December 2008


by Diane on December 26, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1371" align="alignleft" width="137" caption="Wishes For Justice "]dandelionwish[/caption]

'T TENORMIN FOR SALE, is the season to wish good things for the year ahead so here's my list. Effects of TENORMIN, I hope the worsening economy does not translate into a higher crime rate. Scholars and police disagree about whether bad economic times and high unemployment necessarily equals more crime, buy cheap TENORMIN no rx. TENORMIN online cod, I agree with the boots-on-the-ground police types who tell me crime especially thefts, burglaries and domestic abuse does go up in hard times, TENORMIN price, coupon. Buying TENORMIN online over the counter, I hope our new President gets a handle on illegal immigration. So much crime and fraud is traced back to those illegal aliens who we have allowed to work and live here, TENORMIN FOR SALE. Most are lovely, where can i buy TENORMIN online, TENORMIN no prescription, hard working people just trying to support their families but many of them are not and they are preying on Americans. All of them are breaking our nation's laws, real brand TENORMIN online. TENORMIN dose, I wish our politicians - from the White House to the state house - would start talking about crime and its daily effects on Americans. Our nation was founded on quality of life issues and its common sense to say this should be a priority, TENORMIN australia, uk, us, usa. TENORMIN FOR SALE, I hope the Transportation Safety Administration figures out profiling likely terrorists should not rely on politically correct guidelines. Comprar en línea TENORMIN, comprar TENORMIN baratos, And, I hope I live long enough to get through an airport without taking off half my clothing and my shoes, TENORMIN dosage. TENORMIN class, I hope no law enforcement personnel are killed in the line of duty this coming year. I hope no truly innocent person is executed, no prescription TENORMIN online. TENORMIN used for, I hope anyone found to have engaged in wanton criminal activity in connection with the mortgage, banking or Wall Street mess gets prison time, online buy TENORMIN without a prescription.

I hope the nation's back log of 400,000 DNA rape kits gets processed and the findings logged in a national data base, TENORMIN FOR SALE. Buy TENORMIN no prescription, No telling how many rapists-at-large could be located and locked up to keep the rest of us safe. This should be tops on the 2009 must-do list, buying TENORMIN online over the counter. TENORMIN pictures, I wish a lot of things for our children. I hope no more judges release chronic pedophiles after they've served a fraction of their sentences, online buying TENORMIN. TENORMIN FOR SALE, It happened during 2008 in states from Massachusetts to California and several in between. TENORMIN pics, We have to figure out a way to deal with this sector of our population. They are not curable and they are not going away, purchase TENORMIN. Buy cheap TENORMIN no rx, They will always be obsessed with victimizing our children.

That said, TENORMIN overnight, Low dose TENORMIN, I hope our legislators figure out a way to make those infernal sex registries fairer. There are some registered sex offenders who simply do not belong on the list, TENORMIN FOR SALE. Teen-agers who've had sexual contact with other teenagers, TENORMIN dangers, Where to buy TENORMIN, men falsely accused by angry ex-wives and others who've been wrongly convicted do not deserve a Scarlet Letter lifetime of scrutiny.

I wish officials in every state would take a hard look at isolationist religious groups operating within their boundaries, is TENORMIN addictive. TENORMIN cost, In 2008 we learned it is not all bible study and prayer for the children who live in places like the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Texas or the Tony Alamo Ministry in Arkansas.

I hope the millions of American children with mothers or fathers in prison get the support they need so they don't repeat the mistakes of their parents, TENORMIN steet value. TENORMIN FOR SALE, They need to know their parent's bad choices in life do not have to be theirs.

If we, as a society, can't keep the children safe what does that say about us.

I hope those in charge of our court system - judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys - focus more on the intent of the law and less on the loopholes that let criminals walk free. I hope they pursue the path that's good for society and not the path that requires less work.

I hope law schools return to teaching budding lawyers how to focus on the strengths of our law and not to exploit the weaknesses.

I would bother to hope that prisons release convicts who have been truly rehabilitated but I'm afraid there isn't enough money in any state's budget for that, TENORMIN FOR SALE. Still, I do hope for better psychological treatment and job training for those prisoners destined to be released.

While I'm in the process of hoping for things that will likely never happen I'd like to hope for fewer guns to be imported to America and fewer manufactured and sold here. We've got enough guns already.

And here's another - I hope all criminals, in that split second before they commit another crime, stop and think about the impact of their actions on others.

I hope all parents once again take responsibility and remember to instill a sense of what's right and what's wrong in their children.

I hope America returns to a sense of true community, the idea that all we really have is each other to survive.

Oh - And I hope everyone reading this has a healthy, happy and safe 2009. HOME.

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by Diane on December 20, 2008

ZYBAN FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_1345" align="alignleft" width="89" caption="Detective Greg MacAleese"]Greg MacAleese, the father of Crime Stoppers[/caption]

Time Magazine has its ‘Person of the Year' award. ZYBAN treatment, I have my ‘Crime Fighter of the Year' award and this year it goes to Greg MacAleese a former Detective with the Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Department, doses ZYBAN work. Buy ZYBAN from canada, This lifetime achievement honor is long overdue because Greg MacAleese has changed the world by making it a safer place to live.

One quiet, herbal ZYBAN, Cheap ZYBAN, snowy afternoon in February 1976 Detective MacAleese sat down at his desk and typed the word CRIME onto a sheet of paper ... He had been plagued about the FBI's designation of Albuquerque as the city with the highest crime rate (per capita) in the nation, taking ZYBAN. MacAleese ruminated about what he could do to change that, ZYBAN FOR SALE. Where can i cheapest ZYBAN online, His background in journalism taught him how powerful an ally the media could be. His police work had shown him how vital it was for citizens to step forward and tell what they knew so police could solve crimes, buy cheap ZYBAN. ZYBAN maximum dosage, But in Albuquerque in the mid-70's the population most affected by crime was scared to death to get involved.

Out of those solitary ruminations sprung MacAleese's idea to get both the public and the media fully invested in crime fighting, ZYBAN schedule. He named his brainchild "Crime Stoppers."crimestoppers-strip ZYBAN FOR SALE, The official launch date for Crime Stoppers was September 8, 1976, when MacAleese convinced his superiors to allow him to produce a video re-enactment of a murder and offer a reward for information. Australia, uk, us, usa, A college student named Michael Carmen, two weeks shy of his wedding day, ZYBAN recreational, ZYBAN price, had been gunned down while working at a gas station. No witnesses, buy ZYBAN without a prescription, ZYBAN over the counter, no leads. After the re-enactment aired on KOAT-TV, where can i order ZYBAN without prescription, Real brand ZYBAN online, eyewitness information led detectives to two suspects. Within 72 hours they were arrested and tied to a string of armed robberies, ZYBAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. MacAleese paid the reward out of his own pocket, ZYBAN FOR SALE. ZYBAN used for, This forward thinking Detective heard many complaints from fellow officers. Some called him "Cecil B, ZYBAN reviews. Cheap ZYBAN no rx, De MacAleese" for his video re-creations. Others on the force openly mistrusted the media and they didn't want to share investigative details with the public for fear of spoiling their court cases, ZYBAN results. ZYBAN FOR SALE, Some wanted to know why citizens should be rewarded for stepping up to do their civic duty. ZYBAN interactions, But MacAleese, encouraged by his Police Chief Bob Stover, after ZYBAN, Where can i buy cheapest ZYBAN online, kept refining his idea, insisting it would bring down the crime rate, online ZYBAN without a prescription. ZYBAN long term, csoriginal He pushed and cajoled until Crime Stopper segments became a weekly offering on Albuquerque TV, then on radio and finally in the newspaper, ZYBAN use. ZYBAN images, It was the perfect partnership of police, media and citizenry that MacAleese had dreamed about that snowy February day, ZYBAN australia, uk, us, usa. Witnesses to all sorts of crimes began to call in. In the first year 298 cases were closed because of Crime Stopper informants, including 13 homicides and more than 20 rapes, ZYBAN FOR SALE.

Crime Stoppers evolved over the years and MacAleese's insistence that witnesses always be guaranteed complete anonymity, coupled with a reward fund of public donations (no taxpayers' dollars) insured the program flourished. Early on Crime Stoppers was touted in the New York Times and on NBC's Today Show and other police departments eagerly started their own branches with similar results.

Today there are Crime Stoppers programs in all 50 states and in 24 countries. MacAleese says in India, for example, they've been especially successful solving banking crimes. ZYBAN FOR SALE, In South Africa the program has focused on sex crimes and a huge number of rapes and sex related murders have been solved. All because someone who knew something picked up a phone and made an anonymous report.   cs-corner-logo

Collectively, MacAleese tells me, Crime Stoppers programs have helped solved more than 1 million major crimes and have assisted in the recovery of more than 8 billion dollars worth of stolen property and narcotics. Civilian volunteers have raised millions in reward money and more than 100 million dollars in rewards have been paid out.

Important to note, Greg MacAleese refused to ever trademark the Crime Stoppers idea. He receives no royalties and says his satisfaction comes from seeing his "baby" become the world's most successful anti-crime program in history.

Today, Crime Stoppers keeps pace with technology and generational habits, ZYBAN FOR SALE. New computer software has been developed to allow citizens to anonymously transmit their information about crimes via the internet or over mobile phones. The software completely eliminates the tipster's web address or cell phone number as it passes on vital information to investigators.

MacAleese achieved what so many idealists hope for. He got an idea and massaged it into reality. These days, he travels the world training others in the ways of effective law enforcement.

For 32 years Greg MacAleese has made it his life's mission to try make the world safer, to find a way to engage us - all of us - toward the common good.

The power of us has achieved remarkable things - Thanks to my personal hero, Greg MacAleese.


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by Diane on December 16, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1333" align="alignleft" width="105" caption="Circa 1993"]The Author circa 1993 ESTRACE FOR SALE, [/caption]

I was brand new to Hollywood in 1993 when I started breaking stories about Michael Jackson and little boys. At first I couldn't figure out why my phone at work on the Paramount lot (I worked for Hard Copy) kept popping and crackling, ESTRACE brand name. Generic ESTRACE, Then mobs of threatening Jacko fans knew just where to meet me when I left the lot at night to go to my car in a nearby parking lot.  My house was vandalized, my home phone began to act weird, ESTRACE coupon. Buy ESTRACE online cod, Private detective friends told me to watch out for a guy named Pellicano who called himself, "the sin-eater."   Hard Copy hired body guards to escort me to and fro, ESTRACE no rx. Where can i find ESTRACE online, [caption id="attachment_1322" align="alignleft" width="104" caption="Pellicano Back In The Day"]Pellicano Back In The Day [/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1321" align="alignright" width="80" caption="Pellicano, today, ESTRACE forum, ESTRACE description, at 64"]At 64 his sentence could mean life in prison[/caption]

Well, today, get ESTRACE, ESTRACE mg, all these years later it was judgment day for the S.O.B. who made my life miserable .., ESTRACE FOR SALE. and over the years so many other's lives, about ESTRACE. ESTRACE samples, He was sentenced to 15 years for conspiracy, wiretapping and all sorts of brutish skulduggery he had performed over the years on behalf of some of Hollywood's most wealthy, purchase ESTRACE online. ESTRACE from canada, Victims got to have their say in court an L.A. court today, ESTRACE dosage. ESTRACE FOR SALE, One is my friend, former L.A. Purchase ESTRACE online no prescription, Times Investigative Correspondent Anita Busch.  Pellicano's intense harassment of Anita - designed to scare her off reporting on one of Pellicano's clients -- is what finally sparked the beginning of the end to his years long rampage of domestic terror.

[caption id="attachment_1335" align="alignright" width="130" caption="Courageously Confronted Pellicano In Court"]Courageously Confronted Pellicano In Court[/caption]

She has been through hell and back, ESTRACE blogs, ESTRACE street price, believe me.  Here's a link to Anita's full statement in court today.  Please take time to read it, its short.  It will give you a great idea of how ingrained corruption is in Hollywood....right down to the L.A, my ESTRACE experience. Order ESTRACE from mexican pharmacy, Times, if Busch is correct in her assessment.  She believes top reporters and a senior lawyer at the paper had long been in bed with Pellicano, what is ESTRACE. Buy ESTRACE online no prescription, And Busch believes that's why the paper allowed her to be left dangling on her own, after Pellicano's campaign against her.  I first wrote about Busch's allegations back in May.

It could amount to a life sentence.., ESTRACE class. Online buy ESTRACE without a prescription,

It's a fascinating read.

The federal prosecutor who went after Pellicano asked the judge to pass a 16 year prison sentence on the 64 year old who became a "high priced thief who fraudulently obtained prominence through the harm that he wantonly inflicted on others."

The judge gave him 15 years, no prescription ESTRACE online. ESTRACE dose, I hope for Anita and me and all the others he terrorized over the years he serves every single day of that.

HOME, ESTRACE alternatives. Comprar en línea ESTRACE, comprar ESTRACE baratos. Rx free ESTRACE. ESTRACE canada, mexico, india.

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by Diane on December 13, 2008

BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_1306" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="O.J. is sorry .., OVRAL natural. OVRAL without prescription, too late"]O.J. is Sorry .., <b>fast shipping OVRAL</b>.  <b>OVRAL from canadian pharmacy</b>, too late[/caption]

For all the words spoken at the sentencing of convicted felon, O.J, OVRAL no prescription. Simpson, I find most interesting what wasn't said, BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Effects of OVRAL, The courtroom was rapt as District Court Judge Jackie Glass ran through a long list of the nearly dozen robbery and kidnapping based felonies Simpson was charged with and his punishment for each charge. It totaled up to 33 years in prison for the former football and movie star, OVRAL pharmacy. OVRAL photos, Simpson won't be eligible for parole until he serves at least 9 years.

But no one in court said that it is highly unlikely he'll get parole his first time out, OVRAL price, coupon, Online buying OVRAL hcl, hardly anyone does. BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION, So, it is very likely 61 year old Orenthal James Simpson will stay in prison well after he turns 70 years old. The sentence passed by Judge Glass that day in Las Vegas could turn out to amount to life in prison for O.J, ordering OVRAL online. OVRAL online cod, Simpson. No one mentioned he could very well die behind bars, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order OVRAL from United States pharmacy, Also not mentioned in court the other day was that ever since O.J.'s acquittal on double murder charges 13 years ago he has resided in a certain type of prison anyway. A Los Angeles jury may have absolved him of the brutal slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend Ron Goldman but the bigger jury - the one that resides in the court of public opinion - did not, BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION.

At every country club and golf tournament, buy no prescription OVRAL online, Kjøpe OVRAL på nett, köpa OVRAL online, at every fancy dinner and social event he has attended some one was whispering, "Murderer!" or, order OVRAL no prescription, Purchase OVRAL for sale, "He got away with murder!" He has been roundly shunned and sneered at all these years. No telling how his children with Nicole regarded him after their mother was gone but we do know neither daughter, OVRAL from mexico, Order OVRAL online c.o.d, Sidney, nor son, where can i buy OVRAL online, Order OVRAL online overnight delivery no prescription, Justin, was in court as their father heard his fate, buy OVRAL without prescription. OVRAL wiki, And in the Las Vegas courtroom there was no mention of race, no black vs, OVRAL without a prescription. Buy OVRAL from mexico, white, cops vs, is OVRAL safe. BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION, the man of color. OVRAL duration, That card was played over and over again during the 1995 murder trial. Back then many black community leaders and scholars were vocal in insisting that "the system" railroaded men like O.J, OVRAL for sale. OVRAL trusted pharmacy reviews, Simpson, they expressed doubt that he would get a fair trial. They rarely mentioned the issue of his true innocence or guilt.

This time around they didn't get involved at all, BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION. There were no black clergymen like Jesse Jackson in attendance to speak out about the injustice of it all, no threat of massive demonstrations or riots should Simpson be found guilty. And, this time there were no courthouse pronouncements about "the system" that exonerated O.J. in 1995.

I say with no sympathy at all for Mr. BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Simpson that this time around few people were really passionate about his plight. He'd had too many plights over the last 13 years. Even his most ardent supporters grew weary of his self-made problems with the law: a 911 domestic abuse call to police from his daughter, Sidney; another 911 domestic abuse call for help from his long time girlfriend; a road rage incident in which O.J. was blamed for roughing up another driver; the theft of services charge filed by a cable company after Simpson was found to be stealing TV signals. Then there was that awful book he put his name to in which he very nearly confessed to the double homicide.

The list of disgusting antics became too long and when his adoring friends and fans fell away the former Hall of Fame star took up with a group of hangers-on and thugs, BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION. He surrounded himself with goons with guns like those who followed him into that Las Vegas hotel room demanding memorabilia dealers turn over their wares.

Did the not guilty murder verdict make Simpson arrogant enough to think he was untouchable, that he had a free pass for the rest of his life. Did he think the public bought his post verdict declaration that he would dedicate himself to "finding the real killer?" Or did he see the disdain in people's eyes.

"Every where I go folks ask me for my autograph. BUY OVRAL NO PRESCRIPTION, It happens all the time," I heard him say on TV a few years ago. But there was sadness in his eyes as he spoke, as if attention from strangers was all he had left in life.

Simpson didn't mention the autograph seekers the other day as he stood before Judge Glass and begged with red-rimmed eyes for mercy, explaining it all away as "being stupid, not criminal." He looked profoundly sad and tired and gray.

I wonder what he says to himself at night in his cell. Does he still cling to the notion that "the system" did him in. Or is he thinking about karma and how it nearly always comes back to bite you.


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by Diane on December 6, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1289" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Bad Seed or Abused Boy?"]Bad Seed or Abused Boy?[/caption]

R BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION, emember the chilling movie, “The Bad Seed” starring the blonde, pigtailed Patty McCormack?  She was a beautiful child but so devoid of feeling she randomly killed people she didn’t like. Discount AMBIEN, Could that be what authorities in Arizona are facing with the 8 year old boy who confessed to killing his father and a family friend.

We’ve watched this story play out for about a month now and I’ve hesitated to write about it because I thought any day now we’d learn the awful truth behind what motivated this child.  How does a young boy pick up a 22 caliber single action rifle and pump four bullets into his own father and then six more bullets into a man who rents a room in the family home, canada, mexico, india. Buy generic AMBIEN, Two dead and a little boy left squirming in a police interrogation room with no familiar face to guide him on how to answer the officer’s kind but relentless questions.  Police say the boy’s step-mother gave them permission to question the child alone.

Everyone who’s even peripherally involved in law enforcement knows you don’t question a defenseless suspect without a lawyer present or at the very least, comprar en línea AMBIEN, comprar AMBIEN baratos, AMBIEN interactions, in the case of a child, without a parent in the room, AMBIEN duration. It will only come back to bite you in the end.  But let’s put aside the short-sightedness of those well meaning officers who were just trying to get at the truth, BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION. AMBIEN price, The boy first told a story of finding both men nearly dead inside the house when he came home from school. Then he admitted he had shot them to “end their suffering” and as a child who had been taught the finer points of hunting by his Dad this seemed plausible, AMBIEN brand name. AMBIEN schedule, But something made the officers keep pushing and in less than an hour the tiny suspect in the chair began to crumble and he admitted the unthinkable.

The boy’s birth mother lives in Mississippi and so immediately after the deaths the child, AMBIEN maximum dosage, AMBIEN natural, who was not considered a suspect, was allowed to spend that awful night with his grandparents, AMBIEN dangers. BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION, Upon learning of his confession later in the week his grandmother was quoted in a court document as saying, “I knew this would happen. Purchase AMBIEN for sale, They were too hard on him,” a reference to the boy’s father and step-mother, buy AMBIEN from mexico. Online buying AMBIEN, Indeed, the boy had told police he got in trouble “most of the time” and had been spanked “five times by his step-mother” the night before the fatal shooting, AMBIEN use. AMBIEN for sale, And there are reports that the boy told Child Protective Services that he’d kept a written tally of every single time he had been spanked.  He reportedly decided that 1,000 spankings would be his limit and after that he vowed to do something.  Interestingly, buy AMBIEN without prescription, Where can i cheapest AMBIEN online, the Arizona Republic reports that the list of items taken from the boy’s home did not include any such tally page of spankings.

One thousand whacks might explain the boy’s explosive response, AMBIEN long term, No prescription AMBIEN online, I suppose.  But something tells me there’s more to the back story.  Was the other man in the house – the boarder – responsible for some of the boy’s angst?  Was their some sort of sexual activity going on in the home that prompted this deadly reaction. Might it have been a horrible attempt to get attention from his absentee mother, BUY AMBIEN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Or maybe the kid is one of those ‘bad seeds’ we’ve heard about?  A forensic psychiatrist pal of mine says, generic AMBIEN, AMBIEN street price, “No way.”

Dr. Keith Ablow has evaluated many killers and has testified as an expert witness countless times.  He reminds us that other children of this young age have inexplicably confessed to murders they did not commit and the system should proceed carefully with this child.  (It seems the system is.  Multiple mental evaluations have been ordered for the boy before the courts decide exactly how to proceed.)

If the child is guilty, AMBIEN canada, mexico, india, Kjøpe AMBIEN på nett, köpa AMBIEN online, Dr. Ablow says, order AMBIEN online overnight delivery no prescription, Where can i find AMBIEN online, there could be physical reasons for what he did.  Maybe he has a brain tumor or another medical problem, such as reaction to medication or an infection of the cerebrospinal fluid that coats the brain.  But chances are, AMBIEN steet value, AMBIEN no rx, says Dr. Ablow, canada, mexico, india, the trigger for the murders will be found somewhere in the boy’s emotional pathology.

“In sixteen years practicing psychiatry, I have never met a murderer who was born evil.  In every case, I eventually learned the circumstances that extinguished that person’s empathy.”

So we are left wondering what could have happened to a boy in just 8 short years that would cause him to loose all empathy, become detached enough and desperate enough to pick up a rifle and pump ten bullets into two people.

I think it’s really important we learn the why of these murders - if only to help other hopeless children who see no other way out but violence.

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