January 2011


by Diane on January 31, 2011

CLOMID FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_3744" align="alignleft" width="209" caption="State of President Obama's Union,  2011"][/caption]One of the primary functions of government is to keep us safe – not only from foreign enemies but from fellow citizens who’ve turned to crime. CLOMID alternatives, We function best when we feel safe and secure in the world. It allows us to unlock our creative minds, discount CLOMID, CLOMID schedule, produce more and better work and give back to society in the most positive ways.

So, generic CLOMID, Low dose CLOMID, as I watched President Obama’s State of the Union speech I listened carefully for what he would say that would address American’s concerns about crime and justice and help us feel safer. After all, CLOMID mg, CLOMID without prescription, consider recent events. Shortly before the speech, in states across the nation, eleven police officers had been killed in the line of duty in a 24 period, CLOMID FOR SALE. And the country is still reeling from the shooting rampage in Tucson, CLOMID pharmacy, CLOMID images, Arizona that left 6 people dead and 14 wounded, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, comprar en línea CLOMID, comprar CLOMID baratos. CLOMID wiki, I was disappointed with the speech.

[caption id="attachment_3746" align="alignright" width="184" caption="One Seat Left Empty For Rep, CLOMID price. CLOMID results, Giffords"][/caption]

Oh, at the top of the speech Mr, CLOMID long term. CLOMID FOR SALE, Obama referenced the empty chair in the chamber left vacant for Rep. CLOMID dose, Giffords but he failed to specifically acknowledge the family of 9 year old Christina-Taylor Green sitting above him in the House chamber. John and Roxanne Green and their son, buy CLOMID without prescription, CLOMID from mexico, Dallas, were summoned to Washington to sit next to First Lady Michelle Obama during the address but they were never mentioned by name, CLOMID street price. Order CLOMID online c.o.d, Neither were others flown in for the photo-op: Tucson nurse Tracy Culbert and other members of the hospital staff who ministered to the fallen that awful day and Daniel Hernandez, the quick thinking congressional intern who almost certainly saved Giffords life by immediately applying pressure to her head wound, what is CLOMID. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, It might have gone a long way if the president had specifically singled out these folks as a signal to all of us that heroism and goodness really do prevail.

[caption id="attachment_3747" align="alignleft" width="129" caption="Tucson's Jared Loughner - Schizophrenic, CLOMID FOR SALE. "][/caption]

As the speech progressed the President said nothing about how easily the mentally ill or the career criminal can get guns or mega-clips of ammunition in this country, CLOMID class. Buy CLOMID online cod, Nothing was mentioned about what we might do as a society going forward to preemptively help the criminally insane before they go off on a deadly spree.

While the President did briefly mention illegal immigration and said, purchase CLOMID, Ordering CLOMID online, “I am prepared to work with Republicans and Democrats to protect our borders, enforce our laws and address the millions of undocumented workers who are now living in the shadows, CLOMID results, Order CLOMID online c.o.d, ” he offered no specifics. I wondered why, CLOMID without a prescription, CLOMID alternatives, if Mr. CLOMID FOR SALE, Obama was serious about dealing with the strain of illegals on our schools, hospitals, housing and social welfare offices, why hasn’t his administration pushed specific legislation over the last two years.

[caption id="attachment_3756" align="alignright" width="166" caption="Too Many Inmates, buy CLOMID without a prescription. Release Some. "][/caption]

I didn’t hear a word about the growing problem of early release of convicts due to widespread prison overcrowding, the scourge of human trafficking, diminished state budgets for court systems to administer justice, the lack of funds for new police hires or forensic crime labs, the epidemic of illegal prescription drug abuse, fraud in the home mortgage industry or the ever growing problem of identity theft and cyber crime. All are major difficulties Americans deal with every day but none of it was deemed important enough for mention as a part of an address about the state of our union.

Since September 11, 2001 America hasn’t felt like the secure cocoon I was raised to believe it would always be, CLOMID FOR SALE. Since the World Trade Towers collapsed, the Pentagon burned and brave souls perished on a plane in a Pennsylvania field there have been anthrax scares, multiple mass shootings at schools, frequent terror threats especially at airports, tens of thousands of citizens murdered ... I could go on and on.

[caption id="attachment_3757" align="alignleft" width="188" caption="The Day America's Security Changed Forever"][/caption]

American’s sensibilities are raw with worry, worry about things we can’t even imagine yet. Even the president said during his address, “… As we speak, Al Qaeda and their affiliates continue to plan attacks against us” and he promised that the U.S. CLOMID FOR SALE, will keep the Taliban from re-establishing terror bases inside Afghanistan. In the scant two paragraphs Mr. Obama dedicated to address the continuing terror threat we face he failed to mention that he plans to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan this summer. Then what.

I’ll go out here on a limb and say that every American is for reducing the massive federal deficit, creating more jobs, finding a new spirit of excellence in education and alternative energy development. We all agree our government needs a major restructuring overhaul – five agencies that handle housing problems, CLOMID FOR SALE. It’s crazy. But none of that is achievable – innovation and reconciliation are impossible – if we’re hunkered down feeling unsafe.

Everything the President said was vitally important; every topic he raised in his state of the union speech warrants serious consideration. But just as important is the need for every American to feel secure enough to venture out into the world to help spark the needed changes and to feel connected to the work that needs to be done.

I was looking for some reassurance and it wasn’t there.


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by Diane on January 24, 2011

[caption id="attachment_3736" align="alignleft" width="149" caption="Mom takes me to Sunday School "][/caption]

L SEPAZON FOR SALE, et’s just say my long ago Sunday School lessons often went in one ear and out the other. Taking SEPAZON, But one passage from Matthew 6:3 always stuck with me, “…When you give to the needy, SEPAZON interactions, Cheap SEPAZON no rx, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing…”

I remember that saying confused me as a child. How could a part of your body not know what another part was doing, SEPAZON brand name. Canada, mexico, india, As I got older I began to interpret the passage to mean when you give to those less fortunate do it quietly and with humility. To brag about your charity negates it somehow, low dose SEPAZON.

Every New Year I try to think of something more I can do to give back to the crime and justice community that fascinates me so, SEPAZON FOR SALE. Order SEPAZON online overnight delivery no prescription, Almost always it comes around to what can be done for the most innocent victims – children – who through no action of their own are thrown into lifelong turmoil by the adults in their lives.

Imagine a small child wrapped in a blanket shivering outside as the police investigate his mother’s murder inside their cramped inner-city apartment, SEPAZON pics. Buy SEPAZON no prescription, A neighbor has called 9-11 after hearing yet another domestic dispute next door. This time the argument turned deadly, SEPAZON street price.

[caption id="attachment_3737" align="alignright" width="181" caption="First Responders Often Encounter Children "] SEPAZON FOR SALE, [/caption]

Imagine the child who has been sexually abused. Comprar en línea SEPAZON, comprar SEPAZON baratos, The police arrive, the child is taken to the hospital where strangers poke and prod her in the most intimate places, where can i order SEPAZON without prescription. Purchase SEPAZON for sale, In some instances, children like these are taken into protective custody and won’t see their parents for a long time, where to buy SEPAZON. SEPAZON mg, Sometimes it’s a parent who was the perpetrator.

Imagine the child whose home is burning down watching firefighters as they valiantly try to snuff out the blaze that is devouring everything he holds dear, SEPAZON canada, mexico, india. Or the young victim of a drunk driver who is crying uncontrollably in the backseat as paramedics tend to her injured parents in the front seat, SEPAZON FOR SALE. Buy SEPAZON from canada, What happens to these children in those next crucial moments. They’ll come face-to-face with a stranger wearing a badge or rushing from an ambulance to help them but these kids will be scared to death, after SEPAZON. SEPAZON forum, We can’t be there comfort all the children in need but there are great souls, out there in America, where can i find SEPAZON online, SEPAZON online cod, leading organizations who try to be. They need our help to continue their good works, SEPAZON for sale.

[caption id="attachment_3718" align="alignleft" width="149" caption="Polly with Operation Fuzzy Stuffed Animals"] SEPAZON FOR SALE, [/caption]

Polly Franks of Richmond, Virginia is a mother of two who learned a horrible truth from her 8 and 9 year old daughters back in 1995. My SEPAZON experience, They had both been attacked by a trusted neighbor who turned out to be a convicted serial predator. Polly and her family have lived through the nightmare and today their non-profit Franks Foundation sponsors Operation Fuzzy for young victims of sex crimes, SEPAZON duration. SEPAZON gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Polly’s group gives “comfort kits” at the emergency room. Inside the colorful child-themed pillowcase are pads of drawing paper and crayons or colored marking pens, discount SEPAZON. Sometimes the supplies help the child relate to police exactly what happened to them, SEPAZON FOR SALE. Buy SEPAZON without prescription, Art therapy often helps young victims reveal details of their ordeal. The children of Operation Fuzzy are also encouraged to select their own stuffed animal from a big bag as a way to give them a little bit of personal choice in the midst of a situation that seems so out of control, buy SEPAZON online no prescription. SEPAZON treatment, Polly’s kits are a welcome and healing distraction for children during the worst time of their life. She’s seen the transformation these small tokens make in the faces of these tiny victims and the Franks Foundation continues to look for the finances to expand their reach, SEPAZON dose.

[caption id="attachment_3726" align="alignright" width="152" caption="Author Paul Gilbertson of ReachAChild.org"] SEPAZON FOR SALE, [/caption]

Across the country in Madison, Wisconsin children’s book author, Paul Gilbertson and his wife Chris wanted to find a way to help youngsters in the midst of crisis. They established a group called Reach a Child that gives a backpack full of books to police officers and other first responders so they can hand one to a child at the very moment they most need consoling. Officers report back that tears immediately turn to smiles and many kids say it was the first book they ever owned. The gift comforts, establishes a positive relationship with law enforcement and promotes literacy. From their base in Wisconsin the Gilbertson’s have donated 175,000 children’s books over the last two years and their program has spread to Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska and California. The Gilbertsons hope their idea can spread nationwide."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3727" align="alignleft" width="100" caption="Reach Out Somehow "][/caption]

These are just two of countless organizations out there that are dedicated to helping our most innocent victims, SEPAZON FOR SALE. I wish I had space enough to mention more of these altruistic groups but I mention this pair to showcase how little it takes from us – a bit of money, donations of supplies or just volunteer time – to help create something that changes the life of a child in crisis.

Follow through on the idea that a New Year brings you a new opportunity for charitable deeds. And, “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing…”

Just do something.


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by Diane on January 17, 2011

AMARYL FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_3683" align="alignleft" width="186" caption="Tucson's Dead:  Christina Taylor-Green, Dorothy Morris, Judge John Roll, Phyllis Schneck, Dorwin Stoddard, Gabe Zimmerman "][/caption]

Now what. AMARYL pictures, After the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona - 6 dead including a federal judge and 14 shot including a congresswoman left as a national martyr, AMARYL long term, AMARYL overnight, a symbol of the evil people are capable of heaping on each other - now what do we do as a nation.

We’ve lived through more than a week of people throwing barbs tinged with poisonous political rhetoric at each other (Republican rantings made the gunman snap, AMARYL dangers. AMARYL description, No, it was the Tea Party, AMARYL from canada. AMARYL from canadian pharmacy, It was intolerant liberal politics that made him pull the trigger!) and now that the initial vomiting of invectives is over, can we please just take a breath, buy no prescription AMARYL online.

We need to not be distracted from solving crimes and figuring out what drives people to mass murder, AMARYL FOR SALE. Buy AMARYL from mexico, Let’s logically look at the facts surrounding the history of 22 year old Jared Loughner and ignore those who would use this terrible calamity to advance their own political agendas. Examine what happened in Tucson on January 8th as a detective would who’s investigating a crime cops call Rampage Murder, cheap AMARYL. AMARYL no prescription, [caption id="attachment_3685" align="alignright" width="141" caption="Jared Lee Loughner's Mug Shot"][/caption]

We’ve learned Loughner was a troubled loner, a behavioral problem in high school, AMARYL cost. AMARYL use, In college he literally “scared the crap” out of classmates who worried that he might bring a gun to class. AMARYL FOR SALE, One young woman said she took to sitting, “by the door with my purse handy” in case Loughner exploded. Jared had been arrested for drug possession, AMARYL no rx, Order AMARYL from United States pharmacy, had multiple run-ins with campus police and he was kicked out of college until he underwent a mental health exam. There’s no indication Loughner ever complied with that requirement, where can i buy cheapest AMARYL online. AMARYL maximum dosage, He was able to legally buy a gun last year since he’d never been put on any sort of watch list. After the mass murders last week, AMARYL steet value, AMARYL schedule, a photo journalist snapped a picture of a macabre altar featuring a mock human skull surrounded by shriveled oranges and candles in his back yard. The delusional writings and videos Jared Loughner left behind reveal one indisputable fact, AMARYL FOR SALE. He is a mentally sick man, AMARYL without prescription. Order AMARYL from mexican pharmacy, While his internet ramblings are full of the zigs and zags of anger at “government mind control”, the currency and grammar systems we use, AMARYL recreational, AMARYL pharmacy, and praise for his favorite books like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “The Communist Manifesto” – there’s no concrete evidence that he followed the actions of any particular political group. In fact, AMARYL wiki, AMARYL dosage, Loughner was registered to vote as an independent.

[caption id="attachment_3687" align="alignleft" width="188" caption="Rep, online buying AMARYL. AMARYL FOR SALE, Gabrielle Giffords Swearing-in, 2011"][/caption]

But, the politically infected media irresponsibly seized upon the “politics made him do it” theory – spread it far and wide – with no real proof of motivation. AMARYL reviews, Palin was to blame, or was it Pelosi, AMARYL australia, uk, us, usa. Real brand AMARYL online, Maybe it was Fox News’ Glenn Beck or MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. No matter, doses AMARYL work, since Arizona sits at ground zero in the immigration debate it must have had something to do with politics. There was scant discussion of gun laws and gun control but not enough for my taste.

[caption id="attachment_3686" align="alignright" width="113" caption="History: the Violently Mentally Ill's Warning Signs"][/caption]

My thoughts and those of many in law enforcement I spoke with immediately after the Tucson shootings went to the likes of those murderous and disturbed souls like Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold the shooters from Columbine High School; and to Seung-Hui Cho at Virginia Tech another revenge murderer who killed 32 people, AMARYL FOR SALE. Their gruesome histories taken together put Loughner’s trajectory in perspective. Like them Loughner is perhaps suffering from schizophrenia or some other diagnosable condition who also chronicled his darkest thoughts in disturbing journals.

[caption id="attachment_3696" align="alignleft" width="144" caption="Revenge Murders: Mental Health Issues Abound"][/caption]

Instead of the focus being on which political party might have lit Loughner’s final fuse why didn’t we – why don’t we – concentrate more on the mental health of our fellow citizens. Why didn’t anyone notice how truly unhinged this kid had become wallowing in a world of what he called “consciousness dreaming?” Did his parents grasp how really ill he was. AMARYL FOR SALE, Should officials at Pima Community College have reported Loughner’s strange behavior to police. The reason we got the spate of news we did in the hours after the shooting is simple, of course. It’s easier to pick today’s fractured political environment to blame because there’s never a shortage of pundits lining up to give their opinion to the masses.

President George W. Bush said something during his inauguration address in 2001 that’s always stuck with me. “Sometimes our differences run so deep it seems we share a continent but not a country.” Whether you align yourself with the former President or not his words still ring true, AMARYL FOR SALE. We’ve allowed our differences to define who we are and the truth is: we are a fractured nation. Many of us live with the idea that it’s US against THEM.

In the meantime, reality continues all around us. And it often goes uncovered by a media grasping at ways to stay relevant. The Kaczynskis, Klebolds, Harris’, Chos and Loughners are not going away. They are walking among us right now, fermenting their mental illness in their own dark place and displaying it in all sorts of ways that we’re just too blind to see.

We need to find better ways to read their signals before they launch their own revenge.





by Diane on January 10, 2011

[caption id="attachment_3670" align="alignleft" width="190"] Jaime and Gladys Scott Breathing Free Air Again[/caption]

O GENERIC STRATTERA FOR SALE, ver the years there have been torrents of tears, rejected legal appeals, heartfelt rallies and now after nearly 17 long years there is finally clemency for Gladys and Jamie Scott. It’s a case that has had injustice written all over it from the get go, GENERIC STRATTERA price, coupon. Order GENERIC STRATTERA no prescription, The Scott sister’s 1994 conviction came on a crime they insist they played no part in – an armed robbery in which no one was hurt and about eleven dollars was stolen. Testimony at trial was completely contradictory and in later years witnesses admitted they’d committed perjury, is GENERIC STRATTERA safe. Herbal GENERIC STRATTERA, On Friday, January 7th, buy cheap GENERIC STRATTERA no rx, No prescription GENERIC STRATTERA online, 2011 Gladys and Jamie jubilantly left the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility yelling, “We’re free!” and “God bless y’all!”  They moved immediately to Pensacola, where can i buy GENERIC STRATTERA online, Purchase GENERIC STRATTERA online, Florida to start their new lives.At the core of the African-American sisters' bad luck was a simmering feud between their father and a local white

[caption id="attachment_3671" align="alignright" width="152"] One of the Many Rallies for the Sisters[/caption]

sheriff. Instead of taking it out on Dad, it was the daughters who bore the iron fist of Mississippi justice, GENERIC STRATTERA FOR SALE.

The young men who wielded the rifle that December day in 1994 finally admitted they had been threatened by authorities to sign statements implicating the sisters and to testify against them, where can i cheapest GENERIC STRATTERA online. Australia, uk, us, usa, The men were each sentenced to 8 years in prison and got out after serving just three. Yet the sisters, GENERIC STRATTERA blogs, Online buy GENERIC STRATTERA without a prescription, who had no prior criminal record and had young children waiting for them at home, were inexplicably slapped with life terms – two for each sister, buy generic GENERIC STRATTERA. GENERIC STRATTERA images, Even if they had been active participants in the crime there was never a justification for that unequal punishment.

[caption id="attachment_3673" align="alignleft" width="221"] GENERIC STRATTERA FOR SALE, Nearly 17 Years in Prison Took a Toll - Gladys (left) and Jaime Scott[/caption]

The sisters have endured in prison, taking various self-help classes and praying for a miracle.  38 year old Jaime suffers from life threatening illnesses including diabetes and kidney failure.  She’s been receiving costly dialysis three times a week and without a transplant she may not survive much longer.  The prison never bothered to place her on a transplant list apparently figuring she would spend the rest of her life there.  Gladys had long offered to donate a kidney to her sister but, again, the prison never took any action to see if they were a match.

Yet, online buying GENERIC STRATTERA hcl, What is GENERIC STRATTERA, according to a legal assistant who met with the sisters just this week: "They've never been negative. I'm not sure how religious they are, GENERIC STRATTERA price, Buy cheap GENERIC STRATTERA, but they always say they've been praying for this day to come."

Since they were housed in separate wings of the prison the sisters were not able to share the joy of the monumental news that came last week - Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour was vacating their sentences.  36 year old Gladys revealed she only learned about her release when she happened to be watching a TV newscast, GENERIC STRATTERA photos. Online GENERIC STRATTERA without a prescription, "I just started screaming and hollering. I'm still screaming and hollering," she said at a post-release news conference, GENERIC STRATTERA FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_3674" align="alignright" width="137"] Sisters' Attorney Chowke Lumumba[/caption]

In the Governor’s proclamation he muddied the waters by writing, GENERIC STRATTERA coupon, Generic GENERIC STRATTERA, "Gladys Scott's release is conditioned on her donating one of her kidneys to her sister," But Chokwe Lumumba, GENERIC STRATTERA trusted pharmacy reviews, GENERIC STRATTERA samples, the Scott's champion and pro bono attorney told me this is not a strings-attached release.

"The governor's office says (none of) this will affect Gladys' release, is GENERIC STRATTERA addictive, GENERIC STRATTERA from mexico, " he told me. If she's not a match, buying GENERIC STRATTERA online over the counter, GENERIC STRATTERA natural, she still gets out. And, effects of GENERIC STRATTERA, Kjøpe GENERIC STRATTERA på nett, köpa GENERIC STRATTERA online, no, she doesn't have to donate an organ to anyone else later on. GENERIC STRATTERA FOR SALE,  And besides, there are laws against giving something of value in exchange for a human organ.

When they were imprisoned, Jaime left three children behind. Gladys left one, and she was pregnant at the time of her conviction. Their mother, Evelyn Rasco, raised all five of her grandchildren while continuing to fight for her daughters' freedom from her home in Florida.  That's where the sisters are now headed to be reunited with their children.  They will remain on probation for the rest of their lives.

They have catching up to do.  There’s a whole new technological world they have no experience with.  They’ve never owned a cell phone or a computer, GENERIC STRATTERA FOR SALE. And they don’t know how the family will pay for Jamie’s life sustaining dialysis or the transplant she must have to survive.

[caption id="attachment_3675" align="alignleft" width="158"] Governor Haley Barbour[/caption]

Believe me when I say an entire book could be written about the travesty that was the trial for these sisters -- I've read the transcripts. And even now, at the end of their long ordeal, there is a distinct ugliness in the way Gov. Barbour dismissively referred to the Scotts in his announcement. GENERIC STRATTERA FOR SALE,   He made no mention of the injustice of their sentences, no concern expressed for Jamie's perilous medical condition. Barbour simply wrote, "Their incarceration is no longer necessary for public safety or rehabilitation, and Jamie Scott's medical condition creates a substantial cost to the state of Mississippi."

Something tells me the state of Mississippi isn't done paying the cost of what has been done to the Scott sisters. I predict a major wrongful prosecution lawsuit in the future and a top actress -- maybe the socially aware Halle Berry -- starring in a compelling feature film about this travesty.

Now, that would be justice.





by Diane on January 3, 2011

[caption id="attachment_3636" align="alignleft" width="155" caption="Thinking of Ways to Make a Safer and More Just World"][/caption]W ERIMIN FOR SALE, ouldn’t it be wonderful if the commandment to “Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself” was the only law we needed.

Strictly adhered to that would be enough to curb crime in a big way, fast shipping ERIMIN. Purchase ERIMIN online no prescription, There would be no murder, assault, ERIMIN over the counter, About ERIMIN, fraud, burglary … well, get ERIMIN, Rx free ERIMIN, you get my drift.

But as this New Year dawns we all understand that we’re way past biblical pronouncement at this point, ERIMIN used for. ERIMIN mg, Today society must have laws and rules and regulations. But I often heave a big sigh and wish they worked better to get crime under control, ERIMIN FOR SALE.

In years past I’ve used this first column of each New Year to list my wishes for the crime and justice system, purchase ERIMIN online. Real brand ERIMIN online, For 2011 the list is pretty simple ...

[caption id="attachment_3637" align="alignright" width="154" caption="Sheen: Poster Boy for "Green Justice""][/caption]

First, ERIMIN price, Buy ERIMIN from canada, I wish Americans had more faith in our system. That they don’t can be blamed in large part on the system itself, ERIMIN duration. ERIMIN FOR SALE, When manipulating lawyers help someone famous get away with a serious offense without punishment it only goes to foster contempt. Australia, uk, us, usa, If someone in, say, order ERIMIN no prescription, ERIMIN maximum dosage, New Mexico gets a prison term for holding his wife at knife point while threatening to kill her, shouldn’t actor Charlie Sheen get the same punishment if he commits such a crime in Colorado, doses ERIMIN work. Kjøpe ERIMIN på nett, köpa ERIMIN online, And if a judge sentences someone to ten years in prison why are they often out in five and a half. I wish our laws were more uniform state-to-state, ERIMIN blogs, ERIMIN images, that they were applied more evenly and that a sentence reflected reality instead of giving convicts the feeling that they can play the system.

I wish that in 2011 no judge releases a criminal who will repeat his or her crime, online buying ERIMIN. I know it will never come true, ERIMIN FOR SALE. Buy ERIMIN without a prescription, [caption id="attachment_3639" align="alignleft" width="138" caption="Prisons Don't Create Good Citizens"][/caption]

I hope we launch a Manhattan Project type effort to figure out how to safely reduce our prison population. First on the agenda, cheap ERIMIN, ERIMIN cost, I would think, would be to identify and treat debilitating addictions, ERIMIN dosage. ERIMIN interactions, Think how many fewer prisoners we’d have to house if drug and alcohol addictions could be curbed.

I wish we’d explore that along with legalizing marijuana, ERIMIN treatment. ERIMIN FOR SALE, It could cause our prison budgets to plummet. Online buy ERIMIN without a prescription, And, don’t get me started listing my wishes for changes in our immigration situation, my ERIMIN experience. ERIMIN photos, Our decade’s long lackadaisical attitude on illegal immigration has added to our overcrowded prison problem and massively increased the possibility that terrorists have sneaked in to plot against us on our own soil.

Maybe the folks at the new Manhattan Project could ponder this problem too.

[caption id="attachment_3645" align="alignright" width="170" caption="Smart Arriving to Give Testimony "][/caption]

I wish that in 2011 all victims of sex crimes could be as brave as Elizabeth Smart was when she recently testified against the man who kidnapped her and held her for 9 months. Brian David Mitchell said he was commanded by God, ERIMIN FOR SALE. I hope that in the year ahead – and beyond – the public and law enforcement comes to completely understand the pervasive criminality festering nationwide in the name of religion and that we finally figure out a way to deal with the perpetrators who hide behind the doctrine of separation of church and state.

I wish I’d never get another e-mail from a desperate person looking for help in locating a missing family member. But I know I will.

I wish to abolish reality TV shows that mindlessly highlight criminal activity as in TLC’s “Sister Wives” polygamy program. ERIMIN FOR SALE, Especially sickening are those TV producers who exploit the young children of spotlight-clamoring adults.

[caption id="attachment_3646" align="alignleft" width="111" caption="DNA Tests STILL Waiting to Happen"][/caption]

As in years past I will again wish that this will be the year we finally process the backlog of hundreds of thousands of DNA rape kits sitting in crime labs all across the country. Get that information into a national data base. Since a single rapist can victimize dozens of people the sooner we can identify, convict and put away these predators the better. Why don’t we make this a priority.

I wish every Governor would set aside serious time to look at the stack of potential pardons in their in-box, ERIMIN FOR SALE. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has just decided to vacate the life sentences for two African American sisters I wrote about earlier this year. Gladys and Jamie Scott have been in prison for 17 years. They always maintained their innocence but they were convicted for a 1993 armed robbery that netted a paltry eleven dollars.

For that they were sentenced to an unbelievable two life sentences each among rumors that the local former sheriff had a long standing beef with their father.

[caption id="attachment_3647" align="alignright" width="124" caption="An Injustice Finally Righted"] ERIMIN FOR SALE, [/caption]

Gladys’ release is conditional. She can get out of prison only after she donates a kidney to Jamie who requires daily dialysis to survive. I’m sure she’ll be glad to do that.

I also wrote about the citizen revolt sweeping several American cities as voters got fed up with corrupt politicians and called in the cops. I fervently wish for this trend to continue.

I also hope this year brings an uptick in doctors who have their licenses yanked for deliberately over-prescribing narcotics, ERIMIN FOR SALE. It’s not just the Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith types who can overdose and die. It’s your elderly parents, your kids or your spouse.

As I write this I think about the difference between wishes and hopes for the future and the courage and conviction needed to actually change things.

A wish is a dreamy bubble you optimistically release into the universe. ERIMIN FOR SALE, Courage is often wrapped in the pessimism of suspected failure and is rare to find. In the field of crime and justice we can’t afford not to back up our hopes with the courage to change the way we do business.

Look, I’m no Einstein. I don’t know how to make all these wishes come true. I only have enough courage to write them all down, put them out there - leading with my chin and bracing for the inevitable criticism - and hope those smarter than me will lead us.


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