December 2010

Dream Continues For Immigration Reform

by Diane Dimond on December 27, 2010

A Gift for All - Immigration Reform

Everyone – especially young people – wants that one special gift for Christmas. Well, this year there’s a group of kids that will remember the holiday as disappointing after the sins of their parents came back to haunt them. All these kids really wanted for Christmas was a helping hand onto the road to U.S. citizenship.

Their parents brought them to this country illegally, some of them as tiny infants, and although raised here in the United States of America – knowing loyalty to no other country but this one – they’ve been told their American dream stops now.

Our procrastinating Congress ended the first half of its 111th session by once again failing to pass the so-called Dream Act. The act could have become the first brave and concrete step on the arduous road to immigration reform. [click to continue…]

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Medicinal Marijuana Laws on Trial

by Diane Dimond on December 20, 2010

Marijuana as Cure - Not Crime

In November 2007 Steele Smith and his wife Theresa were arrested by federal DEA agents in Orange County, California for cultivating and selling marijuana. But the Smith’s aren’t  your run of the mill drug dealers and the federal government has left them in legal limbo ever since.

The backstory:  In the summer of 2001 Steele was a successful self-employed marketing man who was felled by a gut-wrenching mystery illness.  He couldn’t eat and quickly dropped forty pounds from his already thin 6 foot 7 inch frame.  His doctors were stymied about what caused the debilitating condition.  After four excruciating months a rare-disease specialist diagnosed a condition called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome which pockmarks a victim’s upper gastrointestinal tract with multiple, painful ulcers.  Morphine was prescribed for Steele’s constant pain and he lived in that legally induced drug dependent state for the next three years eventually becoming an opiate addict.

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When Cyberspace Comes Back to Bite

by Diane Dimond on December 13, 2010

Computer as Weapon: Takes Your Thoughts - Reveals Your Secrets

How many times do we have to be told!?  When you write an e-mail or send a text message (or photo) it lives on in cyberspace and could easily come back to haunt you in a big, bad way.

I know that texting on your own cell phone or sitting at your personal computer, writing down your thoughts, then hitting the “send” button may feel like a private activity but it’s actually one of the most public activities you can do. Once your communication hits the digital super-highway it is full speed ahead into immortality.

This lesson was shoved in our face again this week with yet another disgorgement of classified U.S. documents at the internet site WikiLeaks. [click to continue…]

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