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by Diane on September 27, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1107" align="alignleft" width="201" caption="Preacher Tony Alamo in cuffs"]Preacher Tony Alamo in cuffsA[/caption]

A BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, merica has a doctrine that very clearly separates our government from our various religions, a definite separation of Church and State. SEROQUEL australia, uk, us, usa, Our founding fathers wrote about the need to keep the two institutions detached way back in 1791 when adopting the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, where can i cheapest SEROQUEL online. SEROQUEL pics, Being a career journalist I especially like the First Amendment. You know, buy SEROQUEL online no prescription, Where can i find SEROQUEL online, the one that guarantees free speech and makes it illegal to infringe on freedom of the press. It's also the amendment that includes language guaranteeing the "free exercise of religion" and prohibits the government from taking steps to prohibit it, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION.

The amendment does not guarantee a citizen's right to abuse children in the name of God, SEROQUEL used for, SEROQUEL photos, marry multiple wives, withhold taxes from the government or use deadly snakes in services, buy SEROQUEL without a prescription. SEROQUEL from canada, But all of that - and more - has occurred in the name of religion.

Consider characters like 74 year old Tony Alamo who runs a Christian ministry headquartered in tiny, order SEROQUEL from United States pharmacy, SEROQUEL street price, isolated Fouke, Arkansas, get SEROQUEL. SEROQUEL steet value, Federal agents moved into the compound last week to rescue several young girls. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, The FBI arrested Alamo a few days later at a motel in Arizona on suspicion of transporting minors across state lines for sexual purposes.

Alamo (who was born Bernie Hoffman to a Jewish family in Missouri) first began to wrap himself in the constitutionally protected church cloak 40 years ago when he started his Christian street ministry in California, SEROQUEL price, coupon. Order SEROQUEL online overnight delivery no prescription, He's been controversial ever since.

In 1988, buying SEROQUEL online over the counter, SEROQUEL price, law enforcement seized three young boys from Alamo's property and returned them to their father's custody. An 11 year old said Alamo ordered four men to hit him with a paddle 140 times for some minor offense, SEROQUEL images. The preacher dodged child abuse charges, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy cheap SEROQUEL, In 1991, Alamo was acquitted on a charge of threatening to kidnap a federal judge, taking SEROQUEL. Is SEROQUEL addictive, In 1994, he went to prison for evading 7.9 million dollars in taxes stemming from his fancy denim jacket business, SEROQUEL description. Online buying SEROQUEL, During trial the prosecutor hinted at Alamo's misbehavior with married women and young girls in his congregation. Former members of his church claim they saw girls as young as 13 forced to marry men decades older, SEROQUEL schedule. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Flash forward to September 2008. SEROQUEL without a prescription, After a two year long child pornography investigation Alamo's Arkansas property was raided and six girls were taken into custody. The girls, order SEROQUEL from mexican pharmacy, Online buying SEROQUEL hcl, between 12 and 14 years old are suspected of being forced to participate in a pornography business. Alamo, herbal SEROQUEL, SEROQUEL forum, who has said that "consent is puberty" when it comes to sex, denies anything untoward happened, SEROQUEL canada, mexico, india.

"I've kicked a lot of people out of the church," he said, "And they'll say anything to get back at me."

The doctrine of separation of Church and State sounds great on its face but today there are lots of people who willy-nilly declare themselves head of a "church" and then hide behind that designation to get away with crimes.

Members of law enforcement have told me they have had deep suspicions about what goes on at all sorts of cult-like compounds, like the Yearning for Zion Ranch in Texas, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Or at the smaller scale but just as disturbing property of the self described messiah Wayne Bent in Northern New Mexico where its alleged Bent groomed young girls by "laying naked" with them.

Officials across America have said they've wanted to move in on properties to investigate suspicions of polygamy, incest and child abuse but were told by town lawyers that without very specific criminal complaints their hands are tied.

I'm pretty sure that in 1802 when Thomas Jefferson wrote about the "wall of separation" between religion and government he didn't have the protection of these charlatans in mind.

I have no answers but I wonder if the specter of that first amendment protection is one of the reasons child sex abuse by Catholic priests flourished for as long as it did. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Did it have something to do with Jim Jones and his People's Temple being allowed to flee America to the jungles of Guyana where 900 of the faithful died. I wonder to what extent the doctrine continues to cripple authorities from rescuing children trapped in polygamist compounds where girls are forced to wed.

You or your next door neighbor wouldn't be allowed to marry multiple, simultaneous spouses. You'd certainly be carted off to prison if you tried to marry a 12 year old girl. If you ran a lucrative business and camouflaged it as a church to avoid taxes you'd likely find yourself in a courtroom. Yet the century old "wall" Jefferson referred to continues to protect what we know is criminal behavior, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Separation of Church and State allows Americans to worship as they please - or to not worship at all. It must never be changed. But the first amendment should stop being used to shield criminals from justice, especially when the victims are children.





by Diane on September 20, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1074" align="alignleft" width="137" caption="Nicole Brown Simpson - one of two victims"]Nicole Brown Simpson - one of two victims BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION, [/caption]

I had never seen so much blood in my life.

As the coroner's wagon pulled away - there it was. Puddles of it, generic MEBARAL. Some of it had oozed down the cracks in between the pathway pavers and toward the sidewalk. MEBARAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, As I looked closer I could see paw prints from a large dog and patterned traces of wispy blood that its dragging leash had left behind. Up toward the gate of the fancy condo statuesque Agapanthus stood, its purple flower heads dotted with drops of this blood, BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION.

It was June 1994, about ten a.m, buy cheap MEBARAL no rx. on a sunny Sunday in Brentwood, No prescription MEBARAL online, California. My cameraman and I, the reporter on duty that weekend, MEBARAL duration, had been assigned to go to the home of Nicole Brown Simpson. Buy MEBARAL from mexico, Word was O.J.'s ex-wife had been murdered. BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION, My first thoughts that beautiful morning were: Why didn't someone take a hose and wash away this horror - and - where were the police.

With no one to stop us, and with camera rolling, MEBARAL reviews, we gingerly tiptoed to the gate and opened it. Fast shipping MEBARAL, Across a shallow courtyard was the plate glass window behind which Nicole had lived. We could see inside the cozy living room with its overhead balcony leading off to the side bedrooms. Candles were still burning, australia, uk, us, usa, framed photos of a smiling Nicole and her kids were everywhere. Outside, there were bloody footprints and what seemed to be a bloody handprint on the side of the house, BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Effects of MEBARAL, Eerie, and to this day I remember it vividly.

Is OJ's voice on the audio tape evidence enough, MEBARAL trusted pharmacy reviews.
Vote in my online poll after the jump...

A mostly black jury in downtown Los Angeles would ultimately find O.J. After MEBARAL, Simpson not guilty of the throat slashing murder of Nicole and her Good Samaritan friend, Ron Goldman, who was simply returning a pair of glasses left at a local restaurant that fateful night, MEBARAL recreational. BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION, No matter that a drop of OJ Simpson's blood was found on the toe-box of Goldman's boot.

[caption id="attachment_1076" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Ron Goldman - the second victim"]Ron Goldman - the second victim[/caption]

Now, MEBARAL for sale, an all white jury in Las Vegas is sitting in judgment of Simpson. This time the charges include armed robbery and kidnapping stemming from an incident in which sports memorabilia dealers say they were held in a hotel room and threatened by an angry Simpson and a group of goons with guns. The entire scene was immortalized on audio tape, buy MEBARAL online cod, including this opening, MEBARAL from canadian pharmacy, snarling statement from Simpson, "Don't let nobody out of here. Think you can steal my s - and sell it?" And this charming statement from the Juice: "Stand the f --- up before it gets ugly in here!"

It's a sense of entitlement many famous people seem to adopt, MEBARAL over the counter. "I am different, I don't have to abide by society's rules, I can do what I want and explain myself out of trouble later."

O.J, BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Simpson's elevated sense of status in the world brings him to yet another courtroom where he will once again have at the core of his defense the idea that when you're someone like him the rules of conduct should be different. Real brand MEBARAL online, His defense seems to be that he believed he was simply taking back what was rightfully his - artifacts from his past life.

It seems to me if that's his defense he should immediately be convicted because he's admitting what he did. The law clearly says you can't take back items using threats and guns, MEBARAL interactions. BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION, No matter, his faithful attorney will continue to claim that poor O.J. is just a victim of circumstance. Order MEBARAL online c.o.d, The shoulder-shrug position will be that Simpson's celebrity attracts trouble, not the other way around.

In 1994 lawyers said Simpson was the victim of a misbehaving ex-wife and over zealous detectives, buy generic MEBARAL. This time he'll claim he was victimized by unscrupulous sports dealers and over zealous detectives. He'll maintain he had no idea the men with him were packing heat, BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION. MEBARAL results, This jury will not be allowed to hear testimony about the murders. They won't hear the more recent 911 calls by Sidney Simpson to Florida police about her out of control father, or about the December 2000 road rage incident in which Simpson was charged with battery and auto burglary, MEBARAL wiki. (He was acquitted.) Also, Purchase MEBARAL, there were the investigations (plural) that this Heisman Trophy winner may have roughed up his girlfriend and that he pirated signals from Direct TV. For that a judge ordered him to pay a 25 thousand dollar fine. BUY MEBARAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Gee trouble just seems to follow this guy, right.

Our system of justice does not usually allow a jury to take into account a defendant's past bad acts, MEBARAL without prescription. But O.J., MEBARAL maximum dosage, by the very nature of who he is, drags baggage into that Nevada court room anyway. Some court watchers openly wonder if he can get a fair trial, online MEBARAL without a prescription. Others wonder if this guy will ever face true justice. MEBARAL mg, I wonder if justice will ever come for Nicole and Ron and that brutal, bloody scene I came across in Brentwood, California all those years ago, buy MEBARAL without prescription.

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by Diane on September 13, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1048" align="alignleft" width="76" caption="The Illegal Way To Enter America"]The Illegal Way To Enter America[/caption]

T FLAGYL FOR SALE, his is the sound of me opening a Pandora's Box. But crimes are being committed so I must.

Look, FLAGYL cost, I'm a sympathetic person. Canada, mexico, india, I openly weep at complete stranger's misfortunes. But I cannot abide people who break the law and then want sympathy because they get caught and punished.

I'm speaking about those immigrants, in this country illegally, who've been recently caught up in a federal sweep of suspect workplaces, FLAGYL FOR SALE.

Yeah, cheap FLAGYL no rx, yeah - I know all about the Statue of Liberty plaque declaring America welcomes the world's huddled masses. FLAGYL dose, And I'm all for that - if it is done in an organized, respectful, legal way, rx free FLAGYL. Immigrants have to follow the laws - just as we Americans have to - otherwise we stay mired in the immigration chaos we have now. Comprar en línea FLAGYL, comprar FLAGYL baratos, The illegal immigration problem is like tackling the massive energy supply problem. FLAGYL FOR SALE, We have to start somewhere. For years our leaders let the immigration situation get the better of us - through both Democratic and Republican administrations. And, discount FLAGYL, now as steps are being taken to try to get it under control critics scream that America is mean-spirited, FLAGYL natural, inhumane and bigoted.


If America is so cold-hearted then why are some 12 million illegal immigrants already living and working here and enjoying the benefit of our schools, FLAGYL dosage, hospitals and welfare programs. And some have been allowed to stay in the United States for decades, FLAGYL FOR SALE. What is FLAGYL, That doesn't sound uncaring to me.

Recently, federal agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) moved in to Laurel, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Mississippi and arrested nearly 600 suspected illegal aliens. FLAGYL pictures, They were from Brazil, El Salvador, Germany, FLAGYL overnight, Guatemala, FLAGYL pharmacy, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Peru, FLAGYL no prescription. Their employer was the Howard Industries electronics factory. FLAGYL FOR SALE, After the roundup Howard released a statement declaring that it runs "every check allowed by law to ascertain the immigration status of all applicants. Where can i order FLAGYL without prescription, It is company policy (to) hire only U. S. citizens and legal immigrants."

I don't know if the company is telling the whole truth there, about FLAGYL. But I do know that some of those arrested in Mississippi were charged with identity theft. Just like many of the 300 suspects I.C.E, FLAGYL FOR SALE. Kjøpe FLAGYL på nett, köpa FLAGYL online, agents arrested back in May at a meat processing plant in Postville, Iowa. And, purchase FLAGYL online, just like many of 1, FLAGYL coupon, 297 workers picked up in a six state raid of Swift Meat Packing plants in December 2006. The charge: they stole another person's identity so they could get work in America.

They compounded their own criminality, FLAGYL samples. FLAGYL FOR SALE, After entering our country illegally many of these people then got work in the United States illegally by using the stolen identities of American citizens. Now that employers are under strict hiring guidelines the feds say immigrants show up to apply for work with original looking U.S. Cheap FLAGYL, birth certificates, phony-but-authentic looking social security cards and other convincing documents they've bought from well established, organized counterfeit rings, FLAGYL long term.

Some of the stolen identities are those of dead Americans, FLAGYL brand name, most are still living. Think of the identity theft mess these U.S. citizens will encounter when they are confronted with bills they don't owe, learn their credit has been ruined or their Social Security retirement fund is in question, FLAGYL FOR SALE.

I know, FLAGYL alternatives, I know ... Online buy FLAGYL without a prescription, the immigrants buy the identities in an urgent effort to follow a dream, to feed and educate their family and I feel for them. But they can't be allowed to pursue their dream by victimizing American citizens and committing multiple felonies, FLAGYL no rx.

It's also crystal clear that some greedy companies are guilty of exploiting these desperate people because it provides them with a cheaper workforce. FLAGYL FOR SALE, Those companies need to be prosecuted too. FLAGYL class, Arizona, the state that endures more illegal entries than any other, has what appears to be an effective law, is FLAGYL safe. Any business found employing an illegal immigrant has its license suspended. Purchase FLAGYL online no prescription, A second offense and the business's license is revoked permanently. Two strikes and your out and businesses are said to be taking the new sanctions very seriously.

I feel profoundly sad for the plight of hard working illegal aliens and, especially, the position in which their own bad judgment put their families, FLAGYL FOR SALE. But they are the ones who chose to break the law to get here and to stay here.

Some of the family members and supporters of the recently arrested staged protests complete with banners and chants that declare ‘We have a right to be here, too."

Ummm. Actually, they don't. Everyone has human rights, but no automatic right to full U.S. FLAGYL FOR SALE, protection. First, they're not Americans. Second, they are accused of committing multiple felonies. Criminals loose their rights - period. This position isn't cold hearted. It's firmly grounded in the rule of law on which this country was founded.

As former President Jimmy Carter once famously said, "Life is not fair. Get used to it."


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by Diane on September 9, 2008

I BUY ALTACE NO PRESCRIPTION, 'll be hosting Nancy Grace on Friday, September 12th at 8:00pm Eastern Time. The show will repeat at 10PM EST, ALTACE blogs. Low dose ALTACE,  For details, keep your eyes peeled right here at DianeDimond.Net, where can i buy ALTACE online. Ordering ALTACE online. ALTACE treatment. Purchase ALTACE for sale. ALTACE online cod. Buy no prescription ALTACE online. Buy ALTACE no prescription. Buy ALTACE from canada. ALTACE dangers. Australia, uk, us, usa. ALTACE pharmacy. ALTACE pictures. Online buying ALTACE hcl. ALTACE no rx. ALTACE from canada. Purchase ALTACE. ALTACE pics. Order ALTACE no prescription. Where can i find ALTACE online. Order ALTACE from mexican pharmacy. Order ALTACE online c.o.d. Ordering ALTACE online. ALTACE treatment. ALTACE photos. Buy ALTACE no prescription. ALTACE dosage. ALTACE without a prescription. Rx free ALTACE.


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by Diane on September 5, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1031" align="alignleft" width="104" caption="Missing: Caylee Anthony"]Missing: Caylee Anthony[/caption]

S BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION, he missed celebrating her 3rd birthday with her family. No cake, no candles, purchase COREG online no prescription, no presents for little Caylee Marie Anthony of Orlando, COREG mg, Florida. She has been missing since sometime after June 15th . Her birthday was August 9th, buy cheap COREG no rx.

Now, Where can i buy COREG online, a couple of numbskull bail bondsmen have given Caylee's secretive, lying mother the gift of freedom - again. For the second time Mom gets bail on child neglect charges and leaves jail to watch from the comfort of home as others try to clean up her horrible mess, BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION.

Where is Caylee, COREG price, coupon. Read more and vote in my online poll after the jump... COREG description, The child and her unmarried mom, Casey, had always lived with her maternal grandparents, online buying COREG. But after Mom broke up with a boyfriend and met a new man on the internet, Order COREG from United States pharmacy, sometime in late May, mother and daughter moved out. BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION, The new boyfriend says Mom moved in to his place but not with the little girl.

Incriminating photos surfaced of Caylee's 22 year old mother whooping it up at a local bar about the same time she now claims her daughter went missing, buy COREG online cod. A local tattoo parlor says she visited there and was happy-go-lucky. My COREG experience, The new boyfriend says Casey spent time helping him at his DJ job and cooking and cleaning at his apartment. Cozy arrangement.

Casey Anthony, inexplicably, took 31 days to file a police report after she says her daughter disappeared - and only then because her mother forced the issue, BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION. Casey told detectives her daughter had been staying with a nanny who ran away with the child, about COREG. But no one has ever seen this nanny, Online COREG without a prescription, no payments to a nanny were found and authorities believe she never existed. Police say Casey Anthony remains "emotionless ... stoic and monotone" when they speak to her about her missing baby, doses COREG work. BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION, Casey Anthony is a proven liar. She's woven tales about her daughter's last location, Buy COREG without a prescription, mysterious phone calls, her job (actually, she didn't have one), COREG australia, uk, us, usa, why she asked a neighbor to borrow a shovel and why the trunk of her car contained maggots and smelled like a dead body. Buy COREG without prescription, Forensic tests conducted on matter found in her car trunk concluded it once held a decomposing human body and traces of chloroform. There is only one body who is missing from Casey's sphere and that's her 3 year old daughter, Caylee, herbal COREG. Authorities reportedly seized a computer on which Casey researched how to use chloroform.

Police originally charged Casey with child neglect, giving a false statement and obstruction of a criminal investigation, BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION. Is COREG addictive, She was in prison for about a month, released on bond and then when she continued to refuse to come clean on the whereabouts of her daughter, exasperated authorities tossed her back in jail on charges of theft and check forgery, COREG blogs. Seems she may have stolen 740 dollars from a girlfriend. Where can i cheapest COREG online, Want to bet she'll ultimately be charged with murder.

Infanticide happens. BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION, More than 200 American women kill their children every year. But unlike Andrea Yates who immediately called police after drowning her five children; unlike Susan Smith who ultimately confessed to strapping her two sons in a car and driving it into a lake, COREG trusted pharmacy reviews, Casey Anthony remains mum. COREG brand name, Somewhere deep in her twisted mind she believes she isn't required to account for the whereabouts of her tiny child, she believes she'll "win" at this mind game if she just stays silent.
Dr, discount COREG. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, COREG from canadian pharmacy, President of the Violent Crimes Institute, says Casey is displaying typical escapist behavior. She calls it the "White Picket Fence Fantasy" whereby young women long for a knight in shining armor to rescue them from their boring lives, BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION. When it doesn't happen reality seeps in and instead of feeling love for their child they begin to feel seething anger, COREG results. "Everything that has gone wrong becomes the fault of the child, Buy cheap COREG, " says Dr. Shurman-Kuflin who has interviewed many female serial killers and mass murderers and profiles the mind-set.
So, canada, mexico, india, that leaves the Orlando Sheriff's Department to untangle Casey's web of deceit. BUY COREG NO PRESCRIPTION, Imagine the man-hours they've expended so far. COREG samples, Imagine their dilemma in dealing with the fate of a tiny child and her mother who they can't crack. Should effort be spent trying to make the liar speak truth or on searching for a toddler who might be dead.

A study of mothers who murder reveals most dispose of their children's bodies in "a womb-like way." The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports the victims are often found carefully wrapped in plastic or submerged in water and the bodies were usually found within ten miles of the family home, where can i buy cheapest COREG online. In an eerie aside, Comprar en línea COREG, comprar COREG baratos, Casey told her brother during a prison phone call,
"In my gut she's still ok and it still feels like she's close to home. There's this type of bond you have with your kid ... it's unexplainable."

Yeah, right, lady - it is unexplainable.

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