November 2008


by Diane on November 29, 2008

PROSOM FOR SALE, [caption id="attachment_1268" align="alignleft" width="153" caption="Junny Rio-Martinez, age 11"]Junny Rio-Martinez, age 11[/caption]

Sometimes I meet people on this crime and justice beat who just take my breath away.  I want to tell you about one. Where she found the courage to go through what she did is beyond me, about PROSOM. PROSOM overnight, Her name is Vicki Rios-Martinez. She’s the mother of six, is PROSOM safe, Purchase PROSOM online no prescription, grandmother to 12 and the survivor of a murder so heinous you may never forget the details.  From that unspeakable crime Rios-Martinez found the courage to fight for a change in the law.

In short, online PROSOM without a prescription, PROSOM from canada, her young son, Junny, PROSOM recreational, Discount PROSOM, was kidnapped, sexually molested and murdered 17 years ago.  It was only recently that Vicki and her husband watched their son’s killer be put to death at the Starke, australia, uk, us, usa, PROSOM class, Florida State Prison. 

Now, I’ve stood inside a death chamber but I’ve never witnessed an execution, PROSOM over the counter. I don’t think I’d have the stomach for it, PROSOM FOR SALE. Order PROSOM from United States pharmacy, But Vicki and her family did.  17 years after the most horrible day of her life there she was sitting in the gallery of the execution chamber, wearing a T-shirt with Junny’s  picture on it, PROSOM no prescription, Real brand PROSOM online, hoping the death of a monster named Mark Dean Schwab would somehow bring her a long sought conclusion.

Instead she found herself contrasting how her 11 year old son died with how Schwab passed, PROSOM description. Where can i buy cheapest PROSOM online, [caption id="attachment_1270" align="alignright" width="99" caption="Mark Dean Schwab Executed"]Mark Dean Schwab - Executed[/caption]

“The procedure was very, very peaceful.  His eyes shut, purchase PROSOM online, Effects of PROSOM, his jaw went slack and he never woke up again. There was no suffering for Mark Schwab, buy PROSOM online cod, Online buy PROSOM without a prescription, ” she told me. PROSOM FOR SALE, In other words, Schawb’s death was nothing like her little Junny’s.

Junny Rios-Martinez was everybody’s buddy.  Outgoing, PROSOM coupon, PROSOM treatment, athletic, handsome, PROSOM pharmacy. Where can i order PROSOM without prescription, He was five feet tall and weighed just 76 pounds.  His picture appeared in a local Florida newspaper after he won a kite flying contest and that’s all it took to arouse Schwab. He posed as a reporter who wanted to do a follow up interview with Junny and within weeks he’d cunningly groomed both the boy and the parents to trust him, fast shipping PROSOM. Buy cheap PROSOM no rx, Here’s the part that’s so unbelievable. Schwab was out of prison just one month when he first contacted the Rios-Martinez family.  He had a history of violent child sex attacks and both his previous victims were about Junny’s age, PROSOM FOR SALE. Schwab faced the possibility of life in prison but he was sentenced to serve only eight years for viciously raping a 12 year old.  He served less than half that and got out in just 3 years, PROSOM australia, uk, us, usa. PROSOM dose, He got no psychological treatment or rehab in prison. He was enrolled in a sex offender treatment program at the time he began to openly stalk Junny.  A lot of good that did, PROSOM pics. Buy PROSOM from canada, After they found little Junny’s naked body in a footlocker, carelessly thrown into a drainage ditch, there was a trial. PROSOM FOR SALE, Schwab was found guilty and sentenced to death.  And then the penalty phase was drawn out by appeal after appeal for a decade and a half.  During that time Vicki and her family grieved and tried to heal and prayed for justice.

[caption id="attachment_1281" align="alignleft" width="118" caption="Moments After The Execution - Vicki (center) with her husband and daughter"]Moments After The Execution - Vicki (center) with her husband and daughter[/caption]

“We discovered there is only one page in all the law books for victim’s families,” Vicki said.  “All the rest of that law book stuff is for protection of the criminals.”

So Vicki took it upon herself to add some pages to the Florida law books. She and her family won passage of the Junny Rios-Martinez, Jr. Act which prohibits those convicted of sexual battery from receiving early release.

Theirs is a large, loving clan and they worked hard to achieve the American Dream.  Vicki and her husband run a popular hair salon. He also works at the Parks Department and plays in a band, PROSOM FOR SALE. Vicki, who says she was always against the death penalty until Junny’s murder, now gives victim impact speeches to law enforcement groups.

So why, after 17 years and finally finding a happy routine in life again, did they want to watch the execution of their son’s murderer?  “For closure,” Vicki says. But she admits she came away feeling short changed.

“We give a convict this peaceful passage. PROSOM FOR SALE, It wasn’t scary … he didn’t have to face us,” because when the curtain opened between the death chamber and the gallery Schwab was already sedated and strapped to the gurney. The whole thing was over in less than 15 minutes.

“If you were the victim (of that man) you would face him and look into his eyes at the very last moment.  You know, the eyes are the soul. They robbed us of looking into his soul.  Maybe he would have wanted to say something to us,” she said as her voice trailed off.

Vicki Rios-Martinez just recently lost her beloved aunt and her father.  And she wishes, without a hint of bitterness in her voice, that they would have had such a peaceful way to leave this earth.  “We give it to the criminal,” she says again … “but not to the suffering.”  Nothing for the victim.

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by Diane on November 22, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1248" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Sasha and Malia - Good Luck!"]Sasha and Malia - Good Luck![/caption]

I BAYCIP FOR SALE, t won't be just a change of houses for the Obama family come inauguration day. BAYCIP from canadian pharmacy, It will most certainly be an entirely new way of life - especially for the kids.

They've already had a taste of Secret Service protection during the 21 months of the long campaign, BAYCIP dosage. BAYCIP reviews, But as the old seventies song says, "Ba-bah- Baby, get BAYCIP, BAYCIP images, You ain't seen nothing yet!"

I dialed up a pal of mine the other day, Scott Alswang, BAYCIP wiki, Buying BAYCIP online over the counter, a retired Special Agent with the Secret Service. From 1984 to 2004 he guarded all the Presidents, order BAYCIP from mexican pharmacy, Ordering BAYCIP online, from Regan to "W" and almost all of the foreign heads of state who visited them in between. Alswang walked me through what the two Obama girls can expect, BAYCIP FOR SALE.

First, BAYCIP blogs, BAYCIP pictures, they've already gotten their new monikers. You know, herbal BAYCIP, BAYCIP alternatives, those pithy code names Secret Service agents use when they refer to those they protect. Ten year old Malia Obama's shortcut name is Radiance, buy BAYCIP no prescription. Where to buy BAYCIP, 7 year old Sasha will be referred to as Rosebud. BAYCIP FOR SALE, (By the way the new President is Renegade, First Lady Michelle is Renaissance.)

Before they go to their first day in their new school the Secret Service will have run background checks on the school's staff and maybe some of the students and their families. Agents will accompany the girls to and from everyday, low dose BAYCIP. BAYCIP price, coupon, They may, depending on space, cheap BAYCIP no rx, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, set up a small command center inside the building. If not they'll set one up outside, BAYCIP cost. Where can i buy BAYCIP online, They may tap into the school's closed circuit camera system if there is one.

How many agents will be assigned to the girls, BAYCIP FOR SALE. "The appropriate number to get the job done, BAYCIP samples, Cheap BAYCIP, " according to my still secretive friend, Agent Alswang, order BAYCIP online c.o.d. What is BAYCIP, When Malia and Sasha want to have new friends over to the White House to play those friends and their families will probably have undergone a discreet background check. And on the actual day of the play date what happens when the child arrives, BAYCIP from mexico. BAYCIP results, As Agent Alswang put it, "No one gets inside the White House without passing through a name check and a magnetometer."

What if the two Obama daughters want to go on a typical sleepover at a friend's house, buy no prescription BAYCIP online. BAYCIP FOR SALE, You guessed it. After BAYCIP, The Secret Service will go too. Agents will conduct a site survey ahead of time and figure out where in the house the children might spend time, doses BAYCIP work. Escape routes will be devised just in case. The agents will either stay outside in a command vehicle or if there's room they'll set up inside the house.

"We're not there to intrude on others privacy," Alswang told me, BAYCIP FOR SALE. But the Secret Service protection duties are three fold. "Observe and sound off, that is yell, ‘GUN' or whatever the threat is. Cover the protected person and evacuate them from the problem area."

If President Obama wins a second 4 year term the girls will be of prime dating age. Then what happens with his daughters. BAYCIP FOR SALE, Answer: There won't be a hand held, a first kiss or a high school dance that the Secret Service won't attend.

The agents do try to be unobtrusive. If they have to protect someone at a school dance, for example, they'll show up in formal wear and try to blend in. But, come on - how many prom goers are wearing squiggly ear pieces and talk into their shirt cuffs.

I had to ask Agent Alswang what might happen if the Obama girls misbehave as the Bush twins, Barbara and Jenna, did when they were caught drinking at age 19. That incidence at a Tex-Mex bar in Austin in 2001 resulted in the twins being slapped with misdemeanor charges, BAYCIP FOR SALE.

Does the Secret Service discipline presidential children. Do they tattle to the parents if the kids act out in a major way.

Alswang says agents always try to "bring some common sense to the situation but if it's bad enough" they might have to resort to telling the First Parents. And, he told me, "It goes the other way too ... the Bush girls tattled on the agents they thought were too aggressive, especially in the beginning." He says Jenna and Barbara's Dad was "always happy to get the complaints. He knew we were doing the job."

It is tradition at the end of an Agent's lengthy assignment to the First Family to get a personal send off from the President and First Lady. When the detail around the twins finally rotated out after a long tour the President is reported to have called them in and said, " Laura and I would like to thank you for letting us sleep every night while you were up every night watching the girls. I'm trying to figure out a way to award you the Medal of Freedom!"

Welcome to Washington Malia and Sasha....have a great childhood.

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by Diane on November 15, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1230" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="DNA Test Result"]DNA Test Kit Result[/caption]

I CIALIS FOR SALE, t's probably safe to say there are serial rapists roaming free in America and it's our own justice system's fault.

Pretty provocative statement, right, online buying CIALIS hcl. Well, Purchase CIALIS, it is meant to be.

Recent reports from the National Institute of Justice, Human Rights Watch and others confirm many hundreds of thousands of rape victim's worst nightmares, CIALIS online cod. Their DNA rape kits, CIALIS without prescription, collected in the hours after their painful and humiliating assaults, were never even tested. The kits have been ignored and still sit on freezer shelves in crime labs all across America, CIALIS FOR SALE. They wait for a technician to conduct the tests that will reveal a criminal's biological identity, CIALIS mg.

To be fair, CIALIS without a prescription, some of the cases represented by the more than 400,000 backlog rape kits have been solved ...

through confessions, CIALIS forum, eye-witness testimony or some other investigative means. Buy generic CIALIS, But if labs went ahead and processed those kits they might very well be able to connect other unsolved rapes to the same criminal. CIALIS FOR SALE, Rape is often a serial crime. One rapist can be responsible for dozens of attacks. In one often quoted study forty-one known serial rapists were found responsible for 837 rapes and over 400 attempted rapes, order CIALIS no prescription.

But back to those kits. CIALIS trusted pharmacy reviews, A majority of the untested are orphaned tests. They've remained on ice, depriving detectives of the most important clue, CIALIS FOR SALE. And in the most maddening development, a great number of them are approaching expired status, buy cheap CIALIS. That is to say, Buy CIALIS online no prescription, the statute of limitations soon runs out on them and the kit's results won't be admissible in court.

Victims in most states will never know if their evidence was tested. They'll be left to assume the silence from police means their kit simply did not yield any helpful information, CIALIS photos. CIALIS FOR SALE, What awful payback for their painful determination to go to the hospital and submit to the long and very invasive testing procedure. Victims usually go in wearing what they had on during the attack and leave in a hospital gown because their clothes are supposed to be scoured for evidence. Buy CIALIS without a prescription, It is all part of the rape kit.

So, why has this been allowed to happen, taking CIALIS. The answer is that there is no good answer. There seems to be plenty of federal money available, so much so that many states report they haven't even spent all of last year's allotment, CIALIS FOR SALE. CIALIS used for, See how frustrating all this is.

In 2004 the President signed ‘The Debbie Smith Act ' which appropriated at least 151 million dollars a year to a nationwide DNA rape kit backlog program. The namesake, rx free CIALIS, a Virginia police officer's wife, CIALIS gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, had been kidnapped from her kitchen in 1989, dragged into the woods and raped as her husband napped upstairs. Her attacker left Debbie by saying, my CIALIS experience, "Remember, Is CIALIS addictive, I know where you live and I will come back and kill you if you tell anyone." Debbie Smith fought back, submitting to the testing, believing it would help catch her rapist, CIALIS photos. CIALIS FOR SALE, It took six years before her kit was analyzed. When the results were finally run through a data base and the perp discovered Debbie realized she could have felt safe years earlier. CIALIS class, Her attacker was already in prison serving time for kidnapping and robbing two other women.

I've done a lot of research on this issue, trying hard to understand how we got to this place, herbal CIALIS. Over the last four years Congress has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars for these backlog DNA tests, CIALIS mg, to identify more criminals and get them off the street. I could quote many more statistics and reasons why states say they haven't gotten the testing done - excuses that range from bureaucratic problems to not enough qualified DNA technicians - but that's not the point, CIALIS FOR SALE. To me, if there's even one rape kit left ignored on a freezer shelf that's one too many, what is CIALIS. There is no excuse except indifference. CIALIS long term, That's just not acceptable.

If it were your daughter, your wife, where to buy CIALIS, your sister, CIALIS pics, your mother - and yes even your son, husband, brother or father (about 10% are male victims) - who was awaiting such an important test result wouldn't you expect better from the justice system, CIALIS gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. CIALIS FOR SALE, As I sit here writing this I am alone in my home office. The sun is setting and my husband is at work. CIALIS cost, I've had to pause to go make sure all my doors and windows are locked. I suddenly realize how many of us teeter on the edge of feeling safe. When we're the victims of some awful calamity we find peace in the knowledge that some day the perpetrator will be found and justice will prevail.

Not so for all those victims still waiting for their rape kits to be tested. And consider this: Every year some 200 thousand Americans report they have been raped. And rape is considered the number one most under-reported crime.

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by Diane on November 8, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1219" align="alignleft" width="88" caption="Child Abuse Takes Many Forms"]Child Abuse Takes Many Forms[/caption]

T SINGULAIR FOR SALE, here are outstanding bench warrants for thousands of parents all across America.

A man named David, the president of a consulting company in California owes $198, SINGULAIR without prescription,954.70. SINGULAIR duration, Gene, a man who now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico dodged his obligation for some twenty years and is $242, SINGULAIR reviews,147.00 in debt. No prescription SINGULAIR online, And a dude from Illinois named Mark who sports a full brown beard, aviator glasses and a cheery smile owes an astounding $618, 679.00, SINGULAIR samples.

All of them owe the money to their children. And there are countless thousands more just like them who have reneged on agreed upon or court ordered child support, SINGULAIR FOR SALE. SINGULAIR from canadian pharmacy, They are parents who have walked away from the most precious obligation one can have - their own children. And, its not just delinquent Dads, effects of SINGULAIR, there are plenty of Moms who are shortchanging their children too. Order SINGULAIR online c.o.d, To me, this is America's number one form of child abuse.

The U.S, SINGULAIR brand name. SINGULAIR FOR SALE, Census Bureau keeps track of the numbers and the latest statistics will knock your socks off. A grand total of 36.5 billion dollars worth of child support was not received in the year 2005. Online buying SINGULAIR hcl, Wrap your head around that. 36 BILLION dollars that should have gone to help raise children wasn't there. You know who picks up the tab for the worst-off cases, SINGULAIR price. You and I do, SINGULAIR FOR SALE.

I'm financially exhausted cleaning up after others failures. Buy no prescription SINGULAIR online, Their reasons for non-payment of support are varied. The delinquent parent may be unemployed or in prison. Some simply withhold money to punish their ex, cheap SINGULAIR. SINGULAIR FOR SALE, Others stop paying while waiting for a judge to hear their petition to reduce their monthly nut. Too many are just selfish people who live their lives oblivious to the needs of others. SINGULAIR coupon, Lots of them whine that they just don't make enough money to share with their children. Dare I say they should have thought about that before the produced kids!. They complain that the accruing interest adds to their burden, kjøpe SINGULAIR på nett, köpa SINGULAIR online. Welcome to reality, my friend, SINGULAIR FOR SALE. I don't care much for excuses. About SINGULAIR, They brought these children into the world they should shoulder their responsibility. Paying nothing is unacceptable and criminal.

If that 36 billion dollar a year figure seems astronomical consider how high it would be if states hadn't gotten it together to try help, comprar en línea SINGULAIR, comprar SINGULAIR baratos. SINGULAIR FOR SALE, The feds and states now all work in tandem to shift the burden from the taxpayers back to where it belongs - the parent.

It's a glorious thing when the law actually works to fix a problem. Buying SINGULAIR online over the counter, It's now required that employers report all new hires to child support enforcement authorities. If the responsible mom or dad changes jobs the right people will find out. If they put money into banks, buy SINGULAIR without a prescription, credit unions or money market funds other red flags go up. Income tax refund checks are withheld until its clear there's no deadbeat parent on the receiving end, SINGULAIR FOR SALE. SINGULAIR description, States help each other on warrants to reel in those who move from place to place to avoid their responsibility.

That's how authorities in Kansas came to arrest a man named Timothy Lopatofsky. He had abandoned his wife and two tiny children in Arizona in the 80's, ordering SINGULAIR online. He moved from state to state and never paid support even though he established a dot-com company that bills about 2 million dollars a year. SINGULAIR FOR SALE, Lopatofsky tops Arizona's "Daddy Dearest" list with a staggering debt of $382,947.67. Doses SINGULAIR work, He maintains it's all a big mistake.

Many states now have their own versions of the "Most Wanted Deadbeats" list and they make sure it gets published so the public can provide confidential tips. And there's the Passport Denial program which puts a flag on the passport of any parent who owes more than five grand, SINGULAIR from canada. The feeling being if they have the money to travel overseas it should be going to toward their kids, Cheap SINGULAIR no rx, not a vacation.

That's how Maryland officials recently came to arrest another six-figure delinquent as he returned from a Bahamian honeymoon with his new bride, SINGULAIR FOR SALE. When a judge ordered Karl Hoffman jailed for three years unless he came up with the $139,000.00 he owed - lo and behold - that's when he was suddenly able to produce the cash he'd withheld for so long, SINGULAIR wiki.

Some might say this all smacks of Big Brother government. Online SINGULAIR without a prescription, But I bet the folks helped by the New Mexico Human Services Division wouldn't agree. H.S.D. SINGULAIR FOR SALE, Communications Director Betina Gonzales McCracken tells me during the current fiscal year they helped deserving New Mexico parents collect a record breaking 103.2 million dollars in back child support. In Virginia, SINGULAIR interactions, Child Support Enforcement agents collected more than 629 million dollars in 2007 for needy kids and their custodial parents. SINGULAIR pictures, And even in sparsely populated North Dakota 114 million was wrangled out of recalcitrant parents.

In this shaky economic time that recovered money could mean the difference between a cold home or a warm one, a meal on the table or no food at all, SINGULAIR results. This isn't chump change. Is SINGULAIR addictive, This is survival money.

Big Brother. I say Bravo.





by Diane on November 1, 2008

W KLONOPIN FOR SALE, hen you go into the voting booth in a few days to cast your ballot for the next President of the United States ask yourself why neither of the nominees is talking about crime in America. KLONOPIN use, Maybe I have a one track mind - crime - but why is it that neither Barack Obama nor John McCain have made even the tiniest mention of what all of us worry about on a daily basis.

Will the kids get to and from school okay, generic KLONOPIN. Online buy KLONOPIN without a prescription, Will that far-away parking space prove to be dangerous when you go back to your car late at night. Has your late-for-curfew teenager been the victim of some random criminal act, KLONOPIN no rx. Is it safe for your spouse to work that overnight shift, KLONOPIN FOR SALE. Buy KLONOPIN from canada, Yes, yes - I know, KLONOPIN australia, uk, us, usa, KLONOPIN trusted pharmacy reviews, there are many pressing issues facing America like national defense, the economy and health care, where can i find KLONOPIN online. Real brand KLONOPIN online, But this campaign has gone on forever and I haven't heard either candidate say what they plan to do to make me feel safer. Where's the anti-crime bill proposal to go along with their ideas to wrap up in Iraq or fix the housing market, KLONOPIN treatment. Buy generic KLONOPIN, Earlier this year a stunning report from the Pew Center for the States concluded 1 in every 100 American adults is now behind bars. KLONOPIN FOR SALE, In total more than 2 million people are currently incarcerated in America costing states and the federal government (read that: you and me) combined billions - yes, BILLIONS - of dollars every year.

How bad does it have to get, KLONOPIN steet value, KLONOPIN dosage, how much higher will those numbers go before our leaders start addressing this thing that plagues and drains us all.

The mainstream media, buy cheap KLONOPIN no rx, KLONOPIN schedule, of which I was a part for many years including coverage of several presidential campaigns, has lost its way somehow, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Australia, uk, us, usa, They've forgotten to pepper the candidates with questions about issues that cause voters daily distress. They've forgotten to dig hard for substantive answers, KLONOPIN no prescription. They've forgotten to ask either McCain or Obama what they plan to do about those among us who prey on others - from hardened criminals to corporate bad guys, KLONOPIN FOR SALE. KLONOPIN for sale, Think of the way we're forced to live our lives now. We're consumed with working enough hours to pay our mounting bills, purchase KLONOPIN online, Where can i buy KLONOPIN online, including ever rising burdensome tax bills. We fret about the possibility of violent crime, KLONOPIN online cod, KLONOPIN overnight, white collar crime, auto theft, KLONOPIN over the counter, KLONOPIN used for, child molesting, home invasion, order KLONOPIN from United States pharmacy, Buy KLONOPIN from mexico, elder abuse, identity theft - the list is long, KLONOPIN maximum dosage. KLONOPIN natural, Among the items we think we must buy are home security systems, car alarms, fast shipping KLONOPIN, insurance policies and cell phones for each of our children, just in case something awful happens and they need to call us. KLONOPIN FOR SALE, We design our daily routines around regular calls to the vulnerable senior citizens in our lives, we shell out money for expensive security for our small businesses and we pay more in school tuitions to make sure the children are safer.

It's as though there's a built in anti-crime tax to everything we do.

Is this ok with you. Is this the way you want to spend your money. Well, steel yourself because things could get worse.

A recent report by Third Way, a liberal think tank based in Washington DC, concludes there is an upcoming convergence of events that will make our modern day worries about crime seem miniscule, KLONOPIN FOR SALE. Among the dangerous trends ahead. First, a huge number of baby boomer convicts are set to be released from prison in the next five years. Let's hope their rehabilitation and re-training sticks - but don't count on it. In addition, as our economy tanks there is a bloated group of young people entering their so-called "high crime years." The report also states that organized criminal gangs are recruiting illegal aliens like there's no tomorrow. KLONOPIN FOR SALE, And, the internet is increasingly being used for criminal enterprise and the report concludes more criminals will certainly be using it in the future.

Yet the candidates don't seem to see the road ahead. The reporters who dog the candidates all day long never shout out any questions about crime. This is strange to me.

About a year ago the firm Cooper and Secrest Associates released a study that asked Americans which threat they took more seriously international terrorism or home grown violent crime. 69 % said they worry more about what's directly outside their front door, KLONOPIN FOR SALE. Only 19% worried about another terrorist attack.

Yeah, I guess I have a one track mind. I've written about this in the past and I will continue to write about why our leaders don't put crime prevention on the front burner. Criminals have reached their slimy tentacles into nearly all aspects of our lives. I want to know how the occupant of the White House plans to address the national security situation right here at home.


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