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by Diane on August 31, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2204" align="alignleft" width="130" caption="Addicts Need Tough Love"]Addicts Need Tough Love[/caption]

W BUY CLOBAZAM NO PRESCRIPTION, ho is to blame when a drug addict dies.

We now know the L.A. County Coroner considers the death of Michael Jackson to have been a homicide caused by acute Propofol intoxication and the effects of five other powerful prescription drugs found in his system, buy cheap CLOBAZAM no rx.

If the L.A. Where to buy CLOBAZAM, District Attorney chooses to charge Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray,  it could very well be for manslaughter, where can i find CLOBAZAM online.

Realistically speaking it was more like assisted suicide, BUY CLOBAZAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

Michael Jackson had flooded his body with drugs for years. 

[caption id="attachment_2203" align="alignleft" width="102" caption="Stoned in Court, Where can i buy CLOBAZAM online, circa 1995"]Stoned in Court, circa 1995[/caption]

He went into drug rehab in 1993, he was often very obviously over-mediated during his 2005 child sex abuse trial and during the run-up to his massive comeback concert tour this year we’ve now learned he was engaged in an orgy of drugs and self destructive behavior, low dose CLOBAZAM.

So, Buy CLOBAZAM online cod, doesn’t Michael Jackson bear some of the responsibility for his own death.

Before you answer let me tell you about a sworn affidavit, attached to a now unsealed search warrant, purchase CLOBAZAM for sale, which outlines excruciating details about the tragic last days of Michael Jackson. CLOBAZAM images, In the final hours of his life he was injected by his doctor or was given oral doses of no fewer than four heavy duty drugs. BUY CLOBAZAM NO PRESCRIPTION, The last medication was Propofol. There are indications that when the doctor was not in the room Jackson may have sneaked even more medications in his continuing quest to end his insomnia. It’s typical addict behavior, CLOBAZAM pharmacy.

At Jackson’s bedside when he died there was a cornucopia of prescription pills, Buy CLOBAZAM no prescription, ordered up by several different doctors using fictitious patient names. It is a federal offense to prescribe pharmaceuticals under an alias. But there they were: Bottles of Valium, Tamsulosin, Lorazepam, Temazepam, Clonazepam, Trazodone and Tizanidine, BUY CLOBAZAM NO PRESCRIPTION. Drugs used as

[caption id="attachment_2199" align="alignright" width="87" caption="Also Called "Milk of Amnesia" "]Also Called "Milk of Amnesia" [/caption]

hypnotic sedatives, CLOBAZAM overnight, to reduce pain, Buy generic CLOBAZAM, anxiety and muscle tension. Some treated sleeplessness. Others have a relatively high addictive potential and some are frequently sold and abused as street drugs, CLOBAZAM long term. Finally, No prescription CLOBAZAM online, there was one prescription to treat an enlarged prostate, a nod to Jackson’s over-50 status. BUY CLOBAZAM NO PRESCRIPTION, In other words, one glance at that nightstand and a red flag should have gone up to any trained doctor that this was not a person for whom one should prescribe more drugs. But according to that sworn affidavit several doctors did - a cardiologist, CLOBAZAM natural, a dermatologist and a general practitioner among them. CLOBAZAM price, coupon, Others known to have prescribed to Jackson in the recent past include at least two anesthesiologists, a plastic surgeon, a dentist and other general practitioners, CLOBAZAM recreational. Jackson had obviously been doctor shopping – but the doctors were celebrity shopping, Buy CLOBAZAM without a prescription, no doubt.

Don’t the doctors bear some responsibility for Jackson’s death.

And what responsibility do the die-hard Michael Jackson fans bear for their blind worship, BUY CLOBAZAM NO PRESCRIPTION. His drug addiction was no secret yet the throngs of his followers continued to be dazzled by his stardom, online CLOBAZAM without a prescription. Their continuing admiration sent a signal to both Jackson and his doctors that celebrity trumps all the normal rules. Where can i order CLOBAZAM without prescription, The status quo was working and there was no reason for the Superstar to change his ways, no pressure from the entourage, because those who tried to warn Jackson to take care of his health were banished, is CLOBAZAM safe. As Jackson continued to demand more medications there were more people brought in to his long, CLOBAZAM use, slow suicidal process. BUY CLOBAZAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Actually, it’s a wonder he lived as long as he did.

[caption id="attachment_2200" align="alignleft" width="79" caption="Too Much of Too Many Things"]mjskinny[/caption]

Michael Jackson suffered from a lot of obvious maladies, many self inflicted, canada, mexico, india. Not only was he abusing massive amounts of drugs, Buy CLOBAZAM from canada, he suffered from anexoria and a body dysmorphic disorder that compelled him to repeatedly hire doctors to change his face. He had children who didn’t know their mothers, he shut out much of his family lest they tell him how to live his life and he seemed a reclusive, CLOBAZAM canada, mexico, india, nomadic hermit who was never quite able to shake the taint of his child molestation trial acquittal. Buy cheap CLOBAZAM, Yet there were legions of fans that sent him the message that he was the best, the King. And there were countless doctors standing by to prescribe what he needed to get through his days, BUY CLOBAZAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

Even in death there is blind adoration, kjøpe CLOBAZAM på nett, köpa CLOBAZAM online. A politician in New York is pushing to get a Brooklyn subway station – the venue for one of Jackson’s music videos - named after him. CLOBAZAM from canadian pharmacy, A U.S. Congresswoman pushed for an official House of Representatives commendation for the entertainer. BUY CLOBAZAM NO PRESCRIPTION, There has been a movement to get a Michael Jackson postage stamp. What’s wrong with this picture, my CLOBAZAM experience.

As I wrote in this space recently there are record numbers of Americans – tens of millions of them – using and abusing prescription drugs. Fast shipping CLOBAZAM, They are sick people in need of help, either for their underlying illness or for their addiction to these drugs. While I’ve always advocated personal responsibility I’ve come to realize the responsibility must radiate outward too.

Everyone who’s ever enabled a drug addict shares in the responsibility.

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by Diane on August 24, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2184" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Prescription Nation"]Prescription Nation[/caption]

W MOTOFEN FOR SALE, e are a pill popping culture. We take pills to sleep, MOTOFEN steet value, MOTOFEN australia, uk, us, usa, wake up, get happy, MOTOFEN dosage, MOTOFEN duration, keep our children less hyper. And while people might not realize it, comprar en línea MOTOFEN, comprar MOTOFEN baratos, MOTOFEN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, sharing prescription drugs, using false names to get prescription drugs or shopping around to get more than one doctor to prescribe extra prescription drugs – are all against the law, MOTOFEN reviews. MOTOFEN interactions, It used to be that law enforcement worried only about illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine, online buying MOTOFEN hcl, Generic MOTOFEN, heroin and meth-amphetamines. Now, ordering MOTOFEN online, MOTOFEN maximum dosage, they’re dealing with the criminal aftermath of a record number of citizens getting high on drugs their doctors help them get. Deadly car accidents, domestic abuse, sex offenses committed by people too impaired to control themselves, MOTOFEN FOR SALE. Addicts of prescription drugs have been known to commit crimes to pay for their pills once the insurance runs out, herbal MOTOFEN. MOTOFEN coupon, Health care providers and law enforcement will tell you prescription drug abuse results in the same problems as street drugs: addiction, crime and broken families, MOTOFEN without a prescription. Online buying MOTOFEN, So how bad is the problem. Hold on to your hats for some brand new, where can i cheapest MOTOFEN online, MOTOFEN schedule, jaw dropping statistics from the Drug

[caption id="attachment_2185" align="alignright" width="126" caption="A Pill Popping Culture"]A Pill Popping Culture[/caption]

Enforcement Administration. MOTOFEN FOR SALE, 7 million Americans are regularly abusing prescription drugs - not just taking them – abusing them. The drugs of choice are powerful pain killers like Oxycodone, buy no prescription MOTOFEN online, MOTOFEN description, Hydrocodone, Percocet and Vicodin, MOTOFEN dangers. Buy MOTOFEN from mexico, The DEA has been studying this for years so comparisons are easy. In the year 2000 3.8 million Americans abused painkillers, order MOTOFEN from mexican pharmacy. Order MOTOFEN from United States pharmacy, The latest figure of 7 million marks an 80 percent increase.

Prescription medications now cause more overdose deaths than cocaine and heroin combined, MOTOFEN FOR SALE.

If that stuns you – and I hope it does – get this, MOTOFEN cost. MOTOFEN photos, It’s not just painkillers Americans depend on to get through the day. There has also been a massive jump in anti-depressant prescriptions, MOTOFEN brand name. MOTOFEN wiki, It seems inconceivable but 27 million people are currently taking anti-depressants, like Paxil and Prozac, MOTOFEN class, MOTOFEN pictures, according to a new report in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

[caption id="attachment_2187" align="alignleft" width="98" caption="Hooked Before He Knew It"]Hooked Before You Know It MOTOFEN FOR SALE, [/caption]

There seems to be the feeling that if a doctor prescribes it it‘s okay to take, that prescription meds are somehow safer than street drugs. It isn’t true. Many prescription drugs have a high potential for abuse and patients can get hooked before they realize what’s happening. Some people get so used to taking a drug their bodies begin to crave more and more of it and they die of a self-induced overdose.

Look, lots of patients have pain and depression and truly need these drugs, there is no denying that. Probably a lot of the increase in the skyrocketing number of prescriptions can be traced to the stress of life in the United States post September 11th, 2001; to the miserable state of the economy we’ve all had to deal with; and a decline in psychotherapy sessions after many insurance companies restricted payments, MOTOFEN FOR SALE.

But there’s real criminality involved here. There are doctors who act illegally when they continue to prescribe or over-prescribe to someone they believe is an addict. There are pharmacies dispensing way too many pills to one household and ignoring the red flag of possible addiction. And there are scads of rogue “pharmacy” internet sites illegally selling controlled substances. MOTOFEN FOR SALE, If they run out of doctors to write scripts the addict often turns to these cyber drug dealers. The sites rake in profits by the millions – per month.

Lawmakers have been talking about the potential for a prescription drug abuse epidemic in America for more than a decade. Now, with a total of 34 million patients currently taking painkillers or anti-depressants I think we’ve hit the epidemic level. As fast as authorities shut down careless pharmacies, illegal internet sites, or strip offending doctors of their prescriptions privileges, more criminal enterprises step in to take their place. In the last three years tens of millions of dosage units of prescription drugs and tens of millions of dollars in assets have been seized, yet it’s done nothing to stem the growth of the problem, MOTOFEN FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_2186" align="alignright" width="135" caption="Teens Mimic Adults"]Teens Mimick Adults[/caption]

The most depressing part of this mess is that it’s destined to get worse. Our children are learning awful lessons from our pill popping behavior. And, it’s easy for them to simply slip a few of their parent’s prescription drugs out of the medicine cabinet. Don’t think your kids wouldn’t think about it. MOTOFEN FOR SALE, The DEA reports nearly 1 in 10 high school seniors now admit to abusing drugs that weren’t prescribed to them.

I’ve got no brilliant idea for solving this problem. It just seems that we spend so much time, effort and money fighting illegal drugs while overlooking the scourge of prescription drugs. If we’re going to crusade against one shouldn’t we include the other.

Our kids aren’t stupid. They see the campaign against hard street drugs and then they watch us down all sorts of prescription drugs like nothing bad can happen.

Bad happens. And we should all spread the word.


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by Diane on August 16, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2164" align="alignleft" width="139" caption="In happier times - Diane and Danny Schuler "]In happier times - Diane and Danny Schuler [/caption]

T BUY PRAVACHOL NO PRESCRIPTION, here's a drama playing out in West Babylon, New York that makes you want to go home and tell your family how much you love them. Cheap PRAVACHOL no rx, It also makes you wonder how much bad news about your loved one you could accept if he or she did something so horrible it caused seven innocents to lose their lives.

On Sunday July 26th at about 10 o'clock in the morning Diane Schuler got behind the wheel of her mini-van with five children, buy generic PRAVACHOL, PRAVACHOL treatment, all under the age of 9, to return home from an upstate New York camping trip, PRAVACHOL online cod. PRAVACHOL reviews, At some point during the drive Schuler's young niece, Emma, buy no prescription PRAVACHOL online, PRAVACHOL australia, uk, us, usa, picked up a cell phone and called her father. "There's something wrong with Aunt Diane!" she is reported to have cried, what is PRAVACHOL.

Diane Schuler had inexplicably gotten on a suburban highway going the wrong way, BUY PRAVACHOL NO PRESCRIPTION. PRAVACHOL class, The horrific crash that followed killed everyone in her vehicle except for her young five year old son, Bryan, order PRAVACHOL online c.o.d. Buy PRAVACHOL without prescription, Tragically, three unsuspecting men riding in an SUV lost their lives as well, my PRAVACHOL experience. PRAVACHOL used for, In a split second eight people were dead in a pile of twisted and burning wreckage that was hardly recognizable as automobile parts.

Flash forward to the autopsy report on this seemingly happily married mother of two, where can i order PRAVACHOL without prescription. BUY PRAVACHOL NO PRESCRIPTION, The coroner's office concluded that Diane Schuler had a blood-alcohol level of .19 - more than twice the legal limit - plus 6 grams of unabsorbed alcohol in her stomach. Purchase PRAVACHOL online no prescription, In addition, her blood carried 113 nanograms per milliliter of THC, where can i cheapest PRAVACHOL online, PRAVACHOL no rx, the active ingredient in marijuana. The medical examiner said the level indicated Diane had smoked weed as recently as 15 minutes before the fiery crash, rx free PRAVACHOL. Order PRAVACHOL online overnight delivery no prescription, Translated: Schuler was very drunk and very high on pot at the time of the accident.

[caption id="attachment_2166" align="alignright" width="270" caption="The Mangled Wreckage"]The Mangeled Wreckage[/caption]

Oh, purchase PRAVACHOL for sale, Is PRAVACHOL addictive, and police report they found a 1.75-liter bottle of vodka in Diane's minivan after the deadly accident.

After this information came to light the grieving husband, Daniel, went before the press to categorically deny his 36 year old wife had an alcohol or drug problem, BUY PRAVACHOL NO PRESCRIPTION. He revealed he works nights and their two children were frequently left with a babysitter but he insisted some sort of unidentified medical problem must have caused her to lose control of the car, effects of PRAVACHOL. No prescription PRAVACHOL online, "She was a perfect wife, upstanding mother, PRAVACHOL for sale, Doses PRAVACHOL work, a hard worker, a reliable person, PRAVACHOL pics, Buying PRAVACHOL online over the counter, trustworthy," he said through his tears, cheap PRAVACHOL, Australia, uk, us, usa, remembering both his wife and his dead 2 year old daughter.

Denial in the face of reality.  And a mourning man is left to nurse his critically wounded 5 year old son back to health, PRAVACHOL price, coupon. Your heart goes out to Daniel Schuler, as delusional as he is in the face of overwhelming forensics. BUY PRAVACHOL NO PRESCRIPTION, But that's not all this new widower must face. A flamboyant New York attorney named Irving Anolik has now entered the picture to claim, "There's a strong fragrance of criminality" to what happened and he plans to file a civil suit against the Schulers.  Anolik represents the family of Guy and Michael Bastardi , a father and son, who died in the SUV and he says it is "inconceivable" that the Schulers were unaware Diane had a drinking and drug problem.

[caption id="attachment_2174" align="alignleft" width="203" caption="Danny Schuler Denying His Wife Was Under the Influence"]Danny Schuler Denying His Wife Was Under the Influence[/caption]

"Any person who was aware that she was drinking is an accomplice ... whoever sold her the marijuana committed a crime," said Anolik. "She didn't just wake up one morning with a drug problem and capable of drinking that much alcohol."

Anolik has a point but the whole idea of blaming the family and making them pay for their dead loved one's actions doesn't sit well with me. I completely understand the urge of revenge, the need to make someone pay you back for the awful thing that's happened, BUY PRAVACHOL NO PRESCRIPTION. But ultimately it is empty satisfaction.

We've become a society of blame seekers. Someone must take the blame for all the bad things that occur to us in life. One person's bad judgment cannot be merely accepted, an accident can't simply be just an accident. BUY PRAVACHOL NO PRESCRIPTION, For some reason we need to point the finger of responsibility elsewhere and demand money to make our hurt or our loss go away. Of course, money doesn't do either of those things. The dead are still dead, we still feel the tremendous loss deep in our souls.

But, there's always a lawyer around willing to take the case for the promise of a payout equal to 30% of the settlement amount.

Almost all the plaintiffs I've spoken to at the end of long grueling wrongful death lawsuits say the same thing. In retrospect they realize the years long legal process they endured only served to keep their grief fresh, BUY PRAVACHOL NO PRESCRIPTION. It prolonged the pain and duration of healing.

Do I think the survivors of the dead in this case deserve something. Yes. They deserve some peace for the awful event that has shattered their lives.





by Diane on August 10, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2154" align="alignleft" width="211" caption="Back on American Soil "]Back on American Soil EPIVIR FOR SALE, [/caption]

Who among us wasn't moved to tears by the recent video of journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling as they stepped back on to American soil after having been held captive by the North Koreans for 140 days. Buy EPIVIR online cod, Lee bounded down the steps of a private jet at the Burbank, California airport on Wednesday, purchase EPIVIR, EPIVIR dose, her arms outstretched to her tiny 4 year old daughter, Hanna, canada, mexico, india, About EPIVIR, her eyes locked on her husband. Ling pumped her arms in the air as she descended, EPIVIR mg, EPIVIR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, then fought back sobs when she spotted her husband and her family on the tarmac.

After being captured at the Chinese-North Korean border during an assignment about human trafficking the journalists, after EPIVIR, EPIVIR use, employees of former vice president Al Gore's Current TV, were subjected to a swift trial and were each sentenced to 12 years of  "hard labor."

It's wonderful these two women are now home, EPIVIR without a prescription. Comprar en línea EPIVIR, comprar EPIVIR baratos, But at the risk of sounding like a killjoy may I just say ... the truth is they broke the law - international law - and they put America in the uncomfortable a position of having a two-bit dictator calling the shots for, no less, than our former President Bill Clinton, EPIVIR FOR SALE.

Ling and Lee are extremely lucky that their boss used to serve as second-in-command in the Clinton presidency and could call on Clinton to travel to Pyongyang to secure their release, buy EPIVIR from canada. EPIVIR coupon, They're lucky President Clinton has a friend in movie producer Steve Bing who loaned his Boeing 737 plane for the trip. That request from Vice President Gore, buy EPIVIR no prescription, EPIVIR images, by the way, may have caused some angst in the Clinton household, kjøpe EPIVIR på nett, köpa EPIVIR online. Purchase EPIVIR online, As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was placed in the uncomfortable position of having to downplay her husband's efforts as a "purely as humanitarian effort" and not an official diplomatic one, EPIVIR without prescription. EPIVIR FOR SALE, Everyone involved knew the mission served as an embarrassing propaganda windfall for the despotic Kim Jong-Il who got to have his picture taken with a most prominent American political figure. Real brand EPIVIR online, Kim is desperate for world recognition as a player on the nuclear weapons stage and the photo with Clinton inflates his ego. Kim's official news agency later reported that President Clinton apologized for the two journalists, discount EPIVIR, Online EPIVIR without a prescription, "illegally crossing the border and committing a grave crime against our nation." Hillary had to clean up the mess by announcing her husband had done no such thing. "That did not occur, EPIVIR dangers, Generic EPIVIR, " she said.

All of it a domino effect after two Americans went to a dangerous part of the world and violated the law, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. The lesson, of course, is if you travel to a foreign country you'd best learn the local laws and you better avoid boarder areas of enemy states, EPIVIR FOR SALE. EPIVIR recreational, Three other Americans failed to heed that basic advice during their travels and are now being held captive in Iran. Shane Bauer from Minnesota and Sarah Shourd of California are working reporters, EPIVIR cost, EPIVIR overnight, both based in the Middle East and Joshua Fattal is an environmentalist from Oregon. The trio is reported to have left their hotel in a northern Iraqi city to go on a hike in the mountains along the Iran-Iraq border, ordering EPIVIR online. EPIVIR maximum dosage, Something went terribly wrong. EPIVIR FOR SALE, Iranian officials say they were arrested for "illegal entry" and their captivity comes at a time when the government there is accusing the United States of fomenting unrest in that very area, called Kurdistan. Iran's news network had reported the Americans are "CIA agents."

Again, order EPIVIR from United States pharmacy, a diplomatic domino effect created by adventurous but ill informed American citizens who appear to have illegally broken through dangerous international boundaries.

For the trio held now for more than a week in Iran I'm afraid the situation may not end as quickly or as positively as it did for Lee and Ling. As with the North Korean situation there are lots of political agendas at play. And, there's no indication that Bauer, Shourd or Fattal have any sort of personal connection to anyone approaching the stature of a Gore or a Clinton, let alone with someone who owns a private jet. Without that they may sit in an Iranian prison for a long time as our Government makes it a point to refuse to negotiate with enemies of our country, EPIVIR FOR SALE.

And a word about the media coverage here. The Lee and Ling rescue made headlines because the "Rock Star Bill Clinton" was involved. I fear there will be much less coverage of the Americans held in Iran and that does not bode well for their return.

So, as you make your summer vacation plans or prepare to send your college kids off for the backpacking adventure of their lives. Read some news, identify the political hot spots in the world and check out the US State Department web site for information on travel advisories. Then, where ever you go - obey the local laws.


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by Diane on August 3, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2147" align="alignleft" width="133" caption="Professor Gates Under Arrest"]Professor Gates Under Arrest ALTACE FOR SALE, [/caption]

There is still an intolerable amount of racism in America. There are too many people in the U.S, fast shipping ALTACE. ALTACE pharmacy, who are bigoted and downright dismissive of those who don't look like they do.

That said, ALTACE brand name, Online buying ALTACE, let's all admit something. Some of us see racism behind every act - and that in itself becomes a sort of racism too, ALTACE interactions.

The catalyst for writing this week's column is, of course, the recent disorderly conduct arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts following a concerned citizen's report that two men appeared to be trying to break into a home, ALTACE FOR SALE. Where can i buy cheapest ALTACE online, There's no need to rehash all the over-analyzed facts of this case but ... suffice it to say Professor Gates interpreted the actions of one of the responding officers, ALTACE samples, ALTACE from mexico, Sergeant James Crowley, as

[caption id="attachment_2137" align="alignright" width="88" caption="Sgt, buy cheap ALTACE. ALTACE steet value, James Crowley"]Sgt. James Crowley[/caption]

racially motivated, where to buy ALTACE. ALTACE FOR SALE, Crowley and the other officers (including patrolmen who are both Hispanic and African American) say it was Gates who stepped out of line by being belligerent in his responses as they tried to investigate. Where can i find ALTACE online, After showing his identification to prove he was in his own home Professor Gates balked at the request to step outside. He's said to have loudly proclaimed that no white man would be put through such a humiliation, ALTACE alternatives. Online buying ALTACE hcl, He declared he was a victim of racial profiling.

Professor Gates, ALTACE over the counter, ALTACE dosage, a top scholar on race relations in America, obviously didn't stop to wonder why the police would ask him to step outdoors, order ALTACE from mexican pharmacy.

The original 911 report had two men attempting to break into the house and police procedure trains officers to immediately account for everyone involved, ALTACE FOR SALE. ALTACE no prescription, They needed to know if there was danger lurking inside and their first instinct was to clear the house and check. Sadly, order ALTACE no prescription, ALTACE blogs, Professor Gates jumped to the conclusion that it was the color of his skin motivating the officers and not his safety.

Here's what no one has said in all the breathless reporting on this story: When the police tell you to do something they are under no obligation to tell you why they're asking, ALTACE price. ALTACE forum, When the police make a request you best comply otherwise things could go badly for you.

It's the advice parents have long given their children as they go out into the world. ALTACE FOR SALE, Do what the police say. If you've got a complaint register it later, herbal ALTACE. ALTACE from canada, This is not a blast at Gates. It's a reminder of how things work, ALTACE duration. Where can i buy ALTACE online, Police are there to help us and respond to our emergency needs. It defeats our own best interests to automatically treat them as racist, ALTACE FOR SALE.

This is also a pat on the back for all those members of law enforcement who walk into potentially dangerous situations every single day, taking ALTACE, ALTACE long term, in every single city in America. It's a tip of the hat to those who keep the peace and allow the rest of us live in a (relatively) lawful society, ALTACE natural. ALTACE from canadian pharmacy, Are there some bad apples within law enforcement. Of course and I've written about rogue cops in past columns.

[caption id="attachment_2138" align="alignleft" width="127" caption="STOP ALL RACISM NOW"]STOP RACISM NOW ALTACE FOR SALE, [/caption]

It makes me sad that a man as educated as Professor Gates, an accomplished author and one who was voted among the nation's "Most Influential Americans", would immediately think of himself as a victim and perceive the police as adversaries. Just as disturbing was the knee-jerk comment from our equally well educated President Obama that the officers acted "stupidly" before he knew the facts.

Among the facts: Sergeant Crowley is a well respected and respectful officer, the brother of three other cops. And far from being a racist Crowley is the man who 16 years ago, as a Brandeis University police officer, got down on a gymnasium floor and tried to breathe life back into Celtics superstar Reggie Lewis after he'd collapsed during practice. Crowley's mother says it still "bothers him terribly" that he couldn't save the African American athlete's life.

I cannot imagine what it would be like to live in another color skin and the immense indignation I would feel if I was unfairly treated because of it, ALTACE FOR SALE. But the truth is we've made tremendous strides in this country toward a more just society. Is everything completely equal. No, but compared to a hundred years ago we're almost downright harmonious.

Maybe we've been talking about the wrong thing here. ALTACE FOR SALE, Maybe it's a generational thing. The 58 year old Gates surely remembers past painful discrimination. But he cannot be blind to the fact that bigotry and intolerance is practiced by all sorts of folks - Whites, Hispanics, Asians and yes, even, African Americans.

It's a positive thing that we're talking about this now. As we do let's remember some of the people who look different from us wear badges. They should automatically get the benefit of the doubt. When we chip away at authority figures - police in particular - we chip away at our own well-being and safety.


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