July 2008

Kids of Criminals – Part 2

by Diane Dimond on July 25, 2008

Warden Ralph Logan, a man the inmates used to call Idi Amin for his stern attitude, had an epiphany one day while entering the Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover,   Marylan .

He saw a little five or six-year-old girl wearing a beautiful Sunday-best pink dress, obviously there to visit her incarcerated father. As she stepped up to go through the metal detector Logan watched as she automatically reached up to take off the religious medals hanging around her neck.

“I thought to myself this little thing knows how to clear a metal detector!! What are we doing when our babies know this – and do it without even being prompted!?” [click to continue…]

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I’ll be hosting Nancy Grace on Monday, July 28th at 8:00pm Eastern Time. For details, keep your eyes peeled right here at DianeDimond.Net.

Update: Missing Tot Caylee Anthony – Mom says she’s close to home…

Lyn in Minneapolis…

Diane – you did a great job hosting Nancy’s show tonight..the case about missing Caylee gets more and more bizarre by the minute. I think the grandmother is living in denial cos now she says she believes her daughter! Am I missing something somewhere?? Great show…hope you do more soon. You are by far the best fill in.

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When parents go to prison children are punished too

by Diane Dimond on July 19, 2008

When I was a rookie TV reporter covering crime I got the chance to go on an early morning drug raid with the Newark, New Jersey Police Department.

We met at a station house in downtown Newark at 3 in the morning, all sleepy eyed, coffee in hand, but ready for the pre-raid briefing. Naturally, I had brought along a camera crew.

We filmed the squad room briefing, the crew filmed me being outfitted in a bullet proof vest (the crew got vests too) and then we captured the scene as we set off in a slow, quiet convoy of police cars toward the intended target’s home. [click to continue…]

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Rest in peace, Patsy

by Diane Dimond on July 12, 2008

Under Suspicion Until Now

Under Suspicion Until Now

The media, not charged, but guilty in Ramsey case …

Patsy Ramsey is looking down from the heavens she always prayed to with her trademark beauty pageant smile. Standing next to her is her beautiful daughter, Jon Benet Ramsey. They are benevolent but still wagging a finger of “I-told-you-so” at all of us.

The letter of exoneration was stunning in what it revealed – a new form of forensic testing found two distinct spots of male DNA on the clothing Jon Benet was wearing when she was killed. And that DNA matches the sample taken from her underwear back in 1997.

In other words, the killer left three separate spots of evidence to help track him down. None of the DNA matches any member of the Ramsey family. [click to continue…]

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Switching sides on the death penalty

by Diane Dimond on July 5, 2008

There is an inner voice in my head that can’t stop screaming!

I’ve heard it since last week when the United States Supreme Court declared the rape of a child under the age of 12 should not – cannot – be punished by death. That, a majority of the court ruled, is not a “proportional punishment.”

The case before the court came from Louisiana, representing the only two men in the entire country who faced death for what they did to small children. One repeatedly raped a five year old. The other attacked his own 8 year old daughter so viciously she required surgery. The court concluded their actions did not rise to the level of crimes that deserve death, namely crimes against the state (like treason) or murder.

Part of my logical brain wants to scream into the faces of the Supreme Court Justices to come to their collective senses, the other part of my brain reminds me I am against the death penalty. [click to continue…]

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