June 2008


by Diane on June 28, 2008

INTESTINAL FOR SALE, If you ran a pharmacy and lost 82 bottles of, say, Oxycontin every day do you think anyone would notice.

If you were in charge of a day care center and you misplaced 82 children every day what do you think might happen, taking INTESTINAL. Order INTESTINAL online overnight delivery no prescription, If your business made crucial bomb components and 82 of them went missing every day do you think there would be consequences.

It probably wouldn’t be very long before some form of government agency came knocking on your door, about INTESTINAL, Doses INTESTINAL work, right. You’d probably be arrested, buy INTESTINAL online no prescription, Order INTESTINAL from United States pharmacy, maybe put on trial; certainly you’d be put out of business for putting the public in danger.

Well, if your business is a gun shop you needn’t worry if you loose track of a chunk of your potentially deadly inventory, INTESTINAL FOR SALE. Chances are the grossly under funded Bureau of Alcohol, buy INTESTINAL from mexico, Where can i find INTESTINAL online, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives won’t soon come by to check, INTESTINAL dose. INTESTINAL no prescription, Under law the ATF can only inspect a gun store once a year and during last year’s swing through the country the ATF could only afford to visit ten thousand of the nation’s 60 thousand gun shops.

What they found by talking to those gun shop owners and looking at their ledger books was chilling, cheap INTESTINAL. Cheap INTESTINAL no rx, Earlier this month the ATF quietly revealed that the owners admitted a substantial part of their inventory was either “missing, lost or stolen.” After adding it all up the ATF concluded that, my INTESTINAL experience, INTESTINAL samples, collectively, those registered gun dealers “lost” 82 firearms every single day, kjøpe INTESTINAL på nett, köpa INTESTINAL online. INTESTINAL FOR SALE, Take the math forward and it’s a startling 30 thousand unregistered, untraceable guns in just the 2007 fiscal year. INTESTINAL street price, And, realize, INTESTINAL over the counter, INTESTINAL trusted pharmacy reviews, this is what the government found by interviewing just one-sixth of the country’s gun shop owners. The actual figures could be far higher, INTESTINAL dosage. Order INTESTINAL no prescription, The ATF quietly revealed the figures because every time the Bureau comes out with such statistics, sources tell me, buy no prescription INTESTINAL online, INTESTINAL canada, mexico, india, the National Rifle Association comes out swinging – hard – calling ATF inspectors “jackbooted thugs” and worse. (I would think “thugs” would stop by more than once a year – but I digress.) The ATF findings were noticed, INTESTINAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, INTESTINAL for sale, analyzed and then publicized by the Brady Campaign for the Prevention of Gun Violence.

The N.R.A, INTESTINAL FOR SALE. sneers at the method of disclosure, buy cheap INTESTINAL. Low dose INTESTINAL, “No one in American should place any faith in any alleged study coming from the Brady Campaign,” said N.R.A, INTESTINAL cost. INTESTINAL recreational, spokesman Andrew Arulanandam.

Who cares who brought the news to the public’s attention, ordering INTESTINAL online. INTESTINAL FOR SALE, Stop and think about this. INTESTINAL pharmacy, Last year our streets were flooded with at least 30 thousand more guns which cannot be traced. There is absolutely no way for authorities to know who has them and what they might be using them for. Common sense tells us it is not the law-abiding citizen who wants an unregistered, untraceable firearm.

The possibilities for those guns scare the hell out of me.

So, how do guns just disappear, INTESTINAL FOR SALE. Some are stolen by either employees or customers. It’s been reported that John Muhammad (the older of the two D.C. Snipers) told investigators he had shoplifted the 35 inch long carbine rifle he used to kill 10 people in 2002. That store just happened to be Bull’s Eye Shooter Supply in Tacoma, Washington which had already been targeted by the ATF and had a long history of sloppy records and sales. INTESTINAL FOR SALE, The Feds revoked the store’s license in July 2003 but the owner simply transferred ownership of the store to a friend and continued business.

Experts in the field say a huge majority, like 90%, of gun shop owners are completely legit. They work hard to keep their ledger books up-to-date with every transaction and they insist on doing everything right. It’s rare that the ATF moves to strip a gun shop of its federal license to sell. But the sad fact is that some shop owners deliberately divert firearms to criminals for big money.

That’s what authorities feared was happening with NRA board member Sanford Abrams in Parkville, Maryland, INTESTINAL FOR SALE. He had been “loosing track” of guns from his Valley Gun Shop inventory for nearly a decade. An ATF inspection in 2003 revealed hundreds of guns unaccounted for during just that year. Later 483 Valley Gun Shop guns were used in the commission of crimes, including 41 assaults and 11 homicides. Abrams’ license was finally yanked – in February 2006. INTESTINAL FOR SALE, Look, I’m all for the constitutionally protected right to bear arms and defend ourselves. I am. But guns - like our cars, our doctors, our sex offenders and our nuclear waste - things must be kept track of in this country. We need to know who has a firearm and if they use it where we can find them to ask questions afterward.

I also think the ATF needs more funding to conduct many more of these annual inspections.


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by Diane on June 14, 2008


Ironic, isn’t it – for someone who so righteously writes about issues of crime and justice, LEVOTHROID duration.

Here’s the deal. Buy LEVOTHROID without prescription, When my Dad died Mom and I made that awful, painful trip to the funeral home to make final arrangements. We knew pretty much what we were going to do because Mom and Dad had both been adamant about drawing up Living Wills and writing down exactly what they wanted, discount LEVOTHROID. (An activity I highly recommend for the peace of mind of those you leave behind.)

Among the ‘do not resuscitate’ declaration and the property disbursement directions was the request for cremation, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION.

So, Buy generic LEVOTHROID, order given, Mom’s next decision was how she want the ashes stored. There was an option for a lovely ceramic urn, LEVOTHROID interactions, a sturdy little oak box or, Fast shipping LEVOTHROID, if desired, a container made of biodegradable material that would float, for a time and then release its contents from the bottom as it slowly disintegrated into any desired body of water, LEVOTHROID long term.

That was it. LEVOTHROID mg, Dad had been in the Navy, an avid fisherman, the owner of a boat so the biodegradable container was the obvious choice, LEVOTHROID pictures. BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, We chose the one that looked a bit like an oversized dinner plate with matching lid with a ship motif on the top.

Dad’s long expressed wish had been that his ashes be scattered at his favorite area of Navajo Lake in Northern New Mexico. Where to buy LEVOTHROID, My parents and their fishing buddies had spent countless long summer days and nights there nd it was a natural place for Dad to want to spend all of eternity.

Some time passed and Mom died too. Suddenly I had the ashes of both my beloved parents to take care of, LEVOTHROID without a prescription.

Mom’s remains were easier to deal with as she wanted to be in a private place that I’m not prepared to disclose, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION. But Dad’s remains … well, After LEVOTHROID, that was another matter.

We had to wait for the snow melt to give us the optimum opportunity at our appointed destination. And then there was the matter of whether it was even legal for us to release our Paper Mache contraption into a state controlled waterway, order LEVOTHROID online c.o.d.

Being the researcher/reporter I am I knew I should make some inquiries. BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, I knew I should check the law. Comprar en línea LEVOTHROID, comprar LEVOTHROID baratos, But I figured ignorance of the law might be considered some sort of defense (wouldn’t it?) and, besides, this was my dear father’s final wish, where can i buy cheapest LEVOTHROID online. How could I not do what he made me promise I’d do. Purchase LEVOTHROID for sale, So, with my daughter, Jenna, is LEVOTHROID addictive, and my husband, LEVOTHROID wiki, Michael, in tow we drove northward from Albuquerque toward Navajo Lake with Dad in his biodegradable resting place in the back seat. We were bound and determined to make it a celebration but at times tears flowed, LEVOTHROID treatment.

My nagging suspicion that what we were about to do was not lawful continued, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION. I worried that if some state officer happened by we would be in trouble. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, So, in a clandestine pattern we traversed the lake, unwilling to hire a boat to take us out lest there be a witness to our crime, no prescription LEVOTHROID online. We zigged, Rx free LEVOTHROID, we zagged, avoiding people as we saw them. To make an hours long journey short we finally found the perfect place, LEVOTHROID reviews. BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, My daughter and I gently rocked the precious biodegradable package back and forth to heave it out into the stream of water that would swallow up my father’s remains.

I don’t want to give any details about exactly where we accomplished this lest there be some sort of unlikely effort to undo what we did. Buy LEVOTHROID without a prescription, But, when it was over and we had watched Dad’s temporary final resting apparatus literally melt and disappear under the water I knew we’d done the right thing. The law be damned, LEVOTHROID from mexico.
In the weeks that have passed I’ve wondered if scattering Dad’s ashes the way we did really was illegal. Finally, I relented and contacted a top Navajo Lake Park Official to ask, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION. LEVOTHROID photos,

“Navajo Lake State Park is owned by the Bureau of Reclamation and operated under a lease agreement by New Mexico State Parks,” as the e-mail explained to me. “The B.O.R, buying LEVOTHROID online over the counter. does not allow any memorials such as the scattering of ashes on their properties.”

Gulp. LEVOTHROID use, So my suspicions were correct. BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, But why would such a profoundly soothing act be prohibited at a lake that spreads across 21 thousand acres of land. I was referred to Section 423.28 of the B.O.R.’s public conduct rule.
“…Such an allowance could result in Reclamation becoming responsible for long-term management of burial sites, LEVOTHROID from canada, a practice inconsistent with reclamation’s mission.”

Well, LEVOTHROID results, so be it. I had been on a mission of my own. My Dad is where he wanted to be for all eternity. Mission accomplished.





by Diane on June 7, 2008

S PREDNISONE FOR SALE, omeone asked me an intriguing question the other day. How come prisons have gangs and drugs inside, PREDNISONE interactions. PREDNISONE trusted pharmacy reviews, If prisons are supposed to be among the most secure places in our society – if they are where we send the worst of the worst – then isn’t it safe to assume they would be highly secure and safe from the troubles of the street.

Well, PREDNISONE forum, PREDNISONE for sale, yes – and no.

Overall, ordering PREDNISONE online, PREDNISONE brand name, prisons are pretty darned efficient in keeping the convicted IN. Where they loose the battle is over keeping OUT what doesn’t belong, PREDNISONE FOR SALE.

My space here is too limited to completely describe the gang problems in our prisons, cheap PREDNISONE. Online PREDNISONE without a prescription, But, when wardens deal with inmate placement they usually decide to keep specific gang members together, is PREDNISONE addictive. After PREDNISONE, To assign a member of the Crips to a cellblock full of members of the Bloods would be to invite someone’s murder.

The problem with this is, get PREDNISONE, Purchase PREDNISONE, of course, it’s a great way for gangs to continue their activities while incarcerated, buy no prescription PREDNISONE online. PREDNISONE FOR SALE, And, every prison official I’ve spoken with, from Maryland to California and New York to New Mexico agrees its those gang members who conspire to make sure there is a steady stream of illegal drugs coming to their ‘hood….even if the stash has to get by prison security. PREDNISONE online cod, In other words, gang member who go to prison get to keep their friends and feed their drug habits, discount PREDNISONE. PREDNISONE images,

“Inmates have 24/7, 365 days a year, PREDNISONE without prescription, Order PREDNISONE from mexican pharmacy, over all the years they’re in here to think of ways to circumvent prison security measures,” says retired warden Ralph Logan of the Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover, PREDNISONE brand name, Where can i cheapest PREDNISONE online, Maryland.

Logan worked his way up through the ranks at the prison, serving the system for 29 years, PREDNISONE price. PREDNISONE pics, He shakes his head in disbelief over the ever evolving ways convicts conspired to get their drugs.

His guards at E.C.I, get PREDNISONE. discovered everything from marijuana to heroin hidden inside baby diapers, girlfriend’s body cavities and in magazines and books visitors tried to bring in as gifts, PREDNISONE FOR SALE. PREDNISONE dangers, Rob Perry, the former Secretary of Corrections for New Mexico from 1997 to 2002 says powdered drugs are often sent through the U.S, purchase PREDNISONE online no prescription. Purchase PREDNISONE, Mail, packed tightly into the corners of envelopes or sent via greeting cards soaked in liquefied methamphetamine or cocaine, PREDNISONE coupon. Is PREDNISONE safe, The prisoner simply melts the impregnated section of the card in their mouth to get their high.

An evidence supervisor from Santa Barbara, PREDNISONE maximum dosage, PREDNISONE without prescription, California told me guards confiscated a “crispy pair of gift socks” from a visitor to their prison and after testing they were found to be loaded with dried meth. PREDNISONE FOR SALE, I guess the idea was to wet down the socks and strain out the booty.

Asked to remember the most outrageous mode of drug transportation into their prisons both Logan and Perry had immediate answers.

Logan chuckled as he told the tale of a prisoner with a prosthetic arm. “He went to the hospital for treatment and adjustment and someone knew he was coming, left him a package somewhere in the hospital,” Logan told me during a recent interview. When the prisoner was searched upon his return to E.C.I. the guards found he had, “smuggled (the drugs) back to the prison in the hollow of his arm!”

This kind of outside-the-walls coordination is not unusual according to Perry, PREDNISONE FOR SALE. His most outrageous smuggling story had to have required much preparation and some sophisticated machine tools as well.

“I saw a quarter,” he told me about an item confiscated by one of his department’s guards. “Someone had cut the thickness of the quarter in half and hollowed it out leaving a circular chamber inside. A tiny pin connected the two halves. There was black tar heroin inside.”
PREDNISONE FOR SALE, It was obviously painstaking work and it was duplicated, according to Perry, on half a dozen quarters. The visitor who passed them was never located.

Dan Hanks, is a reformed ex-con who still remembers how he and his California prison gang got around the rules. ”Prisons operate,” he says, “because the inmates do the work.”

“If you’ve got any kind of skill at all they assign you to a job that needs that skill (because) that saves them from having to hire a free man to do the job.”

Prisoners run the laundry, order in goods for the kitchen, the library and the wood shop where they make furniture for state offices. There is a shipping and receiving department and it’s often run by inmates. Think of the opportunities they have to coordinate incoming drug shipments with gang members on the outside.

It’s estimated that it costs an average 34 thousand dollars a year to house a prisoner. Unless we’re prepared to spend about double that the situation is not going to change.





by Diane on June 2, 2008

W ZERIT FOR SALE, ho hasn’t heard of that crazy lawsuit filed in Washington, D.C. ZERIT reviews, last year by Judge Roy Pearson. He demanded 67 million dollars from a Korean couple’s drycleaners because they misplaced a pair of his trousers, order ZERIT online c.o.d. Australia, uk, us, usa, The hardworking Jin and Soo Chung very nearly had their American dream stolen. They almost caved under the financial pressure of their forced participation in the judicial system and headed back to South Korea, ZERIT maximum dosage. Donations from outraged citizens helped fight the injustice and showed the Chung’s America really is the land of opportunity, ZERIT FOR SALE. ZERIT blogs, At trial the courageous judge allowed Pearson’s past behavior of “creating unnecessary litigation”, (during his divorce) to be presented, real brand ZERIT online. Purchase ZERIT for sale, Ultimately, she ruled in favor of the drycleaners and awarded them court costs, kjøpe ZERIT på nett, köpa ZERIT online. My ZERIT experience, Later, Pearson’s contract as an Administrative Law Judge was not renewed, buy generic ZERIT. ZERIT class, His reaction. ZERIT FOR SALE, You guessed it – Mr. Fancy Pants is now suing to get his job back, effects of ZERIT. No prescription ZERIT online, This kind of frivolous misuse of the legal system is not as rare as you might think. Our court systems are tied up in knots with ditzy attempts to make money or to punish people for a perceived act of disrespect, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. ZERIT without a prescription, Something’s got to change.

The mere possibility of a lawsuit forces businesses, public institutions and private concerns pay for all sorts of safeguards and, naturally, that cost gets passed on to each of us, ZERIT FOR SALE.

According to the Institute for Legal Reform, where to buy ZERIT, ZERIT treatment, the average American family annually shells out an extra $3,500, where can i cheapest ZERIT online. ZERIT description, for everyday goods and services. I don’t know about you but I’d rather keep my $3, buy ZERIT online no prescription, Online buying ZERIT, 500.

Your kids after school activities cost more because their club has to carry extra accident insurance, herbal ZERIT. ZERIT FOR SALE, So does your supermarket, home improvement store and pharmacy. ZERIT mg, Maybe one of the businesses you deal with has already been hit with a lawsuit and is paying off a settlement. You are shouldering the burden whether you realize it or not, is ZERIT safe. ZERIT from canadian pharmacy, The I. L, ZERIT from mexico. R., working as an affiliate of the U.S, ZERIT FOR SALE. Order ZERIT no prescription, Chamber of Commerce, has studied the legal fairness of each state and has ranked them in terms of how often a state allows the average American’s dream to be turned into a nightmare, buying ZERIT online over the counter. Fast shipping ZERIT, New Mexico ranks toward the bottom of this bad apple pile. At number 37 only a baker’s dozen states have been found to have a more a negative lawsuit climate, buy ZERIT from canada.

You can find the entire 50 state list on line at: http://www.instituteforlegalreform.com/states/lawsuitclimate2008/ and you can listen to several stories of small business people whose livelihoods have been impacted, or completely destroyed, because some numbskull complainant with a willing attorney decided to try to get a payoff to go away. ZERIT FOR SALE, Can anyone say, “Tort reform?”

Now, hold on. If you are a member of the Bar Association and you’re getting set to fire off a missive lambasting me I concede that there are countless lawsuits of merit filed every year by deserving plaintiffs and earnest lawyers. That’s not what’s being discussed here.

This is a discussion about bringing some common sense back into our judicial system.

A man who uses a table saw incorrectly and injures himself shouldn’t automatically get a million bucks for his stupidity from the store that sold it to him. An inmate shouldn’t automatically get to sue because he doesn’t like the prison food, ZERIT FOR SALE. A suspect who forces cops on a high speed chase shouldn’t be compensated for his injuries from the inevitable car accident. A burglar who sues a homeowner because he was hurt during the break in should go to prison not the bank with a settlement check.

And, think about this: If you live in a state with a lousy litigation atmosphere how many new businesses do you think will move in and offer new jobs to you and your neighbors. Ummm. ZERIT FOR SALE, I’m thinking none will find your state attractive enough to invest in.

We like to blame people for our troubles but who is really to blame for the litigation mess we find ourselves in here. Is it the complainant. The lawyer who thinks more about the 33 and a 1/3 percent he might rake in and less about the actual merits of the case. Maybe it’s the insurance company that routinely goes for out-of-court settlements rather than fight the good fight in court. Perhaps, it’s the judges who should take a cue from the jurist in the Mr, ZERIT FOR SALE. Fancy Pants case and toss out more lawsuits that don’t pass the common sense smell test.

It’s a combination of all of the above. I vote for a system where these type cases to have to pass a merit panel of former judges before actually getting anywhere near a courtroom.

Oh, and in the meantime - I want my $3,500. back.


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