December 2009


by Diane on December 28, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2544" align="alignleft" width="121" caption="Number One Threat - Terrorism"]Number One Threat - Terrorism[/caption]W BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION, ith the year end celebrations mostly behind us it’s time to look ahead. Discount PAMELOR, 2010 is just days away and as I do every year here’s my wish list for a year filled with better news on the crime and justice beat.

My top wish is for everyone to truly understand the threat anti-American terrorism still holds for our country, PAMELOR australia, uk, us, usa. PAMELOR samples, To highlight that I wish the upcoming trials in New York for the 9-11 terror suspects would be televised. Just as the Watergate hearings enlightened America .., PAMELOR treatment. about the politics of the day, televising these trials would give citizens the chance to stare in the face - and better understand - the enemy who wants to obliterate our civilization, BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION. PAMELOR brand name, [caption id="attachment_2549" align="alignleft" width="90" caption="Madeleine McCann, Still Missing"]Madeleine McCann, <b>PAMELOR recreational</b>, <b>Where can i cheapest PAMELOR online</b>, Still Missing[/caption]

Anything having to do with the safety and welfare of children is always tops on my wish list. As futile as it seems I wish all children enough love, order PAMELOR from mexican pharmacy, Australia, uk, us, usa, good food and education so that they can ultimately rise above any hardship. I wish for no more foolish Octo-mom types or children scarred by the actions of their uncaring criminal parents, online buy PAMELOR without a prescription. PAMELOR price, I wish for fewer pedophiles to act on their sick impulses. BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION, I wish we could get our arms around the massive immigration problem which has been allowed to fester for too many years. Once our economy rebounds, taking PAMELOR, Purchase PAMELOR online no prescription, as it surely will, America will once again be flooded by illegals reaching for the dream, PAMELOR dosage. PAMELOR natural, What better time to begin putting restrictions into place than now.

[caption id="attachment_327" align="alignright" width="105" caption="Criminal Athletes"]Criminal Athletes[/caption]

In 2010 I wish to read no more stories about professional athletes killing innocent people while driving drunk, online PAMELOR without a prescription, PAMELOR description, beating their wives or girlfriends or cheating by taking illegal steroids.

I wish that next year all celebrities are made to face the exact punishment you or I would face for the crime committed, PAMELOR cost. And I really wish not to have to report on another story about a moron who did a moronic thing hoping they’d get a reality TV show out of it, BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy cheap PAMELOR no rx, (Hello, Balloon Boy Dad, PAMELOR used for, Buy PAMELOR online no prescription, are you listening?)

I hope the special Veterans Court I wrote about back in June, which began in Judge Robert Russell’s court in Buffalo, real brand PAMELOR online, Purchase PAMELOR online, New York, spreads nationwide to help the certain influx of returning veterans with readjustment problems who will get into trouble with the law, doses PAMELOR work. PAMELOR pics, They’ll need our understanding.

[caption id="attachment_52" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Sympathy For Victims "]heart-in-handspost[/caption]

For victims of violent crime I wish society would realize that their lives can never return to “normal.” Neither can those who’ve escaped religious based cults, cheap PAMELOR no rx. PAMELOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, They need our sympathy and support to reduce their pain and get on with living. BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Peace officers and their families need special consideration too. When you see a fellow citizen wearing a badge I wish you’d remember their loved ones live with the notion every day that he or she might not come home, PAMELOR dose. PAMELOR trusted pharmacy reviews, This year 44 sworn officers were killed while trying to keep the rest of us safe. That said, after PAMELOR, I also hope all law enforcement departments look inward and respond appropriately when the abused and battered spouse of an officer calls in for help.

Once again I wish that the nation’s countless thousands of languishing DNA rape kits would be processed and the results logged in a national data base. Rape is often a serial crime with one perp responsible for dozens of attacks, BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Test those kits, let’s try to convict those responsible and get them off the street.

As far as our overcrowded prisons go: I sure wish we could figure out a way to keep the career criminals locked up and those redeemable convicts rehabilitated and re-assimilated back into society in a way that doesn’t endanger innocents.

[caption id="attachment_22" align="alignright" width="105" caption="Prison Population Control "]prisonbarspost[/caption]

Toward lowering prison populations I really wish we could do something about the massive number of drug addicts clogging our prisons. Hey, how about launching a national effort to have our most brilliant medical minds to come up with a way to successfully treat addictions. BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Speaking of addicts, I wish we’d start punishing doctors who feed the massive problem of prescription drug abuse by routinely over-prescribing narcotics. Yank their medical licenses – period.

I wish that somehow prostitution could be wiped out but, of course, I know it never will be. It’s not a victimless crime and I don’t want to report on anymore mass graves of forgotten sex-trade workers like the one found in Albuquerque this past year.

I also wish we’d straighten out that blasted sex offender registry which has way too many people on it who don’t deserve to be there; teenagers turned in by angry parents or spouses forever tainted by an ex bent on revenge. There has to be a better way to list and keep track of true predators, BUY PAMELOR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Despite the challenges I continue to wish more young people will be attracted to careers in the justice system: law, forensics or law enforcement. We need all the bright young minds in the field we can get.

Here’s to a 2010 in which we all feel safer.


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by Diane on December 20, 2009

SOMA FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_2529" align="alignleft" width="135" caption="All American Family Man. Herbal SOMA, Hardly!"]All American Family Man. Hardly![/caption]

Everyone is talking about Tiger Woods these days – even the nice man who drove me to the airport the other afternoon, SOMA maximum dosage. Order SOMA no prescription, He and I had an in-depth conversation about how an icon like Woods, described in the past as an All-American family man and the greatest golfer the world has ever seen, SOMA online cod, Canada, mexico, india, could have fallen so far so fast.

My opinion, order SOMA from mexican pharmacy. That Woods had to be profoundly arrogant to think he could act so badly and expect silent loyalty from those involved, SOMA FOR SALE. SOMA pictures, Woods, I concluded, get SOMA, SOMA results, must lack the character and the integrity that we were all led to believe he possessed.  How could we all be so fooled.

My conversation partner seemed to think the story was really a private matter between a husband and wife and it was the media churning up controversy, SOMA over the counter. Buying SOMA online over the counter, Besides, he said, SOMA from canadian pharmacy, SOMA interactions, “Isn’t integrity and character the same thing - what’s the difference?”

To me a person’s integrity is displayed in how they interact with and treat other people. Character goes to the core of who they are, purchase SOMA online no prescription.

[caption id="attachment_2530" align="alignright" width="116" caption="Beautiful Family Not Enough For Tiger"]Beautiful Family Not Enough For Tiger SOMA FOR SALE, [/caption]

I thought about his question and my answer a day later as I floated up in a rented boat to the back of the lakefront estate owned by Tiger Woods in Windermere, Florida. SOMA images, I’d travelled to the ultra-exclusive golf community of Isleworth to see first-hand where and how Woods lived. I wanted to try to understand why a man of such supposed respectability and mystical talent would put in jeopardy … well, canada, mexico, india, Cheap SOMA no rx, everything in his life. Since the front entrance to the gated community was off limits the boat was the only way to catch a glimpse of Tiger’s lifestyle, kjøpe SOMA på nett, köpa SOMA online. Buy generic SOMA, No telling what I thought I’d learn bobbing off shore looking at Woods’ primary residence. The 8 bedroom, 9 bathroom mansion gave me no clue to Tiger’s integrity or character, SOMA FOR SALE. What I saw were only the trappings of his life - a swimming pool, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, SOMA dosage, private boat dock, a vast expanse of manicured grounds and mammoth windows overlooking the serene lake, SOMA recreational. SOMA treatment, My conclusion: The house, like the man, about SOMA, Buy SOMA from canada, looks perfect on the outside but inside there is turmoil and trouble.

To us regular folk it seems odd that such mayhem could erupt in a situation where there is an abundance of wealth, my SOMA experience, SOMA schedule, health and adoration for a lifetime of practicing to be perfect. But striving for that perfection, SOMA steet value, Ordering SOMA online, demanded not only by Tiger himself but also by his father, Earl, online buy SOMA without a prescription, obviously came at a price.

[caption id="attachment_2531" align="alignleft" width="83" caption="Dad's Pride "]Dad's Pride SOMA FOR SALE, [/caption]

As I looked out on the bucolic backyard where Elin Woods likely took their children out to play my mind flooded with questions. I wondered if this awful episode might have been averted if the elder Woods hadn’t died in 2006. Could Earl have managed the P.R. effort in a more effective way. What did the pressure on young Tiger have to do with his later-in-life explosion of bad behavior. Was it simply a case of a guy finally going after what he hadn’t been allowed as a younger man, SOMA FOR SALE. Had Tiger really been with other women right after his wedding and during Elin’s pregnancies.

Most important: Why had Tiger gotten married in the first place. If he was a single man we likely wouldn’t be talking much about this.

As I looked out at his seemingly ideal home I recalled a video clip of Tiger talking about wanting more children. SOMA FOR SALE, “After you’ve had them you really want to have more of them,” he once told a reporter from Entertainment Tonight as he smiled broadly.

Really. And did he ever get a flash of his children’s faces, or even his wife’s, as he carried on with all those other

[caption id="attachment_2536" align="alignright" width="101" caption="Humiliated Wife"]Humiliated Wife[/caption]

women. His serial cheating spree seems proof positive that Tiger Woods lacks both integrity and good character.

Think of all the lives changed by the selfishness of his acts. His mother, Kultida, must be mortified by his alley cat ways, SOMA FOR SALE. His children’s lives are certainly affected and while Woods recently declared he was indefinitely giving up his beloved golf so he could “work on being a better husband, a father and person” it seems as though Elin’s character prohibits her from continuing to live to lie.

The gentleman who drove me to the airport also asked me why “we seem to take such joy in the demise of others.” I think it’s more like fascination we feel, like the kind experienced when driving by a road side accident. We crane our necks, riveted by what we might see but taking no joy in the destruction.

[caption id="attachment_2534" align="alignleft" width="116" caption="Humiliated Mom "]Humiliated Mom [/caption]

Eldrick “Tiger” Woods created his own accident at the side of the road and there could be more sordid revelations. Fresh humiliation (and loss of endorsements) could be just around the bend.

I don’t really care that he can play golf. In the game of life, where integrity and character is the measure of the person’s true worth, Tiger Woods is a loser.


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by Diane on December 14, 2009

BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_2496" align="alignleft" width="127" caption="Let's Talk About Crime. "]Giving YOU a Shout Out[/caption]

It’s time again to give you a say on what you read in this space, comprar en línea SERAX, comprar SERAX baratos. SERAX forum, Your recent letters have ranged from praise to rage - on crime and justice topics as diverse as prison reform, child molesters and crime statistics, online buying SERAX hcl. SERAX class, Some of you dislike this column so much you can’t wait to read it every week just so you can write me with a complaint.

I like that, doses SERAX work.

If my words do nothing more than open your mind about important national topics then I’ve done my job, BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION. SERAX cost, It doesn’t matter if you agree with me or not. It’s social enlightenment and dialogue I’m after.., what is SERAX. SERAX duration, [caption id="attachment_2497" align="alignright" width="130" caption="Sexual Abuse Behind Bars"]Tens of Thousands Are Terrorized Here[/caption]

There was much reaction to the column, “Is Rape Okay With You?” which revealed that each year 60 thousand prisoners are sexually attacked either by another inmate or a guard, low dose SERAX. SERAX price, Ralph Logan, a retired state prison warden said, real brand SERAX online, Buy SERAX no prescription, “You are right on the money…the general public would be shocked at some of the brutality that goes on in our prisons. BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION, The strong prey on the weak and there are times officers know what’s going on but don't want to be responsible to report it.”

Kathleen Koehler wrote, “Society's responsibility does not end with sending one to prison. To ignore abuses, where can i find SERAX online, Online buying SERAX, or the possibility thereof, is enabling and insuring that it will happen.”

But no letter was more gut wrenching on this topic than the one from Charlie (last name withheld) who told me in his extended family there are 6 victims of sexual assault, SERAX coupon. SERAX trusted pharmacy reviews, He calls it an epidemic we, as a society, SERAX long term, SERAX samples, are afraid to effectively address and he added, “I'm most disturbed by comedians and filmmakers who joke about bending over to pick up the soap in prison, SERAX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Effects of SERAX, It's not a joke. We should be past that.”

I agree, order SERAX online c.o.d, SERAX blogs, Charlie.

Enough of the positive feedback, let’s get to the down and dirty, BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_2498" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Another Murder Every 31 Minutes in America"]Every 15 minutes Another Murder[/caption]

Reader Thomas Williams claims I bring “an unwelcome slug of crime drama” to his newspaper, SERAX overnight. Where can i buy SERAX online, Williams took great exception with the column I wrote called “The Crime Clock and You” disseminating annual crime statistics released by the National Center for Victims of Crime. The stats give citizens the mathematical likelihood of one falling victim to a violent crime, online SERAX without a prescription. Generic SERAX, Williams believes my work, “…revolves around ginning up fear over violent crime, SERAX australia, uk, us, usa, SERAX natural, whether it’s in her column or her previous work on ‘Hard Copy’ and other television shows.”

Wait, let me get this straight – discussing annual crime statistics amounts to “ginning up fear?” The experience (and thick skin) I’ve gained working on various television programs taught me a major life lesson: If we don’t try to understand and deal with the dark side of life it will come back to haunt us, SERAX from mexico. BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION, If we don’t probe, say, the inner workings of a serial killer’s mind or what happens later in life to an abused child or how we can make our justice system better then we’ll pay the price down the road. SERAX from canada, Discussing crime and its impact on society can, in my opinion, only make us safer.

About the column on the 175 year prison system given to faux preacher Tony Alamo for taking children as young as 8

[caption id="attachment_2500" align="alignright" width="105" caption="Alamo Guilty. "]Alamo Guilty. [/caption]

as his “brides”, reader Ron Herman wondered what I meant when I wrote that authorities have been reticent in the past to charge religious leaders. “I am confused by your statement that, ‘the doctrine of separation of church and state caused authorities to shy away.’"

Simply put, prosecutors have often passed on such cases believing they are too difficult to win, BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION. The defendants always claim they are above state authority due to the Separation Doctrine. I’m glad to say that’s changing as we see from cases like Alamo’s, the Yearning for Zion Ranch arrests and the recent conviction of Mormon separatist Warren Jeffs.

[caption id="attachment_2502" align="alignleft" width="104" caption="Polanski, circa Time of Rape"]Polanski, circa Time of Rape[/caption]

On my rant about it being high time film director Roman Polanski faced justice for having had sex with a 13 year old I heard from Patrick Riley. “If the case is prosecuted it should be done behind closed doors with the press kept out so that it doesn't become OJ Simpson revisited and the girl can tell all the embarrassing details without having (it) splattered all over the newspapers and TV.”

Being a champion of the free flow of information as a way to true enlightenment I can’t agree. BUY SERAX NO PRESCRIPTION, And, finally, Diane Layden has written yet again to decry my use of a sexist term. I referred to government officials as “city fathers”. She implores me to inspire more young women to civil service by switching to the gender neutral term “city leaders.” Point taken.

To head off another scolding I’ll admit now I recently used the term “bail bondsmen” referring to those who help suspects get out of jail. I’ll say I’m sorry in advance because I just don’t think the term “bail bondsperson” has the same ring to it.HOME.




by Diane on December 7, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2474" align="alignleft" width="89" caption="Epitome of a Ticking Time Bomb"]Epitome of a Ticking Time Bomb[/caption]

A BUY BAYCIP NO PRESCRIPTION, ttention all parole boards. Attention all governors who may be contemplating year-end commutations of inmate sentences, cheap BAYCIP. BAYCIP street price, Also, may I have the attention of all judges who routinely bang the gavel at bail hearings and allow dangerous career criminals back on our streets, BAYCIP no prescription. BAYCIP photos, It doesn’t matter how overcrowded our prisons are - it’s time to re-think what you’re doing.

Please, buy BAYCIP from mexico, Taking BAYCIP, look closely at the recent case of 37 year old Maurice Clemmons, the career criminal who got break after break from civil servants in two states (Arkansas and Washington) and then fell through the cracks of our justice system’s so-called safety net, BAYCIP without prescription. The end result was an execution style shooting spree in Lakewood, Washington that left four dedicated police officers dead over a coffee shop breakfast table, BUY BAYCIP NO PRESCRIPTION. After BAYCIP, It’s what can happen when a parole board, a governor or a judge fails to keep the rest of us safe, BAYCIP brand name. Buy cheap BAYCIP no rx, [caption id="attachment_2480" align="alignright" width="124" caption="Justice Should Be Blind - But Not Punishment"]Justice Should Be Blind - But Not Punishment[/caption]

Clemmons was bad news for a long time. In junior high school in Arkansas he was arrested for bringing a 25 caliber gun to class, purchase BAYCIP online. Where can i cheapest BAYCIP online, While still a minor he was convicted of five felonies and sentenced to 48 years in prison. BUY BAYCIP NO PRESCRIPTION, In 1990, when he was 18, Clemmons was convicted again on several additional counts of burglary and theft and got 60 more years in prison. A 108 year prison sentence for a hardened teenager and still his sentence was commuted, BAYCIP pics. Where to buy BAYCIP, In applying for release Clemmons wrote that he’d come “from a very good Christian family,” had never been in trouble with the law before he was forced to move from Seattle to Arkansas at the age of 16, BAYCIP wiki. BAYCIP for sale, “I’d just moved away from all my childhood friends and had no friends in Arkansas. (It was) a very crime ridden neighborhood … I was unable to resist the negative influence of the other neighborhood boys.”

[caption id="attachment_2481" align="alignleft" width="114" caption="Governor Mike Huckabee"]Governor Mike Huckabee[/caption]

In the spring of 2000 Arkansas’ then-governor, BAYCIP dose, BAYCIP description, Mike Huckabee, took his parole board’s recommendation and set Clemmons free, fast shipping BAYCIP.

You’d think getting a second chance like that would set a person on a more righteous path – but not Clemmons, BUY BAYCIP NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i buy cheapest BAYCIP online, Less than a year later he was back in prison on a parole violation. Astonishingly, discount BAYCIP, BAYCIP pharmacy, the state of Arkansas released Clemmons again in 2004.

In retrospect, buy no prescription BAYCIP online, Buy BAYCIP online no prescription, we can now say those were two major mistakes by officials in Arkansas. But the state of Washington isn’t blameless either, BAYCIP maximum dosage. BUY BAYCIP NO PRESCRIPTION, Clemmons was approved to transfer back to his native Washington shortly after his 2004 release from prison. No prescription BAYCIP online, He was placed under the supervision of the Washington Department of Corrections. Not surprisingly, BAYCIP reviews, BAYCIP used for, given his background, his violent streak and documented erratic behavior the D.O.C, BAYCIP price, coupon. Herbal BAYCIP, listed Clemmons as being at a "high risk to re-offend."

Flash forward to May 2009. Police in Tacoma, where Clemmons lived with his wife and ran a landscaping business, came to learn just how mentally deranged he had become. They were called by family members worried about his frightening behavior, BUY BAYCIP NO PRESCRIPTION.

[caption id="attachment_2489" align="alignright" width="99" caption="Where's the Safety Net For Cops?"]Police Did Their Job [/caption]

Clemmons had been throwing rocks at neighbors and their cars. He had ominously forced relatives, including children, to strip naked on Sundays.

He reportedly claimed he could fly, that the Secret Service was out to get him and that President Obama would soon visit to confirm that he was the new messiah. On Sunday, May 10th, 2009 Clemmons viciously attacked two sheriff’s deputies. BUY BAYCIP NO PRESCRIPTION, No matter, Pierce County, Washington has an astonishingly lax system that allows defendants to post bond and go home without ever facing a judge if it happens to be a holiday or a weekend. That’s exactly what Clemmons did.

In July of this year authorities filed charges that finally landed Clemmons in jail again. He was accused of raping a 12 year old female relative. While incarcerated for several months officials in both Washington and Arkansas argued about who should take Clemmons. Prosecutors in Washington tried to assert that he was a fugitive in violation of his Arkansas based transfer papers and should be shipped back, BUY BAYCIP NO PRESCRIPTION. Arkansas officials sent word they had no intention of reclaiming Clemmons and washed their hands of his case.

[caption id="attachment_2473" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Judge Felnagle Released an Ex-Con & Child Rape Suspect"]Judge Felnagle Released an Ex-Con & Child Rape Suspect[/caption]

That left Clemmons’ fate up to two judges in Pierce County, Washington. Judge John McCarthy heard the assault case and set bail at $40,000. Judge Thomas Felnagle caught the child rape case and set Clemmons' bail at $150,000. BUY BAYCIP NO PRESCRIPTION, Prosecutors thought both amounts were too low. Clemmons found a bail bondsman to get him out.

Six days later those four Lakewood officers were dead.

The rest is well known. Clemmons was shot dead in the street and in possession of one of the slain officer’s guns. Several of Clemmons’ cohorts were arrested on charges of aiding his escape.

What isn’t known is how many other parole boards, governors, judges and – yes - even bail bondsmen have helped release ticking time bombs like Maurice Clemmons. And here we thought we had a safety net.


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