October 2008


by Diane on October 25, 2008

M REDUCTIL FOR SALE, y mailbox is filling up with e-mails asking how prosecutors can try to convict someone of murder if no body has been found. Is it fair to proceed to trial without one. Without a body isn't there always reasonable doubt about whether the person is really dead, where can i order REDUCTIL without prescription. What about the corpus delicti principle. My REDUCTIL experience, No body, no trial, right, REDUCTIL recreational. Wrong, REDUCTIL FOR SALE.

The questions stem from the recent arrest of a young mother in Florida named Casey Anthony. Buy REDUCTIL online cod, She's charged with murdering her daughter but authorities have not discovered a body.

Three year old Caylee went missing in June 2008 yet it took more than a month before her mother finally reported the disappearance to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. The notification came only after Casey Anthony was cajoled into making the report by the baby's worried grandmother, low dose REDUCTIL. REDUCTIL FOR SALE, As I write this the whereabouts of the child are unknown but it's safe to say the child didn't wander away to start a new life, she certainly didn't run off with a boyfriend and her father didn't kidnap her because he's dead. Prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to prove the poor little soul is dead. Order REDUCTIL from mexican pharmacy, A grand jury agreed and indicted her mother on seven counts, including first degree murder.

No body - but plans for a murder trial anyway, REDUCTIL street price.

It's happened in states all over America going back to the 1840's when arriving sailors on the schooner Sarah Lavinia could not account for the whereabouts of their first mate. They were convicted of tossing him overboard, REDUCTIL FOR SALE. Get REDUCTIL, And, ‘no body' prosecutions have happened ever since - in courts around the world.

Attorney Tad Dibiase, buy REDUCTIL no prescription, who runs the nobodymurdercases.com Web site, Online buying REDUCTIL, has collected nearly 300 examples of U.S. prosecutors who didn't let the fact that there was no body get in the way of filing murder charges. Debaise says he's discovered only one case in which the missing "victim" was later found alive, REDUCTIL alternatives. REDUCTIL FOR SALE, In 1886 one Mr. Charles Hudspeth was convicted and executed for killing his lover's husband. Purchase REDUCTIL for sale, Sadly, the husband was later discovered alive living in another state.

Over the years murder victims have been disposed of by secret burial, REDUCTIL forum, burning or acid. REDUCTIL pharmacy, Water is a favorite dumping spot, especially shark filled waters. Once in a Connecticut case a wood chipper was used, in 1998 in Florida it was alligators, REDUCTIL FOR SALE. Two brothers in Michigan boasted of cutting up victims (yes, REDUCTIL dose, plural) and feeding them to their pigs. REDUCTIL price, coupon, Cannibal Jeffery Dahmer got rid of some evidence by eating it. Too often, as in the sensational New Mexico murder trial of Girlie Chew Hossencofft in 2002, REDUCTIL canada, mexico, india, no body is ever located. Purchase REDUCTIL, Dibiase, a 12 year veteran Assistant U.S. REDUCTIL FOR SALE, Attorney in the District of Columbia, prosecuted a ‘no-body' case and he won a conviction. In fact he's found these cases have an astoundingly high success rate, REDUCTIL without a prescription.

"The vast majority result in convictions, Discount REDUCTIL, " he told me, "like 80 or 85%. That could be because they only take the strongest cases to trial."

Steve Banic, where can i buy cheapest REDUCTIL online, of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Where can i cheapest REDUCTIL online, says the world wide conviction rate is even higher with only 1 out of 20 defendants winning acquittal. Banic's personal research quest is focused on writing a book that brings together the world's largest collection of ‘no body' cases. He's identified two thousand so far, REDUCTIL FOR SALE. And Banic corrects those (like murderers) who believe that the Latin term corpus delicti refers to the actual dead body, REDUCTIL dangers. "Basically, Order REDUCTIL no prescription, corpus delicti ... represents the ‘body' of direct and indirect circumstantial evidence that shows that an alleged crime has occurred."

Defense attorneys used to routinely argue to juries that the victim could still be alive. But that played right into the prosecutor's strategy, is REDUCTIL safe. REDUCTIL FOR SALE, It opened the door for the state to hammer home how great and reliable a person the victim was. Surely, After REDUCTIL, they would tell the jury, the victim never would have voluntarily left the children, the job, REDUCTIL images, their church, Buy REDUCTIL without prescription, their way of life.

Yet the body is still the single most important piece of direct evidence a murder case can have. Without it there's no time of death, purchase REDUCTIL online no prescription, no evidence from the condition of the body or the wound, Canada, mexico, india, no crime scene to process. The track record of convictions proves, however, that circumstantial evidence can be just as powerful.

But a funny thing often happens on the way to a ‘no body' murder trial, especially if the death penalty is on the table.

When faced with the possibility of the ultimate penalty, says attorney Dibiase, "It's very common that the defendants will bargain with the location of a body."

If you take death off the table in exchange for the victim's remains suddenly a ‘no body' case can get solved on lots of different levels.

Look for the death penalty to stay in play in the Casey Anthony case - at least for now.


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by Diane on October 18, 2008

BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, [caption id="attachment_1166" align="alignleft" width="135" caption="Why Are We So Captivated. "]Why Are We So Captivated. [/caption]

When did murder become so entertaining, taking PROSOM.

Throughout history death has been the center of classic literature. Buy PROSOM online no prescription, Think Cain and Abel, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, PROSOM from mexico. But there's something very different about reading the great books and what passes for entertainment these days, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION.

Take television for example where murder is served up as a nightly ritual. PROSOM blogs, Law & Order, C.S.I., Cold Case, buy cheap PROSOM, N.C.I.S.. Order PROSOM online overnight delivery no prescription, Some have become so popular they've spawned their own spin-off shows.

But none takes murder to the level that Showtime's Sunday night showpiece ‘Dexter' does. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, The cable network has just announced the program broke a ratings record with total viewers jumping 21% over last year.

When Showtime first began airing ‘Dexter' and then when it's parent company CBS aired episodes on the network during the writers strike, rx free PROSOM, some church groups spoke out about its storyline. PROSOM trusted pharmacy reviews, Now it's my turn.

‘Dexter' is a program about a crime lab forensic tech who helps investigate serial killers, all the while struggling against his own serial killer urges, purchase PROSOM online. As the story goes Dexter Morgan was adopted as a toddler by a police officer who, PROSOM maximum dosage, after recognizing the boy's sociopathic personality, trained him to exercise his murderous tendencies only on those who truly deserve it. Naturally, Dexter (played by Michael C, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. Hall) doesn't emerge from the darkness into light, generic PROSOM. Oh, Where to buy PROSOM, nooo. Where would be the fun in that. No, buy PROSOM from mexico, Dexter serially kills off serial killers and mysteriously dodges detection from his law enforcement colleagues, Cheap PROSOM, including his own police officer sister. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, I've watched the program because, well, who doesn't like a good mystery. But in the end I come away wondering the same thing I wondered after watching old episodes of ‘Superman.' Why didn't all those smart people around Clark Kent figure him out. Why did none of them realize what he was really up to, herbal PROSOM. More disturbingly, Order PROSOM no prescription, with ‘Dexter' I'm left wondering if Showtime isn't somehow glorifying the taking of life. As if it's okay for Dexter to resort to the very tactic the show's various serial killers employ - cold blooded murder.

And, frankly, it bothers me that the program is shown on Sunday nights, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. That was always family TV night in our house, buy cheap PROSOM no rx, the final time for all of us to be together before the new work week. PROSOM dosage, Sunday nights were special when I was a kid because after a big family meal my cousins, Sandy and Terry, and I were allowed to snuggle up and watch Ed Sullivan or Bonanza, purchase PROSOM for sale.

Somehow I think Mr. PROSOM price, coupon, Sullivan and Little Joe (not to mention Hoss) would be horrified at Dexter's antics. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, Yet TV guide calls the program "Bloody good stuff." Showtime promotes it with the phrase, "A killer show at a killer deal!" Murder as a magnet to sell cable TV programming - amazing.

The ‘Dexter' website features a screen that becomes slowly spattered with globs of blood. It invites visitors to "Dexter-ize" the website of their choice, taking PROSOM. You can also play the Body Bag Toss Game that "helps Dexter get rid of the evidence." Then there's the Scramble Slay Game or the Dexter marketplace where you can buy a set of coasters with the chalk outline of a dissected body or a set of blood spattered pillow cases. PROSOM for sale, What's happened to us.

Look, I love a good crime story, BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION. And I don't mean to preach here. But I've dedicated a big part of my career to covering crime and justice and so it's with first hand certainty that I tell you real murder is never entertaining, where can i buy PROSOM online. The smell of it hits you the moment you arrive at a scene, PROSOM canada, mexico, india, the amount of blood can, literally, make you gag and most of the time seeking justice for the dead is a pretty ugly experience, comprar en línea PROSOM, comprar PROSOM baratos. What takes the cast on Law & Order an hour to achieve - discovery, PROSOM dangers, trial and verdict - often takes years in real life, if it happens at all. BUY PROSOM NO PRESCRIPTION, None of the steps after murder is fun.

Ask the people who clean up crime scenes, PROSOM coupon, a homicide detective or a staffer in the District Attorney's office if murder is entertaining to them. Buy PROSOM no prescription, Like me, they probably watch many of these programs that highlight what they do every day. But unlike you they may come away with a heavy heart thinking, PROSOM over the counter, "That's not really the way it is."

I don't want to curb television writer's creativity or abridge free speech but I would like it if we could, PROSOM online cod, collectively, take a step back once in a while and judge things on an ethical and moral plane.

Its one thing to read a book or see a program about solving the world's most heinous crime - murder. It's quite another for an entertainment vehicle to choose murder as a method of payback.
Murder is murder. Can't they figure out another way to entertain us.


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by Diane on October 11, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1156" align="alignleft" width="130" caption="Tipping The Scales of Justice?"]Tipping The Scales of Justice?[/caption]A FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, hem. Is FLUDIAZEPAM addictive, I'd like to get the attention of the American Bar Association, please, FLUDIAZEPAM photos. FLUDIAZEPAM street price, While I'm at it, the attention of each of the State chapters of the ABA too, where can i buy cheapest FLUDIAZEPAM online. FLUDIAZEPAM wiki, Are you there. Good, FLUDIAZEPAM images. Listen, at the risk of getting some of my lawyer friends mad at me I want to register a complaint about some of your members, FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. FLUDIAZEPAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, They are the lawyers who go on television to pontificate about court cases they have no connection to and have never sat in on.

As a veteran courthouse reporter I know how the game is played, FLUDIAZEPAM results. FLUDIAZEPAM from mexico, The TV host needs someone to interview about a high-profile legal case and who better than a lawyer, right, buy no prescription FLUDIAZEPAM online. FLUDIAZEPAM class, No problem so far. FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, We can all certainly benefit from a good and thoughtful lawyer's legal perspective.

My complaint is about those attorneys who appear on television not to enlighten but to perform and to promote themselves, rx free FLUDIAZEPAM. FLUDIAZEPAM mg, Often they are in a New York studio offering up very specific pronouncements about what's happening in, say, doses FLUDIAZEPAM work, Order FLUDIAZEPAM online overnight delivery no prescription, the Las Vegas courtroom where OJ Simpson was on trial. They're not even there, FLUDIAZEPAM use. Cheap FLUDIAZEPAM no rx, They shouldn't be telling me, as I heard one say the other day, discount FLUDIAZEPAM, Where can i order FLUDIAZEPAM without prescription, about how the Simpson jury members are digesting the evidence.

I covered the headline grabbing criminal case of entertainer Michael Jackson in 2005, FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. All the major television outlets had cameras there including many from foreign countries, FLUDIAZEPAM price. FLUDIAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa, It was a lawyer magnet. During breaks reporters would stretch their legs in a small courtyard and the "Helicopter Lawyers" would descend, FLUDIAZEPAM description. Real brand FLUDIAZEPAM online, They'd hover about under the guise of helping us really understand what was going on yet some hadn't bothered to step inside the courtroom before pontificating. FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, A few would literally fly in from other cities and states and immediately hit media row to comment. Still others, FLUDIAZEPAM blogs, FLUDIAZEPAM forum, we came to find out, were friends of the court gagged attorneys inside, online FLUDIAZEPAM without a prescription, FLUDIAZEPAM no prescription, there to act as mouthpieces to hammer home a particular viewpoint.

It happened at the Scott Peterson murder trial in northern California and at the Robert Blake murder trial in southern California, FLUDIAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy. FLUDIAZEPAM from canada, It happened at the Martha Stewart perjury and conspiracy trial in Manhattan. It happens during any trial where television cameras turn up, no prescription FLUDIAZEPAM online. Lawyers get invited - or just show up - to get their mug on TV, FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. And almost invariably they can't resist the typical reporter question, "Who's winning so far?" and the bogus score-carding begins.

Should reporters be more careful in choosing who they actually put on the air. You bet they should. But back to my main complaint - lawyers - who flock to cameras like moths to lights. FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, I guess it's the recklessness of their comments that bugs me most. During on-going trials I've heard experienced attorneys call a prosecutor's case "full of laughable evidence," the witnesses labeled as "lying weirdoes." Mere suspects in a case are labeled "obviously guilty as sin" or even worse, a "candidate for the electric chair if I ever saw one."

Aren't there rules against this. The ABA has a set of Model Rules for members. It's not binding but 47 states have adopted them in whole or part. Among other things the rules bar "...conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice" and "...conduct involving dishonesty...or misrepresentation." Recklessly saying things on TV that could affect the outcome of a trial would seem to fly in the face of those rules. What good are rules if members ignore them, FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE.

In this 24/7 news atmosphere sitting jurors could easily have a spouse blurt out one of these irresponsible comments or inadvertently see it on the internet or television. It's known that many jurors ignore the Judge's admonition not to discuss, watch TV or read anything about the case on which they are sitting. It is human nature to sneak a peak at something that's been banned.

Set aside the jurors for a moment. FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE, The general public is listening too. When they hear one lawyer bashing another's case it can't possibly help the legal profession as a whole. While there are exemplary attorneys explaining legal issues in the media it is the ones who rant and rave we remember most.

Doug O'Brien is a rare bird, both a lawyer and national broadcast journalist. He worries that the public may reach opinions based on bad punditry.

"Because no media outlet has the time or space for complete explanations, people who actually listen to what a lawyer pundit says can go away with the wrong impression of the law .., FLUDIAZEPAM FOR SALE. Then, surprise. (If) the outcome is different than expected ... they think a lawyer or judge is pulling a fast one. That hurts the legal profession."

I wonder why the ABA hasn't done something to reign in these careless self-promoters.


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by Diane on October 4, 2008

CEPHALEXIN FOR SALE, I wondered if I would ever see this day. CEPHALEXIN pics, I'm glad I lived to see it. 13 years after his double murder acquittal and after 13 hours of juror deliberation - GUILTY, ordering CEPHALEXIN online, Is CEPHALEXIN safe, GUILTY, GUILTY, CEPHALEXIN cost, CEPHALEXIN brand name, GUILTY, GUILTY, CEPHALEXIN no rx, CEPHALEXIN overnight, GUILTY, GUILTY, my CEPHALEXIN experience, Online buy CEPHALEXIN without a prescription, GUILTY, GUILTY, about CEPHALEXIN, Buy generic CEPHALEXIN, GUILTY, GUILTY, effects of CEPHALEXIN, CEPHALEXIN used for, GUILTY.

As I recently wrote (see column below: OJ Simpson's Baggage - Sept 20, kjøpe CEPHALEXIN på nett, köpa CEPHALEXIN online, Buying CEPHALEXIN online over the counter, 08) I've been reporting on the exploits of Orethal James Simpson since that day in June 1994 when I stood in the blood of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

With his trusty, australia, uk, us, usa, CEPHALEXIN steet value, longtime defense attorney Yale Galanter at his side Simpson had maintained to a Las Vegas jury that it was okay for him to burst into a hotel room with a group of goons with guns and take back his memorabilia. And I'm sure deep in his heart he believes that, CEPHALEXIN FOR SALE. It was not an act - Simpson truly believes the world is out to get him and that he can operate under a different set of rules, CEPHALEXIN recreational. Buy CEPHALEXIN from canada, He likely never thought that when he burst in and barked out the command that "No body leaves this room," that that constitutes kidnapping, where can i cheapest CEPHALEXIN online. Buy cheap CEPHALEXIN, Kidnapping was one of the dozen charges Simpson was found guilty of committing.

Part of me says, CEPHALEXIN pictures, CEPHALEXIN dose, "Finally. CEPHALEXIN FOR SALE, Justice has caught up with him." What I really mean by that is that he's finally going to be where he should have been 13 years ago after he murdered Nicole and Ron. But make no mistake about it, online buying CEPHALEXIN hcl. Online buying CEPHALEXIN, OJ Simpson is not going to prison for that. He's going to prison because his escapade in that Vegas hotel room was caught on both audio and video tape and this time there was just no talking his celebrity way out of it, buy CEPHALEXIN without a prescription. CEPHALEXIN without a prescription, I guess it doesn't matter why he's in prison. After his December 5th sentencing we may learn he's in for what amouts to a life sentence, CEPHALEXIN FOR SALE. But if I'm the family of Nicole or Ron Goldman I'm not sure I'm feeling satisfied or particularly victorious, buy CEPHALEXIN online no prescription. CEPHALEXIN samples, There will be an appeal and as I predicted it will likely be based, in part, CEPHALEXIN reviews, on the make-up of the all-white jury.

So be it. For now it feels good to say, "Mr. Simpson, meet Lady Justice....."
~ DD





by Diane on October 4, 2008

T VASOTEC FOR SALE, his is the time in every outgoing President's term where they pour over requests seeking Presidential pardons. VASOTEC alternatives, I'm sure it's no different for President George W. Bush as he gets set to vacate the White House.Those convicted of federal offenses - everything from white collar crimes to bank robbery - will have filed petitions by now, order VASOTEC online c.o.d, Order VASOTEC from mexican pharmacy, spelling out exactly why the nation's Chief Executive should wipe clean their slate and restore to them the full rights of U.S. citizenship, VASOTEC duration. Buy VASOTEC without prescription, It is often a controversial and criticized exercise.

Take my on line poll at the end of the column ....

Remember when President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon even though he hadn't been convicted of anything, VASOTEC FOR SALE. The first President Bush pardoned 74 people including half a dozen officials from the Regan Administration who had been involved in the Iran-Contra scandal, get VASOTEC. VASOTEC without prescription, But when President Clinton dropped a total 140 pardons as he scooted out 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue he set off a firestorm of calls for Congressional hearings and action by federal prosecutors. Besides pardoning his step-brother, VASOTEC pharmacy, Buy VASOTEC online cod, Roger's, cocaine conviction Clinton also granted a pardon to fugitive billionaire Marc Rich who's ex (but still friendly) wife had made large donations to both the Democratic Party and the Clinton Presidential Library fund, purchase VASOTEC. VASOTEC natural, It smacked of pardon purchasing and it came just months after Clinton's controversial clemency to 16 members of the FALN terrorist group, an action critics saw as a ploy to win Hispanic support for Hillary Clinton's Senate run, low dose VASOTEC. VASOTEC FOR SALE, But, back to George W. Order VASOTEC from United States pharmacy, Scholars believe because of President Clinton's, shall we say, purchase VASOTEC online no prescription, After VASOTEC, over zealousness, in granting clemency and pardons, fast shipping VASOTEC, Where can i find VASOTEC online, President Bush will be cautious as he heads out the door. So far he has granted just about 160 pardons, what is VASOTEC. VASOTEC schedule, If I may, I'd like to put in my two cents worth for at least two more, canada, mexico, india. VASOTEC interactions, Their names are Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. They are the two former U.S, VASOTEC FOR SALE. Border Patrol Agents now serving 11 and 12 year prison sentences for shooting in the buttocks an unarmed Mexican drug smuggler who was trying to bring almost 800 pounds of marijuana across the border, VASOTEC long term. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The drug dealer, Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila, VASOTEC treatment, Doses VASOTEC work, was given free medical treatment for his wound and in exchange for his testimony against the agents he was given a temporary U.S. visa which allowed him "humanitarian passes" to cross back and forth across the border unhindered, order VASOTEC no prescription. Where to buy VASOTEC, Four months before the agent's trial Aldrete-Davila (who by the way filed a 5 million dollar lawsuit against the United States for violation of his civil rights) was arrested with another van full of drugs bound, again, VASOTEC use, Where can i buy cheapest VASOTEC online, for the streets of America. VASOTEC FOR SALE, The jury in the agent's case never heard about the second smuggling attempt.
Reams have been written about this case both in favor of and against agents Ramos and Compean, my VASOTEC experience. A petition for a presidential pardon was signed by 413 thousand Americans from all 50 states. There is legislation pending in Congress to try to help the agents win pardons, one bill with more than 100 bipartisan co-sponsors.
Mine is just one more voice added to the mix with a simple take on the Ramos / Compean situation.

These two law enforcement agents put their lives on the line for America every day they went to work, VASOTEC FOR SALE. They both had clean work records, although Ramos' wife once got an order of protection against him. These men were doing their job the day they came across the smuggler and other illegals trying to enter our country. There was a scuffle and they testified that they felt their lives were in danger when they saw the drug dealer with "something shiny" in his hand. A gun, they thought, and so they responded as if their lives depended upon it. VASOTEC FOR SALE, We ask so much of our law enforcement officers and we sometimes judge them so harshly after the fact for their split-second decisions. I wonder who among us could make such snap decisions and then withstand the withering criticism that often follows.

I guess the bottom line question here is: To whom do we give the benefit of the doubt. To our officers of the law or to those who deliberately, blatantly break our laws. The fact that Aldrete-Davila was back at the business of drug smuggling even before the agent's trial speaks volumes to me about who is the good guy and who is the bad guy.

These agents have been in prison since January of 2007, mostly kept in solitary because of their status, VASOTEC FOR SALE. To say they are doing hard time is an understatement.

It might be extra tough for this President to pardon these two men, symbols as they are of his inability to wrap his arms around America's massive immigration and border problem. But I hope for the sake of the Ramos and Compean families President Bush steps up and does the noble thing.


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