August 2008


by Diane on August 30, 2008

W TRICOR FOR SALE, hen Senator Barack Obama traveled to the Middle East not long ago he had more than presidential politics on his mind. TRICOR over the counter, He was also on a secret mission to help an Illinois constituent get back her four kidnapped young daughters. Obama slipped a note to the Palestinian Prime Minister about Colleen Bargouthi whose husband had refused to send their girls home after a visit to his family in Palestine, is TRICOR safe. Purchase TRICOR for sale, The Prime Minister said he'd look into it.

Senator Obama should have turned to my pal, taking TRICOR, TRICOR for sale, Bazzel Baz.

[caption id="attachment_986" align="alignleft" width="189" caption="Bazzel Baz moments after rescuing young Lily Snyder from a hut in Costa Rica - circa 2003"]Bazzel Baz moments after rescuing young Lily Snyder from a hut in Costa Rica - circa 2003[/caption]

He's got an unusual name and an even more unusual vocation, TRICOR FOR SALE. He clandestinely rescues those missing children that authorities can't find or have given up trying to reunite with their custodial parent, effects of TRICOR. Generic TRICOR, Baz has long operated in the shadows but now he's allowing me to publicly reveal his name and tell his story.

Bazzel Baz is a former CIA agent who takes on the most impossible cases, purchase TRICOR online. TRICOR steet value, And he doesn't charge the heartsick family of the missing a penny. TRICOR FOR SALE, With volunteer help from other retired intelligence officers, Baz travels all over America and the world, covertly getting in and out of countries some of us can't even pronounce. His goal is getting children back to where they belong, TRICOR interactions. TRICOR class, So far, Baz and the boys have a 100% success rate, TRICOR from mexico. TRICOR alternatives, They've safely brought home 53 children.

Baz, buy generic TRICOR, TRICOR schedule, an unmarried man who is a doting Uncle to two nieces, founded the Association for the Recovery of Children, fast shipping TRICOR. Unlike the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children which recently got 40 million dollars from Washington, Baz gets no government funds, TRICOR FOR SALE. Real brand TRICOR online, He pays for his rescue missions out of his own pocket using his savings or the money he earns from writing Hollywood screenplays.

You can't make up this stuff, TRICOR long term, TRICOR dose, folks. Somebody should make a movie about Bazzel Baz, TRICOR coupon. TRICOR wiki, Why does he do it. TRICOR FOR SALE, Because, he says, after what he saw happen to children during his days in Special Ops in places like Somalia, Afghanistan and Iran he understands he has unique talents that could make a difference. He knows how to get in and out of a place nearly undetected, TRICOR no prescription. Cheap TRICOR no rx, "I should have been dead three times over," he told me, buy TRICOR online no prescription. TRICOR overnight, "And now, I have this tradecraft I feel I have to do something meaningful with."

Baz and his operatives work with surgical skill, where can i order TRICOR without prescription. TRICOR price, After carefully studying each case they quietly move in on the target. They contact local law enforcement and tell them what they are up to, TRICOR FOR SALE. They never go in armed, where to buy TRICOR, TRICOR use, they don't break any laws. And their average mission time is about ten days, buy TRICOR from canada. On average, mainstream law enforcement takes years not days to return a missing child. That's if they return the child at all. TRICOR FOR SALE, "Amazing what you can do when you don't have to worry about all the red tape," he says.

I wonder if the terrified children ever resist rescue, afraid of the strange men who've come to help them home. Baz says they're careful not to wear hoods or appear scary in any way.

"Diane, every single child - when they see us - they are ready to go. They just get it."

When Baz and his team went to Costa Rica to rescue five and a half year old Lily Snyder, whose father and half-brother had kidnapped her from Ketchum, Idaho, his first words were comforting. "Lily," whispered Baz, "Your mother sent us and she loves you very much." And a calm Lily whispered back, "I know, TRICOR FOR SALE. I've been waiting for you." As for the men who illegally took her away. They are back in the states - in prison.

75% of their efforts are on behalf of mothers who've had their child torn away. 25% are fathers who needed help, like the deployed soldier whose wife ran off with another man and took the kids with her. TRICOR FOR SALE, Every case is a noble cause to this man with the strange sounding name.

I call him Baz the Magnificent, a sort of patron saint for impossible cases. Only after years of stealth operations has he come around to the notion that he could use some financial help. His Association for the Recovery of Children recently declared non-profit status, meaning donations are not only welcomed but desperately needed.

"I'm looking at four boxes full of cases right now. I know where the child is .., TRICOR FOR SALE. 35 kids we could go rescue. We just don't have the money right now."

Does he ever consider charging the parents for his services, at least to cover costs.

"That doesn't sit right with me," he says. "If you take money from a parent you're in it for the wrong reason."

Maybe the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children could send some of that 40 million bucks Bazzel Baz's way.


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by Diane on August 23, 2008

[caption id="attachment_942" align="alignleft" width="144"] A Criminal in the Making?[/caption]

H PROVERA FOR SALE, ave you ever been the victim of a bully. Ever stand silent and let a bully pick on someone. PROVERA images, Most people wouldn’t consider bullying a crime – but it could be creating criminals right before our very eyes.

A study from a group called Fight Crime: Invest in Kids concluded that nearly 60 percent of boys whom researchers classified as bullies in grades 6-9 were convicted of at least one crime by the age of 24. And get this, PROVERA used for, 40 percent of those same boys grew up to have three or more criminal convictions.

In other words, today’s bully could be tomorrow’s criminal, PROVERA FOR SALE. PROVERA dangers, So, what can we do about it.

I’m a big believer in families taking responsibility for the actions of their children, cheap PROVERA. But boys and girls reserve their bullying for when they are away from Mom and Dad. PROVERA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, That means other adults have to step up at schools, camps, sporting events and youth activity centers, PROVERA online cod. PROVERA FOR SALE, We need to tell parents when their children are being bullies. And we should teach all kids to refuse to join in the taunting. Kjøpe PROVERA på nett, köpa PROVERA online, It is abuse, pure and simple. Children can be scarred for life by a bully, buy PROVERA from mexico. And, PROVERA reviews, once robbed of their self esteem they can suffer from mental and physical problems, drop out of school and even commit suicide.

I’m not being dramatic here, PROVERA FOR SALE. It happens too often, PROVERA street price.

Case in point: In 2006, PROVERA canada, mexico, india, A 13 year old Missouri girl was the victim of cyber-bullying by a former friend’s mother and ultimately took her life. 13 year old Megan Meier hanged herself in her bedroom after believing a MySpace boyfriend had dumped her. In reality, buying PROVERA online over the counter, there was no boy. PROVERA FOR SALE, A neighbor, 49 year old Lori Drew, had concocted the on-line persona after Megan and Drew’s daughter fought. PROVERA natural, Drew now faces criminal charges.

Newsweek Magazine recently featured a cover story on a gay teen named Larry King who was bullied for years and fought back by being flamboyant in his homosexuality. He was murdered by a 14 year old classmate, order PROVERA online overnight delivery no prescription, shot in the head in an Oxnard, PROVERA recreational, California computer class in front of a teacher and a room full of students.

Many mature adults still get teary when recalling their humiliating days at the hands of the class bully, mainly because bullies don’t operate alone, online buy PROVERA without a prescription. They pick up sycophantic disciples along the way and that multiplies the victim’s pain, PROVERA FOR SALE.

I don’t usually recommend books in this space but I do now. What is PROVERA, It’s called “Letters To A Bullied Girl: Messages of Healing And Hope” and it is dramatic in its simplicity. I recommend every parent buy it and read it with their children.

The real life backstory centers on Olivia Gardner, get PROVERA, a teenager from Novato, PROVERA duration, California. PROVERA FOR SALE, After suffering an epileptic attack at school she became the brunt of a horrific series of bully-fueled events. Her tormentors taunted her with hurtful names, dragged her backpack through the mud and after they created an “Olivia Haters” website on MySpace a group of bullies took to wearing bracelets declaring “Olivia Shall Die.” The internet ugliness followed Olivia to three different schools over more than two years, PROVERA forum. She wanted to kill herself until a newspaper story about her plight appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and her life changed forever. No prescription PROVERA online, Two sisters in a neighboring community read the front-page story about Olivia and were compelled to action. Teenagers Emily and Sarah Buder asked friends to write letters of support to Olivia. More than four thousand poured in, PROVERA FOR SALE.

The book borne of this Samaritan effort features the letters from males and females who were mercilessly teased for being short, PROVERA maximum dosage, tall, Low dose PROVERA, fat, skinny, smart, buy no prescription PROVERA online, having buck teeth, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, eyeglasses, bad skin or a large nose. Some letter writers revealed they had taken grief for being poor, after PROVERA, having an alcoholic parent or because they were from a minority group. PROVERA without prescription, Many admitted they wept when they read about what happened to Olivia.

Some who wrote were contrite former bullies who admitted they did what they did because their own lives were out of their control. PROVERA FOR SALE, They told Olivia, and through her the rest of us, that bullies seek to humiliate to make others feel as insignificant as they feel.

Many of the letters in the book offered words of wisdom for the young girl, PROVERA cost. One of the most touching is from “Joshua” who wrote to Olivia, PROVERA steet value, “Please love yourself in the same way your family loves you. As you go through life, you will realize that there are a lot more of ‘us’ holding you up than ‘them’ putting you down.”

Simple advice for those suffering at the hands of a bully, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. All adults should pass it forward and step up when we see behavior that could be creating criminals right before our very eyes.

So, what do you think, PROVERA FOR SALE. cast your vote in my online poll and tell us how you feel about it...

Comments of course, are open...

Thanks for voting. Check back to see the results...


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by Diane on August 16, 2008

E BUY ADHD NO PRESCRIPTION, ver since I saw secret agent Maxwell Smart take off his shoe and use it as a telephone I've been fascinated by the array of ‘toys' available to law enforcement. Online ADHD without a prescription, So, as I was flipping through Tactical Weapons Magazine the other day (hey, where can i buy ADHD online, Buy cheap ADHD, no telling where an intrepid columnist gets her information!) there, among ads for special ops shotguns and mini night vision monoculars, ADHD without prescription, Where to buy ADHD, was the strangest contraption I'd ever seen. The headline read: Mini Blimp Recon, ADHD reviews. Is ADHD addictive, Huh.

It looked like a cross between a suspended-in-the-sky Michelin Man and a big white, ADHD natural, ADHD without a prescription, over inflated football with a tail. The technical name is BLN-3 Mini Blimp, its nickname is TopEyeView and to this civilian it could mean a revolution in law enforcement, BUY ADHD NO PRESCRIPTION. Simply put this 30 foot long tethered blimp flies 500 feet in the air and carries on its belly a powerful, buying ADHD online over the counter, My ADHD experience, state-of-the-art revolving robotic camera. It goes without saying that it can provide panoramic wide shots of crime scenes, low dose ADHD, Generic ADHD, highways and public gatherings. What's most interesting is the camera on this little dynamo is so powerful it can spot a human sized target up to four miles away and actually recognize the person from up to 2 miles, about ADHD. Buy ADHD from mexico, TopEyeView can zero in on a car sized target that's 8 miles from its location and if the angle is right it can read the license plate from up to 4 miles away. BUY ADHD NO PRESCRIPTION, Think of the savings to police departments. No more blanketing an area with armies of officers on overtime, ADHD description. ADHD interactions, Just launch the blimp, activate its streaming video function to download to any command center within 10 miles and ONE operator/officer with a joystick can help specialized ground troops zero in on where they need to go, ADHD treatment. Online buying ADHD hcl, A bank robbery. This eye-in-the-sky can direct police cruisers to exact roadblock sites no matter how many twists and turns the getaway car makes, buy ADHD online no prescription.

A natural disaster strikes, BUY ADHD NO PRESCRIPTION. Cheap ADHD no rx, TopEyeView's team on the ground can be up and operational in as little as 20 minutes and can pinpoint the precise location from which survivors of a flood or tornado need to be rescued. If looting breaks out the blimp can isolate the criminals on camera and immediately download the high resolution video profiles to a DVD, buy ADHD without a prescription. Where can i cheapest ADHD online, What prosecutors would give for that in court.

TopEyeView could be deployed after a highway pileup to help determine immediately how many ambulances are needed and the best route for first responders to get to the injured, ADHD no rx. BUY ADHD NO PRESCRIPTION, Or, say, there's a need for surveillance at a public demonstration, a parade or an event like the Superbowl. Order ADHD no prescription, This helium filled reconnaissance eye-in-the-sky could help keep the peace - or assist restoring order - by pinpointing exact trouble spots.

It seems like such a simple idea, ADHD gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, ADHD australia, uk, us, usa, one Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 would immediately embrace and exploit.

I got to meet the CEO of TopEyeView recently during a demonstration he staged for the U.S, order ADHD from mexican pharmacy. Is ADHD safe, Military. Tamir Sagie, originally from Israel, speaks passionately about the many uses for his simple yet diverse product, BUY ADHD NO PRESCRIPTION. It also has military and intelligence applications, purchase ADHD online, he told me, and he's already been approached by American television networks hungry for less expensive aerial footage of major events - think a visit by the Pope or a Presidential inauguration. Sending up a fossil fuel burning helicopter can cost as much as 40 thousand dollars. Sagie will lease TopEyeView for a quarter of that amount and deliver 8 full hours of Hi Def video for the price. (

But back to law enforcement. BUY ADHD NO PRESCRIPTION, This technology is already a staple in Israel, England, France, Russia, Poland, Australia, Brazil and Angola. In the United States the Atlanta Police Department was so impressed with the blimp's capabilities it decided to buy a set-up for itself. Cost: about 300 thousand dollars. City Fathers decided with more than 50 major events in Atlanta each year TopEyeView would be more cost effective than all that overtime pay for boots on the ground.

For cities that don't need or can't afford a blimp of their own TopEyeView can be leased for from 8 to 15 thousand dollars a day.

Too much money you say, BUY ADHD NO PRESCRIPTION.

Consider this - the annual overtime budget for many mid-sized town's law enforcement efforts easily reaches the neighborhood of 1.5 to 2 million dollars each year. Think of how much of that money could be saved with a dedicated eye-in-the-sky. And who knows, it could also save lives and cut the crime rate too.





by Diane on August 9, 2008

[caption id="attachment_785" align="alignleft" width="130" caption="Cold Cases = Dead End"][/caption]


rom time to time I get in my e-mail box a message like this:

BUY BUSPAR NO PRESCRIPTION, "...A friend of mine has made a YouTube video about the murder of my 10 year old brother in Jacksonville, Florida in 1968. Glen's death was not investigated in 1968 and still today there has been no justice for Glen."

I diligently go to the website address provided thinking the cold-case story of Glen might make a good subject for one of these columns, BUSPAR dose. BUSPAR alternatives, I'm quickly overwhelmed. Its clear reading the impassioned blogs of Glen's still bereaved sister, BUSPAR price, coupon, BUSPAR street price, Sandy, that the family's pain is as real today - a full 40 years later - as it was that early February morning in 1968 when little Glen's body was found beaten and "partially hanging" from a neighborhood rope swing, BUSPAR cost. Ordering BUSPAR online, His death was originally labeled an accident. But the bruises on his tiny body, clearly visible on his face at the open casket funeral, told his family otherwise, BUY BUSPAR NO PRESCRIPTION. Nevertheless, get BUSPAR, What is BUSPAR, police simply closed the case with no investigation. Two years ago sister Sandy got another Jacksonville detective to declare "foul play" was involved, where can i order BUSPAR without prescription. Online buying BUSPAR, But since no evidence had been gathered in 1968 there was little authorities could do if they re-opened the case - so they didn't.

So Sandy's lonely quest for justice for her little brother continues, discount BUSPAR. BUY BUSPAR NO PRESCRIPTION, Her parents went to their graves never knowing who abducted and killed their little boy - or why. Buy cheap BUSPAR no rx, It's the WHY that seems to be so important to the survivors of cold case victims.

I've studied a lot of statistics about murder in America, BUSPAR schedule. BUSPAR from canadian pharmacy, None so sad as the numbers of unsolved cases. Of course the numbers vary from week to week, BUSPAR duration, Cheap BUSPAR, month to month as more cases hit the books and more cases are finally declared solved. But consider the latest government statistics: 16,137 murders in the United States and more than 37% went unsolved - calculate that forward and it means more than 6 thousand people, literally, got away with murder, BUY BUSPAR NO PRESCRIPTION. And those figures are from the year 2004, BUSPAR online cod. Order BUSPAR from United States pharmacy, Don't forget there were thousands more unsolved murders in the years before that and in each of the years after.

It all seems so simple when we watch TV shows like "Cold Case." Old crimes seem to get tied up in a nice little bow by the end of each program, online buy BUSPAR without a prescription. BUSPAR use, That is not reality for about a third of all murder cases in America. BUY BUSPAR NO PRESCRIPTION, Think of the human collateral that leaves.

I have a friend named Danielle who still slips into a deep depression every March on the anniversary of her mother's unsolved murder in Tucson, order BUSPAR online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy generic BUSPAR, Arizona. Fifteen years after Gail Parker's bludgeoned body was found at a remote desert site Danielle's father remains alone, buy BUSPAR without prescription, BUSPAR recreational, content with the memories of the love of his life. After the murder Gail's elderly mother developed a dependence on Percoset and tried to commit suicide, where can i find BUSPAR online. Herbal BUSPAR, She died in 2005 never knowing who took her daughter from this earth. The murder left a hole in the heart of this family - a hole that can not begin to heal until the person responsible for creating it is found, BUY BUSPAR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Grief expert Lu Redmond estimates there are seven to 10 close relatives affected for each murder victim, after BUSPAR, BUSPAR trusted pharmacy reviews, those left behind to carry the daily burden of loss. It's a horrific domino effect that leaves thousands of wounded people to grieve and mourn for the rest of their lives, doses BUSPAR work. BUSPAR blogs, Some homicide survivors commit suicide, some crusade for justice like Glen's sister, Sandy and still others like Danielle get on with their lives. She's built her own public relations business in New York but as she wrote to me recently, she never forgets the way her mother died. BUY BUSPAR NO PRESCRIPTION, "Every day is a struggle for me ... to get up in the morning, to work, to put a smile on my face when all I feel like doing is crying. To the outside world, I seem like a person who has it together, but I am a complete mess inside."

On Capitol Hill the Senate has been pondering a 10 billion dollar bill that would fund, among other things, a traveling exhibit to commemorate the War of 1812 and "The Star Spangled Banner" and a Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

In these tough economic times lawmakers might want to focus on truly helping Americans survive and function in their daily lives. How about focusing on programs that could bring down the ever rising crime rate by rounding up cold case criminals-at-large while also bringing some measure of peace to homicide survivors.

If politicians are struggling for grounds to fund victim's assistance programs or cold case law enforcement teams I've got a YouTube video they should watch.


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