August 2012


by Diane on August 27, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5583" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Temps in Cell Blocks Can Reach 130 Degrees!"][/caption]

~Thousands of inmates across the country held in inhumane conditions~ BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION, If you are reading this anywhere in America you know firsthand that this summer has been a record-breaking sizzler. We could be living though the hottest summer season ever. Order CELEXA from mexican pharmacy, Think about what you’ve done to keep cool. You’ve turned on your air conditioner or (if you don’t have one) maybe you’ve gone to the movies to cool off. You probably drink lots of ice cold beverages or jump into a swimming pool or cool shower, generic CELEXA. Perhaps, like my friend Lester, you drench a kitchen towel, twist it into a U-shape and plop it in the freezer to hang around your neck when working outside, BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION.

Well, CELEXA schedule, imagine you couldn’t do any of those things. Imagine you were isolated in a 10 foot by 12 foot space with no windows to open up to catch a cooling breeze. You had no fan, CELEXA use, no relief and no escape. CELEXA price, coupon, [caption id="attachment_5584" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Prisoners Die of Heat Exhaustion"][/caption]

That’s what countless prisoners in America have had to endure this long, hot summer. BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION, In the past their situation has proved deadly.

In Texas, get CELEXA, a lawsuit was filed after ten inmates died from heat-related causes last summer. CELEXA interactions, All were held in cell blocks without air-conditioning. The suit, filed by the Texas Civil Rights Project, rx free CELEXA, focuses on what was called the “wrongful death” of inmate Larry McCollum. Buy no prescription CELEXA online, Even though the federal courts have ruled that temperatures over 90 degrees violate the constitutional rights of an inmate, the Hutchins State jail in Dallas where McCollum died of heat stroke registered an indoor heat index of almost 130 degrees. After he collapsed last July and was taken to the hospital doctors found McCollum’s body temperature still registered over 109 degrees, BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION. The autopsy on the 58 year old prisoner listed his cause of death as living “in a hot environment without air conditioning.” One unnamed Texas corrections official was quoted saying about his prisoners, CELEXA pharmacy, “I’m supposed to be watching them, Online buying CELEXA, I’m not supposed to be boiling them in their cells."

[caption id="attachment_5585" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Prison Guards Suffer in Stifling Cell Blocks Too"][/caption]

It’s not just Texas where inmates are suffering and, in my opinion, being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, CELEXA samples. In sunny Florida only ten of the 140 state-run prisons have air conditioning. CELEXA steet value, But in those facilities with air the cool sections are limited to just a few sections. It is somehow ironic that in a state where they have prison classes to teach inmates how to install and maintain air conditioners there aren’t any in the vast majority of their oppressively hot cell blocks. BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION, In Chicago, this summer’s life-threatening heat is the worst they’ve seen in more than a century. In the lock-ups that do have air conditioners the units are reported to be breaking down from almost constant use, CELEXA class. Add to that an outbreak of bedbugs within the system this year and both inmates and prison personnel are left to face a duel threat – unsanitary conditions and heat exhaustion. Buy CELEXA no prescription, The union representing prison guards says the situation has created a condition of, “Extreme fatigue and dangerous conditions … a recipe for disaster.” It’s a reminder that it is not just prisoners who are affected by the extreme heat it’s also prison personnel. (At a prison near Rosharon, CELEXA over the counter, Texas earlier this summer a 58 year old corrections official fainted and the hospital ruled it was from heat exhaustion.)

[caption id="attachment_5587" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Trapped Like Animals in Hot Summer Temps"][/caption]

In Iowa, Buying CELEXA online over the counter, cooling systems have kept many of the 8,300 inmates comfortable this scorching summer but taken together the Mount Pleasant and Clarinda Correctional Facilities and the Anamosa State Prison has close to 1,900 inmates who have no air conditioning at all, CELEXA forum. In the prison at Mitchellville where another 547 inmates live there is no cool air in any of the older sections of the complex, BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION.

Imagine having to endure this summer trapped in a small, CELEXA dose, confined, almost airless space. We have strict laws against leaving a child or an animal in a hot, CELEXA treatment, enclosed car. CELEXA duration, Put aside for a moment the crime committed that caused the prisoner to be incarcerated and ask yourself: Shouldn’t we also care about human beings confined in stifling, life-threatening conditions. Of course we should, doses CELEXA work. BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION, Officials in states across the nation say there simply isn’t enough money in their budgets to retrofit all prisons with central air conditioning. So for now, Buy generic CELEXA, they combat the threat of possible death-by-heat by catering, first, to those inmates with health problems (like diabetes and high blood pressure) and, purchase CELEXA online, second, What is CELEXA, to those locked up in the hottest sections of the prison. Electric fans, ice and water are being handed out to prisoners across the nation much more frequently than in years gone by, CELEXA price.

[caption id="attachment_5588" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Its Too Expensive to Install Central Air"][/caption]

I couldn’t find a reported death of an inmate from heat-exhaustion so far this summer. CELEXA for sale, But, that doesn’t mean some prisoners aren’t still being held in inhumane conditions. Who is out there taking the temperature inside every prison and making sure it doesn’t go over the court mandated ninety degrees, BUY CELEXA NO PRESCRIPTION. Nobody, CELEXA photos, that’s who. Comprar en línea CELEXA, comprar CELEXA baratos, Look, I understand there are some people who think that once a criminal is convicted they should lose all their constitutional rights. In other words, buy cheap CELEXA no rx, if life is tough on the inside, so be it. But it’s never been the American tradition to treat our own people worse than we would treat an animal. If climate change means every summer will be increasingly brutal we better figure out a way to fix this or there could be a flood of wrongful death suits to pay.


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by Diane Dimond on August 20, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5560" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="She Caused Four Deaths"] RISPERDAL FOR SALE, [/caption]

Any parent would agree young people can do impulsive and thoughtless things.

But what if one of their stupidly spontaneous acts accidently turns deadly, where can i order RISPERDAL without prescription. Effects of RISPERDAL, Should society give that young person special consideration. Should it depend on the kid’s past good or bad character, buy RISPERDAL from canada. Where can i find RISPERDAL online, Should the justice system treat them the same as a career criminal.

The case that caused these questions to pop into my mind comes from Greensboro, North Carolina and involves a young woman named Janet Danahey, RISPERDAL FOR SALE. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that what happened to Janet could happen to any one of our kids, RISPERDAL without prescription. Purchase RISPERDAL online no prescription, [caption id="attachment_5561" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Janet Was Fun-Loving and Respectful"][/caption]

It was Valentine’s Day 2002 and since Janet and her boyfriend, Thad, online buy RISPERDAL without a prescription, RISPERDAL coupon, had recently (and amicably) broken up the then-23 year old got together with two girlfriends that night to play cards and drink some wine.

Their circle of friends was always playing pranks on each other and this night the three girls – Janet, real brand RISPERDAL online, RISPERDAL results, Nicole and Adrianne - schemed about what kind of trick they could pull on Thad. They decided to sabotage his car and visited a grocery store looking for fish oil or something smelly to pour into the young man’s fresh air vent, RISPERDAL wiki. RISPERDAL FOR SALE, They bought a bottle of clam juice and headed to Thad’s apartment building. Where can i buy RISPERDAL online, When they discovered his car wasn’t there Janet grabbed charcoal lighter fluid and set a small fire atop an old futon outside Thad’s door. They could hear people inside the apartment and the idea was to knock and run leaving Thad’s roommates to stamp out the flames, RISPERDAL pics. Buy cheap RISPERDAL, The night was windy and the fire soon engulfed the apartment building. Four people were killed – sisters, herbal RISPERDAL, Online buying RISPERDAL hcl, Rachel and Donna Llewellyn, ages 21 and 24; Ryan Bek, RISPERDAL overnight, Taking RISPERDAL, 25; and Elizabeth Harris, 20, RISPERDAL dangers.

[caption id="attachment_5563" align="alignleft" width="95" caption="Ryan Bek Died in Danahy Fire"][/caption]

Janet never stopped to think what heartache would result from that childish and senseless act, RISPERDAL FOR SALE. RISPERDAL from canadian pharmacy, Janet admitted to police and to the father of Elizabeth Harris that she had set the fire and begged for forgiveness. But she was soon faced with the cold reality of North Carolina’s felony murder statute which dozens of other states also have on the books, RISPERDAL cost. RISPERDAL no prescription, Under the felony murder rule if anyone is killed during the commission of a felony (in this case – arson) the perpetrator of the felony can be charged with murder and sentenced to death. It holds even if the victim’s death was an accident, RISPERDAL from mexico. RISPERDAL FOR SALE, Janet had to choose between pleading guilty and receiving life in prison with no chance of parole or going to trial where, if found guilty, she would automatically get the death penalty. RISPERDAL mg, She pleaded guilty.

(The felony murder rule is applied differently depending on the jurisdiction but, RISPERDAL recreational, RISPERDAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, generally speaking, the underlying felony must present a “foreseeable danger to life.” In some cases accomplices can also face the ultimate penalty too – if they exhibited “extreme indifference to human life" – but in Janet’s case her two girlfriends never spoke to her again and were not charged, cheap RISPERDAL no rx. Where can i buy cheapest RISPERDAL online, Janet assumed full responsibility.)

[caption id="attachment_5564" align="alignright" width="95" caption="Rachel Died in Danahy Fire"][/caption]

As you ponder this tragedy realize that before this happened Janet had been an exemplary child. As a high school student she was described as “sweet, is RISPERDAL safe, Purchase RISPERDAL, responsible and very respectful.” Janet had won the Girl Scouts top award, was active in several clubs including the Young Christian Society. She played the viola, carried the Olympic torch during part of the run to Atlanta’s 1996 Summer Olympic Games and she made the dean’s list in college, RISPERDAL FOR SALE. None of this, of course, absolves her of blame but the record shows Janet Danahey made one awful decision on one horrific night.

On the other hand, as prosecutors rightfully pointed out in court Janet was an intelligent college graduate – a woman who should have known that using an accelerant and setting a fire on a windy night could result in catastrophic damage. And, the state maintained, Janet and her friends exhibited complete indifference by leaving the scene without making sure the fire was actually put out.

[caption id="attachment_5568" align="alignleft" width="95" caption="Donna Died in Danahy Fire"][/caption]

Now, ten years later Janet’s lawyers note that she has been a model prisoner and they have filed a petition for clemency with the outgoing governor to have her sentence reduced to time served. RISPERDAL FOR SALE, The attorneys call what happened on that February night a, “A joke … A foolish prank. A thoughtless act, but with no malicious intent.” They have asked for an adjustment, “To a sentence that is out of all proportion to the conduct involved.” And one of Janet’s most visible supporters is Elizabeth Harris’s father, Robert, who said he forgave Janet years ago. His words are part of the clemency petition:

“I still picture Janet, standing with outreached hands, handcuffed, trembling, shaking almost violently, crying intensely, speaking almost incoherently, ‘These are the hands that are responsible for Beth’s death.’ My reactions were instinctive. I went over to her, held her tightly … (and) whispered …‘I forgive you, Janet’ several times.”

[caption id="attachment_5569" align="alignright" width="110" caption="Elizabeth Died in Danahy Fire"][/caption]

At this writing there have been no comments from other victim’s family members so there is no way to know if they will challenge the clemency request.

As one North Carolina newspaper pal wrote me recently, “2.5 years per life doesn't seem like much punishment for a deliberate act of arson that went bad.”

I guess I agree with that but I have this nagging feeling that our felony murder laws should be adjusted for people like Janet. I think only career criminals should get life in prison with no chance at parole.



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by Diane Dimond on August 13, 2012

SLIMFAST FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_5542" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Concentration Central - No Distractions, Please!"][/caption]

Imagine this life or death scenario: An airplane with hundreds of people on board is descending in the darkened sky to land at an airport. Passengers are busying themselves with tray tables, SLIMFAST street price, SLIMFAST without a prescription, checking their children’s seat belts and packing up their bags in anticipation of landing.

Up in the cockpit the flight crew is systematically going through their safety check list when suddenly a blinding burst of green light assaults the craft’s windshield, no prescription SLIMFAST online. Where to buy SLIMFAST, The pilot and crew are momentarily blinded, certainly distracted and in some cases they become the victims of permanent eye damage, SLIMFAST used for. SLIMFAST no rx, What just happened. Some fathead on the ground messing around with a powerful handheld laser beam either carelessly or deliberately pointed the devise at the aircraft, SLIMFAST FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_5543" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Green Lasers Can Blind Pilots"][/caption]

Why would someone put an airplane full of innocent people in mortal danger, where can i find SLIMFAST online. Kjøpe SLIMFAST på nett, köpa SLIMFAST online, Reasons given are as numerous as the dimwits who aim a laser at an aircraft. Some claim they were simply pointing out heavenly bodies while star gazing or playing sword wielding ninja games that got out of hand, online SLIMFAST without a prescription. Where can i order SLIMFAST without prescription, Others were found by courts to have deliberately tried to wreak havoc from the ground below. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, Imagine what a determined team of terrorists could do with a collection of these readily available and way too powerful handheld lasers.

Laser strikes on jets are not some one-in-a-million occurrence, SLIMFAST schedule. Order SLIMFAST online c.o.d, It’s happening more often than you probably realize. In just the first half of this year there have been 1, herbal SLIMFAST, SLIMFAST overnight, 500 reported laser beam assaults on in-flight crews. Last year there were more than 3, australia, uk, us, usa, SLIMFAST treatment, 500 documented incidents. And when someone on the ground aims a laser at a plane, according to Mike McCarron of San Francisco International Airport, "What happens is that pinpoint spreads out as it gets up higher and farther away, and what may seem like a very faint light to you, in a cockpit, gets almost blinding.” In other words, it’s like a surprise barrage of stunning flash bulbs going off just a few feet from someone’s face, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. And for pilots it’s happening at a crucial moment, canada, mexico, india. Comprar en línea SLIMFAST, comprar SLIMFAST baratos, [caption id="attachment_5544" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Some Incidents are Accidental - Many Are Not"][/caption]

It is a federal offense to point a laser at a plane or to interfere with a flight crew in any way and those convicted of doing so can face up to 20 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. In 2007, SLIMFAST pharmacy, Buy SLIMFAST online no prescription, a Massachusetts man, inconceivably, taking SLIMFAST, SLIMFAST long term, decided to shine a green laser beam at a State Police Helicopter. He was ultimately convicted in state court and sentenced to three years in prison, no prescription SLIMFAST online. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, In 2009, a California man got a 2 ½ year federal prison sentence for aiming a laser at two planes as they were about to land at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. SLIMFAST class, Just last month a JetBlue plane full of people was preparing to land on a Sunday evening at one of the nation’s busiest airports – JFK in New York – when one of the crew crackled through the radio to the tower that, “We were just beamed.” It happened, SLIMFAST photos, Cheap SLIMFAST no rx, he said, as the plane was rapidly descending over the highly populated area of Jamaica, purchase SLIMFAST online no prescription, Buy SLIMFAST without prescription, Queens.

The air traffic controller is heard on audio tape asking, buy generic SLIMFAST, SLIMFAST dosage, “JetBlue 657, that was (at) about 5,000 feet, right?”

“Yes sir, 5,000 feet. Two green flashes, and it caught the first officer in his eye,” the voice said. (It was unclear if the first officer was piloting the plane at the time)

The flight landed safely at JFK 10 minutes later but it could have been a catastrophe. Not only for the crew and passengers but for the countless residents living below, SLIMFAST FOR SALE.

Because the number of these incidents keeps increasing the FBI says it will continue its vigorous program of pursuing, identifying and pressing for conviction of these laser loonies. Sounds like a great idea to me.

[caption id="attachment_5545" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Let's Regulate High Power Lasers"][/caption]

Look, I’m no laser expert but it didn’t take long on the internet to understand the difference between a low power handheld laser (used to highlight information during an office presentation or a speech) and a high power version that can, literally, penetrate thousands of feet into the air and take out a jumbo jet. I understand the value of lasers in all sorts of scientific, business and manufacturing applications but why do we allow the general public to buy the most powerfully destructive models to use as virtual play toys. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, Anyone with a few hundred bucks can buy a professional grade laser on-line and as far as I can tell there is no monitoring system in place to watch who is purchasing them.

[caption id="attachment_5550" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Schumer - Too Little Too Late"][/caption]

After the recent incident at JFK airport New York Senator Charles Schumer held a news conference while holding – what else. A laser pointer – and said to the cameras, “Some people are using this technology recklessly.” He ominously added “Some who have far more evil intent may decide to use them as well.” Thanks for stating the obvious, Senator, and while I agree with your call for the Food and Drug Administration (which regulates lasers) to limit the distance laser can travel and to restrict sales of professional strength lasers I wonder what took Washington so long to recognize the problem.

Here’s one more question. With the presidential election looming does anyone really think anything will be done about this potentially deadly problem before the end of the year.

Yeah, I don’t think so either. What a shame.






by Diane Dimond on August 6, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5531" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="This is the Synthetic Drug Bath Salt"] BUY CALAN NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

It’s time for a lesson in the latest illegal street drugs. You might want to tear out this column and carry it with you to help remember the modern day lingo associated with today’s illicit drug trade, buy cheap CALAN no rx. Where can i cheapest CALAN online, You’ve probably already heard about how the Department of Justice conducted a nationwide sweep for illegal synthetic drugs called Bath Salts and Spice. According to a recent announcement out of the DOJ’s Albuquerque office federal agents put a major dent in this drug enterprise by arresting 90 suspected dealers across the country and confiscating more than 36 million dollars in cash, about CALAN. CALAN price, They also grabbed up millions of doses of Bath Salts and Spice and got them off the street.

That’s a good start, I suppose, but as every narcotics agent will tell you it’s probably just a drop in the bucket considering what’s still out there, BUY CALAN NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_5532" align="alignright" width="150" caption="This is Close Up of Spice - Mimics Marijuana"][/caption]

So, CALAN pics, CALAN wiki, what exactly are these drugs.

It gets confusing because of all the different nicknames dealers use for their products but here’s a quick-study primer: Bath Salts is a powder laced with a cocktail of chemicals that comes in either capsules or in loose form, CALAN samples. My CALAN experience, A user can either swallow the capsule whole or use the power, mixed with liquid and inject it in their veins, CALAN forum. Discount CALAN, Sometimes it is snorted directly up the nose. BUY CALAN NO PRESCRIPTION, It is said to replicate a cocaine or ecstasy high. Spice, CALAN natural, CALAN no rx, on the other hand, looks like plant material or potpourri and is similarly coated in high-octane chemicals that mimic the effects of marijuana when it is smoked or steeped for a hot drink, CALAN maximum dosage. CALAN from mexico, These synthetic drugs are attractive to users because the chemicals used to create them defy detection in traditional drug tests.

Both are advertised as being “all natural”, where can i buy CALAN online, CALAN use, safe to use and legal but, in fact, get CALAN, CALAN dangers, they are none of those things. They can be deadly, real brand CALAN online.

[caption id="attachment_5533" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Snorting Bath Salts is Common"][/caption]

There have been several sensational stories across the nation recently about people “going crazy” after taking Bath Salts or Spice and committing suicide or murder, BUY CALAN NO PRESCRIPTION. CALAN no prescription, In Texas, police say a suspect hopped up on Spice went berserk, CALAN price, coupon, CALAN images, killed a friend’s cocker spaniel and chewed off “hunks of flesh” from the animal. Users are said to feel a surge in energy, cheap CALAN, Order CALAN from mexican pharmacy, a flush of fever and delusions of invincibility.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers reports a near epidemic number of calls from those who’ve had life threatening symptoms after using Bath Salts or Spice, purchase CALAN for sale. CALAN blogs, In 2010, there were about 3, rx free CALAN, CALAN description, 200 calls to centers nationwide. BUY CALAN NO PRESCRIPTION, Last year that number soared to more than 13,000 and a majority of patients were under the age of 25. These synthetically manufactured drugs can cause vomiting, buy no prescription CALAN online, CALAN alternatives, hallucinations, and such high blood pressure that lasting heart problems have been reported along with cases of deadly heart attacks.

A.A.P.C.C.’s president Dr. Rick Dart says these drugs are among the worst his members have ever seen. “People high on these drugs can get very agitated and violent, exhibit psychosis and severe behavior changes,” he said. “Some have been admitted to psychiatric hospitals and have experience continued neurological and psychological effects.”

[caption id="attachment_5534" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Keep This Number Handy"][/caption]

If you are concerned about young people in your family you’d be wise to realize the street drug lingo isn’t pockmarked with simple words like pot, blow, meth or coke anymore, BUY CALAN NO PRESCRIPTION. It has gotten much more cryptic and complicated. Keep an ear out for nicknames and brand names for Bath Salts like: Plant Food, Incense, Ivory Wave, Purple Wave, Vanilla Sky or Bliss. And if you hear a loved one talking about Zic Zac, K2, Yucatan Fire, Smoking Camel, Happy Daze or Moon Rocks they are probably speaking in code about Spice. Do them and yourself a favor. BUY CALAN NO PRESCRIPTION, Sit them down, hand them this column to read and stress that these designer drugs may be trendy but they kill and maim those who are reckless enough to mess around with them.

I know it sounds crazy since we have known about the perils of these synthetic drugs for a few years now but until recently Bath Salts and Spice were sold legally over-the-counter at smoke shops, gas stations and via the internet. Individual states passed laws to try to get a handle on the worsening situation by banning one or a combination of the chemicals used to make the drugs. But crafty dealers would simply change their recipe a bit to skirt the law, all the while making sure their product still delivered the same dangerous high to customers.

[caption id="attachment_5535" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="A Deadly Drug BANNED"][/caption]

Finally, last month, Congress passed and President Obama signed the “Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act” which flatly bans dozens of different chemicals used to make the drugs and it makes no recipe distinctions. In addition, the new law prohibits not only the currently identified chemical cocktails used in Bath Salts and Spice but all similar compounds that might ever be produced in the future. The frosting on the cake is that the legislation outlaws both interstate and Internet sales as well.

Let’s get past wondering why it took Congress so long to pass such a much needed law and hope that this first-of-its-kind federal legislation will go at least part of the way toward getting these horrid concoctions off the streets and away from our vulnerable young people.



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