September 2011


by Diane Dimond on September 26, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4550" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="A Great American Past-time - Taking Pictures"][/caption]T NEURONTIN FOR SALE, he scene is repeated across America millions of times each year. Citizens raise their cameras to snap a picture and immortalize what they see, is NEURONTIN addictive. NEURONTIN over the counter, Taking photographs is as much of the American fabric as driving a car.

But since 9-11 that right has begun to erode like so many others: walking unencumbered onto an airplane; living without the multitude of leering surveillance cameras; gaining entrance to a public building without showing identification, NEURONTIN from canadian pharmacy. Where can i find NEURONTIN online, I get the reason for all the cautious security, I honestly do, NEURONTIN images. I think our country is still under the threat of a terrorist attack, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. What is NEURONTIN, But some of those with badges tasked with monitoring the threat overstep their bounds in the name of national security. I can’t get over the feeling that every time they over-react the terrorists – who are determined to change our freedom loving way of life – win, is NEURONTIN safe. NEURONTIN no rx, [caption id="attachment_4551" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The Law Gives Officers Expanded Powers"][/caption]

The Patriot Act of 2001, signed by President G.W, herbal NEURONTIN. My NEURONTIN experience, Bush and renewed by President Barack Obama, expanded law enforcement powers to search for evidence of possible terrorist activity, NEURONTIN from mexico. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, The law says nothing about allowing officers to order us to put down our cameras, cell phones and other recording devices. After NEURONTIN, Yet, in case after case, online buying NEURONTIN, NEURONTIN without a prescription, it is this law that’s invoked when a security official wants to get a civilian to stop taking pictures.

I’ve read about all sorts of horror stories involving the seemingly innocent taking of photographs, NEURONTIN trusted pharmacy reviews. Australia, uk, us, usa, In February, Nancy Geovese stopped her car on a public road, buy no prescription NEURONTIN online, Order NEURONTIN online overnight delivery no prescription, outside a public airport and took a picture she thought would be great for her “Support Our Troops” web site. After this mother of three snapped photos of a decorative helicopter display she was arrested by Suffolk County, NEURONTIN no prescription, NEURONTIN mg, New York officers and told she was being charged with terrorism. After a long ordeal, including being put into a strait jacket and a solitary cell, she was charged with criminal trespass, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. Geovese sued the town and police department for 70 million dollars in a suit that is still pending, NEURONTIN dangers. NEURONTIN description, [caption id="attachment_4552" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Taking a Picture Got Nancy Geovese Arrested"][/caption]

Then there was the story of a veteran NASA employee named Walter Miller who was spotted taking pictures of an art exhibit near the Indianapolis City-County building. He was detained and told to stop because "homeland security" prohibited photos of the facility, NEURONTIN schedule. NEURONTIN use, Just so you understand the nonsensical nature of this, Google that Indiana building and see how many pictures of the structure are already out there, about NEURONTIN. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, If the subject of someone’s photograph happens to be a police officer the photographer can be in serious jeopardy – even if they take the picture in their own home. NEURONTIN dosage, [caption id="attachment_4554" align="alignright" width="115" caption="Using A Cell Camera Can Also Cause Trouble"][/caption]

In Houston, a homeowner named Francisco Olvera was having a house party when an officer responded to a noise complaint, buy NEURONTIN online cod. Kjøpe NEURONTIN på nett, köpa NEURONTIN online, When asked for his identification Olvera went to get his wallet. He did not think the officer had the right to follow him inside so he snapped his picture with his cell phone, NEURONTIN samples. NEURONTIN street price, Big mistake. Olvera was charged with illegal photography, public intoxication and loud music, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. All charges were later dropped.

Anthony Graber a motorcyclist in Maryland admits he was speeding on the highway and should have anticipated he might be pulled over by a state trooper. But he failed to turn off his helmet cam during the stop and after he posted the video on the internet Graber got the surprise of his life. He was indicted for violating the state’s wiretapping laws. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, He faces up to 16 years in prison.

[caption id="attachment_4556" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The Photo Snapped By Bogdan Mohora "][/caption]

In Seattle, amateur photographer Bogdan Mohora happened to be an eye-witness to police arresting a man on a public street. By his account, he was ten feet away when he took a few pictures and began to walk away. The officers followed and demanded his camera. When Mohora asked what he had done wrong he was handcuffed and taken to the precinct. No charges were filed but he was told he could have been arrested for provoking a riot or endangering a police officer, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. Mohora won an $8,000 settlement with the city.

I could go on and on with cases of civilians – and some members of the accredited media – begin harassed for taking a photo or a few minutes of video. But I think you get my drift.

For those who think over-vigilant security is better than being lax the words of security expert Bruce Schneier may be of interest.

[caption id="attachment_4557" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Experts: Terrorists Don't Often Take Pictures"] NEURONTIN FOR SALE, [/caption]

“Look at the 9/11 attacks, the Moscow and London subway bombings, the Fort Hood shooting--no photos," he says. "I'm not seeing a whole lot of plots that hinge on photography." Other security professionals point to the POSITIVE aspects of a citizenry armed with Canons, Nikons and Flip-cams. After the unsuccessful Times Square car-bombing detectives found clues about the suspect in home movies shot by tourists. Police departments across the country are making arrests by watching videos posted on YouTube by short sighted shutterbugs.

I don’t want to give up any more of my rights as an American citizen. And I don’t think we need to if only we would adequately train all security personnel about the specifics of the law in their state.

Citizens have every right to take a picture or video in a public place as long as they don’t disturb the peace or impede police from doing their duty. To think otherwise is downright un-American.



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by Diane Dimond on September 19, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4538" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Sperm Banks Are Big Business"][/caption]M ZANTAC FOR SALE, any years ago I was assigned to cover a story about a certain sperm donor, a newly graduated doctor in Kansas who had donated on such a frequent and regular basis that he was suspected of being the biological father to 500 children. You read that right – 500 children, ZANTAC natural. Online buying ZANTAC hcl, My research led me to learn that professors and medical mentors had often urged their male med school residents to donate sperm as a way to a.) Put a little money in their pockets and b.) To help propagate future generations of intelligent children. The belief was that if the sperm came from a person smart enough and driven enough to study to be a doctor, ZANTAC coupon, Doses ZANTAC work, well, all of mankind could benefit from the children they would sire, ZANTAC dose. ZANTAC wiki, An elitist viewpoint, to be sure, comprar en línea ZANTAC, comprar ZANTAC baratos, ZANTAC from canada, but a prevalent one back in the early 90’s.

[caption id="attachment_4539" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Some Donors Don't Stop To Think What They're Creating"][/caption]

A problem arose following this particular Kansas doctor’s years of donating when it was learned that many of the recipients lived within a small radius, ZANTAC FOR SALE. The children who resulted from this man’s donations began to grow up within miles of each other and as they matured into teen age, canada, mexico, india, Fast shipping ZANTAC, attending the same schools, churches or sport camps, ZANTAC treatment, Buy ZANTAC from canada, they began to become attracted to each other, pulled together by an unexplainable and invisible magnet of familiarity, ZANTAC blogs. ZANTAC australia, uk, us, usa, Some of the teens began dating and were sexually attracted to each other. Accidental incest was a real possibility – if it hadn’t already happened, buy ZANTAC without a prescription, ZANTAC class, I was told.

In some instances the children did not know of their test-tube beginnings, where can i order ZANTAC without prescription. ZANTAC FOR SALE, In almost all other cases the parents were completely unaware of how many siblings their son or daughter might have or that that their child could be romantically interested in their own half-sister or half-brother. ZANTAC australia, uk, us, usa, I reported back then that the sperm bank was urgently trying to locate all the recipients of this particular doctor’s donations and make a geographic registry of where his off-spring landed. Oh - If they had only been so diligent from the beginning, ZANTAC brand name. ZANTAC class, Flash forward to today – some two decades later and the law still hasn’t caught up with the science.

[caption id="attachment_4540" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="A Donation in Action"][/caption]

There are still no cohesive federal or state laws regulating how many times an in vitro fertilization clinic can disseminate one man’s sperm or in what geographic area it should be offered, purchase ZANTAC online no prescription.

Clinics continue to rake in profits but children born of this procedure have little more than a donor number to hold on to when they wonder about their paternal beginnings, ZANTAC FOR SALE. ZANTAC used for, Sperm banks and IVF clinics keep secret such vital information as the father’s name, address and where he can be reached if a specific health problem crops up for the child later in life, ZANTAC reviews. ZANTAC schedule, And, now, get ZANTAC, Comprar en línea ZANTAC, comprar ZANTAC baratos, some donors are complaining about the system too, saying they were hoodwinked about the number of children that might result from their donation, online buy ZANTAC without a prescription. Buy ZANTAC online cod, [caption id="attachment_4541" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Let's Not Forget The End Result"][/caption]

“We have more rules that go into place when you buy a used car than when you buy sperm,” Debora Spar, effects of ZANTAC, ZANTAC description, the author of “The Baby Business: How Money, Science and Politics Drive the Commerce of Conception” said to MSNBC. “It’s very clear that the dealer can’t sell you a lemon, and there’s information about the history of the car. ZANTAC FOR SALE, There are no such rules in the fertility industry right now.”

Since each donor does have a unique tracking number inquisitive parents have started independent registries on-line to track how many kids are born to particular donors. One woman found her IVF baby had more than 150 brothers and sisters. Others discover more than 50 offspring in their child’s donor group.

The sudden realization that they have half-siblings or several dozens of half-siblings has to be confusing to many of the estimated 30 to 60 thousand IVF babies born in the United States each year. Some families decide to try to meet their IVF relatives, others choose never to tell their children about their biological beginnings.

[caption id="attachment_4542" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Kids Deserve To Know Their Fathers"][/caption]

Scientists worry about America’s sperm donation system or a different reason, ZANTAC FOR SALE. There is the possibility, they say, that our collective gene pool could be in the process of becoming skewed. If a popular donor has a defective gene that causes a rare disease, that disease will be a silent ticking time bomb spreading more quickly and widely through the general population than it would otherwise.

I recently did some research on that Kansas doctor whose story I reported so many years ago. He is still in the same area with an apparently successful psychiatry practice. ZANTAC FOR SALE, I wonder if he ever stops to think about the psychological impact he’s had on however many children it turns out he fathered.

Whether that doctor has stopped to re-think the ramifications of our current sperm donation system or not I think it’s high time some forward thinking lawmakers did. We’re way overdue for some laws governing this field.

Fooling with Mother Nature almost never turns out well.



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by Diane Dimond on September 12, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4520" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Store Surveillance of Mother With Baby in Bag"][/caption]I BUY RELAFEN NO PRESCRIPTION, t has happened again and it breaks my heart.

A young mother in Hendersonville, RELAFEN results, Rx free RELAFEN, North Carolina walked into a grocery store recently clutching her boyfriend’s hand on her left and a big heavy looking shoulder bag on her right – a bag that nearly scraped the ground as she walked.

The teenager headed straight for the store’s ladies’ room and stepped inside, RELAFEN from canadian pharmacy. Is RELAFEN addictive, When she re-appeared on the grocery’s surveillance video exactly four minutes later she had exchanged her red sun dress for a pair of slacks and a blouse. Her bag was casually slung over her shoulder looking a whole lot less heavy, buy cheap RELAFEN no rx.

Within hours a store employee cleaning the restroom found a dead newborn baby in one of the stall’s trash cans, BUY RELAFEN NO PRESCRIPTION. Order RELAFEN no prescription, The 9-11 call to police was painful to listen to as another worker gasped between sobs and begged for help for the dead baby.

Whoever abandoned the little girl had just committed a felony, RELAFEN no prescription. RELAFEN recreational, [caption id="attachment_4522" align="alignright" width="150" caption="There is a Safe Place For Every Baby"][/caption]

An innocent life lost and the additional tragedy was that within a mile and a half of that store were three Safe-Haven locations where a mother in peril could turn to for help with her baby - no questions asked.

Police in Hendersonville report they located the teen mother, RELAFEN dose. BUY RELAFEN NO PRESCRIPTION, Presumably because she is underage specifics on the case have been sparse. Australia, uk, us, usa, It has been reported that the baby might have already been dead when placed in that trash can. But the law is not always sympathetic and criminal charges could still be filed, RELAFEN cost. Purchase RELAFEN online, The autopsy report will be the most important piece of evidence.

As tragic as this case sounds it is not an isolated one, order RELAFEN from mexican pharmacy. I remember other incredibly similar stories that ended with jail time for the young parents involved: Melissa Drexler, the so-called “Prom Mom,” in Forked River, New Jersey who gave birth in the public bathroom, put the newborn in the trash and returned to the dance as if nothing had happened; Amy Grossberg and her boyfriend Brian Peterson who rented a hotel room in Newark, Delaware for the birth of their unnamed baby boy then put him in a nearby dumpster, BUY RELAFEN NO PRESCRIPTION. No prescription RELAFEN online, They claimed a still-birth but the autopsy showed the infant died from shaken baby syndrome. And in February of this year Jessica Blackham went to the circus in Greenville, RELAFEN from mexico, RELAFEN treatment, North Carolina and delivered a baby boy in the arena restroom. Miraculously the baby was found an hour later and survived, buy RELAFEN online no prescription. RELAFEN forum, Blackham, the mother of a 5 year old who says she has no memory of her last birth, cheap RELAFEN no rx, My RELAFEN experience, faces charges of felony child abuse. BUY RELAFEN NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_4523" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Police Stations,Hospitals, Fire Stations - All Safe Havens"][/caption]

So many young people don’t know about the Safe-Haven laws and yet they are in effect in all 50 states. Generally speaking they allow a parent to turn over an infant under 30 days old to a hospital, ordering RELAFEN online, RELAFEN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, firehouse, police station or rescue squad with absolutely no recriminations or questions - just a guarantee that the baby will be well cared for and placed for adoption by loving parents, RELAFEN wiki. RELAFEN dangers, The perfect location to hang posters highlighting Safe Havens for teen moms would be in the girl’s restrooms at junior and high school but we all know that the bureaucracy attached to that makes it unlikely to happen.

A pen-pal of mine, RELAFEN without prescription, RELAFEN overnight, Stacy Sussman, who works in a law office in Los Angeles has a great real-world suggestion for those who care enough to help educate young people, RELAFEN maximum dosage. Purchase RELAFEN for sale, She wrote, “I was thinking places like 7-Eleven and Taco Bell - places such as those where students hang out before, after RELAFEN, RELAFEN duration, during and after school.”

[caption id="attachment_4524" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Let's Tell More Young Moms - For Her Sake"][/caption]

I hereby toss out that challenge to every corporation that caters to teenagers. How about Safe Haven posters in the dressing rooms of the GAP, Sears, J.C, BUY RELAFEN NO PRESCRIPTION. Penney, Old Navy and Target. Or information about the closest neighborhood Safe Haven locations in the restrooms of every Burger King, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or Pinkberry Yogurt?  Why shouldn't the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club and your local gym get involved.

My smart friend Stacy also suggests school newspaper editors agitate to post information about Safe Haven locations somewhere in the school newspaper, even if it’s just a reprint of the local Safe Haven law. Stacy also suggests the phrase NO QUESTIONS ASKED be printed in very big letters next to a picture of a smiling firefighter holding a baby with the caption, “You’ll be okay.”

[caption id="attachment_4526" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Let's Educate More Young Moms - For His Sake"][/caption]

I can’t think of a more worthwhile and simple program to help save the lives of both newborn babies and their teen-aged parents. BUY RELAFEN NO PRESCRIPTION, And think of all the adoptive parents waiting anxiously for a baby who could finally realize their dream of having a family.

The problem of teenagers getting pregnant isn’t going to go away and neither are the laws that mandate criminal charges be filed against anyone who puts a newborn in danger or fails to get help for an infant. We have to get over the idea that its taboo to speak directly to teenagers – both girls and boys - about what to do when a baby is on the way.

Teen moms will continue to try to hide their pregnancies from parents they can’t communicate with in the shortsighted hope that everything will be okay. We grown-ups know, of course, that never works.







by Diane Dimond on September 5, 2011

BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_3776" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Health Care in Prison. It is Constitutionally protected"][/caption]TThey are charged with breaking laws or victimizing fellow citizens. DILANTIN images, We respond by making sure they get a lawyer - often on the taxpayer’s dime. If they plead “not guilty” we stage expensive trials for them so they can provide evidence to a judge or jury.  If convicted, they are imprisoned.

So, DILANTIN long term, after all that do we have an obligation to provide prisoners with any and all medicines they might need to keep them healthy. DILANTIN dosage, While so many Americans are struggling to meet health insurance and prescription costs - services for prisoners constantly increase.  And make no mistake about it, America has so many incarcerated people we are spending boat-loads of money on convicts’ medical care, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Their services cannot be cut. But health care programs for the general public have been cut back time and time again, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

[caption id="attachment_3972" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Need a Prescription in Prison. Discount DILANTIN, No Problem!"][/caption]

Let’s take the state of Ohio as a general example of what it means to maintain the health of convicts.  The Ohio prison system has about 51,000 prisoners and it spends nearly 223 million dollars a year for their medical care. BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION, About 28 million dollars of the Ohio total is spent on inmate’s prescriptions.

In Oregon, DILANTIN pharmacy, the latest annual figures show it took 100 million dollars to take care of some 14, DILANTIN over the counter, 000 prisoners. That’s 7 times more than the state spends on education.

Texas, where can i find DILANTIN online, like every other state, Buy DILANTIN no prescription, has seen a spike in the number of elderly inmates who often require even more expensive medical treatments. That phenomenon and Texas’ regular medical care costs for prisoners ballooned to a staggering 545 million dollars last fiscal year.  This at a time when other crucial state programs are facing mandatory budget cuts.

Every year the price tag of tending to old and dying prisoners skyrockets, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Realize these inmates must often be transported to hospitals or nursing homes where they are treated with the latest lifesaving methods and, DILANTIN trusted pharmacy reviews, yes, Order DILANTIN online overnight delivery no prescription, even though they are incapacitated from their illnesses the law says they must be provided with round-the-clock security guards.

[caption id="attachment_1478" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Overcrowding In California Means a Huge Budget Expenditure"][/caption]

Wrap your head around this set of facts if you can:  In California, a state drowning in red ink, low dose DILANTIN, the prison system recently identified 21 inmates whose annual health care bill is just under two million dollars – EACH. Buy generic DILANTIN, There are another 1,300 guests of the California penal system who require medical attention costing $100,000.00 apiece.  Those cold hard facts caused California to adopt a bill last year to grant medical paroles so the sickest inmates could get out of prison and into federally funded health care facilities.  That, generic DILANTIN, of course, DILANTIN interactions, only shifted the burden on paper – from the state to the federal level.

So, armed with these staggering statistics ask yourself: Do prisoners deserve all this free health care when so many of us struggle to pay for health insurance or, DILANTIN coupon, sadly, DILANTIN steet value, go without. BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION,  The answer in a humane society is yes.

But yes to a point.

[caption id="attachment_4507" align="alignright" width="108" caption="Murderer Kosilek Became Michelle at Taxpayers Expense"][/caption]

Are you sitting down as you read this, buy no prescription DILANTIN online. If not, About DILANTIN, please take a seat.  In Massachusetts a cross-dressing inmate who murdered his wife in 1990 has been suing the state for health care costs related to his desire to have a sex change operation.  Robert Kosilek (who has changed his name to Michelle) has already received hormone injections, electrolysis hair removal and, DILANTIN no rx, most recently, Buy DILANTIN from canada, a mammogram – all at taxpayer’s expense.  Kosilek remains housed in an all-male prison and her standard issue prison wardrobe has been augmented with several bras and “some make-up,” according to corrections officials, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Still, after a costly ten year court battle, fast shipping DILANTIN, Kosilek says these steps have not been enough to ease her depression and the fight continues for the state to pay for a full-on sex reassignment surgery. DILANTIN pictures,  The case is still pending in Massachusetts’ U.S. District Court.

Earlier this year in upstate New York, buy DILANTIN without a prescription, 55 year old Kenneth Pike, Where to buy DILANTIN, convicted of raping a 12 year old family member and sentenced to up to 40 years in prison, desperately needed a heart transplant.  He had already undergone triple heart-bypass surgery and had a pacemaker implanted while incarcerated. BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION,  After the media reported the public might have to pay for an $800,000.00 transplant surgery for a convicted child predator, the outcry was immediate. The Department of Corrections explained it was, DILANTIN samples, “Constitutionally obligated to provide health-care services to inmates” and Pike’s family argued he should be treated like any other patient in need.  In the end, Herbal DILANTIN, the controversy was so red-hot Kenneth Pike declined the surgery.  At last report he is still alive.

[caption id="attachment_4508" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Kenneth Pike Needed 800K for Heart Transplant"][/caption]

In 1976, DILANTIN photos, the U.S. DILANTIN price, coupon, Supreme Court ruled that prisoners were entitled to the same medical and dental treatment as everyone else in their communities. Since then countless state courts have upheld that ruling and repeated that prisons that withhold treatment can be held liable for violating the U.S, BUY DILANTIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Well, buy DILANTIN without prescription, I know lots of folks in my community who can’t afford to go to doctor when they feel sick and they may go to the dentist only when they have a raging toothache.

Whether our politicians want to admit it or not, health care has become a luxury for millions of Americans.  Excluding, of course, those convicted of a crime.