August 2012

Cruel and Unusual Prisioner Punishment

by Diane Dimond on August 27, 2012

Temps in Cell Blocks Can Reach 130 Degrees!

~Thousands of inmates across the country held in inhumane conditions~

If you are reading this anywhere in America you know firsthand that this summer has been a record-breaking sizzler. We could be living though the hottest summer season ever.

Think about what you’ve done to keep cool. You’ve turned on your air conditioner or (if you don’t have one) maybe you’ve gone to the movies to cool off. You probably drink lots of ice cold beverages or jump into a swimming pool or cool shower. Perhaps, like my friend Lester, you drench a kitchen towel, twist it into a U-shape and plop it in the freezer to hang around your neck when working outside.

Well, imagine you couldn’t do any of those things. Imagine you were isolated in a 10 foot by 12 foot space with no windows to open up to catch a cooling breeze. You had no fan, no relief and no escape. [click to continue…]

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She Caused Four Deaths

Any parent would agree young people can do impulsive and thoughtless things.

But what if one of their stupidly spontaneous acts accidentally turns deadly? Should society give that young person special consideration? Should it depend on the kid’s past good or bad character? Should the justice system treat them the same as a career criminal?

The case that caused these questions to pop into my mind comes from Greensboro, North Carolina and involves a young woman named Janet Danahey. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that what happened to Janet could happen to any one of our kids. [click to continue…]

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Let’s Limit Lasers

by Diane Dimond on August 13, 2012

Concentration Central - No Distractions, Please!

Imagine this life or death scenario: An airplane with hundreds of people on board is descending in the darkened sky to land at an airport. Passengers are busying themselves with tray tables, checking their children’s seat belts and packing up their bags in anticipation of landing.

Up in the cockpit the flight crew is systematically going through their safety check list when suddenly a blinding burst of green light assaults the craft’s windshield. The pilot and crew are momentarily blinded, certainly distracted and in some cases they become the victims of permanent eye damage.

What just happened? Some fathead on the ground messing around with a powerful handheld laser beam either carelessly or deliberately pointed the devise at the aircraft. [click to continue…]

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Learning Today’s Drug Lingo – For Kid’s Sake

by Diane Dimond on August 6, 2012

This is the Synthetic Drug Bath Salt

It’s time for a lesson in the latest illegal street drugs. You might want to tear out this column and carry it with you to help remember the modern day lingo associated with today’s illicit drug trade.

You’ve probably already heard about how the Department of Justice conducted a nationwide sweep for illegal synthetic drugs called Bath Salts and Spice. According to a recent announcement out of the DOJ’s Albuquerque office federal agents put a major dent in this drug enterprise by arresting 90 suspected dealers across the country and confiscating more than 36 million dollars in cash. They also grabbed up millions of doses of Bath Salts and Spice and got them off the street.

That’s a good start, I suppose, but as every narcotics agent will tell you it’s probably just a drop in the bucket considering what’s still out there. [click to continue…]

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