October 2009

The Crime Clock and You

by Diane Dimond on October 26, 2009

Only A Matter of Time?

Only A Matter of Time?

The official “Crime Clock” is counting down the odds that you or a family member or a friend will be touched by violent crime in the coming year. Think it can’t happen to you?

The Crime Clock doesn’t recognize race or age or gender. It’s all about statistics.

The figures are compiled each year by the National Center for Victims of Crime. The numbers come from various government and private agencies like the Department of Justice, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

The Crime Clock might easily be dismissed as just a bunch of numbers but it really isn’t… [click to continue…]


How Crime Victims Become Crime Survivors

by Diane Dimond on October 19, 2009

Victims Can Survive

Victims Can Survive

It was an overcast October Saturday at the Joint Forces Training Base at Los Alamitos, California. The 7 am start time was daunting but I’d promised to go.

I’m glad I did.

It was the annual “Survive and Thrive” 5k run/walk event put on by a group called Crime Survivors. Note that it’s not crime victims – it’s crime survivors. And before you ask, no, I didn’t run but I did walk.

The woman who started Crime Survivors is Patricia Wenskunas, my hero.

She is a blond dynamo, a catering event planner by trade and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and attempted murder. She speaks gently but her message packs a wallop: Crime victims deserve consideration, at least as much consideration as the criminal gets. [click to continue…]


Law Enforcement Traitors

by Diane Dimond on October 12, 2009

Some Are Traitors

Some Are Traitors

There are traitors among us. Some are wearing the uniform of American law enforcement.

They are members of our federal defense force at the U.S. border, others are from local police departments in areas nearby. They are men and women who carry a badge and a gun and are supposed to make sure the bad guys stay out of our country. Instead they are taking bribes and lining their own pockets at the expense of our nation’s safety.

You read that correctly. For the right amount of money some of those who’ve sworn to protect America are helping illegal aliens enter the country undetected and are allowing millions of dollars in illegal drugs and contraband to pass right through border checkpoints … [click to continue…]


Polanski Punishment Should Fit the Crime – Period

by Diane Dimond on October 5, 2009

How Many Young Girls Were There?

How Many Young Girls Were There?

Don’t be distracted by the recent debate over whether fugitive movie director Roman Polanski should return to America and do time for sex crimes.

Don’t let ill-informed daytime talk show hostesses convince you it wasn’t really a crime.

Don’t get distracted by Hollywood types who claim the deed was done more than 30 years ago and poor Polanski has been through enough in his life. After all, they argue, Polanski lost family in the Holocaust and his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was brutally murdered by Charlie Manson’s gang.

Don’t let the media convince you that angry prosecutors, stung by an HBO documentary on the case, suddenly sprang to life to go after a case they’d abandoned. That’s been proven to be malarkey and structured around a former DA who now he admitted he lied about influencing the judge in the original case.

All of that is beside the point. This case boils down to a few simple questions. [click to continue…]