April 2011

The Value of Girls and Boys

by Diane Dimond on April 25, 2011

Best Way to Curb Youth Crime - Get to 'Em Early

So often in this space I write about terrible things being done to – and sometimes by – the children of America. From sex trafficking to bullying, it is easy for a crime and justice writer to get mired in the all the negative surrounding our kids.

This time let’s concentrate on the positive.

Any child psychologist will tell you young people crave attention, structure and discipline. Any cop on the beat will tell you there are plenty of kids who just don’t get it at home. Their parents are either too busy working to pay the bills or their parents can’t pass it on because they never got it themselves. [click to continue…]

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To Find a Missing Child Start at the IRS

by Diane Dimond on April 18, 2011

Ugly Custody Battles Can Result in Parental Kidnappings

Hardly a week passes without hearing something about missing children in this country.  Some are believed stolen for sexual purposes, some are found murdered and thousands of other children are kidnapped by one of their own parents.

Today, let’s focus on parental abductors.

For the parents left behind after their former spouse has kidnapped their child there is the agony of not knowing when – or if – they will see their baby again.  Even the tiniest clue as to their son or daughter’s whereabouts is vitally important if there is ever to be a re-union.

To those heartsick parents I say – The IRS may very well know where your missing child is but the agency won’t tell you.  The Agency isn’t allowed to tell you. [click to continue…]

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Meaningful Prison Labor

by Diane Dimond on April 11, 2011

A ‘Failure to Communicate’ About the Need for Prison Labor

Who doesn’t remember the history class lesson about chain-gang rock-busting punishments for prisoners? Or the Academy Award winning movie with Paul Newman, “Cool Hand Luke” where prisoners were forced to dig meaningless trenches as their daily chore.

That is not what I’m advocating when I say we should return to full scale prison labor in this country.

I’m talking about prisoner labor that supplies a real service to the community or that goes to support the prisoner’s incarceration – such as growing their own food or building new facilities on prison grounds … labor projects that go beyond making license plates and picking up litter.

As U.S. Senator John Ensign, Republican of Nevada was quoted recently saying, “Do we want them just sitting in prison, lifting weights, becoming violent and thinking about their next crime?”

Of course, the answer is no. [click to continue…]

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Searching the Family DNA Tree to Solve Crime

by Diane Dimond on April 4, 2011

DNA Technology Has Graduated

What if I told you there was a powerful crime fighting tool that could help find, convict and put away violent criminals that most of our 50 states are NOT using? Your first question would likely be “Why not?!”

That’s what I’d like to know.

We all get how important the discovery of DNA has been in identifying rapists, murderers and other criminals over the years. But DNA technology has now graduated and for the most part states just haven’t kept up.

Colorado has been leading the way on a technology called Familial DNA Search. Crime scene scientists and police investigators who have used it swear by its usefulness. Colorado has offered up special computer software it developed along with its experts to train others to use the new forensic technology – for free. [click to continue…]

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