September 2010

Accounting for Justice

by Diane Dimond on September 28, 2010

The Cost of Justice

The scene: A judge sitting on the bench, gavel in hand. Sentence is about to be passed on a convicted person nervously standing at the defense table.

Question: Should the judge stop to think how much the state will have to pay to incarcerate the convict before passing sentence? The State of Missouri thinks so.

When I first heard about the Show Me state’s new formula for sentencing the newly convicted my knee jerk reaction was – this is awful! Justice is justice and judges are there to mete it out, not to sit with a calculator on the bench and tally up the cost! But then I stopped and really looked into Missouri’s new idea which went into effect last month. [click to continue…]

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Thieves Target Your Child’s SS Number

by Diane Dimond on September 20, 2010

Your Government Tracking Number Goes Here

Do you remember when you got your first Social Security card? I do.

I was about 14 years old and wanted to take a part time job at a Dairy Queen which was operated by one of my parent’s friends.First, I was told, I had to get a Social Security number.

When I finally received it I tucked that card away like it was gold.

Today, a whole new set of laws is in effect and since the 1980’s children in the United States are automatically issued a Social Security number at birth. Better for Big Brother to keep track of all its citizens that way – but it’s not necessarily good for individual citizens. [click to continue…]

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Cops in the Sky

by Diane Dimond on September 13, 2010

Crime Fighting Application?

Here’s a brand new crime fighting idea that’s either crazy or some kind of brilliant. It’s the brainchild of a 63 year old disabled inventor named Bill Tomsick of Cape Coral, Florida.

Bill worked as a newspaper pressman for the Cleveland Press for many years. In 1980, after a round of downsizing at the paper, he moved on to open a popular and highly successful Cleveland nightclub called The Band Box. Life dealt Bill a raw deal eleven years later when a routine chore at the club caused a back injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. That’s when Bill moved to Florida and started inventing things: A foot care item for the disabled and a safety device for pontoon boats, among other things. And, that’s when his creative mind began to formulate what today has become a highly intriguing idea about how to fight crime. It dovetails nicely with President Obama’s recent declaration that the U.S. combat operations in Iraq are officially over.

Tomsick’s proposal is to get some of those highly sophisticated U.S. military (and NASA) satellites re-positioned so instead of finding enemy combatants in Iraq they can be put to use finding criminals here at home. [click to continue…]

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Consumers of Media Beware!

by Diane Dimond on September 6, 2010

An Autopsy on the Media Coverage

I took some time off my regular schedule to write a book. It’s all about how we as a society have abrogated our opinion-making and handed it over to whatever media we follow.

For some people these days it takes too much time and effort to engage in critical thinking. But what if the media is just playing follow the leader – parroting each other and not really checking out the facts? It happens all the time and now more than ever we need to use our common sense to help lead us to the truth.

My new book is about the couple the media branded “The White House Gate Crashers,” Michaele and Tareq Salahi. The name of it is “Cirque Du Salahi – Be Careful Who You Trust” and I don’t mention it here as just a shameless plug for my own work. I mention is because Cirque – or circus – perfectly describes the information superhighway traveling into our homes every minute of every day. It has become a circus of truths, half-truthful exaggerations and downright lies.

Many of us gobble it up without stopping to think what we’re digesting. [click to continue…]

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