July 2010


by Diane on July 26, 2010

BUY RETIN-A NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_3161" align="alignleft" width="129" caption="When is the Spread of Aids Criminal. Cheap RETIN-A, "][/caption]

You are the judge and jury on this one. There are a lot of numbers to take into account here so read carefully, RETIN-A australia, uk, us, usa. About RETIN-A, A man who knew he was HIV positive admitted to having unprotected sex with dozens of women and girls as young as 14. Health officials put the number of his potential HIV victims at 75, RETIN-A dangers. It was discovered that at least 13 of those females had been infected with the HIV virus, including the 14 year old, BUY RETIN-A NO PRESCRIPTION. Fast shipping RETIN-A, In media interviews -- after the man pleaded guilty and was sentenced to twelve years in prison for statutory rape and reckless endangerment --  he boasted that he’d actually had up to 300 sexual partners.

Now, order RETIN-A online overnight delivery no prescription, RETIN-A description, this man’s prison sentence is coming to an end. He’s just about served his time, purchase RETIN-A online no prescription. Purchase RETIN-A online, But prosecutors in New York say Nushawn Williams has shown no remorse and has a mental abnormality that will likely lead to him to commit more crimes after he’s released. BUY RETIN-A NO PRESCRIPTION, The state wants to continue to hold Williamsin custody under what’s called the civil commitment statute. It’s part of The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, doses RETIN-A work, RETIN-A long term, a federal law authorizing the indefinite civil commitment of sexual predators.

[caption id="attachment_3164" align="alignright" width="143" caption="Nushawn Williams Spread Aids - On Purpose"][/caption]

Do you think that’s fair, buy RETIN-A without prescription. RETIN-A blogs, As the old saying goes: Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time - but Williams will have served his full sentence when he faces his civil confinement trial in October. Doesn’t fair play require that we let him loose, low dose RETIN-A.

I say no, BUY RETIN-A NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy RETIN-A online cod, The safety of the masses is more important than the perceived rights of a convict.

At his confinement trial Williams’ lawyers are likely to argue that it is unconstitutional to indefinitely hold a citizen after they’ve fulfilled their original sentence, RETIN-A trusted pharmacy reviews. RETIN-A online cod, They may offer up an argument of double jeopardy (second criminal punishment for the same crime) or “ex post facto (new punishment for a previous crime). Perhaps they’ll come up with a new argument as those two have already been struck down by other courts, where can i find RETIN-A online.

[caption id="attachment_3165" align="alignleft" width="136" caption="Do We Need More Courts Like This?"] BUY RETIN-A NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

The prosecution will surely repeat its description of Williams as a, “sex-obsessed drug user who was cited for 21 disciplinary offenses (while) in prison.” They will certainly say that just a couple of months ago the United States Supreme Court once again ruled that Congress had the power to pass the law which calls for “sexually dangerous persons” to be held in a treatment facility until they “no longer represent a danger to others.”

Back in 1997 the youngest victim of Nushawn Williams was quoted as saying, "I want him to stay in jail, suffering. RETIN-A from canadian pharmacy, He's slowly killing me." Today, her location is unknown and some suspect she might have died, RETIN-A photos. RETIN-A pics, Williams own family has criticized him. His younger sister told reporters that after Nushawn was diagnosed he made it his mission to “take people with him.”

This isn’t a New York centric dilemma, RETIN-A schedule. RETIN-A coupon, Some twenty states have passed laws permitting civil commitment of people who are considered likely to engage in “predatory acts of sexual violence” if released back into society. At last count there were about 2,700 such prisoners being held past their sentence date nationwide, BUY RETIN-A NO PRESCRIPTION. Only about ten percent ever complete treatment and win release, RETIN-A results. RETIN-A pictures, I’m okay with that. These people have already proven they can’t be trusted, herbal RETIN-A, Australia, uk, us, usa, why should we allow them back on the street to prey on others again.

[caption id="attachment_3167" align="alignright" width="192" caption="Orange States Have Civil Commitment Laws -NYTimes"][/caption]

In Kansas, discount RETIN-A, RETIN-A recreational, an admitted pedophile who admitted he’d molested children for most of his adult life was held for some 15 years past his release date. BUY RETIN-A NO PRESCRIPTION, After he passed the age of 70 his health deteriorated due to diabetes and strokes. Yet he still admitted he had to urge to molest when got “stressed out.” The state reported the annual tab for keeping him in a civil commitment treatment program was $185, RETIN-A mg,000 a year, more than eight times the tab for a regular prison inmate.

Hey, if it keeps kids safe that’s fine by me. The cost of continued incarceration seems well worth it when you compare it to the price his new victims would pay.

In Virginia, another convicted sex offender was so distraught when he learned he would be held past his release date that he castrated himself in his cell. After five years receiving treatment that he now admits helped him cope with his sex obsession, he was put under constant electronic surveillance and freed, BUY RETIN-A NO PRESCRIPTION. His attorney says there have been no incidents of misbehavior since. He called the idea of holding a person in custody after completing a prison sentence, “a legal black hole.”

I call it necessary for those who’ve habitually hunted down and damaged other people. You.

Critics call the idea of civil commitment a slippery slope and a step that greatly expands government’s ability to take away our liberty.

I think it’s a surefire way to keep the predators that walk among us locked away so they can’t do any more harm.


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by Diane on July 19, 2010

BUY FRISIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_3146" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Did We Fail the 'Barefoot Bandit' Too. FRISIUM wiki, "][/caption]

Across the country these days – in every village, town, FRISIUM pharmacy, Cheap FRISIUM no rx, city and state – there is a collective effort to slash operating budgets. That’s probably a wise thing given the state of the economy, FRISIUM interactions. FRISIUM price, coupon, But as we make choices about what gets cut back and what doesn’t, I hope we remember the children, canada, mexico, india. FRISIUM dose, 19 year old Colton Harris-Moore underscores my point precisely. You may know him as the so-called Barefoot Bandit, the catchy little name the media applied to what is obviously a very troubled kid, BUY FRISIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. If Colton’s home state of Washington had had enough money and determination to protect him from a sub-standard upbringing way back when, FRISIUM images, FRISIUM no rx, scores of people might never have been victimized by this kid.

His childhood reads like something out of Dickens, FRISIUM price. FRISIUM brand name, [caption id="attachment_3149" align="alignright" width="184" caption="Colton Harris-Moore's Trailer Home in Camano Island, Washington"][/caption]

His parents are reported to have been abusive and neglectful, generic FRISIUM, FRISIUM natural, addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. His father was imprisoned when Colton was about two years old, FRISIUM steet value. BUY FRISIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, His stepfather apparently died when he was 7 and after that the young boy left the family trailer and started living out in the wild near his home in Camano Island, Washington - alone. Taking FRISIUM, He would be gone for weeks at a time and to survive he broke in to vacation homes to steal the essentials. In the early days, purchase FRISIUM for sale, FRISIUM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, police said, Colton simply ate some food and soaked in the homeowner’s bathtub, online buy FRISIUM without a prescription. Purchase FRISIUM, Later he would steal more valuable things like tools, credit cards, where can i buy FRISIUM online, My FRISIUM experience, cash and vehicles.

By the time Colton was 12 he’d been convicted of stealing and several more convictions soon followed, no prescription FRISIUM online. He was always punished with community service or a short stay in a detention center and then he would be sent home again, BUY FRISIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. Is FRISIUM safe, When the state required him to submit to psychiatric evaluation he reportedly revealed the sad state of his home life. And, FRISIUM alternatives, Where can i cheapest FRISIUM online, back in 2004 he told his school principal (who had confronted him for allegedly stealing school electronics) that “he could not stop stealing and he did not know why.”

In other words Colton Harris-Moore needed outside help for a long time. And for a long time – longer than the 19 year old Colton has been alive – this country’s social welfare network has lacked the authority, FRISIUM reviews, Online buying FRISIUM hcl, manpower and will to decide, “This child needs to be removed in order to thrive.”

[caption id="attachment_3150" align="alignleft" width="118" caption="Early Mug Shot of Colton Harris Moore"][/caption]

We hesitate, buy FRISIUM no prescription. FRISIUM used for, We give offending parents chance after chance and in the final analysis it is always the child that suffers. BUY FRISIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, More often than we care to admit the neglected and abused child is forced to turn to crime to survive. Youthful stealing, buy FRISIUM from canada, prostitution, and drug abuse and drug dealing are the most often seen side effects. By the time they’re old enough to vote their lives are on a ruinous path.

In April, 2008 Colton was serving a three year sentence at a half-way house in Renton, Washington on a triple felony conviction when he simply walked away one day. His two year, cross-continent flight led this victimized child to victimize dozens of others. Police suspect him of stealing at least five small airplanes, at least two cars and a boat and he could be charged with as many as 100 home home break-ins in some half a dozen states, BUY FRISIUM NO PRESCRIPTION.

His mother’s response on CNN. She said she was, “Proud of him, ‘cause I was going to try to buy him flying lessons some day.” She’s hired an entertainment attorney to see if she can make some money selling her son’s story to television or the movies.

[caption id="attachment_3151" align="alignright" width="246" caption="His Mother's Message to Outsiders After His Capture"][/caption]

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Not by the mother’s actions, nor the media’s sensational coverage of young Colton’s fugitive crime spree. BUY FRISIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, News coverage very nearly glamorizes what he’s done, they tout his “boundless gumption”, his "Robin Hood like status" and the 85 thousand “friends” he has on his Facebook page. They nearly chuckle when they report that a South Dakota couple came home last month to find a naked Colton fresh from their shower.  Somehow the sadness of all of it has escaped his Mom and the media as this young boy’s future prospects are over. He is going to jail for a long time.

Make no mistake. I am not overly sympathetic to a person who breaks into homes, steals from others, fraudulently uses homes and credit cards and habitually crash lands airplanes. On his Facebook page, right under his photograph, it reads: “Colt is the real life 21st century outlaw, BUY FRISIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. The world is his playground.” Cocky stuff but in the world of these throw-away kids it’s either be continue to be victimized or cop an attitude.

Colton Harris-Moore stands 6 foot 5 – but somehow no one in authority saw him as the needy kid he was.

The young man’s odyssey ended with his recent arrest in the Bahamas (where he is reported to have crash landed a plane he stole in Indiana and was arrested on board a stolen boat) and people ask, “Gee, how did this kid do it all these years?”

The better question might be, “How did we allow this kid to live like this all these years?”

Fellow crime and justice writer David Lohr has an interesting take on this same topic - focusing on the security angle. Check it out here.

[caption id="attachment_3153" align="aligncenter" width="293" caption="Associated Press Mapped His Activity "][/caption].

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by Diane on July 12, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3126" align="alignleft" width="112" caption="US Marshal's Serve Warrants"][/caption]

A ANSAID FOR SALE, t any given time in America there are one million outstanding arrest warrants pending … give or take a few. These are court approved documents allowing members of law enforcement to take into custody any suspect with their name on such a warrant.

In other words there are one million scared people in America, ANSAID class. These are people who spend a part of their lives looking over their shoulder wondering when the law will catch up with them and they’ll be punished. Order ANSAID no prescription, Some of these outstanding warrants are for scofflaw traffic infractions or minor drug offenses from years ago. Other warrants seek people who are suspected of committing violent crimes like rape and murder, ANSAID FOR SALE.

In the past, authorities have staged elaborate stings to try to get fugitives to reveal themselves, ANSAID use. Offers of free televisions, ANSAID overnight, football tickets or other big prizes have been dangled and when the fugitive shows up to claim their prize, usually with local TV cameras rolling on the ruse, they’re handcuffed and hauled away, kjøpe ANSAID på nett, köpa ANSAID online.

[caption id="attachment_3125" align="alignright" width="83" caption="Marshall Peter Elliott Developed "Fugitive Safe Surrender""][/caption]

“But that doesn’t build the trust we need with the public, Buying ANSAID online over the counter, ” U.S. Marshal Peter Elliott told me recently. ANSAID FOR SALE, “It just adds to the desperation these people feel.”

Elliott is acutely aware of what desperate people can do. He’s third generation law enforcement having served for 27 years in the Cleveland, ordering ANSAID online, Ohio area. ANSAID dosage, He’s worked undercover narcotics, was an ATF agent and is now in charge of the Marshall’s service in the Northern District of Ohio. In 2000, comprar en línea ANSAID, comprar ANSAID baratos, a family friend, After ANSAID, Cleveland Patrol Officer Wayne Leon, was involved in a routine traffic stop. The driver, where to buy ANSAID, it turned out, ANSAID street price, was wanted on an outstanding warrant for parole violation and had been on the run for seven months. When the confrontation turned ugly Leon reached for his police radio, ANSAID FOR SALE. The suspect shot the officer point-blank in the face.

Leon’s death spurred Marshal Elliott to help devise a better way to get fugitives to face their actions, ANSAID without prescription. “We had to take the desperation out of the equation, Where can i order ANSAID without prescription, ” Elliott said, “And since church has always been a place of peace, comfort and security for me, is ANSAID addictive, I figured that would be the perfect solution.”

[caption id="attachment_3135" align="alignleft" width="119" caption="Justice Goes to Church"][/caption]

The Fugitive Safe Surrender program was born in August 2005 at Mt. ANSAID cost, Sinai Baptist Church in Cleveland. ANSAID FOR SALE, With advance encouragement from the Pastor an astounding 850 people showed up to peacefully surrender. 324 of them were wanted for felonies. It was a four day affair where program organizers literally brought the justice system to the church - Judges, get ANSAID, clerks, ANSAID from canada, bailiffs, lawyers – were all on hand to adjudicate cases. It’s not an amnesty program but those who turn themselves in get “special consideration” for their volunteer action, effects of ANSAID. Some relieved fugitives got their case dismissed or probation, ANSAID street price, others were given court dates and some came knowing full well they would be taken into custody and sent to jail.

Why do they do it, ANSAID FOR SALE. Because they come to realize if you’re wanted by the law your life is truly not your own, you cannot advance, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Applying for a job, ANSAID pics, college, military service or even a driver’s license is frightening. Their lives stagnant at the point at which they committed their crime and they become paralyzed with fear that they’ll face double punishment - Once for the crime, ANSAID pharmacy, another for running away. Order ANSAID from United States pharmacy, Since that day at Mt. ANSAID FOR SALE, Sinai Baptist church the program has spread nationwide, to 18 states boasting a total of nearly 30 thousand citizens coming in from the cold. The church sponsored surrender in Detroit saw an astounding 6,587 fugitives show up, where can i find ANSAID online. In some cities, Discount ANSAID, only a few hundred turn out but they take back to their neighborhood word that this program is no trick. It’s a way to begin to wipe the slate clean and get their lives back on track. There’s great hope for future surrender programs, ANSAID overnight.

“For every one that shows up,” Elliott said, “It’s one less desperate person on the street, ANSAID FOR SALE. One less potentially dangerous

[caption id="attachment_3136" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Easier to Turn Yourself In"][/caption]

confrontation for an officer of the law.”

And astonishingly, ANSAID used for, the program, when announced from the pulpits of participating churches, sometimes results in brand new cases, ANSAID samples. In one congregation a man came forward to admit sexual misconduct with a child and went with his Pastor to turn himself in. About ANSAID, Data has been compiled after every four-day program – from the inception in 2005 to present day - and the findings are important. Elliott told me 90% of the participants actually show up for their court date, 85% say they participated because the surrender was at a trusted church venue. ANSAID FOR SALE, 66% report they came in with a close relative or a friend.

“It’s often a decision made along with the mother, father, cousin, brother or sister. We’ve had mothers who’ve tearfully dragged in their sons to finally face those long standing drug charges,” Marshal Elliott said in a sympathetic tone. “Being a fugitive affects the whole family.”

Gosh, this program makes such good sense – saving money and time and officer’s lives – that I wonder why there isn’t a Fugitive Safe Surrender in every state.


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by Diane on July 5, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3103" align="alignleft" width="161"] My American Heroes![/caption]

T OVRAL FOR SALE, his is the America I told my daughter we lived in when she was growing up.

“If you’re ever in trouble, OVRAL maximum dosage, OVRAL duration, honey, just ask your neighbor for help, OVRAL images. Buying OVRAL online over the counter, Find a policeman if you can.”

On a bright sun-shiny day in Chapel Hill, North Carolina a few weeks ago there was no time for a girl -- let's call her Sally --  to ask for help, buy OVRAL from mexico. OVRAL blogs, As this 18 year old daughter jogged along the streets of her university town she was suddenly set upon by a fiend. A car rolled up, OVRAL no prescription, OVRAL treatment, a would-be kidnapper jumped out and hit Sally in the face with a blast of pepper spray.

She didn’t have time to ask for help but Sally’s neighbors stepped up anyway, OVRAL FOR SALE. Two brothers, OVRAL australia, uk, us, usa, Where can i buy cheapest OVRAL online, Joey and Freddie Shelton ran to her aid. They are American heroes in my book, OVRAL long term. Buy OVRAL without a prescription, [caption id="attachment_3104" align="alignright" width="115"] "We were raised right," Joey says[/caption]

The Sheltons had never met the young woman but as Joey said, OVRAL steet value, Where can i cheapest OVRAL online, “Just the sight of a man treating a woman like that in broad daylight was wrong.” The brothers didn’t stop to think as they saw the terrified young woman and a man trying to haul her into his car.

They quickly pulled their vehicle to a spot to try to block in the attacker’s car, online buying OVRAL hcl. OVRAL FOR SALE, With rescue imminent the perp dropped the struggling Sally and jumped into his car to speed away. OVRAL without prescription, In the process he hit Joey, not once but twice, fast shipping OVRAL, Order OVRAL online overnight delivery no prescription, sending him spinning like a top and up into the windshield with such force that Joey’s upper body cracked the glass. Joey was tossed into the street and left with an injured shoulder and a badly fractured back, buy no prescription OVRAL online. Purchase OVRAL online, But Sally was alive, safe and able to celebrate her 19th birthday the next day, order OVRAL no prescription. Herbal OVRAL, Another neighbor driving by, Melissa Williams, no prescription OVRAL online, Purchase OVRAL for sale, didn’t understand exactly what was happening when she saw Joey lying in the street but she was sharp enough to follow the attacker and jot down the license plate number. 26 year old Theodore Walker was arrested a short time later and in his car, police say, they found a loaded shotgun, a baseball bat and he carried a pocketful of condoms, OVRAL FOR SALE. During a court hearing it was mentioned that Walker may suffer from a mental illness, OVRAL class. OVRAL from mexico, [caption id="attachment_3105" align="alignleft" width="173"] Suspect Theodore James Walker[/caption]

Since Walker’s mug shot hit the news four other young women have come forward to say he tried to abduct them too. One of the women was hospitalized in critical condition, OVRAL from canada. Rx free OVRAL, The town of Chapel Hill has embraced their heroes realizing it could have been any one of their daughters or sisters or nieces or cousins who needed help that day. OVRAL FOR SALE, Such selflessness needs to be honored.

The Mayor held a ceremony for the Good Samaritan brothers, OVRAL price, Ordering OVRAL online, along with Ms. Williams. They were all given special certificates and symbolic keys to the town. Mike Miles, a local businessman whose office window overlooks the scene where the attempted kidnapping played out, was so moved he started a fund at the local RBC bank with a thousand dollars out of his own pocket. Since then, the bank reports they’ve gotten donations from all over North Carolina as well as from other locations where the story has spread, OVRAL FOR SALE.

UNC Health Care has announced it will absorb the cost of Joey’s hospital treatments so the fund can go for his home

[caption id="attachment_3110" align="alignright" width="216"] Honored: Melissa Williams, Joey and Freddie Shelton - All Heroes[/caption]

care, medical supplies and missed work. The 51 year old Joey is a part time barber and chauffeur, his 50 year old brother, Freddie, recently returned to the state after having been laid off by Boeing in Seattle. The money, at this time in their lives, is a God-send.

When I spoke to Joey Shelton he came across as a humble man who couldn’t believe all the celebrity-like attention he’s been getting. OVRAL FOR SALE, “It’s just mind blowing,” he said. “The love and support and appreciation. It’s wild – after turning 50 you think it’s gonna all be downhill.”

Some people might not even have notice Sally’s plight or deliberately turned away from helping, not wanting to get involved. I had to ask: Why did Joey and Freddie jump right in.

“Looking at her face, how terrified she was. She needed help,” he told me, OVRAL FOR SALE. “I find it hard to believe that anyone who saw what we saw wouldn't have stopped to help.” Since the incident they’ve all gotten to know each other better, they have had meals and long conversations about the future.

[caption id="attachment_3116" align="alignleft" width="104"] All We Really Have Is - Each Other![/caption]

By the way, the Sheltons are black, Sally is white and that fact somehow gives me even more hope that the America I taught my daughter to believe in really does exist. Neighbors helping neighbors stay safe with no regard to skin color.

The brothers could have turned a blind when they spotted the attack at the side of the road. OVRAL FOR SALE, “Instinct just kicked in,” Joey told me. “Doing the right thing comes from what you are taught. I was taught right.” Joey says he and Freddie were simply raised to help others in need.

Let’s all be sure to raise our kids like that.


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