August 2011


by Diane on August 29, 2011

[caption id="attachment_3757" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The Day America Changed Forever"][/caption]A TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL FOR SALE, s anyone who hasn’t been living on the moon knows the 10th Anniversary of the horrific September 11th attacks is fast approaching.

I, canada, mexico, india, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL without a prescription, for one, don’t want to hear about it, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL blogs. Where can i buy cheapest TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL online, I really just want to stay in bed all day and bury my head under a pillow.

That doesn’t mean I won’t commemorate the anniversary – because I most definitely and painfully will, buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL from mexico. What is TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL, But the media drum beat toward the date has already begun and it has put a pit in my stomach the size of a grapefruit.

There are at least 40 different TV specials planned over the next few weeks leading up to the awful date of September 11th, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL FOR SALE. Each of the top three networks – ABC, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL price, Doses TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL work, CBS and NBC has a big boffo special planned, plus extra coverage on their early morning and evening news programs, is TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL safe. Where can i order TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL without prescription, CNN has no fewer than four separate documentaries on the 9-11 attacks scheduled. The National Geographic Channel plans to devote a full week to its coverage, taking TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL. TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL canada, mexico, india, Countless other cable channels have their own 9-11 plans. TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL FOR SALE, And, of course, just wait till you see the onslaught of coverage from your local news stations. I predict it will be non-stop as the date approaches, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL street price. TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL from canada, [caption id="attachment_4480" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The NY Skyline Will Never Be the Same"][/caption]

Overload, in my book, buy cheap TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL. Order TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL from United States pharmacy, Exploitation of an American tragedy, some might say, where can i cheapest TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL online. Online buying TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL, I don’t plan to watch any of the televised rehash of that awful day because it remains too raw and painful for me.

Ten years ago my much loved mother-in-law, Beverly Schoen, had just died and we had held her memorial on September 9th in Florida, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL FOR SALE. Late on September 10, order TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL online c.o.d, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL pics, 2001 my husband and I flew back to our home in New York – just 20 miles north of Manhattan.

The next morning we woke up late and flipped on the television, kjøpe TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL på nett, köpa TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL online. TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL online cod, As we stood slack-jawed in front of the TV my whole world changed in an instant. Hugging each other tightly, cheap TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL natural, we watched the turmoil and confusion that played out in front of us – live. TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL FOR SALE, We followed every development through tears of riveted attention. Both my husband and I, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL alternatives, Where can i buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL online, veteran working news reporters who are used to calamity and chaos, had no idea what was really happening or why, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL for sale. Online TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL without a prescription, One plane might accidentally fly into a tall building, we said to each other, buying TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL online over the counter, Online buying TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL hcl, but not two planes. My husband, who had covered the 1991 Gulf War in Kuwait for CBS News understood before I did that this was a blatant act of terror against America.

[caption id="attachment_4481" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The Bravest of the Brave - NYFD"][/caption]

We watched the burning planes ignite the strong, proud towers never imagining they might collapse. We watched as fearless firefighters ran toward, not away, from the inferno, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL FOR SALE. We were horrified to see fellow Americans trapped inside the mammoth buildings choosing to jump from blazing windows rather than face incineration. The revulsion I felt watching the first – and then ultimately the second tower – slowly fall and disintegrate into a choking cloud of dust is still as vivid and disturbing to me today as when it first happened.

The stark reality of watching zombie-like survivors prowling the perimeter of the rubble holding up pictures of their missing loved ones haunts me to this day. They had fruitless hope but the rest of us knew there was no chance they would find their brother, sister, son, daughter, father or mother. TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL FOR SALE, Every soul inside was gone.

It was the worst attack on American soil in recent history. And my whole world changed that day. I no longer felt that America was the safest country on the planet. I could no longer rely on any of my pre-conceived notions about security and our country’s standing in the world.

[caption id="attachment_4482" align="alignright" width="150" caption="He Survived - Nearly 3 Thousand Others Did Not"][/caption]

I have felt perpetually vulnerable since September 11, 2001, TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL FOR SALE. Over the years, I’ve noticed my buried indignation begins to simmer when I’m asked to surrender my identification to get into a building or when I go through an airport security line and a stern looking fellow American looks suspiciously at every aspect of my being.

There are far fewer smiles these days, almost no idle conversation among strangers and everyone seems so distrustful. I lament the explosion of security cameras I see snapping my picture nearly everywhere I go. I understand why it must be this way now - but it pains me to know the carefree America I grew up in is gone. TESTOSTERONE ANADOILL FOR SALE, It all began to change on September 11th, 2001.

[caption id="attachment_4486" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="I Miss the America of My Youth"][/caption]

Now, the very idea of watching a re-play of the country’s worst terrorist attack on any one of the 40 upcoming TV specials seems far more than pointless. It seems barbarically sadistic.

Like a lot of Americans I still carry the scab the terrorist’s mortal wound to my country. My tears still flow at the memory of that day and the immediate aftermath. It all feels so fresh in my soul that I do not need a televised reminder of what happened, who did it or what it all means.

On September 11th I will stay in bed with my pillow over my head for a few extra minutes and silently, reverently remember the anniversary in my own way. I will not turn on the television.






by Diane on August 22, 2011

[caption id="attachment_2496" align="alignleft" width="127" caption="Time To Hear From You!"][/caption]S BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, ome of you have been delighted with me. Some of you want to strangle me, GLUCOTROL use. Purchase GLUCOTROL, So this column is dedicated to your thoughts about my recent musings on crime and justice in America.

It’s your turn to vent, GLUCOTROL mg. Real brand GLUCOTROL online, No column lately generated as much heat as the one about women caught up in repeated domestic violence that refuse to press charges. I told the story of a New York police officer who lost his life responding to a victim’s 12th call for help, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. I concluded, GLUCOTROL photos, Doses GLUCOTROL work, “Society cannot remove an adult woman from a perilous domestic situation. She must walk out on her own resolved to find a better way of life.”

[caption id="attachment_2853" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Reporting Sex Crimes Needs Follows Through"][/caption]

Cheryl wrote to tell me, GLUCOTROL maximum dosage, GLUCOTROL alternatives, “If you are going to spout off about a topic that it is your responsibility to get yourself educated about that topic before spewing misinformation!”

Cheryl apparently missed the section where I wrote that I too had been victimized.

Justin wrote, order GLUCOTROL no prescription, Get GLUCOTROL, “What about the women who DO press charges and go forward into the court system, (and) find their entire life on trial and drug through the mud, where can i find GLUCOTROL online, Buy GLUCOTROL online no prescription, much like a rape victim?”

There were dozens more letters taking me and the system to task but reader JF 12 summed it up best, “Perhaps a longer term solution … would be for women to stop being attracted to violent men.“

[caption id="attachment_4470" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Guns on Campus Don't Add to Death Toll"][/caption]

I got lots of comments on the column about allowing older college students and professors to carry guns on campus, cheap GLUCOTROL. Buy cheap GLUCOTROL, Some readers worried that it would lead to a spike in student suicides or endanger innocents in some way. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, “I’ll tell you something. The second guns are legal on my campus, buy GLUCOTROL online cod, Where can i cheapest GLUCOTROL online, I quit,” wrote a reader named Egghead, GLUCOTROL brand name. GLUCOTROL schedule, “Higher education is a tough enough place to be. It is not worth it to me, buying GLUCOTROL online over the counter. GLUCOTROL treatment, “

Reader TN Keating responded, “There are currently about 70 college campuses that allow concealed permit guns to be carried … No deaths have occurred at any of these campuses because of firearms.”

[caption id="attachment_4472" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Cheating Uncle Sam From Behind Bars!"][/caption]

About the column revealing that prisoners had used uninspected outgoing mail systems to file for 38 million dollars in tax refunds they weren’t entitled to, GLUCOTROL street price, GLUCOTROL dosage, retired White Collar Crimes Detective Gunhild Vetter wrote to say the total is likely higher.

“I would say that prisons need to monitor not only outgoing mail, but the computer usage by inmates, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. Seems they have too much idol time, GLUCOTROL description, Kjøpe GLUCOTROL på nett, köpa GLUCOTROL online, maybe they should have to grow their own food if they want to eat.”

When I wrote about that - getting prisoners to perform tax-dollar-saving jobs - it sparked an angry response from Jack Fecko. “I spent 3 years in a prison work camp in Liberty County, canada, mexico, india, GLUCOTROL from mexico, Florida. About 300 of us would go out and cut grass, GLUCOTROL use, Effects of GLUCOTROL, lay sewer pipes, do construction, buy generic GLUCOTROL, GLUCOTROL canada, mexico, india, etc.. There are several work camps …. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, I calculated that prison labor saved the county $ 1 million dollars a MONTH. It is slave labor.”

Sorry Jack. In these economic times we all have to sacrifice.

[caption id="attachment_3884" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Time to Re-Think?"][/caption]

Every time I write about the inconsistencies in America’s death penalty – 16 states and the District of Columbia now ban it – I get a slew of mail both pro and con. Fr. Jack Fairweather told me he stood in a death chamber and watched an execution in the 60’s and has struggled with the issue of vengeance vs, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. forgiveness ever since.

Hanna Yoo with a group called Murder Victims’ Family Members for Reconciliation wrote, “We all oppose the death penalty based on varying reasons. Some have been through the process and realize it doesn’t accomplish what they were hoping it would; some want greater punishment in the form of life imprisonment; some think of the murderer’s family and some forgive.”

It comforted me to know others also grapple with shifting feelings about the nation’s ultimate punishment.

[caption id="attachment_4045" align="alignright" width="150" caption="How Did She Die?"][/caption]

After July’s not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder case I wrote that perhaps it was time to consider professional juries. BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, Mary told me I was wrong.

“In a perfect world it would be one thing, Diane, but … our governments and too many of those who attain power feel emboldened to stamp on our rights and freedoms because they aren’t punished or held to account. We can’t afford to give them even half an inch more of an opportunity to spread more corruption.”

Reader Kris disagreed, “After the Anthony trial I firmly believe that some kind of training should be mandated for juries to better understand the legal proceedings of the actual trial they are sitting on.”

I got heart wrenching e-mails after writing about America’s nearly 200 thousand untested rape kits and the $1,500 cost to process each kit. This one from Sarah struck me.

[caption id="attachment_3948" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="DNA Finds Rapists"][/caption]

“When I was raped, I didn’t have the courage to go to the hospital and have a kit done; I didn’t tell anyone it happened for over three years … It makes me want to hold a huge fundraiser at $1500 a table, and make sure to tell everyone that the table they’re sitting at just allowed one rape kit to be tested. It’s a lovely little fantasy of mine.”

I like that idea too, Sarah.

I also like that so many of my readers take the time to write. Be they positive or negative comments; please know I read them all.






by Diane on August 14, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4402" align="alignleft" width="204" caption="It's Not Illegal For An American To Pray"]Rick Perry[/caption]

T BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION, oday let’s talk about what’s not a crime. My MEFENOREX experience, In a country that was founded on freedom of religion, it is not a crime to pray, real brand MEFENOREX online. Order MEFENOREX online c.o.d, It’s not a crime to publicly pray to the deity of your choice. It’s not a crime for someone who holds public office to pray, MEFENOREX pics. Where can i buy MEFENOREX online, It’s not a crime to be a politician and also host a public prayer meeting.

But after a recent spate of indignant media coverage I wouldn’t blame you if you thought there was something wrong with Texas Governor Rick Perry’s participation in what was called “The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis” held in Houston, BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_4404" align="alignright" width="140" caption="Voting for the PERSON not the PARTY"]Independent voter[/caption]

This column is not about politics or religion, MEFENOREX blogs. Where can i buy cheapest MEFENOREX online, It is about common sense and the right of every citizen in America to pray when and where they want without criticism. Yep, after MEFENOREX, Online MEFENOREX without a prescription, even politicians.

[caption id="attachment_4413" align="alignleft" width="249" caption="People of All Faiths Were Invited"]Rick Perry Flyer[/caption]

Governor Perry is a lifelong Christian, is MEFENOREX addictive. BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION, He’s never made a secret of that and in fact he’s long worn his religion on his sleeve for all to see. MEFENOREX no prescription, For example, back in April, MEFENOREX dose, Buy no prescription MEFENOREX online, he issued a gubernatorial proclamation calling for three days of prayer to end the drought that’s plagued Texas. He often gives a hearty “Amen” to the prayers of others while at public events, comprar en línea MEFENOREX, comprar MEFENOREX baratos. Rx free MEFENOREX, There is absolutely nothing in the law that says he must keep his beliefs to himself.

The recent Houston prayer meeting Perry co-sponsored was not an exclusive event where Muslims, cheap MEFENOREX no rx, Purchase MEFENOREX, Hindus, Jews or Wiccans were unwelcome, MEFENOREX results. Governor Perry had openly invited people of every faith to join him and thousands others in praying for our country during this time of economic and governmental turmoil, BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION. Ordering MEFENOREX online, [caption id="attachment_4416" align="alignright" width="275" caption="To Pray - Or Not - Is Every Citizen's Right"][/caption]

“Father, our hearts break for America, MEFENOREX forum, Taking MEFENOREX, ” he said during his 13 minutes at the podium. “We see discord at home, MEFENOREX overnight. Online buying MEFENOREX, We see fear in the marketplace. We see anger in the halls of government, buy MEFENOREX without prescription, MEFENOREX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, ” and he asked for divine forgiveness and guidance for the country. BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION, He prayed for President Obama and the men and women who serve in our military.

What’s wrong with that, MEFENOREX cost. Order MEFENOREX from United States pharmacy, National media organizations first jumped on the rally controversy after a group called The Freedom From Religion Foundation – a self-proclaimed church-and-state watchdog organization – filed suit last month to try to stop the Governor from participating in the event. Their argument was that Perry’s involvement in a prayer rally would have been unconstitutional because it suggests the government prefers Christianity above all other religions, where to buy MEFENOREX. Where can i order MEFENOREX without prescription, The lawsuit was dismissed.

[caption id="attachment_4417" align="alignleft" width="211" caption="The Doctrine Does Not Strip The Right To Pray"]Church and state[/caption]

The media then focused on other opposed to Perry’s plan to publicly pray, BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION. The Texas Republican was branded as politician using his status to ram his religion down the throats of others, MEFENOREX used for. Opponents cried that Perry used an official looking website and letterhead to invite people to the event. A letter with 10,000 signatures accusing Perry of using the religious rally to gain support for a presidential made headlines. And, Perry’s judgment was called into question when it was reported that the American Family Association was a co-sponsor. BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION, The organization has been called a hate group after an AFA official made derogatory statements about homosexuals and Muslims.

None of that, in my opinion, should strip any American of their right to pray when and where they choose. Now, if Perry had demanded all state employees attend the rally or drum up attendance for him I’d have a real problem with that. But that does not appear to be the case.

Governor Perry could become the Republican nominee for President and if his association with undesirable people or his public call to prayer causes some voters not to vote for him – well, that is a consequence he will have to live with. But let’s not swallow the idea that a man – by virtue of the occupation he holds – has somehow lost his constitutional right to pray in public because someone standing next to him said something ugly about a fellow citizen, BUY MEFENOREX NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_4418" align="alignright" width="200" caption="His Stance On Prayer Could Cost Him"][/caption]

And one more thing: Don’t buy the argument that the real problem was a Separation of Church and State violation as many major media reports hammered.

First, the truth is that the Church and State Doctrine (as first written about by Thomas Jefferson) refers to Americans wanting their legislature to “make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” And second, the U.S. Constitution says right there in the First Amendment that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

[caption id="attachment_4419" align="alignleft" width="275" caption="Which Is Above The Other. State or Church?"][/caption]

I don’t know about you but I don’t want a homogenized and pasteurized politician who aims to please everyone with politically correct dogma and doesn’t have a sense of awe about our place in the universe. I don’t want an office holder who doesn’t publicly express his/her most deeply held beliefs because I want to know the character of the person I might vote for.

If you ask me more politicians should pray for divine guidance to help straighten out the nation’s problems. Not much else seems to be working.





by Diane on August 8, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4317" align="alignleft" width="122" caption="Frank Bender With One of His Creations"][/caption]

RYTHMOL FOR SALE, A man died recently that I want you to know about. Australia, uk, us, usa, He operated in the shadow of law enforcement and you probably never heard his name. In his own very unique way he developed an expertise that helped bring justice to those who would otherwise never get it.

His name was Frank Bender and when he died recently at the age of 70 at his home in Philadelphia he was the best known of a rare breed of forensic sculptors, buy RYTHMOL from canada. RYTHMOL from canadian pharmacy, Frank Bender somehow knew how to take a fleshless mummified human skull and reconstruct its face into an eerily perfect facsimile. To compare a photo of the dead person with a finished Bender sculpture would take your breath away, purchase RYTHMOL online no prescription.

[caption id="attachment_4320" align="alignright" width="112" caption="Bender Also Worked on Tugboats to Pay Bills"][/caption]

Bender started his career as a commercial photographer and had an innate curiosity about human anatomy, RYTHMOL FOR SALE. RYTHMOL natural, That lead the young Bender to visit the Philadelphia morgue and he came away with a mysterious talent that would become sought after by law enforcement officials worldwide.

He reverently began each reconstruction by focusing on and minutely measuring certain points of the skull, RYTHMOL price. Order RYTHMOL online overnight delivery no prescription, Bender was then able to calculate how thick the tissue, muscles and skin would have been at any given point, fast shipping RYTHMOL. RYTHMOL dangers, Working with tissue-thin layers of clay he painstakingly followed the unique bone structure of each skull and, as Bender once explained his process to a U.S.A, RYTHMOL online cod. RYTHMOL FOR SALE, Today reporter, his fingers just “take over” and he “becomes” his subject. RYTHMOL trusted pharmacy reviews, [caption id="attachment_4321" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Rosella Atkins Hopeful Pose Helped ID Her"][/caption]

His finished projects were stunning renditions of the forgotten dead seemingly brought back to life. Once released to the public Bender’s work brought in tips which helped identify dozens of discarded bodies that might have gone to unmarked graves had it not been for his efforts, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. RYTHMOL without a prescription, Over the years his work helped solve numerous murders and serial killings and led to the arrest of high profile fugitives.

Bender first reconstructed skulls for the Philadelphia Police Department and when word of his success spread he was called upon to help departments in other states, online buying RYTHMOL hcl. Then the FBI came calling, followed by Scotland Yard, the government of Egypt and in Mexico his work identifying the remains of a string of murdered woman became the basis for a book called, “The Girl With the Crooked Nose.” (Random House)

[caption id="attachment_4322" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Real John List (L) Compared with Bender Sculpture (R)"][/caption]

is most publicized reconstruction came in 1989 and originated not from a skull but from an old photograph, RYTHMOL FOR SALE. Buy RYTHMOL without a prescription, Police in Westfield, New Jersey had long been looking for a mild-mannered accountant named John List who was wanted for the 1971 murders of his wife, RYTHMOL steet value, RYTHMOL no rx, three children and his mother. The television program America’s Most Wanted commissioned Bender to craft a sculpture of what List would look like 18 years after the crime, RYTHMOL coupon. Discount RYTHMOL, He created an age-progressed jowly baldheaded bust and because he thought an aging accountant might wear glasses Bender plopped a pair of black horned-rimmed glasses on it. The glasses did the trick, RYTHMOL interactions. RYTHMOL FOR SALE, A woman in Virginia watching the program called the tip line to report her neighbor, an accountant named Robert Clark. RYTHMOL price, coupon, A fingerprint check quickly revealed the man was really fugitive List. Sentenced to five life terms List died in prison in 2008, RYTHMOL pharmacy. Generic RYTHMOL, [caption id="attachment_4326" align="alignleft" width="105" caption="Bender's Blue-Eyed Reconstruction"][/caption]

One of Bender’s most notable reconstructions was on the skull of a young woman found near a stream in Boulder, Colorado in 1954, RYTHMOL for sale. RYTHMOL over the counter, Working with the Vidocq Society, a group of professional crime fighters who tackle cold cases (which he helped establish in 1990), is RYTHMOL safe, RYTHMOL without prescription, Bender used his unexplainable sixth sense to reconstruct her face. He also told investigators the victim had blonde hair and blue eyes, RYTHMOL FOR SALE. How could he possibly know that, RYTHMOL pictures, RYTHMOL class, they wondered. 55 years after her remains were found she was finally identified as 18 year old Dorothy Gay Howard, what is RYTHMOL. A family portrait confirmed she was a stunning blonde with sky blue eyes.

[caption id="attachment_4330" align="alignright" width="120" caption=""Dot" Howard in 1953"][/caption]

Frank Bender never made much money for his efforts. RYTHMOL FOR SALE, In the end one of his meticulous creations brought in about $1,700. He worked as a fine artist and various other odd jobs to help pay the bills.

Bender never discriminated over which skull to rebuild but he had a passion to help solve crimes against children. Ted Botha the author of the aforementioned book was quoted in a New York Times obit saying the diminutive Bender was, “A fighter for justice. He’s almost like a little Captain America or something.”

[caption id="attachment_4327" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Bender's Last Sculpture"][/caption]

His last reconstruction, created while he was dying of mesothelioma, came on the skull of a young boy found discarded in high grass along a North Carolina roadway. The 10 year olds skeleton was still wearing tube socks and brand new sneakers, RYTHMOL FOR SALE. In his pocket were neatly folded bills totally $50.

The sculptor told a North Carolina newspaper why he had to make this his last work of art. “A child is so innocent,” Bender explained. “They have a whole life ahead, and it’s taken away. It all bothers me, but they bother me the most.”

No, you probably never heard of Frank Bender before now but as he playfully identified himself on the outgoing message on his home answering machine he was indeed “a re-composer of the decomposed.”  A crime fighter par excellence.

[caption id="attachment_4332" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Minute Measurements Made the Difference"][/caption]


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by Diane on August 1, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4296" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Untested Rape Kits Add to Victim's Humiliation"][/caption]

T INDERAL FOR SALE, he evidence had been there all along. It had been sitting on a shelf inside a cold storage facility at the Houston Police Department for 12 years, low dose INDERAL. INDERAL australia, uk, us, usa, After a determined detective tracked it down and sent it off to the lab for testing the state of Texas realized it had a found a serial rapist.

The criminal’s name is Roland Ali Westbrooks and his story highlights why every state in the union should make testing of backlogged rape kits a top priority, purchase INDERAL for sale. Buy INDERAL from mexico, For more than two decades law enforcement has had the ability to take even the tiniest specks of evidence from a rape victim - bodily fluids, stray hairs, INDERAL wiki, Online buy INDERAL without a prescription, fingernail scrapings - and match the DNA findings to information stored in a national data base called CODIS.

Every time a rape kit is processed the DNA print is supposed to be entered into CODIS, INDERAL FOR SALE. And the reason for this is simple: Rapists rape repeatedly, order INDERAL from mexican pharmacy. Purchase INDERAL online, They hardly ever have just one victim.

[caption id="attachment_4299" align="alignright" width="150" caption="200 Thousand U.S, INDERAL recreational. INDERAL mg, Rapes Reported Each Year"][/caption]

One study on serial offenders puts the average number of a rapist’s victims at seven while another study puts it at 11. INDERAL FOR SALE, To put this in perspective, realize that if we get just one of these perps off the street we’ve prevented several future crimes. Every year in America there are roughly 200 thousand reported rapes and it is not just women who are attacked, buy cheap INDERAL no rx. INDERAL from canada, 10% of all rape victims are men.

The first time we know Roland Ali Westbrooks struck was in August 1995, about INDERAL. INDERAL images, It was a nighttime home invasion and his victim was a complete stranger, a teenager girl alone in her bedroom, herbal INDERAL. Houston police say as he put a pillow over the 16 year olds face he threatened to kill her if she screamed, INDERAL FOR SALE. INDERAL samples, The girl reported the attack immediately and submitted to a complete rape examination.

[caption id="attachment_4302" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Serial Rapist Roland Ali Westbrooks"][/caption]

Like tens of thousands of other rape kits nationwide her evidence package was never processed and no one was ever arrested for her brutal assault, buy INDERAL no prescription. INDERAL duration, After a cold case detective re-opened the teen’s case earlier this year and ordered the DNA in her kit to finally be processed, her rapist was identified as Ronald Westbrooks, no prescription INDERAL online. INDERAL long term, The good news was that he was already in jail. INDERAL FOR SALE, The bad news was that Westbrooks was in prison because he had been convicted of another rape – a crime that occurred in 1997 – two years after the attack on the teenager. That attack might never have taken place if the 16 year olds rape kit had been tested in a timely fashion, INDERAL reviews. INDERAL from mexico, Police suspect Westbrooks left more victims and are investigating that now.

[caption id="attachment_4303" align="alignright" width="120" caption="DNA Lab in Houston"][/caption]

To be sure states have made some progress in winnowing down their backlog of rape kits, comprar en línea INDERAL, comprar INDERAL baratos. INDERAL long term, When I first wrote about this topic in 2008 there were 400,000 bundles of untested evidence, INDERAL mg. Today, the best estimates put the national number at about 180 thousand, INDERAL FOR SALE. INDERAL class, But that’s still way too many.

Sometimes lab work isn’t necessary as police have already gotten a confession or the victim withdraws the complaint, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy INDERAL from canada, But in too many other cases it becomes a matter of indifference, inconvenience or finances, INDERAL price. My INDERAL experience, Each test costs about $1,500. INDERAL FOR SALE, In most jurisdictions it is still up to the discretion of the investigating detective whether to order up a full lab analysis of a rape kit. Usually the victim is never told whether her evidence has been processed or relegated to some shelf to gather dust.

I can think of no other crime where police have definitive evidence of a crime and fail to process it. I think it is unconscionable.

[caption id="attachment_4304" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="CODIS Data System Holds All the Clues "][/caption]

Information from these kits, entered into CODIS, would likely mean numerous outstanding sex crimes could be solved. The perpetrator could be identified, taken off the streets or slapped with a longer prison sentence if they are already behind bars like Roland Westbrooks, INDERAL FOR SALE. More importantly, victims could finally feel a sense of justice.

It’s already happening in Texas. The popular Texas-based blog Grits for Breakfast reports that when “Tarrant County tested their entire backlog they identified five serial rapists by matching the results to CODIS.” Imagine - five dangerous criminals were scooped up just by testing evidence that was already there.

May I be so blunt as to ask, “What the heck are we waiting for?” And don’t tell me it’s a matter of money. INDERAL FOR SALE, The money spent on processing these kits would be far less than what we would have to pay out to investigate and prosecute these rapists’ future crimes.

[caption id="attachment_4306" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The Evidence is Sitting There"][/caption]

I call for a nationwide initiative to examine every relevant kit. Let’s get every state to dedicate one group of lab technicians to examine the most recent kits so as to stop currently active rapists. A second group should examine the oldest kits with an eye on the ones that might come up against a statute of limitations problem. Let’s get that information into CODIS and see how many more perps we can get off the streets.

The perfect tool is already sitting there if we would just use it.

Anybody with me.