November 2008

Justice For Junny – Watching An Execution

by Diane Dimond on November 29, 2008

Junny Rio-Martinez, age 11

Junny Rio-Martinez, age 11

Sometimes I meet people on this crime and justice beat who just take my breath away.  I want to tell you about one. Where she found the courage to go through what she did is beyond me.

Her name is Vicki Rios-Martinez. She’s the mother of six, grandmother to 12 and the survivor of a murder so heinous you may never forget the details.  From that unspeakable crime Rios-Martinez found the courage to fight for a change in the law.

In short, her young son, Junny, was kidnapped, sexually molested and murdered 17 years ago.  It was only recently that Vicki and her husband watched their son’s killer be put to death at the Starke, Florida State Prison.  [click to continue…]


Growing Up With The Secret Service

by Diane Dimond on November 22, 2008

Sasha and Malia - Good Luck!

Sasha and Malia - Good Luck!

It won’t be just a change of houses for the Obama family come inauguration day. It will most certainly be an entirely new way of life – especially for the kids.

They’ve already had a taste of Secret Service protection during the 21 months of the long campaign. But as the old seventies song says, “Ba-bah- Baby, You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

I dialed up a pal of mine the other day, Scott Alswang, a retired Special Agent with the Secret Service. From 1984 to 2004 he guarded all the Presidents, from Regan to “W” and almost all of the foreign heads of state who visited them in between. Alswang walked me through what the two Obama girls can expect.

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The Rapist In The Freezer

by Diane Dimond on November 15, 2008

DNA Test Kit Result

DNA Test Result

It’s probably safe to say there are serial rapists roaming free in America and it’s our own justice system’s fault.

Pretty provocative statement, right? Well, it is meant to be.

Recent reports from the National Institute of Justice, Human Rights Watch and others confirm many hundreds of thousands of rape victim’s worst nightmares. Their DNA rape kits, collected in the hours after their painful and humiliating assaults, were never even tested. The kits have been ignored and still sit on freezer shelves in crime labs all across America. They wait for a technician to conduct the tests that will reveal a criminal’s biological identity.

To be fair, some of the cases represented by the more than 400,000 backlog rape kits have been solved …

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The #1 Form Of Child Abuse In America

by Diane Dimond on November 8, 2008

Child Abuse Takes Many Forms

Child Abuse Takes Many Forms

There are outstanding bench warrants for thousands of parents all across America.

A man named David, the president of a consulting company in California owes $198,954.70. Gene, a man who now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico dodged his obligation for some twenty years and is $242,147.00 in debt. And a dude from Illinois named Mark who sports a full brown beard, aviator glasses and a cheery smile owes an astounding $618, 679.00!

All of them owe the money to their children. And there are countless thousands more just like them who have reneged on agreed upon or court ordered child support. They are parents who have walked away from the most precious obligation one can have – their own children. And, its not just delinquent Dads, there are plenty of Moms who are shortchanging their children too. [click to continue…]


Candidates And Crime – What’s the plan?

by Diane Dimond on November 1, 2008

When you go into the voting booth in a few days to cast your ballot for the next President of the United States ask yourself why neither of the nominees is talking about crime in America.

Maybe I have a one track mind – crime – but why is it that neither Barack Obama nor John McCain have made even the tiniest mention of what all of us worry about on a daily basis?

Will the kids get to and from school okay? Will that far-away parking space prove to be dangerous when you go back to your car late at night? Has your late-for-curfew teenager been the victim of some random criminal act? Is it safe for your spouse to work that overnight shift? [click to continue…]