February 2010

Blowback For a Whistleblower

by Diane Dimond on February 22, 2010

Attacking the Messenger

Attacking the Messenger

What would you do if your boss began to do questionable, maybe even criminal, things? Would your paycheck be top of mind or would you call authorities? What if you worked for a politician and you knew he or she was doing something wrong. Would you speak out?

Such was the dilemma for an impressionable young man named Andrew Young who worked for former North Carolina Senator John Edwards. While he believed passionately in his boss’s political message, he allowed his loyalty to temporarily blind him. Young admits he did things for Edwards which he now regrets. Some of those things came to the attention of a federal grand jury investigating how Senator Edwards spent campaign money and Young was called to testify.

After dutifully serving the Senator for more than a decade Young has written a book … [click to continue…]


Domestic Abuse – Celebrity Style

by Diane Dimond on February 15, 2010

The Face of Domestic Abuse?

The Face of Domestic Abuse?

Inside a cozy courtroom in Aspen, Colorado this week I came face to face with Carlos Irwin Estevez as he appeared to face multiple domestic abuse charges. I said hello. He remained silent.

This is a man whose past is littered with complaints from the women in his life. One of his ex-wives alleges he became absorbed in pornography, abused alcohol and street drugs and threatened her safety. Several of his past female companions worked in the porn industry and he once shot a girlfriend in the arm. He’s been in and out of rehab for cocaine abuse and court ordered probation violations but still he keeps popping up on law enforcement’s radar. So far he’s avoided prison time.

On this day Estevez was dressed in somber black, including his skinny tie and horn-rimmed glasses. He was memorable for what he wasn’t wearing. He’d left his trademark smirk and cocky bad boy attitude back home in Los Angeles where he makes a multi-million dollar living as an actor…. [click to continue…]


Today’s Isolated Kids = Tomorrow’s Killers?

by Diane Dimond on February 8, 2010

Troubled Children Can Turn Criminal

Troubled Children Can Turn Criminal

E very human being needs to feel connected – attached – to other human beings around them. It’s an innate craving we all have and cannot fight. The hunger for attachment begins with infants who bond with their mother’s soothing voices, tender caresses and nurturing care. It’s through this kind of attention the child comes to know the feelings of being safe and protected. The quality of the early bonds children form with adults in their world will affect every relationship they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

Sadly, some children never get the love they need to grow into healthy, empathetic, trusting people. As they grow they form their own protective shield to keep out the rest of the world. They have no trust in others and their behavior often turns self-destructive and even criminal.

What ails this unfortunate group now has a name: Reactive Attachment Disorder. [click to continue…]


Kerrigan Family Secret

by Diane Dimond on February 1, 2010

Mark Kerrigan - Troubled Man

Mark Kerrigan - Troubled Man


ateline: Stoneham, Massachusetts

There’s one in every family – the black sheep, the bad seed, the troubled child who keeps the parents awake at night worrying and praying.

In the household headed by Daniel Kerrigan and his wife Brenda of Stoneham, Massachusetts it was their son Mark. While they reveled in the accomplishments of their two other children, TV producer, Michael, and figure skating Olympic medalist, Nancy, it was Mark who had long caused the couple sleepless nights.

Who knew the heartbreaking secret the famous Nancy Kerrigan’s family endured all these years? [click to continue…]