August 2009

The Addict, The Enabler and Us

by Diane Dimond on August 31, 2009

Addicts Need Tough Love

Addicts Need Tough Love

Who is to blame when a drug addict dies?

We now know the L.A. County Coroner considers the death of Michael Jackson to have been a homicide caused by acute Propofol intoxication and the effects of five other powerful prescription drugs found in his system.

If the L.A. District Attorney chooses to charge Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray,  it could very well be for manslaughter.

Realistically speaking it was more like assisted suicide.

Michael Jackson had flooded his body with drugs for years.  [click to continue…]


Prescription For Trouble

by Diane Dimond on August 24, 2009

Prescription Nation

Prescription Nation

We are a pill popping culture. We take pills to sleep, wake up, get happy, keep our children less hyper. And while people might not realize it, sharing prescription drugs, using false names to get prescription drugs or shopping around to get more than one doctor to prescribe extra prescription drugs – are all against the law.

It used to be that law enforcement worried only about illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth-amphetamines. Now, they’re dealing with the criminal aftermath of a record number of citizens getting high on drugs their doctors help them get. Deadly car accidents, domestic abuse, sex offenses committed by people too impaired to control themselves. Addicts of prescription drugs have been known to commit crimes to pay for their pills once the insurance runs out. [click to continue…]


When Loved Ones Do Unthinkable Things

by Diane Dimond on August 16, 2009

In happier times - Diane and Danny Schuler

In happier times - Diane and Danny Schuler

There’s a drama playing out in West Babylon, New York that makes you want to go home and tell your family how much you love them. It also makes you wonder how much bad news about your loved one you could accept if he or she did something so horrible it caused seven innocents to lose their lives.

On Sunday July 26th at about 10 o’clock in the morning Diane Schuler got behind the wheel of her mini-van with five children, all under the age of 9, to return home from an upstate New York camping trip. At some point during the drive Schuler’s young niece, Emma, picked up a cell phone and called her father. “There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane!” she is reported to have cried. [click to continue…]


The Reality Behind the Euphoria

by Diane Dimond on August 10, 2009

Back on American Soil

Back on American Soil

Who among us wasn’t moved to tears by the recent video of journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling as they stepped back on to American soil after having been held captive by the North Koreans for 140 days? Lee bounded down the steps of a private jet at the Burbank, California airport on Wednesday, her arms outstretched to her tiny 4 year old daughter, Hanna, her eyes locked on her husband. Ling pumped her arms in the air as she descended, then fought back sobs when she spotted her husband and her family on the tarmac.

After being captured at the Chinese-North Korean border during an assignment about human trafficking the journalists, employees of former vice president Al Gore’s Current TV, were subjected to a swift trial and were each sentenced to 12 years of  “hard labor.”

It’s wonderful these two women are now home. But at the risk of sounding like a killjoy may I just say … [click to continue…]


On Behalf of Police

by Diane Dimond on August 3, 2009

Professor Gates Under Arrest

Professor Gates Under Arrest

There is still an intolerable amount of racism in America. There are too many people in the U.S. who are bigoted and downright dismissive of those who don’t look like they do.

That said, let’s all admit something. Some of us see racism behind every act – and that in itself becomes a sort of racism too.

The catalyst for writing this week’s column is, of course, the recent disorderly conduct arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts following a concerned citizen’s report that two men appeared to be trying to break into a home.

There’s no need to rehash all the over-analyzed facts of this case but … [click to continue…]