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by Diane on June 27, 2011

CELEBREX FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_4231" align="alignleft" width="127" caption="Giffords, Five Months After Shooting"][/caption]How wonderful to see the recent photos of a smiling Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as she left the hospital five months after being viciously shot in the head by 21 year old Jared Loughner. Cheap CELEBREX no rx, Our hearts went out to Giffords and to the families of the 19 other victims, 6 of whom died, CELEBREX price, coupon. Herbal CELEBREX, But what about the family of Jared Loughner. Did you stop to think about them, canada, mexico, india. Buy cheap CELEBREX, The pain and suffering of Jared’s parents makes them victims too. And, in the end, if Jared is declared fit to stand trial, Arizona’s death penalty might be used to take away their only son, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_4233" align="alignright" width="115" caption="Count His Parents Among His Victims"][/caption]

It is easy to forget about the plight of the families of those who commit these murders – Tucson, real brand CELEBREX online, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Virginia Tech, Columbine, CELEBREX pictures, CELEBREX schedule, Oklahoma City to name just a few of the most infamous. When families are remembered it is often with pointed fingers of blame and condemnation, CELEBREX from canada. CELEBREX price, coupon, Whether the offense makes national headlines or not these ghastly crimes have two things in common: Nearly all involve shooters who have been clinically diagnosed with mental illness. (Loughner is a paranoid schizophrenic.) And, cheap CELEBREX no rx, Ordering CELEBREX online, second – their families will never shake the shock, guilt and embarrassment of having a relative who kills, purchase CELEBREX for sale. CELEBREX FOR SALE, In addition, these families have usually struggled for years trying to manage their loved ones psychological deterioration only to be told by medical experts to take them home, give them their medication and hope for the best. CELEBREX mg, When the worst arrives these folks are often left on their own to cope. Victim assistance programs don’t consider the killer’s family might need help too, discount CELEBREX. CELEBREX duration, You likely never heard of Bill Babbitt but as he told me his story the other day we both cried.

[caption id="attachment_4234" align="alignleft" width="94" caption="Bill Babbitt of Elk Grove, CELEBREX street price, CELEBREX dose, California"][/caption]

“It is the epitome of suffering,” he said as he told me about his little brother, after CELEBREX, Where can i find CELEBREX online, Manny. “I’ve lost the love and support of much of my family over it.” You see, Bill was the first to realize his brother had caused someone to die and he turned him into police, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

The story of Bill, buy CELEBREX online cod, Kjøpe CELEBREX på nett, köpa CELEBREX online, now a 68 year old war veteran living in California, is too rich in detail to adequately fit in this small space but the summary is this: Manny’s mental problems began in 1962 when his bike collided with a car and the boy was thrown into the air, CELEBREX class. CELEBREX pharmacy, He escaped death but was never “right” after that. At 17, canada, mexico, india, Purchase CELEBREX, Manny joined the Marines. He wasn’t bright enough to pass the written test but during the Vietnam War the military needed every good man, CELEBREX natural. CELEBREX FOR SALE, Handsome Manny did two tours of duty and was so badly wounded during the bloody 77-day siege at Khe Sanh that his seemingly lifeless body was rescued from an active battlefield and medevaced out among a pile of corpses. CELEBREX reviews, Manny had sustained another major head wound.

[caption id="attachment_4236" align="alignright" width="132" caption="Young Manny Babbitt as Proud U.S, CELEBREX photos. Marine"][/caption]

Once home post traumatic demons set in and Manny was sent by the VA to two different mental institutions. Finally, big brother Bill brought him to live at his house. Bill could tell from the frequent nightmares that his brother still was not “right.”

One rainy night in December 1980, Manny was out drinking with friends, some PCP laced marijuana was passed around and on the walk home Manny’s demons returned, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

The wet weather reminded him of Vietnam, a wide street morphed into the airstrip back in Khe Sanh and a loud TV set blaring a war movie sent him over the edge. He opened the homeowner’s unlocked screen door, as if to get closer to the war action, and encountered 78 year old Leah Schendel. There was a violent scuffle and the elderly grandmother died of a heart attack. He wouldn’t remember but Manny grabbed a piggy bank and some rolls of coins as he fled.

[caption id="attachment_4237" align="alignleft" width="165" caption="Bill Displays His Brother's Purple Heart Medal"] CELEBREX FOR SALE, [/caption]

Bill and his wife found the unexplained money, along with a cigarette lighter bearing Schendel’s initials. After reading about their neighbors death the Babbitts knew what they had to do to get Manny the help he desperately needed. Bill turned in his own brother and as the squad car pulled away, he told me, “I ran alongside and said, ‘Manny, Manny….please forgive me!’ And he said, “Billy, I already have forgiven you.’”

Manny didn’t get the mental health treatment he needed. He got a bad lawyer who never mentioned post traumatic stress or head injuries during the trial and on May 14, 1982 Manny was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Upon hearing of his situation the U.S. Marines sent officers to San Quentin prison where they pinned a Purple Heart on Manny as he stood shackled before them, CELEBREX FOR SALE. He was executed one day after his 50th birthday. His brother Bill was on hand to watch.

“It seems like it was just yesterday,” he told me through tears, “or just an hour ago.” Being a victim often lasts a lifetime.

This is the other side to the too-frequent stories we hear about “mad gunmen” who seemingly kill for “no reason.” There is almost always a reason. And most often its family members who plead the loudest for help. Let’s remember them too.







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by Diane on June 20, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4214" align="alignleft" width="131" caption="He Declared the "War on Drugs""][/caption]40 ENALAPRIL FOR SALE, years ago this month President Richard Nixon declared his “War on Drugs.” Now, 40 years later can we honestly say we’ve got a handle on the problem.

No, purchase ENALAPRIL online no prescription, Order ENALAPRIL from mexican pharmacy, of course we can’t. The drug scourge continues with its ever increasing criminality and murderous violence, ENALAPRIL use. ENALAPRIL long term, It heaps economic hardships on families, communities and prison systems, cheap ENALAPRIL. ENALAPRIL images, Our decade’s long drug war gives off the stinking scent of failure and the undeniable conclusion that the way we’ve tackled the problem so far just isn’t working.

So how long do we keep doing the same old things before we change course, ENALAPRIL FOR SALE. Isn’t it time for a radical shift in strategy to try to lessen the impact illegal drug trade has had on all of us, taking ENALAPRIL. ENALAPRIL used for, I don’t want to make this a political thing but after reading a couple of recent reports (more on that below) I’ve come to the conclusion that Richard Nixon may have had a sharper focus on how to handle the drug problem than our current president.

[caption id="attachment_4215" align="alignright" width="178" caption="Nixon's War on Drugs Wasn't About Arrests & Punishment"][/caption]

You might think that the conservative Nixon, ENALAPRIL brand name, Buy ENALAPRIL online no prescription, the president shamed by Watergate, ordered up a callous punishment-oriented drug control policy, doses ENALAPRIL work. ENALAPRIL online cod, But he didn’t. ENALAPRIL FOR SALE, Richard Nixon’s 155 million dollar “War on Drugs” budget (back in 1971) earmarked 2/3rds of the money to go for treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Somewhere along the line each succeeding president lost sight of the idea that if you can cut back on the demand for illegal drugs you can cripple the violent trade that sprouts up to supply it, ENALAPRIL without a prescription. About ENALAPRIL, [caption id="attachment_4216" align="alignleft" width="179" caption="Drug Czar Gil Kerlikoske Says Drug War Long Over"][/caption]

Today, despite President Obama’s statement that “We have to think more about drugs as a public-health problem, order ENALAPRIL online overnight delivery no prescription, Where can i buy ENALAPRIL online, ” most of our anti-drug budget goes toward interdiction efforts and punishing people. Two years ago the White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske claimed the “War on Drugs” was over but it sure feels like we’re still waging very expensive combat against an elusive problem that just keeps growing, buy ENALAPRIL without prescription. ENALAPRIL forum, So, back to the reports I read, buying ENALAPRIL online over the counter. The first was from an organization called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, ENALAPRIL FOR SALE. Order ENALAPRIL online c.o.d, LEAP is a group of current and former front-line responders to the war on drugs. Its members are police, ENALAPRIL price, Order ENALAPRIL from United States pharmacy, prosecutors, judges, ENALAPRIL steet value, ENALAPRIL over the counter, FBI and DEA agents, corrections officials, ENALAPRIL samples, Buy ENALAPRIL without a prescription, military officers and others who know firsthand what it is like to wage this never-ending war. They embrace the idea of radical change, ENALAPRIL from canadian pharmacy, ENALAPRIL no prescription, fully admitting that everything they have done in their law enforcement career was for naught when it comes to stemming the tide of the illegal drug trade and the abuse of those poisons. They passionately urge lawmakers to embrace the idea of legalizing, real brand ENALAPRIL online, ENALAPRIL results, regulating and taxing these drugs.

[caption id="attachment_4220" align="alignright" width="214" caption="LEAP Billboard Says It All "] ENALAPRIL FOR SALE, [/caption]

I know it sounds revolutionary. But imagine the chilling effect it would have on, say, the Mexican drug cartel. If there’s no more profit in smuggling drugs across the border into the United States their violent gangs would lose power and control. The tens of thousands of drug related murders each year would dwindle. America’s tax coffers would get much needed infusions. Drug addicts could get proper medical help in weaning themselves off their drug of choice, ENALAPRIL FOR SALE. Why, they might even become contributing taxpaying citizens.

[caption id="attachment_4221" align="alignleft" width="147" caption="Kofi Annan & Other World Leaders Urge Legalization of Drugs"][/caption]

LEAP isn’t the only group of knowledgeable people calling for this radical move. Earlier this month a group of internationally known dignitaries including former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volker, former presidents of several countries and the U.N. ENALAPRIL FOR SALE, Secretary General Kofi Annan endorsed the idea. In a report from their Global Commission on Drug Policy they labeled the War on Drugs a failure and encouraged nations, worldwide, to pursue the idea of legalization, regulation and taxation.

Hey, it worked with booze when we lifted prohibition back in the 1930’s. Why wouldn’t it work now.

I recently wrote in this space about how state lawmakers have courageously stepped up to the plate to pass their own immigration laws after Washington’s monumental failure to act on that issue. Same thing here with the nation’s drug related problems, ENALAPRIL FOR SALE. While Congress wallows in budget battles and sex scandals 16 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws legalizing medicinal marijuana for those with doctor’s prescriptions. 14 states have decriminalized possession of small amounts of pot.

For some inane reason the Obama Justice Department silently and consistently continues to raid legal growers, registered medicinal marijuana clinics and patients who find relief from marijuana. The DOJ has conducted nearly 100 such raids in so-called “legal” states, according to LEAP’s report. ENALAPRIL FOR SALE, That’s about double the number of such raids during the President George W. Bush years.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want my taxpayer dollars going for police actions against legally approved operations. What a waste of money.

The day of total drug legalization will come – just as it did with alcohol. The question is: how many more multiple billions of dollars will we spend before we finally see it’s the logical way to go.




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by Diane on June 13, 2011

METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_4191" align="alignleft" width="175" caption="Dr. Where can i cheapest METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, Kevorkian Helped Us Think About Death"][/caption]

Hardly a day goes by that I don't remember holding my stricken mother's hand as she laid on a special hospital bed we had set up in her living room. It was there she took her last breath, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL pictures. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL canada, mexico, india, Almost every day I think about how my father died in the bedroom of the home he loved so much. Both my parents passed away exactly how they lived - on their own terms, order METHYLPHENOBARBITAL no prescription.

They wanted no heroic measures to prolong their lives and they adamantly told me - their only child - that they did not want to die in a cold, impersonal hospital room, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL pics, They made me promise to abide by their wishes. And just in case, online buying METHYLPHENOBARBITAL hcl, Buy generic METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, they signed a living will putting it all in writing.

I thank Dr, my METHYLPHENOBARBITAL experience. Buy METHYLPHENOBARBITAL no prescription, Jack Kevorkian for that. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, He started the national dialogue about death that opened up the topic for discussion in my household.

[caption id="attachment_4192" align="alignright" width="184" caption="Dr, fast shipping METHYLPHENOBARBITAL. Generic METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, Jack Kevorkian, 1991, where can i order METHYLPHENOBARBITAL without prescription, Online buying METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, With His Suicide MachineI never met the man and, yes, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL dosage, Comprar en línea METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, comprar METHYLPHENOBARBITAL baratos, I know he was a convicted felon who served several years in prison for murder after he administered a lethal cocktail to a suffering man. But he changed the course of my life and the way I look at death, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL coupon. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL treatment, The intense debate he sparked likely touched a multitude of people who probably had never stopped to consider how they would die - and on what terms - until Kevorkian’s quest became known to the general public."][/caption]

When Kevorkian started down the path that ultimately earned him the nickname "Dr. Death" it was the early 80's, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. He wrote a series of articles on the ethics of euthanasia for a German journal called Medicine and Law, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL no rx. Effects of METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, In 1987, he hung out a shingle in Michigan as a physician available for consultation on "death counseling." His first publicly revealed assisted suicide occurred in 1990 when he helped an Alzheimer's patient take her life, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL trusted pharmacy reviews. Where can i buy cheapest METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, She, like many other of his patients, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL blogs, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL for sale, was not terminal. But, no prescription METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, Rx free METHYLPHENOBARBITAL, she was suffering and for Kevorkian that was enough. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, "What difference does it make I'd someone is terminal," he once said during an interview with CNN. "We are all terminal." Truer words were never spoken, purchase METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online. Buy no prescription METHYLPHENOBARBITAL online, [caption id="attachment_4194" align="alignleft" width="110" caption="Nickname Didn't Bother Kevorkian"][/caption]

Jack Kevorkian, the son of Armenian immigrants, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL alternatives, believed every person held the ultimate decision making power over their own life and death should be a dignified event. Yet, buy cheap METHYLPHENOBARBITAL no rx, his legacy will likely be focused only on his stand on physician assisted suicide. Once asked what it felt like to take someone’s life Kevorkian said, “I didn’t do it to end a life. I did it to end the suffering the patient’s going through, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. The patient’s obviously suffering — what’s a doctor supposed to do, turn his back?”

Three states - Oregon, Montana and Washington - agree with the controversial doctor’s stand and have passed laws allowing physician assisted suicides.

Kevorkian wasn't perfect in his judgment as he assisted more than 130 people to end their lives but I'm not one that believes he had self aggrandizement in mind. Like my parents, Kevorkian believed a mentally competent patient should always be in charge of his or her fate. The justice system may have branded him a criminal but it is clear he singlehandedly made generations of both young and older Americans think about their final moment.

[caption id="attachment_4196" align="alignright" width="140" caption="Taken to Prison For Murder in 1999"] METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, [/caption]

When Kevorkian began to publicly preach about "the right to die" in Michigan in the early 90's my parents in Albuquerque, New Mexico became disciples. Both Mom and Dad were the type who didn't use twenty words if ten would do. They sat me down and bluntly told me they believed they - alone - should be in charge of their own lives right up until the moment of their deaths. They showed me their living will and made me promise.

My parents never faltered in their resolve - not even after Dr. Kevorkian had his medical license pulled by the state of Michigan or after he was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison on second degree murder charges in 1999, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. Kevorkian’s book Prescription: Medicide, The Goodness of Planned Death was in my father’s library. Included within was Kevorkian’s idea that executed prisoners should be put to death in a certain way so as to preserve their organs for donation to others. You see, he wasn’t all about death.

[caption id="attachment_4197" align="alignleft" width="174" caption="Some Called Him "Disturbed", Others "Compassionate""][/caption]

By the time Kevorkian was released from prison on parole in June 2007 on his promise that he would never assist in another suicide both my parents were gone. METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE, But their life and death lesson remains indelibly etched in my soul. Because I watched them depart this earth marching to the drummer of their own choosing find I don’t fear death like I used to. I’m now able to look at it as a next adventure.

It's ironic to think that at the end of his life Dr. Kevorkian did not choose the course toward death that he'd preached to so many. He died in a hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan after a month long battle with kidney problems and pneumonia, METHYLPHENOBARBITAL FOR SALE. He was 83. He never married and had no children. His life became all about the death of others.





by Diane on June 6, 2011

[caption id="attachment_4176" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="If the Supreme Court Says Its Constitutional..."][/caption]S GEODON FOR SALE, aying, “I told you so,” is not becoming. So I won’t say it.

But I will remind folks of all those columns I wrote about the need for states to do something proactive about the problem of illegal immigration since members of the United States Congress have repeatedly fallen down on the job, GEODON australia, uk, us, usa.

Frankly, GEODON maximum dosage, I stopped writing about it because I figured anyone who was interested in the topic had already formed an opinion and nothing I would write would change any minds. Also, because there was the hate mail I got after I refused to call people who enter this country illegally “undocumented workers.”

[caption id="attachment_4177" align="alignright" width="137" caption="Supporting Immigrate Children Helps Us All"][/caption]

To paraphrase Forrest Gump, GEODON from mexico, “Illegal is as illegal does, Where to buy GEODON, ” to my mind - period. But another reminder is in order: I’ve also written in support of the Dream Act which would allow the children of illegals who have known no other country to stay here and go to college or serve in our military, GEODON FOR SALE. I’m not against LEGAL immigration at all.

Now, herbal GEODON, no less that the United States Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the state of Arizona and one of its groundbreaking laws designed to curb the tide of illegals flooding across its border with Mexico. GEODON dangers, The law at the center of the storm is called The Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAWA) and, in a nutshell, it penalizes employers who “intentionally or knowingly” hire illegal workers, GEODON description. It requires employers to check a potential employee’s status with a free-of-charge federal data base called E-Verify. GEODON FOR SALE, Repeat offenders who continue to hire illegals will have their business licenses revoked by the state – permanently. Buy GEODON from canada, [caption id="attachment_4180" align="alignleft" width="156" caption="Arizona Leads the Way on State Sponsored Immigration Laws"][/caption]

Remember all those naysayers who yelled about the gall of Arizona. They complained in voices dripping in sarcasm that states aren’t allowed to pass laws that interfere with federal legislation. Arizona lawmakers shouted back – “Yes we can!” They declared that if the federal government wasn’t going to do something to protect their state and stem the tide of illegals flooding across the Mexican border, low dose GEODON, they would. Get GEODON, Arizona passed LAWA in 2007 and the world didn’t fall apart. And the idea has already spread nationwide, GEODON FOR SALE. Lawmakers in dozens of other states have also tried to devise their own variations on employer E-Verify legislation. In some instances the effort has fallen flat but legislatures in Mississippi and South Carolina were successful in passing the law, online GEODON without a prescription. Alabama is on the verge of passing a similar bill too. Australia, uk, us, usa, It doesn’t take a genius to predict that now that the highest court in our land has given its seal of approval to the idea by declaring it constitutional, we will see a rush of other states following in Arizona’s footsteps. GEODON FOR SALE, What’s happening is a real slap upside the head to members of both the executive and congressional branches of government. Washington’s complacency sparked a state’s revolution, is GEODON addictive.

[caption id="attachment_4181" align="alignright" width="98" caption="Pres Elect Obama Promised Immigration Reform "][/caption]

One of the first pronouncements from president elect Barack Obama came as he prepared for a meet and greet with the president of Mexico. Is GEODON safe, Obama promised the immigration problem was tops on his list. But, then again, GEODON interactions, President Bush made a similar pledge and he invoked his Texas ties and close relationship with another Mexican president as reasons why he would prevail. Neither was able to move a meaningful reform bill through Congress, GEODON FOR SALE. Buy GEODON from mexico, Just a few weeks ago, during a speech in the border town of El Paso, Texas President Obama renewed his interest in addressing what he called the “ 11 million undocumented immigrants here in the United States.” He appeased both sides in the long lasting debate, GEODON overnight.

“The overwhelming majority of these folks are just trying to earn a living!” And there was applause. GEODON recreational, “But we have to acknowledge (some) have broken the rules. They’ve cut in front of the line.” More applause. GEODON FOR SALE, Mr. Obama also addressed “unscrupulous businesses” who take advantage of illegal immigrants and he embraced the E-verify system, GEODON cost.

May I say, GEODON without prescription, with all due respect – blah, blah, blah, online buy GEODON without a prescription, blah, What is GEODON, blah. We have heard this lip service from Presidents of both major political parties before.

[caption id="attachment_4184" align="alignleft" width="140" caption="Flag of New Mexico"][/caption]

I was raised in the great state of New Mexico, buy cheap GEODON, I gave birth to my daughter in Arizona and after spending more than a decade living in California I’m here to tell Washington bureaucrats – Move over, GEODON wiki, your time has come and gone. Folks in states that border Mexico (and Canada and lots of others in between) are tired of reeling under the financial crush illegal immigration brings, GEODON FOR SALE. They are tired of Washington’s talk, talk, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, talk. GEODON duration, They yearn for action.

Our state lawmakers have picked up your slack, they now know how to write laws that don’t undermine federal laws (for example, effects of GEODON, Arizona’s LAWA actively includes the federal E-Verify system) and there is a movement afoot you cannot stop. Order GEODON from mexican pharmacy, Other Arizona immigration laws will likely be up before the Supreme Court fairly soon. GEODON FOR SALE, They may not pass constitutional muster – especially parts of SB-1070 which requires police, who are enforcing other laws, to questions a person’s immigration status if there is a ‘reasonable suspicion’ the person is in the country illegally. It also allows the arrest of such suspects without a warrant. Maybe those actions are best labeled unconstitutional, GEODON no prescription.

But the dam of inaction on immigration has been breached. GEODON gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, There is no turning back. Washington, you have made yourself obsolete on this issue. I’m betting other issues you’ve sidestepped will be next.


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