March 2011


by Diane on March 28, 2011

[caption id="attachment_3934" align="alignleft" width="140" caption="Abused Women Must Speak Out & Get Out"][/caption]O BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, h boy, am I ever going to take heat for this. But it must be said, WOMENRA schedule. Purchase WOMENRA for sale, There are some women caught up in the awful throes of domestic abuse who are to blame. Domestic abuse occurs because they allow it, WOMENRA recreational. WOMENRA cost, The women of whom I speak stay when they should leave. They repeatedly call police to come to their rescue after their partner’s anger erupts, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Then, my WOMENRA experience, Order WOMENRA from mexican pharmacy, they repeatedly refuse to press charges. These abused and humiliated women forget the panic they felt at the moment they scrambled to the phone and dialed 9-11 for help, doses WOMENRA work. Kjøpe WOMENRA på nett, köpa WOMENRA online, They imagine they can’t possibly make it in life without their abusive mate. They’re caught in a terrible cycle of co-dependent violence, ordering WOMENRA online.

[caption id="attachment_3935" align="alignright" width="144" caption="Abusers Escalate the Violence - Some Murder"] BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

The harsh reality is that when one of these women fails to follow through by pressing charges she may be sealing a death warrant for others who will cross paths with the lout later. WOMENRA reviews, Case in point: Jeffrey Maxwell of Corsicana, Texas, where to buy WOMENRA. WOMENRA maximum dosage, In 1987, he was arrested for slitting his wife’s throat, WOMENRA wiki. Herbal WOMENRA, He never went to trial because Martha Martinez Maxwell returned home and declined to cooperate with prosecutors. Five years later Martha mysteriously disappeared, is WOMENRA safe.

Now - 24 years after the vicious attack on his wife - Mr, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy WOMENRA from mexico, Maxwell is once again in trouble for assaulting a woman. Police traced his car to the home of a kidnap victim, WOMENRA coupon. After WOMENRA, When they arrived at Maxwell’s house to question him officers found the missing woman who had been shackled, sexually abused and badly beaten during her 13 days in captivity, WOMENRA used for. Get WOMENRA, Maxwell, known for his charity work and as an officer in his local Kiwanis Club, WOMENRA pictures, Buy WOMENRA without a prescription, is now charged with kidnapping and rape. BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, If only Martha had pressed charges. Police now suspect she was murdered by Maxwell and they’re trying to prove that, buy WOMENRA no prescription. Taking WOMENRA, They also believe he is to blame for the disappearance of a third woman, Amelia Smith, cheap WOMENRA, WOMENRA from canada, who went missing in 2000 and is also presumed dead.

[caption id="attachment_3937" align="alignleft" width="158" caption="Officer Alain Schaberger Died on the Job"][/caption]

Another example: George Villanueva is a career thug with 28 priors including three open cases of battering his girlfriend, WOMENRA no rx, WOMENRA price, Kim Dykstra. Police in Brooklyn, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy no prescription WOMENRA online, New York responded at least a dozen of Kim’s calls for help. Every time Villanueva was arrested and jailed for assaulting her Kim signed an affidavit saying she would not testify against him, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. In mid-March Kim called police a final time saying George was threatening to kill her. When police moved in to arrest Villanueva a violent scuffle on his raised stoop ended with veteran officer Alain Schaberger being shoved over a nine foot high railing. He broke his neck and died a short time later. Villanueva is now charged with aggravated murder. BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, If only Kim had found the courage and self-esteem to press charges.

Every cop on the beat will tell you the most dangerous call they get involves domestic violence, the most heartbreaking DV calls are the ones that include children. Anger mixed with passion can be a deadly combination. In candid moments officers might admit they’d like to ignore the 911 calls from women like Martha and d

[caption id="attachment_3941" align="alignright" width="180" caption="Victims Need Compassion - Victims Can Help Themselves"][/caption]

Kim, those who routinely flake out when it comes time to testify.

Please, don’t accuse me of being unsympathetic to victims. I am not, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. As a reporter and in my personal life I’ve interacted with battered and terrified women. I know their plight and the lack of services offered them when they finally decide to stand up for themselves and their children. I know the law often considers a spousal beating a minor infraction.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance wrote recently, “With so many of these cases … the abuser faces the same sentence on his hundredth misdemeanor conviction as he did on his first. BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, A punch to the face month after month is (considered) the same level crime as not paying a subway fare.”

That’s got to change. We have to instill a system-wide attitude adjustment on how we handle habitual batterers. A three-strikes policy might be a fine solution. But the women at the center of this horrible cycle must also take personal responsibility.

[caption id="attachment_3943" align="alignleft" width="166" caption="What If Police Just Stopped Responding?"][/caption]

Society cannot remove an adult woman from a perilous domestic situation. She must walk out on her own resolved to find a better way of life, BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Can we do a better job of helping her find the courage to leave and a safe place to go. Yes. But more educational opportunities, job training and child care won’t help until the woman helps herself.

After he was charged with murder Villanueva told the New York Daily News he wasn’t guilty of killing officer Schaberger. BUY WOMENRA NO PRESCRIPTION, From behind bars at Rikers Island he cockily said, “The only thing I'm guilty of is domestic abuse." As if beating a woman is really nothing much to worry about.

The most immediate way to stop serial abusers like Maxwell and Villanueva is for their punching bags to take a permanent walk away. The best long term solution is for the women to cooperate with prosecutors and for judges to throw the book at the abusers.

That’s really the best chance we have to stop the cycle of violence from being handed down to future generations.



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by Diane on March 21, 2011

[caption id="attachment_3900" align="alignleft" width="136" caption="Japan - Tragedy of Biblical Proportion"][/caption]

A DUPHASTON FOR SALE, nother tragedy born of Mother Nature – this time a 9.0 earthquake and a gigantically devastating tsunami in Japan – and it seemed the whole world held its breath as we stopped to watch what would happen next. DUPHASTON samples, Countless thousands of souls have been lost, potentially deadly nuclear power plant leaks topped the headlines and it left the rest of us to wonder – What can I do to help, online buying DUPHASTON hcl. DUPHASTON dose, Variations on that goodwill question blasted over television, radio, DUPHASTON online cod, DUPHASTON dangers, the Internet and became “the” topic of discussion.

Also wondering what could be done in the aftermath were the criminals who slither into action at times of heartbreaking calamity.  Almost immediately after riveting pictures of the destruction in Japan appeared unscrupulous scammers began plotting how to divert your charitable donations, DUPHASTON price, coupon. No prescription DUPHASTON online, [caption id="attachment_3906" align="alignright" width="153" caption="Never Give Cash Unless You're Sure"][/caption]

In the past immoral creeps who prey on human suffering were known to have set up a table at a shopping center or gone door-to-door asking for donations. Some took out inexpensive newspaper ads asking for contributions for disaster areas – think events like major hurricanes, great floods or rampaging wildfires – to be sent to a P.O, DUPHASTON FOR SALE. Box, DUPHASTON use. Comprar en línea DUPHASTON, comprar DUPHASTON baratos, But more recently these predators have turned to a different hunting ground, the same place many of us go after a tragedy strikes – the Internet, buy cheap DUPHASTON no rx. Order DUPHASTON from United States pharmacy, After the Japanese catastrophe so many of us hit the World Wide Web for information it was like shooting fish in a barrel for the dishonest. We innocently typed in key words like earthquake, buy generic DUPHASTON, DUPHASTON photos, donations, Japan, DUPHASTON duration, Purchase DUPHASTON, tsunami, relief, DUPHASTON long term, Fast shipping DUPHASTON, disaster fund, donations – or – we used a phrase such as “earthquake in Japan” and these cyber geniuses had already planted their poisonous links and malware and engineered it so we were directed to their fraudulent sites instead of to bona fide news sites or charities, DUPHASTON coupon. DUPHASTON FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_3907" align="alignleft" width="134" caption="Be a Cynic, Its Okay"][/caption]

They also choreographed it so they can capture our personal e-mail addresses and bombard us with solicitations. Buy DUPHASTON without prescription, Click on a scammer’s planted video about Japan’s plight (Facebook users continue to be a prime target for this) and the criminals are able to gather up your personal information to continue their barrage of begging for money.

The cyber criminal’s quickly constructed web sites look glossy and legit, DUPHASTON forum. Online buying DUPHASTON, They feature pirated news video of the devastation (stolen directly off the air from sources like CNN, MSNBC or Fox News) and they sport finely crafted and emotional appeals to “click here to donate.” With tears in our eyes for Japan’s massive misfortune many unsuspecting souls follow the illicit commands to donate and in doing so line the pockets of countless cyber- pickpockets, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. DUPHASTON pics, Who doesn’t want to help at a time like this, right, discount DUPHASTON.

The thieves might have spawned their fraudulent enterprise from American soil or from a base in any number of obscure countries, DUPHASTON FOR SALE. DUPHASTON wiki, As soon as they get a windfall they erase their cyber footprints and slink away until the next con. That’s why it is so difficult for law enforcement to track them down and prosecute, DUPHASTON images. Order DUPHASTON online c.o.d, [caption id="attachment_3908" align="alignright" width="169" caption="Never Give Credit Cards Info Over Phone"][/caption]

Attorneys General in several states have issued warnings about all sorts of fraudulent solicitations. In Oregon scam artists have been making phone calls asking for money for Japan, DUPHASTON online cod. DUPHASTON FOR SALE, In Michigan, a warning to be skeptical of unsolicited cell phone text messages urging donations. Is DUPHASTON addictive, In Arizona, a call to be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as surviving victims, DUPHASTON description.

The FBI’s Jenny Shaerer who works with the Internet Crime Complaint Center told me, “We urge people to take the initiative themselves. “Don’t respond to something that comes to you, like an e-mail.”

My best advice. Never give out credit card or bank account information. Don’t give cash, DUPHASTON FOR SALE. Instead, write a check so there’s a paper trail.

[caption id="attachment_3909" align="alignleft" width="166" caption="Urgent Attempts to Cool Japan's Nuke Reactors"][/caption]

Japan is a country of respectful people where the crime rate is traditionally low and in the aftermath of the crisis there has been no looting or other related crime wave. They are a largely peaceful and law abiding country. Ironic then that Japan would be at the center of such a disrespectful scam. DUPHASTON FOR SALE, At a time when fresh water, food, medical supplies, gasoline and electricity are so desperately needed any dollar diverted by swindlers is a crime against humanity.

I figure there’s got to be a special corner in hell for anyone who would exploit such suffering.

None of this is to discourage your donations to charity. It is to encourage you to give to the right place. Donate only to a well established charity like the Red Cross, UNICEF, or Doctors Without Borders to name just a few. And don’t be fooled by organizations with similar sounding names, DUPHASTON FOR SALE. “Your Salvation Army” is not the same thing as the real Salvation Army.

An Established Charity

If you’re in doubt about a group the Better Business Bureau can help. So can a quick look at the Charity Navigator's Web site.  It offers a handy list of the best and least efficient charities. If you don’t find a group listed there you probably should donate to some other place.

And for goodness sakes, if you run across a phony charity do the rest of us a favor. Report it to law enforcement to help put the bums out of business.






by Diane on March 14, 2011

FRISIUM FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_3884" align="alignleft" width="145" caption="Time to Re-Think. "][/caption]I
’m against the death penalty, order FRISIUM online overnight delivery no prescription. FRISIUM schedule, Until I’m not.

Mention a criminal who has sexually abused or murdered a child and I waver, FRISIUM maximum dosage. Rx free FRISIUM, Show me a terrorist who wants to kill Americans because we don’t share his religion and I vacillate. Catch a stone cold cop killer and I think if we don’t punish the murderer to the fullest we allow the very fabric of our nation’s security to unravel, FRISIUM FOR SALE.

Yet, FRISIUM overnight, FRISIUM dosage, with all that said, there seems to be a built in contradiction to killing a killer, my FRISIUM experience, FRISIUM interactions, don’t you think.

The Governor of Illinois took a bold step this week when he signed a bill that abolishes the death penalty in his state, FRISIUM results. Canada, mexico, india, Governor Pat Quinn said he took the step because in the past the system in Illinois found at least 20 men guilty of capital offenses and condemned them to death only to have evidence crop up later that exonerated them.

[caption id="attachment_3883" align="alignright" width="148" caption="Illinois Governor Pat Quinn"][/caption]

“If the system cannot be guaranteed 100 percent error free, FRISIUM price, FRISIUM from canadian pharmacy, then we cannot have the system,” Said Quinn, where can i cheapest FRISIUM online. FRISIUM FOR SALE, “It just is not right.”

Illinois is a perfect microcosm of our decade’s long national debate and flip-flop on the issue. FRISIUM steet value, We had capital punishment, then we banned it and in 1976 the U.S, FRISIUM pharmacy. Order FRISIUM from United States pharmacy, Supreme court reinstated a state’s right to apply the death penalty.

In the 1990’s, buy FRISIUM no prescription, FRISIUM from mexico, after Illinois figured out it had at least 13 innocent people on death row (the figure rose to 20 later) former Governor George Ryan made news worldwide when he issued a suspension of all executions. Right before he left office in 2003 Ryan, FRISIUM price, coupon, FRISIUM photos, literally, cleared out death row and commuted the sentences of 167 convicts leaving them to serve life in prison with no parole, FRISIUM no rx.

In making his pronouncement Governor Quinn commuted the sentences of 15 more condemned convicts and now they will serve life with no hope of ever being paroled, FRISIUM FOR SALE. FRISIUM class, [caption id="attachment_3887" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Families Demand Justice Outside Prison"][/caption]

I know many of the loved ones seeking to avenge the innocent dead will not be pleased but, you know, doses FRISIUM work, FRISIUM over the counter, in the scheme of things a life sentence is pretty horrible to contemplate. Instead of being released from this earth via a lethal injection these prisoners will be forced to think about the terrible acts that put them there every single day, online FRISIUM without a prescription. FRISIUM street price, They will grow old and infirm behind bars within a foul society. Instead of dreaming about someday being free they know they will have to spend every single minute of every single day locked up like an animal, FRISIUM long term. FRISIUM FOR SALE, There is no escape. Where can i find FRISIUM online, That daily suffering seems like vengeance enough.

Interestingly, order FRISIUM from mexican pharmacy, FRISIUM duration, many victim's families are against the death penalty believing it serves no purpose in bringing back their loved one.

Illinois now joins 15 other states and the District of Columbia in doing away with the death penalty. Although, as if to underscore how frequently the winds change on the issue, New Mexico’s newly elected Governor, Susana Martinez, wants to bring it back to the Land of Enchantment.

It is question from biblical times – what to do with those who take the lives of others, FRISIUM FOR SALE. The book of Deuteronomy waves off pity and speaks of an “eye for an eye.” But as spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi put it, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

[caption id="attachment_3893" align="alignright" width="156" caption="An Issue Worth Re-Visiting "][/caption]

So, after Governor Quinn’s recent stand on the issue maybe this is a good time for all of us to re-think what we believe about capital punishment. Should the United States be in the business of killing killers. Is it the best way to keep the rest of us safe. And for those who focus on the cost of prisons a question: is it fair to focus on money when we’re talking about life and death. FRISIUM FOR SALE, Ask yourself honestly, could you perform an execution.

Maybe we could mitigate the number of executions by limiting them to those who have committed the worst crimes. But who decides that the killer of a child or police officer deserves death while the murderer of an elderly person gets life in prison.

As you ponder the issue realize: Since 1976 states have executed about 1,240 convicts. There are currently at least 3,254 more waiting for their lethal injection or whatever other mode of death they chose as some states allow the inmate to pick his destiny – electrocution, lethal gas, shooting or hanging. Seems odd to think in America we still carry out firing squads but Utah staged one as recently as June 2010, FRISIUM FOR SALE. Delaware had a hanging in 1996.

[caption id="attachment_3894" align="alignleft" width="169" caption="This is Where They Die"][/caption]

I’ve stood inside the death chamber of a prison and had the door close behind me. Everything in the room was white except for the 2 thick brown leather straps at the foot of the death bed which buckle in the feet of the condemned and those in the middle that hold down the hands and chest. White, the color of innocence and purity. FRISIUM FOR SALE, There seems to be nothing innocent or pure about taking the life of another human being. Not even an evil one.

But, I’ve interviewed enough victims’ family members to know their need for retribution is sincere, comes from deep within and oftentimes can’t be quenched until the killer is killed. I understand.









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by Diane on March 7, 2011

[caption id="attachment_3861" align="alignleft" width="144" caption="Prisoners Committing Tax Fraud - To the Tune of Multiple Millions!"][/caption]A BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, t prisons across the country all incoming mail is opened and checked for contraband before the prisoner ever receives it. What would be considered mail tampering on the outside is standard operating procedure in a prison, cheap BACTRIM. BACTRIM trusted pharmacy reviews, Amazingly, however, BACTRIM treatment, BACTRIM without prescription, outgoing prison mail is mostly just bundled up and shipped out via the U.S. Postal Service with no inspection, effects of BACTRIM. BACTRIM mg, The only exception is if a particular prisoner is under suspicion for some sort of criminal activity.

That’s a shame because this failure to monitor mail is the first weak link in a chain of inmate tax fraud that’s been going on for years, according to government investigators, BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION. In just the 2009 tax year, buy cheap BACTRIM no rx, Get BACTRIM, for example, prisoner inspired IRS fraud cost you, buy cheap BACTRIM, Comprar en línea BACTRIM, comprar BACTRIM baratos, me and every other taxpaying American at least 39 million dollars.

[caption id="attachment_3864" align="alignright" width="140" caption="Prison Tax Fraud - How Can It Go Unnoticed?"][/caption]

How could this happen, after BACTRIM. Herbal BACTRIM, How could a prisoner fake an income tax return from behind bars and have it go unnoticed. Many times an outsider’s bank account is used to launder the money but many times sizeable refund checks are deposited directly into prison bank accounts, BACTRIM alternatives. BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, Doesn’t any prison official take notice. BACTRIM used for, While the rest of us sweat to scrape up every W-9 or 1099 form, every receipt and all the corresponding documentation the I.R.S, BACTRIM for sale. BACTRIM use, requires by the annual mid-April deadline, these incarcerated mooks are blatantly committing another criminal act – right under the noses of their guards, BACTRIM canada, mexico, india. Australia, uk, us, usa, A recent Inspector General’s audit of the problem revealed how state prisoners have been getting away with it. First, BACTRIM brand name, Buy BACTRIM from mexico, often using the prison library computer, the inmate steals a Social Security number, order BACTRIM no prescription. While surfing on-line it’s also pretty easy to locate a list of bankrupted businesses, BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION. Taking BACTRIM, The prisoner takes the name of one of them and lists it as their former employer on a 1040 form. Oh, BACTRIM australia, uk, us, usa, Buy no prescription BACTRIM online, and the form is also readily available on line and simple for the prisoner to print out and fill out.

[caption id="attachment_3867" align="alignleft" width="111" caption="IRS Can't Keep Up With Fraud"][/caption]

In this era of record business failures it is nearly impossible for the IRS to track the truthfulness of every 1040 form that lists a bankrupted employer, BACTRIM without a prescription. About BACTRIM, The federal audit also disclosed just how gutsy these inmates get. BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, More than two dozen of them asked for and got $50,000 worth of federal tax credits for electric and other alternative fuel cars. Never mind that they couldn’t drive a car if they wanted to, BACTRIM from canada. Purchase BACTRIM online no prescription, And, the report concluded the 39 million dollar fraud from 2009 was likely even larger because some 10 thousand returns from prisoners were never scrutinized, purchase BACTRIM online. BACTRIM cost, [caption id="attachment_3874" align="alignright" width="165" caption="The IRS Not Allowed to Share Info With State Prisons "][/caption]

If the first weak link is the state prison system which allows the fake tax forms to be mailed out unchallenged, the second overlooked fail safe has to be the IRS itself. The agency is sending out millions of dollars in undeserved tax refunds to convicts without so much as a double check of Social Security numbers or a second thought as to why a check would be going to a prison address in the first place. Apparently there’s no built in filter at the IRS to flag checks going to state prisons, BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION.

That’s got to change.

In 2008, Congress finally got around to passing a law that allows the IRS to share information about suspicious tax returns with the federal Bureau of Prisons. To date, there’s no law that allows the IRS to share with state prison officials. That’s got to change too. BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, Especially for the states of California, Florida, Georgia and others with the largest prison populations.

[caption id="attachment_3876" align="alignleft" width="158" caption="Tax Cheaters Already Behind Bars "][/caption]

Some prisoners are brilliantly smart. Not smart enough to have stayed out of jail, mind you – but intelligent enough to use their abundance of free time to come up with all sorts of scams launched from their prison cells. Just because this IRS scam is getting some publicity now that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop. With no way for the IRS and the state to legally communicate I can just hear the sarcastic titters of the cons now, “What. I’m gonna get in trouble, BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION. What. Are they gonna put me in jail?”

It ticks me off that at a time when my family and so many others strain to cut corners and watch every penny this fraud continues year after year with no apparent shift in government procedures to stop it.

Not long ago I wrote here about how the General Accounting Office had identified for Congress 30 areas in which – if they acted – multiple billions of dollars could be saved. Crooks bilking our Medicare and Medicaid systems, unnecessary military spending and people who simply haven’t paid their taxes could be more enthusiastically pursued. BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, So far no action has been taken.

[caption id="attachment_3877" align="alignright" width="117" caption="How About Action to Save Rather Than Spend?"][/caption]

How’s this for an idea. From this point forward – and for the rest of the year - how about Congress agrees to expeditiously take up each and every one of those 30 areas outlined by the independent GAO. And once those multiple billions of dollars is saved – can someone please offer a law that lets the IRS share information with state prison officials to stop prisoner's tax fraud.

Anybody out there with me?


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