March 2011

Stopping Domestic Abusers Starts At Home

by Diane Dimond on March 28, 2011

Abused Women Must Speak Out & Get Out

Oh boy, am I ever going to take heat for this. But it must be said.

There are some women caught up in the awful throes of domestic abuse who are to blame. Domestic abuse occurs because they allow it.

The women of whom I speak stay when they should leave. They repeatedly call police to come to their rescue after their partner’s anger erupts. Then, they repeatedly refuse to press charges. These abused and humiliated women forget the panic they felt at the moment they scrambled to the phone and dialed 9-11 for help. They imagine they can’t possibly make it in life without their abusive mate. They’re caught in a terrible cycle of co-dependent violence. [click to continue…]

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Tragedies Like Japan Spawn Crime

by Diane Dimond on March 21, 2011

Japan - Tragedy of Biblical Proportion

Another tragedy born of Mother Nature – this time a 9.0 earthquake and a gigantically devastating tsunami in Japan – and it seemed the whole world held its breath as we stopped to watch what would happen next.

Countless thousands of souls have been lost, potentially deadly nuclear power plant leaks topped the headlines and it left the rest of us to wonder – What can I do to help? Variations on that goodwill question blasted over television, radio, the Internet and became “the” topic of discussion.

Also wondering what could be done in the aftermath were the criminals who slither into action at times of heartbreaking calamity.  Almost immediately after riveting pictures of the destruction in Japan appeared unscrupulous scammers began plotting how to divert your charitable donations. [click to continue…]

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Death Penalty Debate Renewed

by Diane Dimond on March 14, 2011

Time to Re-Think?

I’m against the death penalty.

Until I’m not.

Mention a criminal who has sexually abused or murdered a child and I waver. Show me a terrorist who wants to kill Americans because we don’t share his religion and I vacillate. Catch a stone cold cop killer and I think if we don’t punish the murderer to the fullest we allow the very fabric of our nation’s security to unravel.

Yet, with all that said, there seems to be a built in contradiction to killing a killer, don’t you think? [click to continue…]

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Prisoners Blatant – and Massive – Tax Fraud

by Diane Dimond on March 7, 2011

Prisoners Committing Tax Fraud - To the Tune of Multiple Millions!

At prisons across the country all incoming mail is opened and checked for contraband before the prisoner ever receives it. What would be considered mail tampering on the outside is standard operating procedure in a prison.

Amazingly, however, outgoing prison mail is mostly just bundled up and shipped out via the U.S. Postal Service with no inspection. The only exception is if a particular prisoner is under suspicion for some sort of criminal activity.

That’s a shame because this failure to monitor mail is the first weak link in a chain of inmate tax fraud that’s been going on for years, according to government investigators. In just the 2009 tax year, for example, prisoner inspired IRS fraud cost you, me and every other taxpaying American at least 39 million dollars. [click to continue…]

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