June 2009


by Diane on June 30, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2031" align="alignleft" width="124" caption="Mom and the King of Pop - but not the Pop of the Kids"]Mom and the King of Pop - but not the Pop of the Kids[/caption]

T DELTASONE FOR SALE, hose of us who've covered the Michael Jackson beat have long known that Michael Jackson's children are NOT biologically related to him.    I've been saying that on national television since the death of the King of Pop.  I think the kids now deserve to know their true lineage. A few of us reporters actually knew the identity of the sperm donor who entered into a three way agreement with  Jackson and Debbie Rowe to create the two oldest Jackson children, rx free DELTASONE. Is DELTASONE safe, On Entertainment Tonight and the Insider I challenged the sperm donor to come forward and help out the children since biological Mom Debby Rowe seems disinterested in them. Today the latest bombshell in this fast moving story....Us Weekly Magazine and a team of reporters and editors had the guts to go for it.  

[caption id="attachment_2041" align="alignleft" width="94" caption="Dr, is DELTASONE addictive. DELTASONE cost, "Baby Daddy" Klein "]Dr. "Baby Daddy" Klein [/caption]

The kids real daddy is Michael Jackson's long time Dermatologist, Dr, DELTASONE FOR SALE. Arnie Klein.  Oh, buy DELTASONE from canada, DELTASONE price, coupon, and BTW, the long time nurse at Klein's office was Debbie Rowe.  That's how all three of them came together in the first place, DELTASONE pharmacy. Buying DELTASONE online over the counter, Today, US Weekly Magazine and reporter Ian Drew had the guts to go for it and reveal that the REAL baby Daddy of Prince Michael and Paris Katherine is none other than Jacko's long time dermatologist - the man who invented his favorite skin bleaching cream - Dr, order DELTASONE no prescription. Order DELTASONE from mexican pharmacy, Arnie Klein....

Though Michael Jackson was wed to Prince and Paris' mother, online buy DELTASONE without a prescription, DELTASONE canada, mexico, india, Debbie Rowe, their biological father is Arnold Klein, DELTASONE pictures, DELTASONE wiki, Jackson's L.A.-based dermatologist and Rowe's former boss, multiple sources confirm to the new issue of Us Weekly.:He is the dad, DELTASONE used for, DELTASONE online cod, " says a Jackson insider. "He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth." via News - EXCLUSIVE: Dermatologist Is Father of Michael Jackson's Kids | Usmagazine.com.
DELTASONE FOR SALE, Klein has always had a lucrative Beverly Hills practice - he doesn't necessarily need the money that would come with custody of the children - and as far as I know he has no connection to the third child known as "Blanket" - but hey, who knows. But Klein probably isn't quick to jump into the custody fray for several other reasons.  First his gay lifestyle would have to change dramatically if three kids (or even two) suddenly came on the scene, DELTASONE from canada. DELTASONE natural, And maybe more immediate in his mind:  The cops like him for one of the doctors (if not THE primary doctor) who wrote all those prescriptions for Michael Jackson's narcotics  over the years.   Klein lawyered up shortly after Jackson's death.  He's closed his practice for now and is set to talk to the cops (if he hasn't already - timing in L.A. L.A, buy no prescription DELTASONE online. Generic DELTASONE, Land is always mercurial) My sources tell me Klein had devised a whole prescription scheme for his most famous client.  Using the random name of Jacko  friends, bodyguards or just made up names Klein would call in prescriptions to Mickey Fine's Pharmacy right there on the premises.  All of the prescriptions were then charged to Michael Jackson's account.  Fine sued Jackson back in 2007 for a staggering $100, DELTASONE coupon, DELTASONE without a prescription, 000.00 dollar unpaid balance for prescription drugs.  Its reported that Jackson paid for 48 thousand dollars in drugs in just one month. Yep, buy DELTASONE without a prescription, Buy cheap DELTASONE, he may be unmasked as the Baby Daddy now - but Dr. Klein has a whole lot more to worry about than that, DELTASONE dose. Buy DELTASONE without prescription, Oh, - and BTW - I don't think that report on TMZ about Debbie Rowe NOT being the mother is correct, purchase DELTASONE online. Order DELTASONE online overnight delivery no prescription, See more of my Jackson coverage at www.TrueSlant.com/dianedimond . Where can i find DELTASONE online. DELTASONE blogs.




by Diane on June 29, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2015" align="alignleft" width="118" caption="Mel Hall the Rapist"]Mel Hall the Rapist[/caption]

I VARDENAFIL FOR SALE, am sick of it. Buy VARDENAFIL from mexico, I am sick to my core with professional athletes who escape true justice when they break the law.

Some of these guys project such a powerful image no one dares report their criminal behavior, buy generic VARDENAFIL. VARDENAFIL overnight, A recent case in point is former major league baseball player Mel Hall who dodged charges of sexual assault against young girls for years. Finally, buy VARDENAFIL online cod, VARDENAFIL use, a Texas jury found him guilty of the decade old rape of a 12 year old girl. At least 3 other females testified at trial that Hall also sexually assaulted them when they were underage, VARDENAFIL FOR SALE. Hall has now been sentenced to 45 years in prison, taking VARDENAFIL. VARDENAFIL dosage, For every Michael Vick who goes to jail there are countless other athletes who get the kid-glove treatment in court

[caption id="attachment_2016" align="alignright" width="91" caption="Michael Vick "]Michael Vick [/caption]

mostly because their multi-million dollar contracts allow them to hire the best defense attorneys. There are too many examples to fit in this space but these athletes are drug users and dealers, VARDENAFIL description, VARDENAFIL australia, uk, us, usa, child abusers, wife beaters, buy VARDENAFIL no prescription, VARDENAFIL pics, they commit fraud and theft, they are serial fathers who refuse to pay child support, VARDENAFIL from mexico. VARDENAFIL from canadian pharmacy, NBA player Jason Caffey, for example, VARDENAFIL for sale, Where to buy VARDENAFIL, had 10 children with various women and refused to support to any of them until a court finally stepped in. VARDENAFIL FOR SALE, The list of serious crimes by professional athletes goes on and on.

Today, VARDENAFIL mg, VARDENAFIL steet value, let's focus on those who've committed the ultimate crime. They have killed people, kjøpe VARDENAFIL på nett, köpa VARDENAFIL online. VARDENAFIL price, What happens to them when they enter the criminal justice system. Well, discount VARDENAFIL, Purchase VARDENAFIL for sale, I can tell you if it were you or me who had taken a life we would likely be treated in a vastly different fashion.

[caption id="attachment_2017" align="alignleft" width="192" caption="Donte Stallworth with Attorney"]Donte Stallworth with Attorney[/caption]

Earlier this month Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth pleaded guilty to killing 56 year old Mario Reyes, VARDENAFIL FOR SALE. After celebrating his new 4.5 million dollar roster bonus at Miami Beach's Fontainebleau Hotel, VARDENAFIL price, coupon, After VARDENAFIL, Stallworth headed home, driving drunk, VARDENAFIL used for, VARDENAFIL brand name, in his shiny black Bentley. It was just after 7 am, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy generic VARDENAFIL, Reyes was hurrying to catch a bus at the end of his overnight shift as a construction crane operator. Not only was Stallworth driving with almost twice the legal blood alcohol limit, generic VARDENAFIL, Is VARDENAFIL safe, police say he was also speeding when he smashed his car into the unsuspecting Reyes. VARDENAFIL FOR SALE, In court Stallworth took full responsibility telling the judge he, "will bear this burden for the rest of my life."

Behind the scenes Stallworth's lawyer had reached a confidential financial settlement with the Reyes family and they, in turn, agreed not to file a civil suit and not to press for an aggressive prosecution. Although Stallworth faced up to 15 years in prison, VARDENAFIL australia, uk, us, usa, the judge sentenced him to just one month behind bars. That, my friends, is called "Green Justice" - buying your way out of legal trouble.

Stallworth's attorney quickly pointed out his client will be on house arrest for two years, probation for up to 10 years, he'll serve one thousand hours of community service and he loses his driver's license forever. Oh, and the icing on this repentance cake. The announcement that Stallworth will donate $2,500 each to Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Parents of Murdered Children, VARDENAFIL FOR SALE. MAAD promptly told Stallworth where he could stuff his cash and scolded the NFL for its continued lenient policy on the multitude of drunk driving players.

The Stallworth case is wrong on so many levels. It's wrong that a judge could think a one month sentence for negligent homicide is justice. It's wrong that the prosecutor didn't stand up and say, "To hell with buying off the family. VARDENAFIL FOR SALE, My job is to keep the public safe - no plea agreement!" And, it's shameful that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell only suspended

[caption id="attachment_2019" align="alignright" width="91" caption="NFL Commish Goodell"]NFL Commish Goodell[/caption]

Stallworth. Along with the Cleveland Browns, Goodell leaves open the possibility that Stallworth could soon be back at training camp, reaping the rewards of his multi-million dollar contract.

The Stallworth case isn't unique. Former NBA star Jason Williams has still not served one day in prison for killing his limo driver in 2002. At a booze and drug fueled party at his New Jersey home William says he accidentally shot Gus Christofi. The jury deadlocked on the reckless manslaughter charge so Williams has been free on bail pending re-trial, VARDENAFIL FOR SALE. But the jury also found Williams guilty on several counts of trying to cover up the incident, including wiping down his shotgun and jumping in his chlorinated swimming pool to get rid of gunshot residue. For more than 7 years Williams has remained free.

I find all these cases of easy going  justice for athletes shocking and disgraceful. Why are they treated so differently in a system that's supposed to be equal for all. At a time when athletes are still erroneously called "heroes" and "role models" it's time for fans to demand more of these pampered, overpaid players. Obeying the law would be a good start.





by Diane on June 28, 2009

[caption id="attachment_2002" align="alignleft" width="103" caption="Paris and Prince sans Blanket"]Paris and Prince sans Blanket[/caption]

F BUY TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL NO PRESCRIPTION, irst, I must apologize for my absence from the written page for the last few days. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL for sale, I've been swamped with work following the death of Michael Jackson. As the author of a book about my investigative findings of his life I've been overwhelmed with requests for interviews and articles and OpEd columns, online buying TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL. Order TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online c.o.d, But THIS I had to stop and share with you.  Grace Rwaramba has spoken, in an article in the London Times!  In the world of Michael Jackson this is equivalence of a nuclear bomb going off, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL natural. Buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no prescription, Grace Rwaramba the closest thing to a wife Michael Jackson ever had.  When the children arrived it was Grace who was there to swaddle them, hold them, buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online cod, Order TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no prescription, feed them and give them the only "Mother Figure" they've ever known. She was like a roommate to Michael Jackson for some 15 years - and was rewarded for her devotion, she says, by repeatedly being fired and rehired.  When her lupus flared to an alarming degree she finally decided she would never go back, BUY TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Now that the biological mother of the oldest two children, online buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL without a prescription, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL class, Debbie Rowe, says she doesn't want custody Grace could have a shot at gaining custody of the kids.  Or maybe the sperm donor (which Rowe now acknowledges) would come forward, where can i cheapest TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL steet value, (He is a long time friend/business acquaintance of both Jackson and Rowe) The bottom line to the immediate  nuclear fallout here:  Grace is finally confirming the bizarre, nomadic, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL pics, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL pictures, delusional and dangerous way Michael Jackson lived his life. She also reveals that the matriarch of the family - Katherine Jackson - called her after Michael died to quiz her about "where the money was hidden."  Grace says there wasn't any.  The article is written by journalist Daphne Barack, canada, mexico, india. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL description, [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="308" caption="Grace Rwaramba, the Nanny, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL without a prescription, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no rx, Spills Secrets"][/caption]

Grace was a witness to Jackson’s abuse of prescription drugs. BUY TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL NO PRESCRIPTION, She said he took a mixture of them — in her words, “he always ate too little and mixed too much”.  “I had to pump his stomach many times . , real brand TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online. Online TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL without a prescription, . He always mixed so much of it, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL no prescription. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL images, There was one period that it was so bad that I didn’t let the children see him.” She claims he was furious with her for getting his mother and sister Janet to help. “We tried to do an intervention, BUY TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL NO PRESCRIPTION. It was me, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL from canada, TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL reviews, Janet, his mother, buying TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online over the counter. Buy no prescription TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online, I co-ordinated it. He was so angry with me, cheap TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL wiki, “He screamed at me, ‘You betrayed my trust, buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL from mexico. TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL from mexico, You called them behind my back.’ I told him, ‘Michael I didn’t betray your trust, buy TESTOSTERONE ANADOIL online no prescription. I try to help you.’ But he didn’t want to listen. That was one of the times he let me go.” via What nanny who worked for Michael Jackson saw - Times Online.


Grace Rwaramba has issued a partial denial to the above story.  Most specifically she denies ever having pumped Michael Jackson's stomach.  Her statement, issued on the web site of a friend, also denies she ever spoke to the Times of London.com.  But the story posted there is NOT from a Times of London reporter it was written under the by-line of freelance journalist Daphne Barack.  It is interesting to note in her statement Rwaramba does not deny other major portions of the story by Barack.  Most notably she does not deny Jackson's rampant drug abuse.





by Diane on June 28, 2009

[caption id="attachment_1996" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Now What For the Jackson Kids?"]Now What For the Kids?[/caption]

T BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, he moment the news leaked out that an ambulance had taken Michael Jackson away from his L.A. area rental home  my life exploded, buy CAMAZEPAM without a prescription, Comprar en línea CAMAZEPAM, comprar CAMAZEPAM baratos,   returning to the whirling mess that it was during all those years I investigated the Jackson story.   The computer blew up with e-mails, my Blackberry chirped non stop.  CNN, CAMAZEPAM online cod, CAMAZEPAM coupon, FOX, MSNBC, CAMAZEPAM dose, Doses CAMAZEPAM work, CBS, The Today Show, where can i buy CAMAZEPAM online, What is CAMAZEPAM, The Early Show, magazines, CAMAZEPAM forum, Purchase CAMAZEPAM online no prescription, newspapers - everyone wanted a comment. It was the news I knew I'd live to broadcast and write about, purchase CAMAZEPAM. Herbal CAMAZEPAM, Michael Jackson's life became oddly enter-twined with mine back in August of 1993 when my News Director, Linda Bell Blue at the television show Hard Copy, CAMAZEPAM street price, CAMAZEPAM blogs, tapped me on the shoulder and told me to figure out why the cops were knocking at Michael Jackson's door. I'm a crime reporter, order CAMAZEPAM from United States pharmacy, Where can i order CAMAZEPAM without prescription, not a celebrity reporter so at first the words MICHAEL JACKSON and COPS didn't scan in my brain. The next day Hard Copy was able to break the news about WHY the police had moved in - they suspected him of molesting a young boy, BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION.

I knew in a rarefied state of being such as Jackson's law enforcement had to have crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's and been damn sure before they'd been able to convince a judge to sign search warrants for his homes, CAMAZEPAM samples, Low dose CAMAZEPAM, one his L.A. condo and a second at Neverland Valley Ranch, CAMAZEPAM long term. Online buying CAMAZEPAM hcl, The rest is history and I wrote about it all in my book, "Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case." (the title taken from Jackson's lyrics in one of his most popular songs, CAMAZEPAM interactions, CAMAZEPAM overnight, "Billie Jean.")

The 1993 allegations of child molestation went away after a payout of some 30 million dollars. The 2003 criminal charges were moot after a jury acquitted Jackson of 10  felony charges related to the alleged molestation of another young boy, buy cheap CAMAZEPAM no rx, Is CAMAZEPAM addictive, a recovered cancer patient.  And during his trial we were all able to see up close what a rickety mess Jackson's life had become. BUY CAMAZEPAM NO PRESCRIPTION, He came to court under the influence many days, he dropped weight, he arrived one day in his jammies. he sat at the defense table in a stupor and I wondered - was it a sympathy ploy for the jury's benefit or the obvious trappings of a man addicted to shutting out the rest of the world via narcotics, ordering CAMAZEPAM online. Get CAMAZEPAM,   Either way you could see this was a man who had done - and was in the midst of doing - significant damage to his body. I knew I would live to  hear this news..., CAMAZEPAM cost. Kjøpe CAMAZEPAM på nett, köpa CAMAZEPAM online,

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="290" caption="R.I.P."][/caption]

Legendary "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, who combined his singing talents, no prescription CAMAZEPAM online, CAMAZEPAM recreational, eclectic persona and ever-changing facial features to win over music fans around the world, died today from cardiac arrest. He was 50.  Jackson was taken to UCLA Medical Center by LA Fire Department paramedics after getting a call at Jackson's home around 12:26 p.m. local time.  He was not breathing when they arrived and had no pulse, LAFD sources said.   via MICHAEL JACKSON DIES AT 50 - New York Post

More on the fight for the Jackson children in posts ahead. .




by Diane on June 22, 2009

[caption id="attachment_1978" align="alignleft" width="94" caption="Returning Vets Need Understanding"]Returning Vets Need Understanding[/caption]

I BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, n America everyone is supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law. But we've got a growing group, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Purchase DULOXETINE online, a particular class of defendants entering American courtrooms who I believe need special consideration. They are soldiers returning from war, order DULOXETINE from mexican pharmacy. DULOXETINE pharmacy, Several studies conclude that between 30% to 40% of the approximately 1.6 million vets of Iraq and Afghanistan will "face serious mental-health injuries" like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and problems from traumatic brain injuries. Experts in the field report both those conditions are linked to anti-social and criminal behavior, buy DULOXETINE without prescription.

Now, to me those numbers - up to 40% of the troops afflicted - seem high, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. DULOXETINE over the counter, But if it's even half that it's too many brave souls returning home needing special help. So, DULOXETINE without prescription, Fast shipping DULOXETINE, what do we do with a soldier, who put their life on hold to go to a foreign land to fight for our liberty, where can i buy cheapest DULOXETINE online, Where to buy DULOXETINE, when they come home and get into trouble with the law.

[caption id="attachment_1980" align="alignright" width="126" caption="They Gave All "]They Gave All [/caption]

To be clear, DULOXETINE dangers, DULOXETINE results, I'm not referring to the highly publicized cases where a returning soldier has committed murder. Those cases have caused many to think, DULOXETINE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, DULOXETINE trusted pharmacy reviews, "Well, you train these young men to kill, DULOXETINE alternatives, DULOXETINE maximum dosage, they come home and kill." But there is no research, let me repeat that - there is no research - to indicate vets commit violent crimes more often than civilians, rx free DULOXETINE. BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, In fact, if you extrapolate government statistics for murders committed by men ages 18 to 24 it's the civilian who is more likely to kill someone, not the vet. Cheap DULOXETINE no rx, I'm referring here to those anti-social, behavioral problems experts report that so many of our returning soldiers suffer with in silence, effects of DULOXETINE. About DULOXETINE, Problems with substance abuse, paranoia, DULOXETINE photos, DULOXETINE from canadian pharmacy, flashbacks and bursts of unexplained temper, problems so debilitating the vet takes out their frustrations on loved ones or commits suicide, buy cheap DULOXETINE. DULOXETINE dosage, [caption id="attachment_1981" align="alignleft" width="111" caption="Judge Russell, Founder of "Veteran's Court""]Judge Russell, <b>discount DULOXETINE</b>, <b>DULOXETINE duration</b>, Founder of "Veteran's Court"[/caption]

Judge Robert Russell in Buffalo, New York noticed the trend last year, purchase DULOXETINE for sale. Buy DULOXETINE from canada, Disturbed after seeing some 300 vets come through his court, he started what's believed to be the nation's very first "Veteran's Court" for those having problems re-adjusting to civilian life, DULOXETINE schedule. The charges against these defendants range from public drunkenness and assault, driving while intoxicated, drug related offenses, disturbing the peace, theft, domestic violence and other emotion driven violations, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. DULOXETINE canada, mexico, india, The goal of this specialized court is to intercept troubled veterans before they spiral down and get lost in our already overwhelmed criminal justice system.

The soft spoken Judge Russell figured everyone would benefit if the vets were given a place to answer for their crimes that offered treatment not just punishment and a courtroom staff that included veteran advocates and assigned mentors. No veteran who appears can fall back on the self pitying thought that, "No one here knows what I've been through," because everyone in the room completely understands. Judge Russell is firm, however, demanding atonement and adherence to a one to two year individualized treatment plan. BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, He meets regularly with each veteran face-to-face to follow the progress. Failures get the original sentence for their crime.

"Many of our vets have a warrior mentality," Judge Russell explained in a radio interview. "Some perceive that treatment may be for the weak and we're working to change that paradigm." Judge Russell instills the idea that, "the real courage and strength comes from the warrior who asks for help." He's encouraged by the progress he's seen.

Criminal justice professionals all across America realize when the soldiers start streaming home they will also have to

[caption id="attachment_1982" align="alignright" width="135" caption="So Many Need Help Re-adjusting"]Help Re-adjusting[/caption]

grapple with the problem of their re-adjustment to society. So, Judge Russell's special Veteran's Court idea has been studied nationwide and has now either been adopted in or is being considered by several other states including Alaska, Pennsylvania, California and Arizona, BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION. One supporter is retired Air Force Colonel and Attorney, Billy Little, who told the Arizona Republic, "One of the things that (has) offended me is seeing a veteran who is self-medicating with alcohol or marijuana or meth and going to court and standing side by side with some gangbanger or lifetime criminal and being treated the same as them."

I can't think of a bigger travesty. To answer the soldier's service with a jail sentence for behavior that might very well stem from their service makes a mockery of their bravery. To toss the offending veteran in prison alongside the truly hardened criminal is akin to society saying they aren't worth the trouble.

We already have about 2000 special Treatment Courts in America to help those struggling with addiction. BUY DULOXETINE NO PRESCRIPTION, There are another 200 Mental Health Courts and both have been successful in strategic support and treatment for Americans in need. Don't our returning soldier's deserve a special place too.

It really all comes down to this: By the very virtue of these veterans sacrifice for our freedom does the country owe them something extra upon their return. Of course we do.



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by Diane on June 15, 2009

[caption id="attachment_1960" align="alignleft" width="184" caption="Confiscated Guns"]Confiscated Guns[/caption]

W BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION, e want police to get dangerous guns off the street, right?  Well, they are - in record numbers. Now the problem is what to do with all those confiscated guns, taking ACCUTANE. Order ACCUTANE online overnight delivery no prescription, A routine traffic stop yields a rifle in plain sight in the back seat of a car driven by a convicted felon.

A domestic abuse call uncovers two unlicensed pistols inside a home where a woman has called 911 after being battered by her husband, ACCUTANE use. ACCUTANE treatment, A take down of a local drug dealing operation nets police a cache of illegal weapons - from semi-automatic to half a dozen 357 Magnums.

What happens to all those weapons, BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION. First, ACCUTANE price, ACCUTANE mg, they're stored as evidence until disposition of each criminal case in question. Then, my ACCUTANE experience, Where can i find ACCUTANE online, once they're no longer

[caption id="attachment_1964" align="alignright" width="131" caption="Guns Bound For Destruction"]Guns Bound For Destruction[/caption]

needed it's up to each department to decide what to do with them.

You'd think with all the white hot heat surrounding gun control in this country we'd have a uniform policy on this, buy ACCUTANE without a prescription. ACCUTANE online cod, We don't. BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION, The FBI referred me to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms where I got nowhere. The National Association of Police Chiefs had no answer either, ACCUTANE maximum dosage. ACCUTANE samples, No guidance, no policy, is ACCUTANE addictive. What is ACCUTANE, It used to be that police departments along America's coastline, from California to New York and down to Florida, ACCUTANE class, ACCUTANE long term, would dump these guns into watery graves far out into the ocean creating artificial reefs of rusting revolvers and rifles. Sometimes financially strapped departments kept the firearms for their SWAT Team's use or traded them with neighboring law enforcement agencies, order ACCUTANE no prescription. Other departments have been known to auction off confiscated guns or sell them to registered dealers for much needed cash, BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION. Cheap ACCUTANE no rx, That, of course, buy ACCUTANE online cod, ACCUTANE wiki, puts the guns back on the street again.

So, ACCUTANE pictures, About ACCUTANE, more and more these days guns seized from those who aren't supposed to have them, or those weapons turned in during ‘No Questions Asked' neighborhood collection and buy-back drives, ACCUTANE from canada, ACCUTANE images, are being destroyed. They're literally shredded in huge metal chomping machines called ‘alligators' with a jaw power of 200 tons of cutting force, order ACCUTANE from mexican pharmacy. Rx free ACCUTANE, The weapons are pulverized into small pieces of scrap metal and sold for about 25 cents a pound.

[caption id="attachment_1965" align="alignleft" width="92" caption="Guns Loading Into Smelter"]Guns Loading Into Smelter BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

There are other places these guns are sent to die. At foundries and smelters across America armed police guards are arriving with tens of thousands of pounds of confiscated weapons and they stand by to make sure they are completely destroyed, buy generic ACCUTANE. ACCUTANE trusted pharmacy reviews, The guns are subjected to temperatures of more than 3000 degrees for as long as it takes to make them liquid again.

This death sentence for guns means life for more practical items, ACCUTANE dangers. Kjøpe ACCUTANE på nett, köpa ACCUTANE online, Some of the melted metal is used to make chain-link, pipes or manhole covers. In Southington, Connecticut there is just such a sewer cover (below) that declares in raised metal lettering that it was, "Made from 172 pounds of your confiscated guns." Ironically, it's placed right outside JoJo's custom made gun shop and about 15 miles from the main Colt Fire Arms Manufacturing company in West Hartford, Connecticut, BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION. It's a constant reminder to gun owners to keep their weapons safe and to stay out of trouble.

[caption id="attachment_1966" align="alignright" width="324" caption="Made from Melted Guns"]Made from 172#s of Melted Guns[/caption]

In Rancho Cucamonga, California the TAMCO Steel foundry has been melting down guns for years. They call the program ‘Project Isaiah,' named for the biblical passage about beating swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks. One TAMCO official put the project's goals into a modern version, "We shall melt their guns into rebar and build a community for all to live in peace and harmony."

The rebar fashioned out of the 12 thousand guns TAMCO melted into uselessness last year helped build, among other structures, the Staples Center and the New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas. BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION, They also used it to repair the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco and various earthquake damaged freeways.

A great swap, right. Lethal guns in exchange for products that produce jobs and safe places for citizens. But not everyone is happy with the gun destruction programs.

Gun enthusiasts complain police don't really try to find the true owners of stolen guns before they condemn a weapon to the smelter. Others mourn the deliberate destruction of weapons that qualify as historically valuable antiques, BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION. Then there are the pragmatic who point to the latest FBI stats and grimly remind us that no matter how many guns are destroyed in this fashion the American people buy an estimated five million new guns every year.

The destruction programs are a literal drop in the smelter bucket.

Me. I acknowledge the U.S. BUY ACCUTANE NO PRESCRIPTION, Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms - law abiding citizens - and that's fine. But, these are guns taken from outlaws. And outlaws use guns to commit nearly 70% of all the murders in this country. I've got no problem drowning, grinding or melting them into oblivion.


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by Diane on June 9, 2009

BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_1946" align="alignleft" width="172" caption="Wilma, Nursing School circa 1948"]Wilma, Nursing School circa 1948[/caption]

My Aunt, Wilma Stephens, was a registered nurse working in my pediatrician's office. CIALIS australia, uk, us, usa, If I close my eyes I can still see her in her white uniform, red hair and waffle-soled shoes, purchase CIALIS for sale. Buy CIALIS no prescription, She was the one I always wanted to see when I was sick. I have a great respect for nurses but here's a warning, CIALIS duration. Purchase CIALIS online no prescription, If you go to a hospital, please, online buying CIALIS hcl, Buy CIALIS from mexico, be careful who you trust.

The shortage of nurses has many hospitals hiring members of traveling nurse services to help, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION. Most are as caring as Aunt Wilma but those who are not can easily hide their criminal misdeeds by simply staying on the move, CIALIS brand name. CIALIS mg, While traveling nurses must be licensed it's a murky area. A license in one state can be used just about anywhere, CIALIS street price. CIALIS steet value, Hospitals hiring  these nurses rely on the background checks of the company that sent them. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, Often those  checks are lacking.

A case in point is a patient in California I'll call "Sarah." She went to the hospital in January 2007 with a crippling stomach ache, buy CIALIS without prescription. CIALIS without prescription, After a faulty surgery she remained in the hospital for months, an infection set in and she temporarily lost her eyesight ..., where can i buy CIALIS online. Online buy CIALIS without a prescription, [caption id="attachment_1934" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Through These Doors - Who Should You Trust?"]Through These Doors - Who Should You Trust?[/caption]

The first person she met at this prestigious Los Angeles hospital, she says, CIALIS photos, CIALIS coupon, was an emergency nurse named "Joseph" who took her personal information. She was single, real brand CIALIS online, CIALIS overnight, a film producer at Sony Studios and it was obvious she had money. Unbeknownst to Sarah she had become a target, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION. In less than a month Joseph got his hands on her business stationary and wrote letters declaring himself a highly paid producer, herbal CIALIS. CIALIS description, With that he, reportedly, discount CIALIS, Buy CIALIS online no prescription, got a fraudulent mortgage for a house in Louisiana.  Joseph been placed in that hospital by a company dealing in traveling nurses.

Sarah was able to go home for awhile but soon returned for another lengthy stay in another hospital closer to her home in Burbank, CIALIS over the counter, Australia, uk, us, usa, California. Guess who showed up, is CIALIS safe. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, Yep. CIALIS treatment, Nurse Joseph.

Now that Sarah is able to think with a clear head she realizes he was always at her side, comprar en línea CIALIS, comprar CIALIS baratos. Low dose CIALIS, Her eyesight remained fuzzy so he helped with e-mails, went to her house and office to retrieve things and administered her medication, CIALIS recreational. She was almost constantly in a state of over-medication. When she was finally well enough to be discharged she naively hired Nurse Joseph to care for her at home, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION.

Sarah has had terrifying flashbacks since she got Joseph out of her life. She recalled when she was taken for an M.R.I.

[caption id="attachment_1935" align="alignright" width="99" caption="Trusty Flo Nightingale"]Trusty Flo Nightingale[/caption]

at 2 a.m. and was told to, "Drop your gown" by one of three men. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, She was able to make out cell phones pointed at her and she now believes photos were taken. She also recalls other nurses calling Joseph her "boyfriend" and Sarah discovered Nurse Joseph was not even employed at that second hospital, he just kept showing up. No one asked questions. Sarah remembers pelvic pain and unexplained bleeding while hospitalized.

When Sarah was finally able to return to her office and the computer she had allowed Joseph to use on her behalf she found he had downloaded cell phone video of someone having sex with her lifeless body in a hospital bed. Sarah says she's sure it was Nurse Joseph and wonders why the hospital refuses to apologize to her for what it allowed to happen, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION.

The California Nursing Board informed me recently that Joseph still has his license. When I informed them about the restraining order Sarah had obtained barring Joseph from three Los Angeles hospitals the woman on the other line patiently told me that unless a nurse was actually convicted of a crime there was nothing they could do. I tracked Nurse Joseph down to a hospital in the Virgin Islands where he worked for several weeks and to the Washington State nursing board where he'd applied for a license. A person in Seattle told me it was likely he'd be approved since he'd never been convicted. BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION, It's believed Joseph has worked in hospitals in at least six states.

[caption id="attachment_1942" align="alignleft" width="116" caption="Be Careful Who You Trust"]Be Careful Who You Trust[/caption]

So, why hasn't Nurse Joseph been charged with a crime. Because when Sarah finally, fully realized what happened and went to police she was frantic, angry and demanding. "Somebody needs to stop him!" she told the police and as she unloaded her foggy memories they silently rolled their eyes. She told police when she finally confronted Joseph he had threatened to kill her and he made references to a baby he'd murdered. Police detectives dismissed her as "a fruitcake," as two law enforcement authorities told me, BUY CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION.

If we can track missing cars in this country why isn't there a national data base where complaints and disciplinary problems with nurses can be reported to warn potential employers and patients. The 50 state nursing boards don't share information. One federal system would keep us safer.

Sarah has now reluctantly filed a civil suit against the hospital and she continues to hope somewhere along the line Nurse Joseph will be stopped.

My Aunt Wilma would be appalled.


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by Diane on June 1, 2009

BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION, From a crime and justice standpoint it's a stupid move to try a terrorist in a civilian court of law. But that's the plan, PREVACID natural, folks.

[caption id="attachment_1911" align="alignleft" width="94" caption="Ghailani, "High Value Terrorist""]Ghailani - "High Value" Terror Suspect[/caption]

Ahmed Ghailani will be the first Guantanamo terror suspect to be brought here and tried in our civilian criminal court system, where can i find PREVACID online. And that Ghailani will be tried in a New York court - a scant distance away from his Muslim brother's most successful terror attack on America, PREVACID use, the spot where our World Trade Center Twin Towers once stood - is lunacy.

This man is the poster child for the term "enemy combatant" and those people are supposed to be tried by military tribunals. But we've gotten ourselves in a twist over this guy because we let him stew at Gitmo too long, BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION. Since there are others like him waiting in the wings we best get this right from the get-go, canada, mexico, india.

[caption id="attachment_1913" align="alignleft" width="128" caption="Ghailani - Bottom Center"]Ghailani - Bottom Center[/caption]

Ghailani, Ordering PREVACID online, declared a "high value detainee" by the Pentagon, made his bones in the terror world years ago. Back in the 90's, where can i buy cheapest PREVACID online, prosecutors say, Order PREVACID online c.o.d, he helped plan and execute deadly bombings at two U.S. embassies. BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION, The August 1998 blasts in Kenya and Tanzania took the lives of more than 200 people. Thousands were injured by explosive debris, online PREVACID without a prescription. Ghailani claimed innocence saying, Buying PREVACID online over the counter, with a shrug of his shoulders, he didn't know if you mixed TNT and oxygen tanks you could make a bomb. He denied buying a vehicle used in the attack saying he doesn't even know how to drive, PREVACID alternatives. Yeah, Buy PREVACID from canada, right.

Just before the embassy bombings, Ghailani flew to Pakistan and that is where, U.S, BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION. prosecutors say, he entrenched himself in all things Al Qaeda, PREVACID pharmacy, working as a trainer in a terror recruitment camp, PREVACID from canadian pharmacy, a document forger and a bodyguard and driver for Osama bin Laden.

By charging this bin Laden buddy with only the 1998 embassy attacks, and with nothing directly connected to September 11th, purchase PREVACID, 2001, PREVACID dose, prosecutors are hoping they'll be able to side step pesky legal challenges about Ghialani's lengthy detention and treatment. But who knows what Ghailani's defense team will come up with.

[caption id="attachment_1914" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Guantanamo Bay Detention Center"]Guantanamo Bay Detention Center[/caption]

That brings me to my primary point, PREVACID price. BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION, What if this guy gets off after going through our civilian justice system. What if by some attorney trick or subterranean legal loophole, PREVACID schedule, he's acquitted. And, don't tell me it couldn't happen, PREVACID pics. It happens all the time. Buy cheap PREVACID, There have been confessed killers who've walked free because they hired the right defense attorney at the right time (think Robert Durst). Are you ready for men like Ahmed Ghailani to be free, walking the streets of America, or worse yet, going back to his hole to plot against us again, BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION.

Look, I believe in our justice system, effects of PREVACID. Everyone should have his or her day in court. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, But this is no common criminal. This is a soldier in the war on terror against us, a calculating mass murderer who, taking PREVACID, I'll bet you, Where can i cheapest PREVACID online, would scheme against and kill more Americans if given half a chance. BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION, More than six dozen of his former Gitmo cellmates are reported by the Pentagon to have returned to their terror roots - why wouldn't Ghailani if he found a way to wiggle free.

[caption id="attachment_1915" align="alignleft" width="95" caption="Their Main Message "]Their Main Message [/caption]

Forget political correctness. We need to openly admit that radical Islamic groups are infiltrating our institutions, PREVACID interactions. They're active on university campuses and those who believe they are there to simply proselytize are fooling themselves. PREVACID without a prescription, They're looking to convert the impressionable. These radical Islamic extremists have been active for years inside our prisons converting the disenfranchised, BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION. The latest case in point: The four New York men recently arrested for plotting to bomb synagogues and shoot military planes out of the sky.

Three of the four (or maybe all of them, cheap PREVACID, reports vary) developed a deep interest in Islam while serving prison sentences on various drug, After PREVACID, assault and weapons charges. The four came together at a local mosque in Newburg, New York, where can i order PREVACID without prescription.

Let's take the best case scenario in the upcoming Ghailani trial. BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION, Let's say he's convicted, probably put away for the rest of his life. PREVACID no prescription, That means he'll go to a U.S. prison where he will be able to spread his hatred for America among those already predisposed to despise the system that put them there. When they get out they'll take that hatred to our streets, PREVACID results.

It is time to get our act together on just how and when military tribunals will be used for the trials of Gitmo prisoners. The only other option is our civilian court system and that's unacceptable on so many levels, BUY PREVACID NO PRESCRIPTION.
Picture the post verdict press conference if it doesn't go the prosecutor's way.

Reporter: "Mr. Ghailani, you've just been acquitted, what will you do next.
Ghailani: "Well, I'm going to fly home to be with my comrades. But first I'm going to spend some time at Ground Zero." (big smile, fade to black)


Author's note:  I'd like to announce that beginning with this column The Washington Times has joined the list of those carrying my weekly column.   For my daily posts please go to www.TrueSlant.com/dianedimond/.