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by Diane on September 28, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3327" align="alignleft" width="183" caption="The Cost of Justice "] FAMVIR FOR SALE, [/caption]

The scene: A judge sitting on the bench, gavel in hand. Doses FAMVIR work, Sentence is about to be passed on a convicted person nervously standing at the defense table.

Question: Should the judge stop to think how much the state will have to pay to incarcerate the convict before passing sentence, FAMVIR maximum dosage. Purchase FAMVIR online no prescription, The State of Missouri thinks so.

When I first heard about the Show Me state’s new formula for sentencing the newly convicted my knee jerk reaction was – this is awful, buy generic FAMVIR. Justice is justice and judges are there to mete it out, not to sit with a calculator on the bench and tally up the cost, FAMVIR FOR SALE. FAMVIR recreational, But then I stopped and really looked into Missouri’s new idea which went into effect last month.

[caption id="attachment_3328" align="alignright" width="130" caption="Is Calculating Cost Wise?"][/caption]

Here’s the deal – and despite some media reports - it’s not just about the money, buy FAMVIR without prescription. Generic FAMVIR, Missouri’s Sentencing Advisory Commission came up with an algorithm of past statistics and current calculations that give a judge some idea about what might be accomplished with various different sentences. What’s the likelihood the convict will re-offend, real brand FAMVIR online. FAMVIR FOR SALE, Are they likely to violate parole. Discount FAMVIR, How much would alternative sentencing (community service and probation) cost and might it be useful.

Using 11 different factors from the convicted person’s past, purchase FAMVIR online, Canada, mexico, india, including their age, prior criminal record, FAMVIR without prescription, No prescription FAMVIR online, education and employment status and the latest crime they’ve committed the Missouri judge can weigh all sorts of facts before passing sentence. Here’s an example given by the Advisory Commission:

A 20 year old man is found guilty of second-degree robbery, after FAMVIR, Buy no prescription FAMVIR online, which is defined as taking property without a gun and without causing injury. He has no prior felonies but he is suspected of substance abuse, get FAMVIR. He’s a high school graduate and has a part time job that he’s held for just two months, FAMVIR FOR SALE. FAMVIR pics, Taken all together the calculation concludes he is an “above average risk.” After conviction he’s looking at the possibility of spending several years in jail, which Missouri figures would cost their taxpayers about $16, FAMVIR description, Australia, uk, us, usa, 823 each year.

[caption id="attachment_3329" align="alignleft" width="115" caption="Blind - But Penny Pinching Too?"][/caption]

After feeding the high risk defendant’s variables into Missouri’s Automated Recommended Sentencing system the program delivers various options to the judge and reveals how much each would cost taxpayers, online FAMVIR without a prescription. FAMVIR dangers, If the defendant described above is given five years in jail the young man will likely serve just 3 years and get a mandatory two more of enhanced probation. Total cost: $54, FAMVIR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Buy FAMVIR online no prescription, 724. FAMVIR FOR SALE, But after spending all that money, guess what. The recidivism rate for such convicts is 39.6 percent, FAMVIR reviews. FAMVIR brand name, Another option for the judge to consider for the young man is a sentence based on Community Service, which includes 5 years probation and the threat of prison if the defendant doesn’t keep his or her nose absolutely clean, no prescription FAMVIR online. FAMVIR australia, uk, us, usa, That option would cost Missouri taxpayers a total of $8,960, FAMVIR used for. FAMVIR price, It’s a lot cheaper, yes, buy FAMVIR from mexico, but according to the formula it’s also more effective for keeping this type of offender from returning to the penal system. The recidivism rate for a defendant who gets this kind of sentence is just 29.7 percent, FAMVIR FOR SALE.

In other words, Missouri ‘s statistics show that if certain criminals are given a chance to stay free (while still being supervised by the law) they tend to return to prison about 10% less often than if they were sentenced to do hard time. Of course it’s all up to the individual judge to make the final decision.

[caption id="attachment_3330" align="alignright" width="179" caption="The Justice System Demands It"][/caption]

There are critics of this new way of sentencing. Many prosecutors balk at the idea of saving a few thousand dollars per inmate because, as they’ll tell you, the cost of the havoc these criminals might wreak upon the population if allowed to roam free is often incalculable. FAMVIR FOR SALE, “No one can put a price tag on being a victim,” Scott Burns of the National District Attorneys Association said. To the opposition the intent of the program is clear - to try to pressure judges into sending fewer people to prison in these times of severe economic distress.

The chairman of Missouri’s sentencing board is a judge himself, Michael A. Wolff of the State Supreme Court. He’s assured citizens that judges in Missouri would never consider anything but hard jail time for violent offenders, that the idea of optional sentences would be applied only in cases where a prison term isn’t the only alternative.

I’m usually a hard liner on keeping criminals in prison but it seems we spend an awful lot of money over-incarcerating non-violent offenders, especially those with drug and alcohol convictions, FAMVIR FOR SALE. Maybe if we got them back out into the world (while keeping them in court sponsored programs) we’d create more taxpaying citizens to ease the burden on the rest of us.

The United States has more of its citizens locked up in prisons than any other country in the world. Latest figures show 1 out of every 100 Americans is currently in the justice system. I think it’s time we started thinking outside the box.


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by Diane on September 20, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3310" align="alignleft" width="184" caption="Your Government Tracking Number Goes Here"][/caption]

D KAMAGRA FOR SALE, o you remember when you got your first Social Security card. I do, KAMAGRA long term. Buy KAMAGRA without a prescription, I was about 14 years old and wanted to take a part time job at a Dairy Queen which was operated by one of my parent’s friends.First, I was told, KAMAGRA no rx, KAMAGRA steet value, I had to get a Social Security number.

When I finally received it I tucked that card away like it was gold, order KAMAGRA from United States pharmacy. KAMAGRA price, coupon, Today, a whole new set of laws is in effect and since the 1980’s children in the United States are automatically issued a Social Security number at birth, low dose KAMAGRA. Better for Big Brother to keep track of all its citizens that way - but it’s not necessarily good for individual citizens, KAMAGRA FOR SALE. Kjøpe KAMAGRA på nett, köpa KAMAGRA online, [caption id="attachment_3311" align="alignright" width="192" caption="Baby's First "Gift" From Uncle Sam"][/caption]

Here’s what I mean by that. Once a newborn gets a SSN it virtually lies dormant for up to 18 years – just ripe for a criminal’s picking, comprar en línea KAMAGRA, comprar KAMAGRA baratos. KAMAGRA dosage, There are any number of reasons why a child’s SSN would be targeted. Maybe someone wants to assume a whole new identity, purchase KAMAGRA online no prescription, KAMAGRA interactions, perhaps to cover up for being in this country illegally. KAMAGRA FOR SALE, Or someone wants to get a credit card, a driver’s license, apply for a job or a new apartment but for some reason they don’t want to use their own identity. A child’s Social Security number is the perfect target because it’s unlikely the identity theft will be discovered until the child reaches the cusp of adulthood, KAMAGRA duration, Purchase KAMAGRA, the point at which he or she wants a driver’s license, a student loan for college or applies for a job or a line of credit, KAMAGRA use. Cheap KAMAGRA no rx, In other words – the criminal often has a head start of more than a decade. With every passing year they become that much more difficult to find and prosecute, cheap KAMAGRA. Where can i buy cheapest KAMAGRA online, It’s a particularly dastardly crime to commit against a child. It can handicap them in several ways just as they’re starting out on their own, destroying their credit rating and branding them as something they are not, KAMAGRA FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_3314" align="alignleft" width="159" caption="SSN Thieves Come in Several Forms"][/caption]

How does a child's Social Security numbers get stolen, KAMAGRA recreational. KAMAGRA canada, mexico, india, Sometimes it’s a family member who’s in trouble with the law who “borrows” the number of a child in their clan. It can be a divorcing parent who assumes their child’s identity to start a new and unencumbered life, KAMAGRA class. KAMAGRA over the counter, Sometimes it’s more sinister and orchestrated than that with organized rings scouring birth and death notices and making application for duplicate certificates to “prove” they are someone they are not. KAMAGRA FOR SALE, Once they have the SSN they’re off to the races establishing a whole new fraudulent identity.

How can you tell if your child’s number is in jeopardy, where can i order KAMAGRA without prescription. Purchase KAMAGRA online, Realize that under federal law a person under 18 cannot be offered credit so if your child starts getting solicitations for credit cards or other bank services become suspicious. If you go to open a savings account or college fund for your child you may be told someone else is already using their SSN, about KAMAGRA. KAMAGRA results, The same might happen when a minor applies for a driver’s license and learns their number is already in use. According to the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center they might even find outstanding traffic tickets or a warrant for their arrest, KAMAGRA FOR SALE. One of the worst case scenarios is if you apply for welfare assistance or Supplemental Security Income and find your child’s benefits have already been going to someone else, online buy KAMAGRA without a prescription. After KAMAGRA, [caption id="attachment_3315" align="alignright" width="154" caption="Non-Profit Help When Your ID is Stolen"][/caption]

Whenever I write about these hidden danger crimes I also like to be able to offer at least a glimmer of hope that our policymakers are aware of the problem and are doing something about it. But the Identity Theft Resource Center has been talking with various government agencies and lawmakers since 2005 about a way to thwart at least some of the criminals stealing our kid’s identities and nothing has happened, fast shipping KAMAGRA. KAMAGRA natural, The I.T.R.C. KAMAGRA FOR SALE, has an idea called The Minors 17-10 Database. It would require the Social Security Administration to maintain an updated list of all American children under the age of 17 years and 10 months. That ever evolving list, maintained by the SSA, would be provided on a monthly basis to all approved credit reporting agencies. Then, when a credit issuer calls about the creditworthiness of a certain SS number it would automatically be checked against the The Minors 17-10 list. Since it is illegal for anyone under 18 to get credit these fraudulent requests could be detected and stopped immediately.

[caption id="attachment_3319" align="alignleft" width="141" caption="YOU Must Safeguard It "][/caption]

I know a wise person who, when confronted with solving big problems says, “let’s eat this elephant one bite at a time.” Seems that would apply here to the monumental and ever growing problem of identity theft. Let’s begin to nibble, shall we.

In the meantime, it probably wouldn’t hurt to run a credit check on your child’s Social Security number.


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by Diane on September 13, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3292" align="alignleft" width="201" caption="Crime Fighting Application?"][/caption]

H GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE, ere’s a brand new crime fighting idea that’s either crazy or some kind of brilliant. GENERIC PROVIGIL pharmacy, It’s the brainchild of a 63 year old disabled inventor named Bill Tomsick of Cape Coral, Florida, generic GENERIC PROVIGIL. GENERIC PROVIGIL overnight, Bill worked as a newspaper pressman for the Cleveland Press for many years. In 1980, GENERIC PROVIGIL blogs, GENERIC PROVIGIL dose, after a round of downsizing at the paper, he moved on to open a popular and highly successful Cleveland nightclub called The Band Box, order GENERIC PROVIGIL no prescription. Purchase GENERIC PROVIGIL for sale, Life dealt Bill a raw deal eleven years later when a routine chore at the club caused a back injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. That’s when Bill moved to Florida and started inventing things: A foot care item for the disabled and a safety device for pontoon boats, among other things, GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE. And, GENERIC PROVIGIL trusted pharmacy reviews, Ordering GENERIC PROVIGIL online, that’s when his creative mind began to formulate what today has become a highly intriguing idea about how to fight crime. It dovetails nicely with President Obama’s recent declaration that the U.S, GENERIC PROVIGIL images. GENERIC PROVIGIL photos, combat operations in Iraq are officially over.

Tomsick’s proposal is to get some of those highly sophisticated U.S, buy no prescription GENERIC PROVIGIL online. GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE, military (and NASA) satellites re-positioned so instead of finding enemy combatants in Iraq they can be put to use finding criminals here at home.Bill describes himself as a product of the space age, he grew up in the heady atmosphere of President Kennedy’s challenge to NASA to put a man on the moon – and he watched like so many of the rest of us as the nation achieved that goal. Buy GENERIC PROVIGIL from canada, “Since the 1960’s NASA and our military have developed and perfected technology to take real time, high resolution, effects of GENERIC PROVIGIL, Buy generic GENERIC PROVIGIL, low-light, bad weather photographs from satellites and send them back to earth within minutes, GENERIC PROVIGIL no prescription, GENERIC PROVIGIL samples, ” Tomsick says. These images – powerful enough to capture the detail on an enemy soldier’s clothing or the numbers on a car license plate – help our military to react within mere minutes to eradicate threats, what is GENERIC PROVIGIL. GENERIC PROVIGIL from mexico, [caption id="attachment_3297" align="alignright" width="149" caption="Spotting Crime Scenes from the Sky"][/caption]

Why then, Bill Tomsick asks, where can i cheapest GENERIC PROVIGIL online, My GENERIC PROVIGIL experience, can’t we lasso that technology to help stop criminals dead in their tracks. “Using this technology it would allow police to zoom in on any crime scene and follow the perpetrators to where ever they are in real time, real brand GENERIC PROVIGIL online. They could rescue the victim and solve the crime … within minutes!” All it would take is close cooperation between our military and law enforcement agencies, GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE. Where to buy GENERIC PROVIGIL, For fifty years our government has been working to advance this satellite technology and Tomsick believes it has developed to the point that with a quick response from police the NASA or military satellite operators could simply punch in GPS coordinates, roll back the videotape from the crime scene and obtain a bird’s eye view as a kidnapper abducts a child, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Herbal GENERIC PROVIGIL, a robber flees from a bank or a car thief drives away from the scene.

Need I add what a bonus such precise satellite surveillance would be along our porous borders, online buying GENERIC PROVIGIL hcl. Discount GENERIC PROVIGIL, “The hardware is already up there, the cost would be minimal, buy GENERIC PROVIGIL no prescription, GENERIC PROVIGIL schedule, ” Bill says. In fact, buy cheap GENERIC PROVIGIL no rx, by his accounting if America could begin to think outside the crime fighting box and adopted this eye-in-the-sky idea we could realize an annual, collective saving of multiple billions of dollars in search costs, police investigation and overtime and court costs for lengthy trials.

[caption id="attachment_3298" align="alignleft" width="123" caption="Peterson Investigation and Trial Cost Millions"] GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE, [/caption]

“That search for that missing (California) woman, Lacy Peterson, cost multiple millions of dollars … and the trial for her husband Scott cost millions more. If he’d been tracked by a satellite dumping her body we could have saved all that money,” Tomsick concludes. And think of all the years of pain her family would have been spared as well.

The possibility of turning instruments of international war into tools for our domestic war on crime sounds like a great proposal to explore. His following on his Facebook site (2findthemissing) and his rudimentary web site ( continue to pick up followers. But Tomsick says his yearlong letter writing effort to get members of Congress and President Obama interested had netted exactly no response, GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE. He says he’s written to nearly every single member of the United States Senate and House. He even wrote an impassioned letter to First Lady Michelle Obama. Not one representative of our government has bothered to answer. Bill tells me he longs for the day when a President boldly dares Americans to face a problem and band together to solve it much like JFK did back in the 60’s. GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_3299" align="alignright" width="115" caption="We're Already Being Watched. "][/caption]

“The politicians are probably worried about the privacy thing,” Bill told me when we spoke on the phone the other day. And sure as you are reading this there would likely be legal challenges to the idea from those like the American Civil Liberties Union that would see satellite surveillance as an intrusion. I’m hard pressed to see what privacy we’d lose given that surveillance is already so widespread.

“I don’t get that,” Bill said. “Privacy matters will have to be addressed, GENERIC PROVIGIL FOR SALE. But we already have cameras on many street corners and in most stores. Wouldn’t you give up some privacy to insure you’re safer,” he asked me.

Yeah, Bill I think I would. If it would catch a murderer or a child’s kidnapper– yeah, I would.


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by Diane on September 6, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3280" align="alignleft" width="144" caption="An Autopsy on the Media Coverage"][/caption]

I VIAGRA FOR SALE, took some time off my regular schedule to write a book. VIAGRA mg, It’s all about how we as a society have abrogated our opinion-making and handed it over to whatever media we follow.

For some people these days it takes too much time and effort to engage in critical thinking, doses VIAGRA work. Where can i find VIAGRA online, But what if the media is just playing follow the leader - parroting each other and not really checking out the facts. It happens all the time and now more than ever we need to use our common sense to help lead us to the truth, VIAGRA alternatives.

My new book is about the couple the media branded “The White House Gate Crashers,” Michaele and Tareq Salahi, VIAGRA FOR SALE. VIAGRA wiki, The name of it is “Cirque Du Salahi – Be Careful Who You Trust” and I don’t mention it here as just a shameless plug for my own work. I mention is because Cirque – or circus – perfectly describes the information superhighway traveling into our homes every minute of every day, taking VIAGRA. Order VIAGRA online c.o.d, It has become a circus of truths, half-truthful exaggerations and downright lies, VIAGRA coupon. Order VIAGRA from mexican pharmacy, Many of us gobble it up without stopping to think what we’re digesting. VIAGRA FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_3283" align="alignright" width="175" caption="Gate Crashers. Not!"][/caption]

Let’s analyze the nickname the press gave the Salahis just hours after they appeared at President Obama’s first state dinner on November 24, is VIAGRA safe, Buy cheap VIAGRA, 2009: “The White House Gate Crashers.” But, whoa, VIAGRA for sale. Is VIAGRA addictive, Stop and think about that a minute.

Nobody “crashes” the gate at the White House, VIAGRA online cod, VIAGRA pictures, for goodness sakes. The place is ringed with armed guards and a massive security net, buy VIAGRA without prescription. So why would the media say that – over and over before any real facts were known, VIAGRA FOR SALE. VIAGRA cost, Because it’s catchy and it fits into today’s terrorist watch mentality. Salahi – why it even sounds like a suspect Middle Eastern name, VIAGRA street price. VIAGRA without a prescription, The Salahis decided to open up to one person – me – and to tell their whole story. During my investigation I got to dissect all their e-mails with a White House representative who promised to try to get them in to the event, VIAGRA maximum dosage. VIAGRA FOR SALE, I discovered the Salahis honestly believed they were invited to the welcoming ceremony for the Prime Minister of India. Rx free VIAGRA, I learned that once they arrived at the White House they presented their passports to not one – but two – Secret Service checkpoints and they were waved right in. Once inside the grand reception hall staff ushered them through the official receiving line and then into the lavish dinner tent set up on the South Lawn, VIAGRA from canadian pharmacy. Online buying VIAGRA, Now, what part of that sounds like a “gate crashing” to you, buying VIAGRA online over the counter. VIAGRA forum, That’s right – none of it. Yet to this day most media continue to refer to the Salahis as “crashers” and remind the public that federal charges are still a possibility, VIAGRA FOR SALE. Ridiculous, order VIAGRA online overnight delivery no prescription. Canada, mexico, india, [caption id="attachment_3284" align="alignleft" width="252" caption="The House Homeland Security Committee Vilifies Then Subpoenas Salahis"][/caption]

The Salahis immediately cooperated with federal investigators who learned the details I’ve just outlined for you – and much more. Yet those investigators apparently didn’t pass the word on to the Congressional Homeland Security Committee, buy VIAGRA online cod. VIAGRA treatment, Even before the hearing members publicly vilified the Salahis. VIAGRA FOR SALE, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee called them, “the perpetrators.” Her colleague, Eleanor Holmes Norton declared, “Clearly they were outlaws before they crashed the White House.” So when the couple was subpoenaed to appear before the committee there is there any wonder why they exercised their constitutional right to remain silent. With the deck already stacked against them they had no choice but to take their lawyer’s advice and plead the fifth, VIAGRA without prescription. Your lawyer would tell you to do the same.

It was a shameful kangaroo court proceeding conducted by the Congressional panel that’s supposed to be concentrating on ways to keep the country safe in this post 9-11 atmosphere. Instead, the politicians were more interested in getting face time on TV while the story was still hot.

[caption id="attachment_3285" align="alignright" width="265" caption="Salahis Supported Obama Back in 2005"][/caption]

The Salahis are not like you and me, VIAGRA FOR SALE. Months before the White House event they were cast as members on a “reality” TV show. An odd move, in my book, but being odd is not against the law in America. They owe money to multiple creditors but how many other citizens have gotten caught up in this bad economy. Their worst luck was to become the target in this new era of lock-and-load journalism. VIAGRA FOR SALE, The media decides who the focus is and relentlessly zero in.

The Salahis biggest transgression may have been that they blindly trusted too many people. Their own entertainment lawyer paved the way to the White House state dinner then dropped them like a bag of toxic waste after the scandal broke. They trusted federal investigators would help clear their name. They trusted that the justice system and the federal grand jury hearing their evidence would exonerate them. They trusted that the media would ultimately get the story straight, VIAGRA FOR SALE. But here we are almost a year later and the Salahis are still twisting in the wind.

Too many of today’s professional journalists, augmented by mostly inexperienced internet bloggers, are all too eager to jump on the story-du-jour for fear of being left behind. Too bad they don’t take the time to research facts before parroting what others have reported before them.

Be careful who you trust.


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