January 2009

Prisoners We Can’t Pay For

by Diane Dimond on January 31, 2009

Budget Cutting Blues

Budget Cutting Blues

Everyone knows the economy is on the skids.

Wall Street certainly feels it. Corporations continue to cut jobs. Mom and Pop businesses struggle to stay open. And state and local governments are faced with the cold hard reality that there’s just not enough money to go around.

Here’s the really scary part.  Among the budget-cutting targets are those used to run America’s jails and penitentiaries. The situation leaves policy makers little choice but to let some people currently in prison out of prison before they’ve served their sentences… [click to continue…]


Where Do They Go To Get Their Lives Back?

by Diane Dimond on January 24, 2009


Former Border Agents Ignacio Ramos (left) and Jose Compean

For nearly two and a half years they’ve been in solitary confinement for their own safety. They will soon be released thanks to outgoing President George W. Bush’s rare commutation of their ten year mandatory sentences.

Mr. Bush should have gone one step further and granted former U.S. Border Patrol Agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos complete presidential pardons.

They were convicted of a 2005 assault after they confronted a drug smuggler at the U.S. – Mexican border who was trying to sneak a van full of his poison into our country.  [click to continue…]


Time For A Second Opinion

by Diane Dimond on January 17, 2009

Sheriff Darren White

Sheriff Darren White

The voice on the other line was familiar but I’d never heard him sound quite like this.

It was my pal  Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White from my hometown of Albuquerque calling me. Darren is a personable guy so we spent a few minutes exchanging pleasantries and asking about each others families and holidays.  But I sensed he had another reason for calling.

Our conversation soon turned serious.  [click to continue…]


Deadly Remains … And What To Do With Them

by Diane Dimond on January 10, 2009

The Day The World Changed

The Day The World Changed

Newsweek Magazine has put a criminal justice conundrum in my head.

In a piece called, “Remains of the Day” Correspondent Eve Conant writes in detail about how forensic scientists in New York, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia painstakingly went about identifying what was left of the human beings caught up in the worst crime in modern American times – The attacks of September 11th, 2001.

Now, wait. Before you stop reading, thinking this is just another tearjerker tale that you’ve read about before – it isn’t.

It’s all about the science of getting justice. [click to continue…]


C.S. … I Don’t Think So!

by Diane Dimond on January 3, 2009

Bad Writing Makes For A Bad Episode

Bad Writing Makes For A Bad Episode

Emmy Award winning TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer has let me down. He’s let all of us down.

For years we’ve been riveted by his prime time programs: The CSI franchise based in Miami, Las Vegas and New York, Cold Case, Without a Trace and others. I am one of Bruckheimer’s biggest fans.

But on a recent episode of CSI Miami Bruckheimer’s quality control broke down. He allowed his writers to get away with poetic license that could seriously damage law enforcement efforts. [click to continue…]