July 2008


by Diane on July 25, 2008

W BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION, arden Ralph Logan, a man the inmates used to call Idi Amin for his stern attitude, had an epiphany one day while entering the Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover,     Maryland . Get ZOLPIDEM, He saw a little five or six year old girl wearing a beautiful Sunday-best pink dress, obviously there to visit her incarcerated father, ZOLPIDEM images. Buy ZOLPIDEM from canada, As she stepped up to go through the metal detector Logan watched as she automatically reached up to take off the religious medals hanging around her neck.

"I thought to myself this little thing knows how to clear a metal detector!, order ZOLPIDEM no prescription. ZOLPIDEM pharmacy, What are we doing when our babies know this - and do it without even being prompted!?" Right then and there Logan told himself things had to change to make real rehabilitation work.

In prisons across the country as many as 75% of the inmates are parents, BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION. Some won't admit it, ZOLPIDEM trusted pharmacy reviews. ZOLPIDEM samples, Men fear their failure to have paid child support will add time to their sentences, women fear the welfare system will take away their kids - forever, rx free ZOLPIDEM. ZOLPIDEM online cod, So estimates of how many kids they left behind vary tremendously, from two to 10 million American children, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. ZOLPIDEM used for, Imagine, millions of kids growing up with the stigma of a criminal parent, real brand ZOLPIDEM online. BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION, Study after study reports these kids are often profoundly affected. Where can i find ZOLPIDEM online, They suffer from combinations of shame, anxiety, herbal ZOLPIDEM, ZOLPIDEM brand name, fear, sadness, ZOLPIDEM without prescription, ZOLPIDEM alternatives, low self-esteem or aggressive behavior. Their grades often suffer, comprar en línea ZOLPIDEM, comprar ZOLPIDEM baratos, Buy no prescription ZOLPIDEM online, they can become anti-social, join gangs and many turn to drugs or alcohol, ZOLPIDEM duration. ZOLPIDEM cost, The number is in dispute but various reports conclude these children are seven to 10 times more likely than other kids to enter the criminal justice system themselves.

A weekend for most youngsters means sports or cheerleader practice or going to the movies, cheap ZOLPIDEM no rx. But for these kids it all too often means getting on a bus or cramming into a car along with others to visit a parent in prison, BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION. ZOLPIDEM reviews, The worst part is - they think it's normal.

Back before the events of September 11, buy ZOLPIDEM no prescription, Online buying ZOLPIDEM hcl, 2001 rocked our nation Warden Logan teamed up with the Urban Family Institute to adopt a program called Salisbury 's Promise. Logan and UFI founder, ZOLPIDEM pictures, My ZOLPIDEM experience, Kent Amos, believed in the program so deeply they cobbled together government and corporate funding to make it a reality, where to buy ZOLPIDEM. ZOLPIDEM coupon, The college designed curriculum was intended to nurture the kids, to give them quality study and face time with their incarcerated parent, discount ZOLPIDEM. BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION, The program kit provided age appropriate interaction cards to guide both parent and child in reading, studying and social skills - a different take-away card for every day so the lessons continued in between the one-on-one visits.

Logan says the misbehavior rate among participating inmates "went down to almost nothing" because they didn't want to be frozen out of this precious time with their children. And the prison itself was made more hospitable to visiting children and their mothers. Kids left with smiles on their faces instead of tears.

It was a program that truly made a difference and was practiced in at least 24 facilities nationwide. But funding dried up after 9-11, BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION.

The good news is that today programs like this are cropping up at prisons all over America helping both the criminal and the child see that the future is worth planning for. The Justice Department and The Girl Scouts of America initiated a mother-daughter visitation program called Beyond Bars that now operates in 37 prisons, servicing hundreds of young girls and their mothers. One chapter, in Ohio , takes girls to visit their incarcerated fathers too.

The Boy Scouts aren't so active but there's a troop in Gig Harbor , Washington that takes boys to visit their Moms at the women's prison there. BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION, Daughters also get visitation during what are, in effect, troop meetings behind bars.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly program in Albuquerque not only delivers children to see their incarcerated parents, they also offer the kids therapeutic counseling before and after the visit.

In New York the Osborn Association gets private donations to put kids and parents together even if it means flying children to far flung state prisons. Lutheran services in Pennsylvania set up video visitations so children can see their parents while talking to them on the phone.

These programs don't cost much money, many services are donated. It's all about thinking outside the box, BUY ZOLPIDEM NO PRESCRIPTION. They are win-win ideas. The child gets real life lessons in right and wrong while keeping the parental bond. The inmate learns discipline and the pleasure of accountability. Sometimes there are disappointments but these pairs often form a new union and goals for the future.

It's all about helping people step up to the plate and be responsible for their actions. Once they learn to do that maybe the generational revolving door at our prisons will slow down.


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by Diane on July 24, 2008

PAXIPAM FOR SALE, I'll be hosting Nancy Grace on Monday, July 28th at 8:00pm Eastern Time. For details, PAXIPAM from canada, Purchase PAXIPAM, keep your eyes peeled right here at DianeDimond.Net.

Update: Missing Tot Caylee Anthony - Mom says she's close to home...

Lyn in Minneapolis...

Diane - you did a great job hosting Nancy's show tonight..the case about missing Caylee gets more and more bizarre by the minute, buy PAXIPAM online cod. PAXIPAM street price, I think the grandmother is living in denial cos now she says she believes her daughter. Am I missing something somewhere?, what is PAXIPAM. PAXIPAM dose, Great show...hope you do more soon. You are by far the best fill in., kjøpe PAXIPAM på nett, köpa PAXIPAM online. PAXIPAM interactions. PAXIPAM maximum dosage. PAXIPAM dangers. PAXIPAM dosage. Order PAXIPAM from United States pharmacy. PAXIPAM mg. No prescription PAXIPAM online. PAXIPAM pics. PAXIPAM no prescription. PAXIPAM overnight. PAXIPAM photos. PAXIPAM without a prescription. Where can i cheapest PAXIPAM online. Purchase PAXIPAM online no prescription. Fast shipping PAXIPAM. PAXIPAM long term. PAXIPAM wiki. Cheap PAXIPAM. Where can i order PAXIPAM without prescription. PAXIPAM over the counter. Buy PAXIPAM online no prescription. Order PAXIPAM from mexican pharmacy. Where can i buy PAXIPAM online.

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by Diane on July 19, 2008

W TEGRITAL FOR SALE, hen I was a rookie TV reporter covering crime I got the chance to go on an early morning drug raid with the Newark, New Jersey Police Department.

We met at a station house in downtown Newark at 3 in the morning, herbal TEGRITAL, Buying TEGRITAL online over the counter, all sleepy eyed, coffee in hand, kjøpe TEGRITAL på nett, köpa TEGRITAL online, My TEGRITAL experience, but ready for the pre-raid briefing. Naturally, TEGRITAL used for, TEGRITAL dosage, I had brought along a camera crew.

We filmed the squad room briefing, TEGRITAL online cod, Real brand TEGRITAL online, the crew filmed me being outfitted in a bullet proof vest (the crew got vests too) and then we captured the scene as we set off in a slow, quiet convoy of police cars toward the intended target’s home, TEGRITAL no prescription. TEGRITAL pics, It was a lower-middle class, mostly minority neighborhood of attached houses, online buy TEGRITAL without a prescription. Think Archie Bunker’s house as it nestled up immediately next door to the Jefferson’s, TEGRITAL FOR SALE. TEGRITAL recreational, There were no sirens or flashing lights that pre-dawn morning and everyone spoke in whispers, if they spoke at all, buy TEGRITAL online cod, Buy generic TEGRITAL, lest the target be alerted to our clandestine arrival. Every step of the operation was carefully planned, purchase TEGRITAL online, Purchase TEGRITAL, including the fact (initially unknown to me) that a social worker was coming along.

Once out of the cars and at the foot of the concrete front stoop we were instructed, ordering TEGRITAL online, TEGRITAL no rx, via hand signals, to get behind the first few officers, TEGRITAL over the counter, Rx free TEGRITAL, those directly behind the battering ram guys.

Then ~WHAM, online TEGRITAL without a prescription. TEGRITAL FOR SALE, In an instant we were inside the house and police were shouting instructions to those about to be arrested. TEGRITAL images, A man and woman lying on a mattress on the dining room floor were rousted from sleep. A stash of drugs and at least one weapon were located not far from where they slept, where to buy TEGRITAL. Order TEGRITAL from United States pharmacy, He was being handcuffed, she was shouting, TEGRITAL street price, TEGRITAL from canadian pharmacy, then as the seriousness of the situation sunk in, her cries turned into deep, order TEGRITAL online overnight delivery no prescription, TEGRITAL alternatives, rattling shrieks.

My attention was suddenly jerked away by the sound of a sobbing child, TEGRITAL treatment. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light I saw there were two, TEGRITAL FOR SALE. Purchase TEGRITAL online no prescription, The girl, in a sweet little nightgown, appeared to be about seven and was crying and holding her violently shaking arms outstretched in her mother’s direction. The toddler boy in diapers was oddly quiet but alert after the sudden burst of activity. That’s when I noticed the female social worker steering them away and out the front door.

As a mother I’ve never forgotten that scene. TEGRITAL FOR SALE, It still brings a lump to my throat.

And since that day I’ve wondered - what about the children of those taken away to prison.

Here are today’s startling facts: At least two million children in this country have a parent behind bars. Some experts in the field believe it could be more like 10 million children who currently have or have recently had a parent in some sort of detention facility. Numbers are hard to come by because often the adults won’t admit they have children and the children don’t come forward out of shame.

Many children who are old enough to truly understand the situation become deeply angry, ashamed and suffer feelings of isolation and depression, TEGRITAL FOR SALE. They do poorly in school, especially if separated from their parent for a long time. They endure a myriad of financial and psychological hardships. None of it is their fault, of course, but they often feel as though it is. They worry about the safety of their missing parent. TEGRITAL FOR SALE, As the parent is punished so is the child.

No one argues that the parent should not be incarcerated for the sake of their children. But there are many who argue we should be doing more for these kids. There are studies that conclude if we fail to help them maintain their equilibrium we condemn many to follow in their criminal parent’s footsteps. Various small studies are cited indicating children of offenders are five to 10 times more likely than their peers to end up in prison.

To fail to help now could mean a terrible cycle will continue and our prisons will remain full in the future, TEGRITAL FOR SALE. In other words, pay now for some programs or pay much more for lengthy incarcerations later.

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve thought about that young girl and boy I saw in Newark during what had to have been the scariest moment of their lives. I tried to follow up on their story but juvenile privacy laws meant the public would never know.

Did they go to live with relatives or into foster care. TEGRITAL FOR SALE, Did they get to visit their parents in lockup. Did they get a good education. What was society obligated to do for them after their parents took such a wrong turn in life.

Next week, prison-based programs for kids like this and why putting children and parents together helps both.


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by Diane on July 12, 2008

BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION, The media, not charged, but guilty in Ramsey case …

Patsy Ramsey is looking down from the heavens she always prayed to with her trademark beauty pageant smile. LOPRESSOR schedule, Standing next to her is her beautiful daughter, Jon Benet Ramsey, effects of LOPRESSOR. LOPRESSOR alternatives, They are benevolent but still wagging a finger of “I-told-you-so” at all of us.

The letter of exoneration was stunning in what it revealed – a new form of forensic testing found two distinct spots of male DNA on the clothing Jon Benet was wearing when she was killed, buy LOPRESSOR online cod. Online buying LOPRESSOR hcl, And that DNA matches the sample taken from her underwear back in 1997. In other words, the killer left three separate spots of evidence to help track him down, BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION. None of the DNA matches any member of the Ramsey family, buy LOPRESSOR from canada. LOPRESSOR pharmacy, The current District Attorney of Boulder, Colorado, LOPRESSOR schedule, LOPRESSOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Mary Lacy, says she wishes she could have delivered the news before Patsy died in 2006, LOPRESSOR samples. Buy LOPRESSOR without a prescription, DA Lacy’s declaration that her office will now “treat you as the victims of this crime, with the sympathy due you ….” may have come as a relief to patriarch John Ramsey but I doubt it, buy no prescription LOPRESSOR online. After LOPRESSOR, “We became entertainment for the country,” John Ramsey once said long after he’d lost both his daughter and his wife, online buying LOPRESSOR. BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION, His implication was that the media made sure everyone thought they were guilty of murdering their child. Buy LOPRESSOR without prescription, I agree. I was part of the media pact that descended on Boulder right after Christmas 1996, where can i find LOPRESSOR online. LOPRESSOR reviews, For months I and my colleagues tramped around town trying to find the truth. Tabloid headlines screamed, LOPRESSOR blogs, LOPRESSOR dose, “Did Daddy Do It?” and “Cops: Mom Confesses!”

There was a frenzy of media to get something – anything – and for months the story was top of the news. My boss at the now defunct TV program HARD COPY sent me on an open ended ticket to Boulder and when I couldn’t develop any new angle she ordered me to follow Jon Benet’s brother Burke to and from his elementary school, BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION. I refused to shadow a little kid, buy LOPRESSOR no prescription, Buy LOPRESSOR from mexico, especially one who just lost his little sister, and I left the program about a month later, what is LOPRESSOR. LOPRESSOR price, coupon, The media was brutal. Extensive handwriting tests concluded Patsy did not pen the ransom note left at the scene but there were leaks from investigators that she might have used her left hand to write it, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Low dose LOPRESSOR, John Ramsey’s computers were seized and another police leak revealed they had reason to look for child porn. BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Ed Gelb, a highly regarded polygraph expert conducted five different tests with John and Patsy and concluded they “passed with flying colors – no deception.”

And the most remarkable under-reported news to my mind was the revelation that at the time of Jon Benet’s death there were 38 of her neighbors listed as registered sex offenders and there had been over 100 burglaries in the immediate area. To my knowledge the police did not pursue those leads even though the victim had been paraded around as a mini beauty queen, LOPRESSOR maximum dosage. LOPRESSOR coupon, Further, nine months after the 6 year olds murder there was a very similar intruder/sex attack in the neighborhood, LOPRESSOR natural. LOPRESSOR wiki, While the family was out a man broke in and hid in the house until they were asleep. He then attacked their 12 year old daughter but got away when the parents responded to her screams, fast shipping LOPRESSOR.

Yet still so many Americans, the media and the public, continued to point at the parents, BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Shame on us.

The Ramsey family survived the death of a child, public humiliation while “under an umbrella of suspicion”, repeated handwriting and lie detector tests, false leads and hopes, several recurrences of Patsy’s cancer and the maniacal rantings of a sexually confused kook.

In the spring of 2006 Patsy Ramsey was fighting what would be her last bout with ovarian cancer. And suddenly from out of the woodwork they began to get e-mail messages from half a world away. BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION, A slight, fragile looking man named John Mark Karr was taken into custody in the Philippines and paraded in front of the predictable gaggle of media where he confessed.

“I was with Jon Benet when she died,” he said and demurely batted his eyelashes. Asked, then to explain the details Karr simply said, “Her death was an accident.” Brought back to Colorado to face charges the authorities, instead, determined he was one of those inexplicable characters who confess to crimes they did not commit. By this time Patsy had died and was spared the spectacle.

In 2000 I was assigned to cover a lecture given by the Ramseys in Washington to a group of young journalists. I’d never known Patsy had studied journalism and was passionate about its ethics, BUY LOPRESSOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Their message to the students that day was simple. Don’t print it or say it unless you can prove it. And in a twist on the Golden Rule Patsy said, “Don’t go forward and do to others what has been done to us.”

Good advice for all of us.





by Diane on July 5, 2008

T GENERIC MODAFINIL FOR SALE, here is an inner voice in my head that can’t stop screaming.

I’ve heard it since last week when the United States Supreme Court declared the rape of a child under the age of 12 should not – cannot – be punished by death, GENERIC MODAFINIL forum. Online buying GENERIC MODAFINIL, That, a majority of the court ruled, what is GENERIC MODAFINIL, Buy cheap GENERIC MODAFINIL no rx, is not a “proportional punishment.”

The case before the court came from Louisiana, representing the only two men in the entire country who faced death for what they did to small children, real brand GENERIC MODAFINIL online. GENERIC MODAFINIL overnight, One repeatedly raped a five year old. The other attacked his own 8 year old daughter so viciously she required surgery, GENERIC MODAFINIL blogs. The court concluded their actions did not rise to the level of crimes that deserve death, namely crimes against the state (like treason) or murder, GENERIC MODAFINIL FOR SALE. Buy GENERIC MODAFINIL no prescription, Part of my logical brain wants to scream into the faces of the Supreme Court Justices to come to their collective senses, the other part of my brain reminds me I am against the death penalty, GENERIC MODAFINIL used for. Where can i order GENERIC MODAFINIL without prescription, I truly believe that the evil behind murder is comparable to the evil that fuels the rape of a child. The perpetrator can literally kill vital parts of the child – their ability to trust, purchase GENERIC MODAFINIL online, GENERIC MODAFINIL description, to love, to find intimacy, buy GENERIC MODAFINIL from canada. GENERIC MODAFINIL steet value, Often no true peace can be found for a child who has been brutally, sexually savaged by an adult, generic GENERIC MODAFINIL. GENERIC MODAFINIL FOR SALE, On some level, and sometimes it is profound, their suffering constitutes a life sentence of psychological confusion. GENERIC MODAFINIL price, coupon, My husband and I have long argued about capitol punishment over morning coffee and newspapers. I maintain the real punishment comes with keeping the monster locked up every single day of his life, GENERIC MODAFINIL class, GENERIC MODAFINIL online cod, condemned to a live where other inmates often prey on criminals who’ve targeted children. To execute him lets him off easy, order GENERIC MODAFINIL from mexican pharmacy. Where can i buy GENERIC MODAFINIL online, And besides, I believe, online buy GENERIC MODAFINIL without a prescription, Online GENERIC MODAFINIL without a prescription, when the state takes a life it is killing … the very act we say we abhor.

My husband scoffs at my argument that keeping convicts in prison is worse punishment as a vast majority on death row would take life over execution any day, GENERIC MODAFINIL FOR SALE. He also believes society has the right to mete out punishment that is commensurate with the crime, GENERIC MODAFINIL natural, GENERIC MODAFINIL no rx, death for death. And death for child rape if a state so decides, GENERIC MODAFINIL images. Australia, uk, us, usa, There are countless pro and con debate points on capital punishment, including the false conviction rate, herbal GENERIC MODAFINIL, Canada, mexico, india, the cost comparison of life in prison versus death and the religious principle “Thou shall not kill.” Some make the point that the high court has stepped outside its narrow constitutional function to decide points of policy and the narrow 5 to 4 decision proves that.

There isn’t enough space in this entire newspaper to do justice to all the arguments, GENERIC MODAFINIL from canadian pharmacy. GENERIC MODAFINIL FOR SALE, And experts say those who have made up their minds whether they are for it or against it are unlikely to switch opinions. GENERIC MODAFINIL australia, uk, us, usa, Really. Because my anti-death penalty resolve dissolves when you talk about harm to a child. I guess that makes me a hypocrite.

To say that I surprise myself on my reaction to the Supreme Court ruling is an understatement. How can I even think they were incorrect in that ruling if I am truly against the death penalty, GENERIC MODAFINIL FOR SALE. I agreed when the Court banned executions for the mentally retarded and under aged – but not this.

I can’t help but think of the horror a small child faces during the act. The terror, confusion and physical pain an infant, toddler or elementary school child endures at the hand of an adult acting like an animal with no regard to their innocence or future state of mind. I want retribution; I have the urge to kill. GENERIC MODAFINIL FOR SALE, I border on being ashamed of that feeling and feeling consoled that such an act would rid the world of a wicked fiend.

Those two men in Louisiana will now be sentenced to life without parole and the state will have to change its law on child rapists. So will the legislatures in Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and probably Georgia (the status of this state’s law is in doubt) And the three other states in the process of writing laws to make it a capitol offense to rape a child, Missouri, Colorado and Alabama, are also wondering what their next course of action might be.

Troy King, the Attorney General of Alabama sounds as though his state may decide to fight the decision. “Anybody in the country who cares about children should be outraged what we have a Supreme Court that would issue a decision like this.”

I am among the outraged. In effect the Supreme Court has said society must wait for the child to be murdered too before enacting our harshest punishment.


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