June 2010


by Diane on June 28, 2010

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BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Dateline: June 28, 2010

It’s a terrible Catch-22. For years now the powers that be in Washington have done next to nothing to help define and refine the nation’s immigration laws. So states and municipalities have started to tackle the job themselves, where can i order MEVACOR without prescription. However, Australia, uk, us, usa, when the ‘locals’ are finally exasperated enough to take action they’re hauled into court for encroaching on the federal government’s purview.

Let me get this straight. The Feds won’t act to fix our immigration mess but the states can’t do anything either because it’s the Feds’ job, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Oh, comprar en línea MEVACOR, comprar MEVACOR baratos, what a paralyzed mess we’ve become in this country. Buy cheap MEVACOR, We’ve all heard about what Arizona did. The state’s officials showed real daring in the fight to be pro-active about identifying, prosecuting and deporting those who should never have entered America in the first place, cheap MEVACOR no rx. Arizona now has the toughest anti-illegal immigrant laws in the land but they’re also mired in expensive court fights. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, One such suit has already reached the U.S. Buy MEVACOR online cod, Supreme Court.

[caption id="attachment_3089" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Fremont, Nebraska Main Street"][/caption]

You may also have heard that today, MEVACOR wiki, Monday, MEVACOR dangers, June 28th, people in the small town of Fremont, Nebraska vote whether to adopt a first step law to control those who are in their town illegally through regulating where they can live and work, MEVACOR without a prescription.

But you may not know that almost 40 other municipalities in 18 other states have already gone this route. MEVACOR from canadian pharmacy, That’s how intense the frustration level is in this country. Government bodies in states across the country have thrown up their hands at the lack of immigration action on Capitol Hill and have tried to tackle the job themselves, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION.

All these local attempts started with something very basic to every human: housing. These state and city lawmakers figured if illegals found it tough to rent a place in their locality they would go somewhere else, low dose MEVACOR. The idea was to make landlords demand hard proof of a renter’s citizenship and to enforce strong penalties against those who rented to illegals. Purchase MEVACOR, Officials in these places – from Missouri, Illinois and Kansas to the Carolinas, Wisconsin and Oklahoma ultimately gave

[caption id="attachment_3091" align="alignright" width="127" caption="Anti-Immigration Idea: Making Housing Hard to Get"][/caption]

up the idea of trying to regulate immigrants housing mostly because they feared the cost of defending their actions in court, MEVACOR dosage. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Every time one of these localities talked about how they could legislate the problem the American Civil Liberties Union or Latino groups made it clear they would immediately file discrimination lawsuits if such laws passed.

Lawmakers in many of the 40 towns or cities also considered penalties against employers who hired non-documented workers but they gave up on that too. MEVACOR alternatives, Again, just too expensive to defend, they explained, online buying MEVACOR.

All local attempts have failed. MEVACOR forum, Courts across the land continue to rule that it is the job of the Federal government to pass such laws. So where the heck is Washington in all this, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. President after President comes and goes. Session after session of Congress opens and closes and we are no closer to any meaningful immigration law changes, MEVACOR over the counter.

[caption id="attachment_3092" align="alignleft" width="91" caption="Hazleton, Buy MEVACOR no prescription, Pa. Mayor Lou Barletta"][/caption]

Remember the names Hazelton, Pennsylvania and Farmer’s Branch, generic MEVACOR, Texas. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Stalwart town leaders in those two locations have refused to give up – or in – to the lawsuits. Kjøpe MEVACOR på nett, köpa MEVACOR online, Along with the state of Arizona these two towns stand as reminders to Washington that America will continue to hold their feet to the fire until they do something to right the sinking ship that is our current immigration policy.

Hazelton was the first American city to pass a local illegal immigration ordinance in 2006. The Dallas suburb of Farmer’s Branch quickly followed the same year, MEVACOR photos. So far they’ve spent at least 500 thousand and 3.4 million dollars, Order MEVACOR from mexican pharmacy, respectively, defending their actions to protect their community. Officials in both places say they fully expect the price tag will rise by several million dollars more, BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION. But they’ve concluded that’s cheaper than paying for English as a Second Language Programs in public schools, purchase MEVACOR online no prescription, emergency room and health care costs and the extra expense for adding more police. My MEVACOR experience, In Farmer’s Branch, Texas officials report since they made their intentions known to crack down on illegal

[caption id="attachment_3093" align="alignright" width="110" caption="Farmer's Branch, Texas Mayor Tim O'Hare"][/caption]

aliens even the uninsured accident rate has plummeted, online MEVACOR without a prescription.

So, Buy MEVACOR online no prescription, when you read about citizens in little Fremont, Nebraska – population 25,000 – going to today on its immigration ordinance what will you think, MEVACOR canada, mexico, india. Maybe that it’s just another futile attempt to pass a law several courts have already struck down. BUY MEVACOR NO PRESCRIPTION, I prefer to look at it as thousands more American voices rising up to tell Washington they are getting fed up and want action on the problem. MEVACOR reviews, You know, if you paid a painter or plumber or electrician to do a job that never got done you’d ask for your money back and fire them. It’s a shame we can’t do that with our national politicians as we add immigration reform to the growing list of things they just never seem to get done, MEVACOR no rx.

Update: June 29, MEVACOR online cod, 2010 -The result of the vote. This New York Times article entitled, "Nebraska Town Votes to Banish Illegal Immigrants" tells the story.  And, again I ask, IS WASHINGTON LISTENING. .




by Diane on June 21, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3064" align="alignleft" width="124" caption="Dads Should Take the Cake - But Not All Do "][/caption]H BUY COUMADIN NO PRESCRIPTION, appy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. I hope it’s a day when both you and your children stop to realize how lucky you are, after COUMADIN. COUMADIN brand name, Now, to a not so pretty picture of fatherhood – fathers who exploit their children in the hopes that they’ll make it big in reality TV, is COUMADIN addictive. COUMADIN for sale, It’s gotten to be an awful trend and I don’t know who to blame first – the parents or the TV executives who buy only the most outrageous plots.

The world was mesmerized when 16 year old Abby Sunderland recently set sail to try to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe alone, COUMADIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

[caption id="attachment_3065" align="alignright" width="98" caption="Out At Sea At Only 16 Years Old"][/caption]

Her older brother, 17 year old Zac currently holds the record, BUY COUMADIN NO PRESCRIPTION. COUMADIN cost, Abby’s solo adventure came to an end when a massive storm with three-story-tall waves swept over her and snapped off her mast in a remote area of the Indian Ocean. Abby was adrift for three terrifying days until a French fishing crew located her and took her to safety, buy cheap COUMADIN no rx. COUMADIN pictures, Then came the shocking news that as Abby was literally risking her life her father, Laurence, get COUMADIN, Cheap COUMADIN, had been shopping for a reality TV show featuring his two oldest children. The Sunderland’s have seven children with one on the way and a lucrative TV contract would certainly have helped support the family, COUMADIN use. BUY COUMADIN NO PRESCRIPTION, This certainly isn’t the first instance of a parent tossing out the well-being of their child for a shot at one of those mind-numbing reality shows. COUMADIN results, [caption id="attachment_3066" align="alignleft" width="116" caption="Six Year Old Falcon - Forced to Lie by Parents"][/caption]

In Colorado, Falcon Heene will forever be known as the “Balloon Boy” whose father put him at the center of a hoax that ultimately resulted in both parents being jailed for filing a false police report, buy generic COUMADIN. COUMADIN trusted pharmacy reviews, The out-of-work acting couple had tasted reality TV life as part of the program Wife Swap and were convinced their tale of a runaway weather balloon with their 6 year old trapped inside would be just the ticket to procure their own show.

The Pennsylvania brood known as the Gosselin Gang (a set of twin girls along with their sextuplet siblings) has made millions but the kids will likely never live down their public exposure on The Learning Channel series that bears their name, where can i buy COUMADIN online. Buy COUMADIN from canada, Their Uncle and Aunt have said they believe the children have suffered “physiological damage” from irrational TV producer’s demands such as potty-training caught on tape and forcing the kids to pretend it was Christmas Day when it wasn’t.

I’m thinking it’s time for an updated version of the Coogan Act, BUY COUMADIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_3067" align="alignright" width="108" caption="Jackie Coogan As Child Star, COUMADIN recreational, Is COUMADIN safe, circa 1920"][/caption]

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about – remember the guy who played Uncle Fester in the old Addam’s Family TV series. That was Jackie Coogan, COUMADIN natural, Where to buy COUMADIN, a legendary child star, discovered in the 1920’s by Charlie Chaplin, COUMADIN description. COUMADIN interactions, While he was hard at work his mother and step-father spent as much as 4 million dollars of his earnings. At age 23 Coogan sued his parents and won, canada, mexico, india, Real brand COUMADIN online, but by then there was little money left. BUY COUMADIN NO PRESCRIPTION, The resulting legislation, first passed in 1939 and amended over the years, protectively sets aside a percentage of money in the actor child’s name so thieving adult can’t touch it.

It’s been way too long since lawmakers tackled the problem of stage-struck parents who exploit their kids, COUMADIN dose. COUMADIN mg, Today, only California, online buy COUMADIN without a prescription, Order COUMADIN online c.o.d, New York, Louisiana and New Mexico protect child actors with Coogan requirements, doses COUMADIN work. COUMADIN coupon, But, really, this is about more than just money. These days it’s shameful the way kids are deliberately put into physical or emotionally dangerous situations by parents who are supposed to love and protect. So much of reality TV today is demeaning and simply not suitable for children to participate in, BUY COUMADIN NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_3068" align="alignleft" width="128" caption="Gosselin Gang - All Ten of Them. "][/caption]

In Pennsylvania, where the Gosslin Gang lives, film and TV production is growing by leaps and bounds yet there is no Coogan-type law. That’s why Representative Thomas Murt says he decided to introduce a bill to better protect kids whose parents are blinded by the white hot lights of potential celebrity.

Murt’s legislation would restrict a child’s hours in front of the camera, make sure their educational, supervision, moral and health care needs are met. BUY COUMADIN NO PRESCRIPTION, A ‘set teacher’ would be required to be on hand at all times to make sure what producers ask of the child is appropriate for their age and stamina. And, it includes a Coogan type requirement that at least 15% of the minor’s gross earnings be put into a protected trust.

In many states a teenager like Abby Sunderland isn’t legally able to go on a solo drive in a car let alone sail around the world by herself. Tiny boys of six shouldn’t be forced to lie on national television about their parent hoax to get a show. And, small children photographed in intimate situations like the Gosslin’s are considered victims in any other situation.

As a country we are hesitant to legislate how parents raise their kids but certainly we can legislate how television treats our children, can’t we.





by Diane on June 14, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3044" align="alignleft" width="141" caption="Lucas circa 1975 - He Destroyed a Generation"]Lucas circa 1975 - He Destroyed a Generation[/caption]S ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, o many topics to write about this week. Effects of ZITHROMAX, British Petroleum investigated for possible criminal activity over the oil spill in the Gulf. Notorious Dutchman Joran van der Sloot confesses to killing a young Peruvian woman, buy ZITHROMAX without prescription. What is ZITHROMAX, The headlines have been on fire about these stories.

But this week I want to tell you about Frank, ZITHROMAX schedule. He’s written a book, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. ZITHROMAX price, coupon, And he appears to be the toast of the town, getting full page write ups for his new autobiography entitled, taking ZITHROMAX, ZITHROMAX results, “Original Gangster.” His publicity machine from St. Martin’s Press is trying to convince TV and radio personalities to interview Frank because his story is, order ZITHROMAX from mexican pharmacy, What is ZITHROMAX, “is a chilling look at the rise and fall of a modern legacy.” And besides, they gush, online buying ZITHROMAX hcl, Where can i cheapest ZITHROMAX online, Denzel Washington once portrayed Frank in the movie “American Gangster.”

Frank is Frank Lucas, the nefarious drug lord who admits he hooked a huge portion of his Harlem neighborhood on heroin back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, ZITHROMAX steet value. Online buy ZITHROMAX without a prescription, [caption id="attachment_3048" align="alignright" width="126" caption="Lucas in Chinchilla Hat and Coat, circa 1970"][/caption]

Once his pockets were stuffed with the blood money of his trade he drove around town in a Rolls Royce and strutted into events with the elite in entertainment, ZITHROMAX over the counter, Order ZITHROMAX from United States pharmacy, politics and crime in full length chinchilla fur coats.

Lucas is a proven liar and many of his oft-repeated fabrications have found their way into this book, ZITHROMAX no prescription, ZITHROMAX mg, presented as truth. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, Why should anyone buy it.

Lucas long claimed that after leaving North Carolina he’d spent 15 years as the driver for New York crime boss Bumpy Johnson, ZITHROMAX price. ZITHROMAX no rx, But Johnson spent only five years outside prison before his death in 1968 making Lucas’ claim impossible. Lucas maintained he pushed the Italian Mafia aside and earned 1 million dollars a day selling his poison on Harlem street corners, purchase ZITHROMAX, ZITHROMAX forum, an unfeasible amount for the times. He has the audacity to brag that he’d smuggled his “Blue Magic” heroin into the U.S, ZITHROMAX samples. from Southeast Asia in the coffins of American soldiers who had died in Vietnam, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. Get ZITHROMAX, His longtime drug dealing partner, Ike Atkinson, ZITHROMAX for sale, ZITHROMAX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, (a.k.a. "Sergeant Smack" to federal investigators) says the fact is they transported it hidden inside hollowed out furniture, buy ZITHROMAX no prescription. Herbal ZITHROMAX, [caption id="attachment_3049" align="alignleft" width="121" caption="Ike Atkinson aka Sergeant Smack "][/caption]

One recent review of the new book states, “Through much of his autobiography Lucas is largely unapologetic, ZITHROMAX without a prescription, Order ZITHROMAX online c.o.d, defending his illegal operation as a corporation that (simply) met a demand.” I guess these days that’s all it takes for an unrepentant thug to be rewarded with a book deal.

The story of how Frank Lucas destroyed a significant portion of a generation by getting them hooked on heroin has been glorified for years now – at the expense of those in law enforcement who worked so long and hard to shut down his criminal enterprise, is ZITHROMAX addictive. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, I have come to know at least half a dozen of those involved in the Lucas investigation – both from the DEA and local cop shops - and they are livid about how twisted the truth has become.

Hollywood decided Lucas’ life would translate well to the big screen and in 2007, director Ridley Scott’s movie, American Gangster hit theaters billed as “The true juggernaut success story of a cult figure from the streets.” Much of it was a lie according to those officers actually involved in the case. Example: Lucas’ claim that “dirty cops” stole 11 million dollars in cash from his attic when they raided his Tenafly New Jersey home in 1975. The truth came out in court when officers testified they’d actually found only $584,683.00 in cash in the house and every dollar of it was produced for the jury to see. The movie also depicts officers roughing up Lucas’ wife during the raid and shooting his dog, neither of which really happened.

[caption id="attachment_3052" align="alignright" width="120" caption="The Movie, Starring Denzel Washington"][/caption]

The final and most damaging lie came at the very end of American Gangster when a screen legend declared, that after his take-down Lucas’ ultimate cooperation with authorities resulted in the conviction of “three-quarters of the New York City’s Drug Enforcement Agency.”

The truth, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. Not one officer was charged or convicted of anything. A judge hearing a lawsuit filed by some of the offended officers roundly criticized movie producer Universal calling the legend “wholly inaccurate.” But there it remains as the final punctuation point on the film and on countless American Gangster DVD’s sold worldwide.

And now, as if to rub salt in the wounds of these cops who worked so hard to bring down Frank Lucas, he has once again found a way to make money from his tall, self-aggrandizing tales.

I think society can learn a lot talking to and listening to criminals. It’s only when we realize how they think, what makes them tick, that we can figure out how to identify others just like them and mitigate their effect on the rest of us.

[caption id="attachment_3055" align="alignleft" width="116" caption="From St. Martins Press - But Why?"][/caption]

But there are no revelations in this book – just the grandiose lies of a man who willingly sold venom to others so he could afford mink coats and a nice house far away from the scene of his crimes.





by Diane on June 7, 2010

[caption id="attachment_3016" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="What's It Take To Get Here?"][/caption]

I RONDIMEN FOR SALE, don’t usually write about politics. It’s too sticky a subject and besides people already have their minds pretty much made up about who they like and which party they identify with. Me, RONDIMEN photos. I’m a registered independent, Comprar en línea RONDIMEN, comprar RONDIMEN baratos, always have been. I figure my political opinion isn’t going to change anyone’s mind.

However, when folks start talking about no less than a former president of the United States having committed a federal election law crime, my ears perk up..., RONDIMEN FOR SALE.

The quick back story: The White House now admits it plotted to stop.., RONDIMEN from mexico.

[caption id="attachment_3018" align="alignright" width="123" caption="Congressman Joe Sestak - Dem., Ordering RONDIMEN online, Pa."][/caption]

former Navy Admiral Joe Sestak from running for the Pennsylvania Senate seat held by long time Senator Arlen Specter. Both the candidates are democrats although Specter defected last year after serving as a republican for 30 years. With his impressive Senate seniority and contacts Team-Obama clearly concluded Specter would be its most valuable ally, real brand RONDIMEN online. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, But, to make sure he stayed in the Senate they had to convince his most formidable rival – Congressman Joe Sestak – to drop out of the primary race. Enter the picture former President Bill Clinton. RONDIMEN pics, Everyone agrees Mr. Clinton was enlisted to offer an incentive to Sestak. What’s in disagreement is exactly what our 42nd president offered Sestak in exchange for dropping out of the race, doses RONDIMEN work. The White House says it was an unpaid job on a presidential advisory board and that “no impropriety” occurred, RONDIMEN FOR SALE. Others – almost exclusively Republicans – claim the job Clinton dangled to Sestak was the Secretary of the Navy. RONDIMEN australia, uk, us, usa, When asked if the job offered by his onetime Commander-in-Chief had been a “high-ranking” job, Sestak said it was. When asked pointblank whether it was the prestigious Secretary’s job, after RONDIMEN, Sestak said, RONDIMEN long term, “no comment.”

[caption id="attachment_3020" align="alignleft" width="89" caption="Who Do You Trust - Him. "][/caption]

Congressman Joe Sestak is the highest ranking former military man currently serving in congress. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, He served in uniform for more than 30 years and upon retirement promptly continued his public service by running for office. If you believe what Sestak says about this episode – and I’d take his reputation for honesty over Bill Clinton’s every time - it puts to rest the idea that Clinton offered him a measly gig on an advisory board, rx free RONDIMEN.

Here's the fact: it is a violation of federal law to promise any type of job in exchange for political activity. Order RONDIMEN no prescription, Not surprisingly, a group of Republican House members have written to FBI Director Robert Mueller asking for a “full criminal investigation.” One is California Congressman Darrell Issa who quotes from U.S. Code 600, RONDIMEN dangers, when he says someone found guilty of what Bill Clinton did, RONDIMEN street price, “shall be fined … or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

Also not surprising have been the reactions on the talking-head political T.V. shows, RONDIMEN FOR SALE. Those aligned with Democrats, RONDIMEN price, coupon,

[caption id="attachment_3021" align="alignright" width="101" caption="Jonathan Alter, RONDIMEN maximum dosage, Newsweek Political Writer"][/caption]

like Newsweek’s political maven, Jonathan Alter, say, RONDIMEN pictures, “This has been done in politics forever… and there's actually nothing wrong with it. Buy RONDIMEN from mexico, Nobody's ever been prosecuted under this.”

Well, you know what I say. I don’t care if it’s “always happened.” I don’t want it to happen Uanymore, buy RONDIMEN online cod. Besides being against the law it stinks to high heaven in a country that was founded on an open political, Fast shipping RONDIMEN, one-man-one-vote, may-the-best-candidate-win system. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, Knock it off. I’m not just talking to the current occupant of the White House, my RONDIMEN experience, I’m talking to every politician at every level. Order RONDIMEN online overnight delivery no prescription, And I know I’m not alone in thinking backdoor political maneuvering like this is what has brought our system to the paralytic crossroads at which we now stand.

Little gets done. What’s good for the country as a whole is largely ignored, RONDIMEN class. Laws are broken and our leaders look the other way, RONDIMEN FOR SALE. Politicians are too busy worried about what’s best for their party and not their fellow Americans. Buying RONDIMEN online over the counter, They all declare that if elected they will be different – but mostly they’re not. The mantra “Hope and Change” is still ringing hollow in my ears.

If this is the wheeling and dealing that goes on in the white-hot media glare of national politics imagine what goes on in local political circles in your state, buy RONDIMEN from canada. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, And, it’s not unreasonable to think if the White House inserted itself into a Pennsylvania race it might have tinkered with races in lots of states.

[caption id="attachment_3024" align="alignleft" width="95" caption="Outgoing Senator Arlen Specter "][/caption]

I don’t know a lot about Congressman Joe Sestak and he might have made a great Secretary of the Navy. No prescription RONDIMEN online, But, at a time of multiple wars in the world, when Somali pirates are roaming the high seas, where can i find RONDIMEN online, as bloody gunfights erupt on so-called humanitarian vessels between Israeli soldiers and activists I want the best man (or woman) as our Secretary of the Navy not someone rewarded by the President for stepping out of a political race. Cheap RONDIMEN, By the way, Sestak won his primary challenge, displacing 79 year old Arlen Specter, online buying RONDIMEN. If he wins the general election he’ll likely believe he’ll be able to switch over to the U.S. RONDIMEN brand name, Senate and do all sorts of great things for his constituents. But that’s not the way politics works these days. Nothing will happen to Teflon Bill Clinton and the White House will make sure Sestak, the man who wouldn’t cooperate, gets nothing.

Note:  A great column on this topic is here in the New York Post from June 7, 2010.