, ELAVIL interactions.

More than 6 million people are in prison or on criminal supervision. Buying ELAVIL online over the counter, In addition, people who live in this nation endure hundreds of thousands of burglaries, robberies, ELAVIL from mexico, aggravated assaults and thefts of their vehicles every year.

Sounds like a pretty uncivilized country doesn’t it, BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION. ELAVIL treatment, Well, this is America, folks, buy ELAVIL online cod.

[caption id="attachment_5742" align="alignright" width="150"] Neither Romney nor Obama Care to Talk Crime[/caption]

These chilling statistics are our statistics. Online buy ELAVIL without a prescription, Yet, after four presidential and vice presidential debates there was barely a word said about crime and justice. Oh, ordering ELAVIL online, there was one gun question from a woman at the Hempstead, ELAVIL price, N.Y, Town Hall debate between President Obama and Governor Romney but neither man really answered undecided voter Nina Gonzalez. BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION, “President Obama, during the Democratic National Convention in 2008, you stated you wanted to keep AK-47s out of the hands of criminals,” Gonzalez asked. “What has your administration done or plan to do to limit the availability of assault weapons?”

There was blah-blah from both candidates but no substantive answers, ELAVIL results.

There have been no debate questions about topics parents worry about every day their children walk out the door: Drugs, Cheap ELAVIL, gang violence, teen suicides or pregnancy, or schools and recreational activities haunted by pedophiles, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Nothing was said about the scourge of mortgage or credit card fraud, ELAVIL coupon, identity theft, elder abuse or cyber-stalking.

[caption id="attachment_5743" align="alignleft" width="126"] No Crime Questions to Veeps Either[/caption]

Now, is ELAVIL safe, to be fair the candidates can’t answer what they aren’t asked. While no moderator bothered to ask about crime and justice issues let’s be honest - the topics haven’t been the focus of any of the candidate’s stump speeches either, BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION. ELAVIL recreational, They just haven’t been a priority, yet both campaigns say they want to attract women voters. How can they fail to see that these issues go to every mother’s heart and soul - how to keep their loved ones from harm, ELAVIL australia, uk, us, usa.

To be sure the economy, ELAVIL results, jobs, health care and international relations are important but those subjects have already been discussed ad nauseam. If you don’t know what the candidates think about them you simply aren’t paying attention, buy ELAVIL online cod. BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION, And, yes, crime rates in America are down from previous years but does anyone believe we live in a safe and secure country. If you do, Buy cheap ELAVIL no rx, please re-read the statistics at the top of this column.

[caption id="attachment_5746" align="alignright" width="150"] Policy Wonk Questions Instead of Quality of Life Questions[/caption]

Sometimes I wonder about the tunnel vision of journalists who cover national politics. Did they all grow up in pristine neighborhoods where there was no crime, ELAVIL from canada. Has their status covering presidential candidates blinded them from seeing what regular folks have to grapple with. Why do they mostly lob policy-wonk questions, BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy ELAVIL without prescription, Can’t just one of them ask a presidential candidate, for example, to analyze the wisdom of spending tens of billions of dollars a year on overcrowded prisons, ELAVIL dangers. Might our tax dollars be better spent. Buying ELAVIL online over the counter, We don’t know what the candidates think because no one asks.

There were no follow up questions about guns after Ms. BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Gonzalez asked about AK-47’s. No one bothered to ask Mr, ELAVIL canada, mexico, india. Obama about the current astronomical jump in the murder rate in his adopted home town of Chicago where there have been more than 400 murders so far this year. Buy no prescription ELAVIL online, There were no questions to the candidates about what might be done to help this bloody American battleground or whether either man has a relief plan for cities gripped by such violence.

None of the debates delivered any satisfying answers about our country’s lousy immigration policy either. During the second debate they briefly tossed mud on each other’s past statements about the topic but neither Obama nor Romney outlined a concrete plan for what we should do with the estimated 12 million people who are in this country illegally, draining our resources and adding to our crime rate, BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_5747" align="alignleft" width="120"] A Continuing Problem With No Plan[/caption]

No moderator asked about relief for border states like California, ELAVIL no rx, Arizona, Real brand ELAVIL online, New Mexico and Texas which have seen illegals overcrowd their schools and hospital emergency rooms, put a strain on social welfare programs and the judicial system. We already have enough crime in this country so offenses committed by any one group of people add to the total, my ELAVIL experience.

A recent congressional report concluded that of the 36, ELAVIL online cod, 000 illegals picked up and then released (between 2006 and 2011) a number went on to commit, “murder, sex crimes, ELAVIL forum, kidnapping, domestic abuse, lynching, stalking and torture,” as well as thousands of DUI’s and drug violations.

Oh, yeah. BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION, One more point. No candidate has talked about what he might do to quell the raging civil war in Mexico where drug-fueled violence has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of innocents and spills over onto U.S. soil. How about a serious plan to curb America’s appetite for the drugs that spark all this death and account for so many of our current prisoners.

[caption id="attachment_5749" align="alignright" width="90"] No Matter What Your Issue - Vote![/caption]

This column is not an endorsement of either presidential candidate. Rather, I hope it’s a wakeup call for journalists, politicians and political parties, BUY ELAVIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Today’s candidates remind me of the old fable about the Emperor with no clothes. We see clearly see through them as they spend too much time running for office and not enough time formulating strategies to address the nation’s problems.

Still, I’m going to vote on November 6 and I hope everyone reading this does too.



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by Diane Dimond on October 22, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5723" align="alignleft" width="120"] TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE, A Decidedly Unhappy Time for Some[/caption]


Here we go again. Where can i find TAFIL-XANOR online, Law enforcement officers nationwide are about to stage their annual pre-Halloween effort to make sure everyone listed on the local Sex Offenders Registry knows - (imagine this being said in a Bella Lugosi voice with a scary laugh at the end) THEY ARE BEING WATCHED.

This annual charade is also supposed to help the community feel safer, where can i order TAFIL-XANOR without prescription. Online buy TAFIL-XANOR without a prescription, I’m here to tell you it is nonsense.

The intimidation campaign is a silly diversion of manpower and a waste of your tax dollars, australia, uk, us, usa. Police and the politicians who are in search of tough-on-crime votes will tell you otherwise but don’t believe the myth that Halloween is the night child sexual predators wait all year for, TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE. TAFIL-XANOR price, The facts tell a different story.

[caption id="attachment_5724" align="alignright" width="120"] Imagine a Lifetime of Surveillance[/caption]

Those on the registry – convicts who have done their time and are trying hard to blend back into the population – will likely get a personal visit from officers, order TAFIL-XANOR online c.o.d. TAFIL-XANOR no prescription, Depending on the state in which they live they may be told that they must stay home Halloween night, that they must keep their lights off and not answer the door, kjøpe TAFIL-XANOR på nett, köpa TAFIL-XANOR online. TAFIL-XANOR mg, Many will be required to display a sign that reads something like: “No Candy At This Residence.”

There could be other restrictions too: No holiday decorations outside the home; no dressing up in costume; no attending holiday parties, haunted houses, TAFIL-XANOR treatment, TAFIL-XANOR used for, hay rides or any other Halloween activity where children gather. TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE, Now, let’s look at the facts. Over the last several decades there has not been one reported instance that I can find of a convicted sex offender molesting a child on Halloween night, buy TAFIL-XANOR online no prescription. TAFIL-XANOR duration, Shall I repeat that. Despite all the hysteria I couldn’t find evidence of even one case, TAFIL-XANOR coupon. Online TAFIL-XANOR without a prescription,  Most important, a huge majority of these convicts never re-offend, doses TAFIL-XANOR work.

The only Halloween tragedy my research turned up was back in 1973 in Milwaukee where a little 9 year old girl, trick-or-treating by herself, went to the home of a stranger named Gerald Turner, TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE. Purchase TAFIL-XANOR for sale, Turner, a man with no criminal record, TAFIL-XANOR from mexico, TAFIL-XANOR samples, raped and killed the child. Using today’s guidelines Turner wouldn’t even warrant a visit since he was not a known molester, where to buy TAFIL-XANOR. Where can i buy TAFIL-XANOR online, [caption id="attachment_5725" align="alignleft" width="150"] Media Falls for the Unnecessary P.R. Campaign[/caption]

Fact: Our sex registry system is foolish, is TAFIL-XANOR safe. TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE, It lumps in everyone who ever mooned or streaked or urinated in public with hardcore career pedophiles. Purchase TAFIL-XANOR online no prescription, A registrant may have been a teenager caught with a girlfriend in the backseat, the victim of a vindictive ex-wife who made abuse allegations or a man who, TAFIL-XANOR trusted pharmacy reviews, TAFIL-XANOR overnight, legitimately, believed his partner was over 18, TAFIL-XANOR natural. After TAFIL-XANOR, Whether they are a public urinator or Jerry Sandusky they all occupy the same space on our misguided registry. And in four states – California, canada, mexico, india, TAFIL-XANOR alternatives, Alabama, South Carolina and Florida – once placed on the list the offender is there for the rest of their lives, buy TAFIL-XANOR no prescription.  Anyone with half a brain knows it’s the dedicated pedophile – that person who will always choose a child for sex over an adult – who we should spend our time watching. So why aren't we, TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE.

Fact: No matter what you have heard sex offenders rarely repeat their crimes. Studies by Dr. Jill Levenson (and funded by the U.S. Department of Justice) have concluded the recidivism rate for sex crimes related convicts is about 5 to 5.3%. TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE, That is a whole lot lower than the recidivism rate for burglars, robbers, murderers, those who commit assault or drive drunk. Yet none of them are restricted in how they can live their lives after the justice system is done with them.

[caption id="attachment_5728" align="alignright" width="150"] Lawyer Janice Bellucci Files Civil Rights Suit[/caption]

In my opinion, every time an officer hassles a registrant around Halloween they are violating that person’s civil rights. These people are already severely restricted on where they can live, work, worship and seek entertainment. Their home address and past crimes are listed on the internet for all to see. What will the pols and the police think up next, TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE. How about curbing their movements around July 4th or Christmas time.

California attorney Janice Bellucci has just filed suit to stop Simi Valley, California from enforcing its new ordinance mandating Halloween harassment. The suit claims the law, “suppresses and unduly chills protected speech and expression.”

Bellucci, the wife of a minister, became interested in the issue after her long-time plumber wrote a book (“We’re All in This Together, by Frank Lindsay) about his experience as a sex registry lifer.

“When I read it I was shocked,” Bellucci told me on the phone. “So shocked that any group in our society would be treated that way.”

[caption id="attachment_5729" align="alignleft" width="150"] TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE, The Trick is: It is Unconstitutional[/caption]

Bellucci worked with rape victims for years so she sees both side of the problem but she filed suit on behalf of ten sex registrants and their family members because, “People naturally like to commit mischief on Halloween,” she told me.

“I fear someone could see that sign outside their front door and set the (registrant’s) house on fire … or shoot a gun into the home.” She’s hoping the California court will act in time to strike down the law before the end of October.

The fact is, worried parents and police should be watching everyone on Halloween and not just one segment of the population that, statistically, is so unlikely to commit a crime. To do otherwise puts our children in danger.

How about diverting manpower to check for drug dealers or drunk drivers careening through darkened neighborhoods full of costumed kids.

Think about this, TAFIL-XANOR FOR SALE. These Halloween laws are really no different than isolating segments of the population and branding them with a scarlet “A” as an adulterer or with a Star of David as a Jew. Shame on us. It is time to declare these Halloween laws for what they are: unconstitutional.






by Diane Dimond on October 15, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5710" align="alignleft" width="150"] BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Sandusky Arrives for Sentencing[/caption]

As my mother used to say, “He looked like death warmed over.”When Jerry Sandusky entered the courthouse in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania to hear his sentence he looked like a completely different man.

Gone was the suit and tie I saw him wear each day of his child sex abuse trial. LORAZEPAM pictures, Gone was the bounce in his step and his rosy cheeks. Today, after nearly four months in solitary confinement, purchase LORAZEPAM online, the convicted child sex predator looks as though he’s lost at least thirty pounds. Fast shipping LORAZEPAM, His red prison scrubs hung loosely from his body. His gait was wobbly, his posture stooped and his face a pasty grey, BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. He blew a kiss to his wife in the far right front row and grimaced as he sat on the hard wooden chair at the defense table.

[caption id="attachment_5711" align="alignright" width="150"] Dottie Sandusky on Sentencing Day[/caption]

I was in the second row, LORAZEPAM reviews, to the left of Dottie Sandusky, LORAZEPAM blogs, four of the couple’s six adopted children and their supporters. They wept when they caught sight of Sandusky entering court. I thought since he looked so diminished he must have been spending time repenting for his crimes – 45 counts of deviant sexual abuse against ten boys from his Second Mile charity, LORAZEPAM use. BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, I was completely wrong.

Sandusky was passive as the judge officially proclaimed him “a violent sexual predator” under Pennsylvania’s Meghan Law. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The defense didn’t even put up a fight. The Prosecutor, Joe McGettigan, buy LORAZEPAM from mexico, read scathing victim impact statements from Victim No. Low dose LORAZEPAM, 1 and the mother of Victim No. 9, BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

“Jerry Sandusky is the worst kind of pedophile,” the now-18 year old victim wrote, LORAZEPAM long term. “He smiles and smirked his way through these proceedings. LORAZEPAM price, coupon, There is no remorse or regret – only evil.” The mother’s statement lamented the loss of her son’s innocence. “Many nights I sit up and cry. BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Not only did you molest him,” she wrote. “You caused him a lifetime of pain … all for your sexual gratification, LORAZEPAM maximum dosage. How cruel of you!”

[caption id="attachment_5713" align="alignleft" width="120"] Judge John Cleland Presided & Sentenced[/caption]

Three of the victims, Ordering LORAZEPAM online, now in their twenties, were determined to face their attacker in court.

A recent bible college graduate, LORAZEPAM dosage, Victim No. LORAZEPAM class, 6, took a ragged deep breath as he told Sandusky, “You can choose to be in denial of what you’ve done (but) I think you are only fooling yourself, LORAZEPAM images. It’s time to stop.” Sandusky, sitting just feet away, stared at the young man’s profile as he addressed the judge and showed absolutely no emotion, BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

A visibly shaken Victim No. Discount LORAZEPAM, 5 sniffled his way through his statement. “He called it horseplay (in the shower) … but I am troubled by flashbacks of his naked body,” he said, LORAZEPAM street price. He asked the judge to, Cheap LORAZEPAM no rx, “take into account the tears, pain and private anguish I and others have endured.” Again, no reaction from Sandusky, online buying LORAZEPAM.

[caption id="attachment_5714" align="alignright" width="120"] BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Cameras Outside But Not Inside Court[/caption]

The last to speak, Victim No. 4, LORAZEPAM description, had been involved with and pursued by the once popular PSU football coach for years. When this survivor spoke to the court he looked directly at Sandusky. “You did terrible things, LORAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy. I can’t tell you how you’ve screwed up my life, LORAZEPAM without prescription, ” he said emphatically. “You should be ashamed of yourself.” No reaction from the defense table but then a quiet gasp from the gallery when the young man asked forgiveness from other Sandusky victims, BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. “I ask those who were abused after me to forgive me for not coming out sooner.”

The Judge had warned Sandusky, via his attorney, LORAZEPAM dose, the afternoon before that while he had the right to make a pre-sentencing statement he did not have the right to bash the judicial system or the victims. Where can i cheapest LORAZEPAM online, Within hours Team Sandusky figured out a way around that by using the radio station at Penn State (no less!) to broadcast a three minute audio tape of Sandusky from jail. Just who taped it and gave it to the station remains a mystery but Sandusky was heard blasting prosecutors, investigators, no prescription LORAZEPAM online, media and Penn State officials who had conspired against him. LORAZEPAM recreational, He vilified the victims calling them “disturbed” and attention seekers.

[caption id="attachment_5715" align="alignleft" width="120"] BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Sentenced and Back to Lock-Up[/caption]

Those incendiary comments were stripped from the statement he delivered before Judge John Cleland but the message of Sandusky’s 15 minute soliloquy to the court was loud and clear. Everyone was lying. He was innocent, buy generic LORAZEPAM.

I won’t bore you with all the details of Sandusky’s bizarre comments. Where can i buy cheapest LORAZEPAM online, You had to be there to truly understand how self-serving it was. He said his biggest pain was the separation from his wife, his family and his dog, Bo, BUY LORAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION. His voice cracked when he spoke of seeing a brighter future ahead where he would be free to throw, “thousands of kids in the air, online buying LORAZEPAM hcl,” to see his dog lick their faces and play with balloons. He declared that his wife of 46 years had been his only sex partner in life – and that they had waited until after marriage.

It was the strangest statement I’ve ever seen a prisoner deliver and I’ve been doing this for a long time. Especially when you realize that that the prosecutor had nine more alleged victims ready to testify should a re-trial be necessary. Four other men have now come forward to say Sandusky molested them too.

Judge Cleland called Sandusky’s conspiracy theory “unbelievable” and sentenced him to spend no less than 30 years and no more than 60 years in prison. The judge added that for a man of 68 “That means for the rest of your life.”

I believe justice was done.



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by Diane Dimond on October 8, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5693" align="alignleft" width="120"] There's No Honor In Waiting Too Long[/caption]


I'd like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the Boy Scouts of America - NOT. NORDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, The national organization has just announced it will reveal to police the names of men it has suspected in the past of stalking young boy scouts for sexual purposes.

Well, NORDIAZEPAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, NORDIAZEPAM steet value, finally. When you look at the history of this you see it is long past due, NORDIAZEPAM pharmacy. What is NORDIAZEPAM, This oftentimes revered organization was founded in 1910 and almost immediately officials started to keep secret files on sexual predators who hovered around attempting to prey on young boys.

[caption id="attachment_5694" align="alignright" width="150"] Victim's Lawyer Moves Boxes of 'Perversion Files'[/caption]

Commendable of them to try to keep some sort of record but unfortunately the Boy Scouts' hierarchy never reported the suspected child molesters to law enforcement, generic NORDIAZEPAM. Back then such perversions were not a topic fit for public discussion so the BSA's so-called "perversion files" (officially called the "ineligible volunteer list") were kept secret, NORDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. About NORDIAZEPAM, The child molesters were left to roam free.

Decades went by and the number of secret files grew and grew and grew, buy NORDIAZEPAM without a prescription. NORDIAZEPAM pics, The New York Times reports has reported that by 1935 the Scouts had 2,910 "cards" on men who were not suitable to be around young boys, NORDIAZEPAM wiki. NORDIAZEPAM photos, In more modern times BSA officials came to their senses - sometimes - and the police were notified about some of the most egregious cases. NORDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, In the early 1990's a handful of the perversion files were released to the public through the courts. They revealed that from 1971 to 1991 BSA officials had repeatedly failed to contact authorities about suspected pedophiles operating within their organization - even in cases where they had a confession, order NORDIAZEPAM online overnight delivery no prescription. NORDIAZEPAM without a prescription, Shameful. Perhaps criminal, NORDIAZEPAM brand name. NORDIAZEPAM schedule, Again, child molesters were left to roam free, comprar en línea NORDIAZEPAM, comprar NORDIAZEPAM baratos.

After that stunning revelation the Boy Scouts of America vowed to do better, NORDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. NORDIAZEPAM over the counter, Whether they did is subject to interpretation. I think the BSA did not do nearly what it should have to make sure their scouts and their communities were safe, herbal NORDIAZEPAM. NORDIAZEPAM cost, [caption id="attachment_5696" align="alignleft" width="150"] Dykes Admitted Molesting Scouts, Was Allowed to Stay[/caption]

In 2010, NORDIAZEPAM for sale, Buy cheap NORDIAZEPAM, a lawsuit was filed by a former Boy Scout in Portland, Oregon who claimed that in the 80's the organization failed to protect him from Timur Dykes, purchase NORDIAZEPAM, Effects of NORDIAZEPAM, an assistant scout master who had already admitted he had molested scouts but was allowed to work with boys anyway. After seeing some of the perversion files the jury awarded the former scout $18.5 million dollars, taking NORDIAZEPAM. NORDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, The once secret files shown during the Dykes trial have now been ordered to be released to the public. NORDIAZEPAM interactions, They are expected to be available later this month - after victim's and accuser's names have been redacted.

And, get NORDIAZEPAM, Rx free NORDIAZEPAM, now, suddenly in advance of the release of those bombshell files - kept between the years 1965 and 1985 - the Boy Scouts of America steps up to make its seemingly altruistic announcement, order NORDIAZEPAM from United States pharmacy. Order NORDIAZEPAM from mexican pharmacy, They apparently plan to scour their perversion files to find the names of suspected pedophiles who have slipped through and the cracks and turn the names over to law enforcement agencies around the country. They've hired a former police detective named Mike Johnson to lead the review, is NORDIAZEPAM addictive.

[caption id="attachment_5697" align="alignright" width="150"] Loyal Scouts ( & Others) Deserved Better Protection[/caption]

This, after the Boy Scouts of America spent multiple decades caring more about its reputation than making sure child predators were locked up and scouts were kept safe, NORDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. Cheap NORDIAZEPAM, Color me not very impressed. It sounds like an awfully familiar modes operandi, doesn't it.

I believe that in this post-Catholic Church/Jerry Sandusky era all thinking people realize that covering up child molestation has terrible and lasting consequences. One, it lets the predator-monster loose to prey on more children. NORDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, Two, it leaves behind damaged souls who never got justice for what was done to them as children. Our prisons are full of convicts who report they were childhood victims of sex abuse and that in their psychological confusion and pent-up shame they turned to drugs, violence and crime.

[caption id="attachment_5701" align="alignleft" width="120"] How Many Victim/Scouts Stayed Silent?[/caption]

By waiting this long to do the right thing the Boy Scouts of America has committed another sin in the eyes of childhood molestation victims everywhere. The group's prolonged silence and inaction boils down to this: it is too damn late in some states for victims to ever get justice. The statute of limitations on such crimes has run out. Yes, release of the perversion files may result in new criminal prosecutions but even a suspect's confession is not enough, NORDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. Any prosecutor will tell you they also need a complaining victim to come forward to testify and that will not be an easy task. After all these years these now-grown men might very well want to keep their nightmare a secret.

[caption id="attachment_5698" align="alignright" width="120"] Don't Scout Masters Take an Oath Too?[/caption]

So, thanks, Boy Scouts of America. I've heard the BSA's claim that the organization has been doing all it could to prevent sex abuse within the ranks. NORDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, But you earn no merit badge from me for your assertion that you spent a century tracking known pedophiles to keep them away from young scouts. It was simply not enough and the BSA should have known that years ago. Congratulations, you've earned your place in the Hall of Shame right behind the Catholic Church, Penn State University and every other group that has chosen its reputation over justice.

You've got a long way to go to untarnish the Boy Scout image.



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by Diane Dimond on October 7, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5669" align="alignleft" width="136"] ZEBETA FOR SALE, Sorta Says It All, Doesn't It?[/caption]


A recent Gallup poll has just concluded that 54 percent of Americans think the Transportation Security Administration is doing an "excellent" or "good" job at our airports.

I don't. Order ZEBETA no prescription, I think the TSA is engaged in a nationwide effort to cavalierly and routinely strip travelers of their dignity. I think in some instances the system is decidedly un-American.

[caption id="attachment_5671" align="alignright" width="150"] A Metal Detector-Okay
This, buy ZEBETA from canada. Not So Much![/caption]

"Remove your shoes, ZEBETA FOR SALE. Take off your jackets. Order ZEBETA from United States pharmacy, Make sure your computers are out and in a separate bin," they shout out in a dreary monotone indicating their own boredom with the security system.

Empty your pockets, ZEBETA from mexico. Take off your belt. ZEBETA FOR SALE, Maybe it's your necklace that's making the infernal machine belch out its warning. Where can i buy ZEBETA online, Go back, and come through the contraption again. React with a heavy sigh or sagging shoulders, ZEBETA online cod, and you're directed to a separate area to wait for the dreaded personal wanding session. ZEBETA steet value, At this point in the process, does the TSA really think a bona fide terrorist would wait patiently for the personal search.

This country was founded on the idea that there would be no such invasions of privacy, australia, uk, us, usa. "Is this your bag, sir?" a stern looking young woman asked my husband last week as we departed for a cross-country vacation, ZEBETA FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_5673" align="alignleft" width="96"] Michael Schoen the Voice-Over Artist[/caption]

My husband is a voice-over artist and travels with his computer and specialized microphone called a "Snowball" so he can take care of clients while on the road. Where can i buy cheapest ZEBETA online, Maybe the presence of this bulbous, white piece of hardware with its tripod stand reminded the TSA agent of the now-banned snow globes that are not allowed on airplanes. (What is that all about, real brand ZEBETA online, anyway?) Long story short, Online buying ZEBETA hcl, we very nearly missed our plane for all the discussion and re-screening.

Yes, I applaud the fact that no more shoe or underwear bombers have gotten through the system, ZEBETA pharmacy. ZEBETA FOR SALE, I completely understand the need for airport security. But does the TSA have to treat all of us like we're new arrivals at a prison camp. ZEBETA without a prescription,  It happens at every big city airport I go to. (That said, I must add that I found the TSA folks in Santa Barbara, buy ZEBETA without prescription, Albuquerque and Greensboro, Taking ZEBETA, North Carolina quite  friendly.)

[caption id="attachment_5674" align="alignright" width="120"] Really. Where's the Wand?[/caption]

I guess I have two major problems with the system. First, the lines are too long, and I'm perplexed because there almost always seems to be extra agents standing around not opening up the closed lanes, ZEBETA FOR SALE. Second is the demeanor of the TSA agents, purchase ZEBETA online. There are few smiles, Order ZEBETA online overnight delivery no prescription, never any meaningful eye contact, never an attempt to make the traveler feel like anything other than a criminal. In any other business, discount ZEBETA, this kind of employee attitude would result in someone being fired for fear the customers would go elsewhere. ZEBETA brand name, [caption id="attachment_5675" align="alignleft" width="120"] Could This Be Construed as Sexual Assault?[/caption]

But we are captive to the airport monopoly. ZEBETA FOR SALE, There is no other way to travel long distances quickly unless you're Donald Trump and you have your own private jet.

I'm hardly alone in my displeasure with this nearly 11-year-old organization that is old enough to be better at what it does. Sen, ZEBETA forum. Rand Paul often criticizes the TSA. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, At a recent speech in South Florida, he mimicked the legs apart and hands-on-head stance travelers must assume for certain airport machines and exclaimed, "Is this the pose of a free man?"

[caption id="attachment_5676" align="alignright" width="105"] Sexual Assault Here?[/caption]

My answer, buy cheap ZEBETA. No, it is not, ZEBETA FOR SALE. The House Subcommittee on Transportation Security released a report not long ago that called TSA operations "in many cases costly, Comprar en línea ZEBETA, comprar ZEBETA baratos, counter intuitive and poorly executed."

Here's a stunning example: The TSA's annual payroll, compensation and benefits are more than $3 billion for about 62,000 employees, purchase ZEBETA for sale. Roughly 47, ZEBETA overnight, 000 of them are the screeners you see at the airport. But, according to the subcommittee (are you sitting down?), ZEBETA price, coupon, "there does not appear to be a correlation between the TSA's staffing model and the number of travelers that need to be screened." In fact, Is ZEBETA addictive, the report said, there has been a "net decrease in the number of people traveling" in the United States. In other words, effects of ZEBETA, all those extra agents I've seen standing around simply aren't needed.

[caption id="attachment_5677" align="alignleft" width="120"] ZEBETA FOR SALE, Interesting Concept But Puffers Don't Work[/caption]

Here's another quick example: In 2006, the TSA spent nearly $30 million to buy more than 200 so-called "puffer machines" that are supposed to detect explosive particles on carry-on bags. ZEBETA treatment, Only after the mega-purchase did they realize the machines don't work in humid airport environments. Yes, I would call that a costly and poorly executed program, ZEBETA results.

So, who's in charge of this arm of government, and why can't they make the TSA more consumer friendly and budget conscious. Well, that would be the United States Congress, but so far current TSA Administrator John Pistole doesn't appear inclined to listen to either Congress or the courts.

[caption id="attachment_5679" align="alignright" width="105"] The Man Behind The Pat Downs - Pistole[/caption]

According to Joe Brancatelli, a travel writer with the Business Journals Digital Network who has been closely following the TSA saga and especially its failure to comply with a federal court's order to review the policy on using full-body scanners, "TSA Administrator John Pistole repeatedly ignores congressional mandates and the law, as well as those pesky federal court orders."

The TSA also dragged its feet on approving airports requests to join the "Screening Partnership Program," which allows airports to opt out of using federal agents in favor of private contractors, ZEBETA FOR SALE. Only after certain congressmen got angry did the TSA begin to ramp up its approvals. Now, three major airports — San Francisco, Orlando and Sacramento — and 14 smaller ones have made the change.

[caption id="attachment_5681" align="alignleft" width="105"] Privatization = Civilized Treatment?[/caption]

Well, I can't wait for the idea to spread nationwide. I've always been of the mind that private business can do things more cost effectively and efficiently than a government bureaucracy that gets more bloated every year. Now, I just hope those private contractors teach their screeners to be more polite to the customers. home.

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