March 2012


by Diane Dimond on March 26, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5193" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Army Staff Sgt Robert Bales"] BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

The drumbeat has already started and I want it to stop.

The moment the horrific news that a U.S, online buying PLAVIX. PLAVIX photos, soldier had gone on a rouge killing spree in the far away province of Kandahar, Afghanistan – murdering 16 Afghan civilians, after PLAVIX, PLAVIX australia, uk, us, usa, mostly women and children and then burning some of the bodies, America has been struggling to make sense of it, buy no prescription PLAVIX online. PLAVIX class, If the reports are true, what could have caused Army Staff Sgt, effects of PLAVIX. PLAVIX from canadian pharmacy, Robert Bales, the married father of two, where to buy PLAVIX, Fast shipping PLAVIX, to commit such a heinous act of multiple murder.

In the days since we first heard the news I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read or heard the sentiment that somehow the culture or conditions within our U.S, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION. military made him do it, PLAVIX cost. PLAVIX used for, Or that the military "taught him to kill." Nonsense.


Look, PLAVIX blogs, PLAVIX natural, war is hell and since America has now endured more than a decade of non-stop wars maybe it should come as no surprise that this has been the knee-jerk reaction - blame the military. But that’s a specious conclusion as we look for reasons why Sgt, PLAVIX dosage. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Bales may have done the indefensible. Buy PLAVIX online no prescription, The military doesn’t create monsters. It welcomes and trains patriots willing to put their lives on the line in defense of our country and devises plans to carry out dangerous missions most of us can’t even imagine, PLAVIX dangers. Where can i buy PLAVIX online, [caption id="attachment_5194" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Civilians Can't Imagine a Soldier's Life in Afghanistan"][/caption]

More than half a million soldiers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and unlike past conflicts they volunteered to be there. More than 50 thousand of these loyal warriors have endured four or more deployments just like Sgt, PLAVIX use. Bales, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION. PLAVIX pictures, But not one of those other soldiers went out in the dead of night and committed mass murder.

The military does not decide when our country goes into battle, what is PLAVIX, Buy generic PLAVIX, it doesn’t pick our enemies and it no longer drafts unwilling soldiers into its ranks. All the big decisions about war lay with the President and the United States Congress, PLAVIX alternatives. PLAVIX wiki, The military simply follows the orders it gets from above. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Is it a perfect institution. No, PLAVIX overnight. PLAVIX price, (I’ve been especially appalled at the way female soldiers have been treated.) But I’m at a loss to point out any government institution that is perfect.

I don’t know what may have made this 38 year old veteran soldier do what he is alleged to have done -- and so far no one else does either, PLAVIX images. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, In fact, Sgt, get PLAVIX. Bales’ defense attorney has said his client has no memory of any slaughter so we may never know what made this soldier act with such unconscionable viciousness, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying PLAVIX hcl, [caption id="attachment_5195" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Was Sgt. Bales Trigger Happy?"][/caption]

I’ve read that before he enlisted Bales had several run-ins with the law including a DWI arrest, involvement in a hit-and-run accident and a misdemeanor assault charge. The most shocking behavior, to my mind, was the finding of an Ohio arbitration board that concluded Bales had bilked an elderly couple out of their entire life savings while working for a brokerage firm. The 70-something victims have said they have never received a penny of the 1.4 million dollars settlement Bales was ordered to pay them. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Maybe joining the military shortly after the September 11th attacks was Bales’ way of putting distance between himself and that obligation.

More recently Bales and his family had more money troubles. Their house in Tacoma, Washington went into foreclosure and he was upset, according to his wife, that he had been denied a promotion which would have brought in a few extra hundred dollars each month. Bales sustained a couple of combat injuries – to his foot and a suspected traumatic brain injury but he was cleared for duty by military doctors.

I recite these facts to illustrate that despite all the kind things his relatives, friends and teachers are saying about him now one fact is clear: the troubles in Robert Bales life were self-inflicted and not created by the U.S. Military, BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_5196" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Sgt Bales Defense Attorney John Brown"][/caption]

There seems to be no question that Bales is the prime suspect in these cold blooded murders and that he suffered or is still suffering from some massive mental break with reality. Whatever defense his attorney presents for him will likely be all about sparing a mentally sick man’s life and not getting him acquitted of the charges.

As we watch the case against Sgt. Bales proceed consider this: His actions may have not only snuffed out the lives of 16 people they could also go to taint the entire United States military as well. BUY PLAVIX NO PRESCRIPTION, If guilty Sgt. Bales left every other active duty U.S. soldier in that region with the extra daily burden of proving they are not vicious killers themselves. In that area of Afghanistan, where anti-American sentiment has palpably increased since the murders, Bales has literally helped paint a target on the back of his former comrades-in-arms.

This isn’t the fault of the military. It will be up to a military tribunal to decide the facts of this case but at this point it appears to have been a horrible crime of one man – albeit a loving husband and father – who had a history of making bad judgments. Whatever may have happened inside his head does not define the United States of America.






by Diane Dimond on March 19, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5189" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Proving Who You Are to Get What You Want"] BUY SILDENAFIL CITRATE NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Welcome to the 21st Century. In this day and age you can’t write a check, SILDENAFIL CITRATE reviews, use a credit card, set up a bank account, get on an airplane, SILDENAFIL CITRATE description, rent a hotel room or a car or even get a library card without first showing your photo identification – usually a driver’s license. SILDENAFIL CITRATE maximum dosage, It is a pain, but we dig into our wallets and pull out the old ID card (with the photo we wish we could change) because, well… because that’s the way it is, low dose SILDENAFIL CITRATE. Today, Order SILDENAFIL CITRATE from mexican pharmacy, we have to prove who we are to get what we want.

So, why are some people so aghast at the idea that when we vote we should have to show a photo ID, where can i order SILDENAFIL CITRATE without prescription.

[caption id="attachment_5177" align="alignright" width="105" caption="Checking ID to Guard Against Fraud"][/caption]

The merchant who asks a shopper to show a picture ID before accepting their credit card just wants to match up the name on the card with the face on your license, BUY SILDENAFIL CITRATE NO PRESCRIPTION. The airline wants to make sure they know who’s getting on what flight. SILDENAFIL CITRATE pics, And the librarian needs to verify your correct address in case you decide not to return a stack of books. Asking for identification isn’t done to violate your privacy it’s requested by others as protection from fraud, theft and terrorism, purchase SILDENAFIL CITRATE for sale.

So why don’t we do a better job protecting our polling places. BUY SILDENAFIL CITRATE NO PRESCRIPTION, We’ve all heard the legendary (and proven) stories about dead people voting. Purchase SILDENAFIL CITRATE online no prescription, In fact, voter fraud has likely taken place in most states, nationwide, herbal SILDENAFIL CITRATE, at one time or another. SILDENAFIL CITRATE dose, But it is hard to prove because states have not been requiring voters to show a picture ID before casting a ballot. How can you prove someone is committing voter fraud if you don’t know the person’s true identity.

[caption id="attachment_5178" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="State Legislatures Nationwide Consider Photo ID idea"][/caption]

Things are changing now, no prescription SILDENAFIL CITRATE online. In the last year, 34 states introduced voter ID legislation, BUY SILDENAFIL CITRATE NO PRESCRIPTION. Nine states passed variations of such a law: Alabama, SILDENAFIL CITRATE online cod, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, SILDENAFIL CITRATE results, Texas, Real brand SILDENAFIL CITRATE online, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, SILDENAFIL CITRATE canada, mexico, india. Virginia is expected to do the same soon. Purchase SILDENAFIL CITRATE, But, Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department is fighting tooth and nail so that these new voter fraud laws don’t go into effect. He says they are discriminatory against the indigent, SILDENAFIL CITRATE no prescription, minorities, SILDENAFIL CITRATE coupon, students, the elderly and others who may not have a driver’s license. BUY SILDENAFIL CITRATE NO PRESCRIPTION, Liberal groups, like the ACLU, cry that states should be making it easier for citizens to vote not harder. They maintain that since Republicans are in charge in most of the states passing the photo ID requirement it is all a ploy to disenfranchise those groups that usually vote Democratic, cheap SILDENAFIL CITRATE.

[caption id="attachment_5179" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Attorney General Eric Holder Sees Discrimination"][/caption]

Under the 1965 Voting Rights Act the Attorney General has the right of approval for any proposed voting change in a state with a history of voter discrimination – mostly southern states. SILDENAFIL CITRATE long term, In December, the DOJ rejected South Carolina’s decision to require a photo ID at the polls as discriminatory and the state then sued the DOJ.

More recently, where can i find SILDENAFIL CITRATE online, the Justice Department rejected a new photo ID voting law passed in Texas concluding that between 6 and 10.8 percent of Hispanics in that state lacked the required picture identification. In passing the law Texas pledged to give out free ID cards to those who didn’t have one, BUY SILDENAFIL CITRATE NO PRESCRIPTION. SILDENAFIL CITRATE over the counter, The Justice Department rejected that idea because applicants for the free cards would have to provide a birth certificate.

[caption id="attachment_5180" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="DOJ Rejects Texas' Free ID Card Idea"][/caption]

The Justice Department has now lumped in the Texas case with the South Carolina suit and the whole thing promises to be tied up in the courts for months if not years. The end result – these new photo ID laws cannot be enforced, buy cheap SILDENAFIL CITRATE.

In the meantime, Comprar en línea SILDENAFIL CITRATE, comprar SILDENAFIL CITRATE baratos, the November presidential race is looming and Mr. BUY SILDENAFIL CITRATE NO PRESCRIPTION, Holder’s boss, President Barak Obama, certainly wouldn’t want to lose any potential democratic voters.

Look, we have lots of rights here in America but they come with responsibilities, SILDENAFIL CITRATE recreational. You have the right to own and drive a car IF you get the proper license and insurance. SILDENAFIL CITRATE street price, You can send your child to a public school IF you can prove you live in the neighborhood and that little Billy or Susie has had their vaccinations. You can own a gun IF you get the proper registration and license. These are just some of the checks and balances we have in our society, BUY SILDENAFIL CITRATE NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_5181" align="alignright" width="133" caption="Much Has Changed Since 1965"][/caption]

As I said in the beginning, SILDENAFIL CITRATE without a prescription, we often have to prove who we are to get what we want. SILDENAFIL CITRATE price, coupon, I see no reason why that maxim doesn't apply to our right to vote. Much has changed since the 1965 Voting Rights Act went into effect – the pervasiveness and ease of identity theft to name just one obvious example.

And, SILDENAFIL CITRATE trusted pharmacy reviews, sorry – I don’t buy that this is some sinister Republican trick to purge Democratic voters. The idea of requiring a picture ID at the polls was recommended way back in 2005 by a commission on federal election reform co-chaired by none other than former President Jimmy Carter – not a man known to be hostile to minorities or the poor.

It’s way past time to re-vamp our voting system to insure that only eligible voters actually vote.



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by Diane Dimond on March 12, 2012

[caption id="attachment_5153" align="alignleft" width="134" caption="Original 10 Most Wanted Captivated Me"] BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

In the unlikely event they make a movie of my life story a good place for the opening scene would be the post office in Albuquerque where my Mother used to take me as a child.

Scene one, act one, generic PROVERA, would be me making a bee-line to the bulletin board displaying the FBI's 10 most wanted list. The future crime writer transfixed. Order PROVERA from United States pharmacy, “So that’s what a murderer looks like,” I always thought to myself, leaning in to the grainy black and white photos, is PROVERA safe. I would peer deep into the eyes of the fugitive bank robber or kidnapper to try to find a clue as to what made these men turn so bad. PROVERA treatment, (Back then, the list was all men) I admit it - I was a strange child.

[caption id="attachment_5147" align="alignright" width="210" caption="Most Wanted Health Care Criminals"][/caption]

Today, another fugitive list has caught my attention, BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION. Its complied by the Office of the Inspector General at Health and Human Services and it highlights those involved with one of the fastest growing crime sectors in America: Health care fraud, taking PROVERA. As our population ages and government programs literally pour money into elder care this type fraud has become a multi-million dollar a year problem. Buy cheap PROVERA no rx, Looking at the O.I.G. web site brings back memories of my post office visits. BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION, The site has photos (in color!) of the 10 Most Wanted health care fugitives. Two are women, PROVERA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. And because this is the digital age there is a videotaped message from the Deputy Inspector General for Investigations, PROVERA mg, Gerald Roy who says the feds are currently looking for 170 criminals who’ve defrauded at least 400 million dollars from our health care programs. But Roy only hints at who these people are.

[caption id="attachment_5149" align="alignleft" width="155" caption="HHS Dep'ty Inspector General, buying PROVERA online over the counter, Gerald Roy"][/caption]

“Some criminals may be hiding overseas, Online buy PROVERA without a prescription, ” he says. “But fleeing the country is not a get out of jail free card, BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION. We have a global reach. We regularly work with domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies to bring these fugitives to justice in the U.S.”   Here’s what Roy didn’t say and what I glean from studying this Most Wanted web site: A vast majority of suspects facing fraud charges hail from foreign countries, buy PROVERA from mexico. Many of them are now suspected of fleeing to India, Order PROVERA no prescription, Russia, Nigeria, Mexico, PROVERA for sale, Cuba, PROVERA steet value, the Dominican Republic and Columbia. They have names like Gautam Gupta and Anupal Gayen. BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION, Others have Hispanic surnames like Gonzales, Velazquez and Lopez. One of the women on the Most Wanted List is Ekaterina Shlykova, buy PROVERA without prescription.

[caption id="attachment_5155" align="alignright" width="80" caption="Fugitive Ekaterina Shlykova"][/caption]

All of them have been charged with various schemes to bilk Medicare or insurance companies for goods and services that were not needed, Buy PROVERA without a prescription, not prescribed or never even delivered to the patient. They preyed on people in states with large elderly populations like Florida and Arizona. They also operated in California, kjøpe PROVERA på nett, köpa PROVERA online, Michigan, Order PROVERA online overnight delivery no prescription, Illinois, Rhode Island, Texas and New York, buy PROVERA online cod. I don’t bring this up as a way to bash foreigners, BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION. In fact, PROVERA long term, among those on the “Also Wanted” Inspector General’s list is a brazen American psychotherapist from Hawaii who the feds say fraudulently billed about $1 million to his state’s Medicaid program and various insurance companies for therapy sessions he shortchanged or didn’t bother to conduct. He did the same thing in Colorado in the early 80’s. Dr, PROVERA schedule. Carlos Warter was found hiding in Argentina last year and is now fighting extradition back to the States. BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_5156" align="alignleft" width="108" caption="Dr. PROVERA pics, Warter Defrauded Before"][/caption]

No. This isn’t about condemning the actions of all non-citizens but facts are facts, PROVERA from mexico. One of the highest rates of health care fraud in the country is in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, PROVERA description, New York where a majority of residents are immigrants from Russia. In a recent story about a $250 million dollar fraud scheme in Brighton Beach the New York Times reported, “The city’s Russian-speaking immigrant population, many of whom grew up under a Communist system that bred disdain for the rules (has) … a willingness to cheat to get around them.”

[caption id="attachment_5157" align="alignright" width="193" caption="The Benetiz Brothers Are At Large"][/caption]

In Miami, Florida, the nation’s other hot-spot for health care fraud, a trio called the Benitez Brothers and twenty co-conspirators allegedly pocketed $110 million in ill-gotten Medicare payments, BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION. Most defendants have pleaded guilty but the brothers – Carlos, Luis and Jose – are still at large, doses PROVERA work. The point in bringing this problem to light is to remind folks that crime fighting can start with you. Buy PROVERA online no prescription, If a health care provider asks you to sign a form for a service or a medical item you never got – physical therapy, a wheelchair, a scooter, where can i cheapest PROVERA online, a hospital bed or elbow or knee braces – report it to the O.I.G. Buy PROVERA without prescription, Hotline at 1-800-HHS-TIPS. BUY PROVERA NO PRESCRIPTION, Suspect fraud if you get a notice from your insurance company that they paid for an un-delivered service. If you are one of America’s 25 million diabetics and you are getting too many lancets or test strips via those mail order pharmacies many insurance companies make us use these days, chances are someone is illegally profiting from it, PROVERA street price. Chances are good that if a health care provider is cheating you they’ve cheated others and investigators need to

[caption id="attachment_5160" align="alignleft" width="105" caption="Wanted: Ezechukwu "Dr. Get PROVERA, Joshua" Ohaka"][/caption]

know about it to build a case. And if you can, check out that spiffy web site I found and take a close look at the mug shots there. If you know something about one of the fugitives there – say something. It’s time we all became active in fighting this multi-million dollar crime. home.

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by Diane Dimond on March 5, 2012

KETAZOLAM FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_5127" align="alignleft" width="163" caption="Equality For All People, Right?"][/caption]

I have never written a column about the state of North Dakota, a state from which my parents hailed and where I still have close relatives. The state’s motto is, “Liberty and Union Now and Forever, KETAZOLAM samples, One and Inseparable.”

But that’s not necessarily so if you are a Black American. KETAZOLAM class, North Dakota has no anti-bias or hate crimes on the books, no  independent Human Rights Commission** (as most states do) and no easy, reliable system for those who feel they have been wronged to seek relief, KETAZOLAM from canadian pharmacy. The issue is important because minorities are pouring in to the state to work in the newly lucrative oil fields. KETAZOLAM mg, The industry’s six-figure salaries have trickled down to create many more jobs in the housing, restaurant, hotel and home furnishings sectors and people of color are responding in droves, purchase KETAZOLAM online.

[caption id="attachment_5129" align="alignright" width="168" caption="Ella Bowen-Davis & Gary Davis"][/caption]

Ella Bowen-Davis and her husband Gary Bowen hail from Tennessee, KETAZOLAM FOR SALE. They are a large African American family with eight children with names like Champaign, KETAZOLAM australia, uk, us, usa, Kilo, Recognize and DaMiracle. In other words, is KETAZOLAM safe, they don’t look or talk anything like native North Dakotans who are predominately of German and Norwegian stock. Buy no prescription KETAZOLAM online, Ella told me, “We had to get our kids out of the south….to try to keep them away from drugs and crime.” So, a few years ago the family drove north as far as their old car would take them and they ultimately settled in Mandan, cheap KETAZOLAM no rx, North Dakota. Is KETAZOLAM addictive, Both Ella and Gary worked hard to earn money and raise their children. KETAZOLAM FOR SALE, Ella established a business cleaning houses and detailing cars. Gary works in the oil industry. Are they a perfect family, KETAZOLAM price. No, Buy cheap KETAZOLAM, but Ella told me with pride, “We’ve always been hard working, taxpaying citizens.”

[caption id="attachment_5125" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="A Bus Driver Allegedly Said, KETAZOLAM for sale, "Here comes the garbage" When Ella's Children Got On"][/caption]

In North Dakota, Online buying KETAZOLAM hcl, which is 93% white, her children learned an ugly lesson. Ella says for the better part of a year a school bus driver called her children the “N” word so often that other kids came to beleive that was the family’s last name, KETAZOLAM reviews.

When tiny Ella marched up to the school to complain in her big, loud Tennessee way the police were called, KETAZOLAM FOR SALE. She was charged with felony terrorizing. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, That charge was later reduced and the school district paid Ella’s children a $30,000. settlement for the indignity they suffered, KETAZOLAM results. The local paper mentioned Ella’s arrest but never mentioned the school districts settlement. KETAZOLAM FOR SALE, The family was tainted by the incident and in the words of their good friend Marc Conrad, “They were criminalized right then and there. KETAZOLAM dosage, Everything they ever did after that was suspect.” Conrad, a former newspaper reporter told me, “I suspect what is happening here is what happens in other vanilla, KETAZOLAM alternatives, lily white populations ... KETAZOLAM over the counter, Everyone here is scared of blacks from what they see on TV.”

[caption id="attachment_5130" align="alignright" width="130" caption="Bismarck is North Dakota's Capitol City"][/caption]

The family moved to Bismarck after the settlement thinking life would be different in the state’s capitol. There they became the target of a horrific event. A police report states that on October 2, KETAZOLAM used for, 2011 at 3:14 a.m. the family was awakened by the sound of a drunk Caucasian man (and two companions) pounding on their door shouting vile racial slurs and threatening their lives, KETAZOLAM FOR SALE. Online buy KETAZOLAM without a prescription, In the background of Ella’s frantic 9-11 call you can hear the shouting and Ella tells police she thinks the main attacker has a gun.

Police arrest 30 year old Jesse Kleinsasser, a man with a police record, online buying KETAZOLAM, and note that the incident was clearly “anti-black” motivated. Low dose KETAZOLAM, No matter, Kleinsasser was only charged with disorderly conduct and let go a few hours later after pleading guilty with a $250. dollar fine, KETAZOLAM photos. KETAZOLAM FOR SALE, When I attempted to ask City Attorney Paul Fraaze about his handling of the case he was extremely evasive. When I then asked why he chose not to file charges against a Bismarck man who admitted slapping young Recognize during a wrestling practice Fraaze hung up the phone. KETAZOLAM images, Too bad. I also wanted to ask him why – after the family’s recent decision to move far away from the racial trouble in Bismarck – he chose to issue an unheard of state-wide arrest warrant for their dog. A pizza delivery man had complained the dog bit at his tires, where can i find KETAZOLAM online. Seemed like pile-on charges against the family to me, KETAZOLAM FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_5131" align="alignleft" width="107" caption="Burleigh County State's Attorney Richard Riha"][/caption]

The county state’s attorney, Kjøpe KETAZOLAM på nett, köpa KETAZOLAM online, Richard Riha, and his deputy prosecutor were more forthcoming. About the October incident prosecutor Jason Hammes explained, order KETAZOLAM no prescription, “There was no evidence of door damage, Purchase KETAZOLAM, no gun found. We can only charge on the statutes that we have.”

Look, there will always be jerks like Kleinsasser out there and that is why we must rely on prosecutors to go the extra mile. Kleinsasser could have been charged with any number of other offenses – like public drunkenness or terrorizing, but he wasn’t. KETAZOLAM FOR SALE, And therein lies the injustice.

[caption id="attachment_5132" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Ella - courtesy: Bismark Tribune"][/caption]

Ella was charged with a felony for getting upset that her children were being so disrespected but a white man with a long arrest record gets a slap on the wrist.

The family is now facing what it claims are trumped up felony charges of insurance fraud filed against them by the North Dakota insurance commissioner. I plan to look into that too. But, frankly, I don’t think it matters if the Davis-Bowen’s robbed a bank. No American should have to endure racist taunts and death threats.

Good Grief - It’s 2012.

It’s time for North Dakota – and the handful of other states without meaningful anti-discrimination laws – to pass legislation with teeth in it to protect the constitutional rights of every American citizen.

** I regret that I originally wrote that North Dakota has no "No Department of Human Rights." I should have written that it has no independent Human Rights Commission (as most other states do.) ~ DD


 IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Three days after this column first ran the city of Bismarck sent out this news release soliciting for new members for a Human Rights Commission.