February 2009


by Diane on February 28, 2009

[caption id="attachment_1564" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="What Happens In Mexico Doesn't Stay In Mexico"]What Happens In Mexico Doesn't Stay In Mexico[/caption]

I ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, t is a politically incorrect thing to say but I'm going to say it anyway.  Mexico is our enemy.

Drug desperadoes are, in effect, buy ARISTOCORT from canada, running that country now and have rendered the Mexican government nearly impotent. Order ARISTOCORT no prescription, It's gotten so bad, for example, that the Mayor of Juarez has fled his country in fear, ARISTOCORT steet value, along with his entire family. ARISTOCORT interactions, They've moved to America. Just how Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz plans to govern from El Paso, Texas is not known but his safety now rests squarely on the shoulders of the El Paso Police Department, ARISTOCORT no prescription.

What a metaphor for our problem with Mexico, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. ...A quick history: In 2000, Rx free ARISTOCORT, when President Vicente Fox took office he promptly arrested and jailed the leaders of Mexico's drug cartels. Biting off the head of the snake didn't work as planned. The gangs have been fighting each other for territory ever since, order ARISTOCORT from mexican pharmacy.

In 2006, ARISTOCORT canada, mexico, india, when Felipe Calderon became Mexico's President he tried to regain control. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, But Calderon's soldiers and police have been overwhelmed. There have been an astounding number of mob murders, kidnappings-for-ransom and assassinations of government officials ever since, herbal ARISTOCORT. More than 5, Buy ARISTOCORT online cod, 700 people lost their lives to Mexico's drug violence last year. Some were Americans simply visiting the country.

[caption id="attachment_1569" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Some of the Mexican Police Dead"]Some of the Mexican Police Dead[/caption]

Now, ARISTOCORT wiki, Mexico's massive crime wave is spilling across our border in tsunami-like fashion, Where can i buy cheapest ARISTOCORT online, flooding our country with ruthless criminals who aren't just illegally entering the U.S., they are, literally, ARISTOCORT used for, like crime-on-the-hoof, Where can i cheapest ARISTOCORT online, crossing our border in the most brazen fashion and committing bloody criminal acts.

Mexico's problem has become our problem in a big way, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. A recent report from the U.S. Joint Forces Command lumps Mexico and Pakistan together as being at risk of "rapid and sudden collapse." The retiring CIA chief, ARISTOCORT images, Michael Hayden, Purchase ARISTOCORT for sale, says Mexico could rank right next to Iran and Iraq as the biggest challenge for President Obama. Our Justice Department says Mexican gangs are "the biggest organized crime threat to the United States."

Hello. Is anyone in Washington listening, kjøpe ARISTOCORT på nett, köpa ARISTOCORT online. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, Is anyone coming up with a workable, consolidated plan to counter this threat and keep us safe. I suggest one great place to start is trying to curb U.S. Australia, uk, us, usa, gun dealers from selling arms to Mexican cartel assassins. Mexican authorities say the bulk of the weapons they've seized came from America.

During a recent trip to California a law enforcement officer I know warned me about going anywhere near the border area, ARISTOCORT mg. "Whatever you do - do not go to San Diego," he told me, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. "It isn't safe."

Phoenix, ARISTOCORT blogs, Arizona has now been declared the "Kidnap Capitol" of America. More kidnappings-for-ransom and bloody home invasions happen there than any other U.S. city, ARISTOCORT long term. Almost every case is connected to Mexican drug smuggling. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, University students in Arizona are being warned not to take Spring Break across the border. Online ARISTOCORT without a prescription, In New Mexico, drugs from the cartel stream in to major cities like Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Farmington severely straining police departments already struggling with budget cuts, where can i order ARISTOCORT without prescription.

[caption id="attachment_1565" align="alignleft" width="90" caption="Cole Puffinburger"]Cole Puffinburger[/caption]

In Nevada last year, About ARISTOCORT, 6 year old Cole Puffinburger was kidnapped by Mexican gang members. They really wanted little Cole's grandfather who had apparently run away with millions of their drug dollars. The boy was ultimately found unharmed but the brazen gunmen got away, buy cheap ARISTOCORT no rx. The episode sent a shock wave through Vegas, some 400 miles inland from the U.S/Mexican border, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE.

In Laredo, ARISTOCORT trusted pharmacy reviews, Texas, several Americans who crossed the border into Nuevo Laredo to shop or dine have never returned. They simply disappeared into the drug fueled vortex of crime that's sucking the life out of so many innocent people, ARISTOCORT australia, uk, us, usa.

And in Florida, Fast shipping ARISTOCORT, a recent quadruple murder trial was held in the brutal killings of an entire family. Prosecutors say the parents owed $187,000 to a Mexican drug cartel, ARISTOCORT samples. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, The Mexican assassins who came for them apparently considered their 3 and 4 year old boys as mere collateral damage.

The wicked facts speak for themselves. Is ARISTOCORT addictive, Crime is the major export our neighbor to the south sends us - every day - whether we like it or not. And as Mexico continues to be hit by the worldwide economic crisis, as their supply of fresh, sweet crude oil continues to be depleted and thus the outside money they get for it, the situation will only get worse.

When does America do something concrete about this.

We've debated immigration policy, borderline fences and beefed up border patrols, ARISTOCORT FOR SALE. We've discussed de-criminalizing drugs to deprive the gangs their profit and we have poured millions of drug fighting dollars into Mexico. Still the violence comes. And we let it.

[caption id="attachment_1571" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="President Elect Obama Pledges Support For Mexico's Calderon"]President Elect Obama Pledges Support For Mexico's Calderon[/caption]

In December America gave Mexico 197 million dollars to help fight the drug cartels. ARISTOCORT FOR SALE, In January we gave them 99 million more with a promise to keep up the payments. This is not the "change" we were promised. This is just more business as usual.

Our country is under attack by another country. If there was ever a time to call out the National Guard and have them stand shoulder-to-shoulder at the U.S./Mexican border until the threat is lessened it is now.

And, if you're planning a vacation - I'd stay out of Mexico.





by Diane on February 21, 2009

[caption id="attachment_1539" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Mother of 14 test tube children"]Mother of 14[/caption]

O VANTIN FOR SALE, ur country is built on a foundation of laws designed to keep order in our society. Some of these laws are passed by legislatures; others are society's laws, Cheap VANTIN no rx, the ethical and moral laws that guide us.

Two stories playing out in the news these days underscore the importance of this very basic cornerstone of American life.

The California single mother of six, VANTIN recreational, whose addiction to test tube babies caused her to give birth to 8 more and the President of the Peanut Corporation of America, Taking VANTIN, from which salmonella tainted products were shipped, have something in common. When faced with monumental choices they chose badly.., online buy VANTIN without a prescription.

[caption id="attachment_1554" align="alignright" width="105" caption="Poisoned?"]Poisoned?[/caption]

...They thought of themselves first - their happiness or their paycheck - with no regard to how others would be impacted by their lousy decisions, VANTIN FOR SALE.

[caption id="attachment_1547" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Parnell "let loose" poison peanuts"]Parnell "let loose" poison peanuts[/caption]

To make matters worse those entities we rely on to protect us from the foolish (even criminal) decisions of others failed us. Buy VANTIN without prescription, Let's deal with 33 year old Nadya Suleman first. No husband, no job, generic VANTIN, no house of her own, VANTIN dosage, her parents with whom she lives have had to declare bankruptcy under the burden and three of her 6 in-vitro-conceived children have disabilities. She decided to go back for even more in-vitro fertilizations. VANTIN FOR SALE, Her doctor presumably knew her situation but defied his own medical profession's guidelines and implanted way too many embryos. Eight more human beings brought into the world because as Nadya put it she longed for a "huge family" to make up for the loneliness of being an only child, VANTIN street price.

Geez, VANTIN dose, I am an only child but I never thought of giving birth to my own nursery school full of children.

Suleman, who also appears to be addicted to collagen lip injections, VANTIN schedule, said she gets no welfare. VANTIN without prescription, We now know that's not true. She declared she'll raise all 14 of her children alone, VANTIN FOR SALE. We know that's impossible. Suleman must sense the public assistance spigot may dry up as she's started a web site for donations, VANTIN online cod. I for one refuse to help pay for her delusional behavior. VANTIN pharmacy, Maybe it would be better if the state took custody of Suleman's babies and placed them with people who can actually afford children. VANTIN FOR SALE, Next, let's consider the case of the peanut company CEO, Stewart Parnell, another fantasy thinker. According to several congressional witnesses, and corroborating e-mails written by Parnell himself, VANTIN no rx, he knew there was deadly salmonella in P.C.A. VANTIN duration, products. But instead of destroying the tainted items and sanitizing his plants Parnell made the choice to do a little "lab shopping" to see if a different laboratory would come up with a different test result. Really bad choice, VANTIN brand name.

In the meantime, Parnell's e-mails reveal bitter complaints about how the company is losing money, VANTIN FOR SALE. "We need to discuss this, Order VANTIN online c.o.d, " Parnell wrote to his plant manager. "The time lapse ... is costing us huge $$ ..."

Here is a man faced with the prospect that his product could kill people and he's more worried about the bottom line, purchase VANTIN online no prescription, and his own paycheck. VANTIN pics, Later, via another e-mail, Parnell orders the questionable products be "let loose" to schools, no prescription VANTIN online, nursing homes and manufacturers who make cookies, Where can i buy VANTIN online, candy, crackers, ice cream, buy no prescription VANTIN online, granola bars and other products Americans gobble up.   It was no surprise when Parnell took the fifth when called to testify before Congress. VANTIN FOR SALE, The result was deadly. VANTIN without a prescription, Nearly 600 people were made so sick they reported it to health officials. To date, 9 deaths are linked to Parnell's salmonella tainted products, VANTIN for sale. Plaintiff's lawyers are lining up to file suit against the corporation, VANTIN class, which just conveniently filed for bankruptcy. Prosecutors are researching whether to file negligent homicide charges against Parnell.

Now, may I just ask where was the Food and Drug Administration, which admits reports of salmonella at P.C.A, VANTIN FOR SALE. plants stretched back to last summer, doses VANTIN work. Where were the federally mandated inspections. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, And in the case of Octo-Mom, as Nadya Suleman is now nicknamed, where was the medical community, buy VANTIN online no prescription. Unlike other countries we don't have legislation limiting in-vitro procedures. VANTIN FOR SALE, Lawmakers have left it up to the doctors to police themselves. My VANTIN experience, Nice job, guys.

One could argue that the actions of both Parnell and Suleman were criminal, get VANTIN, one crime against consumers, the other against tiny, incubated babies struggling to live.

I am the last one to call for more government regulation. But the FDA is already in place. The laws are there, the salmonella reports at A.P.C, VANTIN FOR SALE. were longstanding. Someone we taxpayers paid failed to be our backstop. I'd like to know who.

And, the medical community already has its guidelines firmly in place. The American Society For Reproductive Medicine concludes no more than two embryos should be implanted at a time in a woman Suleman's age. Won't even one medical association stand up and publically condemn the doctor who caused these eight babies to be born.

Too bad we can't pass laws against short-sighted stupidity.


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by Diane on February 14, 2009

CYMBALTA FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_1515" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Joseph Pallipurath, Charged With Murder"]Joseph Pallipurath, Charged With Murder[/caption]

The Crime beat is often an ugly one to cover. But every once in a while out of the ugliness comes tear jerking hope, Cheap CYMBALTA, even salvation.

The murders occurred in the most unlikely place and among an unlikely people.  The congregation of a small church in Clifton, New Jersey had just celebrated mass and was kneeling to say prayers for the dead when evil came into their sanctuary, online buying CYMBALTA. Evil had traveled a long way - from India, CYMBALTA description, through California and then across America to New Jersey.  His name was Joseph Pallipurath and he carried the delusion that he, literally, owned another person, CYMBALTA over the counter, his wife of less than a year, CYMBALTA from mexico, 24 year old Reshama James.

They had their roots in a different country and culture and submitted to an arranged marriage by their Indian families, going back to India for the ceremony, CYMBALTA natural. After settling in California the brutality began and American born Reshama knew just what to do.  She got a court in Sacramento to issue restraining orders against Joseph but it did no good, CYMBALTA FOR SALE. So Reshama fled to New Jersey to start anew. CYMBALTA maximum dosage, Evil followed her and more court orders were issued in New Jersey.

As they say, restraining orders are just pieces of paper .., what is CYMBALTA. ... CYMBALTA FOR SALE, and soon there was Joseph, standing in the vestibule of the New Jersey church where Reshama found weekly solace. CYMBALTA from canadian pharmacy, [caption id="attachment_1517" align="alignright" width="240" caption="St. Thomas Syrian Knanaya Church"]St. Thomas Syrian Knanaya Church[/caption]

Holding a small silver handgun he aimed to kill --  not to simply punish, CYMBALTA price. He shot his wife in the head when she refused to leave with him. He then shot in the head his wife's 47 year old cousin who had given Reshama sanctuary, CYMBALTA FOR SALE. Buying CYMBALTA online over the counter, Next to be shot was a 25 year old church director named Dennis John Malloosseril who had instinctively stepped in to help. As worshipers ducked for cover, and then wailed in disbelief, CYMBALTA results, Reshama died on the spot. Comprar en línea CYMBALTA, comprar CYMBALTA baratos, Good Samaritan Dennis Malloosseril died in the hospital the next day, one day shy of his 26th birthday, two days shy of Thanksgiving Day, after CYMBALTA, 2008.  The cousin has miraculously survived. Real brand CYMBALTA online, Law enforcement officers in Macon, Georgia captured 27 year old Joseph Pallipurath as he drove his California tagged jeep toward the home of his relatives.  Less than two days had passed since his murderous outburst at the church. CYMBALTA FOR SALE, Last weekend a Thanksgiving Day of a different sort came to that very church. St, where to buy CYMBALTA. Thomas Syrian Orthodox Knanaya Church played host to the five people who now live because Dennis John Malloosseril died. Effects of CYMBALTA, Among the congregants last Sunday was John Muscarella who carried Dennis' life saving lungs in his chest, Terence Begley had received one of Dennis' kidneys and his pancreas. Migdalia Torrez of Cleveland, low dose CYMBALTA, Ohio got the other kidney. Malta Hammed was also able to be there in church because her long battle with liver disease ended when doctors transplanted Dennis' liver into her ailing body, CYMBALTA FOR SALE. CYMBALTA treatment,  And last but not least, was James O'Hea who also would have died had it not been for the gift of a new heart, made possible because Dennis' parents decided to donate the organs of their hero son, CYMBALTA reviews. He was the giving type of person, CYMBALTA coupon, they said, and they wanted to honor that trait.

[caption id="attachment_1518" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Begley(at mic), CYMBALTA cost, Hameed, CYMBALTA overnight, Torrez, Muscarella, O'Hea - (AP photo)"]Begley, <b>purchase CYMBALTA online</b>, Hameed, <b>Canada, mexico, india</b>, Torrez, Muscarella, O'Hea[/caption]

Looking at the scene I was struck by something no one mentioned at the service, is CYMBALTA safe. It was the human soup mix of races and cultures involved in this remarkable event. CYMBALTA FOR SALE, An Indian man died a tragic, needless death and gave life to Americans of Middle Eastern, Italian, Irish and Mexican descent. Buy cheap CYMBALTA, They were Christians, Catholics, one was Muslim, CYMBALTA photos, all were of one belief this day. Buy generic CYMBALTA, As Muscarella, Begley, Torrez, CYMBALTA dangers, Hammed and O'Hea greeted Dennis' parents they each stepped up and exchanged warm hugs as if they were part of a long-time family.  In fact, they'd only just met. Usually a transplant donation family simply gets a letter of thanks in the mail, if even that.

Side-by-side they worshiped together in the very church where evil came that day last November.  Just a few short months later and those who benefited from the Malloosseril's selfless act were standing, mostly healthy and complete, to say a communal thank you for the precious gifts of life.

[caption id="attachment_1521" align="alignleft" width="190" caption="Hameed, Muscarella, O'Hea, Aley Mallooseril, Begley - (AP) "]hameedmuscarellaoheabegley[/caption]

The most touching moment had to be when it came time for O'Hea's hug with Aley Mallooseril, Dennis' mother, CYMBALTA FOR SALE. The tiny bespectacled woman, dressed in a traditional silver and blue Indian sari looked at the Irishman's T-shirt which bore a large picture of her dead son with his name stenciled underneath.  She slowly bent toward the man, put her ear to his chest and let it rest there for a few moments.  When she finally pulled away she said simply, "It is my son beating through him."


Like I said, sometimes covering the crime beat makes you sad. Other times it just makes you glad to be alive.


[caption id="attachment_1522" align="alignright" width="190" caption="John and Aley Mallooseril Greeting Transplant Recipients (AP photo)"]John and Aley Mallooseril Welcome Transplant Reciepients[/caption]


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by Diane on February 7, 2009

[caption id="attachment_1496" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="One of the remaining 250 Gitmo Prisoners"]One of the remaining 250 Gitmo Prisoners[/caption]

P HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, resident Barack Obama has fast tracked closing the multi-million dollar American constructed and controlled detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Ok, so now where do all the bad guys go after Gitmo shuts its doors, where can i buy cheapest HERBAL PHENTERMINE online.

It's a question that's long plagued Brigadier General Greg Zanetti who from January 2008 to January 2009 was the deputy commander of Gitmo. Cheap HERBAL PHENTERMINE no rx, "These are bad men," General Zanetti told me after his recent return to his native Albuquerque, New Mexico.  "There is an edge to these guys Americans just don't understand." In a slow, online buy HERBAL PHENTERMINE without a prescription, emphatic voice he said, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, "They want us dead."

And without quite saying it I got the feeling General Zanetti meant the new President is among those who don't "get it."

[caption id="attachment_1491" align="alignleft" width="126" caption="Brigadier General Gregory Zanetti"]Brigadier General Gregory Zanetti[/caption]

General Zanetti, a West Point graduate with a military resume a mile long, knows all about the Gitmo gang.  He's walked among them, buy HERBAL PHENTERMINE from canada, read their background files and knows them by name.  As we sat in a hotel lounge, HERBAL PHENTERMINE brand name, he nursing a Cuban rum and Coke, Zanetti gave me a quick history lesson full of perspective.

Right after the September 11th attacks "we were an angry nation, HERBAL PHENTERMINE recreational," he says. We went to the battlefield and scooped up hundreds of enemy combatants.  Some were thought to be so valuable they were taken to secret places in secret countries and, reportedly, life saving intelligence was extracted, HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE. Low dose HERBAL PHENTERMINE, Does the General think we used torture to get it?  He won't go there.  But he says nearly every man picked up by U.S. forces praised the 9-11 terrorists and would gleefully have killed more Americans to earn their spot on the martyr list.

"There have been a total of about 770 enemy combatants arrive at Gitmo, HERBAL PHENTERMINE mg," Zanetti told me. HERBAL PHENTERMINE price, Over the years some were determined to be low level threats and released, others were sent back to their home countries for further imprisonment or into the welcoming arms of their old terror buddies who declared them to be "The Heroes of Guantanamo!"  Recent reports conclude more than 60 ex-Gitmo residents have returned to their terrorist ways. HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, Today Gitmo holds just 250 enemy combatants. They are the 250 no American prison wants and no foreign country will claim, is HERBAL PHENTERMINE addictive.

They are the worst of the worst according to the General who watched as they bit, Buy HERBAL PHENTERMINE no prescription, kicked, elbowed, or threw their feces and vomit on his New Mexico national guardsmen who went to Cuba with Zanetti for the one year tour of duty, HERBAL PHENTERMINE pharmacy.

"Most Americans don't understand that the mistreatment at Gitmo is prisoner on guard, HERBAL PHENTERMINE price, coupon, " not the other way around.

The detainees enjoy what Zanetti called "A Hogan's Heroes type camp ... like an old age home for terrorists," he said, HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE.

They aren't locked away in cells 24/7, buying HERBAL PHENTERMINE online over the counter. They have communal rooms where they mingle and enjoy their native periodicals. HERBAL PHENTERMINE class, There are ocean views, flat screen televisions and some prisoners are allowed to grow their own food. Their Korans and Muslim prayer rugs are brought out five times a day and a cultural adviser is on hand to guide the menu for the several feast days they mark each month, HERBAL PHENTERMINE reviews, complete with traditional dishes of lamb and cucumber sauces. HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, While they mingle they continue to scheme against the U.S. HERBAL PHENTERMINE pics, according to the General. They've learned, sometimes from their own American appointed lawyers, HERBAL PHENTERMINE samples, that the most effective way to continue the revolution is to turn our system against us. HERBAL PHENTERMINE pictures, They engage in a strategic legal and media war designed to paint themselves as victims. We saw it during the disruptive trial of Zacarias Moussaoui and we will surely see it again if there are more civilian trials here.  And what would happen if a trial technicality actually set a terrorist free.

But the undeniable and unpleasant fact is that the United States has held these men for years, without charges, without trials and that is, most certainly, not the American way, HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE.

"I am bothered by the prolonged detentions, HERBAL PHENTERMINE for sale," the General said.  But, HERBAL PHENTERMINE from canadian pharmacy, he explained, Gitmo has hosted scores of foreign delegations - from the International Red Cross, Russia, buy no prescription HERBAL PHENTERMINE online, Middle Eastern and several European countries.  Only Saudi Arabia took their prisoners back and repatriated them, HERBAL PHENTERMINE used for, giving them homes and cars if they behaved themselves. In fact, the General told me, canada, mexico, india, when the delegation from Yemen arrived several of the majority Yemeni prisoners pointed at the representatives and declared, HERBAL PHENTERMINE without a prescription, "That's the person who recruited me to fight!" None was taken home.

President Obama seems certain some countries will step forward but I don't see a line forming at Gitmo's door.

There is still the possibility of holding military trials but what happens if the defendant is found guilty, online buying HERBAL PHENTERMINE hcl. He'll have to be jailed somewhere HERBAL PHENTERMINE FOR SALE, and the community N.I.M.B.Y. (Not In My Back Yard) protests are in full swing at the most often mentioned U.S. Taking HERBAL PHENTERMINE, locations: Leavenworth, Colorado's Super-max penitentiary and the Naval Brig in South Carolina.

Gee, australia, uk, us, usa, maybe Gitmo isn't so bad after all. Buy HERBAL PHENTERMINE online cod,