November 2010


by Diane on November 29, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3492" align="alignleft" width="174" caption="President Obama Pardons "Courage""][/caption]W BUY MAZINDOL NO PRESCRIPTION, atching President Barack Obama grant the traditional “pardon” to a Thanksgiving turkey got me thinking about my friend Dan Hanks. Dan has been asking for a presidential pardon since April 2003, MAZINDOL street price. MAZINDOL pics, I think he deserves one.

Since the early 80’s Daniel Joseph Portley-Hanks has conducted undercover investigations for our government, MAZINDOL australia, uk, us, usa, MAZINDOL no rx, specifically the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Along with his private investigation partner, buy cheap MAZINDOL, Purchase MAZINDOL online no prescription, the late Fred Valis, Hanks helped the feds crack a multitude of major cases that put away dozens of career criminals, MAZINDOL coupon.

[caption id="attachment_3495" align="alignright" width="137" caption="Daniel "Danno" Hanks "][/caption]

Dan Hanks was born on July 13, 1946 to an Irish Catholic Family, the youngest of ten children, BUY MAZINDOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Order MAZINDOL no prescription, They lived in Southern California and after Dan’s badly wounded and emotionally broken father returned from duty as a Merchant Seaman at the end of World War II he committed suicide when Dan was still in diapers. The widow and her children’s hardscrabble life forced them to move constantly, where can i find MAZINDOL online. MAZINDOL cost, When Dan was ten his mom married a man who appeared to be an upstanding fellow. In private, herbal MAZINDOL, MAZINDOL results, Dan says, his step-father was an alcoholic, no prescription MAZINDOL online, Where can i order MAZINDOL without prescription, child molester who preyed on every one of the siblings. BUY MAZINDOL NO PRESCRIPTION, Dan quickly learned to make the streets his home and as a result he survived by his wits. A second child predator – another man who masqueraded as someone who cared – got Dan in his clutches, MAZINDOL trusted pharmacy reviews. MAZINDOL photos, Once again the sharp thinking boy escaped with his emotional well being damaged but intact.

Right before Thanksgiving 1963, where can i buy cheapest MAZINDOL online, MAZINDOL for sale, at the age of just 17, Dan joined the U.S, MAZINDOL from canada. MAZINDOL interactions, Navy to escape the pain of his life. Unfortunately, a medical condition forced him to take an honorable discharge within a year and his chance at a “normal” life was gone, BUY MAZINDOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Back on the streets Dan was arrested multiple times for auto and property theft, buy MAZINDOL without prescription, Fast shipping MAZINDOL, burglary and for being in possession of stolen checks. He served multiple sentences in prisons with names like Chino, is MAZINDOL addictive, Is MAZINDOL safe, Lompoc, San Quentin, MAZINDOL from canadian pharmacy, MAZINDOL price, coupon, Terminal Island and Soledad. But in prison he began to turn his life around earning his high school diploma and teaching classes to others, MAZINDOL pictures. MAZINDOL without a prescription, Dan realized if he used his brain to rise from convict to crime fighter he might – just might – be able to make a new life for himself. BUY MAZINDOL NO PRESCRIPTION, And that’s what he set out to do.

[caption id="attachment_3497" align="alignleft" width="190" caption="Fred Valis, MAZINDOL over the counter, Generic MAZINDOL, Danno Hanks of Backstreet Investigations"][/caption]

After his release Dan worked closely with Valis and they ultimately established Backstreet Investigations. They operated under Valis’ P.I. license since an ex-con like Hanks wasn’t eligible for one. After reading an article in Playboy magazine about federal law enforcement needing outsiders to go undercover they enthusiastically applied to help catch “the bad guys.” The pair was wildly successful in making drug, gambling, racketeering and even murder cases for more than two decades. They first worked for the DEA, and were later recruited by the FBI to infiltrate the bookmaking arm of the Gambino crime family, a four year case which led to the arrest and convictions of more than 80 people, BUY MAZINDOL NO PRESCRIPTION.

It became important to Dan that he clear his youthful record. He went after getting his own California P.I. license and in 2004 a court finally ordered he be awarded one. However, Hank’s petitions for both a state and presidential pardon have never been answered. BUY MAZINDOL NO PRESCRIPTION, For eight years he’s heard nothing from the government he’s worked so hard for as a crime fighter.

Interesting, when you look back at the history of those who have gotten pardons.

[caption id="attachment_3502" align="alignright" width="172" caption="Not Just a Piece of Paper "][/caption]

President Bill Clinton granted the favor to 16 members of FALN a violent Puerto Rican terror group that detonated 120 deadly bombs across America. Richard Nixon pardoned corrupt Teamster’s chief Jimmy Hoffa in 1971. President Gerald Ford then pardoned Nixon although the disgraced president had never actually been charged with a crime.

[caption id="attachment_3498" align="alignleft" width="89" caption="One More Pardon, Please, BUY MAZINDOL NO PRESCRIPTION. "][/caption]

California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has only pardoned six people during his term but three of them, like Hanks, were men who committed non-violent crimes back in the 70’s and went on to become “contributing members of their communities.” For goodness sakes, Florida’s outgoing Governor Charlie Crist is even considering a pardon for the long dead rock star Jim Morrison who exposed himself during a wild 1969 concert.

But Dan Hanks who’s spent 25 years diligently working for the DEA and FBI can’t get a pardon.

[caption id="attachment_3496" align="alignright" width="184" caption="Hanks, Dimond & Valis, NYC's Plaza Hotel circa 2004"][/caption]

I’ve known Hanks for more than 15 years. He is a trustworthy friend who, among other things, once dropped everything to travel thousands of miles on his own dime to help me track down a dangerous child molester for an article I was writing. BUY MAZINDOL NO PRESCRIPTION, I’ve known him to dig in his own nearly empty pocket to help others buy groceries and to help a kid with a dream of becoming a singer reach her potential. You’d want him for your next door neighbor and I’m thankful that he came into my life.

The turkey President Obama granted a ceremonial pardon to last year was named Courage. I hope this year Obama and Schwarzenegger have the courage to give Dan Hanks a break. He’s long overdue for one.





by Diane on November 22, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3478" align="alignleft" width="119" caption="Justice For Terrorists - At What Cost?"][/caption]

I BUY VASOTEC NO PRESCRIPTION, t is time for us to stop and reassess how we handle terror suspects. VASOTEC from mexico, We just came close to the worst case scenario with a man who admitted his complicity in the murders of hundreds of people yet was nearly cleared of all charges.

Ahmed Ghailani was the first Guantanamo prisoner to be tried in a civilian court – in New York, buy VASOTEC online no prescription, VASOTEC reviews, no less, just a short distance from ground zero where other extremist Muslims killed thousands of Americans on September 11th – and it didn’t go so well, VASOTEC images. After VASOTEC, The Obama Administration had insisted on having the trial in civilian court as a sort of proof to the rest of the world of America’s moral superiority, our transparency and sense of fair play, online buying VASOTEC. Order VASOTEC from United States pharmacy, But the end result to this test case was a near disaster.

To everyone’s shock Ghailani was found not guilty of 284 counts of murder and conspiracy to murder and he came T-H-I-S close to be acquitted altogether, BUY VASOTEC NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_3479" align="alignright" width="94" caption="Ghailani's Cartoon Defense"][/caption]

During deliberations a juror asked to be removed, ordering VASOTEC online, VASOTEC maximum dosage, the defense, which claimed Ghailani was a mere dupe in a larger terror plan and was really only interested in watching cartoons, VASOTEC used for, Online buying VASOTEC hcl, asked for a mistrial. It was denied and Ghailani was ultimately found guilty of only one lesser charge of conspiracy to destroy U.S, VASOTEC pharmacy. Buy no prescription VASOTEC online, buildings and property stemming from the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people, real brand VASOTEC online, Buy VASOTEC online cod, including 12 Americans. BUY VASOTEC NO PRESCRIPTION, The jury largely bought the cartoon defense. This would never have happened with a military tribunal, where can i buy VASOTEC online. VASOTEC long term, In case you’ve been living on the moon, Ghailani is the defendant who confessed – twice - to helping blow up our embassies, discount VASOTEC. Taking VASOTEC, After the bombings he fled to Pakistan and was rewarded by his Al Qaeda masters with a position as Osama Bin Laden’s personal bodyguard, cook and document forger, VASOTEC mg. Purchase VASOTEC, He was described as an “extremely valuable asset” and his CIA handlers reported that they were able to extract very valuable intelligence from him.

[caption id="attachment_3480" align="alignleft" width="97" caption="Ghailani's Boss "][/caption]

The major reason Ghailani nearly walked free from this ill placed prosecution can be traced to the judge’s adherence to civilian court rules, BUY VASOTEC NO PRESCRIPTION. Judge Lewis A, buy cheap VASOTEC no rx. VASOTEC canada, mexico, india, Kaplan decided to disallow two crucial items from the trial: Ghailani’s confessions to the CIA and pending testimony from a man named Hussein Abebe who volunteered to tell the jury that he was the one who sold Ghailani the TNT used in the deadly Tanzanian truck bombing outside the U.S. Embassy, purchase VASOTEC for sale. Buying VASOTEC online over the counter, Judge Kaplan ruled the damning testimony would not be allowed because the CIA learned of Abebe’s identity during Ghailani’s disallowed confession. BUY VASOTEC NO PRESCRIPTION, Experts agree those technicalities would never have happened had the proceedings been held before a military tribunal.

After this week’s stunning verdict we must put all our politics aside, where to buy VASOTEC. VASOTEC description, Please. This debate about what to do with terrorists isn’t about President Barack Obama’s policies versus former President George Bush’s or even Bill Clinton’s, VASOTEC without prescription. VASOTEC brand name, (Giuliani’s acts of terror were said to have occurred under President Clinton’s watch) This is about what’s best for America. It is about all of us coming together in a united fashion to decide the best way handle these deadly enemy suspects, BUY VASOTEC NO PRESCRIPTION. It’s time for every American to embrace the idea that terrorism is an act of war – not a mere civilian level crime – and to demand that war crimes be prosecuted by military tribunals where all evidence can be presented and there’s no worry about spilling state secrets in open court, cheap VASOTEC no rx. That’s the only way to insure true justice. It has nothing to do with proving ourselves to the rest of the world. It’s time for America to worry about our own safety – period.

[caption id="attachment_3481" align="alignright" width="143" caption="World Trade Towers Aftermath"] BUY VASOTEC NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

Look, Ghailani will not roam free anytime soon even with the disappointing verdict. The charge for which he was found guilty carries a minimum penalty of 20 years to life in prison when he’s sentenced in January. But what if the jury had completely bought the cartoon defense acquitted him and set him free. Ghailani could have stopped at Ground Zero to spit on the mass grave site on his way back out of town. Imagine the propaganda value Al Qaeda would have with just one photograph of an acquitted Ghailani overlooking the construction site at the World Trade Center.

This verdict should be a chilling shot across the bow of our collective consciousness – a warning that we better put partisan politics aside and reach a consensus about how to handle the terror suspects our military captures, BUY VASOTEC NO PRESCRIPTION.

Ghailani won’t be the last detainee who needs judging – not by a long shot. Next up are the pending trials of Sheik Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the self-professed mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, and four of his accomplices. At last report our U.S. Justice Department has not yet officially decided what to do with these accused terrorists.

Shall we risk it and try them in civilian court as well. I vote an emphatic no. Cue those military tribunals – and fast.


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by Diane on November 15, 2010

BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_3459" align="alignleft" width="173" caption="Debate About Afghanistan. Yeah, low dose ELDEPRYL. ELDEPRYL samples, Not So Much "][/caption]

During the mid-term election debate we barely heard a discussion about Afghanistan. Why is that, ELDEPRYL dangers. Order ELDEPRYL from mexican pharmacy, It’s a war that’s costing us $30 billion dollars a year, the lives of nearly 14 hundred brave American soldiers (so far) and as I’ve learned it’s making America complicit in one of the most heinous crimes known to mankind, ELDEPRYL no prescription.

I had the opportunity to hear Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent Joel Brinkley give a speech recently to a conference I attended in Chicago and it rattled me to my core, BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION. Canada, mexico, india, I had addressed the Inland Press Association a day earlier (my topic: Journalistic ethics) and when I was introduced to Brinkley before his speech I asked the veteran journalist about his chosen topic. When he said, order ELDEPRYL online overnight delivery no prescription, ELDEPRYL dose, “Afghanistan” I admit I thought to myself, “Maybe I can duck out early – I do have a plane to catch.” Instead, buy ELDEPRYL from canada, ELDEPRYL overnight, I sat transfixed by his words.

[caption id="attachment_3460" align="alignright" width="163" caption="Wisely Asks, buy generic ELDEPRYL, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, "Why Are We in Afghanistan?" "][/caption]

Brinkley has traveled the world several times and ventured deep into dangerous places the rest of us only read about. He’s been a respected journalist for more than three decades and is now attached to Stanford University’s Department of Communications, ELDEPRYL mg. BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION, He’s considered an expert on foreign affairs and how America relates to the rest of the world. ELDEPRYL overnight, “We will never reach our stated objective in Afghanistan,” he told the audience, cheap ELDEPRYL, ELDEPRYL description, “So what are we doing there?” A provocative question. Brinkley reminded us that America’s goals are to obliterate Al Qaeda and to make it possible for the Afghan government to “serve and protect its people” once American troops pull out next year, ELDEPRYL photos. Taking ELDEPRYL, [caption id="attachment_3461" align="alignleft" width="173" caption="Openly Advertising in Yemen"][/caption]

The harsh reality. Al Qaeda has already moved on to bivouac in countries like Pakistan, is ELDEPRYL safe, ELDEPRYL without a prescription, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen, ELDEPRYL dose. And worse yet, according to Brinkley, the government of Afghanistan has never – ever – served its own population so why would we expect them to start after we pull out, BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION. ELDEPRYL long term, Even after years of American lessons in democracy and billions in financial assistance a huge majority of the population has never had a minute of electricity or clean water in their homes. Basic sanitation and medical systems don’t exist, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy cheap ELDEPRYL no rx, the infant mortality rate is among the highest in the world. There is no such thing as local government where one could complain or get some public assistance, is ELDEPRYL addictive. What is ELDEPRYL, It remains a largely lawless land and nothing is apt to change by President Obama’s July, 2011 deadline for U.S, where can i find ELDEPRYL online. BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION, withdrawal. Online buying ELDEPRYL hcl, So indeed – what are we doing there.

But what struck me most profoundly was Brinkley’s description of one particular custom openly practiced by a large part of the Afghan ruling Pashtun population, ELDEPRYL no rx. Generic ELDEPRYL, They are unrepentant pedophiles.

[caption id="attachment_3462" align="alignright" width="193" caption="Pashtun Men Are Open With Their "Love" of Boys"][/caption]

Denied the pleasure of looking at and keeping company with cloaked Muslim women it’s an open dirty secret that men turn to little boys for sexual satisfaction. There’s even a name for those adults who take an impoverished boy lover: Bacha Baz, BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION. Brinkley says the adults like to boast about having their own boy, sometimes called “dancing boys,” according to a State Department Human Rights report from 2009. They take them everywhere, showing them off, holding hands and unabashedly expressing inappropriate affection for the nine to 15 year olds. It’s a status thing. To me it’s nothing less than state sanctioned rape of children. BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Washington officials have long known about this rampant pedophilia. I found newspaper articles about it dating back to 2002. In last year’s State Department report entitled, “Pashtun Sexuality,” U.S. soldiers on patrol for terrorists revealed how impoverished young boys in Afghanistan have literally pawed and propositioned them to take them in as sex slaves. The report also tells the story of one married man who approached Americans to ask how his wife could have a baby. When they explained the man reacted with shock that he would have to be intimate with what his Muslim faith referred to as an “unclean woman.” Sex with a male child is fine by their standards - but not with one’s own wife, BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_3463" align="alignleft" width="171" caption="Pashtuns Believe All Women Are "Unclean""][/caption]

If any American politician recently running for election mentioned this heinous Pashtun practice and our financing of the lifestyle I missed it during all the media hoopla over whether the candidate in Delaware practiced witchcraft or if Sarah Palin was positioning herself for a future presidential run.

The President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, is a member of the Pashtun tribe and he has family in America. He clearly knows that the Bacha Baz among his fellow tribesmen would be considered felons in the U.S. Conversely, as America continues to spend billions of dollars on Afghanistan, knowing what we know, aren’t we benignly condoning this crime against humanity. BUY ELDEPRYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Joel Brinkley told the audience that day in Chicago that foreign correspondents have an unwritten rule: not to impose American standards and customs on the countries they visit to report on. But in the next breath he said, “But some things are just wrong.” Bacha Baz is one of those things. I don’t want my tax dollars going to bolster men who engage in that kind of behavior. You.





by Diane on November 8, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3431" align="alignleft" width="136" caption="Anna Nicole At Her Peak"][/caption]

Y MEXITIL FOR SALE, ou may not give a darn about the late buxom sex-pot Anna Nicole Smith but the recent verdict in a Los Angeles criminal case stemming from her drug-overdose death has certainly captured the attention of doctors nationwide. After MEXITIL, I’ll bet insurance companies specializing in malpractice medical coverage have snapped to attention as well.

After Anna Nicole Smith died in February 2007 three of the people closest to her – her attorney and lover Howard K, MEXITIL australia, uk, us, usa. MEXITIL price, coupon, Stern, her psychiatrist, MEXITIL reviews, MEXITIL from canada, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and her personal physician, MEXITIL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, MEXITIL price, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor were criminally charged, MEXITIL FOR SALE. Among the most serious of the original 23 charges was “providing controlled substances to a known addict."

Interestingly, where can i order MEXITIL without prescription, MEXITIL recreational, the trio was never accused of actually causing Smith’s death and along the way some of the other charges were dismissed. It came down to a trial about whether they’d engaged in a conspiracy to help the 39 year old former Playboy cover girl and TV personality obtain prescription drugs through the use of false names and misrepresentation, MEXITIL forum. MEXITIL street price, During nine weeks the jury testimony boiled down to this:

[caption id="attachment_3433" align="alignright" width="183" caption="Stern, Eroshevich, online MEXITIL without a prescription, Order MEXITIL online c.o.d, Kapoor with Smith in Circle"][/caption]

Stern, Eroshevich and Kapoor finagled prescriptions using both real and fictitious names to get mountains of drugs for Smith, buy MEXITIL online no prescription. Buy MEXITIL without prescription, She had recently given birth to a baby girl and a few days later she suffered through the overdose death at her hospital bedside of her 20 year old son, Daniel, buy MEXITIL from mexico. MEXITIL FOR SALE, So, as the defense team presented it at trial, no wonder the poor woman needed drugs to get her through the ordeal. Purchase MEXITIL online no prescription, The prosecution argued this threesome of so-called professionals – an attorney and two doctors - acted not only unethically but that they each also crossed the line sexually with Anna Nicole Smith.

The 11 drugs found in Smith’s systems ranged from methadone, MEXITIL coupon, MEXITIL treatment, (10 pills a day as prescribed by Dr. Kapoor and taken even while Smith was pregnant) to powerful sleep aids like chloral hydrate and a long list of narcotic painkillers like Vicodin (prescribed by Dr, MEXITIL pictures. MEXITIL wiki, Eroshevich.) The name found most often on her prescription bottles was Howard K. Stern but the doctors also used Jane Brown, Susie Wong and Vickie Lynn Marshall which just happens to be Anna Nicole’s real name, MEXITIL FOR SALE. Dr, MEXITIL dosage. MEXITIL brand name, Eroshevich was warned by two different pharmacists that the type and amount of prescriptions she was writing for her patient amounted to “pharmaceutical suicide.” Still, the state said, MEXITIL over the counter, Buy generic MEXITIL, Eroshevich personally transported massive amounts of prescription drugs to Smith in both Florida and the Bahamas.

[caption id="attachment_3436" align="alignleft" width="208" caption="Anna, buy MEXITIL no prescription, MEXITIL blogs, son Daniel & daughter Danielynn"][/caption]

The jury ultimately acquitted Dr. Kapoor but found Stern and Dr, online buying MEXITIL. MEXITIL FOR SALE, Eroshevich guilty of the false name conspiracy. Buy cheap MEXITIL, While the dead starlet’s supporters moaned that it wasn’t enough of a conviction the verdict still sent an earthquake sized shock through Hollywood’s celebrity, medical and legal communities, MEXITIL duration.

California defense lawyer Harlan Braun told the Associated Press that writing bogus prescriptions in today’s paparazzi inspired media atmosphere is routine. “It’s absolutely necessary for survival in Hollywood. If…keeping these people anonymous is a criminal act, a lot of doctors will have to refuse to take celebrity patients.”

Do famous people deserve privacy about their medical conditions. You bet, MEXITIL FOR SALE. Do their doctors get to break the law while attempting to facilitate their privacy. No way. I, for one, hope we’re witnessing the beginning of a trend where over-prescribing doctors are charged with serious crimes and lose their medical licenses permanently if convicted.

Prescription drug abuse is at epidemic levels. MEXITIL FOR SALE, We spend millions on campaigns against street drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin but we say little about the scourge of desperation and crime left behind by those drugs that come via a prescription pad or an illicit internet “pharmacy.” I quoted studies in this space last year saying a total of 34 million Americans are currently taking painkillers or anti-depressants. Our kids watch us do it and many mimic the behavior.

[caption id="attachment_3437" align="alignright" width="147" caption="Kavinoky of"][/caption]

L.A. based attorney and addiction intervention specialist Darren Kavinoky agrees. “The fact is that we, as a nation, love our drugs. Pharmaceuticals appeal to a broader (and sadly, younger) audience, because they don’t have the stigma associated with street drugs, and are readily available … pills are now number two behind marijuana for young people, and we are seeing more addiction and more overdose deaths because of it.”

On the verdict in the Anna Nicole case Kavinoky says there’s one upcoming defendant who should be shaking in his boots, MEXITIL FOR SALE. He is Dr. Conrad Murray who was tending to Michael Jackson when the entertainer died last June and who is set to go on trial soon on charges of involuntary manslaughter. Kavinoky explains that to reach their guilty finding the Smith jury had to have dismissed the expert medical testimony, “We’re all taught to believe doctors, to trust their judgment as being superior to our own. Those jurors had to disregard this notion in order to get to a conviction. This willingness to disregard the judgment, wisdom and experience of a medical professional should make Dr. Murray righteously nervous.”

Frankly, I hope it makes over-prescribing doctors everywhere mighty nervous.





by Diane on November 1, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3414" align="alignleft" width="155" caption="The One Who Didn't Shrink From the Job "][/caption]

R DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, emember the name Marisol Valles Garcia. She’ll either go down in history as a selfless heroine or she’ll soon be dead, DIFENOXIN schedule. Where can i buy cheapest DIFENOXIN online, Maybe both.

Twenty year old Marisol lives in the small and violent Mexican border village of Praxedis Guadalupe Guerro, comprar en línea DIFENOXIN, comprar DIFENOXIN baratos, DIFENOXIN class, population 9,149, fast shipping DIFENOXIN. DIFENOXIN from canadian pharmacy, Marisol is a criminal justice graduate student, married and the mother of a little boy, DIFENOXIN images. The baby calls her Mama, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. Purchase DIFENOXIN for sale, The rest of her village now calls her Chief, their Chief of Police, online buy DIFENOXIN without a prescription. My DIFENOXIN experience, It’s a job no one else in her village would take for fear they’d lose their lives if they put on a badge.

The last man in Marisol’s position, low dose DIFENOXIN, Order DIFENOXIN no prescription, Chief Manuel Castro, was kidnapped tortured and beheaded last year, DIFENOXIN samples. Order DIFENOXIN online overnight delivery no prescription, But Marisol says she took the job because she’s just tired of everyone being afraid. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, She said after being sworn in, “We have to reclaim our lives!”

[caption id="attachment_3416" align="alignright" width="203" caption="Random Roadside Death in Praxedis G. Guerrero"][/caption]

It’s no wonder her villagers are scared, order DIFENOXIN from United States pharmacy. Real brand DIFENOXIN online, Their Juarez Valley community sits smack in the path of a war zone where two rival drug gangs fight for control of a nearby highway. And the senseless violence there is taking place just half a mile from the Mexican-Texas border, buy DIFENOXIN without a prescription, DIFENOXIN maximum dosage, just about 100 miles south of Corpus Christi.

Tens of thousands of murders have been attributed to the marauding lawlessness that’s gripped Mexico so far this year, where can i buy DIFENOXIN online. The outlaws are trafficking the most valuable of illegal commodities: drugs, guns and other human beings, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. DIFENOXIN from mexico, They let nothing and nobody get in their way.

Children have been gunned down while having fun at a birthday party; Innocents standing in the wrong place at the wrong time and several Mexican police officers in communities all along the border region with the United States have turned up dead, order DIFENOXIN from mexican pharmacy, Canada, mexico, india, many with their corpse’s mutilated as a signal to others of how ruthless the criminals can be if someone tries to stop them. The death toll is sure to rise by the end of the year, doses DIFENOXIN work. Ordering DIFENOXIN online, [caption id="attachment_3418" align="alignleft" width="182" caption="After Her Swearing In - Village Sec. & Mayor Join Her"] DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, [/caption]

But Marisol Valles Garcia waves off the idea that her new job – for which she’s paid just $640 dollars a month – is akin to a suicide mission. She simply saw a desperate need for a return to peace and safety in her home village and so, DIFENOXIN interactions, DIFENOXIN pics, she says, she stepped up to accept the challenge, buy no prescription DIFENOXIN online. DIFENOXIN for sale, “There is a lot of fear in this town, but we can’t live like that, DIFENOXIN online cod, DIFENOXIN use, ” she recently told a reporter.

Perhaps just as courageous is her bare-bones staff equipped with paltry resources. Marisol commands just 13 officers, 9 of whom are women. They have just one patrol car and four guns – that’s it, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. That’s the sum total of their arsenal and the Chief has decided she won’t carry a gun because she’d rather her officers have them out in the field.

“The best weapons we have are principles and values, which are the best weapons for prevention,” she told CNN en Español. Marisol readily admits she’ll have to rely on the Mexican Army to handle the traffickers and her influence will

[caption id="attachment_3420" align="alignright" width="192" caption="Mexican Army "Sometimes" Helps in Praxedis G.G."][/caption]

be limited to local crime prevention and minor infractions. For now Chief Garcia says she’s content to concentrate on her own backyard and to try to re-instill in her neighbors the idea that they can take back control of their community. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, This woman either has her head in the clouds or she’s on to something. I’d like to think it’s the latter. I’d like to think more brave souls will stand up with her and re-claim their peace of mind.

Why should we Americans care. Isn’t this Mexico’s problem. The answer is clear: Americans are getting caught in the cross fire, DIFENOXIN FOR SALE. It’s only a matter of time before the violence spills across our border in even more vicious ways. Just last week, A Texas National Guardsman was killed in the bloody border city of Ciudad Juarez which was once known as a popular party destination. Just why 21 year old Jose Ramirez defied the military’s suggestion to stay out of the area is unknown but he became the latest of at least three American service members killed in Juarez since the drug war began.

Last November, Staff Sgt. DIFENOXIN FOR SALE, David Booher, an airman from Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, was among six killed when gunmen suddenly shot up a bar. In 2008, Lance Cpl. Gustavo Zubia Lopez, was shot and his body thrown off a cliff in Juarez after he ventured across the border to get his car repaired.

[caption id="attachment_3421" align="alignleft" width="165" caption="Ineffective: The Billion Dollar Fence"][/caption]

Look, we’ve spent one billion dollars so far trying to build an ill conceived fence between our two countries to keep the violence “over there.”  After 4 years only 50 miles of the fence has been completed. Maybe our tax dollars would be better spent funding more Chief Marisol Garcia type projects – providing vehicles, weapons and tools to empower the local Mexican population along our border.   I’d much rather my money go to Marisol than to an ineffective fence.

The situation brings to mind the biblical saying that “A little child shall lead them.” Maybe in this case it’s a determined 20 year old woman who could use some help.


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