September 2008

Remember The Alamo – Tony Alamo

by Diane Dimond on September 27, 2008

Preacher Tony Alamo in cuffsA

Preacher Tony Alamo in cuffs

merica has a doctrine that very clearly separates our government from our various religions, a definite separation of Church and State. Our founding fathers wrote about the need to keep the two institutions detached way back in 1791 when adopting the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Being a career journalist I especially like the First Amendment. You know, the one that guarantees free speech and makes it illegal to infringe on freedom of the press? It’s also the amendment that includes language guaranteeing the “free exercise of religion” and prohibits the government from taking steps to prohibit it.

The amendment does not guarantee a citizen’s right to abuse children in the name of God, marry multiple wives, withhold taxes from the government or use deadly snakes in services. But all of that – and more – has occurred in the name of religion.

Consider characters like 74 year old Tony Alamo who runs a Christian ministry headquartered in tiny, isolated Fouke, Arkansas. Federal agents moved into the compound last week to rescue several young girls. The FBI arrested Alamo a few days later at a motel in Arizona on suspicion of transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes. [click to continue…]


O.J. Simpson’s Baggage

by Diane Dimond on September 20, 2008

Nicole Brown Simpson - one of two victims

Nicole Brown Simpson - one of two victims

I had never seen so much blood in my life.

As the coroner’s wagon pulled away – there it was. Puddles of it. Some of it had oozed down the cracks in between the pathway pavers and toward the sidewalk. As I looked closer I could see paw prints from a large dog and patterned traces of wispy blood that its dragging leash had left behind. Up toward the gate of the fancy condo statuesque Agapanthus stood, its purple flower heads dotted with drops of this blood.

It was June 1994, about ten a.m. on a sunny Sunday in Brentwood, California. My cameraman and I, the reporter on duty that weekend, had been assigned to go to the home of Nicole Brown Simpson. Word was O.J.’s ex-wife had been murdered.

My first thoughts that beautiful morning were: Why didn’t someone take a hose and wash away this horror – and – where were the police?

With no one to stop us, and with camera rolling, we gingerly tiptoed to the gate and opened it. Across a shallow courtyard was the plate glass window behind which Nicole had lived. We could see inside the cozy living room with its overhead balcony leading off to the side bedrooms. Candles were still burning, framed photos of a smiling Nicole and her kids were everywhere. Outside, there were bloody footprints and what seemed to be a bloody handprint on the side of the house. Eerie, and to this day I remember it vividly.

Is OJ’s voice on the audio tape evidence enough?
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Illegal Aliens Are Criminals – Period

by Diane Dimond on September 13, 2008

The Illegal Way To Enter America

The Illegal Way To Enter America


his is the sound of me opening a Pandora’s Box. But crimes are being committed so I must.

Look, I’m a sympathetic person. I openly weep at complete stranger’s misfortunes. But I cannot abide people who break the law and then want sympathy because they get caught and punished.

I’m speaking about those immigrants, in this country illegally, who’ve been recently caught up in a federal sweep of suspect workplaces.

Yeah, yeah – I know all about the Statue of Liberty plaque declaring America welcomes the world’s huddled masses. And I’m all for that – if it is done in an organized, respectful, legal way. [click to continue…]


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A Missing Child, A Silent Mom

by Diane Dimond on September 5, 2008

Missing: Caylee Anthony

Missing: Caylee Anthony

She missed celebrating her 3rd birthday with her family. No cake, no candles, no presents for little Caylee Marie Anthony of Orlando, Florida. She has been missing since sometime after June 15th . Her birthday was August 9th.

Now, a couple of numbskull bail bondsmen have given Caylee’s secretive, lying mother the gift of freedom – again. For the second time Mom gets bail on child neglect charges and leaves jail to watch from the comfort of home as others try to clean up her horrible mess.

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