July 2012


by Diane Dimond on July 30, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5515" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Will More Gun Laws Stop Massacres?"] BUY GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Are you completely exhausted by all the after-the-fact gun control talk. GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE coupon, Yeah, me too, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE interactions. Low dose GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE, Every time a mentally deranged James Holmes (Aurora, Colorado), GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE without a prescription, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE street price, a Jared Loughner (Tucson, Arizona) or a Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, buy GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE from canada, Doses GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE work, Virginia) commits mass murder we hear an endless stream of recriminations about how we need to pass more gun control laws.

Fact: Over the last 20 years we’ve winnowed down the number of gun laws on the books and guess what, where to buy GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE. GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE australia, uk, us, usa, The murder rate hasn’t gone up. Homicide rates are down, BUY GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Look, online buying GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE hcl, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE online cod, I believe we can always massage the gun laws we have to keep up with the changing times. For example, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE used for, What is GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE, I think no one ever needs to have a single magazine with 30, 50 or 100 bullets in it, buy GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE without a prescription. Is GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE safe, (Thank goodness, police say, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE recreational, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE from canada, when Holmes opened fire in that Colorado movie theater his semi-automatic rifle jammed and he was unable to fire all 100 of his rounds)

[caption id="attachment_5516" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Too Many Guns And No Way to Recall Them"][/caption]

I don’t think the shops that sell the guns should be the conduit for buyer background checks. Better for a separate agency or a law enforcement office to run the check on a potential buyer’s possible criminal record, is GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE addictive. BUY GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, And, I don’t think the internet is the proper place to fill what could be falsified or untraceable orders for various weapons and ammunition. Buying GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE online over the counter, According to police, Holmes legally purchased his three firearms and then bought six thousand bullets via the internet, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE brand name. GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE reviews, When a buyer makes scattered purchases like that it is next to impossible for authorities to determine what anyone individual might have on hand.

Yes, ordering GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE online, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE trusted pharmacy reviews, we probably should reinstate the ban on assault weapons that expired in 2004 but an irrational, unhinged person overcome by madness can spread mayhem without such a gun, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE dose. Order GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE from United States pharmacy, They will simply get their hands on another type of firearm. And for those who fruitlessly wish for every gun in America to be turned in and melted down - forget it, BUY GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. The right to keep and bear arms is spelled out right there in the U.S, order GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE no prescription. GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE results, Constitution and the Second Amendment isn’t going away.

So let’s think of a better way to handle the problem at hand, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE online overnight delivery no prescription, [caption id="attachment_5517" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Laws Don't Stop Mass Murderers"][/caption]

We should keep working on the problem of too many guns and too many murders but, frankly, GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE for sale, I’m not too optimistic about either side giving even a fraction of an inch in compromise. BUY GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, The pro- gun and anti-gun factions in America simply talk until they’re blue in the face, too entrenched in their separate opinions to listen. They remind me of the obstinate Republican and Democratic politicians who might, if they really put their minds to it, be able to come up with some solutions. Sadly, they don’t even try.

But, there is an elephant in the room we don’t talk enough about after one of these explosive and polarizing tragedies. It is the mental illness that grips people and causes them to hunt down and kill their fellow citizens. Why don’t we concentrate on trying to eradicate that, BUY GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Instead of those repetitive and conflicting conversations we routinely have about gun laws how about we spend a bit of time trying to advance the idea of early detection and treatment for those suffering from schizophrenia and other mental problems. It is those illnesses that push these folks into violent and murderous acts -- be it with a gun, a knife or a homemade bomb. After all, the vast majority of gun owners don’t go out and open fire on college campuses, supermarket parking lots or in movie theatres. Aren’t the mentally ill the people we should worry about the most. BUY GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Shouldn’t identifying them and getting them some help be a top priority. Think of it as de-fusing a bomb before it blows.

[caption id="attachment_5519" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Aren't All Mass Murderers Mentally Ill?"][/caption]

If only we had been putting a sharper focus on helping the mentally sick we might have avoided the massacre at a McDonald’s Restaurant in San Ysidro, California in 1984 when 21 were killed and 19 others wounded; the deaths of 13 and the wounding of 21 more at a high school in Columbine, Colorado in 1999; even the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan in 1981. (A full list of shootings by mentally ill people could fill an entire newspaper section)

There is really so little known about psychotic illnesses like schizophrenia which affects about 2.5 million Americans. Symptoms usually appear between ages 15 and 35, men and women are afflicted equally but males tend toward mass violence and suicide more often than females. It’s a malady that can be successfully treated about 85% of the time – if only families in need have a responsive place to turn to when a loved one becomes stricken, BUY GENERIC PRILIGY DAPOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. How many times have we heard grieving parents say, “We knew there was something wrong but we had no one to help us!” We’ve got to do better than that for the safety of all of us.

Please – no one should write me about my support for the old saw: Guns Don’t Kill People – People Kill People. That’s not my mantra. I’m simply stating a common sense idea: since we’ll never get rid of guns in our society let’s concentrate on those who use them for evil.








by Diane Dimond on July 26, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5508" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Polygraphs Have Come a Long Way"] BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

So, have you heard the stories about how to beat a polygraph test. PARLODEL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Ever read any of the odd suggestions on the internet. Among them: Count backwards from 100 during the test to distract your brain, buy PARLODEL no prescription, PARLODEL mg, learn to control your breathing, put a tack in your shoe or bite down hard on your tongue to elicit a pain response and the one that makes me laugh the hardest - contract your anal sphincter muscle to confuse the results of the test, fast shipping PARLODEL. PARLODEL duration, Do any of these methods work. According to the experts they do not, buy cheap PARLODEL.

In fact, if used they can actually make innocent people look guilty, BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase PARLODEL, [caption id="attachment_5499" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Jack Trimarco, Master Polygrapher"][/caption]

Jack Trimarco is one of the country's pre-eminent polygraph analysts, PARLODEL over the counter. PARLODEL steet value,  He was with the FBI for 21 years, headed up the Los Angeles Polygraph Unit and he figures he's conducted some 2, buy PARLODEL from mexico, Generic PARLODEL, 500 lie detector tests all over the world. Trimarco is the guy both the cops and defense attorneys want to call in to get to the truth, after PARLODEL. Where can i buy cheapest PARLODEL online, In the absence of DNA or other conclusive evidence a polygraph test - given by an experienced examiner - can be very valuable to a District Attorney struggling with whether to file charges against a suspect. BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION, I ran into Trimarco recently at the annual conference of the California Association of Licensed Investigators in San Diego.

"There are all these anti-polygraph internet sites out there, PARLODEL from canadian pharmacy, Effects of PARLODEL, " Trimarco explained to a room full of CALI members, private detectives who had signed up to hear his presentation, online buy PARLODEL without a prescription. PARLODEL pictures, "And they offer to tell you all the secrets of how to beat the test for $70." Trimarco called such sites "terrible frauds," out to take worried people's money, PARLODEL cost. Buy PARLODEL online cod, "We professionals already know all the tricks they peddle and can spot them a mile away," he said in his quiet but confident way, PARLODEL canada, mexico, india. Purchase PARLODEL online, [caption id="attachment_5506" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Lie Detector Results Can Be Inconclusive"][/caption]

Since the first modern-day lie detector machine back in 1921 the technology has evolved considerably. So much so that, Trimarco is willing to reveal at least one major weapon polygraphists use today to detect those test takers who attempt the "counter-measures" described above, BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION. It's called the movement or pressure pad and the person taking the test sits on it, PARLODEL without prescription. Online buying PARLODEL, "It detects any muscle movement that could be a counter-measure," Trimarco told me, buy no prescription PARLODEL online. What is PARLODEL, "If a person deliberately bites their tongue or squeezes their sphincter their physiology will change. When a person tells a lie their physiology changes and they can't help it, PARLODEL without prescription, My PARLODEL experience, " he said. BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION, The subject's sweat glands will activate, their blood pressure will jump then go down immediately, their respiration will change and all this happens over the course of just a few seconds. In other words, taking PARLODEL, Where can i buy PARLODEL online, your body telegraphs your lies.

[caption id="attachment_5502" align="alignright" width="134" caption="Pam Shaw, PARLODEL natural, President of American Polygraph Association "][/caption]

Pam Shaw, the President of the American Polygraph Association, says, "Every test can be beaten but under polygraph (that happens) under very, very narrow conditions."

People who are required to take a polygraph to get or keep a job or to prove to law enforcement they had nothing to do with a crime, understandably, get nervous. Many hit the internet to research the polygraph process and when they run across the sometimes cockamamie sounding suggestions on the internet their anxiety might cause them to resort to counter-measures, Shaw told me during a phone conversation. "They feel they have to enhance the outcome ... and what really happens, BUY PARLODEL NO PRESCRIPTION. What really happens is truthful people end up hurting themselves."

Shaw's best advice to those facing a polygraph test. "Let your body do what it does naturally."

[caption id="attachment_5504" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Try To Fool a Poly At Your Own Risk"][/caption]

Polygraph testing has always been controversial. So far only one state - New Mexico - has fully embraced the idea of allowing polygraph results to be admitted in court but only under strict certification guidelines for polygraphists. Most other states will allow the results to be presented to a jury if - and its a big IF - both sides agree to do so. In the real world that rarely happens. The real problem with polygraph testing, according to those in the upper echelon of the industry, is not the machine's reliability but those barely trained, uncertified operators who try to pass themselves off as experienced.

Trimarco's advice to those who think they can beat a qualified examiner. "The only way to give an experienced, licenced polygrapher a run for their money is for the other person to be an expericened, licensed polygraph examiner."






by Diane Dimond on July 24, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5486" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Death By Lethal Injection"] LEXOTAN FOR SALE, [/caption]

When I saw the headlines my stomach lurched. The State of Georgia has issued an execution warrant for a retarded man, LEXOTAN mg. After LEXOTAN, Oh, Good Grief, purchase LEXOTAN for sale, LEXOTAN overnight, I thought, has America come to this, LEXOTAN forum. LEXOTAN images, Despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling more than a decade ago banning the execution of retarded citizens Georgia was going to go ahead and send Warren Lee Hill, LEXOTAN brand name, Online buying LEXOTAN hcl, Jr. to the death chamber anyway, LEXOTAN FOR SALE.

Multiple news stories told me plans to execute Mr, LEXOTAN coupon. Online buying LEXOTAN, Hill were moving forward because he couldn’t prove he was mentally retarded, “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Why would the state of Georgia put that kind of caveat on retardation, LEXOTAN dose, Order LEXOTAN from mexican pharmacy, I wondered. How could they possibly want to put to death a man who didn’t have the capacity to know right from wrong, LEXOTAN dosage. Buying LEXOTAN online over the counter, [caption id="attachment_5485" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Latest: Execution Stayed for Non-Retardation Reasons"][/caption]

Then I did some research and remembered why it’s so important to look past the headlines. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, I came to realize that lawyers for two-time convicted murderer Warren Lee Hill may have been trying to game the system.

Look, LEXOTAN canada, mexico, india, LEXOTAN from canada, anyone who reads this column regularly knows I struggle mightily with my opinion of the death penalty. I’m not for it – but then again if the criminal has committed multiple crimes (like a serial killer) or crimes against a child well .., order LEXOTAN online overnight delivery no prescription. About LEXOTAN, then ... my anti-execution resolution gets shaky, LEXOTAN maximum dosage.

The saga of 52 year old Hill is a long one, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Buy LEXOTAN from canada, It starts in 1986 when he murdered his 18 year old girlfriend by shooting her eleven times. He was convicted and sent to the Lee Correctional Institution to serve life in prison, where to buy LEXOTAN. LEXOTAN reviews, There, he murdered again when he beat to death another inmate as he slept in his bed, generic LEXOTAN. LEXOTAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, According to the case file, “Hill removed a two-by-six (foot) board that served as a sink leg in the prison bathroom and forcefully beat the victim numerous times with the board about the head and chest as on-looking prisoners pleaded with him to stop.” The board was studded with nails and Hill, buy cheap LEXOTAN, Ordering LEXOTAN online, reportedly, mocked the man as he beat the life out of him, is LEXOTAN safe.

[caption id="attachment_5487" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Hill Murdered in Prison"] LEXOTAN FOR SALE, [/caption]

The injuries sustained by victim Joseph Handspike were brutal. Discount LEXOTAN, Several of his teeth were knocked out, his left eye was detached from the socket and he was unable to speak to guards for the blood pouring from his mouth and nose, LEXOTAN without a prescription. LEXOTAN samples, He died in a hospital emergency room ninety minutes later from blunt force trauma.

It may be grisly to read such details but I think it is important to include in any discussion about clemency for criminals the damage they inflicted on their victims. That must be central to any conversation.

During Hill’s second murder trial, in 1991, his own attorney called a clinical psychologist who testified Hill had an IQ of 77 – (mild retardation is designated by an IQ between 59 and 69.) While below normal intelligence, Dr, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. William Dickinson testified, Hill was able to fully understand right from wrong and the ramifications of his actions. A high school friend called Hill, “bright, sharp and mature.” After graduating high school, evidence showed, Hill joined the Navy and rose to the rank of Seaman Second Class. The jury unanimously convicted Hill of malice murder and he received a death sentence.

[caption id="attachment_5488" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Simmering Violence in Prison"][/caption]

In 1993, Hill’s attorney appealed his conviction to the Georgia Supreme Court and again did not claim mental retardation as a defense. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, The state’s high court rejected the appeal.

In 1996 - more than five years after the inmate’s murder – suddenly, lawyers for Hill claimed he could not be put to death because he was clinically retarded. They pegged his IQ at 70 which is still a point above those called, “mildly retarded.”

There has been a lot of legal back and forth in this case since that declaration of retardation but the bottom line now is: Warren Lee Hill is set to be executed at 7 pm on July 18th, 2012. This makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like the idea of state sanctioned killing but I certainly understand the case better now that I took the time to dig into it.

None of the battery of psychological tests Hill took before his lawyers professed he was mentally deficient showed any signs of retardation, LEXOTAN FOR SALE. Yet Hill’s attorney Brian Kammer maintains, “It is morally wrong to execute someone who has been found more likely than not to be mentally retarded.” He says his client has a mental capacity of a sixth grader.

[caption id="attachment_5489" align="alignleft" width="105" caption="The Death Bed"][/caption]

Georgia is no backward state when it comes to this issue. In 1988, Georgia became the first in the nation to abolish capital punishment for mentally retarded convicts - as long as they could prove their handicap beyond a reasonable doubt. And therein lies the rub for Warren Lee Hill. LEXOTAN FOR SALE, There is, on the very face of this case, a reasonable doubt about his claim.

But there is no doubt that Hill has murdered twice and his 18 year old girlfriend, Myra Wright, and inmate Joseph Handspike – ripped apart by bullets and a board – were never given the option of losing their life via a quiet lethal injection.

home  UPDATE:  The Georgia State Supreme Court issued a stay of execution for Hill after his the state changed its 3-drug lethal cocktail to a one-drug death injection.  At this writing there has been no new execution date set.



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by Diane Dimond on July 9, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5458" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="What's in Your Wallet?"] BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Gentlemen, grab your wallets. Ladies, look in your billfold, low dose DIFENOXIN. See the spots there for credit cards and your driver’s license. DIFENOXIN price, coupon, I bet there’s room for one more card in there, right. I propose we fill it with a National ID card, buy DIFENOXIN online cod.

Now wait, before you decide I’m some sort of proponent for a police state take a deep breath, BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Hear me out. DIFENOXIN over the counter, Don’t think of it in terms of, “A tool for social control,” as the ACLU consistently calls the idea of a National ID card, order DIFENOXIN online c.o.d. Think of it this way: One little card could wipe out a whole host of expensive and needlessly complicated steps employers, Get DIFENOXIN, civil servants, hospital emergency workers and school officials are forced to take in the quest to get a handle on illegal immigration, employment fraud and voter fraud, DIFENOXIN no prescription. One card could do it all. BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_5461" align="alignright" width="135" caption="UK, Germany & Australia Have Nat. Buy DIFENOXIN online no prescription, ID Cards"][/caption]

First, let’s not call it a National ID Card because that term has already become politically tinged a bright red-hot. Let’s call it an “enhanced Social Security card” as they did in 2010 in a piece of legislation that is still sitting on Capitol Hill waiting for pre-election-paralyzed members of Congress to act on it, kjøpe DIFENOXIN på nett, köpa DIFENOXIN online.

The small laminated card would have a chip embedded in it with your personal biometrics: your fingerprint, Order DIFENOXIN no prescription, a scan of your iris, a digital photo of you that would render the card completely useless by others if it was lost or stolen. The information would not be stored in any database anywhere – it would remain only with you, buy DIFENOXIN from mexico, melded into your individual card.

[caption id="attachment_5463" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Your Fingerprint is a Unique Biometric"][/caption]

Some government agencies and major employers already issue these biometric cards to employees, BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Australia, uk, us, usa, Some 75 million U.S. Passports are embedded with biometric chips. As far as I know, DIFENOXIN for sale, no citizen’s world has been set topsy-turvy because they have such a card and their individual privacy remains un-invaded. Where can i find DIFENOXIN online, That’s really at the crux of the argument against such a universal card – this vague notion that by accepting the card we will somehow be giving up our constitutionally protected rights to liberty and privacy. BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Really. With surveillance cameras dotting U.S. streets and Americans freely giving up their locations via millions of Tweets and Facebook messages every day, real brand DIFENOXIN online, a little card is going to strip us of something sacred. Order DIFENOXIN from United States pharmacy, [caption id="attachment_5464" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Your Iris is a Unique Biometric"][/caption]

Some alarmists cry that the card will make it easier for the government to track us. Are they kidding. What do they think a Social Security number does, BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Or the number on our state issued driver’s license, DIFENOXIN results. Or the GPS signal on your cell phone. Where can i cheapest DIFENOXIN online, Some critics get convenient amnesia about America’s multiple and very strict civil rights laws and ominously remind that the Nazi round up of Jews was made possible by following the trail of government papers.

Please, ignore the crazy-talk, cheap DIFENOXIN. BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Sometimes we just overthink things. This can be simple. DIFENOXIN pics, [caption id="attachment_5467" align="alignleft" width="109" caption="What We're Doing Isn't Reliable"][/caption]

With one card employers would no longer have to rely on the cumbersome and unreliable E-Verify system currently in place to root out illegal job seekers. E-Verify relies on information given by the potential employee – not always truthful – and then has to be matched with Social Security and Homeland Security databases.

With one card swiped through a universally available machine an employer could instantly tell if an applicant is legal to work in the United States, doses DIFENOXIN work.

With one card we could insure those who show up to vote are actually eligible, BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

With one card we could lift the burden off hospital workers, Buy DIFENOXIN no prescription, school administrators and police officers who have been drafted to act as state-based immigration agents because our national leaders have so blatantly failed to pass federal immigration reform.

[caption id="attachment_5468" align="alignright" width="150" caption="But WHAT Papers?"][/caption]

After the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision upholding part of Arizona’s law allowing officers to stop anyone suspected of being in the country illegally and ask them to, DIFENOXIN australia, uk, us, usa, “Show me your papers, DIFENOXIN online cod, ” the New York Times ran an Op-Ed which asked the logical next question: “WHAT papers?” Good question.

Do you carry your birth certificate or proof of residency or social security card with you. BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Would a driver’s license constitute adequate proof. If you think, is DIFENOXIN addictive, yes, DIFENOXIN no rx, then keep in mind in New Mexico, Washington State, Utah and maybe soon in Colorado undocumented workers can get state-issued cards allowing them to drive - yet they may still be in the United States illegally, DIFENOXIN wiki. So, Buy DIFENOXIN without a prescription, again WHAT papers.

One card, embedded with the owner’s unique identifiers could satisfy that request, DIFENOXIN alternatives.

[caption id="attachment_5471" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="SCOTUS Rules Papers Request Legal"][/caption]

We Americans do tend to “what if” ourselves into paralysis sometimes.

What if it costs a lot to produce such a national card, BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Fast shipping DIFENOXIN, Well, it will. We’re a big country. But look at what could be saved with an “enhanced Social Security card” in terms of E-verify transactions and countless worker hours wasted on the willy-nilly patchwork quilt of checks we do now.

What if a hacker gets ahold of our biometics information. BUY DIFENOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, It can’t happen under the current proposal since none of it will go into a database. You’d be better off worrying about current identity theft threats which seem rampant.

What if we do nothing. Then we’ll remain in this immigration morass and have unanswered questions about our voter rolls for years to come.





by Diane Dimond on July 2, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5435" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Pedophiles: Exactly Who You'd Never Suspect"] ERISPAN FOR SALE, [/caption]

It was the most raw and emotionally brutal court cases I've ever sat through – the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Jerry Sandusky, rx free ERISPAN. ERISPAN schedule, Eight young men ranging in age from 18 to 28 testifying about their utter loss of innocence at the hands of a serial pedophile who plucked his prey out of the ranks of his own charity. The powerful and often tearful testimony came at us rat-a-tat-tat so that observers felt smacked in-between the eyes at the end of every day, ERISPAN duration. Herbal ERISPAN, In the end, Sandusky was found guilty of 45 of 48 charges of sexually abusing young boys, purchase ERISPAN online. I suppose you could call it a victory for the damaged young men who climbed into the witness box and sobbed while, literally, gasping for breath as they told their gut-wrenching stories, ERISPAN FOR SALE. No prescription ERISPAN online, But really no one wins. Not even if the victims get a monetary settlement from Penn State University, effects of ERISPAN, ERISPAN steet value, the institution that first learned of Sandusky’s proclivities back in 1998 and still let him roam it’s campus and locker room showers with his young targets in tow. Talk about enablers, ERISPAN cost. ERISPAN treatment, [caption id="attachment_5437" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Sandusky & Jackson cases: The Similarities"][/caption]

I began reporting on high-profile suspected pedophiles nineteen years ago when I became the first to tell the world that California police had targeted Michael Jackson as a possible molester of boys. ERISPAN FOR SALE, I followed the Jackson story for more than a decade and as I sat in the Sandusky courtroom I marveled at the parallels.

Although a jury found Jackson not guilty on all counts, buy ERISPAN without prescription, ERISPAN trusted pharmacy reviews, in my opinion, his behavior and that of Sandusky are classic case studies of how a serial predatory pedophile acts, ERISPAN description. Where can i order ERISPAN without prescription, Both men were famous - one admired on an international stage, the other within his community and the world of sports, ERISPAN long term. ERISPAN price, Both men projected an aura of truly caring about children. Jackson outfitted his Neverland Ranch to be the quintessential child magnet with its full scale amusement park, buy generic ERISPAN, ERISPAN dangers, zoo and movie theater.

[caption id="attachment_5439" align="alignleft" width="103" caption="Neverland Ranch - Los Olivos, California"][/caption]

Sandusky, as we learned through testimony, designed his own boy-cave in the basement of his home with games, a dart board, pool table, air hockey table, television and a water bed, ERISPAN FOR SALE.  Both men focused on boys from single family homes where beleaguered mothers were grateful to have what they saw as a positive “Father Figure” for their boys, online buy ERISPAN without a prescription. Canada, mexico, india, When questioned about their constant proximity to other people’s young sons both Jackson and Sandusky professed the world did not understand their actions, that they "truly loved" all children and they made a point to sprinkle a few girls among the crowd of boys to cover up their secret lust. They were both able to expose children to a world they would never otherwise see - Sandusky's revolved around championship college football - Jackson's around the glittering world of entertainment.

And when their actions with children were exposed both men very publicly turned on the very thing they claimed they loved so much - the children, buy cheap ERISPAN no rx, ERISPAN use, calling them liars, money grubbers, online ERISPAN without a prescription, ERISPAN photos, conniving manipulators out to hurt a great man for some unexplained reason.

It was sickening to watch years ago and even more sickening to sit in that courtroom the last couple of weeks and realize the general population still doesn’t realize how to spot a pedophile on the prowl.

[caption id="attachment_5440" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Pedophiles Choose Girls & Boys - Some Pedos Are Women"][/caption]

I get weary wondering how long it will take to convince people that pedophiles are really the very person you think they could never be. They are the most charming, where can i buy cheapest ERISPAN online, ERISPAN pharmacy, personable, charitable and kid-friendly people you would ever want to meet, purchase ERISPAN. ERISPAN recreational, They pay their taxes, go to church, often have respectable jobs and cloak themselves in acts of charity. ERISPAN FOR SALE, They say they just want to help you raise your child by being a positive influence in their lives. Remember, pedophiles are on the hunt all the time and it is their charm that gets them past the parent so that they can then prey on the child. When they get caught they rely on authorities to look at their "upstanding lives" and compare it to the life of the single-parent, troubled kid who is making the allegations against them. Too often detectives have believed the perpetrator's version of events and they are left alone to violate again.

I don’t want to make parents into monsters of suspicion but the only way to stop pedophiles from targeting children is for grownups to learn how to identify them.

[caption id="attachment_5443" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Adults Must Learn to Identify Pedophiles"][/caption]

If the overly friendly person has a “special place” they take kids, if they are always surrounded by one gender of child, if the suspect takes kids home to watch movies (a typical grooming tool is to ‘mistakenly’ show pornography to a child to gauge their reaction), if the child comes home in an uncharacteristically somber mood or with wet hair or clothes – get suspicious, ERISPAN FOR SALE. The warning signs are often there if adults just pay attention.

Parents can educate our children about “good touch/bad touch” but, again, these serial predators are so masterful at what they do your child will already be victimized by the time they realize the kind of touch they’ve just gotten.

Look, we know the damage childhood sexual abuse causes. Victimized kids grow into angry, troubled adults. ERISPAN FOR SALE, So when do we break the cycle. How do we let every child know they must never keep such a secret.

We’ve launched successful campaigns to get people to fasten their seat belts or quit smoking. We set up a nationwide system to make sure terrorists don’t board airplanes. So why can’t we come up with a cohesive plan to educate people to stamp out predatory pedophiles.

The answer is: we can if we make it a priority.